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Mums Say Groups - Mums Say on Hasbro’s BABY ALIVE dolls

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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Name: Mums Say on Hasbro’s BABY ALIVE dolls

Kidspot is excited to announce that 6 Mum’s Say members will have the opportunity to trial and review Hasbro’s BABY ALIVE dolls.


We have 2 each of the following dolls to trial:

My Real Baby - the most interactive of the BABY ALIVE dolls, she has more than 50 phrases and features lifelike facial expressions and eye movements. She will stretch out her arms and ask for a hug! RRP $99.95

Bouncin’ Babbles - with big eyes open wide and a loveable smile, this doll loves to play with 'mummy', Hold her hands as she bounces up and down, giggling and cooing.  RRP $59.95

Baby All Gone  - more than 25 phrases to let 'mummy' know she is hungry. She gobbles up her 'food' and 'bottle' making real baby noises as she does. $49.95


From baby girl to little lady, there’s a BABY ALIVE dolls for girls of every age.

Reviewers have been chosen. They are: stephE, Haylee9, Shadz, Libby, MaddiezMum and Pommiegotlost. Watch out for their reviews soon.

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Pommiegotlost - 4:02 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
2 Years on and this doll is still going strong, never had to replace the batteries, both my girls adore it! they sit together cuddling and playing with their dolls and often squabble over this one because it makes the noises.
Libby - 4:21 PM on Tue-9-Nov-2010 reply | message
We are loving the Baby alive doll ... and the question I guess is would be buy one and I can confirm the answer is YES both of my daughters cousins will be getting one for christmas. They have all enjoyed playing with her so much (as have I) that it has caused a few spats so have decided that if they all have one each then it stops the arguements:). The interesting thing is that I have girls between 4-9 and all 3 of them play with her even my 9 year old who is sooooo over dolls apparently apart from when I catch her playing with her..hahahaha
Pommiegotlost - 8:46 PM on Mon-8-Nov-2010 reply | message
we had a sleepover at a friends house on friday night so we took Aimee along with us, both of ashleys friends enjoyed playing with it, S slept cuddling it all night and was fascinated by the mechanical sound it makes when you stop the legs from moving, E was much more gentle with her and loved getting a chance to play alone with Aimee when the girls went out to play, and 20yr old big sister N also enjoyed playing with it - almost as much as i do. Its captures the childrens fascination for just a short while at a time, but is just as much fun to pick up again an hour or 5 later. Ashley plays with her doll everyday and often hands it to me for a play too.
JulieKidspot - 8:46 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
Sorry mahi15 but all of the dolls have been distributed but you can see the reviews below.
mahi15 - 7:35 AM on Tue-26-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter loves playing with dolls.she spends her day feeding playfood to her doll ,takes her around in a trolley for shopping around the house and changes her diapers-uses one frm her box.she has been feeling bit neglected after hr baby brothers arrival and she would love to have on of this dolls,she is a little mommy to her baby brother and this would give her a little baby of her own to play with instead of trying to change her brothers nappy and feeding him sometimes.
WhitiMum23 - 10:40 AM on Mon-25-Oct-2010 reply | message
Yay! sounds like the dollies were a hit!
JulieKidspot - 2:05 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi Haylee9 and stephE, photos can be posted here on the group, just click on the add photos link up above on the left hand side - any problems just let me know (
Haylee9 - 1:34 PM on Fri-22-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our Bouncin Babbles arrived on Tuesday and my nearly three year old was initially terrified of it! She is happily playing with it now.<br>I must admit I am rather impressed with it, the sounds are so real - I have to look twice to see if it is the doll making the noise or my 11 month old baby! <br><br>Is there going to be somewhere to post photos? I have some cute pics of my girls mothering the baby!
All of my daughters are taking turns playing with the doll although the daughter that is having the most fun with it is 6 years old! She will be a great mum one day!
Gillymama - 8:37 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ohhh all sounds great reviewers! MaddiezMum - sounds like she is a great toy for your girl ! very cute. I also like she is reinforcing good manners for you Shadz!

Cant wait to see everyone's photos.
Shadz - 6:56 PM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our Baby All Gone arrived on Tuesday and I have to admit, I’ve been really impressed with it so far.
To start with, there were big fights as I had twin girls who both thought it belonged to them, and although I asked for the chance to review it for Melanie, I couldn’t exactly say that Ayla couldn’t share.
So once they decided that sharing it was better than not having it at all, peace was restored in the household.
I was impressed at the sturdiness of the doll, although easily carried etc by a 4 year old, she was also built to withstand a bit of rough handling by them. Another thing that impressed me was the fact that after you feed her and she makes a couple of comments (did you know banana’s are yummy lol), she also asks for “More Please”. My children are brought up to have good manners and it’s great to see this encouraged by a toy.
I was semi relieved to see that we have received a doll that didn’t pee etc. While I think it’s kind of cool, I can only imagine the mess the twins would make.
This particular doll is extremely easy to play with (feed, give a drink etc) but although my girls love her, I wouldn’t expect she would keep a 5-6 year old amused for too long. But I guess that would also depend on the child.All in all she is a lovely doll and my girls are enjoying playing with her and surprisingly playing nicely TOGETHER!!
stephE - 8:48 AM on Thu-21-Oct-2010 reply | message
I definately agree with Maddiezmum about how much it helps children's development. My son just yesterday after several hours of playing with his doll has now learnt how to say 'wuvu mummy'. He will even feed her the bottle and go 'mmm' along with her. Its gorgeous and the more we play with her the more I think she is worth every penny!
MaddiezMum - 2:06 PM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
Thanks so much for choosing us, Madie absolutely loves her doll! Im not sure who was more excitied when it arrived, me or her! Before i even got the doll out of the box she was standing there with a big grin on her face and chatting away! The doll puts her arms up and says "i love u thissss much" which maddie has picked up on and now when I tell her I love her she replies with "lovu much".Maddie sings along with her and the doll says so many different things which is great for my daughter who's just started talking. She now tells me when shes thirsty just like dolly. Maddie got a bit of a fright the first time we changed a nappy, she was all excited to help until she discovered it was wet! "ew yucky!" she said - guess she is just used to the dry nappies we have on the other dolly but after a few goes it no longer seemed to phase her. I've also been sitting the doll on the potty and its helping to encourage Maddie, shes now quite excitied for toilet training whereas before seeing that dolly was a big girl who used the potty, she had no interest. Its definately been a great aid in that area. Our dolly is taken everywhere with us, if I forget to pop her up at the dinner table with us Maddie will sit there tapping on the chair until I get her. It took alot of convicing and a few tears to explain that she couldnt hop in the bath with her, and although the doll is quite hard it made great for cleaning and we gave her a wet wipe wash instead. Before maddie has her bottle at night she sits dolly up on the couch and gives her her cup, just as i do with her. Its great to see her caring, helping and sharing, as she is an only child and can sometimes be a bit pushy with other children and not want to share or play with them. The only downfall is that which stephE mentioned about one area to wee and poo from. Not an issue at maddies age but i could imagine older children asking questions and being a bit confused. She also sounds a bit mechanical when moving but it didnt seem to bother Maddie.
