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Group Name: Bosisto's Lavender Oil Spray

Naturally Soothing - 100% pure Lavender Oil Spray.

Help calm and soothe baby, freshen and deodorise children's bedrooms and the nursery. Sweet natural aroma - no chemicals!

Lavender Spray is a 100% pure natural product with many great natural uses - such as promoting a restful night’s sleep, relieving headaches, stress, aches and pains and as a freshener for musty areas.

Special Features of Bosisto's Lavender Spray

  • Convenient, easy to use spray with all the uses of Lavender Oil

  • For sleep & relaxation - calms, soothes and relaxes for insomnia and mild anxiety

  • Natural antibacterial, antiseptic & insect repellant

  • Cleans and freshens and deodorisers, especially musty areas

Reviewers for this product have now been selected.  They are piglet, sbooker, jessw1, 2mums, oommii, Mumofone, vikih, RaewynG, simplesoul, Reblee, stumpie, Gillymama, ajpickering, ssi8, skirts, 3BABES, pinay2010, Hope, sara, nikh74, lynleyg, janifa, Mondo, bexc, Eme, janinekiwi, baygirl7, bassplayer, Sweetness10, hellyp, adele, Carlak, kyleeandluke, ValerieL, cathw, kiwinutter, antslave, WhitiMum23, Shell, tgarnet, keznz, mandyroxy, angelstar, Cherie, Stacey21, NamericanZ, filli, lotsakids, Mamalofa, lynetteroxx.

Watch this space for their reviews.

If you are selected to trial , we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (To edit, make sure you are logged in, select Profile (edit) then Mums Say across the top, scroll down, edit and save.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.

For more information on the uses of Lavender Oil Spray, visit the website here.

