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Group Name: Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream
Most babies will get nappy rash at some stage. Nappy rash is an irritation of baby’s skin, usually noticeable as red patches in the area of the nappy. It can be uncomfortable for baby, especially during nappy changes, when contact with the rash causes stinging. The most common cause is a wet or soiled nappy that touches the baby’s skin for a period of time. Nappy rash can also be caused by a fungal infection due to the dampness under the nappy.

Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream

Baby Care: Nappy Cream will protect your baby's bottom against nappy rash and assists the natural healing process when skin irritations occur. Apply to a clean dry bottom at each nappy change, day and night. This is a blend of classic natural healers including Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile. Absolutely the gentlest ingredients for regular use on baby skin.

Absolute Essential Therapeutic Plant Oils - Safe pure and beautifully effective… natural care to support your family through pregnancy, birth and early childhood.


For more information visit the website

Kidspot and Absolute Essential have chosen 50 Mums Say members to review Nappy Care Cream (20g sample pack). Watch this space for their reviews.


Reviewers are: Nilithya, mumjess, margaretlor, mglegaspi, LIVINGLIFE, janette, mummytoone, tayzfam, Dibble3, nummabear, gonnze, joski86, mrsbt, keznz, ChevMum, kiwi72, tammyd, Hope, Judz, TraceyF, looies1, jafaj, corinne3, ValerieL, CherylFindlay, ingie83, katesmr, mikesgirl, mummymax, k3, nickycooper, Dinda, nzlass, shaz, lmwnz, lornamoa, 1lovemy3boys, mazdagurl, skirst, lotsakids, Caro10, LindaK, Pinot29, pai, roxy7191, cushla, Kerrynmum, mamanfrnz, josephine, nikinoodle.

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pai - 7:13 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
Okay it has been soooo long since I received the sample and I still have quarter to use!! I only used it lightly on my son’s sensitive skin and I put some on my hands and it is amazing and also not so amazing.
On using the cream on both my sons bottoms which were quite red from being sick and having diarrhoea AND teething I found that it stung their bottoms so I discontinued use there until the redness had gone.
On using the cream on our skin that is prone to eczema our skin cleared up within an hour!
I love that this product is natural but it is better as a preventive nappy rash cream then a repairing cream.
janette - 12:43 PM on Tue-20-Sep-2011 reply | message
sorry i havent posted but mine got lost so i just received it on the weekend.
i must say that i really like it, it smells really lovely and i love that it is so easy
and nice to apply, very light. so far her bottom seems to have loved it too and not one bit of nappy rash. ill post more when we have used it more but a thumbs up from us so far!
corinne33 - 3:58 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have taken a while to post as was finishing off some other cream first...I have used it a few times & my 15 mth girl is prone to nappy far nothing since using this cream (: I love the scent & the lightness of it. I will post more after a longer trial. I love being on Mums Say & getting the benefits of trying out useful products for FREE...we all know being a parent doesnt come cheaply!
JulieKidspot - 12:16 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi, for more information and to purchase, visit the website
lornamoa - 8:56 PM on Sun-11-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have already placed my review, but just want to say I am still really liking this cream, the lovely smell and the results. I was going to ask where do you buy it, but I have seen now you can buy it direct on the Absolute essential website
Pinot29 - 8:27 PM on Sat-10-Sep-2011 reply | message
I have the same questions as hillys - where do we buy this Absolute Essential Nappy Cream?????
lmwnz - 5:23 PM on Sat-10-Sep-2011 reply | message
I've already placed my review, but just wanted to say, yesterday my girl has a nasty red bottom, due to a bit of a sore tummy. I put the cream on last night, a bit worried that it may hurt as it had once before before, but it was all good, and this morning her bottom was fine, all the nastiness gone.
Judz - 8:32 AM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
So i've already placed a review on here but had a little experience with this cream last night so thought i would put it up on here, My 13 month girl has had a wee bit of a funny tummy for a couple of days and had diarrhea, with this has come a very red sore bottom and fanny :( Last night after her bath I thought to put the absolute essentials cream on it thinking it would sooth it but the moment I put it on she started screaming and pulling at her nappy and stomping her feet! and didn't stop until I took the nappy back off and wiped all the cream off. I then tried putting some sudo-cream on instead and she was quite happy with it. SO just a warning that even tho I says it shouldn't be it was very painful and stinging on my girls poor bottom. (Oh and her bottom is red and sore but there is no broken skin)
Caro10 - 7:24 AM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
Sadly the NZ post couriers took two weeks to get this to us but we are so pleased it has arrived. We have been using the Absolute essentials nappy cream (absolutely agree lovely fragrance, texture and it does sooth poor nappy rash skin). Our 11 month has a nasty cold/chest infection/ear infection and the reddest wee nose. No laughter please but the only thing that soothes his nose is the nappy cream and the natural fragrance seems to help clear his nose a bit too. So we will continue to use it for both areas :-).
We also use cloth nappies so have to be careful which creams we use as some are too thick and waxy and "clog" the nappy fibres but this doesn't and washes out well.
Thank you Absolute Essentials for letting us trial this cream. I would recommend it!
hillys - 5:06 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
where do you buy them?
mummytoone - 12:10 PM on Thu-8-Sep-2011 reply | message
Over the past 2 weeks we have had only mild nappy rash if at all!! I do believe that is the result of using this product! I can not review it based on it healing a rash as we haven't had that opportunity yet.
I love it because it:
- has a great smell!!
- is made from natural ingredients
- is extremely moisturising!!! I even snuck some for my cracked hands- perfect!!
- is a very 'light' cream that absorbs well and so far has not stained clothing (castor oil creams have stained some clothing that brushed on to it! grr)
- My neighbour had recognised the ingredients as being excellent healers and protectors- i was stoked as she knows alot about good natural products! Yes

Awesome work on creating a great product that is easy to access and use! Well done Absolute Essentials!!