Im a bit frugal when it comes to shopping and have to say i would never have considered purchasing a doll for $99.99 but after seeing just how much its aided maddies learning and even improved her attitude in just one week, this is something I would absolutely reccommend to friends and other mums. Will post some photos once i find the camera cord!
Shadz - 12:09 PM on Wed-20-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our Baby Alive doll only arrived yesterday so will write review within a couple of days.
stephE - 6:04 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
P.s. I'm trying to add photo's but they need to be re-sized.. as soon as i work out how to do that I will post one or two :)
stephE - 5:56 PM on Tue-19-Oct-2010 reply | message
sorry i have been slow to place a review I wanted to wait until coffee group so she could be fully tested by a few kids. When I pulled out baby alive 'lil poppet (her name) out of the box and showed the kids their first reaction was fear, It appears majority of kids are frightened by her big eyes as they are rather out there. Once the fear subsided and she began to communicate with them they were thrilled by her, especially when she would make drinking (sucking) sounds and say 'mmmm' while drinking. After feeding her we took off her nappy to find she had only one 'area' to pee and poo from which might confuse some children and that the 'poo' was almost clear liquid and was hard to see on her nappy. However all the kids were excited that she did pee & Poo nonetheless and repeatedly fed her and changed her. I think she is very cleverly made with a kiss sensor on her cheek and a tickle sensor on her stomach. I love that she is quick to react when you do either of these things and the kids were so excited when she would giggle if they rubbed her tummy. She even sings ABC and exclaims 'Taa Daaa!' if you go quiet for a while. <br>I think she needs to be a bit softer as she is rather hard and not so cuddly. However that is probably for durability.<br>Since my son has had 'lil poppet he knows where nose and mouth are now which he didn't know 2 days ago! and I think it's been great for understanding how going to the toilet works.<br>Overall I think she would be a great buy. Definately worth the $99 and parents are bound to get enjoyment out of it just as much as the kids! I know I did and even my partner had a wee play with her hehe
Pommiegotlost - 6:55 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ours arrived on thursday while we were out, so we came home to find the parcel ontop the washing machine. My daughter knew what it was before we even opened the box because she told me she wanted one when she saw the picture on the computer - she just knew that she was getting it!
Our first impression was a very excited doll bouncing up and down in its box and it took me a wee while to remove all the ties while i'm saying calm down baby you'll be out soon - DP commented "thats not how you give birth" LOL
After about 15mins of play DD was already wanting to put her to bed so then we had to organise the dolls cot "its ok they can share the cot" she has since named her Aimee, which is great because she wanted to name my baby Aimee and since its already her middle name it was highly unlikely but its ace that she has her own baby to name.
My early impression is that this doll is aimed at a younger child, but we are giving it a bit more time to see how she warms to it. We do love all the cute but realistic cooing sounds that Aimee makes.
Once we get the living room tidy i'll take some photos of her playing.
Gillymama - 2:32 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
c'mon reviewers.... ;-) ;-)
stephE - 2:18 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
While slicing open the box i heard a sweet 'Hello Mommy.. Want to play?' peep from the box. We were greeted with wide eyes and gorgeous curly blonde hair. She is very cute and my son was straight away drawn to her. 'Ta' 'Ta.. Baby.. Ta TA! is all i have heard for the last few hours lol We will be back tomorrow morning to write our review after a bit more play with her :)
Libby - 12:07 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010 reply | message
The courier arrived today and how exciting before we even got it open we could hear a cute little voice coming out of the box saying I love mummy.... we are all so excited especially me.. will give a good play and test it out and let all of you mums out there know how it goes. First impressions are that she is so gorgeous and has a lovely little voice and we love her before we have even got her out of the box.. will be back again soon.....
WhitiMum23 - 2:27 PM on Mon-11-Oct-2010 reply | message
ditto gillymama!
Gillymama - 9:32 AM on Mon-11-Oct-2010 reply | message
Congrats to all the Mama's. HOW EXCITING for you all (oh and your lovely kiddies).Cant wait to hear the reviews.
sheridan - 8:41 PM on Sun-10-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hiya... I have just had my fourth baby. She is two weeks old. Our third daughter is very very taken with her new baby sister & I know she would love to have a Baby Alive doll at this time. She loves to mimic what I am doing & has been sitting next to me whilst I feed the baby & does the same with her dolls. It would be great for her to try this doll :)
ttlewens - 4:33 PM on Sun-10-Oct-2010 reply | message
My kids would love to try this doll. They are all so loving that they would get a real buzz out of playing with it. I have 2 boys and 2 girls so a good cross section.
Fibee - 10:43 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old girl is really struggling with having a new (4 week old) baby sister. I was thinking that having a baby of her own might help her adapt to the major change to her life.
kjm72 - 7:47 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love one of these for our 18month old son. He is the youngest iof four by a reasonable way.and it would be great for him to be able to be the Big boy for a change! he is fasinated by babies and loves the chance to cuddle them. One of his own would be absolutely awesome!!
baloo - 7:31 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
My seven year old daughter would love one of these. She has a baby alive doll that she loves but keeps asking for one that does more as in interacts with her. I have found that as she gets older she has had a bigger interest inn dolls and babies. this is the type of doll I think would keep her interest longer and she would love to try in her outside dollds house that she has set up like a little home.
Armywife - 7:17 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
My six year keeps telling me we should ahve another baby, this may be our solution! She has a few dollies and ALWAYS asks for one of these Baby alives whenever we pass them in the shop!
kate1973 - 5:55 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 yr old loves "babies" aka dollies. She cuddles, feeds, toilets, carts them round and loves them. She would just love one that actually made noises. Oh boy i can just imagine her face when it actually made sounds to her.
Azi - 5:50 PM on Sat-9-Oct-2010 reply | message
Aww my 8yo little girl would love one of these because she keeps asking me to give her a little baby brother or sister! :) and she still loves playing with her baby dollies so this would be that little bit more realistic even! :)
Pommiegotlost - 11:55 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl is soon to become a big sister and is very keen to help mummy with tasks like nappy changing etc, it would be a great toy for her to play along with mummy and hopefully avoid her being a little too hands on with the real baby, she has a baby bjorn right now and just loves it when mummy "makes it talk" so that she can interact with it, wouldn't it be cool if the doll really talked!
i just wanted to add that my daughter was looking at the advert picture for the baby alive doll on the computer screen earlier while getting ready for bed and asking me to click on it for her - i've just now realised what the advertisment was for.
