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Group Name: Brolly Sheets
Description: Brolly Sheets were created by mother Diane Hurford who was seeking a range of waterproof bed linen that her children could comfortably sleep on. Brolly Sheets are a discreet, simple solution to a wet bed. Just tuck in on top of a fitted sheet, then simply replace when wet. There's no need to completely strip the bed so they save time, washing (and sanity!). Because they are designed by a mum, Brolly Sheets come in fantastic colours to match a child’s decor and bedding.

Brolly Sheets are cotton-topped waterproof bed pads which have wings that tuck in between the mattress and the base to hold it firmly in place. The 100% cotton top layer provides a natural, breathable and comfortable surface to sleep on. The absorbent middle layer is enough protection for children and adults. The soft, noiseless, breathable PUL (polyester backed polyurethane) backing is completely waterproof.

We have chosen 50 Mums Say members to review Brolly Sheets. Each member chosen will receive a Brolly Sheet in their choice of colour and bed size.

Colours: Blue, pink, white, lime and red.

Sizes: Single, king single or queen

Reviewers are: l1zzybeans, letteloo, SamsMum, Nita, druryl, Jackieb, lmiln003, annette, kidanne, mary110370, Tashakobe, Saltysgal, manddsteven, annajd, cwarby, Janet, robyshack1, maximoo, 3BABES, cassia, stisnz, kipper, arnabanana, BJW, Dizzles, SusanDax, mummaS, karinlee, bidih, Swordlet, summer, TraceyF, SarahE, chellesm, tayzfam, Gemstar, nicky22, kingskid, Cocoqu, nzcath, KimH, caprice, jopukeko, LeeanneG, michj81, hellsbelle, jafaj, jokaza, coolnan, lotzofboys.

If you are selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.

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Mumofone - 5:54 PM on Sun-25-Aug-2013 reply | message
I have 3 brolly sheets and they are the best thing since sliced cheese :) There were nights when we first trained over night when we used all 3 but now we only have to wash one anywhere from 1-4 a month. I think we have only washed the sheets once when he got under the brolly sheet one night somehow. Our 4 year old has been known to get out of bed change his brolly sheet, dress himself put the wet stuff in the laundry and go back to bed all by himself. I think our big boy will be finished with these just in time for our little one to train over night. They wash well and dry well and we have also put them in the dryer and they still look like new. I just wanted to say how great these are for other mums who may be thinking about purchasing them they are certainly a great buy and worth every penny :)
jopukeko - 1:31 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
I am writing a second review today nearly a year after I got the brolly sheet because for the first time we are able to use it for its intended use. Until now I have been using the brolly sheet as a mattress protector on a port-a-cot mattress for one of my care-kids and it does a fabulous job.

Now that my 3 1/2 year old is toilet trained (or 95% there) during the day we are using it on her bed. She is having her afternoon sleep in undies and we have had no accidents. Last night she decided she didn't want a nappy on for the night either. I didn't stress about it because I knew the brolly sheet was on. Sure enough at 1am there was my daughter sitting next to her bed with a wet patch on her brolly sheet. In the past when we have had nappy failures or on of the girls has taken her nappy off it has been a mission to change the bed while not waking the other child. Last night it was so quick and easy. I just took the brolly sheet off and threw it in the laundry. My daughter and I were both back in bed within minutes. The brolly sheet is a real sanity saver.
arnabanana - 8:40 PM on Fri-22-Jul-2011 reply | message
We are still using these sheets (trial one and the two I brought). Both babies (or little men now) are sleeping beautifully through the night, and are nice and dry in the mornings. Unfortunately having them on top of the sheet hasn't worked for us as both monkeys try to burrow down under it, so I have resorted to putting them under their top sheets and they work brilliantly. Bit of a pain that on the occaional nights that they do wet, the sheet is wet too, but at least having them under the sheet means that they stay in place all night.

I can't remember whether the packaging said not to put them in the dryer, but I did a couple of times in a sleepless mummy daze, and while I do not recommend it to other mums, the brolly sheet came out fine on the other end. :)
jafaj - 11:03 PM on Tue-5-Jul-2011 reply | message
I have continued to try this sheet with my daughter but have now taken it off her bed for winter because I was finding she was waking up during the night because I assume she was cold. Since I have taken this sheet off she has slept thru most nights. Has anyone else found this a issue? Overall happy with product and looking forward to trying in summer because I am sure that is will help with the sweats she gets then in keeping her dry.
Saltysgal - 1:58 PM on Thu-5-May-2011 reply | message
Sorry I have been so slack....I have been meaning to pop in and give my feedback.
I have been using my sheet with Master 8.
The first time we used the sheet was NOT successful. Master 8 wet the bed above where the sheet was placed and this resulted in a wet bed.
I washed and replaced the sheet and then we had a few nights in a row with a dry bed.
The next time he wet was NOT successful either. The brolly sheet was not properly in place and he wet the bed again.
This is what I have learnt.....The sheet needs to be placed quite high up the bed. In Master 8's case he seems to wiggle upwards in his sleep, so I ensure that the sheet placement takes this into account.
The sheet will become loose if not tucked in properly daily. I was leaving Master 8 to make his bed each day and this is why the sheet failed the 2nd time. I now ensure that I go in and make sure the sheet is firmly in place each morning.
Once I had figured these things out I have had absolutely no problems with the sheet. It has meant that Master 8 doesn't need to wear expensive overnight 'nappies'. I do think that using the sheet with an older child allows them to have more confidence. He is happier to discretely pop his brolly sheet in the washing basket when he needs too and I just get it washed and back on his bed for him.
I do think that mothers using these with older children need to keep checking that it hasn't been moved just to ensure they are still correctly placed.
I highly recommend this product to all mothers. Thank you so much for choosing my family for this trial.
arnabanana - 9:46 PM on Wed-4-May-2011 reply | message
This is such an awesome product! I have now brought 2 more - one for the other kid's bed, and one for a winter spare. Still haven't figured out how to get Master Moo to sleep on top of the sheet for sleep, however if he's tired enough he'll just fall asleep on top of it. Yay! If he burrows now I just pull it under him after he's asleep. The sheet helps to keep him warm and dry - there's no plasticky back so he doesn't sweat as much when he sleeps. All up, I think having the sheet on his bed helps him to sleep better as he's not waking when he does wet the bed. I'm a very happy mum!
kingskid - 5:19 PM on Mon-2-May-2011 reply | message
My son and I were thrilled to be chosen to trial this product. Unfortunately for us the Brolly Sheet never arrived. Many thanks to Julie for her help in trying to sort this out for us. Unfortunately by the time we were able to get it sorted the promotion had ended, much to my sons disappointment. Reading the other mums comments I will definetly be purchasing one for him. Thanks again for offering us this wonderful opportunity and for all your help in trying to sort out the delivery problem.
Cocoqu - 3:37 PM on Sun-1-May-2011 reply | message
Thanks for letting us trial the Brolly Sheet. (Unfortunately) it has been put to good use already. I love the way it stays put, the old mat type thing we used moved around alot. I did find that when I got it out of the washing machine it seemed to collect water inside it. Overall we think it is brilliant and thinking of getting another one for miss 3's bed.
maximoo - 4:34 PM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
We've had our first accident and so impressed as to how absorbent the Brolly sheet was. have found that it does bunch if you don't get it high enough under the pillow but otherwise perfect. Looking forward to the next stage now of no nappies at night.....Brolly sheets will definitely make it a lot easier.
kidanne - 11:55 AM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
YAY A dry night! Brolly sheet has been amazing, great to save washing bottom sheet & mattress protector, was even nicer today not to have to wash anything!!
Tashakobe - 8:02 AM on Tue-26-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well this has been so handy. Miss 3½ is still wearing napies at night but if she falls asleep before we get a nappy on her it saves the bed from unfortunate accidents. We love it and will be investing in another one soon as a spare. Thanks heaps for this great opportunity to trial this awesome product.
hellsbelle - 10:30 PM on Sun-24-Apr-2011 reply | message
Had just switched the Cot Sheet over to my 1 yr olds cot the last few days as he had fever and some vomiting and it was perfect. Just put it in longways in the cot it was a great fit and did a fab job. I love that its so adaptable and can be used where needed. Would also proove useful as a nappy change surface for a new baby, I certainly know I could have used one when my boys were very small and was too tired to use anything other than my bed during the night.
I will most certainly be purchasing another as my son moves away from his night-time nappy. Brilliant.
JulieKidspot - 9:55 AM on Sat-23-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sorry mary110370 but the 25% discount has now ended. It's great that they are helping so much with the washing pile :)
mary110370 - 12:51 PM on Fri-22-Apr-2011 reply | message
This brolly sheet has been an absolute blessing in this house with the wet weather we have had this week - what a time saver when it comes to washing!!!!! I am about to head to the website now to order some more with the 25% off through kidsot. Thanks you so much for the opportunity to trial this product.
bidih - 10:00 AM on Thu-21-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was stoked to find that I was chosen to test out this product. We have been struggling with toilet training. As soon as sleep descends then all bladder control goes out the window – much to the stress of our washing machine! I have spent countless hours – in the wee (pardon the pun!) small hours stripping the bed and disturbing the whole house, but with the Brolly Sheets – it’s a quick change and you are all done! Saves so much time and energy – not to mention washing! I love them! Additionally – we have a one year old who has a ‘delightful’ habit of stripping his nappy off first thing in the morning while still in his cot – and then…well you can just imagine how bad this can be! The brolly sheets have been a life saver in his cot too!
kidanne - 10:44 AM on Wed-20-Apr-2011 reply | message
This has been great. Was concerned at first the flaps didn't look overly big for tuck in but have been really pleased, has stayed on bed very well. Has been washed and dried many times so far, and has kept the bottom sheet really dry. Just need now to get one for the top - don't know if it's because he's a boy, or because he gets very wet, but often top sheet and duvet etc all have to be washed too. Had been using in conjunction with drynites, had a lot of work on just prior to holidays, and with tired boy at end of term was just easier. Now we are on school hols and going without the drynites means brolly sheet has been put through it's paces and done remarkably well. He still stays asleep when wet, so haven't had the middle of the night changes, but certainly don't have to change bottom sheet in the morning, so not stripping whole bed, and no wet mattress protector to wash either! Initially he wanted to use it upside down as complained it was itchy, but have changed back again and no complaints this time round. Will use for both boys, but think will try and sort out master 8 first, then move on to master nearly 5, even though I'm thinking he is probably closer to being dry than older brother. Thanks again for letting us trial, will definitely be getting put through it's paces in our house!! Still secretly hoping for a miracle! These may be the holidays it happens. Will probably still keep on using without the drynites when holidays end as he's much easier to deal with when fresh at start of term.
swordlet - 4:30 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Loving the brolly sheet, it's on our almost 3yr old sons bed.
He never worried about it being there and is more than happy to lay on it. And true to it's word it makes no crinkley noises.
It's going to be fantastic at night once I finally start training him, I'm procrastinating a wee bit! Mum has even bought me another one, to help with the training part of going through the night.
Definitely recommend them! Thanks so much for picking us to trial it! =)
Pearlywhite - 4:05 PM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
We've been using our Brolly Sheet for a couple of weeks now and thrilled to pieces! A fantastic product and would definitely recommend this to mums with kids of all ages. This would be fantastic over the winter months too when you don't want to take your child out of a warm bed and have to remake it. I think it's also helped us parents sleep easier at night knowing that if there's an accident it's a fast change and back in to bed for all of us. Would recommend having 2 or 3 in the house - you'll never need anything else.
manddsteven - 9:23 AM on Tue-19-Apr-2011 reply | message
Wahoo - we had our first accident on the weekend and what a quick cleanup it was. The fitted sheet and the extremely absorbent Brolly Sheet was wet and that was it!! We didn't have any wetness on the mattress which meant that the bed was quickly remade and Bailee was back in it and of course we went back to bed without an extra!! The next morning I chucked the sheet and the Brolly Sheet into the wash, I hung the brolly sheet in the airing cupboard and it was dry later that day to put back onto Bailee's bed.
I am extremely happy with the Brolly Sheet, this was the quickest bed change we have ever had. I will not be purchasing another one so I have a spare.
Thanks so much to Kidspot and Brolly Sheets for enabling me to trial this fantastic product!!!
summer - 5:09 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
I wasnt quite sure at first and wondered if it would be a help. but the brolly sheet does do what it is made fo i was quite surprised.the colour is lovely and modern looking, so you wouldnt know what it really was for unless one said. washing and drying a breeze .definitely want to get another one.thanks for the opportunity.
Gemstar - 12:32 PM on Mon-18-Apr-2011 reply | message
Am absolutely loving gthe brolly sheet, washed it and it still came up nice and soft even on a cold water wash and it looks amazing love the colours etc. Havent had any accidents yet but my daughter is a big drooler so it has been great not staining the sheets I only wish I had a brolly sheet on my bed as she ended up in with us last night and her nappy leaked so had to wash our sheets along with the matress protector as it was all wet. Might have to invest in one for our bed too. WIll definately be buying a second one for her bed and have reccomended it to my coffee group a couple of the girls have already asked for the website and are keen to check it out, thanks so much for the opportunity to trial the productg really appreciate it!
lotzofboys - 7:24 AM on Sat-16-Apr-2011 reply | message
We are still loving out Brolly sheet. It gives Master 8 more confidence going to bed at night and though he has just had 2 weekds of school swimming PLUS the end of a long school term, NO accidents, Yay!
One thing I discovered the other night though was very interesting. My MIL was down for the week meeting our 2 month old and babysat while hubby and I had a rare meal out. Master 8 tried it on when told to go the toilet before bed and lights out. "Oh no, Grandma, I don't need to because that is why I have a brolly on my bed!" Cheeky monkey! Needless to say, we got him up before we went to bed and I think he would have wet that night! We had a chat the next day explaining that the Brolly sheet is to save Mum's sanity (and washing machine) and NOT for him to become lazy!!!
cassia - 9:34 PM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
first use was a bit of a failure as Mr 4 crawled under the sheet. :) However now he loves it and goes to bed without nappies. We seem to be having more dry nights now too. It protects the mattress, and helps make washing and drying days more manageable. I recommend this to anyone who has children and toilet training at night is a problem. I will look at buying a few more, so we can wash one and have a dry one ready. Also Mr 3 wants to be "a big boy" and have one too.
Thank you for our trial run.
3BABES - 9:32 AM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yay thanks for the opportunity to trail these sheets. I missed the first delivery so had to wait a few more days for it to arrive. I waited till my girl was home from preschool and let her open the parcel which she loved doing... I think it made her feel more important and less disappointed when I told her it was for her bed. It is a nice bright pink that rocked her boat too, she was cooing about it and was very excited about putting it on her bed. We waited till we used all her dry nights then put it on her bed. She didn't want to sleep on top of it though she wanted to sleep under it (defeating it's purpose) lolz. It feels nice and doesn't have that plastic "I mimi the bed" feel or noise to it, so is super quiet... yay. The tuck in flaps are just the right size to ensure a good fit with no movement pull off too. My daughter loves it on her bed and if she wets the bed it is easy enough for her to pull off herself and put in the wash which is a big help for me and she feels like a real big girl helping mum. But in the meantime I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND TO ALL.... it has halved my washing so gets the big thumbs up from us. I will update on our progress on the dryer nights (if we get any) soon... Thanks Julie and the team for this little SANITY SAVER!!
Dizzles - 8:59 AM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
I must say that the new Brolly Sheet surpassed expectations. It is so easy to use and wash, and it feels natural under the covering sheet. Ie: there is no plastic feel about it and it provides complete protection for the mattress. I would fully recommend all mums going thru toilet training to get one.
stisnz - 8:58 AM on Fri-15-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks again for allowing us to trial the Brolly Sheet. Because of the great success I've had with it I gave in to my 2 years olds request and let her have her day sleep with no nappy as I knew if there was going to be an accident it would be contained in the ultra absorbent Brolly Sheet. It is a great product - looks cool and works well.
druryl - 8:04 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to trial the brolly sheet - they are amazing at how dry the sheets stay - so much easier than changing a whole bed, just whip it off and you're done. Will definately recommend to others and will be back to buy another one when baby #2 needs one, might even get one soon as a spare. Thanks again.
SusanDax - 7:27 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
I can't believe I was lucky enough to get one of these - I'm sure I will use it for years. My daughter has not had an accident yet, but I can say that she is happy to sleep on it and it was very easy to put on the bed. When the true test happens I will be back!
TraceyF - 5:04 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for letting us try the brolly sheet. We have used it for over a week now and found it great. We have had one accident and had to wash it, which was so easy and best of all the sheets stayed dry. It stays put which is also great. My son did comment on the fact that it felt like it was coming undone but it wasn't. He doesn't even notice it on the bed now.
caprice - 4:39 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for the opportunity - we have been using the brolly sheets for just over a week now, they really are fabulous, I can't believe how absorbent they are they really do hold an incredible amount! and how well they stay put even with the wriggle monster on the bed, my only issue is that my son sleeps on his back and therefore we need a 'top' brolly sheet and brolly pjs :-)
l1zzybeans - 4:19 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for letting us try the brolly sheet. I found the sheet to be of a high quality. We had a couple of accidents in the bed and it managed to contain them really well. One night my daughter because unwell with a vomit bug. The brolly sheet managed to collect the whole load and we didn't even have to change the sheets. Amazing! I also tried it in my babies cot. He gets super sweaty and spills from time to time, so I thought it went really well on that bed. Awesome. I'll be recommending this product to my friends.
gorilla5 - 1:05 PM on Thu-14-Apr-2011 reply | message
Damn I think i have missed this trial. 11 year old bedwetter, have tried everything. Even the bed alarm didnt work. I have brought many wet sheets bt they rip, stink, noisy etc. Would have loved to trial this product.
SarahE - 1:49 PM on Wed-13-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well since my last post on Monday, we have had 2 nights where my 3 year old has had a toilet accident! The first night my son was sleeping really high up on the bed - where his pillow would normally be - so the brolly sheet caught half of the wees. It was really interesting to peel back the brolly sheet and have total dryness where that was, compared to the wet sheets and mattress protector - where the brolly sheet wasn't! Last night we had another wees accident but I had put the brolly sheet further up the bed - just under his pillow - and hey presto.... the brolly sheet caught EVERYTHING! It was such a relief to just peel off the brolly sheet and put our boy back into a clean dry bed. I'm definitely a fan of brolly sheets and will be buying another one for certain.
SamsMum - 7:05 PM on Tue-12-Apr-2011 reply | message
Our brolley sheet is still doing a great job, when it is on 13 year olds bed I don't get a wet sheet or mattress. I think she is also starting to accept it better, at least she isn't taking it off when I put it on her bed. It takes a little while to dry so we have had to put it in the dryer (on low heat) so it can be used again the next night.
chellesm - 4:30 PM on Tue-12-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you so so much for the opportunity to try out the brolly sheet, I washed it and put it on my 8 year olds bed yesterday. My son has spina bifida so is still in nappies due to incontinent issues. We also have the fun task of every couple of days flushing through him about a litre of water to empty his bowels, often the issue with that is if its not all out then it fills his nappies with water, this is exactly what happened last night which normally mean I have to strip his bed and clean everything! Well this morning I didnt have to strip his whole bed, just pulled the brolly sheet off threw it in the wash and the rest of the bedding is fine! All dried now and back on the bed.