jafaj - 8:10 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
For the first time I can read something about nappy cream and know that what they say is so true. My 1 year old suffers from nappy rash on and off regularly. My partner forgot to change his nappy one night and in the morning his bottom was very red and looked sore. I used the cream for every change that day and that night gave him a bath in baking soda. His bottom was still red so put cream on for bed also. In morning his bottom was not red and looked fine. This is the first time I have had this happen so fantastic product and I want some more Already told 2 expecting mums to buy this cream so impressed.
Dibbles3 - 2:51 PM on Sat-3-Sep-2011 reply | message
I've been using this cream for just over 2 weeks now and I ABSOLUTELY love it! There was a day where I didn't have this cream on hand at nappy changing time so I used something else and also had to use a different brand of nappy and of course my bubs sensitive bottom got red but after going back to this cream it has cleared right up. I still have lots left so I can see that it is going to last for AGES. But when it does run out, I will definitely be ordering more. Thankyou again for giving me the chance to try this fantastic product.
skirts - 8:38 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well we are sadly nearing the bottom of our tub of cream, have found it really good so far! So easy and quick to spread on, well absorbed and doesnt leave nasty white residue all over my fingers. Love the smell and it doesn't irritate her skin more like some creams do when I first put them on. Worked really well on her excema too, hasn't cleared it up completely but helps calm down the flare ups and stop it itching so much.
Pinot29 - 4:17 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
this nappy cream has been wonderful for my now 11 week old baby girl, she hasn't had any nasty sore nappy rash since using and seems to clear things up if her botty does look a little red. I've also used it a couple of times on my 2 yr old when bum was a bit red and raised cleared up very quickly. So all in all seems to have worked very well and very easy to apply - probably not as messy as normal white creams which can make quite a mess............especially when a naughty 2 yr old decides to experiment with smearing on himself & walls!!!!!!!
JulieKidspot - 5:09 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi joski86, you can find more information about the products on their website
ingie83 - 3:38 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 2 year old son loves his 'bum cream' & his bottom isn't red or sore at all. I have put this on my newborn daughter a couple of times now, as more of a preventative to stop any nappy rash from flaring up. So far I have found this gentle enough for her skin & she has not had any signs of irritation. Highly recommend this cream, it smells so good & both kids haven't had any issues with nappy rash since we began using it.
joski86 - 2:22 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
This cleared up my little mans bottom pretty much in the first couple of days i was amazed! its pretty much the only nappy cream i look forward to using at change time . u only have to use the smallest amount and it covers his entire bottom and around his privates. very very pleased with this, highly recommended! thankyou very much for letting me trial this im stoked ive been able too, where do you purchase it from? need to know for when I run out :o)
lmwnz - 9:53 PM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
The smell is amazing! At first my wee one's bottom was fine for the first couple days of using the Absolute Essential nappy cream so I couldn't say for sure what it was doing. I stopped using it for a couple of days & my girl started getting quite red & so I started using it again, WOW, only 2 applications & what a diffence, skin went back to normal which was great, so fast acting. So I like how the cream spreads, is not sticky & the smell as mentioned before. I don't like the little lumps there is randomly through the product, but I guess when you have a natural product like this, you have to weigh the benefits up against little things like that. I was worried about my toddler getting a reaction as she has very sensitive skin but so far so good. Thanks for letting us trial this product, I will continue to use this as it seems to be the answer we were looking for :)
CherylFindlay - 5:16 PM on Sun-28-Aug-2011 reply | message
I loved the smell of the cream and had high hopes of it doing a great job as I really like homeopathic remedies. But , (yes, there's always a but), it didn't do as well as I thought it would.
My 8month old son has bad nappy rash due to teething and the cream did not seem to heal it. I think it may have possibly stopped it from getting worse but unfortunately it did not clear it up. Maybe if we used it for a longer it might have done more but have to say, rather dissapointed in this product..
janette - 5:16 PM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi, I haven't received the product yet? I'm not sure why but I wanted to let you know just in case you were wondering why I hadn't put a review up.
JulieKidspot - 11:54 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi all, just to clarify, the product which was sent out was a sample size. The actual product is 50g.
mrsbt - 11:30 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Sorry I haven't posted yet but the cream arrived last week so I wanted to give it a chance to have some effect before I posted anything...
Anyway, my boys have not had rashes the last week so can't say how it would work on a red bottom but the cream may be partly responsible for keeping their bottoms rash free. I love the smell and the naturalness of the product. The one time my oldest had a nasty nappy and was a little red, I put some cream on and the redness was gone by the time I checked him again. I will be looking into getting it again though I have not yet looked at it's cost.
thank you for allowing me to trial this product.
Judz - 11:22 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Loved the smell of this! def nice to cleanse the nose after changing a pooey nappy!
I didnt seam to clear up miss 13mths rash :( I had to resort back to the antifungal cream but have been using it since stopping the anti fungal cream and it hasnt come back yet so fingers crossed it keeps it away!
Im also hoping that it was just a trial size jar as there wasnt alot in it and the jar was pretty small so wouldnt last long if you were using it as recommended at every nappy change day and night.
JulieKidspot - 11:16 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi tayzfam, you can find more information about the products on their website
Kerrynmum - 10:05 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I really liked the smell of the cream - and my daughter loved that it wasn't 'cold' as normally she protests a lot about putting cream on. However it hasn't really seemed to help her red bottom :( It has been fine on my son, and seems to work for him, but we are still having trouble with my daughter's bottom
tayzfam - 5:06 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for the opprtunity to try this nappy cream. I must say it arrived at the perfect time as my son either seems to be having antibiotic bum rash or teething bum ash and on the day it arrived he had terrible terrible teething rash. I was really excited when it arrived as we have been on the look out for a cream that actually works and after using this cream over the past few weeks I am hooked on it. After the first application I noticed a difference at the next nappy change. My sons bum was less red and it appeared to not be as sore as it was earlier on in the day. I continued to use this for a few days and then stopped once the rash had settled and we had gone a few days without a rash. About five days later my sons bum flared up yet again without warning and this time was bleeding despite being changed as soon as he needed to be. I put this cream on (which caused a moment of screaming) and was amazzed that an hour later when he went to have his bath his bum was already looking much better - even hubby commented on there being a big difference and how it must actually work. I did find the smell to be over powering to begin with but soon got use to that. I also thought the jar could have had more in it as it runs out really quickly. I am not sure if this is a standard sized jar or if it was just used for the product review. It did appear to be half empty but after reading down I see I am not the only one to think this so it must not of just been the jar we received. I am now curious as to how much this costs and if larger jars are available as I am keen to cont. using this. I would def. recommend this product to other mums.
keznz - 4:23 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
Ezekiel must love this cream - he always wants to help me put it on when we change his nappy! So far I haven't noticed too much change, he still has a little bit of redness - but it's not crazy bad! I have to say, I do love having something so natural to use! I've been so used to the thick white 'who knows what is in it' cream that we usually use! it's a great feeling using Absolute Essential's Nappy Care Cream! I love the smell too :) and I don't mind the colour anymore! It was a little different at first - but it is just what it is now! if that makes sense!?! kez* xx
lornamoa - 2:43 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
We have been using the cream for a few days now with good results. At first I was a bit blown away by the strong fragrance, but is has grown on me and is not unpleasant - just a lavender smell. The cream is very light and easy to put on, not thick like some zinc based creams. I think also because it is light it allows his skin to breathe. It is yellow but hasn't stained anything. Mr 1 usually gets a little redness in places if I don't use anything, so I am pleased to report, his skin is all perfectly healthy and has no redness or rash. It is very nice to be using a natural product as well. Would recommend
ChevMum - 10:38 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
Well Miss nearly 10mths now has a bit of a rash so I'm now able to trial this cream on it. So far it seems to be keeping it at bay. My ezcema on the hand that I'd also starting using it for seems to have got better. still love the smell and hopefully the cream will keep the rash from eventuating
cushla - 10:09 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I recieved my jar of Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream last week and was excited as the timing was perfect! My son had just began teething again and his rash was starting to appear. After opening the jar I was suprised that it had such a lovely smell. Many creams I have tried before never had a smell such as this. The texture of the cream was a lot lighter than creams I had previously used which made application a lot easier. In my circumstances this cream did its job. The rash didn't come to much and although stayed pink for a couple of days, it didn't go red raw like it usually has done. Maybe it was because I got in as soon as I noticed the pink appearing. I will try it again next time a rash appears and see if I have the same results.
kiwi72 - 8:04 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I received my Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream a few days ago and was very happy to trial an all natural product on my baby! I loved the lavender smell but was concerned that how that would react with the nappy rash. The cream was a lovely light consistency and very easy to apply. Didn't know if it would be much of a barrier though as it is so light (we usually use Sudocream). Also not sure how long it would last and how easy it would be to use as has to be stored in a cool, dark place so can't really leave it by the change mat!
Great timing though as my 8 month old had just got a bit of nappy rash starting up so I applied the Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream and left it to do its stuff!!
Have to say I was disappointed though as when I did the next nappy change a few hours later the slight rash had gone red raw and almost looked like it was going a bit blistery. She is on solids and I do try to vary her diet so it may have been something new I have given her to eat but to be honest I was not happy to put this back on her bottom again and deal with another reaction like that! We are back on the Sudocream and that cleared the rash up fine.
Thank you for letting us trial this though as an all natural product would have been my preferred nappy cream!
mazdagurl - 10:56 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
So I finally received mine over the weekend, better late than never! After using it for a few days here are my results..... When I first opened the jar and could smell the aroma I had high hopes for this cream. I liked how it was thinner than manny other creams and somewhat masked the smell of whatever was in the nappy. My son had a few spots when I first started to use the cream, nothing major and they did go but the few larger ones he had have not changed at all..... I am now thinking they may be an eczema of some sort instead and that is why the cream has not completly cleared up his bum.

