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Group Name: Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

Baking with Betty Crocker™ is a fun and affordable activity the whole family can enjoy. Create a delicious range of goodies in no time at all with Betty’s simple baking steps to success for any occasion. Betty Crocker™ has a tempting range of tasty treats with Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Brownies, and Scone mixes.

Betty Crocker™ Cookie Mixes are your quick shortcut to home baked cookies the whole family will enjoy. With two great varieties – Milk Chocolate Chunk or Rainbow (with M&M’s) you’ll have no trouble creating sweet moments with the kids.


Kidspot and Bettty Crocker™ have teamed up to offer 100 Mums Say members the chance to try Betty Crocker™ Cookie Mixes. Reviewers have been chosen - watch your inbox to see if you were selected.

Reviewers will receive a randomly selected pack containing either:
  • Betty Crocker™ Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s) OR

  • Betty Crocker™ Milk chocolate chunk cookies

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information,
read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.

When posting comments in this Group, please adhere to the Community Rules - click here to read

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radioguru - 4:17 PM on Sat-21-Apr-2012 reply | message
I love this! Have bought them on several occasions as they are a favourite of my girls! So easy to make, delicious, and they look fabulous too! :o)
mummymax - 8:25 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Sorry for the huge delay in posting this review....the cookie mix turned up a couple of weeks before my girls and I moved into our own house in Sept last year...(we had been staying with friends in Chch since the earthquake in Feb). I have only got the net connected last week! I have to say.....these were the yummiest cookies ever!! My 6 year old daughter and I made them a week or so after we moved into our own place while my baby was sleeping. These were so quick and easy to make...and we both enjoyed the quality time together! I loved the fact that it was super quick....because it still meant that I was able to do all those other things that us mum's leave until baby is napping! These have definatley been a staple in my pantry since we tried them. Thanks Betty!!
Carlak - 3:53 PM on Fri-11-Nov-2011 reply | message
i am so sorry, i completely forgot to post this review. however, i let miss 7 take over making these choc chip cookies, i think these are fantastic to start teaching them how to bake with the dry ingredients already mixed and the recipes so easy for them to read and understand, she did all the adding of ingredients, the mixing, the putting mixture on the tray and the baking. she was SO proud of herself and has baked a few times since, such an easy delicious recipe built her confidence and im hoping i have a hottest home baker in the making!! thank you for letting us trial this product :)
Rose3 - 2:29 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
Sorry for delay with review. We received the chunk choc chip to review, Easy to make, made decent amount, nice home cooked taste (not chemical) everyone enjoyed them and had fun making them.Thanks
stisnz - 8:42 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We weren't chosen for this review, but we have recently purchased the Brownie and the Caramel Muffins. Both were great fun to make with my 2 year old daughter. She mixed the oil, water and egg (after having cracked the egg into the bowl) and loved it. Then added the powder mixture. Her favourite part was eating the added extra (mini m&m's and caramel). Really quick and easy baking with the kids so I'll happily buy again.
tori - 7:56 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We buy these kids love them and its cool cause you can cut them into shapes to
carlee - 12:26 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
Wow, I finally got around to making these cookies - my 3 kids loved them so much!! i will definitley be making these again, so easy to make and turned out perfectly! Thanks Kidspot!!
jopukeko - 3:20 PM on Wed-12-Oct-2011 reply | message
This cookie mixes are on special at Countdown this week. Only $2.99 a box (half price) so worth stocking up on.
SusanD - 8:52 PM on Wed-5-Oct-2011 reply | message
I'm so sorry for the very late review. I have spent the last 5.5 weeks in hospital with my 5 year old daughter who got critically ill and needed emergency open heart surgery. The cookies arrived whilst we were in hospital and I told her that I couldn't wait to get home and do some baking with her (as it is her favourite thing). So the cookie mix Milk Chocolate Chunk waited for us at home!
We got home last week and as she can't go back to school just yet, we made the cookies. They were super easy to make and other than measuring out the butter for her and helping do the final mixing - Emily made them herself (inbetween pinching the chocolate chunks!!)
We made half the batch into farm shaped cookies using a cookie tray - and the other half normal cookies. The farm ones worked okay but I left them in too long so they were a little overdone which was my fault. The normal round cookies on a flat tray worked much better - they don't take very long at all.
The cookies are so yummy but are perhaps a little too sweet. I love how they are crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. The decent chocolate chunks are awesome!
The only complaint I'd have is that I eat too many of them!

So after almost losing my daughter - these were the best tasting cookies I've ever had as she was home with me to make them.
I'd definitely buy them again especially if you need a quick and easy but homemade plate to take and don't have much time.
Thanks to Betty Crocker and Kidspot for letting me review them and apologies again for the delay.
Nikki79 - 8:24 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2011 reply | message
We got the Milk Chocolate Chunk cookies. Easy to make, but neither my daughter or I can eat them. They are far too sweet. And my 11 year old daughter has an extremely sweet tooth!!
Alice39 - 7:52 PM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
i got my box of milk choc in the post and i must say they where mad up and on the tray in the time is took my partner to change my daughters nappie!! they are quicke easy and awsome!! so yummie
MaryMc - 11:48 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
I received my box of Rainbow cookies a few days ago and set to cooking on Sunday.
Easy Peasy - even I managed not to ruin these!
I was very glad that it said on the box "cookies may look undercooked but will firm on standing" as I would have been tempted to leave them in longer.
They were extremely easy to make and best of all, no big mess in the kitchen!
I only got 20 cookies out of it, but that's mainly because some of the mixture made it to my mouth before it got to the cookie tray :)
The only fiddly bit was putting the M & M's onto the cookies (some of those ended up in my mouth too!), but that wouldn't put me off making them again.
Most were eaten on the day of baking, but the ones eaten the next day were still nice and fresh after being stored in an airtight container.
I would recommend these to other people - except for the price. They are good value, but I feel that in todays economic times, they may be beyond some peoples budget.
However, if they can be found on 'special', they are well worth getting.
Thanks for the chance to review these!
caramel - 9:18 PM on Sun-25-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got sent the rainbow cookies and it was such a great surprise! My son wanted to bake them straight away at 7.40am! It was actually a great incentive to get him dressed and get my daughter off to school so we could get baking. My almost 4year old was great at adding the extra ingredients (i broke the eggs) and i helped him stil the last bit then he scooped the mixture onto the tray. He had a ball putting all the m&m's on top and making patterns and pictures. The finished priduct was a hit and only lasted 1 day!!! Have bought them again and we are looking forward to
Lots more baking in the holidays!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate! :-)
maricris - 8:10 PM on Sat-24-Sep-2011 reply | message
We received the rainbow cookies and when my son saw it he told me o wait for him to get home from school we can do it together. So we (my 3yr old and my 5 yr old boys) all did it together. It was so easy to make and there were just more than enough m & m,s on it. The boys watched it as it cook. They said it was so yummy. I even have enough for my sons snacks the following day. Since then we have tried th choc chips cookies and more rainbow biscuits. Thank you for choosing us to review them.
kahlansmum - 11:16 AM on Sat-24-Sep-2011 reply | message
We were lucky enough to be chosen to review the Milk Chocolate Chunk cookies - summed up in one word - YUM!
This is the first time I have tried the cookie Betty Crocker product. And I must say I am very impressed. I find that I don't bake anywhere near as much as I used to so was very interested to see how easy these were to make. And I must say I was very impressed. Very little own ingredients needed, and its all just there ready to mix and bake. My daughter loved being able to help and mix this all together. And its brilliant that there is quite a lot of chocolate chunks provided - because she ate half of them I think before they ended up in the mix. Easy instructions, nice and quick to make. I will definitly buy these again, and I will be recommending to my other busy mum friends. I hope they bring out many more versions of different biscuits because I much prefer baking this way :)
pepper80 - 11:30 AM on Fri-23-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got the choc chip version of these cookies and they were very easy to make just one egg and 90 gms of butter and mix easy as my daughter had a blast squishing the mix togther making sure it was all mixed up. Then she rolled them into balls rather than spooning it onto the tray like it saide and she was able to press down easly on them to slighty flatten them then in the oven they went. I found they cooked very well and fast and made nice large cookies. All my kids really enjoyed the taste of these and so did myself and hubby they were like eating a chewy chocolate cookie that you get from the cookie shops in malls will be adding these to my shopping for an easy treat that me and my daughter can make together for mummy and daughter time also there was alot of chcolate drops in it was super.
oommii - 12:31 PM on Wed-21-Sep-2011 reply | message
The rainbow cookies arrived the day I was leaving to go away for a couple of weeks (so sorry about the late review). We arrived back on Sunday and yesterday I clicked that there would be no baking for my daughter to take to daycare today so decided to give Betty Crockers a go.
It took longer for my oven to heat up than it did for me to mix the cookie dough together which was great as my mind is still adjusting to the time difference so I'm not running on full steam this week.
Though the packet said that each biscuit would hold approx 7 mini M&M's but I decided to mix it up a bit so that I could give my daughter biscuits that only had a few bits of chocolate on them as I had noticed on the packet that there is a bit of sugar in the mix and the home-baking I usually do only uses a small amount of sugar.
But I also had fun with the M&M's by making smiley faces and various shapes with them. Some of my M&M's where broken but I'm guessing this is from being delivered to me by courier.
I cooked my biscuits for the minimum time required as stated by the packet (13min) but feel that I should have pulled them out after about 10min. I did make 28 cookies so slightly more than the amount stated on the packet so this could be why.
The taste of the cookies is very nice and does not leave a yucky after taste in your mouth as other packet recipes I have tried in the past do.
My daughter loves the M&M's - she eats them off the top before happily eating the cookie.
The packet says that the cookies are best eaten on the day that they are made but can be stored in an air tight container for up to 3 days and they taste great today too.
The problem with them only being able to be stored for 3 days is that I only give my daughter (20months) 1 cookie a day, thankfully we have guests staying with us so the remaining 20 odd cookies that are left aren't going to end up on my waistline as they all enjoyed cookies with their ice-cream last night :-)
littleliz - 3:55 PM on Tue-20-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got the Rainbow Cookies version and they were AMAZING!! There were lots of M&Ms in them so they were delicious and very chocolately! They were easy to make and didn't take that long which was great. I would definitely buy these again!!! Thanks Betty Crocker and Kidspot!!!
Bunny69 - 3:29 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have had the most wonderful maternity leave and spent a lot of time with my eldest son making cookies and yummy chocolatey things. He will be starting school soon and with me going back to work not long after that making beautiful boxed cookies would make my life so much easier saving more time than putting everything together myself. Love to try the betty crockers cookies so we could have yummy treats for afternoon tea.
miggs9 - 2:51 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
we received the choc chip version of these cookies. YUM! My 2.8yr old son helped me make them and I must say compared to a "bake from scratch" recipe this was sooooo much easier. Usually my little helper insists on doing the measuring of flour etc and it ends up all over the floor - with this product we just had to snip the corner of the packet and put it in a bowl! We made all different sized cookies for various family members and everyone thought they were delicious. Not at all "boxy" or chemically tasting. Would definitely buy again
tigerlilynz - 9:03 AM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
sorry for the late review, my daughter and i made these and she had great fun(she hates getting her hands dirty) she got in and had fun squishing it all up and putting the mms on top. so easy to make and the kids just love the end result. i would get these again, even the big kids(husband) enjoyed them.
stepanka - 11:07 PM on Sat-17-Sep-2011 reply | message
I received the Rainbow cookie Mix few days ago and we baked them today. We had lots of fun!!!! I would definitely recommend this as it's fun to make and easy to make! I will get these again as I didn't expect them to be so much fun and also so tasty!
AnnaES - 1:54 PM on Sat-17-Sep-2011 reply | message
Our girls and I just made 'Rainbow Gingerbread People'! We didn't get to trial this time but Rachael and Michelle are usually keeping themselves up to date with what's going on in Kidspot looking over my shoulder!! (Potential grown up Kidspotters!) "Can we buy these?" they said. They must be alright because they've just eaten three each!!
ticklebear - 11:20 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got sent the milk chocolate chunk cookies I got my 7 year old daughter to make them and she was so excited as she wants to bake but needs a lot of help. She found the instructions easy to follow and the only part she needed help with was putting them into the oven. They turned out really well and she was so proud of herself. They only lasted three days in our house as they were eaten for afterschool snacks and lunches. This isn't something I have brought before (although I have brought cake mixes) and so will probably buy these on special maybe every couple of months. Thanks so much for allowing us to trial these.
nzchick - 2:48 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
I didn't get chosen to review this time around, but couldn't resist buying a box of the chocolate chunk cookies in the shopping this week for the first time. They didn't disappoint - full of delicious chocolate and super yum for the whole family. My kids loved that these were easy to make - my son said after we put them in the oven - "See mum it's not that hard - why do they all get so hot and bothered on Masterchef!" . Too funny. :) Will definitely buy more of these. :)
aaron11 - 2:18 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
we love baking and would love to try these our kids love to bake with us also
nikh74 - 1:39 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
hi made the cookies last weekend and forgot to post review. the packet was easy to use but i wouldn;t say it was hard to measure out flour, sugar, baking powder. it would only help iof you didn't have those items in the house but did have marg aand eggs. i was keen to see what my kids and hubby thought compared to polka dot biscuits i make from a dinna hay recipe and i'm sorry to say they thought my homemade ones were better than the packet mix. thx for the opportunity to try the mix out but i wouldn't buy them myself.
SarahK - 7:10 PM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
Wow! these cookies sound great! My children have been watching over me as i read these reviews, and have been looking at the pics, and we have agreed that next shopping day we had better get some to try! thanks so much for all the feedback, it really helps us decide what we want to try when we know the feedback is coming from real families!!
stokers - 11:42 AM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
We were lucky enough to receive the Rainbow cookies to trial, and i must say they were really easy to make! Masters 6 and 4 helped do everything they loved shaping the cookie mixture and adding the m&ms on the top (i think they ate more than went on the cookies!) I will most definatly be buying these as a special treat, YUMMY!
DiKetel - 10:04 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
YUM!! These cookies were fabulous!! Didn't last long - a couple to daycare and hubby took the rest! As I can't eat milk chocolate, I missed out!! I was kinda hoping before I opened the packed that the chocolate chunks might have been in a separate bag, and then I could have put white choc chunks in some - but oh well - I didn't really need them anyway! But my big boy and little boy LOVED them!! Thanks!!
buzzybee98 - 8:36 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
Arghhh! My cookies didn't last long enough to take a photo! They were very easy to make, and looked and tasted good (plus there were spare M & Ms for the cook!). Will certainly look at buying these mixes in the future!
miasmummy - 7:58 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
My son and I made the Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate chunk cookies after school on Monday. They were so quick and easy to make - I did wonder if I was missing something!! 15 mins later and they were done - YUM YUM. I had to hide them from my son other wise he would have eaten them all. He has been very lucky and had some to take to school for his lunches this week. I even tried to made a gingerbread shaped one but it didnt go to well - but my son still ate it up!!! The only thing was the chocolate chunks disappeared inside the biscuit and didnt sit on top like the picture on the box. Would buy them again - would try the rainbow cookies next time.
Zaylah - 6:00 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got to try the Betty Crocker™ Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s).. yum yum yum! It was so simple to do and I loved that it only took one bowl and spoon to make, talk about easiest clean-up job ever! We haven't done a packet mix before so was great to be able to whip these up and have them in the oven in a matter of minutes. Yum yum will definitely recommend!
jobrush - 7:24 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
We had the M&M mix to trial. On Friday I spontaneously had a friend and her 2 children over for lunch so decided we "needed" cookies for afters. So I quickly whipped up a batch (and it was quick!) and then set about putting them on the tray. Despite checking the box several times to see how many it made I missed the 1 time that it is printed at the top of the instructions, so my first and only criticism is that it would be useful for that info to be in more than one place for busy tired mums like me! Si I guessed and ended up with very large cookies....which suited my friend and I perfectly! Interestingly the kids liked the idea of the cookies with lollies on, but on first try neither of them liked them. What almost 4 year old doesn't like cookies with m&m's on??? So my friend and I ate theirs too!
Nonplussed by their weird opinions I took the leftovers to friends that evening and they went down a treat! These are a great quick treat to whip together and by the end of the night even the fussy kids had decided the liked them after all! Next time I would cook them slightly less so that the centres were still a bit soft and chewy...and I'd make them much much smaller!!!
mumoftoo - 2:52 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
I too haven't tried packet mix cookies before. I don't know why cos as packet mixes go these were enjoyed by my son. He had fun baking pretty much on his own! And of course loved the M&M's!!
MaryMc - 1:23 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Would love to write my review, but haven't received my packet mix yet?
arnabanana - 7:40 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have never brought 'packet mix' cookies before.