Soph - 9:34 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter (6) I'm sure would love the opportunity to have a "baby" to play with that would interact with her ... she is very much a little mother and I often have to remind her that I'm the mum of our family not her! Would be an awesome (and welcome) addition to our family.
angelstar - 9:26 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
Having trouble with 3 year old as we have a new baby in family. Maybe if 3 year old had a baby too it would help the situation. Then they would be just like Mummy (extremely busy).
Curlzgirlz - 5:07 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
Miss dolly obsessed 4 year old would love to trial a baby alive doll. In her weekly music session she doesn't participate herself but her "baby" does all the actions through the whole session. Just loves her babies.
squeaky - 4:09 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter 2 1/2 would love to trial an interactive doll. She has a very nurturing nature, and looks after all the "Babies" at Pre-school. She gives them all their food, takes them to the potty and puts them all to bed. Quite the mummy, so this would be great for her.
Vegasmum - 2:25 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 20 month old son would love this!! My daughter was never into dolls, and he just loves playing with even her manky ones! He would love one that does things! We will be fostering babies too, and would be great for him to have his own baby :-)
Tania - 2:02 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My four year old loves playing with her dolls and takes her "girls" everywhere with her they are buckled into the car go to school pickup play outside with her have their clothes changed at least five times a day. It would be great to have another "girl" to join our family.
Kandbmum - 12:24 PM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old son took a while to get used to his baby sister. Then he started playing with his older sisters doll and has become a great 'mum' to it. Unfortunately big step-sister doesn't really want to share so it would be great if he could have his own baby to nurture. His relationship with his baby sister has definately improved since he started taking care of a dolly and I would love this to continue.
mumof6 - 11:39 AM on Fri-8-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 15mth old would love her own baby alive doll all of her own. She loves dolls and pushes her big sisters around in a pushchair. She loves to cuddle and talk to them and also tries to feed them. She is saying a few words and an interactive doll would help her with her speach development. My 7yr old daughter would get a lot of enjoyment out of the doll too.
lotsakids - 2:17 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
Abby is our only wee girl, she has 4 big brother so get lots of rough and tumble play, but we are trying to provide her with dolls to play with as well so she can find her girly side as well, i think that this doll would be perfect for Abby as it would interact with her as well.... after everything wee Abby has dealt with in the past month something for just her would be wonderful!
vikih - 12:36 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
Bella is 3 in December, her current obsession is babies - which Mummys have them in their tummy and what babies do. Even the zebra at the zoo is a fascination. While she has not shown much interest in dolls (of the pretty pink version), I think she would be really interested in a Baby Alive doll. We have several friends with your babies, this experience would assist with her understanding of babies. We are also currently in the 'toilet training' process ( it has been a long process) and having a doll that is 'realistic' may also assist with this process.
We would love the chance to review this exciting doll.
nzfen - 12:27 PM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi my name is Imogen and I'm nearly 18 months old. I would love to have my own Baby Alive as my big sister keeps taking all my toys away from me.....I would love to dress my baby, feed her, cuddle her and put her to bed. My mum says that if I did get a Baby Alive toy all for myself she'd make sure that my big sister didnt 'nick' it and it would be my very own special toy and not one of my sister 'hand me downs'! Thank you.
Sparky - 11:55 AM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old boy, did have a doll but I've just thrown it away as it was falling to pieces. We originally gave him a doll to get used to the arrival of his baby brother and he formed a real attachment to it. To trial one of these dolls would be great. Hopefully he'll learn how to be gentle with the doll and help with tasks that mummy does with his baby brother, i.e. food and bottle. Thanks.
muniba - 11:14 AM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
my 2yr old loves her only doll.she loves taking her out and mostly remembers to look after her baby ! i love dolly cos when its meal times i pretend to feed dolly too and that that really gets my girl to eat up and receive the praise too!
she would love to try out a talking doll.i can just imagine how amazed and thrilled she'd be.
p.s i'm sure her big brother wouldnt mind either :-)
ssi8 - 9:28 AM on Thu-7-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old daughter is the youngest of three children and she seems to have the most maternal instincts of all of my offspring - at last for her dolls if not for her siblings. She would enjoy a doll of her own that wasn't a hand-me-down and especially one that did things and communicated with her.
silasandroman - 11:50 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love the chance for my three year old SON, yes i said SON (lol) to try one of these dolls, i reckon this baby would bring the nuturing sensitive side out in my boy and i dont believe in social genderlization that goes on in todays world.
Exposing my sons to all elements and play times is i feel setting up to raise well rounded young men and with the experiance of a "real life baby" distill some softness and parental instincts for when oneday hopefully he will be a daddy.
Rowene - 5:54 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 yr old and not forgetting me and also a loverly hubby would love to trial this cute baby today. My little one just loves babies and even sleeps with them. I took her to shops today and she wouldn't walk away from it.<br><br>
Gillymama - 4:14 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
We saw these in the shops today and yesterday and the kids went nuts & wanted to stay and play with them for ever! They looked so cool!
twinsandmore - 3:30 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 5yr old daughter would love to trail any of these dolls. She is a wonderful big sister to her 1yr old twin brothers. As her brothers rarely do what she wants them to, she has recently started asking me to have a small baby girl she can play with.
My daughter has been so patient this past year, as the twins demand almost all of my attention. Being able to have a little live baby girl of her own to play with and have tea parties with would be a deserving reward for such a wonderful big sister.
Leckylocks - 2:19 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I was a little antidolls and thought that my little girl (now 21/2) wouldn't really show any interest in dolls either. I thought she would be a stuffed animal girl like her brother. How wrong I have been!!! She adores dolls and babies and gazes at them in the shops. When she was given an old plastic doll from a friend we made it some clothes and while her brother was only interested in turning it upside down to see how the eyes worked she has treated it like her baby. She carts her dolly, dresses her, puts her to bed and does her teeth!

I would love for her to try one of these dolls, it melts our heart watching her 'mothering' and has made us seen just how different our two small people are. She would be amazed to have one of the BABY AlIVE dolls to play with and trial.
sharls1 - 12:55 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
Hi ,
I have a 3. 5 yold and a 4 month old I would love to review this doll with my little girl as she is so much more interested in baby dolls now she has a new sister in the household and it would be nice to have a realistic "baby" for her to play mummy with
beene - 12:37 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
My four year daughter is besotted with these dolls and has to be dragged away from them in the store! She is an only child and would desperately love to have a baby in the house! (as would we but alas we can't control these things!)