I will grab out the cream next time his bum flares up and give it a go again as I only use creams when my son needs it.
mamanfrnz - 8:49 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I was really looking forward to receiving the Absolute Essential Nappy Care, as my son has recently started to develop rash and I don't like the idea of using non-natural products when there might be an alternative.
I have now been using the cream for a week, and I am very happy with it. It smells absolutely lovely of lavender, at first I thought that the smell might be a bit too strong, but once applied it just leaves a delicate and fresh smell. The texture is very smooth and silky and very easy to apply. It doesn't stick to the fingers like other creams I have tried and is absorbed very fast.
When I started using the cream, my boy had the beginning of a rash, and it disappeared after only a few applications. I decided to continue using the cream as prevention against further rashes. I must say that another rash developed two days ago, and still hasn't completely cleared despite using the cream.
So all in all mixed results for us. I would like to keep using this cream, but I think that I might try alternating between this cream and another one.
Thank you for the opportunity to be in this trial :)
ilovemy3boys - 8:27 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have been using this nappy cream for about 5 days now on my sons bottom which is currently pretty cracked and red raw from having compilabacta. I love the smell of it and it has a really nice texture that i think beats all the creams i have tried so far but to be honest i dont think this cream is working any better than the callandula cream i was originally using. The rash hasnt gotten any worse but doesnt seem to be healing as fast as it was. So i will keep the rest of my little pottle for when a normal nappy rash appears but at this stage i have to go back to my original cream. thanks so much for the trial.
shaz - 12:52 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Have been using this cream for 4 days now,mainly on my nearly 2 yr old who gets irritated skin under nappy.Love the smell, and the cream has a nice easy to apply texture. Have also used it on 5 month old,but he has got great skin anyway and doesn't have any rashes right now.
Have to say that I haven't really noticed any difference to my girls skin,she still gets intermittant rashes, but it hasn't got any worse either..
All in all..nice smell, nice texture, attractive packaging...not sure if I would buy.
Thanks for the trial : ))
LIVINGLIFE - 7:51 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
When the nappy cream arrived I loved the lavender smell and liked that it didn't smell like other creams (I'm aware though that some people don't like the smell of lavender). It seems to spread alot easier and absorb easier then other creams but I'm with Dinda, I have noticed there are little bits in the cream. For the first 3 days I was really impressed with this cream as it seemed to be keeping nappy rash away as my little boy gets it easily and the only cream we had found successful so far is calendula nappy rash cream so I was very hopeful that this product was going to work. On the 4th day my son ended up with a red sore bum and the nappy rash cream didn't seem to be working so had to switch back to what we were using.

Thankyou for letting us try this cream but unfortunately we wont be using it again as in the end it stopped working for my baby.
Dinda - 7:09 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Just a thought... I noticed lots of people are surprised that the colour is yellow and not white like other nappy creams. It may be worth researching what goes into the white nappy creams to make them white? Some type of bleach perhaps? I know a lot of nappy barrier creams have petroleum in there, which isn't necessarily a good thing. Just sayin'...
Dinda - 7:03 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'm almost at the end of my little tub of Absolute Essential nappy cream. All in all I'm very impressed with it. I actually really like how it has a strong fragrance, and I love the smell of lavender at the best of times. I also really like how light and easy to apply it is. It spreads thinly and is well and quickly absorbed. It doesn't seem to hurt my 11 month old's bottom at all, even when her skin is red (teething at the moment). One thing I will say that is a slight negative, is that it seems to have small "bits" in the cream, and once it's been applied and the nappy has been put on, baby seems to "squirm" a bit - probably cos it's a little uncomfortable with the few little bits between her butt-cheeks (don't you love that word?). It does seem to absorb quickly so the squirming and wriggling stops quickly too. It would be really good if it was a completely smooth consistency with no "bits". I only have enough left in the bottle for about 2 more nappy changes, so that's it from me. Thanks heaps for allowing me to be part of the trial. I LOVE the product overall, and will be looking out for it in the stores.
tammyd - 2:19 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thank you for the opportunity to trial this product. When I received it and opened the bottle my first impression was that the fragrance was really strong! Not bad, but just really really strong, which surprised me for a baby's product! Personally I'd prefer a neutral, or lightly fragranced product, but that's just me. Once I started using it I was pleased to find that you don't need much as it spreads easily and goes quite far, so I can see that this bottle will last quite a while. I note that it can be used as a preventative cream but I prefer not to put anything extra onto my baby's skin unless he needs it, so I can't comment on that. But I did use it straight away as he had a pretty red bottom and it was looking better within a couple of hours! It appeals to me that it's a natural product with no added chemicals etc, but also that it's Fair Trade (which I try to support as often as I can) and not tested on animals. So all in all a great product :)
Hope - 12:44 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have been trying this product for about 5 days now, and my first impression of it is that it smelled exactly like a Weleda product that I use on my eczema. it has that lovely 'earthy" plant based scent that you just don't get with other products.
Also, I like the fact that it is thinner than normal cream, and spreads on easily without dragging on the skin.
Lochie got a bit of a rash starting on his bottom after having a bit of a tummy bug and going through about ten pooey nappy changes in one day. Usually if I use another product I struggle to stop a rash from coming in really badly once it starts. This was no different, and it didn't clear it altogether, but this cream DID stop it from getting really bad and when i combined it with pure aloe juice straight from the plant, the rash cleared in the space of 24 hours. Thats definitely a good thing.