We were lucky enough to trial the Betty Crocker™ Milk chocolate chunk cookies.

Well, there goes my diet!! Not sure how they work out that there are 18 servings in a pack coz once I started I had a really hard time stopping! These were delicious and really easy to make. Master Moo (4) broke the egg and put the butter in, and I helped him ensure it was all mixed up.

Easy easy easy, I was unsure that the egg and butter would create enough moisture but it did.

Kids loved them, and I'm not sure how long they'd last in the pantry as they were all gone by the day after we made them.

Thanks so much for letting us trial this product, I'll definately be buying some for special occasions.
JulieKidspot - 6:17 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
Review from rinar:
I have just baked my m&ms cookies & my boys just gobbled them all up as they came out of the oven. I did taste one though & they left one for their dad. Anyway it was OH SO EASY to make & baking time is quick as. These are great & i will definitely make this a fortnightly treat as they are a bit too out of our budget. Many thanks for the opportunity to finally know what it's like.
amyr - 4:26 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
These are soo good .. yet sooo bad! I love chocolate chip cookies but hardly ever have them because I can never make a good batch and even the ones that I buy are just not that nice, but these were amazing. So easy to make, so quick to cook .. and we had to try them warm cause the smell of them baking was amazing, We will defiantly be buying these in the next grocery shop .. Super YUMMY! Thanks of letting us try them .. much appreciated in our household!
Mautopia - 2:33 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
You know... I haven't brought cookie mixes for the longest time - simply because I believed they were poor quality and it was easier to make nice ones myself. How wrong was I? I work two jobs for three days of the week, as well as being a mum, wife and super hero so life is hectic chaos day in and day out... Last Monday evening we were expecting unexpected visitors and I thought the bikkies would be a nice treat... I have an hour in between jobs so I whipped them up then... i thought it'd take about an hour but was pleasantly surprised to find it only took five minutes plus cooking time AND even better - they were absolutely scrumptious! My son and I loved them! They were delicious and moist - just how home baking should be - and our visitors too. I am definitely stocking up on these for an emergency stash in my cupboard! SUPER AWESOME PRODUCT! Thank you for the opportunity to trial them!
cherrytf - 2:29 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
This is was soooo easy to make. My 2 kids actually did everything and all I had to do was supervise, handle the oven (i.e., pre-heating, putting the cookie sheets inside and getting them out). And the Milk Chocolate Chunks were yum! My kids shared the cookies with 6 of their cousins and they all enjoyed it. Since my kids would like homebaked cookies more often than I can oblige, I'll certainly start buying these for them to bake on their own. I will, however, still bake oatmeal cookies from scratch, since Betty Crocker's doesn't have that variety -- yet.
mycanvas - 12:54 AM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
yummmmm was the first word my little man when he saw the box on Friday when I opened the packet. Its been a hectic week but the fact that these cookies are so easy made fitting a baking session in a doddle. Was impressed with how simple they were to make and daniel loved mixing the dough (and tasting at the same time). made about 18 I think but there were a few fatter than others and was pleasantly surprised to see that there were plenty of m&m s ... I do hate it when companies skrimp on the decorations so big tick for betty crockers on that front. overall would defo buy these again as they are so handy to have in the pantry for activities with mr 2 and to throw together when you need to conjure up some home baking in a flash ..thanks for the opportunity
angelnshan - 10:39 PM on Sun-11-Sep-2011 reply | message
yum yum yum! great if you want to bake with the kids but personally i prefer a recipie where you add everything in 1 bowl mix and place on tray adding the m&ms lastly dragged these cookies out a tad but still very tasty thanks betty crocker :)
Shelz69 - 5:32 PM on Sun-11-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have already comment on here about how delicious these milk chocolate chunk cookies were and the kids loved them. My 3 year old has asked for these everyday since, however I wanted to add an addition. I did find that my kids went absoultely hyper after having these biscuits and not in a good way. I only have them one biscuit and it seemed to affect them. It may have been something else but it was over two days, one biscuit and my three old was just running and jumping all day long. I would def. not give these to my children again, unless they had something that had less sugar or chocolate in it. So for now it will be for adults only (which I'm not complaining about as they were delcious but I will not be giving these to my children again.
NanaAndrews - 9:33 PM on Sat-10-Sep-2011 reply | message
something even my kitchen phobia husband could do for me and the grandchildren. So easy and Oh so tasty. Roll on Betty Crocker
Sheryl40 - 8:11 PM on Sat-10-Sep-2011 reply | message
I made the Rainbow bickies today. This is the first time I have tried them and had not tried them before as I thought I was being 'lazy'. They were nice and easy to make using only one bowl and a spoon, so the clean up was very quick! The packet said I would make 24 but I only got about 16 - maybe I made them too big or ate too much of the yummy raw dough!!?? I was impressed with how many M&Ms there were having some extra to find a space for on the bickies and some broken ones to eat! My partner said they tasted "fantastic" after he spied them cooling on the rack. I will buy a box in the next shop to keep in the pantry for an emergency when I need to whip up some bickies in a hurry. Thank you.
kazza - 6:48 AM on Sat-10-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got to trial the choc chunk cookies & thought they were totally awesome!! My little 7yr old wanted to help me make them & they were so quick & easy to make that she did it all by herself!!! Its a pitty she wasn't so eager on the clean up, but never mind it kept her busy for a while....her & her friends had no trouble eating them either. I was really surprised how much choc chunks were in them, definitely will be buying some more Betty Crocker mixes to have on stand by in the pantry for those un expected little guests.....& the big kids might even get one too if they are extremely quick.....well done Kidspot for running this trial & also Betty Crocker for a topnotch product...thanks
robyshack1 - 3:13 PM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well cookies are baked....and thank goodness they had plenty of mini m and m's! My son wanted to try one and put one on lol! Still there were plenty to make them look great and then tasting them later ...well that was great too. So easy to make and even managed to talk to a friend on the phone while mixing the dough! Now the drama is trying to convince the kids that they don't have to eat them all at once!
stacleaning - 3:10 PM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
I would recommend to my friends/family and yes we will buy again now I know how yummy they are. We love to bake so we will continue to bake from scratch it is fun one of my hobbies is baking but as I said below I would bake when I am in a rush or tired :)
stacleaning - 3:07 PM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
YAY my daughter enjoyed making her rainbow cookies!!! She wants to make more.
I forgot to take a photo once they were done :(
Packaging is awesome the kiddies see what they are about to make and it makes them excited. It was easy for my daughter (3yrs) to add the ingredients and mix on her own. I just finished it off and I also added a little water because it was a little dry. They smelt amazing while baking and tasted great!!! Alessandra hubby and myself loved them. Would def by again, we love to bake but would love to keep a packet in my cupboard for when I have to quickly whip something up or for when I am tired but baby girl would like to bake, peeeerfect. So happy we got to trial that one, thanks a bunch my girl loves RAINBOW COOKIES!! Fun and easy baking, awesome!
quackers - 10:30 AM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yum!Yum! These cookies were so good,we got the rainbow cookie mix,They were very simple to make,even miss 2 enjoyed helping put the m&ms on.We did find the mixture a little dry to combine so just added a tiny bit of extra butter.
Would i buy again or recommend? I would buy these as a treat and would recommend to those that feel they can't make biscuits as these was so simple.
If first time tried,Yep was first time tried,haven't bought them before as I was never sure of them,so thank you for the chance to trial.
Will i ever make my own cookies again?Yes because I love knowing I've created something from scratch,but would get these if i was in a hurry and needed something for a bring the plate do.
Many many thanks Kidspot and Betty Crocker for the chance to trial these! : ) : )
jbutterfly - 7:46 AM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got to try the choc chunk cookies, the pcket really appealed to the kids as soon as they seen them they wanted to whip them up right away! The instructions were very easy to follow and all you needed was egg and butter, it took very little time, I was very impressed! to top it all of they were delicious and vanished very quickly!! Thanks for the chance to review these, might have to try the rainbow ones next time!
lindyloos - 9:17 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
milk chocolate chunk cookies - DELISH!!! my 3 (almost 4) year old daughter couldnt wait to get her baking mitts on. easy instructions that even me the non-baker could follow with ease and i love that its just egg and butter we add and not a million other things (okay so i exagerate but you all know what i mean lol) that we have to buy to make the finished product! i never quite know when to take cookies out - always either too late they are too crispy or too early and they are doughy but i found that even if you take out too early the doughyness was quite nice or maybe thats just me! other than the taste, for me the important thing is time spent with my baby doing some fun (edible is bonus!) and that it's easy to follow and easy to action making less stress in the kitchen - happy wife happy life i think they say! hehe
Babytears - 9:02 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
Wow, so tasty, just like you'd expect to get at a cafe. Ruby and I whipped them up (she usually looses patience somewhere in the middle of beginning to end when it comes to baking), she thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a bit of a nibble before they went in the oven and cooked them for about 12-13 minutes so they were a little undercooked and chewy. The whole family loved them and we were pleased with the results. I'm keen on trying the chocolate chunk cookies next - I'm sure the the whole family are keen too :)
Mutt - 3:14 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
My two daughters and I have just finished making the Rainbow Cookies and there are definately not many left, so their Dad is lucky I've put a few aside for him. My 18 month old son also enjoyed the ones I made with sultanas instead of the M & M's. Both have asked if we could try the other sorts of cookies.
Nessa - 2:36 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
We made the Rainbow Cookies yesterday, yum. They are sooooooo easy to make. It just had two packets, one with the mix and one with the mini m and m's. I found that my dough was a little dry after I had mixed everything up so I just added a little bit of water and they were fine. It was fun poking the m and m's into the dough and making different patterns, girls had a ball. Then in the oven they went. One of my daughters friends came to play after kindy/school which was unexpected but the Rainbow Cookies went down a treat. The kids loved them. I had made them a bit chewy as my husband loves cookies this way. Even he loved them. Thank you so much. We would buy these again, nice and easy and gives a bit of variety to my home baking. Might have to try the Chocolate Chunk ones too.
DMears - 1:55 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
We had so much fun this morning making our Rainbow Cookies, my son made them himself and has already asked me to buy some more, it's already on my shopping list. He even wrapped up one for his Nana! They are so yummy, we can't stop eating them, not sure if Dad will get any by the time he gets home tonight. But we'll make some more in the weekend, we are hooked. Thanks so much for these wonderful cookies.
Judz - 10:36 AM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
Oh my gosh YUUUMMMM! We got the choc chunk cookies to try and they were def some of the best cookies ive ever tasted! they nearly never made it to the oven as I got started on eating the dough and had a hard time stopping! haha But luckily my hubby came out and stopped me so in the oven they went and they were even tastier once they were cooked! They were even easier to make than I was expecting, im pretty sure even my husband could make them! haha
danmae - 7:55 AM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
We had the Milk chocolate chunk cookies to make. They were very easy to make and I found they made more than what the packet made. I had spent the weekend in hospital with my daughter and when we arrived home no one had the energy to go grocery shopping and we were enjoying all being in the same room for the first time in days, I then remembered the box of cookies I had to try. They were perfect enjoyed by all quick and easy. I will definately have them in the cupboard in the future. The only thing I would say is that I cooked them for less than the time on the box and they were well done. All in all yummy, easy and will buy
kiwi72 - 4:24 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
Today was finally coffee group day so I made these up this morning so that they were nice and fresh!!!! I am not the best at making desserts/sweet treats so I was hoping this would be easy and it certainly was!!!!!
There is only one bag inside with the chocolate chips already in there as well so all I had to do was add the butter, egg, mix up and then bake!!!! Too easy!!!
I took them out at 13 minutes as I wanted chewy cookies and these ended up being just right so don't leave them in too long if that's how you like your cookies!!
They do say that these can be stored for up to 3 days however after the coffee group and then a couple that I ate beforehand (I had to test them!!!) plus saving a couple for my partner to have (he would never forgive me if they were all gone!!) these cookies will not last out the day!!!!!
This is a fantastic, no fuss, no stress product that gives an almost guaranteed result (I guess you can still overcook them??!!). I would definitely buy again, especailly for another coffee group or for when my 9 month old is a bit older so she can help with the baking!! I haven't ever bought Betty Crocker products before because I didn't know how they would end up tasting but am very happy with the result! Might even give me the confidence to bake my own cookies (one day!!)!!
lmwnz - 2:38 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got the Milk Chocolate Chunk biscuits to try. Lots of fun for my wee girl to help me mix them up with her hands, I'm surprised we actually got any cookies left to back, lol. They spread out a lot on the trays so next time I will make my servings a bit smaller lol. For someone like me who is baking challenged these are amazing, easy to mix, you can't make a mistake & they taste so YUMMY! I took them to work as I didn't want my wee girl having too many & everyone loved them, and said how clever I was ;-P I will be buying these again and then I can be a baking Mum too. Thanks for letting us trial them.
erenakelly - 2:36 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
Coming home today from daycare on a dreary afternoon and being able to whip up a batch of Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies has been one of this week's highlights for my son and I! We went from the mudpit to the mixing bowl and he loved helping me mix in the egg and butter - easy as! We enjoyed them with a glass of milk for afternoon tea and I admit the rest are now calling me from their container. I've not bought pre-mixed biscuits before because I didn't trust the quanities/recipe, but now that I've tried this I think we'll definitely be doing this as a family treat/activity every now and then. Delicious!
druryl - 2:14 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
We trialled the Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies and they were great - didn't take long for us to make and didn't take long to bake either which was great as my daughter was impatiently watching them and waiting for them to be ready. Lots of chocolate chunks and they tasted great :-) Going to go and buy the rainbow ones to try next.
naenae82 - 1:20 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
we trialled the rainbow biscuits an they turned out ok but next time will cook a bit longer an see if they brown a little more other than that i need to seperate them futher lol had a bit of a clutser going on they were yummy thou thankyou very much it took about 3minutes to mix an ready to rool out for cooking so easy i have now brought the milk chocolate ones as well they turned out a bit better thanks an we now have a box of both in the cubboard for next week
kayjam - 1:15 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
i would like to say thank you for letting us trail these cookies we got the milk chocolate chunk cookies and my 12 year old daughter bake them for us she was really proud and of course we all enjoyed them i would let all my family and friends know about these once again thank you
piglet - 12:06 PM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
We trialled the Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Wow, they are scrummy! So easy to make, the kids had a great time getting their fingers in the cookie dough. Lots of chocolate chips in there, and all we had to do was add the butter and an egg. Very easy! I would keep a packet in the cupboard for quick & easy baking, and when I need something fun to put in the kids lunchboxes. Went down well with hubby too!
DaniTaylor - 11:39 AM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these cookies! we've had the rainbow cookies and then we put icecream sticks on the end! and made like lollypops, but i'd love love love to try the chocolate chunks ! :)
Luckymum17 - 11:21 AM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
OMG!!! Made the Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies! Yummmmmy!! Really easy to make, my daughters found it a breeze. Love the tip at the back of the box too. We took them out of the oven even though they looked like they weren't done and they were perfect! The mixture says it makes 15 but we made 22 decent sized biscuits! Will definately Buy! It's perfect for when your kids want to bake and creates minimal mess! Even better you get a delicious treat! Thanks kidspot and Betty Crocker
Jackieb - 7:32 AM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
wrote yesterday, left it while trying to figure out how to put photos on - came back and pushed post comment - didn't appear... so here I go again. I got Miss 12 to make them - really good for her to have independence and I could trust that measurements would be fine with only 1 egg and butter to add. The butter could have been softer to make the mixing easier other than that not a problem. She made a tray of normal sized biscuits and a tray of smaller sized ones. the smaller ones cooked a lot quicker than I expected so next time I will watch them more closely. The came out of the oven and half were gone before I could take a photo! They are moreish and I would make them again. It is a good standby product in the cupboard for quick baking or school holiday activity.
AmcN - 12:38 AM on Wed-7-Sep-2011 reply | message
My 7 year old son, Bryan and I baked the rainbow cookies on Sunday. He was so excited and proud that he could bake and was beaming from ear to ear! It was quick and just right for his attention span and not much to clean up too! He had so much fun arranging the m&ms on the cookies and making up stories as he did it. He was such a proud boy- thanks so much for making our day Betty Crocker and Kidspot! We will certainly be buying more of these. Anne & Bryan
DMears - 7:29 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got our Rainbow Cookies yesterday and can't wait to make them! Just have to find a night that both myself and my son can do this together, we can't wait and I can guarantee they won't last long. Thanks so much for this special time together baking, if they taste as good as the box looks we will be hooked!!
carolbevin - 5:00 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
We received the rainbow M%M's which we made today. Mister 2 was very interested in it all - including the raw dough and the M&Ms! Fairly simple to make and accurate times given for the cooking. I thought they tasted OK - and I have just had all out war from the kids as I said no more biscuits before tea (so they obviously like them!). One box does not make enough for us (only one tray of 24 biscuits), and I normally make 2-3 trays at a time. I will stick to homemade for now - but will consider buying these when I go back to work.
loribradley - 4:40 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well, I checked my mailbox and found •Betty Crocker™ Milk chocolate chunk cookies mix, My 7 year old and I made these cookies, we made 16 good sized cookies which was a decent ammount I thought. the problem is that they are just too good, with myself, my husband and miss 7 they were all gone within 20 minutes!!!! (and miss 7 only had 2!!!) I would definately recommend them tho, super easy to make and super yummy!!! definately good for a treat!!