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Bosisto's Lavendar Spray Saved my Sanity! 12 10/14/2010
Comments (158)  [ view all comments ]
Bundlebucket - 1:09 PM on Tue-17-Mar-2015 reply | message
oh lord this is so something my child needs! she is a sleep resilient baby so this would be something worth trying.
SarahK - 9:30 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
hmm just reading about this again makes me want to buy some! could definately use some of this in my home right now!
ValerieL - 12:23 AM on Sat-5-Feb-2011 reply | message
I must say that after using Bosistos Lavendar spray, I find the other common brands fragrance pretty artificial even though they are 'lavendar' fragrance too...Bosistos has no lingering chemical small, which is good for the family.
MummySpice - 1:52 PM on Tue-11-Jan-2011 reply | message
I bought some of this spray over the Christmas holidays to use while camping and I'm so impressed with it! Really enjoyed it and definitely helped with mossies in the kids tents at night and they slept really well. Lovely product. Thanks for the chance to read these reviews.
janifa - 10:44 AM on Fri-3-Dec-2010 reply | message
this product is great as an antiseptic, took it camping and kids got bitten by bugs, used it on kids right away and walla!!! it soothed the pain and cleared up the bites in a few days. Love this product.!
simplesoul - 4:06 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
O i mean i apologise for posting my lid comment under tess, lol, i dont apologise for the comment itself coz man o man it is so true, haha
simplesoul - 4:05 PM on Tue-2-Nov-2010 reply | message
I do apologise for my lid comment, I forgot my original ID and so started another ID then kidspot helped me with my original, so anyway basically I am both Tess and simplesoul, coz it would seem on Monday nov 1st I remmeber my original ID without even realising, lol
ValerieL - 11:52 PM on Mon-1-Nov-2010 reply | message
Yup, I agree with Sara & Tess with regards to the lid issue...I was wondering why I couldn't fix the lid on & so I often leave it sitting loosely on top of the canister. Only my husband is able to put the lid on properly.
sara - 4:08 PM on Mon-1-Nov-2010 reply | message
It's not just you Tess, I really struggle with putting the lid on too, I think it's very legitimate feedback for them!
tess - 2:42 PM on Mon-1-Nov-2010 reply | message
O I just also remembered one little thing that does annoy me about this product. The lid! lol I struggle to get the lid back on, it is as though the lid is just a smidgen to small and I push and push and turn and tiwst and poke my tounge out, but nope! lol So the lid sits on a half angle coz I dont want to break it, haha
simplesoul - 10:54 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
will definitely give it a shot with a little spray to the kids pjs and on the linen to see if it helps there to, will give it a sprtay in the linen cupboard as well as sometimes i can smell a little musty in there. i do realyl like the smell and am thank ful at being able to trial this product.
simplesoul - 10:53 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ok so we have been trialing this one for a while and it is aqwesome. I have to agree with others it really does freshen a room and deodorise. The only thing i noticed though was that if sprayed in the bedroom prior to sleeping and not giving aenough time to settle the smell can be a little over bearing and strangley enough the eyes do sting a little.
sara - 8:34 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
I am so impressed with this product! I really love it as a room freshener and deodouriser, it's much nicer than the artificial scents of most room sprays, and I believe healthier too. I'm spraying it in the the bathroom when the kids are in the bath and in kids rooms at night and although it's hard to judge I do think it calms them a bit. It's not been super effective as an insect repellant, but I'll buy it again for it's deodourising properties alone, it makes smeakers stop stinking so that alone is reason enough!! Thanks again Kidspot!!
Cherie - 1:33 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
We've hit a speed hump........ Mummy is now only a month away from baby #2 arriving and little J (2 1/2 yrs) developed a cold...... not the best timing! However thanks to the Lavendar spray, little J seems to be recovering quickly and struggling less with the stuffy nose than normal. Thank goodness because Mummy is pretty tired and everyone is really needing lots of sleep at the moment. Spotted the oil at the supermarket the other day - keen to give that a go now as well - would be blissful in a warm relaxing bath!
Carlak - 1:56 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
just an update on my previous review, i have started to use this in the linen cupboard and on the towels fresh out of the dryer (when its been raining) makes them smell so much fresher and nicer when you go to use them!
Mumofone - 12:31 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Update - I have been unsettled as I am getting pretty uncomfortable with my growing belly. I have been using this more with me on my pillow and the other night I forgot and was up a lot more during the night, I didn't realise it made such a huge difference until I forgot to use it. Now my hubby reminds me to use it so he can sleep better also :) Also no more smells which is great, I have also halfed my medication for my extreme moring sickness also which is great as I am due in a 3 months.
keznz - 12:27 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have now tried this to help at bedtimes when the kids are a bit overtired or excited & it has seemed to help! so much so that my eldest daughter said one night when I hadn't sprayed her room or pillow - 'mum you have to use that spray or I won't be able to sleep!' I thought it was funny as she is our best sleeper - but it was nice to know that the girls like it. On the nights where they have been a bit hyper it has seemed to help settle them & bring calm - so YAY! stoked that we got picked!! :)
bexc - 11:41 AM on Sun-17-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thankyou for letting me trial this fantastic product.. Been useing it for about a week now and the house smells soo fresh its fantastic. I also used it in my daughters room where I had to clean mould off the wall and out of the wardrobe and now there is no more yucky smell YAY.. All round sleeping better and no more stinky smells around bathroom, nappybin, partners workboots, wash house the list goes on :) Thankyou
filli - 11:24 PM on Wed-13-Oct-2010 reply | message
I received my spray couple weeks ago. It has a warm/deep yet soothing sensation and completely different from eucalyptus that has fresh and clean smell. I love it.
Its been very useful for my family specially my kids. We're doing a renovation at the moment and everything seems not in place and we're forced to sleep in one room which is fun but can be daunting sometimes. The spray makes the room feels comfy and soooo calm. I will have both product (lavender and eucalyptus) in my house handy. definitely!
ValerieL - 12:21 AM on Wed-13-Oct-2010 reply | message
Got to use it this time to spray on my son's flea-bites which he got from church! Poor boy, he had so many flea bites & was itching all over on Sunday afternoon. After his evening bath, I sprayed him with the Bosisto's Lavender spray & since then, he hasn't itched one bit.
Cherie - 3:34 PM on Mon-11-Oct-2010 reply | message
I'm really enjoying this product as well. It's only been a few days, but I've used it for various different things, both for myself and Little Jade (2 yrs old) ....... and the new baby is still 6 weeks away, so I still have to try it out with a new born.
Being heavily pregnant and an asthmatic, I'm finding that I'm having a lot of 'stuffy/blocked sinuses' this time round but are restricted to what I can use for relief. I've used the spray a lot at night, about half hour before I go to bed to freshen the air and settle my sinuses and it helps a lot.
I've also admittedly used it to 'freshen' our 'walk in robe', shoes, Jade's buggy seat, car, baby's new room etc.
Would love to try the oil as well.... spotted that at the supermarket last week..... think it would be really nice to place a couple of drops on the pillows and towels.
Dad finds it nice as well...... he's a hard man to please on the aroma front - so that's saying a lot!
antslave - 11:38 AM on Mon-11-Oct-2010 reply | message
Bosisto's Lavendar Spray has been useful in our house too. Have had relatives visiting and the houseful of crazy kids seem to have been relatively calm at night as I sprayed all their rooms before bed. Even brother who claims lavendar allergy wasn't too bugged by the smell. Sprayed the car after (usual) bout of carsickness, and even though the smell was initially a bit strong, it quickly dissipated but there was no lingering vomit smell. May well have helped settle carsick boy as there were no problems the next day (another big trip). Maybe $20 is a bit pricey for use on a regular basis, but like the packaging as makes it clear this isn't just an air freshener (albeit a great one). Hopefully will still have enough left to try out on scrapes, and insects.
oommii - 8:07 PM on Sun-10-Oct-2010 reply | message
About an hour after my spray arrived, my daughter did an extremely smelly poo and though we have a sangengic bin, the room was still quiet ripe after disposing of the bag so I sprayed the bin & room with the lavender spray and it was instant freshness :-) I'd recommend purchasing a can just for this.
I lightly sprayed my sheets as they were drying on the line the other day and when we jumped into bed that night the sheets had a nice, fresh scent without being over-powering.
My daughters (8 1/2 months) is still up and down at the moment but I'll keep trying to see if the spray helps
ssi8 - 4:01 PM on Sun-10-Oct-2010 reply | message
