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Kids like Ours - Natural Ways to Play

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Group Information
Group Name: Natural Ways to Play

Let’s Play!

Kids love to play! And as parents, it is important to ensure that they get plenty of opportunities to play in an unstructured, natural way that allows their imaginations to run wild and their creativity to develop.

What is ‘Natural Play’?

Natural play is the best kind of play and has many forms, all of them valuable for development in the first seven or eight years of life. In addition to physical activities like running, jumping, climbing and swinging, they include such things as fantasy play, social-dramatic play, sensory and exploratory play, and construction play - building with materials like sand, gravel, water and dirt.

Make time for play every day.

Click HERE to watch the new TV commercial from The Natural Confectionery Co.



Natural play is the best kind of play! It’s easy to ensure your kids get some time to play naturally every day, and we’re giving you even more of a reason to let them at it!

Upload a photo of your child enjoying ‘natural or free play’ and include a caption of 25 words or less that creatively describes the photo or activity & you could WIN a fantastic kitset wooden playhouse RRP $1,399!


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  • Upload your photo following the instructions and add a caption of 25 words or less describing your photo

  • Maximum of three entries per member

  • Please ensure that your photos adhere to Kidspot Social's Terms of Service

  • Kidspot will choose the winning photo based on originality, creative merit and alignment with the Natural Play theme

  • Click here for the Terms and Conditions of this competition

Proudly supported by The Natural Confectionery Co.

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BubbeezMum - 10:31 AM on Tue-8-Nov-2011 reply | message
SUPER disappointed I had an awesome photo to enter in the comp but didnt do it (been a crazy month - actually last couple) and have not been on Kidspot as much as I have wanted. sniff. Oh well good luck to all the photo entries.
mycanvas - 10:32 PM on Sun-6-Nov-2011 reply | message
This is such a cool looking playhouse I love the wood ... would be cute dressed up like a beach hut with all Mr 2s treasures he finds at the beach. He is a driftwood hunter ... every time we go to the beach he collects heaps of wood and deposits it by the car and says home mummy!!! All the flashiest toys in the world can't beat a day at the beach and a child's imagination and best of all its free :-)
travelbugnz - 12:49 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
cool advert... kids imagination is amazing!! you take a baox and its a car, space ship, jack in the box... just endless. And the way they interact with other children means they are just learning from each other. How wonderful mother nature is. We would love this play house so our daughter could share it with all her friends!!!! As many as possible !
stisnz - 12:52 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
This house is so cool! I love the ad too. I'm not usually into watching ads (thanks to MySky) but I had to stop and rewind when I saw this one.
daninz - 10:11 AM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Watching my children play is actually very exciting for us. my 3 youngest children all suffer from anxiety issues, my 6 year old son has selective mutism and autism, and only just started to play imaginatively last year, where he would pretend to cook food and serve it to us. He now plays with his younger brother alot more and I love to watch them both play together.
mamaov3 - 6:18 PM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
My boys love to play make believe games, the photo I posted was when we were at the botanic garden and they were pretending they were in a jungle, having turns at finding their way out of the jungle. Fingers crossed for this one!!! =)
domem - 8:19 PM on Fri-21-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 5 year old mimics me. Obviously he doesn't show my best side, but seems toi remember all the tellings off he's ever received. This is especially the case when visitors are around. :S
travelbugnz - 7:51 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi my very nearly 1 year old makes duck and cat noises so I think this is what she will be at the minute. I can only imagine how excited she would be with this, she will be quacking and meowing with so much delight our neighbours will think we have a new small holding :) What an absolute perfect, perfect birthday present this would be.
imrose - 8:59 AM on Fri-14-Oct-2011 reply | message
wow Natasha aged 4 will be thrilled as she is my only child so u can imagine how bored she gets with me all the time and i cannot give her so much attention too.Wining this will be great as she will be thrilled and that will attract other friends to come over and play with her.
cindy131 - 7:15 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have a 2 and a half year old and a 6 year old,they love arts,crafts,i love watching them with ther creations,i get so amazed somtimes with how imangitive they both are my yougest loves to copy my older child,its so amazing some things he does,i find that they will do beta educational wise if i let them go hard with the arts and crafts.
JulieKidspot - 10:33 AM on Mon-3-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi everyone. If you want to enter our weekly competition to win a DIY playhouse, please enter your comments in the topics above. Thanks.
shorrty4life - 10:17 AM on Mon-3-Oct-2011 reply | message
My daughter 11months old would love to crawl in and out of a Playhouse of her own. Have been trying to win her one for ages. No such luck yet so this may be my lucky change. Keisha loves pens, Any pen which is on she would scribble on her face and do her art on mummys arms. She has done her 1st painting at preschool which was on a huge cut out rugby t-shirt and she absolutely loved it so im sure we would get the paints out if she won this so we could share her art to everyone. Shes would also be able to look back on this when she is older and have a wee chuckle to herself because mummy loves to keep these precious memmories to show when older. She does like to paint her face though which is an obsession but i mean which child would at that age they r absolutely care free and love to TASTE new things too hehe.
chloesmummy - 7:25 PM on Sun-2-Oct-2011 reply | message
-------------------My Daughter Of 18 Months Loves To Draw!----------------
--Weather It's Body Painting, Chalk Outside On The Concrete, Ink,--
----------------Pens, Felts & Pencils, She Is Always Drawing.--------------
--------She Loves Anything To Do With It, Even If It's My Eyeliner!-------
My Daughter Loves Playing Stickers And Putting Them Over Furniture
--And I Love It, It Shows She Is Creative, Which Is A Big Part In Life.--
ugnz - 6:59 PM on Fri-30-Sep-2011 reply | message
My Miss almost 2 has taken to getting her teddy to do everything for and with her. Teddy kisses me, he waves, he signs, he picks things up off the floor, rides on her rocking horse and he even hurts himself, and needs either kissing better, or if it's really bad she asks me to take him to the "hostible". (But not to Doctor Who! :)
MissMuffet - 3:44 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
My Miss 2 loves to sit in her box with the cat or by herself. She amuses herself by closing the doors and pretending we are not there. When the cat gets scruffed and patted too hard hes off out of the box like a rocket. The doors get closed again and all we hear is her yaking away and playing with whatever toys she has in there. Also the stickers she finds from fruit goes onto the box as well.
naenae82 - 3:42 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
my kids use the table and my king size sheets an the back of the chairs as a fort type thing an sleepover under the trampoline they also play taking the blankets oa ut an spend the day outside i make them lunch or afternoon tea they play where they are only allowed to step on the leaves to get from the house to the front lawn an u have to count in twos my older son started that up so now my three year old thinks thats how u count to 10 now not the other way lol it is fun i join in sometimes if the neighbours kids dont come over they taake there play box down with them in the box is books to read an write colour felts pencils playing cards an matching homemade cards facemasks home made an also homemade puppets so they im sure would lov to have a real house they can decorate themselves an leave up an play in all the time instead of the twice a week i allow them under the table lol
adele - 2:44 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
My two kids love to play at building ''huts" or houses out of whatever is available - often using just piles of cushions and blankets. Recently we just bought a new oven so this box was quickly whipped away to turn into a house (windows and doors cut out etc)

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