Love the colour of the blue queen, only disappointment was that we couldnt have the green one in the queen size but otherwise we are very happy with the Brolly Sheet!! I will be feeling far more sane now that my washing will of halved!
manddsteven - 3:48 PM on Tue-12-Apr-2011 reply | message
We have now had 12 dry nights in a row since using our brolly sheet. I don't know whether it is the excitement of having a nice soft pink brolly sheet rather than the old noisy, plastic and not so waterproof sheets or the fact that Bailee now doesn't wake up all sweaty as she did with the old plastic sheet. Who knows - all I know is that things are looking up since getting this brolly sheet. We are even going away for a couple of nights soon. My mind will be put at rest as I can just pack up the brolly sheet and take it with us :)
jokaza - 1:04 PM on Tue-12-Apr-2011 reply | message
A big thank you for selecting us to trial a brolley sheet, My daughter (8) loves her new pink sheet, much nicer than the old and small 'wet mat' she has had to use. It has been on her bed since the day we received it. She has yet to go through her pull-up, and luckily we have had a couple of totally dry nights. I will let everyone how we get on when an 'accident' happens to let you know how good it realy is.
Thanks again.
tayzfam - 1:33 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for choosing us to trial a brolly sheet. Firstly a big thumbs up to the mum who designed these - you are a legend and I send one massive thanks to you. We use ours on my sons cot as he has severe reflux and does large spills/vomits in his bed on a regular basis. Prior to receiving the brolly sheet I had layer upon layer under his head yet still managed to go right the way through so I have had endless amounts of washing to do since he was born 9.5 months ago. We found the brolly sheet to be 100% effective in keeping the mattress and rest of his bedding dry. The following are the things I love about the brolly sheet - I loved that I could just go into his room, take it off the cot and not have to worry about remaking his bed or wait for bedding to come off the line etc etc - I know though that I am going to now have to go and purchase another brolly sheet so that when this one is in the wash his bed is still protected as I can now not live without this product. I found it to be easy to wash (I love anything that can just be thrown into the machine on regular wash) and it dried a lot faster than I thought it would but it did take a whole day but it was an overcast week so I thought that was pretty good. I loved that the brolly sheet is quiet ie: not one of those crinkle, noisy plastic covers you can put on beds. It is also really soft so it just looked and felt like a sheet - my son did not even seem to notice he had something new on his cot. I did find it hard to get it on the cot but I find cot making hard in general now that he is lower down in the cot. I also loved that I could quickly pull it off the bed, fold it up and put it into his bag with all his portacot bedding and take it away with us. Oh there are just so many things I love about it to be honest. I think it is a great product and everyone should have one - only thing I can think of that would be great if the company who make brolly sheets did is to make one that fits a cot but even if they didn't it is not hard to get on and off anyway just a lot of excess material you have to tuck under etc but nothing you can't work around. Again a big thanks for this we really appreciate it and it is going to get a lot of use.
annajd - 12:57 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you very much for choosing us to trial a Brollysheet - it was something I have been very keen to try but was wary of spending the money on in case it didn't work for us. I plan on purchasing a spare! My 8 yo was quite happy to use it and agreed it was a good idea as it means all he has to do is pull it off his bed and pop in the wash rather than unmaking the whole bed. It washes well and dried fairly quickly which I was pleased about. It was easy to put on and does the job well, the only comment I have is that the sides could be a little longer to tuck it in more securely. Overall, I am really impressed as we have tried several of this type of thing before but they have been very plastic feeling and crackly or took ages to dry - Brollysheets are much better! Thanks very much!
lmiln003 - 12:10 PM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Me again :)
I just want to say a HUGE thank you to brolly sheets - on Friday afternoon we had a courier arrive with a lime single sheet (and a lovely note). I wasn't expecting it at all, my son was so excited and couldn't wait to get it on his bed (apparently its very cool and excellent!). Sadly (or rather happily) we haven't had any night time accidents since it arrived to try it out, I think my son is so impressed with his special new sheet that he doesn't want to wet it, however I am certain that it is the same high quality as the other one we received. Once again THANK YOU brolly sheet you certainly provided us with an excellent end to what had not been the best week due to everyone in the house getting hit with a tummy bug :)
SarahE - 9:47 AM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was so happy to be selected for the Brolly Sheet trial - thank you!

Last night we put it on our 3 year old son's bed and he went without a nappy for the first time. He was very excited!! I had planned to put the brolly sheet on the bed on Saturday night but when I read the instructions properly I saw that I needed to wash it first to aid absorbency, so I did that and we started last night instead.

My son was really excited to see his 'big boy' brolly sheet and helped me put it in the washing machine and turn it on, and then helped me to put it on his bed the following night. He thinks all 'big boys' have these special sheets and feels very grown up and proud!

I'm really happy with how the brolly sheet looks and feels - it is attractive and comfortable. I had to smooth it out a bit when I got my son up to go to the toilet when I went to bed (he does move quite a bit when he's asleep) but it was in place this morning when he woke up - completely dry!! I was able to have a good night's sleep knowing that if we did have any toilet accidents in the middle of the night, then we had the best bedding protection!

I will keep you posted on how we go over the next little while..... I expect there will be times where our brolly sheet's absorbency is put to the test!

Thank you brolly sheet for my great sleep last night!
stisnz - 8:08 AM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing me to review the Brolly Sheet. It arrived nicely packaged and my two year old daughter was very excited by it. She wanted me to put it on her bed straight away, but I washed it first (as instructions say to do for best absorbancy).

When I first made the bed I thought the flaps could be a little bit longer in order to be trapped under the bed better, but in actual fact they were sufficient. In order to stay in place on the bed I found it was best to put it on slightly under the pillow. My daughter moves a lot in her sleep and the Brolly Sheet stayed in place pretty well.

One of my concerns was that the red Brolly Sheet might run, but I can happily say I tested it in the wash with whites and it is completely colourfast (it didn't run). It dried well and we were able to put it on her bed the same day. My daughter seems to have an accident most nights and I was able to wash and dry it each day in order to put it on the bed again, however I think 2 or more Brolly Sheets would be best, especially if you have to change it during the night, and also with winter coming (washing doesn't dry as fast).

One of the things I liked the best about this was I was able to take it away with me. We were able to use it on a portacot and standard bed while having a holiday and it meant that if there was an accident the bedding didn't need to be changed and I didn't need to stress about staining someone elses bed.

The two most important things for me were whether it would actually work (hold the spills) and be comfortable. I can honestly say that it holds a lot of liquid as my daughter took her nappy off during the night and it caught her wees. And I got to experience how comfortable it was when I slept in bed with my daughter. Thankfully it isn't noisey like a lot of the waterproof mattress protectors out there, and as it has a cotton top it is nice on the skin. As the weather is starting to get colder though I did wonder what it would be like in winter - is there a Brolly Sheet made with flannelette type fabric for winter months???

It is a very durable product and I believe I will get a lot of use out of it. I highly recommend the Brolly Sheet.
Tashakobe - 7:55 AM on Mon-11-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well little Miss loves the Brolly Sheet. She is still wearing nappies at nighttime but when she leaks the Brolly Sheet saves the sheets and bed from getting wet. This is going to be a godsend when she finally stops wearing nappies at nighttime, which she has already asked to do but she has to stop having a glass of milk before bed first. I agree with coolnan that it did bunch up but using the pillow to stop that works well. Thank you very much for this wonderful product.
coolnan - 10:44 AM on Sat-9-Apr-2011 reply | message
Was delighted to be chosen for this review. It has been tested, and I am pleased to say I am very happy with it. It stayed in long as it was under her pillow. I did have to pull it up because it had bunched up a bit. I did think it may bunch up, because it isn't very heavy, but once it was under the pillow and with the tuck in flaps it stayed in place. I love the colour choice, esp the red!! It kept the mattress completely dry and was easy to whip off while she slept. The other night that she wet, she didn't wake up and everything else got wet...duvet etc, I did think it might be good if it drew the moisture away from the top a little more, but it certainly did what it is designed to do and that is great. I will look at getting a second, and I see you have other products so I will be looking into the duvet protectors too!! Oh and it does wash and dry really well, was dry and ready for the bed the next night. It is absolutely 100% better than the crappy ones I had been using and those will not come out unless its an emergency! Thanks for the oppurtunity to trial these!!
BJW - 11:36 AM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
We've had five night of dry beds now. I was a bit worried when she got into bed the first night that she would go underneath the brolly sheet, but she lay on top. There have been a couple of nights this week I've checked on her and found her underneath the brolly sheet so may have to pull it further up underneath her pillow. We used to get soaking wet duvets from the wetting, but I can see how this brolly sheet would be much more absorbent than the plastic sheet which lets the wetness run everywhere. My sister is quite interested in buying one of these sheets so I'm going to email her the link for 25% off if she hasn't already bought one for her 4 year old who wets constantly.
JulieKidspot - 11:00 AM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
Brolly Sheets also have other products including a waterproof duvet cover and pillow protectors -
nicky22 - 10:45 AM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for choosing me for to review the brolly sheet, It has been great. When I showed my boy it & told him what it dose he was so excited that he was going to be allowed to go to bed in undies as he is in pull ups at the moment as we still have quite a few wet nights, but the brolly sheet works great & saves the bed from getting wet & my boy finds it nice to sleep on unlike having a towel or water proof sheet, I found that it stayed tucked in, didn't move all over the place & my boy is a big mover so I was quite surprised that it stayed in one place. But like I see that someone else has said it doesn't keep the rest of the bed dry if they sleep through it for a bit to long. Thankfully we have only had one of those nights and my boy thanks to the brolly sheet gets to sleep in undies instead of pull ups which is helping him to relies when he needs to go in the middle of the night. It is really easy to wash & dry in one day which has been even better
nzcath - 10:16 AM on Fri-8-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you so much for choosing me to review the brolly sheets!
I was especially thankful at 1.30am this morning when my 4 1/2 yo daughter came in to tell me she needed to change her PJ's. I simply pulled off the brolly sheet and wrapped up her dirty pj's and nickers in it - no more wet and smelly clothes and sheets on the floor!
It also made it a lot easier to manage her tantrum about changing out of her pj's into another (less favourite) pair - the things they do when they're half asleep. If I had to've changed her sheets and then endure a tantrum I would have been a mess (single working mum of two!) Just the simple fact of pulling the brolly sheet off made the whole thing easier - and less time for both of us to be out of bed in the middle of a cold night.
The other fantastic thing is that it is easily dried to use the next night - I don't think I'd sleep nearly as well if I had to go to sleep without the brolly sheet on!
The only thing the brolly sheet doesn't do, but is only an issue on the very odd occasion is protect the top sheet from getting wet. Very seldomly, my daughter will not wake up to her wet bed and fidget and wriggle in her soaked state getting everything - pillow, top sheet and sometimes duvet wet and smelly - at least thanks to brolly sheet, the bottom fitted sheet remains nice and dry.
I totally recommend the product - it has certainly meant that my daughter and I get A LOT more sleep than we did before we had the brolly sheet - thank you so much brolly sheets and kidspot!!!
jafaj - 9:04 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you for allowing me the chance to try the Brolly Sheet. I can see lots of years of use from this quality product.
Having received our brolly sheet last week it gave me motivation to put our 2 year old girl into her single bed over the weekend. She was so happy with her new sheet for her bed we had no prolblems with her changing from cot to bed. I was concerned about it been uncomfortable been ontop of the sheet but it appears to not of affected her at all. Have had no accidents yet to check out this product but have noticed like other people that she is not sweating as much and getting cold. Will keep ya posted as potty training progresses
bechughes - 4:07 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well we did not get selected for the trial this time but I really want one so thanks Kidspot and Brollysheets for offering the 25% off, I have just ordered our girl a pink brolly sheet! Woohoo... can't wait to get it!
manddsteven - 1:58 PM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well we are on a bit of a roll here - touch wood. We have now had Bailee's Brolly Sheet on for a week and have not yet had any accidents or middle of the night wake ups.
I am really starting to believe that it was her wet cold sheets from when she sweated (Bailee had a plastic sheet and 2 other so-called water proof sheets under her sheet previously) that made her get cold and wet the bed because not only have we had no accidents but Bailee hasn't been all sweaty when we go to bed, nor have her sheets been wet.
Although I am super excited and proud that we have not had any accidents I am also a little disappointed as I haven't really been able to test out our Brolly Sheet.
We will soldier on and see how we go over the weekend and I will check in again on Tuesday.
Have a good weekend everyone :)
lmiln003 - 11:01 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
So after receiving the wrong size brolly sheet I have been racking my brain trying to work out how we would be able to test it out - wrapping a queen size around a single bed would prove a nightmare to have to change if there was an accident in the middle of the night, and the thought of using my bed scared me a little just in case the brolly sheet didn't work BUT last night we had the perfect chance! Thanks to a nasty wee tummy bug doing the rounds my son (who I had wanted to use the brolly sheet for) was very unwell, so unwell that he insisted on sleeping on the couch - all I could think was I don't want wee soaked into the couch the BRAINWAVE, I tucked the brolly sheet into the back of the cushions (LOVED the generous tuck in flaps!) then laid the rest of the sheet over the couch and then the extra onto the floor (I figured it would catch any sudden bouts of vomit) DS then snuggled up and went to sleep soundly. Being quite ill and not going to the loo before he crashed out I was expecting a wet "bed" in the morning, and sure enough it happened. The brolly sheet was FANTASTIC! It was easy enough for my son to take off himself and it absorbed all the wee. I loved that there was no plasticy feel or sound like with other sheets we have tried. While I am gutted that we wont be able to trial the correct size on his bed (and budget doesn't allow for purchasing one at the moment) I am truly pleased that the brolly sheet came to the rescue last night! I will be loaning it out to my sister once she is closer to her due date to use on her bed (just in case her waters break), and for once baby is born as I think it would be much nicer to sleep on than a bunch of towels to absorb the milk leakage in those first few weeks, and of course it will be brought out any time that the couch is used as a bed! Overall top marks on a wonderful product :)
Pearlywhite - 10:28 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
I just saw that Brollysheets have a special - 25% off until April 13th. Would totally recommend anyone wanting to buy one take advantage of this :-)
robyshack1 - 10:17 AM on Thu-7-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well first wet night since putting on the brolly sheet and slight mishap. Miss four had wriggled so much during the night that the sheet had been pushed down below her when the incident happened...well wet sheets, and mattress. Have had a talk to miss four about what the sheet does again and hoping that it stays put during the night.
hellsbelle - 9:57 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Myself and son1 were both delighted when our lovely lime green Brolly Sheet arrived. After being washed and dried on the line in the very same day we were able to put on the bed that night and my little man was more than happy to go to sleep on it. By morning it looked pretty loose and I wondered if at some stage in the night he tried getting under it or just had a restless night, but after moving it up the bed a bit more so that it was under his pillow slightly it seemed to get moved around considerably less. So far son1 hasn't leaked much, so i'm unable to comment on absorbancy yet but once he's feeling brave enough we will try to go without a nappy during his day nap and I am so pleased we will be able to do so without too much hassle with the Brolly Sheet on. Will let you know in due course...
lotzofboys - 9:07 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Gosh, the Brolly Sheet washes up well!