After only 2 nights of trying to get all my kids to sleep through the night with Lavendar spray they are now asking for the spray! I think it helped and it certainly made the rooms smell pleasant. Now that I've looked after the kids I am treating myself - some lavendar spray on my pillow is a mummy-treat. I also did spray it inside the rubbish bin after my youngest produced a stinky nappy and the bin was much nicer - after the lavendar smell faded the bin still didn't smell of "nappy" (I empty the nappies into the toilet before putting them in the bin - my bit towards reducing harmful gases- but there's always a lingering smell ...).
I'm going to spray some in my delicates laundry tonight too - hopefully some of the smell lingers in the lingerie !
Thanks for this sample - I think I'm going to have to buy some when it runs out !
ajpickering - 4:47 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to trial this product.
Unfortunately it didn't have any extra benefit on the childrens sleep at all. We have found it marvellous to use as a room spray and also in shoes. It has a pleasant smell without being overpowering. I can't wait to fire up the BBQ to test out the insect repellent aspect of it.
adele - 2:32 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to trial the lavender spray. I particularly wanted to try it on my 4 year old as he was not settling to sleep readily but rather kept getting out of bed and not wanting to sleep but since trying the lavender spray I have noticed a huge improvement. He loves the smell and asks to have it sprayed on his pillow before he sleeps and then more often than not goes straight to sleep! My teenage daughter was also having trouble getting to sleep and after trying it found it really helped. I have also used it for getting rid of unpleasant smells like the kitchen rubbish bin and found it really effective. Thanks again - definitely recommend it as the spray is much more versitile and easier to use than the normal bottled lavender.
keznz - 2:09 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to try this product. Our kids generally sleep pretty well so I haven't used it to help them yet - although reading some of the comments below I will definitely try it when they are sick to see if it helps settle & calm them. We are new dog owners & our puppy is gorgeous but smelly! I never wanted to have that 'dog smell' to our house so was keen to see if it helped with that & it does!! We don't have the dog in all the time - but I tested it on a friend of ours who was honest when I asked him if our house smelt like dog one time he was over. He said it did. So I knew he was coming over again! Hubby sprayed the lounge - was quite a strong smell at first, not one that I would love, but it didn't hang around. We did have the doors open also. When he arrived I asked him again & he was surprised that it didn't! So YAY! yay for us & this awesome product!! Looking fwd to trying it with our kids & us when we have problems sleeping etc!
stumpie - 1:23 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
I to will be buying more of this product I love the smell and it seems to settle the whole household. Thank you so much for letting us trial this product, I can't give it enough praise, have started to recommend the lavender spray to our friends as they to have children, can't wait to see what they say.<br>Once again a huge thanks for the trial.
baygirl7 - 11:34 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
What can i say when this spray runs out, i am definetly off to buy some more. Our whole household is having much more sound sleeps and it is definetly working wonders on mister 15mths, who has never been a good sleeper (colicy and silent reflux as a baby). but i have sure noticed the difference, wish i had known about this spray when he was younger. Even my mum who spends alot of time with the children and has them stay over has noticed the huge change with our wee mans sleeping.. :) :) :)
lynetteroxx - 8:58 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
am loving this product! Like Mandyroxy I have been spraying the bedroom that I dress the boys in after their baths. I do thinks that it settles them and keeps them in lax mode ready for bed.
I have also been spraying their pillows 20 minutes before bed and is almost makes me want to hop into bed with them :)
It is a nice soft, and not too overwhelming smell like some lavender can be.
Also feel like I have used it a lot but there still seems to be heaps left.
Found a new use (not listed on the can) a few nights ago - it's a monster repellent and if there were to be any so called monsters in the wardrobe they would definetely not come out if we spray this around room, it's worked wonders.
Will definetely be purchasing this product when it runs out.
I also work in a pharmacy and have been recommending it too.
Thanks heaps for giving me the chance to try this product.
lotsakids - 2:15 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have been trying this for a little over a week, and i have to say that i love it! Mr 6 is sleeping better and seems to have far less anxiety at night now.. it also seems to be the magic cure for hubbys smelly work shoes!
mandyroxy - 10:42 AM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have been trialing this product for about a week now and I'm sure it helps my little girl fall asleep quicker and she sleeps better at night. She was born alert and has always been very difficult to settle to sleep. Now as a toddler she has trouble settling after an active day walking around the place. We spray her room with Bosisto's Lavendar Spray before she comes out of the bath at night. During the 20 minutes it takes to get her dressed and to give her a bottle, she seems to calm down enough to be able to sleep. This has not been the case prior to using the spray. It was always screams before bedtime. Thank you for allowing me to trial this product. I will definatley be buying this in future. On the other hand my husband can't stand the smell and walks around in her room with his tshirt over his mouth. Can't please everyone I suppose. I love the smell though and I feel refreshed after sitting in her room with her before her bedtime.
kiwinutter - 11:51 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I also have been away so not able to test this out until now. It's great fro freshening up the toilet and I've sprayed it on the kids pillows - doesn't appear to make them sleep any more but they all like the smell. I've also been putting it on some open wounds that I have - lovely and cool but it does sting for a little so I'm pleased I tried it on me first. Am keen to try it on my daughter's itchy legs to see if it helps. Certainly a useful spray and pleased it is hard to get into or it would be sprayed all about by the 2 year old!!
Thanks for letting me trial it!
Shell - 5:14 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
After having the spray for a week I can now let you know my findings. First I sprayed the kid's rooms when they went to bed and they slept all night. As it worked so well on the kids I sprayed it in my room and waited for my husband to complain. He has never mentioned it and has remarked how well he is sleeping - a very successful blind trail. My daughter has a skin condition which brings her out in spots which become very itchy at night when she is sleeping. I sprayed her with the Bosisto's Lavender Oil, she complained it was very cold but smelled nice. When she woke up she said she had not scratched all night. I checked her skin and the spots were starting to heal. After a week's swimming she became very inflamed and asked for the special spray. A couple of days of spraying and she is looking and feeling a lot better and calmer. I even sprayed it on my feet one night and felt like I'd been and had a mini spa. I will always make sure this product is in our bathroom cupboard. Thank you for helping find relief for my daughter that is both natural and calming at the same time.
janinekiwi - 2:53 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I was delighted to receive this lavender spray which I absolutely love! I use it all the time, in my child's nappy bin, before my son goes to sleep, to keep the house smelling fresh. It really smells great, just a lovely pure lavender smell, and as its an antiseptic, it was suggested by my sisters midwife that she spray it on her c-section scar! Thanks so much for allowing me to trial this product, at over $20.00 a bottle I wouldnt normally buy this but after trying it I will definitely buy it again. Thanks again, Janine
piglet - 1:51 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. It arrived at the perfect time as our family was battling through a virus that involved alot of coughing! I sprayed some in the bathroom as a I was running a bath for the kids, and it seemed to relax them somewhat as their coughing didn't seem quite as bad for a while after that. I think with the steam, it was definitely beneficial. The smell is gorgeous. The kids rooms were a bit stale in the morning, so I gave them a quick spray and they really freshened up. I will use it in summer too when all the mossies are out to bite at night and see how it goes then too. Great product, I think it will be very handy to keep in the cupboard (great for freshening up smelly shoes too!)
skirts - 1:44 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yay have been on holiday for a week and got back yesterday to find my lavendar spray waiting for me to trial....
Smells lovely, sprayed it in the girls bedrooms last night before bed to help with sleeping and seems to have helped, my little one is usually up a lot at night and slept through, although she was also knackered after our week away....
Have sprayed nappy bucket and surfaces with it, very handy to have as means I dont have to get in the nappy buvket with a cloth and disinfectant all the time :)
It even covered up daddys awful 'no2' smells this morning, normally we have the sickly smell of air freshener floating around, the lavendar was a nice change and actually eliminated the smell...
Carlak - 1:02 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
thank you for choosing me to trial this product, ive had constant headaches lately, and usually i adore lavender, but i found this spray just too strong for me to use at the moment, it definitely helps with ick smells, which is great, but it takes a bit of time for me to be able to go back into a room after spraying it, im not sure i could sleep with it after its been sprayed in my room