I also used it on other body parts after he got a rash from a friend using a shop brought insect repellent on him. Normally I use dettol and baby oil, but I had none on hand at the time and the sandflies were eating him alive. Normal insect repellent has so many chemicals in it and he (as always) reacted to it. I applied the Absolute Essential nappy cream, and the rash was gone in a matter of hours.

I am not sure that I would personally make this a replacement nappy cream for lochie, as the bepanthen cream i have always used seems to prevent any nappy rash coming on at all, and stores better (the Absolute essential cream says to be stored in a cool dark place) but as an extra in the nappy bag/medicine cabinet minor skin rashes of all types, I would definitely keep some on hand.

TraceyF - 12:22 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I been using the Absolute Essential Nappy Cream for a few days now. It is very similar in frangrance and ingredients to the Weleda Rash Relief cream that I usually use, although it is thinner. My 12 week old baby had a bit of a rash coming on and since I use it at every change it didn't take hold. I like this product and would use it again. My only negative is that it says that you have to keep it in a cold dark place. This is inconvient for me as I change my son in the lounge in front of the fire, so it means having to get it each time I need to change his nappy instead of just having it on hand when I need it, which is what I would normally do with the other cream I use.
Nilithya - 10:12 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I will add, just had a number two to change & the Absolute Essential Nappy Cream definitely left a barrier ;) Was an easier change! -and the smell was masked somewhat by the smell of the cream haha
Nilithya - 9:58 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
We started using the Absolute Essential Nappy Cream a few days ago. My first thoughts were that it smelled very strong, almost eye watering strong! But it didn't last & then was lovely aromas of lavender & myrrh.
Agree with others the colour was different, but not bad, just wasn't expecting it I think! It didn't stain when I accidently got some on his singlet so it's good! It is a thin cream, more of a lotion & is rapidly absorbed & feels silky smooth & soft to apply.
I tried a small patch first to be safe of reactions. I also tried some on my sore, dry, cracked hands. It stung a little for a moment then passed, then stung some more which was a little concerning, as though my hands are not a bottom (!) and are cracked I would be wary of putting it on a very bad nappy rash.
As it happened my son (8months) has been teething & seems to get a red butt so since we had no bad reactions I applied the cream to the rash & he cried! But not for long so I wasn't sure if it was the cream or not. I applied it at the next change & he was fine so must have been a coincidence or it was cold! And there was already a noticeable improvement in the redness of his bottom.
Now after a couple of days of use his bottom has improved, still a little red but it seems to be soothing for it. I haven't noticed much of a barrier, nor sure if it is meant to protect as well as heal-but I haven't been using it long enough to tell yet really so, will come back after we've used it a little longer. I think it might just be because you can't see the barrier from it haha. But it does make the skin very smooth & soft.
I found the smell over powering at first but now I really like it & am getting used to the consistency-as it is so different from our usual cream-and if it continues to help I would definitely consider buying it.
Thanks for letting us try, we wouldn't have even known about it if not for on kidspot.
katesmr - 10:38 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
Been using the Absolute Essential nappy cream for a few days now & as with most others, first thing I loved was the lovely smell. My 5 week old had a bit of redness on her bum but that has completely gone with a couple of days use. Also the skin is now extremely soft & smooth (soft as a baby's bottom :-p). Mr 2 still has a bit of a rash on his bum but we'll see how it goes. Will report back at the end of the jar : - )
Pinot29 - 9:52 PM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
I hope you're looking for good honest feedback...
I was disappointed & surprised to find the courier company had left a note in our mailbox saying we'd missed delivery at 7am, strange as we were home, so how come they couldn't leave it in our mailbox or bring it to the front door? Anyway - luckily my husband came home early so could pick it up from East Tamaki depo.
My first impressions were ewww what a strange colour and the pot is less than half full like it's already been used. The consistancy was very thin which was completely different from brands I've previously used (I'm currently using Mustela & Bepanthen) but it did apply quickly & easily with a lovely fragrance again quite different from other brands. My baby girl is 10 weeks, her bottom isn't too bad at the moment & she certainly hasn't had any reaction & I'd rather use it as a preventive than waiting until her bum is red and sore again. I've also used it on my 2 yr old as his bum was bit red and sore - it cleared up in no time!!! So all in all it seems a great new product I'd buy it depending on price point and it looks like a little may go a long way :-)
Thank you very much for the chance to trial this product I'll chat about it with friends.
ValerieL - 12:54 AM on Sat-20-Aug-2011 reply | message
This cream is a 'bottom-saver'! I've a 7-week old baby boy who tends not to bother crying if he soils his nappy at night, and last week my 2-yr old's bottom also turned reddish. For both boys, the redness cleared up real good and quick after using the cream, which smells aromatic and so smooth and easy to apply. What a wonderful product!
lotsakids - 3:24 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
after using this on my wee girls nappy rash for the past couple of days i am very happy to say that it would appear to be clearing up nicely and looking REALLY good!
ingie83 - 12:55 PM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
After a number of days using this cream on my son, the redness on his bum has gone & he goes for his 'bum cream' every nappy change now. A big success in my eyes, he doesn't squirm away when it is applied & we both enjoy the smell. Find it very easy to use and an addition to the products i would happily purchase in future to use on the kids. I am expecting another baby in the next few days so would like to see how this product goes on a newborns skin.
roxy7191 - 7:51 AM on Fri-19-Aug-2011 reply | message
This came just in time!my son had a terrible nappy rash from kiwifruit at the stuff teh doctor had wasnt working well, it was thick and hard to apply. such a life saver when i received my absolute essential nappy care cream, it applies easily, its a lovely colour. great fragrence and it isnt messy. loved it
gonzze - 4:51 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for letting us try the cream i love the smell . it last so long .its good. you do not have to use a lot.And .i like that it is not oily as some creams can be so oily . my daughter has very dry and sensitive skin. So far the cream has been great . i put some on her and it made her skin so soft and smooth .the red she had on her bottom has just about gone. i think this cream is great and i will be getting some more when it is all gone . thanks again for letting us try it
mgslegaspi - 2:04 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
i want to thank Kidspot NZ, my Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream just arrived last night, and this morning i already used it to my baby's little bum, i have to admit, i tested it first to a small area of my Lj's bum just to make sure she is not allergic to it, coz many products claim that they are all organic but fail to deliver good result. And now nice to know she is not allergic to it, so i give it a go..'s my comments: maybe they can put a seal to the jar so that it will really look authentic, coz my sample is a bit untidy if that's the word, the cream itself were all over on the inside, on the jar's cap, yes it looks like somebody already dipped their fingers inside, with regards to the color of the cream, i don't mind even it's yellowish, the color itself looks very interesting coz almost all the nappy creams are white and i really like the smell, nice and very calming, before having this sample i am using a nappy cream i bought over the counter it's white and very thick, it's very difficult to apply on my baby's bottom and then my baby will be bored and started kicking and that will only prolong the nappy change, unlike when i used the Absolute Essential Nappy Cream it's just one click, the texture is very thin, very spreadable leaving no grease at all and then we're done! My baby didn't have the chance to cry, or to get bored lying on the change table. For now i can say it is a great product, a must have for every mum. I will continue using it and will let u know if it really does a good job, if it will really protect baby's bottom against nappy rash and skin irritations coz i believe prevention is better than cure. Thanks again... cheers!
keznz - 1:30 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I just got my sample pack of Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream yesterday. We started using it straight away. Obviously this is just a sample pack - I am wondering do the actual packs have some sort of seal in the packaging? I'm sure it just got moved around a lot in the post, but when I opened it - it looked like someone had already started using the cream - maybe the pot is too big for the 20gms? but it would be nice to have some sort of seal on there so you know you're the first one opening the jar!?! maybe that's just me!? ANYHOO - onto the cream. The smell was lovely! the yellow colour was a little different. Not bad different, just different! It is a very light cream. I'm so used to using sudocreme which is white & thick - this is the complete opposite! I am really liking it so far - Ezekiel's bottom had cleared up quite a bit since we asked to be in this trial, he still has a little red - so will be great to see over the next few days/weeks if that clears up. Loved the booklet that came with it - looking fwd to having a good read of that & educating myself on all the different Therapeutic plant oils & what they can do for us! Thank you so much for choosing us to be in this trial - so far loving this product!! :) kez*
Dibbles3 - 12:41 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I received my Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream yesterday and started using it straight away. When I first opened the jar I was a little disappointed to see that the cream is yellow - I have to admit I was a little put off with that. But I loved the smell that came from the jar - a lovely aromatic lavendar. Then I started using the cream and found that you don't need to use a lot as it spreads very easily. It's a really nice light texture. My bubs has really sensitive skin and so far she's had no reaction which is a GREAT sign! I am happy to continue to use the sample and if all the signs are good, I will probably purchase more. I'll keep you posted :)
ChevMum - 12:35 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I got my cream the other day thank you for the opportunity to trial this. It's so smooth, non-greasy and has an amazing smell to it. My 9mth currently doesn't have the nappy rash she normally does...typical! I might just still use it on her in the evenings with the lovely smell of lavender hopefully aiding in the bedtime routine to get my little lady off to sleep. At the moment though I am currently using it out on the ezcema on my right hand. Will let you know how it goes....
Dinda - 12:30 PM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I've been using the Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream now for a few days. I really like it's light consistency, easy to smooth onto baby's bum. Any redness is disappearing. I especially like the strong smell of lavender, keeps baby smelling as fresh as a daisy (er, lavender). You don't want to get the cream on baby's clothing or change table mat tho, as it leaves a yellow mark. I've just washed her change table mat tho, and the yellow has come out completely so thank goodness it doesn't seem to stain.
LindaK - 8:42 AM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
I've been using the Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream with my 20 month old for a few days now. I'm quite impressed.