The fact that these dolls interact with the child is just amazing - what a fantastic way to encourage general social interaction of care of others.
We would love the chance to review one of these dolls as they really are incredible and go beyond ordinary doll play.
nikkih - 12:36 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
What an amazing Offer, I am a mother of 3 kids and with twin girls this would be a perfect time to introduce them dolls. My family would be very lucky to have these dolls in the house and would love to give u feedbacks.
baygirl7 - 12:00 PM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our newly turned four year old last week, just loves dolls and babies. One of the things she asked for her birthday was a new baby doll. As her present was already brought (and it was'nt a baby), and when given to her, i asked her if she liked it and if thats what she wanted, the reply was yes she liked it, but she wanted a Baby doll :( I must say she has always loved dolls, all her dolls have there own name, and she makes them beds around the lounge using mattress, pillows, tea towels for balnkets etc.. Miss 4yr old even uses some of my old dolls. I know miss 4 would love the opportunity to play with a new baby alive baby, as playing with babies and dolls is one of her favourite games!
pinay2010 - 11:51 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have a four yr old daughter and we saw one of these dolls in the Warehouse. She was amazed at the sounds it made when she touched it. Would like to try out one of these to find out how it actually stimulates my child learning as she plays with it and also how they will be good for my next daughter in line who is turning two later this month.
sparky1 - 11:31 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our 3.5 year old daughter would be absolutely besotted to trial one of these dolls. She always gets so excited and her eyes widen when she sees them at the stores and they do/say something. She would be rapt to trial one and take it for walks/adventures in her dolls pram instead of Elmo,thank you
eddie - 11:21 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have 2 girls 5yrs and 3yrs and they just love dolls and its amazing how they never seems to get fed-up or bored playing with the same old dolls.
I would love to give them the opportunity to trial a baby alive doll and just to see the reaction on their face.
WhitiMum23 - 11:14 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have a 6 year old and a 2 year old, both who would LOVE to trial one of these dolls. My DH has a bit of an "averson" to these kinds of dolls (I don't know why-it's not something he can articulate but just won't let me buy one!) so I've never bought dolls like these for my girls.

As my 2 year old is just starting to string words togetehr in a sentence, the "my REal Baby" would probably be most appropriate but we'd beVERY happy to trial any! :)
Libby - 10:39 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
oh my goodness I remember when I was young I always always always wanted one of these dolls and I could never have one as they were too expensive I used to go to my friends houses and play with theirs... now I know this is about my daughters having trying them and I have 3 aged 4, 7 and 9 so they will be given them a super trial for you and we can report back from all 3 girls but I can assure you that one mum.. ME will also be stoked and playing with it and reporting back on all of my lost youth of not having one...haha
Charli - 10:35 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
My Miss 6 nearly 7 yr old loves playing mums and dads making her 2 little brothers the dad and brother to the dolls! Its always a game that definately gets played when her friends are over, a Baby Alive Doll would definately get plenty of playtime in our household and be very popular with my kids :)
vettechic - 9:29 AM on Wed-6-Oct-2010 reply | message
I work as an in home educator and there is always fights over who gets to push the doll around on the pram or dress/undress her, give her dummy or bottle, cuddle her and put her to bed! They don't believe me when I tell them she was mine when I was there age.
A new doll to mother/father would be a great thrill for the kids and give them something else to learn to share.
kiwinutter - 11:44 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My two girls would love to trial a Baby Alive doll. They are so into babies! The eldest (7) did a speech at school on her young brother who she said was "a birthday present for her" (he arrived 2 days before she turned 5. She's always mothered her little sister and her brother. My 2nd daughter was chatting to herself the other day and I heard her say that she would like "just one more baby but a girl one this time"! With four kids, I think our family is complete but maybe a Baby Alive doll would suffice?! :) Fingers crossed
mary110370 - 11:13 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow! My daughter would be absolutely blown away to have the opportunity to try one of these. Every visit to the shops entails a stop in the toy section to press the buttons and giggle with delight as all the sounds baby alive makes. It would definately be a dream come true . . .
AB1982 - 10:49 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 3 & 1/2 year old would love one of these, he loves his 3 month old baby cousin and is always smothering him with hugs and kisses, it'd be great for him until he can have a brother or sister of his own =)
jenniferojenny - 10:48 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My almost three year old has started to copy the way i do things as well as being very independent she loves "taking care" of her toys. It would be great for her to play with a toy that is so incredibly interactive, i think it would really encourage her development and playtime. there are so many dollys available now in the shops, it's hard to decide which one my daughter would benefit most from!
Jx3 - 9:41 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My just turned 4 year old would be over the moon to try this and I'm sure her brother would be happier! The other day he was having nappy free time while I went to check the mail, when I returned my darling 4 year old was "helping" Mum by putting a nappy on her baby brother! Instead of him being the guinea pig for her "motherly instincts" she could feed, change, burp and bath her own baby! I even caught her lifting up her own top so she could feed her baby!! A real mummy in the making!
Jo90 - 9:26 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 3 yr old loves being a big sister to her baby brother - maybe a bit TOO much sometimes! She would love to have her own baby to cuddle, feed, change and play with (and maybe I'd have a few less grey hairs...)
angel7801 - 9:21 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Id love to trial a doll as my daughter is the sweetest little girl in the world. I love her to bits. She never asks me for anything but has all the love in the world to give. I cant afford to buy her toys but that doesnt worry her. She finds pleasure in the smallest things the washing basket, a box, pots and spoons. It would be nice if she got a treat.
natsmum - 8:57 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Miss 3 would love to trial one of these dolls. She loves to be a little mother and has much fun bossing around and "mothering" her little brother - trying to put him to bed, feed him, tell him what he should be doing etc. A lovely interactive doll would be great fun for her and might give her brother a bit of relief!!
bechughes - 8:42 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little 'mummy' turns two at the end of October and I am currently deciding on a big girl doll, she is a real nurture girl and wants to cuddle everything she sees.... TV characters, friends pets, other little girls, babies. When she is not carrying her soft dolls with her everywhere we go she is wrapping them in blankets and feeding them play food and bottles, A baby alive doll would really be a delight for Rhiannon. I can see it may be like having a third child if she insists baby comes everywhere we go! ;-)
Katattack - 8:39 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My almost 3 year old tries very hard to mother her twin brother...she makes him get into her dolly cot and covers him up and tries to feed him pretending food! Needless to say, it is not a successful playtime for anyone! She has tried to give the very patient cat a bath, again not much success. She is a very nuturing and loving wee girl and would love her Baby Alive very much.
mdavies - 8:20 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
my just about 3 year old loves to play babies. He makes them little beds, takes them shopping in the trolley, changes their nappies and is always talking to them - he would totally flip to try one of these dolls especially one that talks back to him!