i will continue to use if however, because i would rather use something natural like this, than something not natural that freshens the room, but i may just wait till my headaches disappear altogether!
lynleyg - 11:20 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for sending this to me to test. I love this product. I have to say that I probably wouldn't have picked this up and bought it in the shop as the packaging looks a bit like fly spray or something with a fake smell rather than the actual lovely natural lavendar smell that it is! However I will be now be looking for it when this can runs out.

This is such a great and convenient spray. I have mainly sprayed in in bedrooms to freshen them up with a wonderful side effect being a better night's sleep!
My kids 3 and 5 love the smell and ask for the special spray in their rooms at night time. A tiny spray is all that is needed as it is quite strong so I expect a can would last a long time.

My 5 year old son loves the fact that the spray helps him to have a good nights sleep. I told him that monsters don't like the spray and so far they have not been in his room since we received the spray - yay!

I have also used this as an air freshener in the toilet. Love that it is not full of all the nasty chemicals in other air fresheners and has a natural smell.

Have also had the vomiting bug in our house at the beginning of the holidays. This is a great way to get rid of the lingering smell as the spray made it disappear completely :)

As yet I have not tried this for bites or anything else but I imagine that when the BBQ finally gets fired up it will be great.

The last bonus is that it reminds me of my grandmother and Mum who used to pick and dry lavender in the garden with me. I have been missing them so much lately so it was a nice reminder.
Bosistos - 9:14 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi All
Lovely to read all your great feedback and fantastic to see that you're enjoying the many benefits of Bosisto's Lavender Spray. We agree that its a beautiful product and has so many uses around the household and we were happy to introduce this product to you for trial. Many thanks for your support, your comments are very valuable to us and we hope that you will continue to enjoy Bosisto's products for you and your family.
cathw - 11:07 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have to say ditto to what most people have said except that when we sprayed it in our car it was just a bit too strong for that small space but was still good. The whole house is feeling fresher, impressed with the size and imagine it will last for ages. Thanks again.
janifa - 6:39 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
going to try it on my little one as he has flea bites all over him and will update you with the outcome!
janifa - 6:38 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
This is a great product and I totally love it!! My kids love the smell and you know what it does work and help you fall asleep! I live in a basement and it always get musty and humid and using this just took that yucky smell away. I have also used it on my kids when they fall over ar hurt themselves. Would buy this when it runs out!!
pinay2010 - 4:39 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
The product is terrific! I sprayed it on the pillows and the beds prior to sleeping. We all had a very restful sleep, and I never heard my one son in particular complain about itchy bites. One of my sons even commented ' Ohh, it smells nice!'. I also had my children spray them on their sports shoes, leaving them smelling fresh. Would definitely buy this product for the household!
2mums - 2:02 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
Love it love it love it love it!
DS now sleeps from 3am til 5am instead of needing to bed resettled! This happen the same day I sprayed his bedding and curtains!
DD (13years) now has a room (and school bag!) that smells nice, and not like stinky teenager who leaves dirty washing everywhere!
Our dogs bedding smells fresh!

I love that it doesn't smell like a chemical...just like fresh fresh lavender.
I love that it is in a can...and I no longer make oil stains with lavender oil!

I have a cut on my hand that has avoided any signs of infection due to being sprayed in lavender too!

I do part time house work and all my clients have said how great their house smells! just a quick spray when I leave :)

And best of all! My roller derby gear no longer smells lethal!!!! :)

Thanks Kidspot!
bassplayer - 1:58 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
I ripped open the packet and read the back of the can. I immediately went to my son's room where I have cleaned the mould off the wall and sprayed the corner where the damp smell lingers. That afternoon I went into his room and couldn't smell anything. After my son's room I went to my musty wardrobe and sprayed in there. A week later and both rooms where its been sprayed have no smell. I love the smell of the product and am keen to try it when the mosquitos start as both my son and I suffer dreadfully from the bites. I am going to try it in my daughter's room before bedtime to see if the lavender will help her with her sleeping. I'll let you know how that goes. I would definitely recommend this product and will buy another can to replace this one, once it has been used. The fact it is a natural product makes me feel better and more confident about using it.
RaewynG - 12:56 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
WELL what can I say. I was so excited to receive the trial and went straight to Master 4's bedroom with the smelly wardrobe. Now I've tried everything in this wardrobe tono avail so was a tad pessimistic pre-spray. The smell has simply gone and replaced by ... nothing. No horrible chemical smell, no horribly flowery overpowering smell. Absolutely nothing. It's like starting with a new canvas all over again! Sprayed it ever so slightly in the 3 bedrooms before bed time and, although absolutely exhausted I've not been sleeping well, I had the best sleep ever. I've always been a fan of aromatherapy and have really missed having my oils burning round the house since the boys arrived so it was really nice, and felt really special, to have that pure lavendar fragrance back in the house again. Have also used it on the boy's toys as one has a horrible cold. The uses are endless - can't wait to try it on hubby when he gets bitten by the mossies at the next BBQ! Really pleased with the product. Would not have bought it initially as the RRP is quite high, but now that we've tried it I have been telling EVERYONE about it and will definitely buy it when this can runs out. Not so sure on the packaging though. Considering it's such a beautiful, natural product - just felt this area could be improved somewhat. I would have walked straight past it prior to testing it. It sort of "screams" cheap and nasty to you, but it's quite the opposite. Hope this feedback helps and thanks so much for including us in your trial.
Gillymama - 12:01 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
After spraying it on my curtains and in my wardrobe the other day, I still smelt its nice fragrance days later. I have boosted it a few times and it smells soooooooooo nice each time. Its about time someone made a product that doesn't smell fake! I'm really impressed. I even used it in the baby's bed and it was so relaxing. In the car works so WELL too! Five STARS review. * * * * *
WhitiMum23 - 10:23 AM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
Still loving the spray! My DH's work boots reek-he took it upon himself to sray with bosisto's and he's stoked with the result.