It dried beautifully in front of the fire (wet days down south), and Master 8 enjoyed putting it back on his bed that night. It is a true godsend in our house as I have been trying to avoid 'lifting' Master 8 during the night. I want Master 8 to learn to control a full blander at night as well as during the day!

Thanks for letting us trial the Brolly Sheet. I am enjoying my uninterrupted sleeps again!
Pearlywhite - 8:14 PM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
This is a fantastic product. It looks fun and inviting for children with the array of colours to choose from, it's comfortable to sleep on, it stops the kids from being disturbed in the night while you have to change sheets... and I could go on and on. We've used our Brolly Sheet for a week now. We asked ourselves last night how we ever got on without it and can't believe we never investigated this before. What a hassle free way of getting through the bed wetting phase. And this would be so good for old kids who are self conscious and don't want to feel embarrassed in the night etc - they could just whip this off and go back to sleep on the clean, dry sheet underneath. Brilliant. I would definitely recommend this and think they are worth their weight in gold. I think you could have 2 or 3 and make life really easy. They seem very good quality so I'd say you'd get your money's worth and more. Personally - I'm happy to pay for a product that makes my life easier and makes my little one happier and more comfortable at night. Hope everyone else is loving this as much as we are. :)
Nita - 10:52 AM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
My foster daughter was so excited when she saw the gorgeous pink Brolly sheet with its lovely design arrive with the Courier that she immediately wanted it put on her bed! We have been having terrible battles with trying to get an ordinary plastic sheet on her bed, the fact that they are glaringly obvious what they represent i am sure was part of the problem. However, being that any other child would have no idea that the sheet was anything other than a pretty girly normal sheet she went to bed that night very very happily. It was very easy and unobtrusive to quickly whip it off in the early hours and leave her to fall back to sleep quickly on her other sheet, in fact i'd say it was BRILLIANT!!! Very easy to clean and very quick to dry and looks so very feminine!
Pearlywhite - 7:36 AM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi Tessa771, yes the Brolly Sheet lays over the top of the bottom sheet and protects any linen underneath and the mattress - so in the middle of the night if your child wets the bed, you simply whip the brolly sheet off and pop a new one on. Brilliant. I think if you had 2 or 3 of these you'd never have to change a bed in the night again. We're loving this - wish we'd used it mlonths ago!
tessa771 - 7:16 AM on Wed-6-Apr-2011 reply | message
Can I please ask the people who reviewed this a question? I am currently trying to get my boy out of nappies in the night, so we are using the plastic waterproof and out of the last 12 nights we have had only 2 dry. So I'm sure you can imagine the amount of washing I have had. Do you just put it down on top of your sheets and the kids don't have a duvet on top? I find all the bedding gets wet when we have an accident. Reading all these great reviews makes me want to invest in one but I was just wondering how you avoid washing the duvets etc when they wet. Thank you!!
robyshack1 - 4:34 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well received the brolly sheet on Thursday and put it on over the weekend. My miss four saw me changing the sheets and asked what it was for. I told her it was to keep her dry and warm through the night....her response being 'so you can have your bed to yourself?'! So far we have had no accidents so haven't tested the waterproofing effect yet (thankfully) but have noticed that my wriggly girl does push the sheet around a bit....although due to it's great size it still has the coverage we need to prevent leakage into the matress. Miss four even said she liked her special sheet on her bed!
cwarby - 3:07 PM on Tue-5-Apr-2011 reply | message
The Brolly Sheet has been a godsend in our house!! Gone is the horribly crinkkly mattress protector, and on the many nights that we have an 'accident' just the Brolly Sheet goes in the wash, and is dry by the end of the day!. No more stripping and re-makling the whole bed every day!
Jackieb - 4:18 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Unfortunately another wee accident last night - GREAT NEWS though the Brolly Sheet contained it and the sheet underneath was dry, I whiped the brolly sheet off and dry underwear he was back to bed - it was by now 5.20am so I hoped he would stay dry for the next hour! Luckily weather has been good so it was washed and dried and back on the bed for tonight. I would definately recommend this to others.
jopukeko - 2:16 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the Brolly sheet. It has been a lifesaver. Although I originally wanted it for my daughter I think she is a while off using it. Toilet training is a long journey for her. I have been trialling it with the other children I care for. I haven't had any accidents yet but one very heavy drooler and there was no dampness on the mattress. I have also tried it as a mattress protector on my youngest daughter's cot. She has had a tummy bug and again no vomit got through to the mattress. I'm thinking it would have been really handy when I was heavily pregnant and concerned my waters would break during the night and in the first week after giving birth when you really flood any pad invented. I'll be buying one for each of the mattresses my kids and care kids use.
manddsteven - 1:01 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Bailee's Brolly Sheet arrived on Thursday. Bailee unpacked it, we washed it and dried it in no time ready to go on her bed.
Bailee was extremely excited to take the awful plastic sheet and the 2 so-called waterproof toppers off her bed and replace the awful noisy sheets with the nice quiet pink Brolly Sheet.
Bailee helped make her bed and was excited to hop into it that night.
We have had 4 nights in bed with the Brolly Sheet and Bailee has not yet wet the bed. I have however noticed that Bailee hasn't woken up in the pool of sweat that she normally does. I just assumed that Bailee was a sweaty sleeper but looking at things now it may possibly have been the plastic sheet and toppers that were making her sweaty. Because of this we haven't had a midnight wake up call to give Bailee a drink and to move the blankets and pillow around because of the sweat.
Maybe it was because of Bailee waking up in the cold sweaty sheets that was making her wet the bed - not sure but I guess we will see later in the week.
karinlee - 12:43 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you for leting me trial this product, as I said I was after it for a different reason. Miss 10 sweats so much during the night the sheets are damp in the morning as she is really cold waking up early and coming into my bed to warm up. Well we had the brolly sheet on the bed the first night and guess what she did nat wake up at all during the night. The brolly sheet felt dry to touch and she was snugly and warm. We have had it on the bed all week and I have not seen her in my bed all week. Thanks for the option to trial this as it has been a success and she has no problem with it being on the bed.

Thanks a lot :)
mary110370 - 11:36 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
So, we had out 1st 'accident' last night since taking off the nappies and the brolly sheet worked a treat. Miss M got herself up and took it off the bed, put it in the laundry basket and took herself back to bed (after changing herself) - first I knew of it was when she told me this morning. The brolly sheet really did soak up all of the spill and there was not a drop on the sheet underneath. Even though it was wet the brolly sheet was still lightweight but the best thing is that at 11.30 am it has been washed and hung out to dry and is already back on the bed ready for tonight - the drying time was amazingly quick. Thanks again Kidspot and Brolly sheets for the opportunity to trial this product - I would definately suggest everyone goes out and buys one and after looking on the website some of their package deals are very affordable too.
lotzofboys - 10:00 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well, after blogging last night about many dry nights, we finally had a wet one! Master 8 leapt out of bed and changed into his school uniform (it was 6.30 when the accident happened).. The sheet is VERY absorbant! He peered closely to see the wet spot but couldn't see it! He had to sniff it to see if he had dreamed about wetting the bed. Needless to say, Master 8 LOVES his Brolly Sheet.

It is currently drying in the lounge (raining today) and I will blog again soon!
SamsMum - 8:39 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
I have just been looking at everyone elses comments. Our issue is she doesn't wake up so the wet brolly sheet stays on the bed all night.
SamsMum - 8:26 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Well our Brolly sheet arrived on Thursday, so we put it in the wash as per instructions and put it out to dry. It was put on my niece's bed on Saturday, so the 13 year olds reaction - I don't want that they make noise when you sleep. So we had her feel it and she agreed it was not like the others she had used. Then she wanted it under the sheet, she we had to convince her it was supposed to go on top of the sheet. Which she allowed, so overall for a 13 year old pretty good really because she left it on the bed. So, our first night - my reaction - great, fantastic, wonderful. It soaked up everything, no wet mattress, no wet sheet. She said it was uncomfortable. However I think that is more because it is different rather than uncomfortable, she still managed to sleep. I also think with a few more washes it will get better. So, very happy so far. One slightly unhappy teenager, however she is allowing it on her bed, so it can't be that bad. :-) I think I will have to buy a second one, because ours isn't for the occasional accident, it is tested every night of the week. So we probably need two so one can be in the wash, while the other is on her bed.
mummaS - 7:33 AM on Mon-4-Apr-2011 reply | message
Sorry about the slow reply. my wee man has been sick lately. But this has been great for our review as he has tested the brolly sheets to their limits. My son was very excited about the green, as its his favourite colour (or the only colour he knows) so we made a big deal of placing them on the bed. They are so practical and easy to put on the bed. They are also very comfy, I was expecting as they are matress protectors that they might be 'plasticy' but they aren't at all.
Our first night was a good test as my son was dealing with vomitting and poo explosions (sorry TMI) and they were a life saver. He managed to cover the bed, and the trusty brolly sheets saved us having to change the entire bedding like we had the night before.

They also washed so well and dried so quickly the next morning. I couldn't recommend these enough!
Thanks again for the oppurtunity to review! These are fantastic!!
They are so practical and are definately be worth the money.
lotzofboys - 8:54 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
First up, THANK YOU so much for choosing us to trial the Brolly Sheet!

Master 8 was thrilled to bits with the awesome lime colour and could't wait to get it on his bed. He excitedly asked if his 'bestie' could come and have a sleepover soon - previously he has not been keen on this idea due to his bedwetting. Well, since then, the confidence has continued to shine from him. He has gone to bed each night a very happy chappy knowing that if he wets, we can whip the Brolly Sheet off and get straight back into bed. (Night 4 and still dry - yay!)

Personally, I LOVE it! The colour, the fact that it washes and dries beautifully, the quality, the tuck-in sides and how discrete it is - no noise and how it 'hides' on the bed.

Fingers crossed it will do it's job once the 'wetness' happens!

Once again, THANK YOU

maximoo - 8:04 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the fab opportunity to try Brolly Sheets. Very impressed by the quality of them, the thickness. Put on Mstr 2 1/2's bed and perfect fit. So far, no accidents but only been on the bed 2 nights. I'm actually looking forward to an accident so I can see how absorbent they are - can already see how easy it's going to be to whip the sheet off & replace. Haven't had any issues with bunching. Will report back once we've had an accident. Thanks again - can already see the benefits
annette - 7:45 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us to trial the Brolly Sheet. Ours arrived on Thursday morning and we are now on our third night of using it. We have nothing but positive comments, we love it. The first night Master 3 was dry but i was able to go to satisfied that even if he did have an accident it was not a big deal. The 2nd night we tested the Brolly Sheet for real - he did have an accident, but i simply pulled off the brolly sheet, changed his jammies and he was back in bed in a matter of minutes.
We are going overseas in a couple of months and this will most definately be coming too, it will give us the peace of mind that whilst staying with friends/family if master 3 has a wee accident it is easily cleaned up.
All in all top marks for comfort, ease of use, absorbancy and the fact that it is noiseless.
Jackieb - 6:15 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
The Brolly sheet arrived Friday and I got it on the bed for Friday night. Unfortunately James wriggled and managed to wet on and off the Brolly sheet therefore the sheet under was wet too. My son sleeps on a queen bed and moves around a lot so we felt the queen size was not wide enough for a child like him - definately wasn't on Friday night! I washed the Brolly sheet and it is back on the bed (of course he was dry last night) - we have made sure it is tucked in tightly so hopefully if there is an accident we will be right. He said it was ok to sleep on - no rustling noises like we have gotten with other products. Usually I am hoping for dry nights - at the moment hoping for accidents to see how well this product works!
KimH - 5:46 PM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Overall, I would highly recommend the Brolly Sheet. It is easy to use, very absorbent, easy to clean and also comfortable to sleep on. Micki was very excited to get her new special sheet and we used this trial to start the task of getting her dry at night.

Firstly, it is so simple to use. Just lay it on top of the bottom sheet and tuck in the sides. It feels secure and didn't go moving about in the night.

Second, the Brolly Sheet is very absorbent. Micki had an accident and it was so absorbent that I found it hard to tell where she had done it! Just whipped the Brolly Sheet off, new pj's on and back in bed with in 2 minutes. You would need 2 Brolly sheets to be able to put a new one on straight away, but I noticed on the website you can buy them in packs of 2 on sale at the moment..

Third, very easy care. We recieved a white Brolly Sheet to trial, and it washes up beautifully. Cold wash, tumble dry and its ready to be used again.

The only downside I saw in it was the price. They are more expensive than I would normally spend on something like this but after using it I realise it is well worth it for the ease of use and the excellent quality. The Brolly Sheet website is great too with lots of advice and other good looking products.