paygirl007 - 7:01 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
my 4 year old would love to trial any of these dolls,we lost her doll in the move when we had the earthquake here in ch ch,we never found her and my daughter is now placing a nappy on a teddy bear,until i get a replacement.
we would be very grateful to trial any doll avail,as we have lost alot of toys in the move that was rushed on sept 4th.
a talking doll would be wonderful,as she has a teddy she talks to daily.
thankyou for the offer
Mondo - 6:16 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial this - my little girl loves feeding and having a picnic with all her stuffed toys and dolls - however this would bring it to the next level. I think it would help her respond/care and talk more with a doll like this - particulalry with the huge amount of phrases some of the dolls have. As a Speech-Language Therapist I am also kind of curious to see how the interaction with talking goes.
erin123 - 6:01 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter will be 3 next month and would love to trial one. She is a very articulate little madam who is going on 7. She loves babies- even carrying them in a front pack like mummy. She has a horse that is her baby at the moment but I am sure she would love to be a mother to one more
fishface - 5:48 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My five year old girl just looooooves baby dolls. She sings to them, feeds them, dresses them up, bathes them, and would play "mums and dads" all day if she could. She would be in heaven if she got the chance to trial one of these BABY ALIVE dolls.
nette21 - 5:17 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
This would be so awesome to trial. My daughter is 22 months old and has started wrapping her soft toys with her blankets. She will pretend to feed her with spoons and plates from the cupboard. It would be great for her to have her own "baby" doll especially as my partner and I have started trying for a little baby sister or brother. Fingers crossed for the Baby Alive doll and the real baby.
Shell - 4:59 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Every time the ad comes on tv for the Baby All Gone my daughter demands every one be quiet and watch 'her' ad. I can only imagine the excitment if one arrived in the post for her, she would think christmas had come early.
muppetsmama - 4:44 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh my goodness my 2 and a half year old daughter would LOVE this! It would be perfect for us. She is really starting to get into pretend play now, and has a very cheap little doll that she 'mothers' - Baby has to wear a nappy and clothes before we go anywhere, lol, and I regularly hear her talking to Baby and saying the kind of things I say to her. She would love a proper doll that responds to her. Another reason it would be great is that I am having a second baby (they are 99% sure it is another girl!) on the 19th October - only 2 weeks! - and I think it would be so fantastic if my daughter could have her own 'baby' to look after while I am looking after our newborn. I think it would really help prevent sibling jealousy, and she loves to copy anything I do!
alex - 4:26 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to be able to trial this doll as i have a 5 year old and she is really into her dolls at the moment.
She loves to copy me feed and change her 9 month old brother she never seemed to be bothered with dolls but as soon as her brother came along there is no stopping her.
She would love the chance to have a doll that is so realistic.
Rose3 - 4:23 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
We would love to trial any of these dolls,! Trying to explain to littlies,babies need lots of attention is sometimes difficult, they would be great for learning how to care for others and their mental and social development,to have someone special of their own and make things like accepting new baby easier, (and it would give me the chance to play girls with our grand daughters when they visit town.) Thanks
scampr - 4:06 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our twin girls are 3 1/2 and love to take care of their little ones, anything will do, little figurines, stuffed animals. Feeding them, taking them to the toilet (or litter box), giving cuddles or going on adventures. Recently our family cat Coco passed away who had been the girls favourite companion for taking on adventures and cuddles and even dressing up. Certainly the girls would be keen to embrace and nurture a baby alive doll.
bearcub - 3:46 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to win My Real baby for my 13 month old.. My daughter has just had a cochlear implant and to have a doll that talks would be so awesome for her. It would encourage her to hear sounds and language and start copying it.
imrose - 3:17 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
baby all gone gobbles her food.I hope if I get to trial this i can show my 3 year old how one should eat their food without making a fuss.Natasha is a observer she will do if others are doing it and not if I tell her.As she is a poor eater, I am always trying searching for ways to improve her eating habits.
My real baby with help Natasha development go further as she is already speaking incessantly.Maybe she will even pickup more new phrases.
lynne - 3:05 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have previously registered interest but cannot find myself on the page so am doing it again just incase. i have 3 daughters who all love playing with dolls and yet we do not have a baby alive. 2,5 and 9. even my 9 year old has seen the ad for Baby all gone and keeps going on about it. so we would llllloooooovvvvvveeee to trial these please
EllaBlu - 3:03 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 girls who are 4 and 6 would love to be part of this. At the moment they both use each other along with our family dog as "real dolls". They do have 1 doll each which they were given for their first birthdays (moveable arms and legs, but that is all). I think the dog is sick of getting told what to do! At the moment one of my daughters has chicken pox, so the "real sister doll" doesn't want any part of playing with her. So my poor chicken pox daughter is sick, grumpy, tired and wants a "real" doll to play with. They both have no idea what a Baby Alive is, they think all dolls are just like theirs.
janinekiwi - 3:03 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son is almost 14 months old and is beginning to develop a real attachment to dolls and soft toys. As he is constantly 'talking' to anyone who will listen, I know he would be delighted to have a doll that appears to be interacting with him, particularly as he is an only child (and I am a single mum) so he often only has a very busy mum to interact with. This doll would prevent him from becoming lonely and will encourage him to bring out his caring side so I hope you will consider widening your scope to boys as well as girls as I think that all young children would benefit from these wonderful dolls and Im keen to ensure that Alex plays with as wide a range of toys as possible, not just stereotypical 'boy toys'.
lynne - 3:01 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
would lllooovvvee to trial this. i have three girls all who love playing with dolls, playing mums and yet we do not have any baby alive. i have a 2,5 and 9 year please pop my name in the hat:)
Nolwenn - 2:48 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Emma is nearly 3 and love playing mummy.
katherinew - 2:47 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 3 year old would love to trial this gorgeous looking doll. She spends a lot of time playing with her older sisters dolls but doesn't have a real one of her own. She is waiting to get tino kindy so spends a lot of time playing imaginary games with her "friends". It would be great to have one that talks back to her.
Coring - 2:41 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
hi my child would love to trial baby alive because at almost 5 years old i can see in her thelove of"pretend game" of being a mommy. She is very good and takes care and talks to her dolls, feed them and change them. It's just fantastic to see such a warm attitude. she told me that when she grows up she wants to be a mommy.
ajpickering - 2:39 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My baby is now one years old and my daughter would love her "own" baby to mother while I do my mothering.