Gemstar - 3:33 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks for picking us to trial the cookies, we had the chocolate chunk cookies. Loved how simple it was to make and that it wasnt many dishes to clean up afterwards also made it easy to do with my daughter , we had to make it while my husband was at work because he kept asking if we could just eat the cookie dough haha. My oven was a bit hot I think as we did them for 8 minutes and they were pretty golden so think about 5 minutes would have been enough for my oven. Will definatly buy them again and even though they were golden they still tasted great. Mads loved helping and loved eating them even more haha. Will be trying the recipe on the back for a treat too yum! thanks again.
cherrytf - 3:05 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
Our Betty Crocker™ Milk chocolate chunk cookies arrived in the mail yesterday. I'll try this out with the kids this weekend. Can't wait!
mickee - 1:04 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
My children (3 & 4) and I had a fun time making the Chocolate chunk cookies. I think one of the best things about them is that they can be made all in one bowl with little preparation making less work cleaning up and less time for any boredom to set in for smaller children. My boys did need some help in forming the dough but had fun rolling balls and squishing them. The results are some yummy tasting cookies. I would buy again for them to make.
chopper59 - 11:50 AM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
My children and I had great fun making the rainbow cookies. The cookies were easy to make, and my children loved poking the mini m and m lollies into the top of each biscuit. The biscuits were delicious and were demolished within about an hour of cooking. I will definitely buy these in the future.
mummy22 - 8:32 AM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
we got the rainbow bickies and as sad as it is to admit, i did stuff these up! all i had to do was add 1 egg and some butter. easy right? i didn't measure the butter just took a guess - when will i learn, it was forming properly so i added more butter, still not working, maybe another egg will help? magic! unfortunatley the bickies tasted very buttery, funny that, and were not taking with us to a 5th birthday party, but they are still good enough for us here at home - we're not fussy. thanks for the trial, i think i had better invest in some scales!
cassara - 7:20 AM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well my baking story was not such a success. We got the Rainbow ones, the kids were so excited. I cooked them, and I dont usually bake, so that might be the first problem. It said to make 24 cookies, I made just over twelve, a bit big perhaps? And I used one of our free range eggs froom home, a bit bigger than the regular supermarket size perhaps? anyway, the mix turned out quite wet, but in the oven they went. They went flat and spread out, making quite big but flat cookies. I guess from the other reviews it is probalby what I did wrong not the Betty Crocker mix that failed <sigh>
Nilithya - 11:49 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
We baked our cookies this afternoon! We recieved the Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Cookies and they are devine!
Only requiring an egg & some butter and the butter amount was listed in grams & cups-handy seeing as I don't have kitchen scales!
My daughter normally gets a bit bored & impatient when we're baking but today she was having a great time! She did pretty much everything herself & only a few teeny eggshells needed picked out ;)
I expected the chocolate chips to be in a separate bag for some reason but they were included in the mix-great! It was all ready to go!
We made our cookies smaller, to the variation on the box, instead of 15 regular cookies we made 24 small ones-well, 23 actually as we must have made them a bit big! But was good making them smaller as Miss Almost 5 was able to easily get teaspoons full (she has trouble with the bigger spoon & get frustrated) to place on the tray. They are also a good size for her...though her Dad & I may feel worse for eating more of them haha (I'm up to 5...ooops!)
I used baking paper on the trays so the only dishes were a bowl, measuring cup, knife & the two spoons we used. Loved that.
We also really liked the suggestion on the back to serve them as an ice-cream sandwich! What a fantastic idea! Was such a nice treat & I'm glad we did baking on this lovely sunny day so we could enjoy them in the sun with ice-cream mooshed between the cookies, covered with rainbow sprinkles!
They are, soft & moist & delicious & we have added them & the rainbow ones to our grocery list as the price isn't too bad, especially by the time you buy the chocolate (there's alot of chocolate in these!) and I like that I got to spend that special time with my daughter today & we both had fun :) They would be easy to whip up if unexpected guests turned up too.
Thankyou Kidspot & Betty Crocker :) Everyone buy these!
Ruth4 - 10:27 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
We got the chocolate chunk cookies, my three children made them (aged 8, 11 and 13) with very little supervision from me. They were quick and easy. The directions were so simple for them to follow. The cookies came out perfectly and were so yummy. We will definatly buy them again and they would be great to have on hand for visitors or an activity for my children to do with their friends.
raglanmum - 9:22 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
Mmmm... the rainbow cookies with M&M's look so yum! Your photo's look just like the cookies on the box! I missed out on this Mums Say, but based on all your reviews, I think I'll be buying a box next shop!
Shelz69 - 9:08 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
I found these to be a quick and easy biscuit to make. The kids had fun helping and of course eating. I think that I would keep a packet in the cupbaord just in case a friend called to say they were popping in. It would be a quick no hassle way to prepare some fresh baking for them. It would be nice if they could have some healhy options too. Thanks for selecting me to review. I hope this is the right place and my review is ok.
kimiwinkles - 8:43 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
mmmm YUMMMM! they were so easy to make and everyone in the house enjoyed them heaps.they were tasty and soft and chewy.perfect cookies! definatly recommend and 4 adults at my house will all be buying them in the future..dont normally buy the packet cakes/cookies etc but these changed my mind..thanks for choosing me to trial these!
vickster444 - 5:41 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
They arrived on Friday, just in time for my sons party on saturday so decided to make these and what a hit they were! We got the chocolate chunk biscuits so quick and easy to do, my son helped me and everyone at the party said what a yummy biscuit I had made! I said I couldnt take all the credit as it was a Betty Crocker mix, they couldnt believe it was from a packet! I will definetly be buying these again (especially if I need to make them some quickly!) Next time I think we might try the rainbow cookies! I know from the comments at the party that they are keen to use them too! Thank you heaps for letting me trial these!
Rysmum - 4:55 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
i would love to trial these! im sure my hubby and daughter wouldnt complain about my trialing thes either! hehe
I usually make cakes at the mo so it would be great to try these out!
matted - 4:43 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
In my house time is always running short and I try to make home baking for lunches but never find enough time, these look like a great way to have baking withpout the mess or work, I would love trial
Nilithya - 3:43 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
We were waiting for a cooler or rainy day so my daughter & I could spend some time together while her baby brother took his nap & do some baking but the days have been so lovely! So no more waiting (and I'm certainly not complaining about the lovely sunny weather!) we are going to bake these chocolate chunk cookies this afternoon when she gets home from daycare & her brother has his afternoon sleep :)
Will be good to see if she has patience with these! Thanks for having us review, will be back tonight with results...
BubbeezMum - 3:06 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well it sounds like the cookie mixes are a success. I wanted to write my review asap but with a busy weekend it just didn't happen, and I wanted to include the photos too.

We arrived home on Friday to a parcel on the doorstep we opened up the parcel and to mine and Caitlyn's delight it was the Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s) , we couldn't wait and with lunchtime around the corner I decided it would be a nice treat with lunch. We got straight into cooking hands washed, aprons on and GO,... I have never used a packet recipe before or made biscuits so it was all very exciting. We measured the butter, softened it, added the egg and Caitlyn poured the mixture (powder) in. Then mix mix mix. This was fantastic Caitlyn (Almost 2) could do all herself with a little guidance from me. I loved that she could have such an active role in the cookie making. She also did a bit of taste testing to ensure she had made it right.

It was easy to follow the instructions although we did have to remix the dough as it was a bit crumbly so maybe an added instruction would be good (for those beginner cookie makers). We added the M & M's onto the cookies (with some being taste tested) was impressed by the amount of M&M's we had some left over. Although some got less as I was firing them on before the chocolate monster got them. We also tried the biscuits on a stick like the box suggested (we had some in the cupboard) and Little Miss liked the biscuits on the stick the most..

Cooking time was super fast and perfect timing. Then we enjoyed them. I seriously didn't think Hubby was going to get to try any biscuits but he did. We even got to share them with guests as my Mum, sister and nephew came over.