The cream is very light, non-greasy and a little goes a long way.

My son has quite sensitive skin and frequently gets nappy rash. While using this cream he has not had negative reactions, and his skin is looking great.

The cream has a somewhat intense smell to it - mostly of lavendar (not an unpleasant smell though). At first I thought this would make it hard to figure out if he needed a change since it would mask the smell, but it's not the issue I thought it would be. It does mask the smell but that's not necessarily a bad thing! :)

All up so far, great product. I'll do another review when it's all used up.
mummymax - 5:08 AM on Thu-18-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for selecting us to be in your trial for Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream. We received our sample this morning, and it couldn't have come at a better time!! My 8 month old has had nappy rash for the last 2-3 weeks constantly, and no amount of nappy rash powder, zinc oxide cream, or mum's old school home remedies was helping. I was actually thinking this morning that I was going to have to take her to the Dr as it looked like it was developing into a fungal-type rash as the skin was about to break in some places (DD miss 5 has very sensitive skin and had same probs). Well, I couldn't even wait for a few days before posting something.....This nappy cream smells absolutely divine....and in less than 24 hours of using this cream, my baby's nappy rash has cleared up by approx 75%!!!!! Wish I had taken before and after pics......I cannot believe how well it is working so far, but will do a proper review at a later to date.
nzlass - 9:24 AM on Wed-17-Aug-2011 reply | message
I recieved our sample pack of Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream. I know that natural stuff has to be good for babies skin. When I applied the cream it went on smoothly.I can't wait to see the results but think this is a great start so far.This cream smells nice and natural like a lavender field, applies easily it's texture is nice and light. Thanks for the experience will post further results.