Jules - 2:18 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My lil girl is 2 and a half and is such a lil mummy. She is very much into roll play with her doll pram and high chair. Even big brother (4) likes to play families with her. She "cooks" "feeds" and cares for the doll she has and would love to have a "new Addition" added to her family. Im sure they would have untold hours of fun playing with such a interactive baby doll. Please consider us for your awesome trial
sugapop69 - 2:16 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
my 2 and abit year old daughter has played with her friends baby alive doll kept her occupied the whole time we went to visit also it is a good thing the baby doll's that pee and they have to sit them on the potty - good learning for them especially if they are starting to potty train. She would adore this as she loves and plays with her baby dolls all the time :)
shellcruise - 1:59 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Keana is so loving. When she sees a Teddy or Doll in the shop she has to pick it up and just cuddle and kiss it. She has Bun (rabbit), Sea Horse and Violet and Blankie that she has to take to bed and each night she cuddles each doll/teddy/blankie kisses them and tells them that she loves them. She is only 21mths and she is so caring. I would love to win one of these dolls so she can practice being a 'big sister' for the near future.
BabyChloe - 1:56 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My girl Just love this doll when she walk pass the toy section in farmers she will hold the doll talk to her and stand there not wanting to go , Will love to to let her try one become a little mommy :)
MaddiezMum - 1:48 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl will be 2 in 3 weeks and just loves to play mummy. She's only got one 'baby' which is a soft fisher price one, more that of a soft toy than an actual baby as proper babies are a bit pricey for us at the mo. Bonus with that is shes machine washable (dolly that is not my gurl lol!) She loves pushing her around in her pram, there have been a few occasions where ive left a bottle on the coffee table n found her with dolly sittin on her lap giving her her milk, she even gets nappies out from her room and attempts to put them on her dolly, as well as clothes, knickers, shoes, you name it. We've even found her in the bath tub with a damp flannel layin across her! Alot of friends have made the 'time for a little sister' comment, although I think a baby alive would be suffice for now :)
skirts - 1:39 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow Kidspot what awesome products you have available for us to trial! Very impressive!
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to trial one of these dollies, I have two girls one is 1 1/2 and the other is 6 and they are both such girly girls that a doll that actual interacts to play with would be like all their christmas's at once!
Would be a great tool to use to teach my little one the 'joys' of sharing too :)
piglet - 1:27 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have a 'little lady' who at 6 years old loves to put her stuffed toys to bed with her. She adores babies, and always asks their mums for a cuddle. I think she would love her own Baby Alive doll to look after (and give her 2 year old brother a rest from being 'the baby!').
Mardi - 1:26 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would so love to be in this trial,as I know Rohan would love to have a doll to carry around & look after,as he so try's to do this with Sterling but he's 13 months old now & into everything by himself. Which frustrates Rohan
aliciamcdonald - 1:22 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My wee girl Ella is 4 and is such a wee sweety with her little brother Harley, she has all the time in the world for him, she would love to have her own wee baby doll to mother as wee Harley is almost 2 and has started to want to do everything himself :(
Mizim - 1:06 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son (I know not the usual) is loving playing with his little sisters dolls, loves to take care of his sister. And if he had time with this toy, he would love to care for it, and great practice for when his little brother/sister arrives.
k4kylie - 12:58 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter Katie pretends to be Mum to all of her dolls. Since having our second daughter she has started wanting to change her dolls nappies and clothes. She even sits down and pretend to breastfeed. Its so cute when she does this she gives big serious talks at the same time. She is so sweet and would love the chance to play with a more interactive "baby"
raglanmum - 12:57 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
It's my daughters first birthday next month, and we'd love to buy her a doll. There are so many to choose from, but these BABY ALIVE dolls seem so cute! Everytime I show her a doll in the shops or at a friends place, her eyes just light up! I just know she would love to play with Baby Alive at home.
Carlak - 12:56 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
i have 2 girls, aged nearly 4 and 6, they are both little mummys and love their dollies to bits, they love to help out with their baby brother and help change, feed, play and bath him, my miss 6 especially is very much into roleplay, she likes to make sure her dolls are clean, dry, warm, fed, they sleep when her baby brother does, they eat when he does, and this is a type of play that she is just starting to get into and just starting to really enjoy, her imagination is fantastic to watch and im sure these dolls will fascinate her a lot as they interact back to her!
swordlet - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Our daughter, Grace 11mths would love to play with one of these dolls, she is very interested in "babies". Her older brother, Jesse 2yrs loves "babies" too and would love to play with Baby Alive doll as well! When we go along to Mainly Music or anywhere where there are small babies they both make a beeline for them. They both love to cuddle and kiss them and are just fascinated by them! We were just in the Warehouse the other day and Jesse spotted the Bouncin’ Babbles Baby Alive. We had a play with is and it brought many smiles and laughs from both of our children. Thank you for this opportunity.
raffsgirl1488 - 12:35 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
i have 3 boys and a baby granddaughter who would love to sit down with my youngest son and play with a baby doll. Im not against my boy playing with dolls i think it makes them aware of their femine side. Please pick my kiddies they would love it
kahlansmum - 12:28 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl Kahlan is just over 2yrs old, and everyone always comments on what a little 'mum' she is. She is still walking around with a little soft baby doll that she was given when she was a baby, she pretends to feed it, dresses it, puts it to bed, cuddles it, rocks it and takes it for drives in the car. I would love for her to have a new doll that is a bit more age appropriate for her, and she has seen the Baby Alive dolls when we have been out and about and she always wants to give them a cuddle - so I know she would love one, but we are unable to afford one. She would make a great trial girl for this toy definitly, and I would love for her to have the opportunity to play with one :)
ammum - 12:28 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have a 2 month old baby in our house and my 4 year old daughter is a fabulous big sister/'mother' to her new brother. She is very helpful but at times can be very smothering of him. It would be great to give her her own 'baby' to mother alongside me.
jessw1 - 12:26 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have 2 kids, 3 year old Lachie and 15 month old Tessa and another on the way, this is exactly the kind of thing that I am looking for so that they will have a 'baby' as well when this one arrives. I also like that these have a good variety of phrases to assist in their language development since both seem to be late talkers. Along with anything that keeps them occupied for a while while I have a break on the couch!
aidiebabe - 12:23 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have two girls 7 and 3 that would love to trial any of these dolls!
We have friends having babies and since there aren't going to be new babies in this house it would great to see how they go with these dolls.
They are doll girls and would love something that interacts with them.
Thanks for the opportunity.
jobrush - 12:06 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
We have an 11 week old baby girl and her older brothers are very interested in what she does and how she reacts, particularly the younger one. I would love for my almost 3 year old son to be able to trial one of these dolls as he is loving imaginary play that blends with reality - could imagine him playing "mummy" (or daddy!) and being able to do all the things that he's just a bit little to do with his wee sister!
Nilithya - 12:06 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 4yo daughter has always been obsessed with babies & dolls. She always seems to know what all the dolls are when we go into shops!