Caitlyn was so proud and she kept saying I a good cook. She was I am so proud of her and was glad she loved this experience, I just we got more than one box to trail because little Miss loved so much. I would definitely look into purchasing some mixes for emergency pop overs and as a cooking experience for little Miss . Oh yeah I forgot to mention it was a horrible rainy day so perfect indoor activity to do together.
shellcruise - 12:33 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
What an awesome package to receive. My 2.8mth old daughter was so excited when we received it on Friday but had visitors so instead she made it with her dad on Saturday while I relaxed on the couch. Now if he can make them anyone can - Keana loved mixing the dough and her job was to squash the biscuits down once Brynn had placed on the tray. Then they both inserted the M&M's. So easy to make and so tasty as well!!! They made the biscuits a little to big for the tray so made two batches the first purerly with the M&M's and the second also had chocolate chips inserted and they tasted great also. Much easier to make this way then from scratch.
becs12345 - 12:03 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi there, I made the Rainbow cookies up as soon as I got them! They were soooo yummy and easy to make:) By the time my daughter got home from school my son 3 and I had eaten at least 6 between us! I have eaten the chocolate chunk ones before and they were really yum too. Would recommend to anyone that needs a cookie to make that is fast, easy and tastes great as well. Thanks for sending them too us, Bec
hollie71 - 11:07 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
seriously amazing! I made my cookies last night, they were so yummy that I had hubby ripping them off the tray still too hot that he had to juggle them! the box shows them with so many chocolate chips and I seriously thought it wouldn't have that many (as boxes often mislead) but when you are mixing it you realise that there REALLY is that many choc chips, they are so good .. I am eating on right now! they are so simple to make and I would defiantly buy them, I am going to give the rainbow ones a go and see that they are like. thanks so much kidspot, I would never have purchased these from the grocery store without the trail! :)
nikkim - 10:42 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
My daughter and I made the Betty Crocker chocolate cookies on the weekend - super easy to make and super yummy! I was really surprised at how little time they took to prepare. We made 21 cookies all up. They had a lovely texture, firm on the bottoms and slightly chewy. One thing I was really surprised at was the amount of chocolate drops - and they were really tasty! Theses cookies were fun and easy to make - I even think my husband to make them! Would definatley look at purchasing in my next grocery shop :o)
dayauon - 10:31 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
hello! my 6 yr old daughter and i baked the cookies last weekend and i should say,
it was really easy. i did the measuring and mixing and my daughter did the cookie shaping and putting exactly 7 m&ms on each cookie. we made 26 cookies, instead of 24 so there were much to munch. the cooking time varied. the 1st batch was perfect for me which had little crunch on the side and chewy middle part. the 2nd batch turned out a little brown, which is good if you want hard cookies. my not-so-negative comment is that the cookies became big during baking so it stick with the
other cookies. we should have placed them far apart. we had to watch it bake bec it easily turns brown after the 10 mins baking time. it was just too sweet for me but the kids love it! My daughter keeps on bragging that she baked the cookies by herself and even suggested that we should do it again and make different shapes. will that work?
overall, it was easy! definitely will recommend it to others who likes simple, easy and quick cookie baking.
thanks again for choosing us to sample the product!
Tastic - 9:57 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
we LOVE biscuits here in our house, love them<br>my kids love getting in the kitchen and helping with the measuring of the ingredients and then rolling them onto the tray and of course the eating them after :)
would love to try a betty crocker batch of cookies as they are usually out of our price range so don't buy it
tessa771 - 9:33 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
YUM! We received the Betty Crocker Choc Chunk cookies. We made these over the weekend so I have 2 little helpers :) I found these really easy to make and were great when you have the kids helping as not too much mess can be made. We made 19 cookies out of this, all medium size, perfect for lunch boxes or afternoon teas. Really loved how once cooked they had a nice firm bottom but were still slightly chewy and not dry at all. These were a hit with the whole family! I think next shop I will try out another type. Was such a great trial, thanks for this :)
anthzzz - 8:47 AM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
I thought the Betty Crocker mix was absolutely great. My four year old basically made them herself, getting her little hands into it and kneading it. I involved my two year old as well for decorating and used ice block sticks too – a real hit! They tasted fantastic and the kids were so proud of themselves. We even wrapped some of them up and gave them to Grandpa for Fathers Day. I would actually recommend giving them as a gift too, so yes I will definitely buy them again. Any child would love to get that pack.
As my husband leaves my kitchen in a very bad mess when he bakes, it would be a great alternative for him too.
Thanks for letting us trial them.
monique07 - 8:49 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
I think ill start my review with one work 'YUMMY' my betty crocker rainbow cookies arrived early on Friday morning and I was so excited that within 40 minutes I had baked, cleared the dishes and was sitting down to enjoy one of many cookies.
I got all the ingredients that I needed, 3 things into a bowl and mixed how easy is that for cookies. I used my hands to make sure everything was mixed well and of course tasted a bit of the raw cookie mix and it was very sweet and scrummy. Rolled all my cookies out and spread them on the tray, the most fiddly thing was putting all the mini m&ms on top I put 6 - 7 on each cookie and even managed to eat a few and didnt run out. I have a few broken m&ms but every last one was used up. Putting the cookies into the oven I set the timer for 13 minutes scared I was going to over coo them. I took them out of the oven after 13 minutes of baking and they were lightly golden and looked so yummy I couldnt wait until they cooled slightly to eat. I followed the instructions on the back and it was so simple and easy, I made 24 small cookies which is a tablespoon as the recipes said. I often buy the betty crocker cake mixes if I'm short on time and these cookies are another excellent product by Betty Crocker. I agree with the note on the box and they do taste best fresh on the same day, although if you do have any left over the next day they still taste nice. The cookies were soft when I took them out of the oven but they did firm up once they cooled down so you'd have to make sure you didnt leave them in the oven for to long.
A great product, easy for adults and kids alike make. Highly recommended and ill definately be buying and recommending to others. They are almost and essential item to have in the pantry for when you have unexpected visitors coming round and want something yummy to make with no fuss and no mess. Next time Im going to try the recipe suggestion of rainbow cookie lollypops, sure they would be a hit for a kids birthday party.
The cookies were a yummy sweet cookie similar to the taste of a choco chip cookie without the chocolate chips of course. The m&ms on top made gave them a yummy chocolate taste and crunch for the cookie.
Others that ate my cookies were impressed as well with the taste.
wondermum - 8:36 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing my family to review the Betty Crocker milk chocolate chunk cookies. We received the mixture on Friday and we made them up on Saturday morning for morning tea. This the second time we have made these cookies, they didn't turn out exactly the same cording to the kids, hard to please some males I thought they where OK ! It's so easy to make only having to add butter and a egg and less mess with the kids helping. The mixture said it makes 24 small we got 22. I don't normally buy packet mixers because of the cost. But if I added up all the baking I have done that has only every seen the inside of a waste disposal then the cost is irrelevant at least you know these turn out, specially if you need to take a plate somewhere. The only thing is that in the mixer we found two pieces of mixer that had gone hard which was a shame. So all in all they turned out great once I had finished taking a photo of the biscuits, hands came in from every direction and they were gone ! So yes Betty Crocker you got the seal of approval from my three sons now I have to buy the rainbow ones on pay day.
arnabanana - 8:34 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks Betty Crocker and Kidspot for picking us to trial. We had been away for a few days and arrived home tonight to find the e-mail advising we'd been picked and the package on the back door step. Thanks ever so much! We'll get onto baking them asap. Nom nom nom!!
mgslegaspi - 3:06 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Have to say that the Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies is totally so easy to make, am very happy that I didn't make a mess in my kitchen and less dishes to wash, after having a baby cleaning the kitchen after baking puts me off because of too many things to wash and clean but with Betty Crocker Cookie mix, unbelievable but it's true, it's easy and so simple to make and before you know it your done with the preparation, before am not a fan of ready mixes when it comes to baking as my first time experience with the other brand, my finished product looks so different with the one that is advertised on the box, so after that no more ready mixes for me, that is when I learned to bake from scratch but it's a bit tiring after doing the baking then cleaning's next....but I really love to bake, thank you again for giving me the opportunity to try the Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies, now I know what brand to pick at the grocery for easy baking but yummy sweet treats, have to confess it didn't last the next day hehehe... okies here are my other comments: with regards to packaging - very attractive to the consumer eyes, as the rainbow cookies are so mouth-watering, your finished product will definitely look like the one's on the box, with regards to baking procedure; it's simple and direct to the point, totally not complicated to follow so even kids can do it but of course with the adult supervision and with regards to the finished product; oh wow what can I say, so yummy..yummy..yummy especially with m&m minis on top! I agree with the product statement that "Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies with M&M Minis are Sweet delicious sugar cookies topped with M&M MINI's. Sure to impress the kids, not only do these cookies taste great they are also fun for the kids to help make too." And YES I will absolutely buy this product again and will also recommend to friends, these cookies are great to eat at any time of the day, will definitely bake my own cookies again and also these cookies can be a nice gift to friends, family and in laws. I put some photos of my cookies, before and after and btw I used cookie cutter just to add more fun.... Happy Baking!!!!
ailb - 2:53 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you kidspot and Betty Crocker for the lovely Rainbow cookies mixes. Believe it or not, it was first ever for me to bake cookies in my life. (My 4yo girl made a few cookies from her pre-school. ) I haven't been bothered to make cookies at home only because I am too busy and too lazy doing other unnecessary cooking. I would rather go out to buy cookies outside. However my daughter is very into baking and I thought I'd have a go.
First of all, I thought it won't work without any sort of liquid e.g. milk or water. But it worked out perfect amount using what it listed as butter and egg. In fact we don’t use butter at home, so I just used the same amount of the margarine, but it turned out to be very good too. So quick to make the whole dough but it says 24 small cookies, but I could not be bothered to make every little 24 cookies, so my daughter and I made rather large cookies to fit into one tray. However I didn’t know it was going to expand!!! ***I think the instruction should include the warning that it will expand a little.*** Mines were nearly over the edge of the baking tray because it all expanded and all joined up each other.
Also my brand new oven just needed 13 minutes rather than 15 minutes. I know the instruction says 13-15min, but it was my mistake. I quickly pulled it out when I smelled the early burning at 15 minutes. You can tell it was really my first time to bake!
But in the end the taste test passed with lots of ticks!! Although it was slightly burnt and all joined like a huge one piece cookie due to expansion, the taste was good! My daughter was also very excited about the extra M+Ms that she was picking and eating.
Thank you so much for the lovely experience, and I am going to buy it again to try to make perfect cookies next time. Definitely recommend to my other friends.
LIVINGLIFE - 12:02 PM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
These were so easy to prepare, I used margarine instead of butter as it isn't in our budget, my little girl had fun putting the m & ms on top of the cookies (plus a few in her mouth). I made bigger ones then the package suggested and they turned out to be gorgeous and chewy, like the ones that you get at subway.

If my budget allows it one shopping day I will definately get another packet:)
Foxy - 8:14 AM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Just added the photos - the giant cookie will make a nice gift wrapped up in cellophane for Dad ( and this idea could be used as gifts for other people actually, or our school fair coming up!) and the batch of cookies. The ones on the top rack got brown faster than the other rack.
Foxy - 8:10 AM on Sun-4-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you Betty Crocker and Kidspot!! We recieved some Rainbow cookies on Friday, and the kids were so excited!! Despite many please, we didn't make them that night, but made them early the next morning. We have tried Betty Crocker cakes before ( which are yum!) but haven't tried the cookies. I guess because usually if I'm using a packet mix, I use it for a special occasion, or because it's super quick, and I'm not a fan of rolling a lot of cookies!

But with the kids, it was easy and they enjoyed it very much. They are 4 and 6 and with the pictures on the back were able to make the cookies themselves. They had a lot of fun sticking the M&M's on, it various patterns, and had the idea of making a giant cookie for Dad for Father's day, which turned out really well. My only issue was that it said 13-15 minutes to bake, so I set the timer for 11 minutes, but by then the cookies were already a bit too brown and very crunchy, but we would just be aware of that next time, and the kids still love them. Would buy them again for a rainy day activity or school holidays.
bechughes - 8:40 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you Betty Crocker and Kidspot, Our Choc Chunk cookie mix arrived yesterday and with morning tea guests arriving for Saturday morning tea the kids and I had the perfect opportunity to use the mix... What fun we had... Quick and easy, tho cookie dough mix is best stirred by Mum, the cookies were a lovely texture and we managed 14 decent sized cookies from our batch. The kids Loved licking the spoon of the left over cookie dough and YUM they were a delicious success!! My 2 year old was thrilled to announce she found chocolate hiding in her cookie! ;-) We will be making these again.
gonzze - 6:45 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for letting us try the Betty crocker Rainbow Cookies they were so good and the kids had so much fun making themThe instructions on the box are very easy to under stand so that was good. They did not take that long to make and there was no mess We did not get all the m&ms in the cookies becauses the kids keeped eating them but they still taste good. They now want me to buy the Betty crocker milk chocolate chunk cookies.They are so good to make if you are in a hurry . thanks again for letting us try them
mgslegaspi - 5:34 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
thank u Kidspot NZ and Betty Crocker! my Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies already arrived.. thank u so much am sure am gonna make an awesome cookies out of it.. hhhmm yum can't wait, am gonna do it now while my bubba's still asleep and my feedback are coming soon (",)
Mamabear - 2:58 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
Our Milk chocolate chunk cookie mix arrived yesterday. My kids (6.5 and soon to be 3) made the cookies themselves with a little supervision from me, so absolutely very easy to make with no mess at all!! We could hardly wait for them to cool down!! They came out perfect, uniform sizing, just delicious, lots of chocolate bits and a nice chewy texture. Will definitely buy these again and recommend them to others. I've tried many Betty Crocker muffin mixes before, but not a cookie mix as I've been making my own cookies or buying cookies. I will continue to make my own cookies, but will henceforth always have a pack of these in the pantry when a quick batch of yummy cookies is required and they will also be part of a birthday party spread from now on, especially since my son can make them himself!
5/5 from me for a quick and easy way of whipping up a delicious batch of cookies! You definitely can't go wrong with them! Thanks Kidspot & Betty Crocker :)
cove - 1:02 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
Woohoo my first review. Our package arrived yesterday but we waited until today to do some baking. We got the Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies. I have not made boxed cookies before and i'm not at all successful in the cookie making department. These were easy and quick to make. There were plenty of m&ms to go on the cookies, and the cookie dough goes a long way. They were fantastic!! My kids loved them and they were all so excited when they came out of the oven. The smell that the the cookies made through the house was amazing and the cookies themselves tasted yummy. I would definately buy this product again and i will be recommending it to my friends and family. It was so easy and satisfying. I have not been able to make my own cookies so these will probably be the way i will be making cookies in the future.
BexDown - 9:53 AM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
Ours arrived yesterday just before I was about to pop down to the supermarket and pick something up for afternoon tea as a friend and her 3 kids were popping by after school. I am a little pedantic about what my kids eat so I read the ingredients on the packet before I made them up (Milk chocolate chunk cookies)- nothing artificial with the only"number" for a Sodium Bicarbinate which is safe in food use! Super easy to make up and they made the house smell absolutely devine. Suffice to say that the kids were all excited when I bought the biscuits out for them to eat and it wasn't long before they were asking for seconds. Myself and my friend also tasted them and they were delicious. We had to make sure that there was one left for hubby when he got home and he liked them too. I would definitely recommend these to friends/family and will be buying them again.
emjay - 8:52 PM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yay, ours arrived this morning, we got the rainbow cookies and we had a betty crocker baking morning! yesterday I had bought the choc swirl cake and vanilla frosting to try today after those reviews (and since it is daddy's birthday tomorrow) so it was a nice surprise to find we had been picked for the trial and have them arrive this morning too!
The cookies were very easy to make, miss 3 did nearly everything, until the stiring got a bit hard for her, but then she was right into the dough at the end with her hands to make it into a nice smooth mix and then rolling out the balls for the cookies. it was fun watching her learn how to roll balls rather than sausages! i then left her to it as she pushed all the m&m's into the biscuits. she did a very good job and most had a good covering so she got to eat the last few herself :)
Dont know if it was my perfect cooking or the magic cookies but they came out of the oven Beautiful! crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, YUM. they are definately not an only 1 biscuit!
the box says makes 24 small biscuits but we got 23 large biscuits! they spread a long way on the tray so definatly good value.
The taste is great, and as good as my nana's special recipe if not actually better than other home made cookies.
To answer the questions in the letter:
would i buy again or recommend? YES
If first time tried, why? I have always been a biscuit and cake maker from scratch, i have done muffins and cupcakes from boxes (including betty crocker varieties - my fav is the choc caramel muffin) but haven't done the boxed biscuits.
will i ever make my own cookies again? Yes but will definately buy these again, not only when a quick batch are required, but for the yum specific taste.
KTasi - 4:25 PM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks for picking me for the cookie trial, received the rainbow cookies this afternoon and like edrendle commented, my daughter also wanted to bake around 2pm and because it was so easy and mess free, we were able to bake in no time before picking up my boys from school. My 3 1/2 year old daughter loved that she could participate in putting the chocolate on top of the cookies and I loved that I didn't have to worry about her making a mess : ). It was a win-win situation! I decided to pack some cookies away to take for my boys after school as a treat as they ran cross country earlier today so it was a perfect reward for doing well. They were pleasantly surprised and shared with all there friends, needless to say they were gone in seconds and my kids LOVED them. I had to taste them as well and they were dee-lish! Taste better than made from scratch and without the mess. Thankyou Betty Crockers, if I'm ever in a rush and want the taste of home baked goodies, I will definitely be picking you from the supermarket shelf!
emmalee - 4:07 PM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
This morning we recieved Betty Crockers Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies in the mail!

When my 4 year old asked me to do baking at 2pm (1 hour before the dredded school pick up) i didnt hesitate knowing i would not have a whole bench full of ingredients to put away! The recipe was easy and required little preparation or clean up.

The only constructive critisism i have is that even with the softened butter the mixture was too crumbly to spoon onto the tray, this was fixed by microwaving slightly, perhaps next time it will be easier to melt the butter first.