nummabear - 9:19 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
our sample also arrived this afternoon, as everyone else i opened it and it smelt amazing,i love the smell of herbie oils, i applied it to my sons bottom after his bath and an hour and half later i could smell good i just wanna eat him! lol so thanks heaps to picking us to trial...will get back with the review in a few days when been used regularly so far.... thumbs up :)
skirts - 8:54 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yay our Nappy Cream sample arrived this afternoon, opened it up straight away to have a look, couldnt resist, and it smells SOOO good. Quite a bright yellow colour but spreads very easily on toddlers bottom and it didnt leave an oily or yellowish residue at all...had thought it might. Toddlers bottom was a little red as she had been in cloth nappies during the day which tends to irritate her a bit more, will update once I see in the morning....also popped a little on her excema to see if it helps out of curiosity
Dinda - 7:33 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
I received the Absolute Essential nappy cream today... Smells fantastic! Just wishing it was a body cream now (for me)!! Lovely light consistency. It smoothed onto my 11 month old's bottom well. It wasn't too thick like some creams I have. She doesn't have nappy rash at the moment. Her bum smells great! She's gone to bed with it on so hopefully the relaxing scent of lavender helps her drift off to sleep nicely (bet you didn't know nappy creams could do THAT)?! Will keep you posted on the results.
ingie83 - 2:19 PM on Tue-16-Aug-2011 reply | message
We received the Absolute Essential nappy cream from the courier this morning, and smelt it, it is divine smelling! I changed my son and used it for the first time a small amount glided on to his skin very easily and he didn't even really realize it was that easy to apply. Finished changing him and could still smell the aroma of the natural essences included in the cream. My son smells so good today, he is 2 years old and has begun to toilet train during the day he is fairly dry, but this will be a nice edition to his bath-time/bedtime routine to protect his skin overnight. The smell and texture has almost sold me on this product, will see how his skin fairs over the following week & repost with comments.
Hope - 10:27 PM on Fri-12-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to trial this new product! I have just read the information on it, and it sounds wonderful. Can't wait to try it out and give some feedback on it. Hugs! x
jafaj - 10:06 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks for giving me the chance for this trial. Looking forward to seeing how the product works. Cheers
Dibbles3 - 7:01 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
Woohoo I've been picked to trial this product! Thanks heaps - I'm really looking forward to seeing if it works on my little poppets bottom.
keznz - 4:18 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
thank you very much for choosing me & my bum to trial this product!! from zeke ;)
k3 - 1:55 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us. Just what I needed since he is going through a rash at the moment. Can't wait to get it and trial it out.
mgslegaspi - 1:52 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
wow, got to say thank you for including me to try this product, this is my first time as a reviewer, so it's really exciting..cheers!
ingie83 - 1:00 PM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks for being chosen to trial this product! First time so excited to give my feedback so far have found the site very informative for my 2 year old son & expected next child...
joski86 - 11:59 AM on Wed-10-Aug-2011 reply | message
thankyou for choosing us to review :o) i cant wait to receive it and try it, very excited!
LIVINGLIFE - 7:29 PM on Tue-9-Aug-2011 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us to trial this, hopefully it doesn't take long to arrive:):)
sarah1monty - 11:25 AM on Mon-8-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to trial this, my children both have sensitive skin so are limited to what we can use on them, would be good to see if we can use this one?
rachaelsfun - 3:08 PM on Sun-7-Aug-2011 reply | message
didsnhjt get picked this time but best of luck to reviewers
jopukeko - 11:50 AM on Sun-7-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 18 month old has just developed nappy rash that bepantham won't cure. She doesn't want to wear a nappy. Just now as she started to wee she was so uncomfortable that she pulled the nappy off and then weed and pooed all over her clothes, nappy, shoes, toys and the floor. I don't want to have to do clean ups like that too often. This nappy care cream sounds like it could save my sanity. She suffers from excema so I have to be careful what I put on her skin. I am reluctant to buy something new only to find I have wasted my money and made the rash worse. I like the idea of using something natural especially when she has steroid cream for her excema.
mgslegaspi - 8:13 AM on Fri-5-Aug-2011 reply | message
hello there! it's an absolutely yes for me to try the Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream for my baby's little white bum...hehehe..well i think my little Lj will be more happy without itchy bitsy rashes on her bum and will sleep more, happy baby plus happy mummy equals happy family.. i would also recommend this cream to all my friends i met in the mum thursday group here.. thanks.. cheers!
janette - 8:35 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
Yes pls we would love to trial this cream. My 20 month old sleeps 12 to 14 hrs and so is getting a bit of nappy rash as her naps are bursting at the seems in the mornings.
vettechic - 7:28 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
I work as an in-home educarer, so have a few bottoms that I could try this cream on, and it been natural based also makes it a big thumbs up.
Armywife - 6:18 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this on my newborn baby, I love the absolute essentials range for pregnancy and labour, so would love to see how this compares to the other creams on the market!
Caro10 - 5:09 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
We have never had problems with nappy rash before but now the teeth are coming in baby seems to be getting little rashes all the time. I hate the idea of using something nasty and petroleum based. Natural is so much better I hope!!!
pai - 3:49 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product because i love natural products (i have bad eczema) and sharing with my friends the info on great baby products i have tried. With two little boys one that is starting to teethe and the older one who has the most sensitive skin+eczema to top it off, i have had to use many nappy rash creams and stop using some as they irritate their bottoms and my hands! i am still to find a cream that can constantly protect my sons bottoms and this product looks promising :)
Hope - 3:15 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
I am constantly trying new things to prevent nappy rash. So far the only thing which works well for us is Bepanthen, and at $20 a tube its expensive. I have never seen this product before and would LOVE to try it.
Mikesgirl - 3:03 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to Try this on my 14 month old wee boy :-) He loves fruit and mandarins and this (along with teething) seems to be causing a rash i can not get rid of. Would love to try this as i love Natural over non :-)
josephine - 2:52 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
i've always like natural stuff to try on my kids first especially the oils..would love to try this product for my baby girls!!
motheroffour - 2:49 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would really love to try this product!! Am finding it different changing a little girl after 3 boys!! Would be good on my 2 yr old also!!
sophieh - 2:46 PM on Thu-4-Aug-2011 reply | message
My baby son is nearly 9 months and used to have no issues in that department but lately with the introduction of solids and many different types of food, his botty is suffering a bit, I would love to try this product, we use a standard supermarket brand and that is not helping him much. Also with teething he is getting some diahrea and that is irriating the area alot.
olga - 10:34 PM on Wed-3-Aug-2011 reply | message
My baby is 9 month old and her skin is very sensitive - we even can't use ordinary baby bubble bath - she didn't have any rash when she was on my breast milk only, but now when we introduced other foods her bum is getting nappy rash easily... Would love to try this product and find out whether it helps...
Kerrynmum - 11:31 AM on Wed-3-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter has just started getting nappy rash more regularly so would love a natural product that will help her
mamanfrnz - 10:05 PM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product, my little boy has just started teething and some nappy rash has appeared. It had never been a problem before so I would prefer to use natural products
cushla - 3:00 PM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this cream - with 2 boys in nappies and one teething we suffer from nappy rash on a regular basis and would love to find something that works better than other creams I have tried
roxy7191 - 12:39 PM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to review this as my lil man always has nappy rash but we cnt always let him run naked to get sunshine to his rash as its not always practical
anahera - 11:29 AM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
sounds lovely and natural as my bubs has ezcema would love to try
druryl - 11:20 AM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this cream with my daughter - sounds like a great product that would work well - I especially like the sound of aloe in it.