I wish I had known about these for my first daughter, it would have saved a lot of night time sheet changes!
Janet - 11:17 AM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
We are now into our third day of trialling the brolly sheet and omg the difference it has made is amazing. Our first night in we had a dry bed and 1 accident on the way to the toilet, and peace of mind for me. Our second night in, the brolly sheet got to do it's job and did it ever. It contained the mess, it kept Master 4's bed dry and his pj's were almost dry it was that absorbent. I whipped it off the bed, gave him some dry pj's and was back in the land of nod in under 5 mins. Woohoo.

Master 4 is calling it his 'supersheet' as it protects his bed from his little "accidents". He loves it, and never seems to stray off the brolly sheet in the middle of the night even though he is the worlds most restless sleeper. As far as I can tell the only downside is that I need another one :) <br><br>These are so easy to wash and dry that I have had no problem keeping it clean and on his bed in time for bed time.

BJW - 9:08 AM on Sun-3-Apr-2011 reply | message
Last night was the first night we put the Brolly sheet onto my daughter's bed. I had washed it like the instructions said then remade the bed with the brolly sheet on top of her fitted bottom sheet. It was wonderful to throw away the ripped plastic sheet we have had on for years with the towel on top to prevent her becoming too sweaty in the summer heat.

I love the idea of a natural, breathable and comfortable surface to sleep on for her which is completely waterproof and so much easier to change than my old fashioned plastic sheets. We chose bright red in a single and when I washed it yesterday the dye didn't run which is a blessing.

When my daughter hopped into bed last night I was a little worried that she would go under the brolly sheet as it's the same height as her top sheet, (have to keep an eye on this) but she went straight on top and didn't even notice. We didn't have a wet bed last night, but I feel alot more secure now she has this great brolly sheet on to prevent leakage than the ripped plastic sheet which is in the bin.
Gillymama - 12:19 AM on Sat-2-Apr-2011 reply | message
Great reviews so far, esp sucess with Miss M!
kipper - 7:44 PM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was delighted to find that we had the opportunity to trial Brolly sheets but a little apprehensive about reviewing it. - I must be honest and say that it's hard to be a reviewer. If the product is indeed a good one, then it is difficult to say something unique and interesting that hasn't already been said before if you are the one reviewing it. So anyway here goes...

My nearly 3 year old was so excited to receive her 'present' yesterday in the post, even when she found out what it was (though she had been told it was coming and what it was). She couldn't wait to unpack it and insisted we put it on the bed immediately, however I explained we had to wash it first. We too were surprised at the quality and feel of the sheet. As it happened, today she was unwell and had a fever so when I put her to bed I just popped it underneath her without even stripping the bed properly. In her unwell state she completely went to town in the puddle department but I was impressed to see that the Brolly Sheet completely contained the whole lot and I just whipped it off, again without stripping the bed and popped it into the washing machine. Thank you for the opportunity, I'm definately a convert and we love our Brolly Sheet. I'll be recommending it to my friends and getting another one for my son when he is ready.
michj81 - 5:48 PM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
I received the brolly sheet to day and was very excited about its arrival as im never this lucky, to win/trial anything. As greatful as i am that i got picked was dissapointed when i opened to find it was pink and single, (asked for king single in any colour other than pink). I have two boys with king single beds. I dont want to seem ungrateful, the product will do its duty regardless of its colour but didnt tuck very well due to being the wrong size and he manged to wriggle it down the bed wich i had to bring it up so he didnt it miss it during the night. Other than that it is a great product. I didnt have to strip the bed this morning, yahoo. That was great and he wasnt fased at all sleeping on it. I would DEFENTLY buy this product. very good quality. Awesome product. Very smart looking.
kidanne - 2:17 PM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yay, tis in the washing machine as I write. Looks great, feels great, can't wait to get it on the bed. Will be trialling this asap, and let you know the outcome.
Saltysgal - 1:58 PM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
I was so thrilled to be chosen to trial this product. It arrived today and I will pop it through the wash this weekend before putting it on the bed. My first impressions are good! I got the lime green sheet and I love the colour. The gingham is smart and clean looking. Like someone else mentioned I like the feel of the sheet. It isn't noisy. It doesn't feel plasticy. It isn't bulky. It doesn't immediately 'look' like an absorbant sheet. These are all IMPORTANT factors when you are an eight year old. I will post again next week when we have had a chance to trial how absorbant the sheet is. Thanks again for the opportunity to trial this product.
arnabanana - 1:26 PM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
Hi Kidspot,

Our brolly sheet arrived on the courier yesterday morning, got to say the packaging is really smart looking and easy to open. We received a blue single one, and it looks really well made with quality components. I was expecting it to be a lot thinner (as all my 'wet sheets' have been in the past), but it is nice and thick without being bulky. It doesn't feel plasticky at all which I was really happy about!
I really like that the 'wing' bits - that tuck in under the bed - are long enough even to get around our little guy's thick mattress.
Master M (3) was able to have a feel and a snuggle into it before I put it on his bed, and was very open to the idea that this is a special magical blanket to help him stay dry at night. He went to sleep on top of it fine, and stayed dry all night. However, when I woke him this morning I found him snuggled down under the brolly sheet! I probably shouldn't have called it a blanket... He had wiggled his way under the sheet rather than remaining on top, so I was really glad that we'd had a dry night!!!
Hopefully we'll figure out that we sleep on top of the brolly sheet tonight...
Will keep you posted. :)
KimH - 11:43 AM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
Yay! Courier just dropped off the brolly sheet, so will put on Micki's bed tonight and have our first go at night training. I'm looking forward to writing a review of it. Micki has already tried to put it on her bed herself but it might need a little adjusting before bedtime... ;0)
Jackieb - 11:39 AM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
The brolly sheet arrived this morning - looking forward to getting it on the bed tomorrow.
mary110370 - 11:17 AM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
Our Brolly Sheet arrived on Tuesday and the smile on Miss M's face when she saw it on her bed after school was priceless. Does this mean I can try wearing undies tonight mum" she asked and jumped up and down with joy when the answer was "yes". She has taken on the responsibility of taking her Oxybutynin tablet and her Desmopressin spray herself and is now quite happy to take herself off to bed. I can report that we have had 3 out of 3 success with dry nights so far which is fantastic and we also have the peace of mind of "brolly sheet" on he bed if an accident does happen. Another added bonus is that Miss M is happy to head off to her own bed instead of sleeping in my bed AND she has stayed there though to morning which makes a happier mum and daughter as we have both had a decent nights sleep.
The Brolly Sheet itself is lovely and soft and so comfortable to lie on. It is lightweight and small, so easy to wash and quick to dry. Another update next week but so far I am very impressed with the qulity of this product and am looking into buying a spare one or two.
Pearlywhite - 8:01 AM on Fri-1-Apr-2011 reply | message
A welcome package this morning from the courier! Thank you Brolly Sheets - will try this out over the next week and report in with our progress. Looks like a fantastic product, can't wait to get it on the bed.
lmiln003 - 1:49 PM on Thu-31-Mar-2011 reply | message
My brolly sheet has just arrived (wahoo!) only its the wrong size and colour (well colour doesn't matter)
hellsbelle - 2:16 PM on Wed-30-Mar-2011 reply | message
COOOL! Can't wait! Might even think about taking off the nap time nappy to see how we go...Thanks.
manddsteven - 9:00 AM on Tue-29-Mar-2011 reply | message
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes - I think we will be having a Brolly Sheet party when Bailee's one arrives. Pretty in Pink - Bailee will absolutely love it and hopefully I can be rid of my two SO-CALLED WATERPROOF sheets that I have put on the bed to date. I hope that the Brolly Sheet can withstand those middle of the night wettings! I look forward to finding out and letting you all know!
Gemstar - 9:13 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow awesome cant wait to recieve it thank you! Could have really done with this last nite! Looking forward to trying it out!
robyshack1 - 9:01 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
looking forward to the arriving soon and starting my deep sleeping four year old with it!
swordlet - 8:03 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
WOW thanks SOO much!!! =) It shall be well used! I am actually looking forward to tackling night time toilet training now, thanks again!
SamsMum - 6:57 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
Woo hoo fantastic, we are all looking forward to their arrival. Her dad is trilled and so is she. Thank you so much.
Tashakobe - 2:47 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
Awesome, thank you very much. Will start trying this at the weekend and see if little miss can stop wearing nappies. whoop whoop.
mary110370 - 1:19 PM on Mon-28-Mar-2011 reply | message
Yes! Thank you so much for choosing us for this trial. Last week at our 3 monthly checkin at starship, it was decided to try my daughter on desmopressin nasal spray to help us with her bedwetting so the timing of this trial is perfect. I can't wait for the package to arrive and she is just as excited as I am - after nearly 9 years of nappies/drynites I am really hoping we are now on the right path to dry nights and with winter coming this is going to make a huge difference to my washing pile. Yay - go us!!!
IceKiwi - 6:46 PM on Sun-27-Mar-2011 reply | message
At my wits end so tired of changing sheets daily would love to see if this is the product i should buy to help with this issue.
eb - 9:50 AM on Sat-26-Mar-2011 reply | message
Just thought I'd comment again how much I would REALLY love to trial these (:
aliciamcdonald - 8:31 AM on Sat-26-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this for my son, I have heard awesome things about them and want to trial them to let my friends know what they are like too toilet training is hard work these seem like they would take some of the stress and mess to clean up in the night away :)
mands - 8:28 AM on Sat-26-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd be really interested to try the Brolly Sheet (Queen in white). I'd like to find out first hand about how well a queen sized Brolly Sheet stays on the bed, how easy it is to care for and how well milk, baby vomit and wees come out, how noisy it is, and how comfy it is to sleep on.
MummyMeg - 2:45 PM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi... Guess I am like many "mummies" out there.... I have just commenced "round four" of attempting to train my almost four year old son to keep the bed dry at night. Round one was a disaster with wetting not once, not twice but often three times in a night; round two a little better with me out of bed on average twice a night, with round three showing no improvement. I am now informed that "I am a big boy who doesn't need nappies at night"... I need the Brolly sheet to save my sanity and limit the complete nightime bed changes I have suffered during rounds one, two and three.

Red in single please!
corbynz - 12:58 PM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message

I'm just about to let our eldest, 3yrs 4mths start to wear her underpants to bed. She really wants to be like her slightly older cousins who are night trained. I have just gone out and bought DryLife Bed Liner (as the Brolly sheet wasn't in stock at local Bed Bath and Beyond). So it would be great to compare this product to the Brolly sheet.

If successful, single bed in green please. Thanks
sandiacre - 11:38 AM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
I was thinking about buying a brolly sheet as my 4yr old daughter is still not dry at night and I am currently using pull-ups as a safety net. However with a brolly sheet I would be confident to put her to bed without the pull-u,p and hopefully this would encourage her to stay dry. King single pink please.
lee001 - 10:51 AM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi these brolly sheets would be great to trail as my son is going through the stage of bed wetting at night... I have heard so many positive things about these sheets! I would also like to not have so much linen to wash as I am pregnant and need something to minimise work lol!

Blue or green for a single bed would be perfect for my son. Thanks
rj - 10:49 AM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
we are about to try no nappy at naptime - wish me luck! Would love to have a brolly sheet just in case - might just give me the confidence to let her try no nappy at bedtime too
stokers - 10:25 AM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to give these a go, i have an almost 4 year old who is toilet trained during the day, and who dosent want to wear pull ups at night! This could be just the thing for him! Single blue would be great, its his fav colour!
Jackieb - 9:50 AM on Fri-25-Mar-2011 reply | message
another wet bed last night - thats 2 this week, could really do with trialling this now!
mummy22 - 8:43 PM on Thu-24-Mar-2011 reply | message
oh my goodness these were definitley obviously invented by a mum. the ones i got don't tuck into the sides so by the time by boy wees during the night, he's moved so much he totally misses the protector anyway, and as for washing, the backs ripped, so when he does get it, it soaks straight through anyway. useless. would so love to try something that actually works, single blue is sounding peaceful for sleep. cheers guys.
jenjen - 7:52 PM on Thu-24-Mar-2011 reply | message
Man I would love to review brolly sheets!! They look super cool. My wee man is 13months and still in nappys but would be great for the times he does super big wees that are no match for his nappys and leak out the side. Would love to trial a single red.
CaseysMum - 10:41 AM on Thu-24-Mar-2011 reply | message
Having just spent the last few minutes stripping my daughter's bed I can see that a product like this could be useful. My daughter is 6 and up until recently was wearing Dry-Nites to bed. She has been doing well but we still have some accidents which make for a lot of extra washing. She is currently sharing a queen sized bed with her 2 and a half year old sister who is getting ready to toilet train as well so it could be double helpful there
kingskid - 9:48 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product as my 9 year old is still struggling to stay dry at night. He has just started wearing glasses for reading and this is helping his confidence as he now enjoys reading. I'd love to be able to trial a blue single and help him become more confident about bedime, with this sheet it will be easier on both of us and make managing his problems a lot easier. Thank you for the opportunity.
scratchy - 8:50 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to sample these as my 5 year old has been so tired from school he has had a few overnight accidents recently. I also have a two and a half year old who is nearly ready to toilet train so the brolly sheets would be very valuable in our house especially as I can just see lots of middle of the night bed changes and loads of washing ahead for me!
jtsnz - 8:12 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am super keen to trial this product for my nearly-4-year-old son. We started night-time toilet training about 6 weeks ago and things seemed to be going quite well with accidents only once or twice a week. But things seem to have gotten worse since the events of Feb 22nd here in Christchurch and with the water restrictions I feel terrible having to wash all of his bed linen almost everyday.... We are very reluctant to go back to nappy-pants at night - he is a sensitive wee soul and is upset about the wetting already without having to go back into nappies.... Thank you for offering parents and kids the opportunity to try something that will make us all feel much better about the trials of night-time toilet training!!!
mims21 - 7:14 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
well baby 2 is on the way and have been thinking of starting to toilet train num 1 so this would give me a decent insentive to start lol :) nappies for 2 little ones are going to put the budget to high. would love to try the single lime green i havent tried any other brands but im sure this one will be to a high standard.
mamatee - 3:01 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
Looove this product, I have 5 year old twins and my lil man wets everynight through a pull up and with me also waking him during the night to go toilet, his twin sister is fully toilet trained, they are very competitive and he has lost alot of confidence because of the endless bed wetting, would love to try a green single please and see a lil happy boy with no wet sheets for his sister to tease him about. Thankyou :):)
SamsMum - 1:22 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
You have to save me and my 13 year old niece. My niece is living with us and she has bed wetting issues. She wears pull-ups, however we are still getting wet sheets and mattresses. I have just found out she is sleeping on the bare mattress when she gets the sheets wet because she doesn't want to tell us. I need something to save my mattress and the continual sheet washing now that I have found out. I think brolly sheets would be the answer and a 13 year old would be a great test of them. If you choose us can we have Queen Size please, preferrably blue, however any colour is fine.
chars01 - 1:15 PM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
Have finally toilet trained my 3 1/2 yro son for during the day, would love to try get him toilet trained at night as we are expecting another baby, Single size please :) Would loooooove to try this please!!!
kiwimum - 11:18 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
Working full time and two kids my days are tiring. I have been reluctant to start my 3 year old's night time toilet training as the thought of having to change all his sheets is too much to bear. For just in case accidents from leak outs to when they are sick and may vomit, i put 4 different types of blankets and mattress covering under his sheets. So if an accident happens the mattress is alright, but soooo much washing. Then again doing the bed again. I would love to try the brolly sheets because it would be soo much easier if there was just one sheet to worry about for the whole bed if an accident happened. I had seen the ads for brolly sheets in the parenting magazines, and always wondered would they be really effective. I would love to trial the brolly sheets and feel confident to start my son's nite-time toilet training. If we get picked we would like either a blue or lime sheet as that is my son's favorite colours in a queen size. Thank you.
neeshadlima - 9:39 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message

I would love to test the brolly sheets as im trying really hard to get my little girl off night nappies but just does not work and have to put up with wet sheets most of the days..........
reppeps - 8:57 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to test the brolly sheets. We have recently bought 2 new single beds for when our 5 grandchildren come to visit. The children are ages 4,3,2,1 years and the latest is 4 days old. At the moment I'm putting towels down to stop wet mattresses. Lime would be great as its unisex.
kidanne - 8:14 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial these, with 2 boys of 8 and near 5 who are both still wet every night. Am thinking will actually be more suitable for the younger one, as I fell he's closer to being dry, then will move on and try with master 8, will be v handy in winter!!! Single size, Red would be the #1 choice, but I would take any other colout apart from pink please
Pearlywhite - 7:37 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh - sorry forgot to mention a single blue or any non girly colour would be great.
Pearlywhite - 7:36 AM on Wed-23-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd like the opportunity to trial Brolly Sheets please. We have been thinking about getting a waterproof liner for the bed but weren't sure which ones were the best. If we like these we'd definitely continue to use them as I think having 2 or 3 would be a godsend in the middle of the night. I have a 3 year old boy who can't get through the night without wetting the bed so this would a fantastic solution for our family until he's older and grows out of it. Many thanks for a great product trial!
Mumma - 10:20 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am a grandmother of five grandchildren and this would be perfect to try out when my grandchildren come over to stay on different nights. My preference would be to get them out of night nappies and these brolly sheets sound perfect tucked in on top of a fitted sheet and so easy to change when wet.