As for the taste test DELICIOUS! couldnt have made them better if i did it from scratch myself, thank you Betty Crockers yummy friday afternoon tea!

rachaelsfun - 4:01 PM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
wow would love to be picked for this sounds yummy
LIVINGLIFE - 11:10 AM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you kidspot, received the mix today so my girl and I will be baking as soon as she gets home from school:():):)
jobrush - 9:25 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yay - thanks for choosing me kidspot - I started back at work part time this week, so the timing is perfect! Can't wait to get the boys in the kitchen to help :-)
MaryMc - 9:02 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks for choosing me to review these - looking forward to receiving them!
naenae82 - 8:29 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
oh yay i am hoping to beable to have these turn out right coz if they do i will take them to my daughters netball finals an share with the kids after the game fingers crossed i dont get hard cookies or one giant one which is what happens everytime lol thanks for choosing my family
kiwi72 - 7:21 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us - can't wait to bake and try them out on my coffee group!!!!!
carlee - 5:06 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Ooh yay, looking forward to testing day!! Thanks so much!!
BubbeezMum - 5:05 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
YAY we got choosen thanks so much I cant wait to trail these and I know once I tell hubby he will be excited too as hes been waiting for me to make buscuits and I still haven't. mycanvas we could compare notes or make them for the next coffee group if all go well.
mycanvas - 4:54 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
thanks for choosing us cant wait to have a baking session with my 2 year old :-)
looies1 - 4:08 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have just cooked up a batch and oh yummmy the rainbow ones are just so good, just dont over cook as I did that with one batch and they didnt go down a treat. I did mine in little balls better for the little people in my life. Thanks for a wonderful product Betty Crocker.
Babytears - 4:02 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yey... thank you... can't wait to review these!
Mamabear - 3:51 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yay!! Thanks for choosing us!! My kids will be eagerly looking out for the mailman next week! :)
Gemstar - 2:40 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yay thank you! Mads will be so excited when they turn up. Thanks for the opportunity to trial!
twinsandmore - 12:49 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Miss 6 would love to trail these. She loves baking with me. Her favourite bit about making cookies is rolling the dough and cutting the shapes. Having everything already mixed in the bag with only a few ingredients to add means less to do before she gets to her favourite part (& less mess for mummy to cleanup).
Nipper - 11:59 AM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
We would love to try these biscuits, I love making biscuits but cant always be bothered with mixing all the ingredients up, would love to have these in the cupboard for the emergency baking when im having people over
wahine74 - 6:20 PM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
love betty crocker she never fails love to try it
dkpm - 2:23 PM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to make ANY baking. I would do it for my daughter mainly but it would be great to have homebaked treats in the house for visitors. I have never made slices or scones.
MaryMc - 11:21 AM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
I don't currently make cookies at home. I've tried, but they're either crumbly or too hard. All I end up with is a messy kitchen and a bin full of 'cookies'! I have heaps of cookie recipes, but have become discouraged, so it would be great to try a 'box' cookie mix. I'm sure even I can manage that!
I would make these to share with my family. Actually, if they're nice, I'd have to hide some from my husband or they would disappear to work in his lunch-box.
Ruth4 - 6:30 PM on Sun-28-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have four children and although we try to bake together its hard to find something that is quick enough to hold their attention and is something that they will all eat. I think the Betty Crocker range of cookies would be a great way to make something tasty, quick and without making too much mess.
We would put them in lunches, serve to family and friends when they come to visit.
ValerieL - 12:28 AM on Sun-28-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try baking cookies for a change...I currently only bake cakes and muffins and have yet to try out cookies and biscuits. Would love to try an easy and shortcut way to bake cookies at home because I have 2 active boys and a little baby! The cookies would be for my family, and we would take some to share at school on special days and church refreshments! Yummy.
annette - 2:42 PM on Sat-27-Aug-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial one off these mixes. Its lovely to have an easy enough mix with a yummy end product. And have three boys how im sure would eat them up in now time!
mamanfrnz - 1:47 PM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial one of these mixes, they look delicious! I don't have much time to bake these days, my baby is constantly needing my attention... I wish I could easily bake different types of biscuits to share with the different coffee groups I attend, all the mums there are always trying to find yummy and fast recipes. The Betty Crocker ones might be the solution :)
bridget1 - 9:16 AM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial these as I try and do lots of baking but have just started back at work and am finding I don't have the time. I would love to try the rainbow M&Ms cookies for my family's lunchboxes. I have never tried 'packet' baking as am not convinced that they would taste as good so I would be very keen to see what the results are like.
pjandmaz - 5:55 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Wow my 6 year old daughter would love to trial this with me. She loves baking and so good that it is something that we can do together. Then her 1 year old brother would love to trial the eating part!!!!!
samstills5 - 1:19 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
This is a great idea for time poor Mums! My kids love to bake - bu the real test is in the tasting!! We would love to try this out! :)
tigerlilynz - 11:13 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
my kids love baking...this would be a near thing for them to have fun making...i make everything from scratch so this would be great to trail this out...please pick us!
tarns677 - 11:03 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
All my children love baking but my 5yr old daughter loves it so much she even loves looking through cook books. She has just got a new apron in the mail so would love to put it on and bake these cookies yummy!
DaniTaylor - 10:53 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I love baking with my daughter! so i'd love to trial these so we can try making something new together! ;)
carolbevin - 6:13 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I make everything proudly from scratch for our four pre schoolers - so go on and try and change me :)
KTasi - 2:37 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I love the idea of home baked goods but unfortunately I don't always have the time to make them for my kids. I'd love to trial Betty Crockers and see what my kiddies think ;).
lynxgal - 11:30 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
My family would really love to give the Betty Crocker Cookie mixes a go. We really love the classic Chocolate chip cookie in our house but with all the winter bugs floating round baking has been at the bottom of the priorities list. I would bake Betty Crocker products for my family, but would definitely share if friends came round for a coffee.
vish - 11:07 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
We all love cookies.. but they never looked so exciting and colorful.. Having this colorful piece of cookie on the plate is so appetizing.. So much fun to eat something so lovely and fun looking.. We really would love to give this a family is crazy about cookies.. they would be hooked on to these for sure .. :)
mummymax - 9:50 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 5 year old daughter and I would love to trial one of these please. My daughter loves to bake, but as I have an 8 month old and seperated from their dad nearly a year ago....I find I don't have the spare time I would love to have to bake lots of things with my daughter from scratch. I'm hoping these will be a lot quicker, yet still keep the fun factor in there for my daughter. Thanks for considering us for this trial.
caseyraskew - 3:22 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'm not sure whats going on in my kitchen lately but every kind of baking i do doesnt seem to work the way i want so maybe i should be using these awesome looking cookie Mixes.
becs11 - 1:54 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I've been a distant admirer of Betty Crocker mixtures for some time now, and I'd love to trial one of their products. These look yummo and super easy, so the kids could help out too, which is always good. Anything that's quick and easy is appreciated in this household.
DMears - 12:54 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I am the mum of a very energetic 10 year old boy who keeps me on my toes, I find that I don't have a lot of time to do baking but I would love to be able to bake biscuits or cakes that don't take 40 minutes to mix, he has a bottom less pit and i find it really ahrd to fill home up, i'd love to be able to bake for him and for my friends. Please let me trial this amd amybe i could be a wonder cook.
stumpie - 11:44 AM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would really like to sample the Betty Crocker Milk chocolate Chunk Cookies. With Father's day coming up would be really nice to make these up with our son as a special treat for Dad.
The ease of having most of the ingredients in the box is appealing as well, so easy for children to help make with Mum or Dad. Thanks Kidspot and Betty Crocker.
mounty - 9:56 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
It would be great to try Betty Crocker cookie mixes,my daughters and myself like to bake together and we normally make things from scratch.Some times they turn out and sometimes not so it would be nice to see the difference with the mix already done.
Skeetylee - 7:39 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yum the milk chocolate chunk ones sound delish!! Though the rainbow ones I'm sure would be right up miss 3's alley and not one I would probably buy without having heard good reviews so looks like this review will be very helpful trial for me even if I don't get selected.

I would love to find a chocolate chip style cookies that are as good as I remember some I used to buy (which are no longer available in NZ as far as I'm aware) they were a pre-prepared one in the a roll of dough that you sliced and put on the baking tray and have yet to find any recipe that can match those!

I would bake them for something fun and easy to do with my family as a treat and if they were good i would bake for family and friends, good kind of thing to have in the cupboard with a baby due in 4 weeks we will no doubt be inundated with visitors and I'm sure no one could hassle me about the pre-packed mix excuse when you have a new baby!

Zaylah - 6:38 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake just the familiar basics for when friends come over for coffee or the kids when a bit older (only babies). I haven't tried Betty Crocker but assuming it's as good as it looks, I'd definitely make it as a treat for friends too!
robyshack1 - 5:16 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi there, Would love to trial these cookie mixes! I refuse to buy cookies from the supermarket and try to bake them all at home, to save the pennies and also they taste nicer when freshly baked. But sometimes time is my enemy! So I would love to try these mixes to still provide my kids a yummy treat (hopefully!) while doing them quickly!
druryl - 12:52 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this product - I don't seem to be able to find the time to bake from scratch anymore. I love baking cookies and these ones sound so easy that I'm sure even I could do it :-)
I would bake betty crocker for my family and any lucky visitors that pop round after I've baked them.
wondermum - 11:58 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I brought the Betty Crocker chocolate chips this weekend for the first time because my son is off to a rugby camp, well they turned out great. The kids loved them :). Can you make more they said please your baking doesn't normally taste this good. I had to say no sorry i've run out of eggs! couldn't let on they were from a packet. One week on now and the boys are still talking about those biscuits, they wont more I would love to try these ones and see if they are as good as the chocolate chip ones.
cove - 11:46 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I dont bake cookies as i have tried and failed many times. I would love to try these Betty Crocker cookies out on my family, they love baking. I would love to be able to hand them a home baked cookie that works.
Shobo - 11:32 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My family would love to trial either Betty Crocker packs, I use to bake but now with the recession I find it hard to afford the ingrediants. I have looked at these in the shops but have never bought any because I like to try before I buy, although they seem cheap enough
kiwiam - 11:04 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake a chocolate brownie at home that isn't to over loaded in chocolate and calories
I would defiantly bake Betty Crocker for my friends and family i have previously also made Betty Crocker products at work (an early childhood center) allowing the children to help in the process. This went really well so yummy.
I find baking is a great thing to do on rainy days my family loves it,
SandraG - 11:20 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
1) Muffins. I don't make them because they always turn out terribly. I'd love to be able to make big spongy ones with surprise centres.
2) I think that the Rainbow cookies would be great for the kids. The milk chocolate chunk cookies would be great to share with all my friends and family (plus keep a few for my own comfort food stash). Sharing food is sharing love!
Lisahk - 9:51 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try to make home made lunch box treats for the kids.
I would make treats for the kids and myself as well as friends and family. I love dropping off treats to friends!
angelplus3 - 8:17 AM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
I will have a go at baking most things but I havent found a *really* tasty biscuit recipe yet, I normally use a basic recipe and add extras to it. Also shortbread, I want to be able to make melt-in-your-mouth shortbread.
I am more likely to make Betty Crocker as a treat for my family. Just last weekend I used the Devils Food cake mix for my husbands birthday, it was sooo good!
buzzybee98 - 12:01 AM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial these. Fed up with store bought biscuits, so its time to don the apron and dig out the wooden spoon!
kateleek - 9:47 PM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?

I'd really like to be able to make my own short-crust pastry for fruit pies etc- I've never given it a go because it all seems a bit complicated with all of this business about having icy cold butter and all of the chilling and rolling- I just cheat and grab mine from the supermarket :(

Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?

When our coffee group get together every fortnight we all bring along something tasty to share for morning tea, now that the children are getting a bit older some of the ladies are getting quite creative. I'd no doubt have ten VERY happy toddlers if my daughter and I were to take along a beautiful batch of rainbow cookies!!
nzlass - 12:06 PM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think I'm a good cook and I bet my kids would love to learn how to cook too! So let us have a go at Betty Crocker Cookie mixes. Would love to upload some pics of finished product to show how they went.
Shadz - 11:17 AM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
Biscuits are so not my forte and I wish they were because EVERYONE likes home cooked cookies. I can bake cakes and slices but biscuits ellude me

Would I cook for friends or family ? Probably both in all honesty if they last long enough..but with a family of 6 they don't last long
danmae - 11:03 AM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids would love these they look like they would be great to have in the cupboard when you are near the end of grocery week! I would like to see something bread based.
SP - 12:48 AM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these cookies. They look more fun than the cookies I make and a lot easier. I bake for my family, which includes hubby taking baking to work
gabbyr - 10:18 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
looked at those rainbow cookies a few times in supermarket, and kids have spotted them too, so be a real treat if we could trail these. my kids love baking, i got told today mummy i dont like biscuits in packet i only like ones u bake. from my 4 yr old.. be great if we could trail them.
andreaL - 10:08 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these cookies. the MnM cookies sound like a real treat. I have a 3 year old who loves to bake so I am sure she would love to trial these cookies. And I have a husband who likes to eat the baking :)
nickyh - 9:39 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make hot cross buns easily,. My kids LOVE them so much. I think that the Betty Crocker baking sets are something i would make with the kids as they love to be involved in the kitchen - but the treats would be shared with kids, family and myself of course !
monique07 - 9:32 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd like to be able to make custard squares as well, they are so addictive and one thing I haven't tried to make cause they look so hard to make.
I always use the cake mixes for birthday cakes, everyone loves them, bake them in two pans cream in the middle and icing on top, delicious, cant get enough of it. Love baking often give it away to parents and sister cause I couldnt eat it all and for whenever friends come over to visit always good to be able to offer them yummy baked treats with a coffee.
BexDown - 7:55 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
Look at the rainbow cookies - they look amazing and would be a super treat for the kids, their friends and anyone else who happens to pop by!
It would be great to have a quick chocolate brownie mix - this is a family favourite in our house but doesnt get made very often as the recipe I have is very involved and needs heaps of different ingredients.
CaseysMum - 7:33 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
Custard squares :) I love them but theconcept of trying to make my own scares me a little