(Not as stoked as the rest of the family!)
angelstar - 3:20 PM on Sat-2-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have used Bosisto's Spray throughout the whole house. From spraying toys, to pillows, and even in my vacuum. It is a lovely spray and great that you can use on so many different items in the house. I love how it can be for a calming effect and then can be used to kill those nasty germs. Thank you very much for allowing our household to try this great product.
Eme - 10:28 AM on Fri-1-Oct-2010 reply | message
I was happy to see the Lavender spray arrive; we all have the flu and feel terrible so we needed some pampering!
I have used the spray in 11mth olds room. She has slept better only waking once or twice in the night!
Because we are all sick I have sprayed her toys to give them a freshen up, the smell lovely and like the others have said a little goes a long way.
My mother and grandmother came over yesterday to see how the patients were holding up, I sprayed the room for them and they both really liked the smell and thought all of its uses were great.
Thankfully no one has had any cuts or scraps so I haven’t been able to use it for first aide, but I would feel comfortable to do so if the need arouse.
The only negative thing about this product is it looks like toilet or fly spray. It is such a wonderful natural product I don’t think the packaging gives it justice. For this reason if I had seen it on the shelf I probably wouldn’t have brought it, however now I have tried it I would definitely buy it again.
teegee - 10:06 AM on Fri-1-Oct-2010 reply | message
Another fan of the Lavender Spray here. I've used it in a couple of it's functions.
As a room spray in the toilet. It's so much nicer than the sickly smelling fragranced air freshners, and coped well with the smells left by 3 adults and a teenager!
I've also used it as a stress reliever. I'm a huge fan of aromatherapy and regularly use my oil burner with different essential oils in it. Lavender is probably my most used oils because of the many things it helps with. Having the essential oil in the can ready to go makes it much faster and easier to get the benefits.
Used it in the bedroom to assist with sleep, and didn't really notice a huge difference (9 month old didn't sleep much better) but will persist as it seems other mums have had success in this area.
I agree that a little bit goes a long way, so value for money as it'll last for ages.
The best thing about the product is that it's all natural, no nasty chemicals or fake fragrances, just 100% Lavender oil.
Will definitely be recommending it to my friends and family, might even buy some for gifts.
vikih - 9:59 AM on Fri-1-Oct-2010 reply | message
My house smells divine and I had a night of unbroken sleep last night for the first time in ages!

I arrived home after a couple of days away visiting grandparents with my 2 year old to find my can of Bosisto’s Lavender Spray waiting for me to trial.
I went to work on the kitchen that had been the domain of my husband and two teenage boys for the last few days (un-emptied rubbish bins, dirty dishes, bench top with goodness knows what growing on it) with the lavender spray. The smells were gone almost instantly and I knew it was safe and clean when I had finished!

Next stop was the bedrooms. We live in a house that is over a hundred years old and have issues with damp over the winter months. Despite having a dehumidifier going virtually non stop the wardrobes on the cold side of the house always smell musty. A few sprays of Lavender and this was replaced with the smell of lavender. There is no lingering musty smell the next day either.

The bathroom was the next stop. I’ve been playing around with making non toxic cleaners but never been able to get the smell quite right. Because Lavender has anti bacterial properties it is perfect for bathroom surfaces and the yucky rubbish bin that nappies go in. I’m going out today to buy the Bosisto’s lavender oil to add to my homemade surface cleaners and laundry detergent.

I sprayed the pillows in the bedrooms before bedtime and while it didn’t get my 2 year old to sleep fast (nothing short of a miracle would do that), she did sleep through the night. We are woken most nights with her calling out, wanting a drink or wanting to get up to go to the toilet. Last night she slept right through the night.
I am a really light sleeper and often lie for hours after waking unable to go back to sleep. Last night I was woken by noises outside but went back to sleep virtually straight away. We all woke later than usual in the morning.
I have bedding in the washing machine as I write this and plan to spray the sheets and pillow cases as I make up the beds and on pjs.

I’ve always loved the smell of lavender. I have over a dozen bushes growing at the front of the house and several in the back yard. I love the smell wafting through the house when it is flowering in summer. This product gives the same effect and I can have it all year round.

I had imagined the spray would be in an atomiser bottle but being in a spray can means that the mist is so fine there is no oily residue on anything.