She will be meeting her baby brother in December & one of these dolls would be great for her to interact with & get her used to there being a baby in the house, we were thinking of getting her something like it anyway, as the change is going to be huge for her. So far with other babies she is very calm & loving, giving lots of cuddles & wanting to help feed them.
Would be intersting to see how she reacts to a baby alives cries!
Shadz - 12:06 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
OMG my daughter Melanie would LOVE this.....she has a cheap doll that she got last birthday and she mothers it to bits despite the poor thing falling to bits.
Plus we have a new baby and she can't seem to understand why she can't be looking after him as well.
I had to have a giggle at her the other day as she held her 'baby' up to her breast and pretended to feed it.
She is a lovely caring little girl and one of these would be perfect for her.
UpsyDaisy - 12:05 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Aw, we saw this in the shop and my little girl went mad for it. This dolly is adorable and my daughter and I would love to trial this!
kiwiwests - 12:04 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My seven year old daughter often asks for a baby brother or sister, she has even taken to dressing up her teddy and taking him everywhere with her. She takes care of him like he was a baby and I am sure a doll like the Baby Alive would be just as spoilt as Teddy. She would dress it, change it, feed it and look after it like it was real. She is such a nurturing natural mommy!! Please give her a chance to mommy one of these dolls....
Haylee9 - 12:00 PM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My three elder children Haylee (6), Kara (5) and Kaetlen (2) have all caught the baby bug since Mikaela was born (10 months). They each carry dolls around and pretend to breastfeed and change them. I often find Mikaela's nappies on various dollies in the toy box! I even found one dolly on the potty! I think I have a house full of midget Mums! |A trial of these dollies would be awesome!
jodielor - 11:52 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
we have recently had a new addition to our family we have a lovley 4 year old who we are fostering, It would be fantastic for her to have a special doll that she can play with and experiment, also i have a baby and shes always watching me do mummy things and with this doll she would be able do the same things i do there would be no better person to give a reveiw then this lil girl shes a bright bubbly girl who would love to reveiw this doll... please consider us reveiwers :) have a great day
emjane - 11:45 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old would love one of these. She's just fallen in love with dolls, and the idea of being a Mummy. Her little sister is 10 months old, and she is struggling to figure out her place in the family - torn between her desire to be Mummy's baby, and to be a 'big girl'. She'd love to have a baby of her own, especially one that talked... we don't have any toys that do anything like that, and she'd be blown away :-)
Kezz - 11:44 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl Holly is 4 and would just love a Baby Alive doll. She is such a little mum very caring and gentle - every time she sees Bouncin' Babbles advertised on TV she get so excited about it. Holly would be happy with any of the range. Her dolls are her pride and joy. The baby style doll she currently has is the only one that goes with her everywhere and Barbie is always left behind. I wish we had these around when I was little.
Foxy - 11:40 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 3 year old is MAD on dolls and babies!She has 5 at the moment and they all have names. She plays the games with them that she plays at kindy, and they are all very real to her! We went to visit a friend with a newborn on Sunday and she literally spent half an hour gently patting the baby's legs ;-)

Plus I used to have on of the original "Baby Alives" so it would be cool to share one of these dolls with my own baby!
Leckylocks - 11:40 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little one is a girl, but with only big brother toys this would be an excellent toy to try. She loves playing with dolls and her friends houses and loves her new baby nephew!
littlemiss - 11:39 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
my nearly four year old son is soon to be a big brother, and this would be a great aid for him ( and me!) to have his own baby to love. my children love to play babies, and fight over the one baby doll they have, so would love another! my seven year old daughter asked me to enter the trial :D
Nessa - 11:30 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl is nearly 2 and she would love to trial one of these dolls. She loves dolls and pretending to look after them. She is getting a bit of a hard time from her big sister after the quakes, keeps getting things taken off her and been shoved and hit. She is very clingy at the moment too, so having something of her own that she can nurture would be great :)
denny25 - 11:30 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Ava (2 1/2) LOVES playing with her baby dolls and would LOVE to trial one of these dolls. She enjoys looking after her dolls, feeding them, putting them to bed (covering them with a teatowel or 'blankie') and patting them to sleep. She would love a more interactive doll and would be the best little mummy!
Bellabrides - 11:29 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter turns 4 next month and this would make an excellent birthday pressie for her to trial and review. She loves playing with dolls and pretending to be a mummy, and would be a lovely distraction for her so her baby brother can have a break of her playing mummy on him :)
CaseysMum - 11:29 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I have two daughters, Zoey is 2 and Casey is 5. Zoey is starting to get really into playing with dolls and is , she has one that she feeds a bottle to and also loves pushing around in the pram. It would be interesting to see her reaction to a more interactive doll. Casey is still interested in dolls and would probably do different things with it than her younger sister. Together I think they'll cover a lot of bases for a review of any of the Baby Alive range
lynleyg - 11:25 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl has just turned 3 and would love to trial any of these dolls! She loves looking after things and this would be great to give the cat and her brother a break:) She has also seen them in the shop and has mentioned that they look so sad sitting on the shelf and that they should have someone like her to look after them :)
michele - 11:25 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 6 year old daughter would just love to trial any of these dolls. She is not a typical girl in many ways as she does not play with dolls much (finds them a bit boring) but she would certainly be interested in one that actually does something and is more interactive. Plus she has been asking for a long time for either a baby sister or a pet (kitten or puppy), neither of which is very likely, so hopefully this would satisfy that desire for her!
sara - 11:24 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
Oh how I wanted a baby doll like this when I was a little girl! Miss two is changing a nappy as we speak, or at least pretending to change the nappy of her little hippo toy. It's certainly clear after two boys that the urge to play with babies, look at babies, talk about babies etc is biological, as my boys showed only a vauge interest in babies, whilst my daughter loves everything to do with them. And as this Mummy's tummy is not about to produce the real thing, a baby doll is the closest to a real baby that she will have to play with :-)
dianne - 11:24 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to try one of these with Natalie, she doesn't have much in the way of girls toys. She has an older brother and has just been using all of his hand me downs. I think when she was born she got 2 stuffed toys and I bought her a pink rattle but thats about it. She has no idea about dolls, hehe just trucks and boats, thats why she would be so perfect for one of these dolls!