I would like to try a white brolly sheet for a single normal size bed please.
eb - 10:15 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow, I would REALLY love the chance to trial a pink, single one of these. My three year old is nearly toilet trained and has recently moved into a "big girl" bed. We had a mattress protector on her cot but, as yet, have nothing on her bed. With a baby sister who wakes up every few hours during the night, I need something that helps to keep night-time disturbances to a minimum once we get brave enough to go nappy-less at night. Not sure how you will choose with so many people keen on this trial, but would love it if you chose us!
2BoysMum - 10:12 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to get our 3 1/2 year old out of night nappies. We have tried but we got tired of constantly changing a wet bed. We bought the protector sheets from Briscoes but they don't cover the whole bed so have been pretty much useless. The Brolly Sheet looks great in terms of coverage on the bed and the fact you can whip them off easily instead of changing an entire bed. Would love to try before buying and so I can recommend to other Mums at our Playcentre who have mentioned the same problem. Would like to trial a white or blue in King Single. Thanks!!
cmm30 - 9:53 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would really like to sample these as I need find some covers for our girls beds but have been unsure where to start. I have a plastic cover my mum gave me from when we were children but this sounds so much better! I have a daughter who is toilet trained but has the occasional wet bed and also a 8 mth old and also care for another child from home so this sounds ideal for the beds and would very much love to check it out!! Have single bed and colour preference is lime.
adieka - 9:03 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
We are about to start toilet training our little man. I have been doing as much research as I can before we start. Ive read a bit about these brolly sheets and they sound right up our alley. I like that they are cotton and breathable and not a thick layer of plastic or rubber.
I would be so stoked to be given the chance to try out these sheets. If we get in we would love the lime in single size pretty please.
Lyttelma - 8:43 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
My lovely daughter (21mo) has been doing pretty well while she's up and about, but I haven't been brave enough to risk a nappy-free night yet... and let's face it, we're in Lyttelton so anything that makes life a bit easier at the moment gets the thumbs up from me!

Colour and size - white, pink or lime in single... or white queen (for those occasions when she sneaks into my bed...)
JacqEmma - 8:28 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I've heard great reviews about Brolly sheets. With 1 in training, and the other 6 or so months away, I'm looking for a product that actually works. Then I'll buy multiples to get me through!! Love the opportunity to trial one of these sheets, pink is single if I'm lucky :)
nickyh - 7:57 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this product with my 2 yr old daughter who is just about to start toilet training - thought we might have left it a bit late as easier to go nappy free over summer but this product could be the answer. Have been worried about accidents during daytime sleeps and nighttime also. Interested to see if this products affects her quality of sleep in any way, does it wash and dry quickly, dry quickly in the tumble drier and most importantly do the undersheets stay dry ??? Would love the opportunity to try this product - pink king single would be fantastic.
Tazbec - 7:55 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to be part of this trial. My daughter (3yr 4months) is dry during the day but I'm too scared to try her at night without a nappy. If chosen, I would like king single in any colour.
swordlet - 7:42 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow this is wonderful, I was disappointed last time there was a trial for these Brolly Sheets as somehow I missed it. Glad to be able to have a chance this time.

My son 2.5yrs is completely trained during the day and day sleeps without me having to do anything really. From day one till 6mths later now, I can count on one hand how many wet beds during the day I've had. Such a good lad =)

Although the nights are different story, his nappy is always soaking by the morning!! Would love to be able to trial a Brolly Sheet as it is just what we need! Really dreading all the sheets I'll have to wash especially with winter around the corner!

Thanks for the chance, once my son is finished with it, it will be great to train my daughter 16mths with too.

Colour - Any
Size - Single please
kiwitrout - 7:31 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Please please please can I trial Brolly Sheets. My older daughters are 5 and 7 and neither of them are dry at night. The 7 year old is on a programme at the medical centre. I am so sick of washing sheets and blankets every day, up to three sets sometimes. I do have a different mattress protector and would love to see how this compares. I would like a single blue one please.
odam - 6:19 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would like to review this product as my daughter is coming up to the age where she is going to start potty training. If chosen, white in single pls. Ta
Coring - 6:06 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am interest in being a reviewer of this product as it would greatly benefit my daughter especially at nightime when she is sleeping. thanks.
rachaelsfun - 5:43 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Iknow ive asked beforee but please please Please pick me ... we are always wanting to trial this and would make my sisters day !!!! as she has an older child that still wets the bed sometimes (accidents) and has a new baby due soon too !!! would love to win this for her !!! and we always miss out :(
and king single please any colour but pink
mrsbt - 5:23 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would be very keen to review this as we have a different brand one for one of our boys and I am not pleased with it as it keeps slipping off the bed. My 3 and a half yo is now daytime potty trained but we are working on the afternoon sleep times and night sleeps and I am tired of taking the whole mattress outside to dry!!:-)<br>My 2 yo will be next at the potty training so we really do need a good one or I will be going potty myself. Thank you. If I get chosen: Any colour other than pink :-) and a single size please.
maricris - 5:18 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would really love to try this product in blue(single). We just moved my son (3 yrs old) from his cot to his own big bed. I am also currently potty training him and will start taking his nappy off at night pretty soon. He's already done a lot of damage in our carpet, and lounge suit :) I was hoping to save his bed from getting too soiled as well. I know it'll all be worth it once his fully potty trained but until then any kind of help to make it easier for him and myself would be great.
Leckylocks - 4:55 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial a brolly sheet in white single size. My daughter is just starting to go without a nappy at night (she is nearly 3). Having survived one child moving to dry nights I have to say that we are a bit reluctant to let her do it! Our memories of both my husband and I having to be up sorting out a child who has wet the bed make us cringe. One to sort wet kiddo, one to sort wet bed then hoping you are not the one who gets to cart it all to the laundry in the middle of the night. These brolly sheets sound fabulous! Not only is it quick to change but one parent will get to carry on sleeping - fingers crossed it might even be me occaisionallay.
lotzofboys - 4:54 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
My recently turned 8 year old has started wetting the bed again. WIth a newborn in the house , I figure this may be contributing to it. He is a confident little boy but I notice the quiet side of him come out when the wetting starts again. We have tried EVERYTHING!!! ... 'lifting' him, limiting fluid intake, making him strip his bed ... the list goes on. I am going to purchase one of the brolly sheets anyway but would LOVE to receive one
Lime - Size single. Many thanks
Gubsea - 4:53 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Help we have just moved house and my almost five year old has refused to sleep in his own bed, not only that he has begun wetting the bed again. I'm sure this phase will pass (fingers crossed) but i would love to try the Brolly Sheet so i'm not spreading copious amounts of baking soda on my bed and waking up wet every night. and we won't even go there with al the washing of exttra towels and bedding. ~ Queen Lime Thanx it would be a gigantic help
magnet0 - 4:45 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
With a soon be be 6 year old son who has never had a dry night (and yes we have tried nearly everything) and a 3 1/2 year son old who doesn't like to wear nappies at night. I would love to trial a brolly sheet to see if giving my older son the chance to go without night nappies would help him realise when he needs to wake up without the problem of having to change entire beds in the middle of the night. Any single sized boy colour would be ok (white, red, lime, blue)
manddsteven - 4:09 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi, I have a darling 2 1/2 year old daughter Bailee. Bailee is a very head strong we girl who wanted out of nappies at 2 years old. Bailee is fantastic in the day however of late we have had many bed changes in the middle of the night. I have 2 so called waterproof sheets which I normally put underneath her sheets but have found that these are not water proof as stated and it has gone straight through onto the mattress. I am in desperate need as I feel I might have a good year or so to go before Bailee stops wetting the bed and I am definitely not going backwards and putting nappies back on. In the hope that I am selected I would love King Single and in Pink please. Thanks :)
bechughes - 4:06 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would LOVE to try! My little girl is 2 1/2 and is successfully toilet trained for daytime only. But she is still afternoon sleeping and wetting night nappies. The need to change into a nappy for afternoon naps is such a shame, I'm sure with a brolly sheet we could feel more confident about 'trying' nicker naps... Would be great to try Brolly sheets, many friends have raved about them. {Single Pink} Thanks
vennessa - 4:03 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi! I'd love to try these; sick of washing sheets whole day!!!Much prefer to spending time with my darling daughter than wash sheets! pink, queen please
SueDalton - 3:59 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these out for my 3year old who is dry during the day but not at night, and she needs to move into a queen size bed as her baby sibling due in july needs the cot/toddler bed she is currently using. And since the queen bed is also our spare bed for visitors i do need to look for a great toilet training covering for it. Queen size no colour preference. thanks for considering us.
BrittanyJWilson - 3:52 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would really love to try these out. We are just about to start toilet training as I'm due with my second in three months and would love to have miss two out of nappies by then. We have a king single bed. Would also appreciate any tips or products that anyone swears by. Look forward to hearing from you x
GinaG - 3:51 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have been recently looking into Brolly Sheets and other brands of mattress protectors as we are about to start the journey of night time toilet training with our oldest daughter. Brolly Sheets, look to be far more superior to the other brands available and I would love the opportunity to trial them, and pass on positive feedback to my large coffee group and friends who are all in similar stages with their little ones!
k4kylie - 3:49 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
yes please i would love to use this product i have a 3 year old that has just started wearing knickers to bed, usually she is good but the odd accident is a nightmare I have a smaller bed protector but after an accident the other day with my younger daughter (1yrs) i will need to put the smaller one on her bed. My 3 years old, Katie has a single bed, she loves pink but any colour will do thank you
eddie - 3:47 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
My family would love to trial this sheet because accidents do happen and its quite a lot of work getting the bed dry afterwards. I would prefer pink for a single bed.
vebbutt - 2:49 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
my family would love to be chosen to take part in this product trial, my daughter is nearly 4 years old and finds staying dry through the night hard and with a new baby in the house i find it hard finding enough time to wash her sheets and blankets and with winter about to hit its gonna be worse. she doesnt want to go back into nappies as she wants to be a big girl just needs abit of help so please pick us to try this product out and we will tell everyone just how great they work.
if picked we would like a pink(or any colour) 1 for a single bed
Mamma - 2:03 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Arggh I have just put in an internet order for one of these (single in lime) to see what they are like! How's that for luck. I am happy to 'participate' anyway and will put up my reviews. :)
tara - 1:35 PM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
Me and my son would love to be part of this trial, my son is 18months old and just going into his big boy bed as he is supper at flinging himself out of his crib. my boy isnt yet potty trained and still wearing nappies to bed but 9 nights out of 10 i will find him in the morning with no nappy on (no matter what sort we put on him, disposable or washable and no matter how many times i reput it on durning the night) and a wet mess for mum to clean up. i think this is jsut what we are looking for. my boys favorate colour would be lime in a king single but and colour in a king single will do. :D
coolnan - 9:40 AM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am Nan to a 5 year old who still wets the bed. I often have her to stay the night. It would be great to trial one of these because I don't like stripping the bed in the middle of night. I'm far too old for that!! I do have a waterproof protector, but it doesn't stay put, and ends up bunching up and the mattress gets wet. I would give this a great review. If i'm selected I would love a red one, though i'm not too fussy, and a single bed size please.
CakeQueen - 9:04 AM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
We are trying for the second time to have no nappies at night for my 3 yr old, prob is that when she wet its a massive job to change everything so definatly keen on trialing a Brolly sheet! Can i please try the single in white thanks.
Mutt - 8:34 AM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these as my current way of dealing with the night time wetting is using towels and sometimes multiple changes of bedding. could I please try king single in the colour blue. thank you
Reblee - 1:10 AM on Tue-22-Mar-2011 reply | message
I got two of these when I was toilet training my 2 year old, they are absolutely AWESOME, love them to bits, they are easy to put on and stay on the bed securely and are easy to wash. Fabulous product good on you Dianne.
jafaj - 9:36 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would be keen to give these sheets a go. My 2 year old girl has started taking off her nappy when put to bed. We have also started toilet training so can see the benefit of this product. Single size red or lime would be wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity :))
Jubie - 8:35 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
i would love to try these as my beautiful girl whom was toilet trained last year has started wetting the bed again, alot :( this would be so much better than having to try deal with wet mattress in winter!!!! the single Lime would be awesome please :)
jenniferojenny - 7:59 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh please please please pick me! We are toilet training at the moment and and am woken at night a lot to "ahhhh mummy wet!" last night my daughter had a bit of an accident in my bed and i was woken to "ahhhhhhh! it's raining!" we desperately need some brolley sheets please! pink single please:)
erenakelly - 7:39 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi! I'd love to try these; we've mastered day time but am getting rather frustrated with the ongoing wet night sheets with my son. There are better things to do with my daylight hours than wash sheets! Lime green, single please ;0
ruthb - 7:14 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial a brolly sheet ... my 3 year old is occassionally dry overnight but then has very wet naps other nights. Keen to think about nappy free nights but nervous about the wet mornings! Trying to get back into workforce so cant really afford to have a bucket load of washing in the morning ... if these could solve the washing issue while he is learning then I'd be rapt! Other products I tried with my daughter used to wriggle around and or wet through! Love to see if these work!
I'd like to trial a blue one, single please
kiragray - 7:02 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would so love to trial the brolly sheet. I have a 4 1/2 year old boy, who I have struggled with getting his nappy off at night. It is saturated every morning. And the times I have taken it off, he has wet the bed completely. I want to get his nappy off and go for a good week without it. So the brolly sheet would come in handy to give this a go.
jokaza - 7:00 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have 3 kids and do not have any problems with my boys (6 & 10) but my 8 yr old is still in an overnight pull up. Very interested in trying brolly sheets......PInk Single please.
justinew - 6:59 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi Guys

I was wondering if I could put my hand up not for myself but for a friend, her eldest really wants to be out of pull ups at nighttime but I know she can't afford to get the sheets herself, we have them and they are a total godsend :-)

I'm sure she wouldnt be fussy with colour so either blue or green in single would be fantastic.