I'd cook them for anyone anytime - lol I've got a bit of a sweet tooth so I'd share them with anyone who came around and gave me an excuse to eat one
blonda - 6:29 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to make a good carrot cake - mine never tastes like others I've tried. I already bake Betty Crocker cake mixes for the family and visitors - and love using it for a shout at school - I don't tell others though! I would love to try the Betty Crocker cookie mix
nikh74 - 2:09 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to make a quick yummy cake for when unexpected/extra visitors drop by. a yummy choc brownie that i could make in a whizz - yumm! i would happily bake betty crocker for everyone i know! oh and esp a as treat just for myself whilst the kids are out?! :) pick me, pick me! :)
rj - 1:48 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
•What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? brownie and a good biscuit - kind of covers the whole familys favs - but I never seen to get them right
•Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? I love making betty crocker cupcakes with my little girls - we do it for birthdays and playdays with friends and they just love it

emma30 - 1:44 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
Lamingtons, I would love to be able to bake these at home I love them and I'm sure my whole family would too, but I never seem to have much luck making a good sponge cake. We would make the betty crocker cookies to share also with friends as my daughter often has her wee friends and cousins over to play for playdates and I'm sure that these would be a hit.
jafa4life - 1:20 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to learn how to bake a good bran and fruit muffin. I make cupcakes all the time but for some reason i'm a lil scared to try a bran muffin.
And how selfish would I be if I didn't share my Betty Crocker baking with everyone I love. I would definitely bake it not only for myself and children but for friends and family too, they would be perfect for my playdate morning teas and for our family pot luck desserts. I have a feeling my children will love the rainbow cookie mix and I would love to trial this : )
oneonly - 12:47 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake a decent cake! I am really good at muffins and people comment on them but cakes, I don't know what happens, they look great in the oven, then they come out and they sink or they are hard or crumbly, don't think there is a cure for me either :-( If we got picked to trial Betty Crocker cookie mixes we would most likey bake them on a Sunday afternoon for a special afternoon treat with my parents as my Dad is unwell and we like to do fun, inexpensive, treat things with him while we have the chance, and hopefully there would be a couple left over for the school lunchbox for Miss 8 :-)
giggles1 - 12:24 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
to be honest i would love to be able to cook anything that i dont over cook or undercook, my family would love to be able to have cake thats not soggy in the middle im sure or rock hard on the outsides, and yes the betty crocker mixes would be a god send, id be hard pressed to mess those up
raffsgirl1488 - 11:41 AM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to bake cookies and cakes but theres always one thing i dont have in the cupboard when i go to do baking and this really gets to me lol. And yes i would use Betty Crocker products to bake things for myself and friends but i would really love to bake things for my 3 wonderful boys! The thing i would love to bake is looie cake!
roxy7191 - 8:02 AM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
WAFFLES!!!!i love waffles i wish they were easier to make...maybe i should invest in a waffle maker
I would/i do bake with Betty Crocker™ but i do it for my friends and family as i like seeing the smile on other peoples faces when they bite into the delicious morsals!a big hit in our family is the triple cookies
arnabanana - 9:32 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I haven't baked banana muffins for a long time - despite always ending up with manky old bananas that would be better off in muffins than on the bench - as whenever I make them they rise beautifully in the oven but as soon as I take them out, they deflate to less than the original size!!! I find that so depressing that I've just stopped making them now.
I think we'd probably bake the Betty Crocker™ bikkies for whoever is in the house at the time - if we have visitors then they're welcome to share! :)
dlscott - 5:08 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make profiteroles easily. Getting just the right consistency and then making sure I don't over bake them! But I'll keep practicing. I'd make Betty Crocker for everyone! I like to bake and donate. That's my theory. It's nice to give a little something but I'd definitely be trying these cookies myself also! :-)
Juanita - 4:45 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to easily whip up meringues.......but for some reason I just absolutely stink at them! My friends say they're easy, but mine just taste gross! I would definately bake Betty Crocker for my friends as well as my family. Quick and easy seems to be quite a winner these days - I used to be a 'from scratch' kinda girl, but my oh my, how my world has changed!
kap - 8:53 AM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
Im a big fan of cheesecake and would love to be able to make it fresh from a box!
I would bake it as a treat for my family and it would be perfect to keep in the pantry for the next coffee group date as i never seem to have all the ingredients to take along some home baking
anthzzz - 10:13 PM on Wed-17-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to give these a go. As I have a two year old and a four year old helping me in the kitchen, using a packet would certainly make baking a lot easier. My kids would love to eat them too.
Alice39 - 4:59 PM on Wed-17-Aug-2011 reply | message
i love to be able to make cakes and cookies at home but i find it hard with a new born and no cake mixer finding time is like finding a needle in a haysack
i would bake betty croker for everyone because everyone deserves to taste the goodness of them.
christine - 3:36 PM on Wed-17-Aug-2011 reply | message
yummy yummy we the grandparents would love to share and bake with the grandchildren when they come to visit and stay
Foxy - 1:36 PM on Wed-17-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to have a fool proof sponge, or a really decadent dessert for those occasions when the girls come round for a movie. I haven't tried the betty crocker cookies but I have used their cake mixtures for birthday cakes, or special occasions for friends. I think I would be inclined to use the cookie mixtures both for others (ie coffee meetings etc) and ourselves, they sound like a great addition to the lunch box!
Luckymum17 - 10:42 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
OMG the picture looks soo delicious might have to go out and buy some now! LOL
Mumma - 7:13 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to bake a lovely fluffy sponge cake that is so light and featherly to eat just like the shops. I would bake these Betty Crocker biscuits for my bowls club friends as we take a plate every week and know that these would go down well with the oldies!!! One of my grandchildren I mind each Tuesday can come over to help me bake them as she would absolutely love this and would be fun for both of us.
imrose - 4:46 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think,my daughter would love •Betty Crocker™ Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s).It will be a great trweat for her for all the studies she does.Well I usually cook for my family and we are all r always looking out for new tastes,so yes,i will cook these only for my babies!!!
Shell - 2:59 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
I've never made shortcake and would love to be able to buy a baking mix for it.

I'd bake Betty Crocker for everyone, I like to share the good things in life with friends, faimily and the kids. I'd love to be able to afford to bake enough morning tea to take to a retirement village and treat everyone.
manddsteven - 1:31 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
Truth be told I would love to be able to make Lemon Meringue Pie more easily at home. Everyone in our family loves this but it takes me a whole day to do it as I make my own pastry and everything. Of course it has to be just as tasty as my homemade one though.
I love to share my baking so we would be baking Betty Crocker for our friends and ourselves. I always bake when we have visitors coming and as I have always done it, it is kind of expected now. Does have me in a panic sometimes though, lol
dayauon - 11:41 AM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
would love to try bake a pie. if i bake using betty crocker, it'll be a treat for my family first. they're the taste-testers. then if approved, i'll make another batch for friends. would love to sample rainbow cookies. thanks!
imamum - 8:36 AM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
Lolly cake would be my pick to make easily. I would cook Betty Crocker as a treat for the whole family not just the kids! Coming to the end of the shopping week so would love a treat to try.
Nita - 8:07 AM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yum, as a mum of a busy household these cookies sound so easy and fast to prepare that it would be a real treat to try out.
cassara - 7:18 AM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
Both of my girls love baking - they would love the m&m ones parrticularly. We bake most things, or at least give them a try - depending on available ingredients.
They would be treat for our family, since there are five of us they would not last long.
wardma - 7:07 AM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
What a wonderful chance to do some more baking with my son. He loves baking and I know would love to have one of these mixes to trial. He could have something yummy for his schoolbox - maybe he will eat all his lunch for a change.
lindyloos - 10:18 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
hmmmm baking at home is very rare these i would love to be able to make cheesecake if it was quik and easy and didnt involve 50thousand ingredients !lol.

would definitely make betty crocker biccies for my kids and family and if they tasted awesome and looked awesome then i would bake for outside of the home.
SusanD - 10:17 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to be able to make quick and easy lunchbox friendly kids baking that I could make on a Sunday and have something reasonably healthy to put in the kids lunchboxes for the week. I also love to eat scones (!!) but I find them messy to make so would love a quick and easy version of these!

I bake Betty Crockers for both the kids and family but also when I need a quick and yummy treat to take for a plate or when having guests.

I really miss baking as I've just started back at work and struggle to find the time now, so I'd love to review the Betty Crocker Cookie range to get me back in the kitchen.... Yum!!
eleanor48 - 10:13 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?
I wish I could make fancy desserts more often, but they seem so overly indulgent and unneccesary at home and I just can't justify the cost and effort for something that the rest of the household doesn't appreciate as much as I wish they would.

Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?
I think I would mostly bake Betty Crocker™ for friends as I know it will be fully appreciated. My family is quite content with the simpler, less exciting things that I make from scratch.
Porsha - 9:22 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would I love to be able to make easily at home that I don't currently make? Apple and Blueberry Shortcake

Would I bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for myself and My friends or just for your kids and family? Absolutely - for everyone!!
atasfairys - 8:37 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I just made cookies what a mess they were horrid, i for sure could do with the help, plse help me look like a great baker to my family. Am sure they would love to try
erenakelly - 8:17 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to be able to bake simple old bread. Ryebread is my favourite, or soy and linseed running a close second. Trouble is I burn anything that I can't manipulate easily in a frying pan. I don't trust my measurements. Betty Crocker would definitely just be a treat for my family - we're too selfish and greedy to share outside the home!
kyleeandluke - 7:46 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I am NOT a baker and I really wish that I was! When ever I do attempt to bake something for a coffee group, a mainly music session, or a staff morning tea, I have to also make sure that I buy packet stuff 'just in case' it all turns to custard! I'm sure that Mr almost 2 would have a ball helping mum in the kitchen too :-)
lmwnz - 7:05 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh yum, this would be a fun trial to do with my wee girl (19 months) she loves watching me baking but sadly I'm not a very good one. So if these are foolproof I can trial them & my wee girl will love them & we can share the love (complete work) around so we (well me) aren't the ones eating all of them.
Shelz69 - 6:10 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to cook Banana cake easily at home. It probably already is but I'm not very good at it.

I would probably cook these biscuits as a special occasion treat, ie Birthdays, school holidays etc.
harksgal - 4:11 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would really love to trial Betty Crocker™ Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s) OR Betty Crocker™ Milk chocolate chunk cookies, they not only look delicious but i read that they are really simple to make and thats what i like so much. Being a mum can be a very busy job and I think this product would be excellent for busy mums like myself. The fact that they are already cookie mixes would save so much time. Yum yum can i please trial one!!!!!
MissMuffet - 3:04 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi I would love to be able to whip up a couple of batches of cookies to keep our barrels full. I do not seem to have time to bake with a 2 year old in the house. My miss 2 now thinks cookies of any varieties are the bees knees.
We have home baked cookies in our barrel at the moment, but they were purchased at a gala on
I would LOVE to bake Betty Crocker as a treat for myself, child, partner, family as well as my friends. In other words everyone that knows me!!!!!!!!!!!
So it would be awesome to have the chance to make one of these Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies (with M&M’s) OR Betty Crocker Milk chocolate chunk cookies, especially the chocolate chunk cookies. Thank you in advance form us.
littleliz - 2:45 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Please choose me to trial this amazing product!! They look absolutely delicious! I am always low on time so this would be perfect!! :)
BubbeezMum - 2:12 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh I would love to trail the cockie mixes hubby actually asked me just this weekend to make some buscuits. I have never made buscuits before so would REALLY like to try the Betty Crocker ones. I would make them just for us and then if I am successful start making them for friends and family when they come over. The Rainbow cookies look so yummy, I wish I could trail them right now. LOL.
oommii - 2:08 PM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
If I am chosen to review these I would make them for my family but I would probably make them the day before or of my coffee group so that I can share them with my friends and their children too.
I have been thinking lately that I should attempt to make a sponge but for some reason always think my sponges would probably turn out hard and not light and fluffy like they should be
mumtotwo - 11:58 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
What would I like to make at home ......hmmmmm ......a successful sponge would be great ! and great shortbread - I still haven't managed to make it like my Nana used to !
My two kids love both making and eating baking and being 5 and 15 as you can imagine they have stomachs like bottomless pits ! Betty Crocker mixes are great for the kids to have fun with to make ( and great for Mums that want to impress ! ) I've never tried a cookie mix so would love to see how it would turn out, the idea of a quick and easy no fail cookie mix is very appealing to me , who can show me a way of having the baking last longer than one day ....... .
I would bake Betty Crocker mixes both as a treat for friends as well as kids and family as I love baking for others and this is a way that I show I care for them :)
Haylee9 - 11:43 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids and I had so much fun with last batch of Betty Crocker mixes that we would like to be greedy and register to trial the cookies as well! Thanks!
kazza - 11:41 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make a sponge with little or no effort at home with my 7yr old daughter.....they always seem to be quite flat!!! I'd also like to try chocolate caramel slice in a packet just looking at a picture I tend to have put that one in the too hard basket!! I would bake Betty Crocker for a treat for my friends, family & child & also for her friends when they come to play. My 7yr old loves to help in the kitchen & I enjoy teaching her the basics as I think its important so she can survive later in when she moves out of home!!! I also think its very important to have home baking in the pantry & school lunches instead of all this pre-packaged food with the extra additives, colourings etc thats around these days.....We'd be honoured to trial the Betty Crocker Cookie mixes for you!!! Thank you
veronicad - 11:39 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Pick me! I would absolutely love to trial these! I was at a function last night and saw Betty Crocker Rainbow Cookies out on the table. They look like they would be perfect for kids parties, lunchboxes etc. I even asked the host about them and she said they were fantastic, yummy and easy to make! (She failed to mention that they were Bettry Crocker Cookies mind you) I really regret not sampling one. I got distracted and never got another opportunity to get near the table. I have trialed the Betty Crocker Cake mix and absolutely love it! I have even got my mum on to the cake mix so she is buying them as well now. Currently I also have Betty Crocker Frosting in the fridge and its so delicious I eat it as a treat, straight off the spoon. I think I would be easily converted to buying the Cookie mixes aswell, as I have three little kids who are all keen bakers assistants, and I really rated how easy it was to cook with littlies when using the Betty Crocker Cake mix. I would happily trial either product. I am looking for something to add into the lunchboxes and my kids are just getting to the age when I am looking around for interesting food that they might actually want to eat. I'm thinking bake on the weekends with the kids so I have a yummy cookie to add to the lunchboxes, and with 3 kids and a baking eating machine of a husband they would all be gobbled up in no time. Currently I don't bake much at all, I just don't have the time. I make cakes for special occasions, but I want to get into more regular baking. I remember my lunches from when I was a kid and we got one homemade biscuit, and how much I looked forward to this lunchbox delight.
mumjess - 11:32 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Our household always has something baked on offer, but i'd love to try these mixes to see how easy they are and how they taste :) It would be great to be able to throw a batch in the oven for unexpected guests!
rj - 11:27 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
oh yum! would love to try this! My miss 3 lovesw to cook and bake - she even cracks the eggs herself now - great to do something thast is just me and her now she has a little sister
mycanvas - 11:23 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to get some more cookies to bake at home as so much better than the pre made ones and love the smell when they are baking. I would bake these for all the family and would be great to make when we have play dates with friends and coffee group. These would be great to keep in the cupboard and look really easy to make.
quackers - 11:23 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 2 year daughter loves to help bake,usually its gingerbread animals or chocolate cake but would love to be able to make shortbread,we would love to trail this product it looks like it would make a great treat for the whole family : )
amy - 11:19 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'm just about to burst with our second baby and I'm the usual baker in our house. I cannot imagine that I will be getting time to do much baking when this little one arrives so would love to find something that would be really fast and easy for either my husband or me to make in a jiffy. Having something in the cupboards for when people come to visit is always a priority for me - nothing beats a cuppa and a yummy bikkie. Our wee lad of 19 months absolutely loves to help out in the kitchen and this sounds like something Daddy and him could do together - I'm looking out for more things like this in preparation. Thanks for this opportunity
MummySpice - 11:09 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
We'd love to try these!! The only biscuit I'm good at baking are shortbread, the rest of them turn out terribly!! This would be a big help to us and something kids could get involved in too. They look delicious!!! I normally bake just for the family these days but certainly if we entertained others we'd use the Betty Crocker products for that too.
Thanks for the fab product trial!!!
nixzen - 11:03 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would absolutely LOVE to try this product! the only time we bake cookies is at Xmas time and master 4 generally doesn't help except for the decorating and consumption of the cookies. This looks like a product that he could actually help with!
I doubt the batch would make it through the front door to share with anyone else!! haha - if the cookie mix are anything like the cake mix, I'm sure this will become another edition to the family shopping list!
bassplayer - 11:01 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids and I would love to trial one of the mixes. We all love baking but I find time short and often we are missing one ingredient so we often give up. I would love to be able to make cookies with minimal effort or fuss and with chunks of chocolate (all of us are chocaholics!). We would share them with everyone and take them to morning tea with our friends.
mjchase - 11:01 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I bake for the kids as a treat or for 'bring a plate'. Sometimes if company's coming. I don't bake things with lots of ingredients or I think will take too long to prepare right now.
kiwi72 - 11:00 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake a yummy chocolate cake - it is a lot of work when you have a baby crawling around and needing your attention!!
And would share these cookies with my coffee group as I never have the time to make biscuits so they would be super impressed with me!!!!! Might have to save a few for thye family as well else they will never forgive me!!!!
Nikki79 - 10:58 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try these, as my daughter could make them!!
janinekiwi - 10:57 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be involved in this trial, I love baking, and make cakes and biscuits all the time. Ive baked with the betty crocker cakes many times but have never tried the cookies and Im sure my son would love these biscuits too. So in answer to yoru questions:
# What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? Really quick biscuits if I know someone is coming over at short notice or as a pick me up for my son when he is grizzling (or for me..)

# Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? Both! Ive made the cakes for coffee groups, birthday cakes, and when I feel like something chocolatey. My son Alex loves these cakes too. Id love to trial the biscuits, it would make life so much easier when I need to get some something made quickly, the one with pebbles looks particularly appealing (as my son loves pebbles/smarties..its his current favorite thing..) Thanks!
vish - 10:56 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd really love to make some nice pastries with different variations.. I have tried once and did not succeed.. I would love to bake Betty Crocker for my lovely friends and of course my loveliest family:) they really die for these treats always :)
BrendensMum - 10:55 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to give these cookies a go. What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? - not a lot at the moment, don't have the time as Mr 1 has decided to go down to 1 sleep a day so find I spend most of his sleep time catching up on housework and when I decide to look in my baking book his radar works and he wakes up. Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? - I would have them as a treat for everyone. They would make a quick and easy plate to take to coffee group and as I haven't met anyone who doesn't like cookies with chocolate in them I'm sure they'll be a hit with the other mums.
rachaelsfun - 10:37 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
wow my nephew master 8 would love top trial this and i know a few lil ones that would also love to help him hehehe :) looks great

•What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? .. would love to make cookies as ive never been able to make my own handmade ones very well

•Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?
for anyone have tried the cakes before and OMG they are soo yummy .. yummier than cafe ones!!

SandraA - 10:33 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I recently trialed the Betty Crocker Cake Mix and was super impressed with that, so now am a baking mix convert and would love a chance to trial the biscuits too, and would happily share with family and friends.

I would love to spend more time trying out new recipes involving pastry making - it is something I am not confident doing, but never seem to have time to experiment.
Sheryl40 - 10:30 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Cookies are certainly the thing I would like to make more of but don't as I am often not happy with how they turn out, so these Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes look perfect to fix that problem! I would make these cookies as a treat for myself and my friends, particularly when it is my turn to host Coffee Group, with any leftovers for Hubbie to eat!
caramel - 10:27 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to bake a really nice white chocolate cake where you don't need lots of weird ingredients! lol. Also my sister and best friend were diagnosed with coeliac last year so glute3n free stuff would be awesome! I bake alot and like things like rainbow cookies for the kids but I usually like to make fancier stuff to take for desserts or afternoon tea with my friends. Would love to trial these cookies because sometimes I just can't be bothered baking from scratch. I love having stuff in the cupboard to just throw together like the one step pancakes! I know a simple raspberry slice recipe box would be great! ;-)
terry100 - 10:24 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make a Chocolate Gateau cake - one like the bakeries with all the different layers of frosting and fancy decorations on top. I would make the Betty Crocker cookies on a Sunday. That way they're ready for the school lunches and any visitors that may arrive. They also look like they'd be great for kids birthdays.
jopukeko - 10:16 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I can't wait to try these. I just checked out their website and they have a recipe using the rainbow cookie mix (but I'm sure the milk chocolate chunk cookies would work well too) to make a cookies and cream ice cream. I would love to make this to take as a dessert when I go to friends for dinner. I would love to be able to cook something different. I always seem to stick to the same simple recipes.
rinar - 10:13 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
Since i have never been successful with baking choc chip cookies & have spent more on choc chips for the perfect cookie but always flopped. it's been 6 months now & i have never succeeded, just simply gave up. However this time if i am lucky to receive this trial I will proudly share with my family only so they now there is hope for me & cookies.
obsidianwings - 10:08 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make a baked cheesecake, but I can't pull it off, along with many other things!
I would make thes mostly for my kids and partner.
kiwikelly - 10:04 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to bake some child friendly recipes now my son is old enough to help. Baking always goes quickly with a hungry toddler and pregnant mummy!
mumoftoo - 9:20 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids LOVE baking with me!!! My kiddies would love to be able to bake something 'on their own' well, with little help from me anyway! Rainbow cookies look delicious. We've tried a cake mix of hers before and it was YUMMY!!
Tashakobe - 8:01 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is always's asking if she can help me bake, she loves breaking the eggs and using the mixer. The Bettery Crocker mizes would be so good for her to practise her bakign skills. Plus she loves eating the outcome of anyones baking so these woudl go down a treat.
AmcN - 1:32 AM on Mon-15-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 7 year old son wants to try baking but hasn't got the skills nor the patience of his 9 year old sister! As such, using Betty Crocker will be a good idea to see if he can do it and to start him off. He'll be soooo proud if he could bake!<br>Usually our baking is for the family, our neighbours and cousins and just whenever we feel like it!
naenae82 - 11:03 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
funny i would have to say cookies they always turn hard or come out as one giant cookie as a treat for myself and my friends and for my kids and family i like to share my baking if it turns out good coz it dosent happen offten id like to try these an if they work i will be the number one buyer heehee
MamaMaia - 10:45 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
1) I'd love to be able to bake scones without having to buy butter... tricky, I know! :/ I usually never use butter in my baking (trying to be healthy), so find it annoying having to buy a whole pack of butter when I'd really only use a small amount... but I miss baking scones!!
2) I'd certainly be happy to share the cookies with friends and family, though I'm positive the kids would want to try some not long after they were out of the oven, filling the house with beautiful smells!
melsta - 10:31 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? I would love to be able to make a chocolate mud cake- the ones you buy always taste (and look) so good.
Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? I would have it as a treat for me and my coffee group friends- and my family might be able to share them too if they've been good :) ( if there are any left!!:))
chantelhanson - 9:45 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
would love to put my name down for this, love simple bakeing and i love getting my 2 year old in to help me and he loves it to so this would be great!
ailb - 9:19 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4yo girl is very much into baking (from her preschool) and I am so hopeless in baking. I really would like to have a go with this cookie package, giving me some hope to be a fun mother at baking!
helen777 - 9:04 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
These would be great for the whole family and friends, I am a child minder 3 days a week so my little man would love 1 or 2 of these with my kids and a fresh glass of milk! I do enjoy baking, especially loaves, and muffins, so making a batch of biscuits would be appreciated in my home. I also love Betty Crocker, fantastic products :-)
fishface - 8:59 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?
Crackers. I would love to be able to make my own and not have to spend a small fortune buying them all the time. Our family loves them and I'd love an easy recipe or baking mix to make my own...

Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?
I'd make them for the kids and family first and then if there were any left I'd share them with others!!
nikkib90 - 8:53 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake simple pies or tarts (eg, fresh fruit mini pies for the kids and beautiful pies for us adults). Currently with a toddler and newborn it takes far too much time to even give it a thought. Betty Crocker would be baked as a - weekly treat to fill the pantry for both family and friends. Our door is always open and people are served what we treat ourselves too.
Babytears - 8:52 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
1.What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? I would absolutely love to make a croquembouche just like they did on Masterchef... hahaha, not sure I'm that confident to be honest!

2.Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? I'd make Betty Crocker cookies for anyone that popped in... but they'd definately go into the school lunches too:)
jbutterfly - 8:45 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh please put my name down! with 3 kids these would down down a treat here :o)
angelnshan - 8:37 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
hi i only bake for my family id love to be able to make cheesecake like you get in the cafes but never turns out for me would love to trial the bickies and i know my daughter would love to :)
sherwood2 - 8:35 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh please please please. The kids would have so much fun making these.
ticklebear - 8:25 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
A chocolate mud cake is something I have never attempted at home but would love to make. Or to succeed making anzac biscuits (I have tried and failed at these a couple of times *sigh*)

I would bake these if selected mainly for my family but also for my friend and her children that we go over and have a playdate with once a week.
ilovemy3boys - 8:25 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
yummo these bickies look super tasty!! I wish i could make caramel square like you buy it from the cafes but no luck....and as for these cookies i would love to share them with friends but not sure they would make it past the kids and myself!!!!
mamaov3 - 8:22 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make pavlova easily at home and I would share with friends if they were around when I made these cookies!
stepanka - 8:20 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have never tried these types of biscuits, I would love to try either of them! I don't make biscuits often but when I do, they turn up reasonably ok ... I would like to compare now. :)
kimiwinkles - 8:17 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
would love to try this out!it will give me the motivation to start baking again!! :)
miasmummy - 8:11 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trail these - usually I just buy packet biscuits as when I try and bake from scratch they never turn out very well :( My son would love to help too
Jackieb - 7:51 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I don't make biscuits very often as they take too long to mix. I would love to trial these. I think these would be good for a treat for the kids and something to have at a birthday party or when family are coming over for afternoon tea.
BJW - 7:43 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I currently buy packets of biscuits as I find I don't have the time to bake like I normally used to. When I had two children I used to always have the tins full, but now with the third child and also working I find I do not have the time to keep any tins full so would love the opportunity to try out this easier version with nearly all the ingredients mixed for me. I would love to bake biscuits which taste yummy and share them with my family and take some along to my work for a treat with the team I work with. Biscuits are so much easier to transport and would love to do a review on these please.
nikkim - 7:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try (and my kids too) either of there cookie mixes. I have only used the Betty Crocker cake mixes before so would be great to give them a go!
Mamabear - 7:19 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Shortcut is my middle name :) Would love to try these with my 2.5 year old, they look really simple to make...
Would love to be able to make some fancy cheesecake or those chocolate filled croissants! I've never tried as I don't have a clue where to start!!
I'm good at sharing, so would make Betty Crocker for my friends and my family! :)
Trojen - 7:19 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to try these, cookies seem to be in the too hard basket in my house so a quicker version would be awesome!
2boys1girl - 7:18 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh please please please let me test the Rainbow Cookies. I have my sons 2nd Bday party on the 27th of this month and am doing a Rainbow theme these would be so perfect to ad to the table of Rainbow themed party food.
mummy22 - 7:17 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i am such a terrible from scratch cook that i stick to the goodies that only need to be cooked in the fridge! ( thanks for your latest bit on not cooking goodies) have a party to prepare for next weekend and it was just the thing i needed. so obviously i would love to be able to actually cook in the oven, (i think i may have a dodgy oven) and would cook the cookies for mainly the kids, but secretly hoping there would be a couple left over for me :)
LIVINGLIFE - 7:10 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Love the smell of freshly baked cookies, I can make cakes but struggle with cookies, mine always seem to spread and end up in a big mess all over the pan, would love to try these and they look so yummy
stokers - 7:06 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make Choc self saucing pudding, yummy! And i would love to make these with my kids as a treat to put in their lunchboxes for school and preschool!
KeriH - 6:56 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to bake my own bread, I have a breadmaker coming and I can't wait to use it !! I bake for my family every week but these betty crocker cookies would be awesome to take to my son's kindergarten to make with the kids, I have made rice bubble muesli bars with them before - which they loved getting involved with, my kids help and see home baking every week but many kids never get to learn/enjoy/participate in home baking so pick us and help spread a bit of joy
emmalee - 6:48 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Havent tried the cookies but have made the chocolate cake and LOVE BC vanilla frosting! I would love use to try these for my sons upcoming birthday.
I would like to see a BC recipe box of marshmellow squares?
jsmum - 6:45 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
oh my goodness. my mouth is watering already...looks AMAZING. would love to whip up a batch!
Dashes - 6:44 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yes please this looks yummy! I would like to be able to make Cupcakes at home, but would also like to try these cookies too :) I would make this for my next coffee group to share with the other mums!
becs12345 - 6:42 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love a free trial of Betty Crocker Mix. Nice and quick and probably taste good too!
SarahK - 6:34 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make meringues!! Would love to be able to tip the mix out whip them up and cook!
I would bake betty crocker products for everyone! As a treat for family and friends.
Please pick us!
cushla - 6:33 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make anything sweet! I have three boys with sweet tooths yet baking is one thing that I am not very good at. If I bake Better Crocker it would be a treat for anyone that visits as home baking isn't normally on the menu!
cbirch - 6:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
•What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? Desserts! I am always too knackered come the end of the day to think about making something yummy for dessert. The easy old tub of ice cream comes out.

•Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? Would be a treat for anyone and everyone!
maricris - 6:26 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yes please I would love to try this product. My son said they did some baking in school last week and he had lots of fun. This would be a great activity to do at home with both of my kids. (p.s. I have updated my address already) thanks :)
stacleaning - 6:26 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Love to trial these out and tell my friends about it. 1st q-i would love an easy go to lemon meribgue pie. it is my hubands fav. Or an easy sweet pastry!!!