In the info that came with the spray it listed a recommended retail price of $20.99. When I saw that (before using it) I wondered if I would actually spend that much. Now that I have spent a couple of days using it, I know it will be something I always have on hand in our home. What a great find!
ValerieL - 10:39 PM on Thu-30-Sep-2010 reply | message
Oh yes, to add on...the lavender spray really does work in assisting good sleep! I've noticed that my sons are falling asleep a bit faster & the baby is sleeping through the night for longer periods. And I feel comfortable using it compared to other commercial brands coz this one's got natural ingredients & not synthetic chemicals. Haven't had the need yet for spraying on skin for insect bites & scrapes, but with active kids, that could soon be a try!
Hope - 12:45 PM on Thu-30-Sep-2010 reply | message
The great thing about this product is it only takes a few squirts to get the results. You don't need to hold your finger on the top to saturate the room! Its very economical and I think the cost is offset by the effect it has. I love it!
baygirl7 - 10:06 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
WOW what can i say, master 15mths slept for 12 hours last night which is probably a first, pity i did'nt go to bed earlier too, however the whole household had a very sound sleep which was great! will continue to use mainly for sleep, as i want to help make the can last longer. Miss 3 turning 4 tomorrow told me she did'nt like the smell, so i will continue to use in her room AFTER she has gone to sleep. will keep you posted as to how the next few nights are regarding sleep.
NamericanZ - 6:23 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
So far I'm very impressed with this product. I personally am a fan of Lavender oil but find dealing with the essential oil difficult. So when I came across a spray version I was very interested in trying it.
1. The spray does not feel oily at all!!!
2. It actually helps reduce the itch of bug bites. I'm not a born Kiwi and am tortured with bug bites every Spring and this is one of the few products that help. Plus as I have so many bites it can take ages to put on creams (so I don't bother) but with the spray it just takes seconds. I was very excited that it could go directly on skin and would feel confident to use it on my son. It has a cooling feeling. But, it's not cold.
3. This seriously helps with stress!!! I came home yesterday so stressed out and upset that I was nauseous. I noticed my package and started spraying it around as the can suggested. I honestly was so upset that I didn't care what the product did or what the outcome was. Within minutes I was calmer. Noticeably calmer. I didn't feel nauseous anymore. And, even though I was still upset I was ok.
4. My son and husband have not complained about the smell. In fact if my son sees me spraying it I then I have to also spray it on his teddy bears as well :o)
5. We all had a really nice sleep last night.
My only concern is the size of the can versus the cost of the product ($20). I am not convinced this will last forever. Maybe I use it more then other people. But, as I'm currently not itching or remotely stressed about that IRD phone call I'm thinking this product is totally worth the cost. In fact I think it's time to go spray some more.
Sweetness10 - 6:03 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
I received this spray yesterday and I have to say WOW! This is going to be a staple product in my house from now on! The teeniest tiniest spray goes a very long way so the can will last for ages! I sprayed some in both of my childrens bedrooms last night just before bed and the smell was lovely (not too overpowering at all). I love that as well as promoting a good nights sleep it also relieves stress (my 8-year-old has been anxious at night recently) The next morning my 8-year-old was very excited about it and told me that she went to sleep instantly. I could still smell it faintly the next morning, which was impressive! Next I used it with great success (more success than I've EVER had with any other product) around the dogs bedding, on my curtains where the cat next door sprayed them, in the rubbish bins, in my 8-year-old's extremely smelly shoes, in a musty cupboard, after changing my 1-year-olds smelly nappies and in the toilet. It seems that the uses for this spray are almost endless. I think it will be wonderful for helping with the symptoms of colds, etc because of the antibacterial/antiseptic action and I'll be trying it on any insect bites we get over Summer. I'm very excited about this product and I've already recommended it to anyone who'll listen to me!
sbooker - 3:04 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
I think this spray is great, however, I am in the early stages of pregnancy and found it a bit too strong first thing in the morning but I have just returned home from a few hours out and the smell when I opened the door was fantastic. Definately a little goes a long way and it can be used pretty much anywhere!! Great for stinky rubbish bins and the shoe cupboard!
Mumofone - 11:46 AM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
My sample arrived yesturday and I already love this product. It is hard to find a spray that I don't feel sick with (being pregnant), it smells lovely and very natural. I instantly sprayed it about the house after reading it has antibactial qualities, I have a nasty cold at the moment so it was great timing. I also love the brochure it came with it has so many uses, I must try the foot care one on my hubby! We have also moved into a new home so our cat has the litter box is inside so I gave that a spray too. I used it in my 2 year old son's room too just before bedtime and after a story with dad he went to sleep instantly, I will try it at nap time today. I will remember to do our pillows tonight to. Unfortunately it came later in the day for my stinky nappy so hopefully it will help today. I must look out for this product in my local pharmacies as I wouldn't mind the Oil too. I think am sold already and when baby no.2 arrives early next year, I will definately have this in the nursery. At the moment it is in my portable nappy holder. Thank you so much for the opportunity to review this product.
Reblee - 11:14 AM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
Tried it on the pillows last night and we all slept really well. Apart from the help with sleep, it makes the room smell lovely for a fair bit of time. Also sprayed around the dustbin and it has really helped with the odour from the dustbin. Next will try it for its insect repellent capabilities, will keep you posted. Awesome product, love it to bits.
kyleeandluke - 9:04 AM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
My sample only arrived yesterday, but already I have used it quite a few times! I had a pooey nappy to deal with right before sleep time. I HATE changing a stinky nappy in my babies room, then putting him to sleep in there, so I gave the can two good sprays. Too much! A little goes a long way, so spray carefully! However, the bad smell was gone, and baby was fast asleep. It's such a nice, clean fresh smell. Makes a difference from the chemical smell that I am so used to, and that makes me feel better about using it :-) Thanks so very much for the opportunity! The spray has found itself a spot on the change table!
ValerieL - 10:51 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
Got my sample today! I sprayed the lounge & the upstairs with it and my 2 boys appreciated the fresh scent. Also, I found the enclosed brochure very informative about the usefulness of lavender sprays & oils, and that it is also anti-bacterial. So I also gave my winter home-shoes a good spray! And knowing that it is from natural ingredients also means I'm a less worried about spraying near the kitchen area. Would spray the inside of our 2 cars tomorrow. Thanks!!
baygirl7 - 9:01 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
thanks for letting me trial this lavender spray. i recieved it today and first thing i did was give the lounge a spray, master 15mths was most curious and i thought it smelt very nice too. however i did forget to spray it before the children went down to sleep, so as i speak i am going to give their bedrooms a spray, and mine also, heres hoping for a blissful nights sleep :) :)
Gillymama - 4:18 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
Oh I LOVE this spray too! I just got home from an exhausting day out with the kids, made a cuppa, grabbed my mail and opened it as I fed my baby on the couch. First thing I did was give it a spray in the lounge. Master 3 said "mmm smells good" and Miss 5 said "Oh that's lovely" I was impressed with all the uses and how clearly they are written on the can - so at a glance you can see the main uses. I sprayed a bit on my hand and found it wasn't oily and absorbed quickly - great for insect bites! I then went to put baby to bed and sprayed inside my wardrobe, on my curtains ( front and back) and my room now smells sweet and 'lavendery' ;-) . I'll update in a few days on how well it lasts in our musty room!I think I even feel a bit less stressed so that's good. The can is a GREAT size, will probably last for ages so I won't feel guilty spraying it around. Will spray the kids room tonight 10 mins before they go to bed. I see it is also good for the car, so will do that too. I can see that this product has 100's of uses and would be very versatile in the home. Even tho its about $20 can, it has so many used and you only need a little, so when it runs out I'll be getting a new can. This would also be great for my mother who has insomnia. Thanks Kidspot & Bosisto's Lavender Oil Spray.
nzchick - 3:27 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
I am in LOVE with this spray. It smells divine and the wonderful thing is that you only need the smallest spray of it to have an impact on the freshness of the room. I don't know if it's just in my mind, but after spraying throughout the house a small amount, I felt quite calm and relaxed. I've been reading about all the uses for it on the can and it seems to do just about everything! I really like that it's 100% natural which makes a huge difference to me with kids that suffer from allergies. I am going to enjoy using this spray and think it's going to be a permanent in this household. Many thanks for this opportunity.
WhitiMum23 - 3:01 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
Arrived today just in time to spray some in the rooms for afternoon nap time!

It has a lovely lavendar smell, but not TOO strong, which I really liked. Some fo these kind of products can be a little overpowering even in small doses.

The rooms were sprayed (just a couple of squirts in each room) at 1.00pm and there's still a pleasant whiff of lavender in there now at 4.00pm.