Thanks heaps!!!
Mondo - 6:57 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow what timing - I'd love to trial this for my son, he's 4 years old still wearing a night nappy - the couple of times we've forgotten to put it on, he's wet the bed. Middle of the night bed/sheet changing is not pleasant! We'd love a king single in blue. Thanks
Shaz99 - 6:38 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh this would be FANTASTIC to try! My daughter (2.5yr) is just in the beginning stages of toilet training but really it would be for my son (9m) who has chronic gastro issues - I'd love to see if this can handle those stinky leakages & reflux gunks as my poor washing machine is getting a bashing with all the washing! I also caught wind you can use these when you're breastfeeding for those nightly leakages - I'd just love to try it out for all of the above!!! lol! As yucky as all of those sound written down! haha.

How fantastic that you can put these on TOP of the bed!!!! Talk about saving washing!!!! Will be interesting to see how stain proof they are & how quick they are to dry as I'd be washing it at least once every couple of days!

I'd like a red one single please :)
dayauon - 5:43 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hello! I would love to try your product. My 6 year old daughter says she dreams of going to toilet and then she wets the bed. The other night, I wasn’t so lucky because I got wet. Every early morning, I transfer my son with us and he wears diapers so its not a problem. The problem is his spilling so another reason to change the sheets. Just don’t ask where the daddy sleeps haha! Queen size would be great and any colour will do. Thank you.
KellyR - 5:42 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi Julie,

I have been looking at these for quite awhile now and been debating whether I should purchase. We are not sure what to do with the bed wetting situation, my husband takes to toilet late at night before bed and I think we should leave our son as this approach not training bladder (he is now 6). Don't really know what is right. This product looks great and cotton sounds like a bonus as toher products we have are definitely waterproof but need to put under the sheet for comfort. Would also be interested as I have an elderly parent with us and could be useful in the future.

Thanks for the opportunity

Kind Regards


Blue King single, but would be happy to try out any colour
jaylene - 5:34 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi my older son and i have been looking for something to ues on his bed so he can get out of nappies which he so wants todo. we would Love to try the Brolly Sheets please ( king single, Red) Thanks Jaylene
QsMum - 5:00 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh we'd love to try these. My son wants to be nappy free at night as he is at school now. We have tried - but he is squiggly and never in the same place twice - so catchy the catastrophes would be great for his confidence and my nerves. We'd need a single bed size and he loves lime - though after his accident in my bed a lime Queen would be wonderful too! ;o)
tallsonn - 4:31 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try Brolly Sheets (king single in blue). We have just managed to toilet train Master 3 and a half, and I noticed that his nappy is dry MOST nights but I'm still not sure about letting him sleep without one. The hassle of wet linen in the middle of the night is just too much for me to deal with at the moment!
pepper80 - 4:19 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to review these as my daughter who has just turned 4 would like to start going to bed in nikcers and these would make life so much eaiser for us
mjchase - 3:49 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
My seven year old still wets at night, so I would love Brolly sheets in red; single sized!
sanderperson - 3:27 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
One of these would be perfect for my 4 1/2 year old. He is a very heavy sleeper and is not waking himself to go to the toilet during the night and often leaks out of his pull up. I have an old mattress protector but this is from when my oldest (now 13) was little and the elastic that holds it on the bed has gone so we have to put on the bed sideways which does not always "catch" everything! If chosen a blue or green single would be fantastic!
hellsbelle - 3:10 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would very much love to give these a go for my 2 (nearly 3) year old son who has leaky nappies at night time, he is a die hard tummy sleeper and for whatever reason nappies just aren't designed to absorb much in the front hence our problem.
Green single would be perfect if chosen, Thanks.
michj81 - 3:01 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh yes please, toilet training has ben going well until night times, the constant wet sheets and under blankets and i havnt ben able to get out to get a waterproof thing but this would be far better. Ive tried a similar product from my first child that i picked up from the warehouse but its only 1 metre by 1 metre size and just lyes on top of fitted sheet but they wriggle so much it moves and they always miss it. Would love to try this. King Single in any colour but pink please.
veronicad - 3:00 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this, Thank you. I currently have 3 children, (hopefully one more coming) My oldest is a girl and she was a dream to toilet train and has had no nappies, overnight included, since she was two. Man did I get a shock when I tried to train my next one, a boy. He is currently two and I am still in the process of training him and it is obviously going to be a long process. We have days sorted...almost, but nights are a different story. Even day sleeps have been a bit of a challenge as he seems to be one of those boys that is quite interested in his own poos. Sigh. A brolly sheet for a single bed would be a godsend I think, as my third child is also a boy. If he is as hard to train as my second I might feel like giving up on having another one! Green or blue would be great. Cheers.
atmum - 2:55 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
My family and I would love to trial this amazing invention!! <br>For my first child I was forever waking in the middle of the night, changing sheets like a zombie. Sometimes even twice a night as he was a deep sleeper.<br>I would love not to have to do this with my second who is now ready for toilet training. This sounds like an absolute godsend and I wait with anticipation to see whether we will be lucky enough to trial this or whether I will be a zombie changing sheets mum! Thanks for the opportunity to register :) P.S: My little princess would loove pink and single sheet thanks.
kayash - 2:45 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial a brolly sheet too! I have been looking for something similar as my little girl (2.5yrs) is going into a big bed next month and it needs to be waterproof. If chosen pink or blue in single size.
LeeanneG - 2:44 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
A brolly sheet sounds amazing. I would definately love to try a single of any (boy) colour Me and my 5 1/2 year old son attempted to have dry nights over the summer holidays. We had good progress until he started back at school. School seemed to make him more tired and sleep sounder at night. Some nights I would have two beds to change even after waking him for a midnight toilet run. After several weeks of broken sleep this single mum has resorted back to pull ups as sleep is so precious.
samstills5 - 2:41 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to give these a go! I have a 13mth old son and a 5yr old girl. We plan on toilet training our son in the near future and these look fantastic - so much easier than having to change the whole bed! :)
bearcub - 2:31 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial them as Miss Sophie will be going into a big bed soon. As she wets through everything each night, these would be idea to try.
Would love the green single if chosen please.
heather13 - 2:02 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE a brolly sheet. My son is 3yrs old and has been day toilet trained since he turned 2. However no matter what I have done he still wets during the night. We have the odd dry night, but they are few and far between. We have a fitted waterproof sheet on his bed underneath his bottom sheet to protect the bed, only trouble is of course if is nappy has leaked it means we have to strip the whole bed. We put a nappy on him every night, but he seems to over fill the nappy and it leaks, so there is usually not a week that goes by where I have not had to clean up an accident.
His favourite colour is blue.
jopukeko - 1:59 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try the single in any colour (My kids are both girls) as I'm currently toilet training my eldest and know it won't be long until I have to be brave and start putting her down for sleeps without a nappy. I have a feeling that it will happen just as the weather changes and washing becomes a mission. The idea just wiping off the brolly sheet in the middle of the night would be so much easier especially when the gilrs share a bedroom and I don't want them to both wake up.
lucanzmuma - 1:54 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
i am toilet training for the first time, talk about confusing these sound very helpful. if i can i would have blue in a single size.
caprice - 1:51 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Gosh I'd love to review Brolly sheets. My son is almost 5 and has been toilet trained since he was 2 but he sleeps very heavily and often doesn't wake up, would love to try to get him out of night nappies! single any colour!
ssi8 - 1:47 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have put off night-time training my about-to-turn 3 year old because I just couldn't face the hassle of the night time accidents (this is my 3rd child and I'm so over toilet training) so I would love to try a single bed sized, pink brolly sheet. I feel bad about the environmental impact of the disposables (pull ups actually) that I am using at night ...and I am grateful to the day care teachers who did most of the work of the day time training too !
GoMummyJo - 1:40 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Our little Pocket who was 3 at the start of December has just started toilet training recently. She has the knack now of going to the loo for wees during the day but holds on for poos & goes in bed at night, and obviously if there's anything else on board it ends up soaking the bed too, even through Pull ups. These brolly sheets sound like such a good idea for the middle of the night! If chosen, can we please try the single in pink.
gr8mum - 1:31 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
My heart leapt when I saw you were trialling these - it's one of those things I've been thinking about for ages. My eldest son is 5 and only just reliably day trained - we've tried night time but with a cheap bed protector which means having to strip the whole bed coz he wriggles - which in turn has put us off continuing with traninig - but at age 5 we would like to give it another go (plus he's getting a little upset about night nappies now) - I'd love to see how good these are so that I can (hopefully) recommend to other people that it IS worth the cost! I also have a 3 yr old who is keen to try and a 1 year old (but perhaps I'll keep him in naps a wee bit longer!)
Red single please
tigerlilynz - 1:22 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
i would love to trial this product on my 6yr old son who suffers with autism(so it makes him alot slower at training then others at his age)
i would love the colour green as this is his favoutire colour.
its tiring changing beds daily and running around after 4 other children and hubby.
thank you so much
amyr - 1:21 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
These brolly sheets sound fantastic for us at the moment! My son 2.5 years is just starting to toilet train and man am I sick of having to clean and air out the matress! I really wanted to buy some protective bed linen but just doesnt fit in the budget at the moment! Would love to try this product! Single, and any colour except pink would suit my little man prefect please!
keznz - 1:16 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial the Brolly Sheets!! Please pick me!! :) I have a 3.5 year old & nearly 2 yr old who will also benefit from these in the not too distant future! Miss 3 has now started going thru the night with no nappy - but would be awesome to have a brolly sheet to make those nights where accidents happen easier!!
Blue - King Single please :) Thanks for the opportunity! kez*
janinekiwi - 1:11 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow! I sooo want to be involved in this trial for brolly sheets!! Ive been thinking of buying these as Ive heard great things about them and Im just about to start toilet training my 19/20 month old son.. hes moving into a king single bed on the weekend so trialing this product would work in beautifully with this. I even contacted brolly sheets to ask for a sample (in blue) so that I could see what the fabric is like. Id really appreciate being offered a chance to trial this and will write a detailed review (and will probably buy a couple more if they're good, since Ive heard boys are particularly hard to toilet train..) Blue, king single..thanks!
GirlsMum - 1:07 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am also starting to Toilet Train my 2 year old. She loves to take her nappy off during nap time when I am not keeping a close eye on her. It would be so nice to not have to change ALL the bedding and cut my laundry load in half. Pink, Single.
imamum - 12:58 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Blue, Single.
I am just starting toilet training so this would be perfect as piece of mind that I am not going to have to change bedding every day and every night after sleeps.
ammum - 12:56 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
After hearing stories from friends about how much harder it is to train boys, I'm not so keen on having to change sheets in the night when my son wets the bed...I've heard that these are fantastic and save a lot of hassle. They'd be perfect for when my nieces stay over too :) I would love the green in a single size please :)
lizmo - 12:53 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh yes please please please. This is perfect timing. My daughter has had dry nappies at night for months. So we start her in undies for bed and only last 3 nights. So I said 3 dry nappies and she is back in unides but more mistakes all of a sudden. It must be stressful for her. If I could tell her this will soak up any oh-oh's it may take that stress away. Single Pink would be our preference
KimH - 12:52 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 3 yr old daughter is about to start night training, so this trial couldn't have come at a better time! This would save some of the hassle of changing the whole bed in the middle of the night. Especially since the weather is now turning colder and less washing friendly! I've heard lots of good things about Brolly Sheets, so am keen to give them a go. If chosen I would be happy with any colour in a single bed size. Thanks.
katiemegan - 12:43 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try one of these with my 3 year old daughter. She is day time trained but still has the occasional wet night. She doesn't like to wear a pull up because she is a 'big girl'. It would make a real difference not having to completely strip the bed if she does have an accident. A pink single Brolly sheet would be awesome to trial.
turtle - 12:42 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
i would love to try this product for my son and neice she stays over alot and every now and then has a wee opps. it would save alot of washing. if i get choosen i would like the single in red please
NamericanZ - 12:18 PM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to try this product for my 3.5 year old son. He is toilet trained during the day but we are putting him in diapers at night to prevent "an issue". I believe we are sending him the wrong message by doing this but am not prepared to try a night without aide quite yet. We could use any colour except pink in a size single.
nzcath - 11:46 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these! My daughter has been toilet trained for ages, but is always in a pull up at night. We have only ever had 4 dry nights, but now that she has just 'turned' 4 1/2 she has decided she can wear nickers so has taken to getting up in the night, taking her pull up off and putting her nickers on! I have been having to change her sheets in the night so would love something that means I don't have to do this!! (especially with the rainy season coming!) I'm not fussy about the colour, but would need single.
MaddiezMum - 11:31 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would looooove to try one of these, i was just talking to my daughters dad today about investing in something of this sort. My 2 1/2 year old has pretty much toilet trained herself, only 2 weeks ago she was in nappies, now shes in knickers and we have only had one accident! The last 4 nights have been completely dry, I cant beleieve how well shes doing. I would love to take the next step, from pull up's at night to her big girl knickers, but with all the bad weather we've been having i just havent been brave enough yet. A pink, single brolly sheet would be perfect, you cant beat the inginuety of a kiwi mum!
Cocoqu - 11:16 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these Brolly Sheets. I have woken up to my 5 year olds wet bed AGAIN - it is raining here too so that is not going to help with the washing pile. I have 5 children and have successfully toliet trained the 3 older ones but Miss 5 is proving a bit tougher! Just shows how different they all are. If I put her in pullups she will be dry without fail - but without we usually get woken up to her in the middle of the night - wet. With Miss 3 soon to follow with the night time training this would definitely be worth trying. Of course Miss 5 loves pink - so a pink single to trial would be fab! Thanks.
magoo75 - 11:13 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi, i too would like to trial these brolly sheets. I have a 4yr old who i have been thinking needs to stop wearing a nappy at night. He is currently toilet trained, but i just need to make bed time thing sorted, so this would be very helpfull in my house hold. I also have a 18mth old, who within the year will also be going thru the same thing.
We would like to try a single size in red please. Thanks
Cathybunny - 10:31 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I've heard some good things about these Brolly Sheets and would love to see if they work as well as they say!! My son is 2 years, 7 months (nearly 8 months) old and is currently toilet training so this would be extremely helpful in my household. My daughter would also benefit from these being passed on to her as well (she's 8 months old). Thanks for the opportunity to try and get these to review! We'd love a lime green set in king single size please!
caelbug - 10:05 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
We would like to try, and review this product as it has great potential to save us from a lot of stress with the start of toilet training, it's approaching quick and it seems we'll be training a boy showing signs of readiness over the winter months, so with the Brolly Sheet we will be saving on excess washing and winter drying. Or we have to keep him in nappies for another 6 months and take longer to get there :\

When toilet training is over, we could use the product in many other ways, highchair mat, nappy free time mat, to use when on holidays, to save the mattress/sheets of someone else's bed, even as a cover for a hut in the house over the winter. So much fun and potential for one product. So nice to get the use out of it.