rachaelsfun - 9:51 AM on Tue-2-Aug-2011 reply | message
My sisters lil man is nearly 8 weeks now and she would love to trial this .. plus i have a few young ones i look after that i could also trial for this on too :)
Pinot29 - 9:00 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a newborn baby girl Isabella who's 7 weeks old. Her poor little bum does flare up red with a nappy rash. It would be great to trial this lovely Absolute Essential nappy rash cream - their oils are great & really good quality.
angelstar - 6:46 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
My Miss 1 has trouble with nappy rash, i am currently using Pawpaw & calandular and i find it helps to some degree but not completely. I only like natural products so i would love to try this new product.
LindaK - 1:37 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would dearly love to trial this with my poor little 19 mth old. He has ongoing nappy rash issues (worst on the days when he's having many bowel motions). We've tried special powders but the problem's still there and quite upsetting for him. This cream sounds definitely worth a go. Please consider us for the trial, thanks!
hollie71 - 12:49 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
we do everything we can to stop nappy rash and we just cant stop it, it get crazy while shes teething as well.
samala - 12:45 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
We have a constant fight with the nappie rash. My poor lil girl ends up so sore, we would really love to try this, if it works it would be so amazing. Would lve to be able to take away her discomfort and if this cream works it would be a god send. Thankyou
lotsakids - 12:28 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
Now this would be great - My wee girl get awful nappy rash that often ends up bleeeding we have tried so many different creams but nothing that really works! i would love to try this and try and ease her pain
manz23 - 12:24 PM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this on my son.He is getting nappy rash more now as he is teething.I have tried many of the pharmacy and supermarket brands but would love to try something natural without fragrances etc
skirts - 11:11 AM on Mon-1-Aug-2011 reply | message
Definately keen - especially as it has calendula and my little one gets bad excema everywhere including her bottom so would be interested to see if its any good on her
sohinibhattacharya1 - 8:53 PM on Sun-31-Jul-2011 reply | message
It sounds totally natural and not full of chemicals unlike most creams and I am sure that my baby's occasional rashy bottom would welcome a change from the usual sudocream and powder..
mazdagurl - 6:05 PM on Sun-31-Jul-2011 reply | message
It would be great to trial this product. I try not to use creams on my sons bottom (6 months) unless I have to as I dont like the idea of putting chemicals on his bottom if it doesn't need them but this product sounds great because it is made from plant oils!
ilovemy3boys - 3:58 PM on Sun-31-Jul-2011 reply | message
I wasnt going to trail this as i have had pretty good luck with kids and nappy rash but my 18 month old has just been diagnosed with compilatbacta and his bottom is red raw, cant fix it with anything, would love to trial this and see how it goes!!
shannonc - 11:05 PM on Sat-30-Jul-2011 reply | message
I woule love to try this on my 2 girls we have tried several differnet products in the past but still havent found the perfect one.
mandyroxy - 7:41 PM on Sat-30-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this product as I always prefer to use natural products over chemicals. I'm due to have baby number 2 within the next few weeks plus Miss Z (2) is still in nappies and has sensitive skin which the new baby will probably inherit.
lornamoa - 7:05 PM on Sat-30-Jul-2011 reply | message
Would love to try, we have been relatively rash free up to this point (11 months), but with these new teeth coming he has been getting a sore bottom, have been trying different creams but so far not with not great success
tarns677 - 3:16 PM on Sat-30-Jul-2011 reply | message
would love to try this product my kids get rashes and they quite sore.
nessab2 - 3:13 PM on Sat-30-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this. My wee girl is still teething and those molars sure are giving her trouble! Her poor wee bum could do with some relief, other creams just aren't cutting it. :(
lmwnz - 10:16 PM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
My wee girl has rarely had nappy rash until recently, she is now 19 months & the eye teeth and molars are really not helping her bottom. I've never had to use creams before now & am struggling to find something that really works but allows her skin to breathe too. I've never heard of this one and being natural it sounds like a great chance to discover a new product.
dlscott - 3:27 PM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this natural product on my 14 month's bottom. He sometime's end's up with the nastiiest, reddest patch's down there. Poor boy!
shaz - 1:20 PM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
Have 2 kids in nappies,20 month old has sensitive skin and frequently gets red areas, 4 month old starting to teeth. So would like to trial a natural product like this!
nzlass - 11:16 AM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
Miss 2 has sensitive skin. This natural product, which I have never seen would be great.
Her older brother never got nappy rash when he was in nappies but she does. It's a bit too cold at the moment to leave her without a nappy and I think this would be a great help to her. i would love to trial and review this product if she got chosen.Thanks.
hillys - 11:07 AM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
I have tried all sort of products. No success! Have been making my own with zinc powder and castor oil to suit how I wanted it. My product is very thick and spread very well does not come off when they do make a mess. It great so far BUT VERY MESSY and can get white colouring everywhere if your not careful or quick enough to apply especially with A VERY ACTIVE CHILD. I really wanted a product that quick enough to apply with NO MESS! And if it CURE! nappy rash GREAT! Yes please would love to trial Cheerio!
Dinda - 10:50 AM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial the product. When my baby girl had shockingly raw, bleeding nappy rash, I tried EVERYTHING including cornflour (opting for natural first) but it was so bad it required medication. I always prefer natural products, so would be keen to trial this if selected.
nickycooper - 10:47 AM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
I have 3 year old twins and found the best we used was sudocream,however it makes a blooming mess when the kids manage to find the container,i now have a 5 month old and would dearly like to trial something that works and is easier to clean up !
k3 - 10:32 AM on Fri-29-Jul-2011 reply | message
After baby had upper respiratory tract infection, due to the steroids and antibiotics, he had diarehea, which meant nappy rash. Sometimes nothing works, so would love to try this out so I know for next time. He always has nappy rash every now & then, so looking for a good cream, so would love to review this product.
chopper59 - 8:53 PM on Wed-27-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to be able to review this product
atasfairys - 10:14 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
my darling boy has started teething and its making a right mess of his bottom, this point i am using cornflour but would love to try this product if it will give more boy some relief, yes please
mummymax - 8:47 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product. I have a 7 month old who is just starting to get nappy rash. If she is anything like her older sister, she will be prone to reactions from many chemical based products due to very sensitive skin and ezcema. I try to only use natural products on anything that will touch her skin, and am too scared to use the likes of sudocream, bepamthem etc as I don't want to make it worse.
ClaireG - 8:45 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I am always looking for more natural remedies for my family. Currently my 2yr old still gets a little nappy rash, but more importantly, I am expecting Baby 2 in October. My daughter got terrible nappy rash as an infant and I want to do anything possible to prevent it naturally for Baby 2.
katesmr - 3:12 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product. My 2 year old has nappy rash frequently & I also have just had our 2nd child (she's 2 weeks old) so would be great to heal Mr 2's rash & help prevent future rashes in both children
Shola - 3:02 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would like to trial this product. My 8-week-old has had nappy rash since day 1. I have tried Curash, zinc & castor oil, Sudocream, Bepanthan, cornflour. It'll be ok for a day and then it starts up again. I'm not looking forward to the day she starts teething as it'll be worse then, so hoping to find a solution to the problem now before she starts to teeth.
ingie83 - 1:48 PM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would like to trial this product, I have a 2 year old who is starting toliet training but wears nappies at nights, & currently pregnant due any day with another baby, I think this would be a great addition to products for the kids.
CherylFindlay - 11:49 AM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
My 7 month old son has battled with nappy rash for a few months now. We have tried almost every product out there and they work for maybe a day or two and then they stop working. We have found that it is worse at the moment due to his teething (what fun that is too :-P) so we would love to try this product as I am sure it will be the one we are looking for.