JacqEmma - 11:21 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I had a similiar doll when I was little and she (Sammie) was my baby for years! It would be amazing to see my little girl looking after her baby, she already wraps her toys up in her cuddly and talks to them and feeds them bites of her crackers :)
stephE - 11:20 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My son is such a nuturer that people actually become afraid of leaving the babies on the floor with fear he will cuddle them too much. He currently has an old cabbage patch doll of mine that i reluctantly gave him to play with one day (as its over 20 years old). I would love to replace it with a baby just for him!! Plus baby dolls are not just for girls!
samstills5 - 11:18 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
My little girl would go nuts for this!! She has been asking for a new baby for ages!! :) Her current dolly is very well played with (code for falling apart! LOL)
kiwimel - 11:17 AM on Tue-5-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to try one of these dolls.... primarily to stop my 3 1/2 year old from 'mothering' the cat and ending up covered in scratches and bite marks!
cathw - 11:04 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
Both my daughters would love one of these. I always wanted something like it when I was little but nothing as exciting as these sound! My oldest daughter has often asked for one eventhough she has a real life baby sister. Now our baby is almost 19 months old she is very keen on 'younger' ones and so I am sure she would just love playing with the Baby All Gone but of course would love all of them. She is real foodie. Please pick us!
hellyp - 10:30 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter would love the Bouncin’ Babbles baby alive doll, she has one of my old dolly's she sits and chats to it and pokes and prods her eyes and nose, waiting for it to talk back. It's gorgeous watching her try to interact with a doll, feeling her fingers and toes, trina give her her biscuits. so would be an awsome doll for her to have to play with.
IceKiwi - 9:02 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
wow what a great trial product. I have two girls 6 and 3 that would love to trial this! They are both little mummies in their own right telling their baby brothers what to do or trying to be the little mummy who saves the day. Very cute I feel my position is being fought for lol. This would be lovely for my girls to have as it would give them their own baby to love and look after. Great opportunity
SarahK - 7:39 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
I think we would be perfect for this trial with three girls in the house! haha. Plus we also have extra littlies during the day who would be keen i think also. I would love to see what developmental stages this toy covers (im always on the lookout for toys that cover several developmental stages like this one sound like it does). Also, i think it would be nice to have a nice doll in the house, and it would be great to have a toy that is life like, to allow the three and two year olds to 'copy' what i do with the babies on a daily basis :)
janifa - 6:48 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter would love to trial this doll. She is always trying to pick up her little 5 month brother thinking he is a doll and would love her to be able to play and care for the doll just as i do with my lil one. She always watches me what i do with my lil boy and how i feed and change diapers. She shows a big interest in it and picks out the clothes for the day for him. I would love it if she could be chosen to trial the doll as she would have so much fun and would learn a lot from it at the same time.
missmaddysmum - 2:09 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
I would love to trial Baby Alive! She loves playing with the dolls at preschool, and has one doll at home, i am trying to find a really nice looking doll for her and i like the look of Baby Alive :) my daughter loves carrying around the dolls at preschool and her doll at home, putting it to bed, pretending to feed it with one of her old baby spoons, wanting it dressed and undressed which i need to help with!
bassplayer - 1:52 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My daughter shows natural abilities towards babies and their well being. She would dearly love her mummy to have another baby but we have our family. Baby Alive sounds like a fantastic toy that she would adore putting to bed and taking for a walk. She has a pram etc but no doll and uses her giraffe or penguin toys as well as the kitten in its place. I'm sure she would love the doll as her own.
Anonymous - 1:02 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message  | delete  | edit
My 4 year old daughter would LOVE this. She really enjoys playing with dolls, putting them in her toy pram, baby swing and pretending to feed them meals. She seems to be growing out of her non-interactive dolls though, and I'm sure she would adore this. We had quite a bit of earthquake damage and she's been coping really well, even though her Kindy was closed for quite a while. I'm sure she would be so pleased to trial this dolly. It would also give our poor cats a break from all the cuddles she gives them!
Mum2two - 12:37 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
Wow, my daughter who is almost 8 would just love a Baby Alive. Even at her age she loves all her babies and constantly plays with them. She even made a bed/cot out of a cardboard box the other day (courtesy of a new t.v. bought because of the earthquake). She wants to painted it and put stickers around it, so the baby has something to look at when puts them to bed! A real baby that asks for hugs etc would just make all her dreams come true!!
igglepiggle - 12:13 PM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 2 year old daughter would also love to trial this doll. Whenever we are in a toy store she gravitates towards the dolls and picks one up and carries it with her around the shop, always having to put it back once we are ready to leave, surprisingly she always does this with good grace. At play centre she also loves the dolls, putting them to bed and taking them for a ride in strollers and prams. It would be nice for her to have something to cuddle up with at night as well. Things have been a bit unsettled around here recently with all of lifes recent challenges and I think this would be very exciting for her. She's also very vocal, (perhaps like mummy?) and so could easily explain what she likes/dislikes about it. Great trial guys.
Gillymama - 11:52 AM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My nearly 6 yr old daughter would LOOOVEEEEE this trial. She loves, love, loves baby dolls and always asks for one when we see them in the shops. Especially having a 2.5 mth old baby brother, she would be in her element trialling this doll. Actually I think her 4 year old brother would love this doll more as he just wants to cuddle our baby all day long and can't get enough..but that's not always appropriate when he is always poking and prodding to get a reaction ( if you know what I mean!!) My Real Baby & Bouncin’ Babbles would be fantastic for our ages/stages. What a GREAT opportunity Kidspot, how exciting. ( I think I'd love it too!)
karinlee - 11:46 AM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My 9 year daughter would love the My real baby, she loves dressing her babys up up and playing with them, and as a mum that is something I don't mind her doing, where in todays world the kids grow up to fast. Even my 1 year old is into dolls they will sit together and play. Maybe if she got this doll she may leave her 6 month old cousin alone for a while. I think we should encourage kids to be kids and not rush them to be mini adults, they will get them soon enough. Please let us trial this doll and have a very happy girl. Thanks
Mikesgirl - 11:03 AM on Mon-4-Oct-2010 reply | message
My Girl Emma-Jane would love this, she is about to turn 4 in November. She is such a wee mummy with her 4 month old brother. I have to watch her as she will try and undress him and put him in the clothes she thinks will look better! She also likes to mimic exactly what i do with Ethan-James. She has such a big heart and she is only trying to help me. So having a baby of her own would just make her so proud!
shird - 11:44 PM on Fri-1-Oct-2010 reply | message
My middle daughter jeannie would be interested in this, she is going to be 5 in November and is more into dolls than her older sister. When she used to go to creche, she would always be putting their dolls into bed or pushing them around in a stroller- since she is the second and middle child, she is used to her older sister passing things onto her or taking things away from her! It would be nice for her to have something new she can claim as her own!
korton77 - 2:03 PM on Wed-29-Sep-2010 reply | message
I would love the opportunity to trial this doll - not only for my children but also me - I have always wanted one! I love how they eat, poop, cry and move - they look like such an amazing doll! In my classroom at school we have a dolls corner and the wee girls in my class would love to try this out!

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