Blue or Green in single size.
Bungle - 9:56 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial one of these...with a 4yr old, 2yr old and newborn I am already up to my eyeballs in one of these would be great!
Blue, single sized pretty please ;-)
nicky22 - 9:44 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try a Brolly sheet king single colour doesn't really matter, But I have a 3yr old boy that is fully trained during the day & is wanting to wear undies to bed at night as at the moment he is in pull ups due to he still wets during the night sometimes but if I had something like brolly sheet then I could at least try & see if putting him in undies at night would help with him waking up to go at night without having all this washing to do at the end of it.
Kayeaye - 9:23 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi Kidspot and Brollysheets...i would love love love to review these Brollysheets, i have 3 very busy boys (9, 7 and 1) and ive had endless ongoing problems with bed-wetting esp with my 7 year old who has ADHD and was very late to toilet-train and we still have the odd accident during the day but nights are a nightmare...we've tried everything from pull-ups (which leak) to water-proof sheeting, waking him a few times a night, limiting drinks in the evening, all to no avail....we've been through a number of mattress protectors to try and protect the mattress. Washing is love to try and review a product that could make life easier for both my little boy (who cant seem to understand how he keeps ending up wet!) and i...Lime or red single size sheets would be wonderful :-)
Mumofone - 9:15 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
These would be great to take to nana house, I am sure they would appreciate a little less washing and protection!!
Gemstar - 9:15 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE to try this and am more than happy to give my feedback. Also have a whole coffee group of friends that would be interested and if I like the product I would happily reccomend it. My daughter is 2 and half and is toilet trained during the day but not at sleep times.She is a big water drinker so I think it is going to be some stime before I am able to put her to bed without any bedding protection. THe brolly sheet would definately help making memore confident to try her in bed without a nappy. If I am chosen could I please have either the single pink or single white. Looks like a great product and am very interested to see what its like. Cheers
happyfrau - 9:04 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
my nearly 6 year old boy is still in pull ups. He and I both want to resolve this but we have found it really hard to find a good solution that makes it stressfree, calm and not overly disturning in the middle of the night. Now I am pregnant with number three, I am even keener to get this sorted! Blue single size sheets would be great. :)
tayzfam - 8:53 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
My reason for wanting to try one will sound pretty odd as it has nothing to do with bed wetting - I have a 9 month old son with severe GORD who either does large spills or vomits most days in his cot which of course goes straight through to the mattress protector (I have three cloth nappies under his head as well as a bottom sheet but it still manages to go through) - I think something like this is what we need to protect his bedding and then that way I would also only be washing one thing rather than five things so I would love to trial a blue single bed brolly sheet as if it works I would def. go and purchase a few for his bed - he is obviously in a cot but from what I have seen of these I imagine we could make it work on a cot mattress.
Glenfelik - 8:51 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE one of these.

I am just in the process of toilet training my almost 3 year old son. And I can just see from now on that it is going to be a struggle - boys eh!!

Blue in King Single

Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter!
sarahm0695 - 8:49 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi there I'm a young mum of 3. 4 year old 3 year old and 1 year old. Mr 4 hasn't worn a nappy since he was 2years 2moths old, but Miss 3 is in night time nappies we just finished her 1st night nappy free but woke up running to the loo as she had started in her bed... eww, If I get to review a Brolly sheet I would love a single pink. Thanks Sarah :)
chellesm - 8:48 AM on Mon-21-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial a Brolly sheet please!!! I have a 7 (almost 8 year old) special needs child and we often have issues with his nappies leaking during the night! A Brolly would make my life so much easier when it comes to changing his bed in the mornings!!

I would love to trial the lime on in a queen size please :-)
Gillymama - 11:11 PM on Sun-20-Mar-2011 reply | message
These sound amazing - love the fact that they are natural, breathable comfortable to sleep on. My idea of waterproof sheets are pieces of slippery plastic that dont breathe! My daughter is a very hot sleeper and sweats like mad at night. I'd love to try a RED king single - also do they make pillow cases?? Now there's a good idea! :-)
sara - 7:52 PM on Sun-20-Mar-2011 reply | message
I wish brolly sheets were around when I was a kid! I was a bed wetter until the age of about 10, luckily not every night, and it was very embarassing! I remember one time wetting the bed at a sleepover. I got up early, stripped my bed and put the sheets in the laundry. My friends Mum never said anything about it thank goodness, I was so ashamed of it.
I've been toilet training Jaime (2y8m) for about 4 weeks. She's doing well, but has a nappy at night. For her day sleeps I have her go to the bathroom before her sleep and don't put on a nappy. She usually stays dry, but not always.
I would love to try the brolly sheet on her bed, both for nap time and for when we transition her into no nappy at night. I have a friend who raved about brolly sheets last time I visited, so I'm very keen to give one a go!
We would use size single, in pink:-)
SarahE - 3:12 PM on Sun-20-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi, I too would love to trial brolly sheets if possible. I have a 3 year old who is toilet trained but still wearing a nappy at night. I think he is probably ready to stop wearing one, but the thought of a wet bed and the drama that goes with it - in the middle of the night - with his 2 year old brother sharing the room, and his 8 month old sister sleeping in the room next door - it all sounds too hard! Brolly sheets could be my new best friend! I'd like to try a blue single size brolly sheet please.
ValerieL - 11:09 PM on Sat-19-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial the brolly sheets for my 2 sons, a 5-year old & an 18-month old. I've had moments when 'accidents' happen & both of them end up wet & unhappy in the middle of the night. I'd like to have a blue one, in queen size, please...thank you!
TraceyF - 1:17 PM on Sat-19-Mar-2011 reply | message
We would be really keen to trial these. My 10 year old is still in dry nights at night time but still some nights manages to wet the bed as well. I am pregnant with baby number 4 and am not in a place to try all the incontinence services at the moment so would love to have something that could stay on his bed and not move around. We use something at the moment but it is just a pad and often moves while he sleeps so then he ends up with a wet bed. I would love to try a blue single size brolly sheet.
summer - 8:30 AM on Sat-19-Mar-2011 reply | message
unfortunately the problem of wet bed is my darling hubby, he is a profuse sweater in bed. i have tried almost everything used different linen materials lighter coverings,there have been times where i have changed the bedding 3 times in one night,sometimes it has come to sleeping in different beds. i would love to give the Brolly sheets a try in green colour in queen size
natsmum - 9:40 PM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to have one of these to trial with Miss 3 (almost 4), we are right in the middle of night time toilet training at the moment and we are making progress although we still get wet beds And anything to help with the wetness would be great. A single bed, any colour would be great.
angelnshan - 8:01 PM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
oops for got to mention if i was chosen a single size pink one thanks
angelnshan - 8:00 PM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
would love to trial these for my 7 year old daughter with toileting issues would be a god send to not have to change/wash all the sheets and blankets every night
janeehaslam - 1:52 PM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have a 2 1/2 year old who is just being potty trained and these sheets would be a godsend to me in helping with this and my not having to worry that she may not be dry in the morning. I would love one for a single bed in pink please so she felt like it was her normal sheet and not something extra that I am putting in the bed :)
tarns677 - 11:02 AM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this product I have twins that are comming up to three and a 4 and a half year old so with the diapers dry alot of the nights would be great to take them of and trust this product to keep the bed dry! Single bed any colour have boy and girls.
bidih - 9:48 AM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
While it seems a bit like shutting the gate once the horse has bolted...we are still determined to master this bed-time dry nights thing - however this time we will be much more prepared! THese sheets would be brilliant - its too late for my hands - all the scrubbing after the many accidents has just ruined my manicure dahr...ling - but it would be nice to save the mattress! Miss 2 will love them! Blue/pink/green/purple or yellow would be great for our little single bed.
smileybabe - 8:34 AM on Fri-18-Mar-2011 reply | message
WOW. What a great product yet again to trial. I would love to review these for my just 5 yr old. Also I have a small neice (18months) who stays with us sometimes and I think this product would be great for either one of these kids. Also coming into winter I find the children get a few more bugs and coughs and sneezes I think these would be great incase they are unwell as well. I also have tried other "waterproof sheets" etc so could give a good comparison. I think the tuck in sides would be great and would love to sample it for a king single in blue.
RumRita - 3:41 PM on Thu-17-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh I'd be very keen to try these out. My little one is really good during the day but we are up and down with him in the night still and this would be a great help. He would need a single blue. Either way, I really look forward to reading the reviews on this product! Thanks
karinlee - 2:35 PM on Thu-17-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these for something a bit different. I have a 10 year old that sweats so much at night I have to change the sheets daily. Would love to trial this to see if it helps with this problem. She would love Pink and a king single.
twinsandmore - 12:18 PM on Thu-17-Mar-2011 reply | message
Opps forgot to add my daughter would love to trail lime in the single bed size. Green is her favourite colour and is a great sleep colour creating feelings of peace and serenity making it easier to slow down and sleep. :)
twinsandmore - 12:12 PM on Thu-17-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 5yr old daughter would be perfect to trail these! She wets at night, so wears pull-ups to bed. This doesn't help her learn how to stay dry at night. She prefers to wear knickers to bed, but when she wets at night she either wakes and ends up tired at school, or she doesn't wake and has a sore rash from sleeping on wet sheets.
I also have 1yr old twin boys who wake when my daughter wakes up wet and upset, our whole family muddles through at the moment in a tired zombie state.
I feel that these brolly sheets could help my daughter learn to keep dry at night, therefore getting a good night sleep and enjoying school more. I would have less washing to do and would enjoy more time to spend with my kids. I could rediscover what it is like not to get up to children during the night. Please, Please select us.
kateleek - 3:45 PM on Wed-16-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am starting to train my 2 y.old at the moment, and during the day things are progressing well.

For some time now however, at night time she just loves to drink a lot of water so no matter what nappy I have on her, it can't handle a whole night and most mornings over summer she has woken up in a wee (excuse the pun) puddle.

I have been putting a towel under her sheet, putting a potty next to her bed but still the problem continues so I (and my washing machine) would LOVE an opportunity to test your product, especially with winter approaching- this is a product I will certainly be looking out for
shopping - 2:44 PM on Wed-16-Mar-2011 reply | message
My two year old daughter has been going to the toilet since Christmas and has been wearing nappies on to bed. I am really keen to try this and start letting her wear no nappy to bed at nights. This would be perfect to help our little situation at the moment. I def would be up to review this
mummaS - 2:28 PM on Wed-16-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 2 year old son has just started toilet training and I think like most mothers I under-estimated the amount of extra washing this would create! I have been saving for some brolly sheets as a friend recommended them to me a while ago. WOuld love the opportunity to review them.
We'd love either blue or lime in Single size :)
SusanD - 1:34 PM on Wed-16-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to review the Brolly sheets for you. I have 3 kids and about to start training my son, and my daughter has the occasional accident at night still too.
Please save me from spending my life in the laundry!! :o)

I have King Single beds and would love pink or blue.
franruss - 10:59 AM on Wed-16-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this.
My youngest is off to school soon and he still wears a pull-up at night - it's really about time he stopped. I think if a special parcel arrived for him, it might work as a good incentive to get him out of pull-ups.
I used something similar for my other children, but they didn't really like sleeping on them - these look like they might be more comfortable.
A red one for a single bed would be good, but any colour except pink would be fine.
xxxoliviaxxx - 11:24 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this product. My son is 2 1/2 years old and we have just started toilet training. However, I also have a problem at the moment were he manages to "leak" through his cloth nappy or disposable while having an afternoon nap or overnight. Very frustrating and the washing this is creating so much extra work! I think this warm weather we have been having is contributing to it, as he is drinking loads of water! And the nappy just cannot cope. I would love a blue one (any colour would be fine though) in a size single.
dipikas - 10:46 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would absolutely love to try out this product. Heard great reviews about it. Love the fact that it is cotton, breathable and does not make noise like other waterproof products. Ease of use and washing is an added bonus. We try to leave our DS 7month nappy free for some time during the day. Normally I just put a big sheet but the pee of course goes right through! Have been looking for something big enough to use it on the carpet and then later use it on his big boy bed! Lime Queen would be awesome! Once we try it out, we can buy a few more too. Thanks :-)
annagordy - 9:59 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to be a part of this. I have a wee man who is toilet training and these sound great!
Lozzykiwi - 9:19 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
Ooh I was so excited to see this here, we'd love to review a Brolly Sheet! My son has just turned 3 and has daytimes fairly down pat, but night times... well, I'm a cop out and we still use a night nappy because I am just too scared to have to tackle bed stripping in the middle of the night, and a huge washing basket in the morning! No one wants to wake up to that!
Brolly sheets sound like a dream come true. Especially for those parents terrified of night-time toilet training (like me).
If we are chosen, a lime in single size would just be fab.
Thanks for considering us :)
NZOkaasan - 9:05 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to review Brolly sheets. My eldest was great at dry nights and then we had some regression. We are back at square one and I am so tired of all the washing of sheets and blankets.
Any colour in a single size would be fantastic. I want to know first hand if these really are as good as people say they are. Funds are limited so if we get to trial a brolly sheet and it does do justice then we will consider buying an extra one or more as our youngest will be toilet training very soon too.
Pinot29 - 8:34 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi , yes I'd love to review a Brolly Sheet for my 3 year old who is Toilet Trained although does have some accidents at night when he's in a deep sleep and doesn't wake up to get to the toilet on time. I currently double make the bed with some very thin absorbent pads in between the sheets I was given as hand me downs - they're not very good and he sometimes leaks through 2 lots of sheets which is very much a pain in the middle of the night when he's already upset that he's wet the bed & I want to get back to sleep! Any colour except pink in a double bed size would be wonderful :-)
jobrush - 5:09 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have a 6 year old who still wets at night, and sometimes even a pull up (disposable or cloth) just cant contain his wee. We've tried different sorts of mattress protectors but these have worn out with repeated washing so would love to try a brolly sheet as we've heard so many good things about them. Mr 3 hasn't had any dry nights either yet so I can see him at some point wanting to not wear nappies to bed at night and the thought of having to change 2 complete sets of bed sheets when we are supposed to be conserving water makes me cringe! If I'm lucky enough to be chosen, a blue single would be great :-)
Lucy - 5:04 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to review Brolly Sheets. I have some of their product already and think it's brilliant. I have two beds made up with Brolly Sheet mats so that I just move my daughter from one bed to the other. I was finding a problem with the duvet getting wet so I bought a waterproof duvet cover from Brolly Sheets. Sometimes she wets the second bed so I decided to buy a waterproof top sheet this time to protect the duvet. I already have some thoughts that I'd be more than happy to share with Brolly Sheets. A third Brolly Sheet mat would be great as a back up for the occasions when my daughter has wet the bed twice and I've got a busy day following. Then I wouldn't have to panic to get them washed and dried for that night. Red king single would be great.
Karen - 4:23 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try a brolly sheet as we have a daughter of 2years and four months, and another baby on the way. We have loads of use for a brolly sheet. Any colour in a single size would be great.

Teenah - 3:48 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would really like to try one of these. My 5 year old is trying so hard to go dry at night, and gets upset when she does wet the bed. I feel that if we tried one off these bolly sheets it would be easier for us in the middle of the night, and would hopefully save on a bit of washing, and save a few tears. If I was lucky enough to receive one to review could we please have a lime, king single.
Mumofone - 3:28 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial Brolly Sheets, we have just started toilet training our son so he is ready for pre-school and I love the fact these could save time and washing. He is our oldest son and is turning 3 so hopefully we will learn from this experience and it can help us train his little brother when he is older but at only 6 weeks he will probably be in nappies for a while yet. If we are lucky enough to get picked we will need a king single size, blue would be nice but lime or white would also be ok. I am so glad these will help with save time, washing and my sanity I need any help I can get as a first time toilet trainer.
ReneeR - 2:51 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
We would love to try one of these - my daughter will be 3 in a week and a half and she has started telling me she doesn't want to wear nappies at night, though coming into winter I'm a little nervous about all the washing that could mean for me!!! I have heard so much about these and think simplify the whole process for us! If we were selected we'd love to trial a single pink please! Fingers crossed! Thanks!
rach2212 - 2:48 PM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
Lime single i would love to try on my 2yr girl i was using waterproof mattress protector from briscoes but always moves around her bed:( so i gave up after the quake need to start again:) please pick me hehe :)
SusanDax - 11:05 AM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
It would be great to try these, as we are thinking of trying our three year old girl without a night nappy. If I was lucky enough to be selected I would like a blue single. Thanks!
Dizzles - 9:55 AM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hiya, I too would really like to try these new Brolly Sheets for my almost 4yr old boy. He has the bladder of a camel, seriously! Initially I was wanting to avoid such things as 'Night-time nappies' such as Pull-ups as he wants to be a 'big boy' now. But even when I ensure he has no drinks after 6pm, toilet before bed, then again when I go to bed, THEN I get up at 3am to take him to the toilet AGAIN, he STILL wakes up wet 7times out of 10!!! Clearly, due to the insurmountable amount of washing I am really wanting to try out these special sheets, as the ones I currently use don't cut the mustard, and I am having to use towels as well. I would like the lime coloured ones in single size please. Also, any advice from other mums who have conquered this would be appreciated, even tho I have already successfully acheived this with my 3 other children!! Help!! ;)
roxy7191 - 2:17 AM on Tue-15-Mar-2011 reply | message
LIME KINGSINGLE. i would love to trial this as the plastic fitted sheet we had my bf put it thru the drier and the plastic side got stuck together and we are wanting to try different brands but arent sure which are the best
ticklebear - 11:50 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this my ds is 5 and really wants to get out of "special night time undies" (read pullups) currently we use a warehouse protector which is okay but the lining on the back rips easily. Size single in any colour but pink please as he is so into stereo types since starting school and hates pink because boys don't like pink.
BJW - 11:19 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have had quite a few years with all my three children wetting their beds and have gone through a few plastic fitted sheets. They rip after a while of being wiped down and aired again and again. My latest plastic sheet has ripped down the middle, on the sides and I have a towel over the top so the plastic isn't just under the sheet and making my youngest girl sweat in the summer heat.