Am def going to make it part of the sleep routine and use it everyday to see how long a can lasts. am really glad I got to trial it as I'm not sure it would have been something I would have bought to try. But I'm impressed so far and depending on how long the can lasts I can see myself buying it again
hellyp - 2:38 PM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
Excellent product!!! It arrived with great timing, my daughter had a tummy bug last night so her room smelt extremely unpleasant this morning, So a great test for the Bosisto's Lavender Spray was the gross stench of vomit, I sprayed at 11 this moring, and its now 3.30, NO STENCH!!! just smells like lovley lavender!! Awesome product very impressed, thanks heaps:)
Reblee - 9:33 AM on Tue-28-Sep-2010 reply | message
Just got my trial spray by courier this morning, have already used it to deodorise the musty smell in the bedroom cupboards and the laundry cupboard is next, will give it a go on the pillows tonight, as I am certain it will help all of us get to grips with the daylight savings change. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to trial it.
teegee - 9:55 AM on Mon-27-Sep-2010 reply | message
Woo Hoo! I too have been picked to trial this product, and I can't wait for it to arrive. First time trialler...
JulieKidspot - 12:12 PM on Fri-24-Sep-2010 reply | message
Sorry manz23, the reviewers have been chosen for this trial but you are welcome to take a look at our other Mums Say product trials here
manz23 - 11:53 AM on Fri-24-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial well to help sleep:)
Hope - 11:49 AM on Fri-24-Sep-2010 reply | message
OOOOOH! Excitement! I just got an email and it appears I was chosen to review the product! Can't wait to get it and try it. After Shaynes Indian food cooking night on Tuesday our house smells like Calcutta on a Friday!!! I just LOVE the scent of Lavendar. Its so clean and fresh....Yay! WATCH THIS SPACE FOR review!
jace - 9:25 PM on Thu-23-Sep-2010 reply | message
I like the idea that's it's Natural antibacterial, antiseptic and insect repellant. Would love to trial this product to stop the flu virus from spreading around. At the moment, we're using fresh onion around the house and it doesn't smells nice! LOL Lavender would be good for a change! Thanks..
missmaddysmum - 2:09 PM on Wed-22-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this! I would use it in the bath to give my daughter a great nights sleep, and use a bit for me so i get a great nights sleep too!
nzchick - 1:57 PM on Wed-22-Sep-2010 reply | message
Ohhh this sounds great! I love natural products around the home and this one sounds like it has a million uses! Would love the opportunity to trial and review this for you.
filli - 11:22 AM on Wed-22-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi There
I already use Bosisto Eucalyptus and it's really great (I use it as air freshener and to killl germs).
We use it at work (i work at medical centre) to eliminate germs/bacterias in the waiting room specially during flu season but because it smells nice and fresh, we ended up using it on regular basis and I finally decided to bought one for my house. I didnt know theres a lavender one. I would love to get Bosisto Lavender to replace the Eucalyptus one that will finish very soon :). Not just having fresh air and kill germs but also great for sleep!.. ehmm cant wait to try.. cheers
mumab - 9:11 PM on Sun-19-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi there
We would all (4 of us ) use Bosisto's Lavender Oil Spray to relieve headaches,stress up the back of the neck or for restless children at night, to aid with insect bites and i would give it as gifts to family and friends as far afield as Australia, my father recently had shingles and i would have love to have given him some. The spray sounds a particulary good way to apply cant wait.
lotsakids - 7:25 AM on Sun-19-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi there, i would use Bosisto's Lavender Oil Spray to try and get a good night sleep in my house and to relax a bit, as i am in christchurch and the earthquake that we had has really upset the abilty to relax and sleep as the aftershocks are awful at night thanks
imrose - 12:33 AM on Sun-19-Sep-2010 reply | message
So many comments.I wonder if i am left with anything to say.It would be nice to try out this product on the entire family of mine as a soothing relief from our daily tensions.Nice way to wind up.
2ndtimeround - 5:22 PM on Fri-17-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi I would love to trail this product as I know how good lavender is to use as I have used it in the past. My life seems so stressful with the little ones at the moment, not too sure why???? But if this helps me deal with my stress and helps me to get a good nites rest I'd love it! I would use it in the little ones rooms too to help them unwind from their busy days. Thanks kidspot.
sugapop69 - 1:52 PM on Fri-17-Sep-2010 reply | message
i would love to try it in my daughters room when she is sick like now and for those damp corners.
NamericanZ - 8:43 AM on Fri-17-Sep-2010 reply | message
Not only would I love to use it in my 3 year old's room to see if he sleeps better. I personally get eaten alive by kiwi bugs and would like to test the insect repellent aspects of the product.
lynetteroxx - 9:27 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
My eldest has just started school and is finding it all a bit daunting. I would spray his room before we lie in bed and do his home reading to relax him after his BIG days as a BIG boy. I also haved a toddler that has a really bad sleep pattern.
I am also a working solo mum so would be nice to use to relax myself at the end of a busy day. I love lavender anyway and to have a spray as opposed to an oil in a bottle sounds a lot more convenient :)
Stacey21 - 4:49 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use in the bedrooms firstly, our 3rd has only just started sleeping thru the night and I am now looking forward to be able to go back to having our OWN bedroom where I get to stay all night - to have it smelling nice and like a little haven would be cool! Also our boys room gets a little smelly sometimes and we tend to get mossies inside in summer too. I love the smell of lavender and tend too look for that 'flavor' when purchases lotions, cleaners etc. Its sounds like a wonderful product!
bunglemc - 4:46 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would spray beside my pillow for a heavenly refreshing sleep, plus I would like to try spraying in my dishwasher to keep the ants at bay! Thanks for the chance to maybe try this!
kls15 - 2:23 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I have just had a follow up operation for birth complications and am currently having salt and lavender oil baths twice daily. I am sure this product would be an excellent alternative to this so I would probably use it as and antibacterial spray.
Cherie - 1:58 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
Being almost 8 months preganant I'm keen to try the Spray for Baby #2 and with our 2 year old toddler. Having sensitive skin and asthma we're keen to try more natural products for the family.
shellcruise - 1:35 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
Keana has just got over pnemonia and is still pretty stressed over the whole thing - especially with the vommiting this would be great to just relax her and calm her down - please choose us
angelstar - 12:09 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would spray some onto a cottonwool ball and place in my vacuum dust bag /air filter area. It gives a nice smell to vacuum and purifies the air.
mandyroxy - 12:02 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
Like many of the other members I am very interested in this products duo effect of calming and natural insect repellent - especially with Summer coming. The natural deodorising is a benefit especially seeing as her room tends to be a bit damp being on the wrong side of the house for sunshine. I would be thrilled to trial this product and if it's as good as it sounds - become a regular buyer.
keznz - 11:20 AM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I'm really intrigued by its Natural antibacterial, antiseptic & insect repellant features! would like to try it for that & also we've just got our first ever puppy & I'm not loving the dog smell - so would love to see if it helped at all with that!?! We don't have him in the house all the time as I don't want to have 'that' house with the dog smell all thru it. But I love the sound of it - Cleans and freshens and deodorisers! :) kez*
teegee - 11:07 AM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use the spray in our bedroom to help us get good sleep in between the baby waking up. I love the smell of lavender and the fact that it has all the other benefits is an added bonus
rocky12 - 9:49 AM on Thu-16-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would you the Lavender Spray to get me through the hump of very disturbed sleep in the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.
Macka - 4:56 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use at night in the bedroom as my daughter is alergic to the bedtime oils and lotions with lavander in them and I don't want to use an oil burner for the obvious safety reasons. Extra bonus with the insect repellant as I am to scared to use other insect repellants in her room
Coring - 3:08 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would spray it on the bedroom, living room, bathroom and toilet at least 2 times a day to make the air smell fresh and good.
sweettooth1970 - 2:09 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
wow sounds amazing were would i start Probaly bed room I have a sleepin disorder would be nice to lay off the sleeping pills and for my wee darling a natural spray on insect repellent and antibactiel all in 1 bottle yahoo......just great to have everything in 1 little bottle...........
Shell74 - 1:54 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use this spray as a disinfectant, deodouriser, relaxant and bug repellent. Very excited that a natural product can do all that.
Shell - 1:45 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use Bosisto's Lavender Oil Spray on my pillow to help relieve headaches from a stressful day and to have a great nights sleep, something I dream about.
dkpm - 1:25 PM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use lavender oil spray for burns
WhitiMum23 - 11:31 AM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
ooh, yes please. soemthing nice to rid the rooms of the lingering smells only chidlren can emit!
antslave - 11:30 AM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I'd love to trial this - am a big fan of natural products and love lavender. Sister-in-law thinks it's a miracle cure, but I'm not quite so sure. Have a stress prone 7 year old that it may well help. Thanks.
littlemiss - 11:10 AM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
i would love to trial this, we only use natural products in our home, so this would be a great addition. i am getting constant headaches at the moment, and the aches have already started in my poor pregnant body lol. my children have constant coughs, so would love to give it ago on them also!
raewynmurray - 11:07 AM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would so want to use the lavender oil spray in my house because right now I cannot smell anything and want to focus on something other than aftershocks. It would clam me personally and my children down - something we need.
marilynmansonfan - 10:58 AM on Wed-15-Sep-2010 reply | message
i would love to do this trial, you just dont know whats in the products these days, being a natural spray would help out in my house as my son has asthma. please select me
kiwinutter - 8:35 PM on Tue-14-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this - I'm a Queen when it comes to being natural! No nasty chemicals in our house. Always keen to try out something different and I think this being a spray would be so useful! Especially on bed linen!!
Babytears - 2:27 PM on Tue-14-Sep-2010 reply | message
We would be so grateful to be able to try this.... it sounds fanstastic! It would be great for everyone in the household.... bubby, big sis and Mr 13, oh and mum and dad too! Sounds like a great way for everyone to relax & get a well deserved nights rest, particularly mum and dad! Furthermore Mr 13 suffers with anxiety/stress depending on what is happening, such as school projects, sports days, friends etc, this in turn causes his excema to flare up - I'm sitting here contemplating whether this is our miracle cure for him...hmmmmmmm!
cathw - 1:10 PM on Tue-14-Sep-2010 reply | message
Hi I would love to trial this. I would use it all over the house. Baby's cot linen, 5 year old's room as she is always complaining of stinky farty pants room ha ha, my room, the bath, the car again because the 5 year old has a sensitive snoz and moans about the car being stinky too. Of more interest to me is the relaxing/calming nature of the spray. Very very keen please pick me!
fredlet - 10:59 AM on Tue-14-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this! I am off to the uk to visit family and anything that calms soothes and relaxes me and my 4 month old daughter during a 27hour flight would be fantastic!
ValerieL - 12:08 AM on Tue-14-Sep-2010 reply | message
Please send us a sample! I like the fact that it's an air-freshener and an insect repellent at the same time, coz I don't like the smell of standard insect repellents and neither do our 2 children. Air-freshener is great coz it brings some zest to the air. Thanks!
kyleeandluke - 9:42 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
We would absolutely LOVE to trial Bosisto's Lavender spray! The three of us live in a tiny wee house which, of course, has been shut up for most of the winter. With a range hood that doesn't work, overloaded clothes racks constantly inside & plenty of stinky nappies, our house could use with some freshing up! But the biggest bonus, would be getting some sleep - I suffer from insomnia, and my husband seems to have caught it from me! As busy working parents, we could do with some calm, relaxing evenings!
Carlak - 9:08 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
My miss 3 has never had a full restful nights sleep in her life, however today she got her tonsils and adenoids out (adenoids were her biggest problem) and grommets put in, for the first time i can remember, tonight she is sleeping while not snoring, shes breathing through her nose, and she is still, however shes pretty dosed up on meds lol we basically have to teach her how to sleep again without waking, its basically starting from scratch, every night before bed, i ask her what she wants to dream about tonight, we talk about butterflies, flowers, fairies and the fairies sprinkling fairy dust, lavender baths she has, so lavender sprayed in her room, or on her duvet would aid that so much more.
katherinew - 6:03 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to try this lavendar oil on myself! It sounds like it would help me relax and destress abit whcih would make for a happier family! It would also be lovely to use it to freshen up the wardrobes. I would be very interested in trying it as an insect repellant aas we spend alot of time outside and are always looking for new ways to get rid of the bugs.
adele - 5:54 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to try the lavender spray for my four year old as he regularly has trouble settling down to sleep - continually getting up out of bed and coming out again and again! I very interested to see if it will soothe and relax him enough to get to sleep without the ususal overactive behavour. Also I would love to try it with headaches that we all seem to get regularly. I am interested in trying it in our wardrobes as well which seems to get quite stale and musty as I have never heard about lavender being good for smells or refreshing areas. I guess a spray rather than just the usual bottle form would be much more effective so am eager to see the effect.
hellyp - 4:40 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Yes please!!! I'd love to try this, A good test would be disguising the stinky nappy bin smell in charli's room, and to help with getting her to have a nice resting sleep :)
Sweetness10 - 4:21 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would really love to trial this lavender spray! My 8-year-old has been suffering from anxiety due to bullying at school and getting her to sleep at night is a real trial with tears and sleeplessness. I'd like to see if this would help calm her anxiety and also help her get to sleep. In addition, because my roof needs replacing (but I don't have $10,000) I'm having a lot of issues with mould and musty smells in my house so anything that would help make my house smell more inviting would be extremely welcome!
bassplayer - 3:54 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I'd love to trial this spray and see if it would help the mouldy smell in my son's room (next in line for the renovation) and also to help him and I with the mosquito's which we suffer from - our bites get infected and this seems like it could eliminate the pain we go through.
baygirl7 - 3:52 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to give this lavender spray a try. Just to relax the whole household down for a lovely peaceful evening sleep (still have mister 14mth old who is waking once or twice in the night, an also to have the blissful smell of lavender through the house.
janinekiwi - 3:39 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
This Lavender Oil spray sounds amazing! Id absolutely love to trial it as I use alot of lavender oils with my sons bathing etc and I find it really calms him (and me..). I think it would be wonderful to use around the house as well, not just in my son's room to get him to sleep. The fact that it is an insect repellent is a real plus too as we are moving to a lovely four bedroom bungalow but it does mean that we will have alot more mosquitos around over summer than last year. Id be very interested in trialing this product, thanks Janine.
Silverbabe - 3:18 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Would be great to trial this, wonder if it would help my son's asthma, always worse over winter with cold and things going around. Their room always smells musty too. All that breathing with them sharing.
Shadz - 3:11 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I so wish I could use these kind of products. Lavender is supposed to be amazing but unfortunately it makes me really sick :(
Have a baby that doesn't sleep so it would have been good to be able to try these sorts of things
Eme - 2:42 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to use this product on my 10 month old daughter, we have been having trouble with sleeping, so I am very keen to try some natural aides. My husband and I are both mozzie magnets so it would be great to try this on both of us as well.
bexc - 2:33 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
ooohhhhhh pick me pleeeeeaaaassssssseeeeee :) would love to try this in my babies room, shes just about to move in there from our room but we have to get rid of the musty smell 1st :) would also try it as an insect repellent outside as we get lots of mozzies :)
anthzzz - 2:32 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I have heard that lavender is good for morning sickness and that is exactly what I have now. I have a lavender wheat bag but it's only good at night really. I think having my children smelling of it may also held with the nausea. Thanks
melandjeremy - 2:23 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use this for heaps of things, but especially when we go camping over the summer to avoid nasty insect bites.
Mondo - 2:18 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to try this for whole lot of reasons - to help my two year old sleep, to freshen up my too cluttered cupboards, especially in the kitchen and to spray outside as an insect repellent when the kids are playing. Thanks for the chance to trial it - I hope I'm picked!
janifa - 2:16 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would like to give this a try, I live in a basement flat with no windows and it's always musty and at times it's hard to sleep because we live on a very busy street. This would be perfect for us to have a try at.
Sharn - 1:48 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
i would really love to try this product, as my 10 month old has not slept through the night since she was born. she wakes up between 3-10 times a night and mabey this is the cure>>>
sara - 1:46 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
@lynleyg "Monster Spray", what a completely fabulous idea! Thanks so much for that one, we will be buying some before bed!