Cheryl (and Nicholas)
ValerieL - 1:00 AM on Tue-26-Jul-2011 reply | message
I have a 3-week old baby boy who doesn't bother crying when he soils his nappy at night. So, his bottom gets a bit red by the time morning comes round. I'd love to trial this cream for him and see some improvements!
DaniTaylor - 11:17 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product, i have two children, both in nappies, 1 year and 2 years, they don't often get nappy rash but when they do, i find it quite hard to get rid of - i haven't really found the 'one' thing to help us, so would love to trial this.
Thank you
corinne33 - 10:02 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would be very excited to trial this product as I was just about to buy something else to try with my 13 month old girl...I mainly use reuseable nappies but when my baby is teething I am changing them SO often as her bottom seems so sensitive if it is left damp for any length of time & she is prone to thrush. I hate having to resort to chemical ointments & anti-fungal treatment. I have tried many creams but still not found anything I am happy with that doesnt have all the "nasty's" in it...Wish me luck!
jafaj - 9:29 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Hi would be great to find a product that could help with nappy rash with my two children ages 11 months & 2 1/2 years. Have had ongoing problems with nappy rash even tho use good quality nappies. Nice to see if something natural could work better than the creams from doctor with chemicals. Thanks muchly :))
kosigus - 9:14 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
hi i'd love to try this product and compare it to my current creme. master 3 still gets a sore bum every so often, and also baby no2 is due in 5 weeks. so a brand new bum to work with :) cheers!
looies1 - 7:24 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would be so greatful if you could let me trial this product, my wee girl has so much trouble with nappy rash and I hate to see her in so much pain, I have tried so many products and only found hygex at this stage to work. Would be good to get a product that works really well.
kiwiam - 6:49 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
nappie rash is so painful for my little one and the product i had reacted with their skin.So I want to try other products
TraceyF - 4:58 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this product. I am totally into natural remedies and my 8 week old son has had a number of pretty bad nappy rashes. I have tried lots of things to stop them but they seem to just keep coming back. I would love to find something that will help him being so uncomfortable and that is gentle on his skin.
naenae82 - 2:49 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
i have my neighbours son an we have tried all creams an different nappies an treasures r the ones that tone the rash down as long as he has his nappy off after each change to dry him out a bit after wiping him down so i would love to trial this on him
Judz - 2:43 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Hi kidspot, wow looks like another amazing product that you have got your hands on! We would LOVE to give this a try, lil miss 1yr old has on and off nappy rash all the time I try and give her as much bare bottom time as I can but sometimes a cream just has to be used!! and im very conscious of what I put on my girls skin so a natural product like this sounds wonderful!
tammyd - 2:29 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
We have a newborn who's already got a little red bottom most nappy changes, so we would LOVE to try this out! We use cloth nappies which I think make nappy rash worse because they don't draw moisture away from baby's skin like disposables, so anything that could help would be great!
caseyraskew - 2:18 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this on my son and if we like it we can keep buying it for the little one due in December.
kiwi72 - 2:14 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
We would love to try this. Bubs is 7 months old and with teething starting, the nappy rash has arrived with it!!! Keen to try something different and see how it compares!
chonty1234 - 2:01 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My one year-old just started suffering from nappy rash, I've almost worked through the cream I bought so in need of some more, would like to trial a new cream. Thanks
ChevMum - 1:50 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this on my 9mth old - she currently has a bit of nappy rash that isn't going away and I'm all for trying out natural healing creams. I'd also like to try it on my right hand that seems to have developed a bit of excema
keznz - 1:50 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Hi, Master Ezekiel is just about to turn 2 & has some crazy teeth coming thru which is causing a whole lot of soreness down below - he would be delighted to trial the Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream & report back about it :) He often asks for 'cream' at change time & does tend to have sensitive skin so Mummy would love to see how he goes with this product. We usually use Sudocream. Cheers ears! Kez*
rachaelsfun - 1:47 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My sister woyuld love to try this she has a 6 week old now and hes getting to the age where rashes start coming up .... plus its great for older kids too that get sore bottoms or rashes in the bottom area :)
mrsbt - 1:19 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I have two boys in nappies, 8 months and 2 years old, and they on and off get nappy rashes. Some of them worse than others.
joski86 - 1:18 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Would love to try this!! my baby has nappy rash at the moment and its very hard to get rid of would love to try a new product
jenjen - 1:17 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this on my son (18months) he gets nappy rash every time he's teething and I find most products either don't have any effect or make the rash worse.
gonzze - 1:04 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
i would love to try this on my 8 month old daughter as she has very sensitive skin and i find it hard to find some thing for her nappie rash that she dose not have a reaction to . this would be good to try because it is natural and it has aloe in it and that is good for healing skin
2mums - 1:04 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
We'd love to test this! My son has sensitive skin & a persistent nappy rash. Be great to know how well it works, especially with number 2 due soon!
nummabear - 12:49 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
oh i would love to test this product as my son often get nappy rash lately with teething going on, i also like the idea that it is natural,so i would be more than happy to write up a review on this cream. thank you :)
smoodles - 12:44 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
would love to try this on 4 month old son, he has very sensitive skin, would be interested to see if this would help his skin stay clear of nappy rash
Dibbles3 - 12:38 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My 6 month old currenlty has a very bad case of nappy rash. I have tried quite a few different creams and have had no luck with getting rid of it. And as I love essential oils, I am super keen to give this a trial. I hate having a crying baby at nappy change time and also hate not being able to make it all better for her. Thanks.
Dashes - 12:36 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Hi, I'd like to trial this product on my daughter who is 9 months old, we use Bepanthan at the moment but would be interested in trying this. Thanks.
tayzfam - 12:33 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this for my one year old son. He is on antibiotics so often at the moment due to ongoing medical conditions :( and the anitbiotics are causing many issues down there which is creating some extreme nappy rash. It really upsets him each time he has a nappy change (which is often - sometimes straight after he has just had a nappy change) and I have tried endless creams to try and get on top of it but nothing is really cutting it. I really just want to find something that works and creates a happy baby at nappy change time, a healthy bum and a happy mummy. Thanks
mummytoone - 12:33 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My little girl has battled nappy rash for the last 6 months- would love to see if this product helps her!!
Joanne - 12:24 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this for my 5 week old. We have been using Talcum Powder when changing her but her bottom is often quite red and sore looking. Would be great to know if this product makes a difference. Thanks Heaps! : )
taylerr - 12:24 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this product. My 4 month old daughter has just started getting nappy rash and I suspect that she might be teething. It would be great to try a natural product like this.
chars01 - 12:22 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
my 6mo suffers from eczma and nappy rash and havent found anything that has really helped, she has really sensitive skin. would love to give this a try
LIVINGLIFE - 12:08 PM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My little 5 month old has poor sensitive skin and is prone to nappy rash, cornflour and curash is no go but calendula cream seems to be helping, would be great to try this and see if it works
Mutt - 11:55 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My 16 month old son would really love to try this as at the moment he has severe nappy rash due to cutting all four molars at once
nikinoodle - 11:37 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My wee man has a huge problem with nappy rash when he's teething which he's currently in the middle of, each time this happens we have to use something different to get rid of it (can't use the same thing eg sudocream all the time) so it would be more than helpful to see if this cream will work also to give me another option!
littlemiss - 11:13 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
i would love to give this a go, my 5 month old only poohs every 7 days or so, so when he does go it literally burns the skin off him. it is awful.
margaretlor - 11:09 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
My little is all ways getting nappy rush from teething he is 13 months old and has 16 teeth i have try all kinds of cream , up to now the only one that work is the one that the doctor gives me for him i would like to trial this product
Canne - 11:09 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
i would love to review this product. With two kids under two we have our fair share of nappy rash and have tried most products. I like the idea of a product that is more natural and gentle on the skin
mumjess - 11:08 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this as i have a 11 month old little girl who wears cloth nappies. i currently use sudocrem but would absolutely love to try a natural product on her botty.
Nilithya - 11:07 AM on Mon-25-Jul-2011 reply | message
Lots of nappy rash at the moment, think it may be with his teething & starting solids. Have been using a calendula cream which is good but would love to try this with the Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile & see if it's any better. Love natural products but always like to be able to try them first to make sure there's no reaction as we have a history of allergies & alot you can't try without buying the full product & it's often wasted so I tend to stick to them same things, even though others may work better.

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