I love the idea of a natural, breathable and comfortable surface to sleep on for her which is completely waterproof and so much easier to change than my old fashioned plastic sheets and would absolutely be over the moon to receive a red colour for my daughter's single bed.
arnabanana - 10:59 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh my gosh I soooo need to try one of these! I need a Blue Single to try on our Master 3 and a half's bed. He's toilet trained but every so often if he has too much to drink before bed, or is too excited that he forgets to go to the loo before an arvo nap, we have little accidents that are no longer quite so little! He hates it, and I'm over pulling the bed to bits to clean it up! We also have an almost one year old who will start training at some stage so this product will get a lot of use in our household!
adele - 10:44 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have a 4 1/2 year old boy who has been dry during the day since 2. However, almost every night he wets. I put pull-ups on him but often he wets so much it leaks through into his PJ's and sheets. So I would really love to try your Brolly Sheets to save on washing! Blue would be nice but any colour other than pink would be fine - single size please.
nikkih - 10:42 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trail this product, my 3 and half yr old is toilet trained, but day naps and nights he has accidents everyday, I am teaching him to say dry but it's hard and don't want him to get into a habit of pull-ups during sleep. This would be great time saver for me as I change n wash his beddng everyday. Plus has twins girls just over two who will be trained soon so this would make a perfect product for my family to trail.
lynne - 7:50 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
would love to trial this. we have a toilet trained 3 year old during the day but not at night. we wouldnt mind any colour
rachaelsfun - 6:59 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
would love to trial this as my sister had an 8 yr old who still had accidents at night .. and one on the way soon (newborn)
and would love to try any colour but pink (being that its 2 boys!) and a king single please :)
kipper - 4:17 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
oops - we'd love a green and single sized brolly sheet, thanks.
kipper - 4:16 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial these. We have a 2 and a half year old who is day time toilet trained but our toilet is out at the opposite end of the house so we are a bit apprehensive about night time toilet training. This could be just the ticket. :-)
sugapop69 - 4:03 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
My daughter is toilet training at the moment and wears undies during the day and does really well, but when it comes to night time i put nappies on her but now she hates to wear them, when i check on her at nights most of the time she isn't wearing a nappy and does wee's then i have to get her up and try and dry everything before i put her down again. So please i would love to try the brolly sheets maybe in pink and single.
stisnz - 3:51 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 2 year old daughter wears a nappy at sleep times, but has discovered how to take it off and therefore has a few accidents. Now that I have another child, I'm struggling to find the time to wash all the bedding every time that happens. Also, I hate the noise that waterproof mattress protectors make, and I've heard Brolly Sheets don't do that. If I get chosen I would be interested in testing out a king single in red.
cassia - 3:49 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I am currently in the process of night toilet training with two boys, so I would love to trial this product, especially as with days getting wetter, and sheets not drying in time for bed time, this sounds like a great idea. size single colour any but pink
3BABES - 3:47 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
OMG this is exactly what I need, my 3yr old has been toilet trained and out of bedtime nappies since just before she turned two, but for about the last four months or so she has started wetting the bed at night. We tried to persist with it and thought she would stop but it got extremely tedious washing sheets and blankets everyday so after a couple of months we've had to resort back to night time pull ups..aaaaarrrggggghhh, that takes our progress backwards by just over a frustrating!!! And now it seems like she is depending on the pull up again so not even trying to get up and go at night. If you please select us we would love a single pink please but whatever colours are avail would be sweet we're really not fussed, and hopefully we can progress back to where we first started. NO NAPPIES!!! lolz. Cheers.
fishingmum - 3:12 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi, would love to try one of these, my three year is pretty much toilet trained but still wets the bed once every couple of weeks. Such a hassle getting everything washed and dry for bed the next night. Also think it would be a wonderful idea when he sleeps at his grandmothers as at the moment I get him to wear a pullup 'just in case'. I don't really mind the clean up but would not like to impose it on someone he was staying with. If I get chosen I would love a single in red. Thanks
Godzgirl - 2:53 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 4 1/2 year old still sometimes wets the bed particularly early in the mornings. It seems easier to change than the whole bed. My 2/12 year old will also be coming up to toilet training too.
Size single: pink
Raewyn - 2:00 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
My almost-3-year-old will be night training soon (I hope!) so I'd love to try these out. Seems much easier than changing the whole bed, and more discreet for the kid if they're not wrinkly, rustly plastic to lie on.
lindyloos - 1:33 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
it's always been a product that i've seen as a luxury cos they always seemed so expensive! i would love to trial for my 3 year old who always seems to leave it to the very last second at nightimes and usually it's too late!!!
size :single: colour : pink
Chaucey - 1:32 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
This would be a great test as I have a 4 year old boy who is not night trained (struggling with the day training too actually) and whose cloth night nappies sometimes don't quite keep up with the wetting. I've heard great things about Brolly Sheets from other friends and would love to try these out for ourselves.
Thanks for the chance!
King Single - Blue.
BubbeezMum - 1:31 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh yes please my Miss 18 months still wears a nappy at night but we are finding she is drinking a lot more at night (before bed) and we have had a couple of nights of bed wetting as the nappy leaked, she has a protector now but it didn't do anything so poor miss had to sleep on towels, a blanket and new sheets that night. Needless to say there was a lot of washing the next day. Please choose us so when we do go through the night time with no nappy it will be easier with brolly sheets. I have heard these are a fantastic product and would love to try them, they may also be the perfect solution for our problem now. <br><br>SIze - King Single & White Please. :)
maximoo - 1:29 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Sanity saver for sure! I have a 2 1/2 yr old who is toliet trained but still wears naps to bed. We're at the moment going through wet bed after wet bed which I think is down to the naps he's currently wearing. Everyday this last week has resulted in a wet bed. Brolly sheets would be a TRUE blessing! Size: single, Colour: lime
robyshack1 - 1:21 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial a brolly sheet!!! I have a sound sleeping four year old who would sleep through anything including wetting the bed. Struggling with changing the sheets so regulary and even with some other under-sheet still gets through to the mattress. Single bed size please and colour is unimportant.....have two boys coming up behind my 4 year old princess! Many thanks!
jsmum - 1:21 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Am just about to start the process of 'dry nights' and these would be a sanity saver im sure. ,my boy is 3 and hes is a lovely boy alyhough a little firecracker at times! ive heard brolly sheets are the best so would love to trial one out. Anything to make parenting easier is a bg thumbs up from me !!!
tessa771 - 1:03 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Wow these sound amazing! Would love to give these a go. I have a almost 4 year old boy who is starting to have about half and half dry nights, would be awesome to see if i used one of these and took off the nappy if he was dry every night. But these would be perfect for the accidents we may have in the process.,
Size single and blue PLEASE!!
Janet - 12:56 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try brolly sheets as my son is now at the overnight stage of potty training and I am currently using pull ups at night to keep the linen dry, unfortunately this means he thinks it is ok to go in his pants rather than get up and go to the toilet, and I am always changing a soiled bum in the morning. This would be a great way to teach him and to save myself the cost of all those pull ups :) Colour: Blue. Size: Single.
Haylee9 - 12:53 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I have an almost three year old that is day trained but not night trained. I would love the chance to try the brolly sheets and let my girl sleep with no nappy on at night. Single Lime please.
Franda - 12:49 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Would LOVE to trial the Brolly Sheets!!! I have a 2 year old that is toilet training, and it is going pretty well. I want to start night training too, but I'm not really in the mood for the endless sheet changing at night! I'm sure the brolly sheets will make this a lot easier! Heard some awesome things about them!
I would love a red single bed please :-)
hellyp - 12:41 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
oooh one of these would be awesome to try, with another lil one joining us in 3 months would be so much easier to just remove it from my daughters bed then having to worry about having to strip the whole bed in the middle of the night!!
Single - pink
lynleyg - 12:39 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to give this a try. I would like to try my 5 year old with night time training - especially before winter but have been dreading the endless piles of washing. Please pick me so we can give this a try! He would love lime and has a single bed.
cwarby - 12:38 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial one of these. My 5 year old son has Apesergers and toileting is really hard for him. Since starting school a few weeks ago and realising that no one else in his class wears nappies to bed he has decided that he doesn't need to anymore wother. So far we have only had 1 dry night, and the constant bed changing and washing is wearing me down! Thank goodness for the sunshine though!
We'd love a blue or green single
piglet - 12:38 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Hi, we would love to trial a single Brolly sheet, in lime if possible or blue. My son is three and while he is recently toilet trained and wearing underwear during the day, we are having difficulty at night with lots of 'accidents'. Its been a bit of a mission, as we are on tank water (conserving water during summer is a must) so washing lots of sheets is not great for us! A Brolly sheet would also protect his mattress - its a new bed so we don't want it getting ruined! Fingers crossed, we would love to trial one.
lotsakids - 12:29 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this, my wee girl (3) was doing so well, but since the earthquake she has night fears and wets the bed... with limited water it makes having to wash bedding a real pain.. it would be a load of my mind trying this.... Pink or Red single would be just wonderful
annajd - 12:28 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would be really excited to trial Brollysheets, I have an 8 year old boy who is still wets the bed almost every night and is showing no sign of training anytime soon. <br>He currently wears Huggies Drynites but I don't feel like this is actually helping him learn to wake when he wets and I hate having to completely strip the bed if he doesn't wear a pull up. They sound like a great product and I would love to try one! (Blue, single for us please)<br>
anner - 12:27 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
My 5 year old son wets about once a week still. I would love to try this as it would save on washing. Great for protecting the sheets. Red please, single size.
Saltysgal - 12:19 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love love love to trial this item. Master 8 is a bed-wetter. We try very hard not to make a big deal over it, but with a new baby in the house it simply became too hard with all the washing and mattress airing. Our only solution has been to put him into overnight nappies which breaks my heart. I would love to find a solution to this which gives him confidence. Single blue or lime would be great.
I will look forward to reading how other mums find this product. Cheers.
Tashakobe - 12:19 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Yes please, Miss 3½ is really good during the day and would like to stop wearing nappies at night but still have a lot of problems staying dry. She hates haaving to wear nappies at nighttime but she still wets the bed everytime she doesn't wear one, this would be very handy to stop having the change the sheets etc every time an accident happens. She would love the pink one in single bed size.
IceKiwi - 12:05 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Yes Please! Mr 2 has started toilet training and doing well so far i'm not so keen on night times or afternoon sleeps without nappies as need something to protect the bed this would be perfect to try out! King Single, Blue.
mary110370 - 12:02 PM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Yes Please! Single Blue.
My daughter is 8, nearly 9 and has diural enuresis so is still not dry during the night although she tries really hard. We are currently going through the stage of not wanting to wear "baby nappies" anymore and insisting on wearing "undies" to bed which means constant washing of sheets every day - not only is this time consuming but adds quite an expense to the household bills with added electricity, water and washing powder. I have looked at these brolly sheets several times and love the concept but have been unable to afford them so to get the chance to trial them would be fantastic!!!
sheridan - 11:56 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
YES PLEASE, single and lime would be great. My 5 year old has been having a few accidents and sometimes multiple times in the night, so this would save a heck of alot of washing! Thank you xx
sunshinemegs - 11:52 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Any colour single.
Miss 4 and master 3 are both in night time dry training and I can barely keep up with all the washing (and sleep deprivation!!)
squ1rts - 11:42 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh - Pink Single please...

My Wee miss is 2.5 at the end of the month and I am waiting for her to show the Toilet traiing interest before starting - but I know these would come in extremely handy! I Hate changing beds, so midnight runs at it are sort of dreaded!!! anything to make this experience easier would be greatly appreciated! (have been eyeing them up for a while!)

I must say though I have been very lucky with my wee one - all transitions so far have been a breeze! so I am kind of hoping this one will be too! Good luck ladies! thanks for the chance!
looies1 - 11:37 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to be selected as Im currently training my two year old girl and with the wet weather on its way I dont have alot of room to hang my washing so anything to help me save on the bedding would be wonderful. I like the sound of it being breathable and also no noise as some on the markets make a noise everytime the child turns over. I would love to trial a King Single and would be happy to trial any colour available. thanks
DaniTaylor - 11:06 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'm in the process of starting to toliet train my 2year old, so next will be the night times! this will be a great product to trail, i'd like single and in pink please! :)
annette - 10:56 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product, our almost 4 year old currently wears pull-ups at night only, but has been dry the last 3 out of 4 nights. He no longer wants to wear them and i think it is good timing to stop. This would be awesome to trial , we are also travelling to ireland in June on holiday and dont really want him having accidents in other poeples bed, this would be the perfect solution as we could take it with us. We would love to trial the king single - red or blue
lmiln003 - 10:55 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE to trial a brolly sheet!
One of my 7 year old sons is a bed wetter, he wont wear pull ups or anything like that as "Im not a baby Mum" - his current bedwetting sheet is on its last legs so we are needing something new.
He is in a single bed and would love lime
Jackieb - 10:51 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
queen size for my son - any colour apart from pink.

Went in his room to put away washing yesterday and found another wet bed. I have tried the waterproof mats but they move and the mattress still gets wet so would love to trial this. At least I only have 1 bed wetter now - it was very hard a couple of years ago I ended up putting both kids back in pull ups at night as I couldn't get the sheets dry in winter.
druryl - 10:47 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this product out - my daughter is just starting to toilet train so one of these would be awesome to try in pink & single size.
Nita - 10:43 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
We have just taken in a new foster child, 6 years old and due to family situation, anxiety she has problems keeping dry at night which are very frustrating and upsetting for her. Have noticed she is reluctant to have my children go in her room in the morning, so a brolly sheet may help give her back her confidence.
She loves pink, so pink would be nice (if we are lucky enough to get to trial one) and either single or queen size (as she likes to hop in bed with me if she is feeling particularly anxious, and my bed needs protecting majorly also. :)
caseyfredericks - 10:39 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
i would love to try this out, with 6 kids already, a 7th on the way, toilet training is a all time thing and saving time is something every mother of a large family needs! Lime green (as thats my fav colour) would be awesome and size would be single! Thanks alot.
jdsmum - 10:39 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
Oh this is awesome!!! Id LOVE to trial brolly sheets im in the middle of toilet training and bed wetting has been the hardest but buying brolly sheets dont fit into our budget so this is an awesome offer and would definitely love to be one of the people that trials these !!!
l1zzybeans - 10:36 AM on Mon-14-Mar-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this product please. My daughter is nearly 4 and has been a mission to toilet train and I would love to see how this product holds up! Thanks (King Single Pink please)

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