2nd q? I would serve these to my daughters as a treat and to friends, i would bake before they come over or send them to school for shared lunches etc....

exciting opportunity to trial these. My daughter loooooves cookies and loves baking with me.
shellcruise - 6:22 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Keana and I have just started to do baking at home and we are having great fun doing it. Her fav part is definitly licking the bowl. Unfortunately my cakes have not turned out the way I want they are nice but they do not look well professional I guess you would say and the icing has a long way to go. We would love to try the Rainbow Cookies with M&M's sound devine. I would love it if my husband could take something to work that looks like its yummy, professionally made and actually tastes good that he could brag about besides what we have been making. My muffins and cup cakes are turning out ok but still missing something so any tips.........
gonzze - 6:20 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to be able to make my own bread i do not have a bread maker but i have tried making it with out one but i can never get it to rise .i would bake Betty crocket with the kids help for our family. the kids like to give there baking to grand ma and grandad so they would get to try them as well
emjay - 6:16 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make scones, not sure why but the perfect scone still totally aludes me!! hubby likes a good scone and there is nothing better than a good scone and jam but alas it does not occur in this household unless granni brings them!
I would definately bake betty crocker treats for myself AND friends AND family, infact I have, the chocolate caramel muffins with the real caramel in the middle have been a hit for me many a time, coffee groups and potluck lunches, trouble is i always let the secret out that they are super easy betty crocker boxes!! and they are so damn good!
I havn't tried the biscuits before and can imagine they are lovely as well!
samala - 6:07 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial one of these. Me and the kids make alot of cakes and muffins but havnt tried making cookies yet so this would be so much fun for us. I would make these with the kids for when thier friends come over after school. They look like they would be lots of fun to make and really yum. Thankyou
Carlak - 6:04 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to be able to bake something as gorgeous as macaroons or a real large dense caramel mudcake! but we tend to stick to bikkies and banana cakes!

we would use the Betty Crocker mixes as a go to for quick easy biscuits (we already use the cake ones, vanilla cake is our go to for birthday cakes! but we have never tried the cookies) definitely for morning tea for guests or as a special treat for the children.
sarahla - 5:58 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love be able to bake my own pastries. Frozen just isn't the same, and my current "rubber" pastry doesn't cut it lol
I love the Betty Crocker Range. The brownies are always a favorite to whip up for the adults table at my children's birthday parties. I would love to make them and hide and eat them all for myself, but I'm sure the family would find me. Lol
Canne - 5:56 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to make some simple and yummy cupcakes. I would make the Betty Crocker products for both family and friends. The kids at home, hubby for work and friends for coffee group - YUM YUM YUM
AnnaES - 5:54 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would like to make simple Apple and Bran or Sultana and Bran muffins. (Kidspot did show recently a recipe for Apple and Wheatbran Muffins-thanks!). Also recipes for healthy and easy! slices using common ingredients. Things our girls can snack on which are also good for them!!
I'm not much of a baker! but the girls like to have a treat now and then and to help! So I would use Betty Crocker for my family! We would LOVE to trial these!
Mautopia - 5:52 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
YUM YUM YUM! Would love to trial these on rainy day with my eight nieces and nephews.... and my son would love to get his fingers grubby too!
ChristineC - 5:50 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to make anything at the moment - biscuits would be good so that hubby can take some to work with his lunch and so that I have some for visitors and the coffee group that meet at my place each week. They would also be good for that middle of the afternoon pick me up when I am having a hard day with my little one.
bechughes - 5:48 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would like to try the cookie mixes for sure as I am a muffin and cake baker usually. I don't bake cookies nearly enough for my kids...
I would like to see Betty Crocker do some Gluten Free mixes in future, I have two friends with gluten intolerant kids and I would love to have a packet mix on hand for quick bake convenience when they visit us for a playdate.
I usually only use Betty Crocker's for kids parties and as a quick treat option, I use the cupcake mix and pancake mix mostly. Hey, how about a scone mix in future too
Silverbabe - 5:47 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to be able to make cheesecake, I'm also not that great at making muffins.

I would get my nine year old son to make these as he loves baking probably more for the kids and family but would also share them with friends too.
Mumof2Girls - 5:42 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to give these a try... I was lucky enough to try the cake mix not long ago and it was such a hit in our household that I would love to give the cookies a go too.
I would love to be able to make more biscuits with stuff in them... at present if I was to buy m & ms to put in biscuits they would be gone before I had a chance to put them in biscuit mix. I bake for friends and family majority of the time...
Nilithya - 5:41 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
"What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?"
Cheesecakes. Mmmmm...and the look & taste so good home made, I wish I had the time & skills.

"Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?"
Oooh that's hard. Would depend on the product really but probably more for kids & family as it would be an easy & quick way to do baking with my daughter. She loves to bake but doesn't have alot of patience yet at 4 & get's upset if she can't do things.
mollypop - 5:39 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have to say being a pastry chef there isn't much i can't make from scratch -however i would love to let master4 loose with a pack of these... Hes my little kitchen (not so much) helper! And i know he would love to make them and take to pre school to share!
flower35 - 5:38 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would luv to try this product, I find biscuits a pain to make and if this was easy and yummy I would def be adding it to my shopping list. Am sure they would go down a treat with the kids and hubby!
Judz - 5:33 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yummy yummy yummy!! pretty please!! haha These would be so handy to have in the cupboard for if unexpected guests pop around!
And if I could choose anything to have an easy bake mix for would be a baked cheese cake, I LOVE them but they are alot of work!
miggs9 - 5:32 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to have more time to bake all sorts of things but with my 2.5 yr old son getting all the flour, sugar etc out and measuring it all becomes a bit of a battle of wills! (he insists on doing all the measuring!). These would be great because he could just tip the whole box in and then we'd add whatever else was needed and it would be done. Great to have handy inc ase someone pops over to visit! M&M ones would go down very well in this house.
janette - 5:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh yes plse my 20 month old loves helping to bake!
ingie83 - 5:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
•What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?
We make lots of cupcakes & cakes but would like more savoury or simple mixes that my son can be more involved in helping bake.

•Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?

I have purchased some of the muffin mixes in the past, I find them good to have in pantry for unexpected visitors, as they are easy & the house soon warms to smells of baking. I would happily buy these again but tend to stick to tried & true so reviewing products is a great way of trying & finding other alternatives.
hollie71 - 5:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would just make it for family... not sharing such yummy treats!! I sont bake things from scratch and I wish that I did I just run out of time..... I also wish that I could make thing slike custard squares or lemon meringue pie, more techinal stuff.
cherrytf - 5:30 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I wish I could bake a variety of cookies everyday. My kids love cookies, especially when homebaked, and have expressed their wish that I could bake bake everyday so they could eat them when they come home from school.

I'd certainly bake with Betty Crocker™ as a treat for my family and friends. Would save me time, especially next Saturday, when we have two parties to go to (one right after the other) and would have to bring something.
chars01 - 5:28 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
oooo yum! Would love to trial these with my 3yro son who loves loves baking! Whenever i makes biscuits from scratch they end up looking like pancakes so i've given up, this way looks so much easier
IceKiwi - 5:23 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yum these look so delicious!!! I would love to trial them and more importantly my children would love a chance to make these they all love baking from the eldest two Miss7 & Mr5 down to Miss4 & Mr3. The M&Ms Rainbow pack looks so colourful how appealing for children! I'd love to trial either tho they both sound amazing.
kayjam - 5:18 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to try theses with my children we do not bake as i dont know how to but my children would love these
hellyp - 5:17 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
oooh Love to try these, I love baking with my lil girl, she especially likes eating the food before it goes into the oven!! Sound like a good product to have in the cupboard when you get visitors and looks like you have been busy baking all day hehe. would be a yummy treat for the whole family. :) Id love to find a Cheesecake that is quick and easy to make :)
tessa771 - 5:12 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
These sound amazing. Would love to give these a go. In our house we love baking and these seem like they would be really fun to make and getting the kids involved. I think the milk choc chip cokkies would be a favourite in our house!! I would love to be able to make an easy cheesecake. Have not mastered one yet but if there was an easy recipe like this I would definitely be giving it a go
Gemstar - 5:10 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial one of these. My daughter is very much into helping cook dinner and do baking atm and that looks like it would be a fun activity for us to do together :) The rainbow cookies would definately be a hit at coffee group and with my husband haha
smoodles - 5:07 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to try one of these, I love baking and am always keen to give something new a go, and this looks like something I could easily include the kids in helping with the making of them.
Godzgirl - 5:05 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Ooh we love to do lots of baking and sometimes when I have to take a plate to some shared meal or girls brigade night etc, I'm really pushed for time or ingredients left in the cupboard! I'd love to make cheesecakes but I just never get around to it. I'd bake with the kids and for the kids but also for extended family, friends / visitors and for the shared lunches and take a plate events.
Rose3 - 5:03 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love top make some of those 3 tiered slices easily at home, Base ,filling & topping by the time ive sorted it all out and made other things i just dont have the will and dedication they deserve.
I would bake Betty Crocker for family and friends. Product wouldnt be so successful if it wasn't good enough to eat!.
amyr - 5:03 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
These look great, what a neat way to make something fun for the kids that doesnt take too much time, our family would love to review this!
vickster444 - 4:57 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to be able to make custard squares at home, tried once but was a real faliure! If only they cam in a box like this too would be great! hehe If I got to trial these I would make them for my sons birthday party which is coming up in a few weeks time! Woulod love to share with everyone!
cottie1980 - 4:57 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial these. Most weekends we make peanut butter and Choc Chip cookies, these would be a great change and something new for their lunchbox. Plus its something we can all try :o)
mickee - 4:55 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I do a lot of baking with my boys - but this way is sooo much easier. I would love to make carrot muffins at home easily (I never have all the ingredients), and while may baking may start out to be also for gifts, it usually ends up being just for my family :)
DiKetel - 4:53 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to give my son these cookies ... he doesn't seem to like the ones I make from scratch!! :-( I would love to make him more - if he will eat them!!!
kahlansmum - 4:53 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to make more biscuits and slices at home. I always seem to be missing an ingredient when I go to make them! These mixes look like a great idea! but haven't tried them yet.
I would bake these as a treat for me and my little girl, and she would love to help me make them!
AdeleNZ - 4:51 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would be keen to review this product! Cooking with the kiddies is fun - especially when its this easy :-) Always looking for ways to engage my boy and baking is one he loves! Thanks.
2mums - 4:47 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to make custard squares at home!
I'd bake Betty's as a treat for my friends when they come for coffee groups :)
Mmmm....we'd love to be part of this trial :)
Mutt - 4:46 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to try these as currently just starting to do the baking thing with my 5 and 9 yr old girls. So this product would make it a lot easier especially with my 5 year old. Also would make it easier for when their friends come over after school as they could all make them and enjoy the finished product all together.
pepper80 - 4:45 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love a chance to review these my daughter who is 4 loves to help me bake in the kitchen and this would make it so much eaiser for her to do moslty alone with my help of course :)
mary110370 - 4:44 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to make fudge and toffee successfully - two things I have never been able to conquer and another thing is scones - they always turn out like rocks. Betty Crocker would be both for me and my family and also as a treat for my friends. I have some friends who are fabulous in the kitchen and love visiting as I know there will always be home baking - alas, it is not my forte. These rainbow cookies looks so cute and yummy. I would love the oportunity to trial these - I think it would be a great activity to do with the children I currently look after and my own daughter would love it as well.
Glenfelik - 4:44 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make?
Umm - slices such as mint, passionfruit etc - if they came as a Betty Crocker - I would honestly buy them in a heartbeat.

Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family?
I would bake it regularly as I find them so easy to prepare and they NEVER fail to impress. So bake for everyone is the option I would choose.
lmiln003 - 4:43 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Rainbow cookies - yum!
Had so much fun reviewing the betty crocker cake mix and frosting, would love to try these too
jrystah - 4:43 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE to be able to make custard squares at home.

As for who i would share these with? Everyone, baking at home encourages bonding with your children and they love showing everyone what they have done.
Leckylocks - 4:42 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to bake slices easily - I find them a bit to tricky with the kids around. I think if I was baking these cookies I would make the chocolate chunk cookies for having with friends but would save the M and M ones for the kids and their friends.

I like the idea of the Betty Crocker mix being fast and able to be whipped up to have warm when friends are in the car on their way for an afternoon cuppa.
mgslegaspi - 4:41 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
oh i love to try Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes, i love baking and whole family loves my sweet treats too, and me and my partner loves to munch cookies along with our coffee but after having a baby i find it so complicated to do the baking, so i think these cookie mixes will save the day, i like to bake cookies for the whole family, to impress my friends and of course to satisfy my sweet tooth also... pls include me... cheers!!!
Nessa - 4:41 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would like to make more variety. I love to bake but seem to bake the same things. I love to bake biscuits and cakes and cupcakes. I would like to bake more cupcakes and learn some more party cakes to make :) I would bake Betty Crocker as a treat for our family and our friends. Would be great for taking to playdates as a contribution to the afternoon or morning teas or just as a treat for my daughter to have in her lunch box. Yum
chopper59 - 4:40 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this and i love to bake, but i often struggle to find the time to make biscuits, and this is something that my children could help to make :)
manz23 - 4:40 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message

I would love to trial this.Its teh perfect idea for this wintery weather we having.Nothing like eating baked cookies.I have always wanted to try this Betty Crockers cookie mix.
nummabear - 4:39 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
my son would love to share these around at playcentre for morning tea, be cool to trail some yummy cookies
doolally - 4:38 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh i would love to bake biscuits, i have never had much success at them and i hate buying them for the kids. I dont know how many times i have had ONE biscuit baking in the oven because the mix has spread! I would bake Betty Crocker for both my family and friends. Depending on how nice would be if i shared it out equally. A rich cake i would probably save for friends for a coffee visit lol!
Mardi - 4:38 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to be picked,I bake a lot but sometimes would be nice to have something quick & easy to bake that was different from what I normally bake for the boys
jobrush - 4:37 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
What baking would you love to be able to make easily at home that you don't currently make? I'd definitely like to make treat biscuits rather than plain ones which is what I tend to stick to at present mostly because they are simpler and need less ingredients.
Would you bake Betty Crocker™ as a treat for yourself and your friends or just for your kids and family? I think I'd use them as a treat when I needed to take a plate to share and was running short on time - get the taste of home baking but the convenience of just picking something up from the supermarket...almost!!!
I'm returning to work part-time and I know I'm going to need a few shortcuts up my sleeve but I really don't want to resort to expensive packaged biscuits that are all too easy to eat in one go!!!

piglet - 4:37 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to be a bit more creative with the kids lunchboxes, perhaps go beyond the usual things I make (same old recipes..getting a bit boring). These Betty Crocker biscuit mixes sound quite neat..I am sure the kids would love them. I would probably bake them for use in lunchboxes..but not just for the kids.
lotsakids - 4:36 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yummmmm! Pick me please! i love to bake with my children - nothing taste better than home cooking and the smell of cookies in the oven would be heaven around here! and with 5 children 6 if you count hubby - you are sure to get a wide rage of comments about these cookies - Now as for answers to your questions - who would i make them for, more than likely it would be for my family and all the kids friends that are always here! and as for what do i not make at home and want to - i really want to learn to make cheesecakes and pavola - :O) anyway off to cross my fingers!
Armywife - 4:36 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
oooh, I would love to bake caramel slice at home. Too fiddly for me! I only do baking for my children, however my husband and I do tend to sneakily have some ourselves!
tortie - 4:36 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh, I love cookies, but don't often bake them - mine always seem to come out wrong! So I'm keen to try these ones - they must be no-fail, right?!

I'd make them for our coffee group, so a bit of a treat for my kids :)
carlee - 4:36 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
Ooh I would love to try these. I have three small children and work part time, so baking needs to be quick and easy!! I love the other Betty Crocker products too like the frosting...!!!
loribradley - 4:34 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
cookies!!! i would love to bake cookies with my kids and I would definately use betty crockers as a treat for the whole family
kymmage - 4:34 PM on Sun-14-Aug-2011 reply | message
mmmmmm, cookies. mmmm, Betty Crocker cookies. I havent tried them all, but there is one pack I often get and they are sooo yummy. Soft, chewy and usually gone by in 5 seconds!

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