I just realise this is the brand of Tea Tree Oil I use too, cool!

That's all xx
Twinsforus - 1:44 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trail this product! I have a nearly 2 yr old who is having some restless nights after being sick on and off for the last 3 months!!
lynleyg - 1:38 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to try this as an insect repellent - I hate using the nasty chemicals so something natural would be great. I also have a feeling that this may be a great spray to scare the monsters away and bring nice dreams for my son at night time :)
tallsonn - 1:19 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this and would use as an insect repellent as both my 8 year old and 3 year old get bitten by mozzies and I am fed up with all of the chemicals in most of the availabe repellents on the market. Seems to be a user friendly product as well.
nikh74 - 1:17 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
pick me pick me!!! please!!!! sand flies are a real problem for me and my hubby in summer so as an insect repellent it would a god send! I would love to try it out for everything else mentioned above also. thanks. sounds a great product.
cupcat - 1:14 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
baby #1 is due this sat, would really luv to trial this to calm the baby and help with her sleep! Chemicals free is just perfect for her :D
sara - 1:09 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this for its insect repellant qualities!! I'm desperate for an insect repellant that isn't full of chemicals but that also works well. We have so many sand flies & mozzies here and they are such a nuisance. I want my kids playing outside as much as is humanely possible, because it's good for them and because it means they're not inside hassling me, but when the mozzies bite the kids come in and complain, and that is not good!
So many other uses for us too, the rubbish bin gets super wiffy with those nappies so this spray would help that! I've heard that room sprays/deodorisers are bad for us, so this one would be a great alternative for that too.
I've just had a look at the website and it also mentions controling foot odour, which is something the biggest footed person in our home could make use of!!!
The other properties sound great too, especially the relaxation part!
Yup, I'm sold, sign me up :-)
Hope - 1:08 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I LOVE LAVENDAR oil! I've used it so often over the years, as a deoderizer, calming balm, linen scenter, and just as a perfume. I have only ever used the oil in the dropper bottle which is very expensive and also sometimes it leaks and gets wasted. To find it in a convenient spray form, well, I'd love to try this product.
I have always used it in my final wash rinse when laundering bed linen, and this imparts a beautiful smell to my pillow cases etc, but if I could just spray it on, well all the better!
PLEASE PICK ME! I'd love to trial this product!
pinay2010 - 1:05 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
One of my sons is more prone to insect bites than his siblings and he always come scratching to me and telling me "I'm itchy". Would love to check out this product and see how he goes along.
3BABES - 1:05 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Oooohhhh my gosh did you say SLEEP AID....... yyyyesssss please!!! Anything for a whole night sleep in which I havn't had for the last 4 years, and have sadly forgotten what it feels like to get one!
looies1 - 1:02 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
If selected, Im interested in trialing it out to see how well I would sleep, and how well my children would settle. I havent tried any natural rememdies and a bit unsure if they work, so convert me if possible. I would give and honest and truthful report to mums.
skirts - 12:55 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this product, mainly for the sleep aid side of it as my 19mth old has never slept through the night, at the point my partner and I can't take it anymore and willing to try anything :)
Also interest in the cleanin and deodorising side too as Im a neat freak, always have been and always will, and germs freak the heck out of me!
ssi8 - 12:46 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to try this - for cleaning and deodorising (I'm sick of wet, musty winter) around my house without triggering my son's allergies and excema, and hopefully as a side effect he might stop waking (we think he's become anxious as he gets close to going to school) us up in the night.
karinlee - 12:45 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
We would love to trail this as well, my lovely 9 year old does not sleep well and is always hurting herself by climbling anything and everything
ajpickering - 12:39 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Would love to trial this to aid my childrens sleep especially as my daughter aged 9 is not sleeping that well after the earthquake. I've told her that we had no damage and are all safe and that is the main thing but she is still waking at night.
Gillymama - 12:34 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this. We have an old-ish home and it always smells musty -esp our room. I have tried everything, even washing curtains/carpet. It's also very damp. Baby is sleeping in there with us as well so a spray of Lavender Oil would be heavenly!! Actually the whole house could do with a freshen up. I'm sure it would help with the anxiety all the quakes still happening as well-a good nights sleep is totally what we all need right now! Plus my 3yr old has started having bad nightmares this week so would use it in his room as well.
stumpie - 12:28 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I also would love to try this, I also need a good sleep, would spray it onto my pillow and away in dream land I will go, my husband and kids would be ever so grateful lol. I love the smell of lavender and it has so many benefical uses. Am keen to try some of the other things you can use it for. Thank you.
angel7801 - 12:12 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Wow Id love to try this. I am a solo mum and a caregiver to my nana. I really could do with this to try get a good sleep. To calm my daughter and nana.
issa - 12:08 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
love to try this to get a good sleep. i always have a long day being a working mum of 2 boys - a 7 year old school boy & a 6 month old baby.
Reblee - 12:07 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Would love to trial this. All of my cupboards have lavender scented sachets in them, the body wash I use for my daughter has lavender. I use lavender fabric softener and each night my daughter has a massage with lavender essential oil. To say that I love lavender would be somewhat of an understatement.
simplesoul - 12:01 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Oooo yes please, wouild love to trial this, if it helps my lot sleep i will be forever greatful, lol, studying psychology and so far my kidlets have figured out that i intend to study when they sleep, haha...stress :-( plus i luuuvvveeee the smell of lavender, lol
RaewynG - 12:00 PM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Wow this sounds amazing! I can't believe all it's uses! I would use it predominantly to try and get Mr 15 month old settled and hopefully sleep longer, secondly in Mr 4 yr old's room as no matter what we do we simply cannot get the musty smell out of his wardrobe and the clothes hanging in there (almost unusable which is ridiculous as space is tight as it is!) and thirdly as a chemical-free insect repellent on their beautiful skin!
vikih - 11:58 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I've been trying my hand at making my own natural detergents recently and have been on the look out for Lavender oil to use in or in conjunction to these.
I'd love to try it as an insect repellant. We suffer badly from mossies for a lot of the year.
It would be great sprayed on sheets and pillows for getting little people (and big ones) to sleep quickly!
Our old house has numerous damp and musty areas that would benefit from Lavender spray too.
Mumofone - 11:56 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use this to help with my morning sickness as I get it the whole 9 months and are only half way. Especially to help get me though a smelly nappy, to help me sleep at night and to help refresh the kitchen when there is bad cooking smells. There would be so many uses - to refresh the car also and maybe just to help relax Vadim and help him sleep when we move into our new house in a few days. We would love to try this :)
oommii - 11:49 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use the spray in my daughters room as her day sleeps have never been great and now she's waking up wide awake in the middle of the too and won't go back to sleep for a few hours.
I also recently read of someone spraying their washing with lavender water as it dried and I'm very interested in giving that a go too
JulieKidspot - 11:34 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Our house is very much surrounded by bush and hence we get a lot of problems with mould and mildew forming on window ledges. No matter how much I scrub and clean there is always a slight mustiness that I can't get rid of. Perhaps this would do the trick!
2mums - 11:33 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
We'd use it in our house for sleep and relaxation mainly.<br>Post earthquake has really messed with all our sleep - especially DS 1year old. He's been waking screaming the night - and really hard to settle.<br>So we'd love to try it!
jessw1 - 11:32 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
One of my favourite and most relaxing memories after having my daughter was the bath that my MW ran for me with lavender - bliss!
I would love to try the lavender spray to see if it helps me sleep better with my expanding belly and if it helps with kids sleep it is always a bonus!
Also lots of people recommend it as a nice way to freshen up a room
sbooker - 10:32 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
Lavender YUM!! I would use this on my pillows and in my linen cupboard and my towels as well as in my daughters bedroom to help her sleep. Lavender is my favourite so would probably go a little crazy with it!
piglet - 10:25 AM on Mon-13-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would use Lavender Spray in my son's room. He is nearly 3 and not a great sleeper so the lavender scent may calm and relax him...and hopefully our household will get more sleep! I like that it is also a natural insect repellent as I am allergic to the chemicals used in other repellents, I come out in an itchy rash. The kids also react badly to mossie and sandfly bites, so with summer coming on, it would be great to try the lavender spray to keep the yucky insects away!

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