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Group Name: Leapster Explorer
There are LeapFrog products suitable for all stages of your child’s development. With LeapFrog, learning begins with play, and with each LeapFrog product your child will discover important aspects of learning in a fun way. LeapFrog introduces everything from counting, colour and alphabet recognition, to helping your child learn how to write.

Mums Say has teamed up with Planet Fun to offer six members with children the chance to become Toy Testers!


Introducing Leapster Explorer, the new electronic handheld learning experience suitable for all kids aged 4 – 9. The Leapster Explorer encourages children to discover something new every day with endless ways to learn and play.

  • Loads of action-packed games including Disney Princess, Toy Story 3, Tangled, Cars 2, Pixar Pals and Mr Pencil (each sold separately)

  • The Leapster Explorer hi-res graphics and well-loved characters keep kids engaged while learning and having fun!

  • Download e-books and apps with the Explorer App Cards (sold separately)

  • Turn your Leapster Explorer into a camera with the Camera and Video Recorder attachment (sold separately)

  • Children can learn school skills such as reading, writing, math, spelling and geography

  • Suitable for children aged 4 – 9

  • Available from Farmers and Toyworld stores

Reviewers for the Leapster Explorer have now been chosen. They are Ana, QsMum, nzchick, smileybabe, mamaov3, Nilithya. Watch this space for their reviews!

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.

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QsMum - 9:38 AM on Tue-10-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son still loves his explorer, though he has cast a covetous eye over his friends' leappads. Their parents brought them for them for Christmas after I raved about the Explorer and let them have a go. We have several games now and swap between families. We had a little scare when we thought the calibration had gone, but there is a way to reset it, so we breathe a sigh of relief. His explorer is very well travelled now as it came on Christmas holidays with us to Gizzy :o)
Nilithya - 8:25 PM on Fri-30-Sep-2011 reply | message
We are also recommending this to everyone haha, it's so good. My daughter is more patient lately...she has had to persevere with the games & learning to get tokens so she can buy things & this has helped in other areas of her life too. She's thriving from it. Already her spelling & alphabet recognition has increased.
We took a drive last week and she took it with her & we love the volume control on the side as we thought she would need headphones or it would drive us nuts, but it didn't, it was good.
Batteries are still going strong and she has been using it almost every day (using lithium ones).
She was also telling me tonight that you can pause the games & she likes that as she can pause it & go & do her jobs or have her dinner & come back to it ;)
smileybabe - 9:55 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
I am still finding myself really recommending this product. My son loves it and even my niece has been able to have a little play on it. I think it is really good and a great tool for them.

Ana - 9:32 AM on Mon-26-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thanks Q's Mum :)

After a few days of my daughter and i having a nasty flu i just have to say that the Explorer has been a godsend! LOL Also batteries have lasted almost 2 weeks this time around! And we are going to buy some rechargable ones.

I have found myself recommending this product to a few mums I have been talking to...
nzchick - 9:10 AM on Sun-25-Sep-2011 reply | message
My boys are loving their leapster. It's been quite tricky with "sharing" and at times we've had to use the timer on the microwave to ensure each gets their allocated time with no fighting!!! LOL. I am amazed at how fast my 3 1/2 year old has picked this up. He's writing, drawing, playing games that even I can't play! His grandparents are staying with us this weekend and they are very impressed with how educational it is while at the same time being so much fun. I think this toy is a great investment - when I think of all the money we've spent over the years on toys that hold their interest for 5 minutes or break within weeks. Loving the camera and video attachment - the boys are making their own little movies and taking photo's of each other and really enjoying themselves. I think it's so important in this day and age to ensure the children are moving with technology and definitely think that toys like this that expand their minds.
smileybabe - 2:11 PM on Thu-22-Sep-2011 reply | message
Just a quick update - I am still loving this. I definitely think that the better batteries are the go - as I said I used the rechargeable batteries that Energizer puts out and they just died this morning with several days of playing most evenings and mornings prior to school on it (probably a good two-three hours a day).

My son says he really likes how easy it is to use and the fact that it is "his". I have found it very encouraging that he basically has picked it up and started using it without to many hassles. He was given Mr. Pencil saves doodleburg and the globe one. I found that the download card that came with the explorer was pretty simple - ie you only got a choice of about four options but even so was really good. For that he chose the sugar bugs one which I love, especially the little song that plays so it times the 2 minutes that he needs to clean his teeth for.

His favorite game is probably the Mr. Pencil saves Doodleburg one and he was very proud last night when he said he "clocked" the game (apparently he has passed all the levels).

I really like the E-pet that is on it as well and I find the fact that you need to log onto the computer to get the shampoo food etc for it is a little tiresome but you can "bulk" order them which is good and I have even had a look arounf "leap world" online and found that amazing to.

I always do try looking out for nice, safe sites for him on the computer.

Also I like that some of them have demos so you can see where and what you need to do before you buy however, I have found some of the games as they are $49.99 (on special) each it is quite expensive.

I also love the "learning path" that the connect offers.
mamaov3 - 4:36 PM on Wed-21-Sep-2011 reply | message
Our batteries have only just gone flat...and that was after alot of use!!!

I have recommended to everyone I know with young children, my nieces and nephews that often come over have all had a good go with it and LOVE IT!! Even the 10 year old who couldn't get enough!!!!!!! So have had children from 3 to 10 test the leapster explorer and have heard nothing but praise from each and every one of them!!!

My children are starting to tell me things about the world that they never knew (we have the world exploring game, not sure onthe name atm) which I love!!!!

Educational, fun technology! I LOVE IT!!! THE KIDS LOVE IT!!

Huge thumbs up!!!
Nilithya - 10:39 PM on Tue-20-Sep-2011 reply | message
Oh & one of the three download cards came with the leapster explorer, I assume when you purchase the handheld they all come with one download card, which is pretty good :)
Nilithya - 10:35 PM on Tue-20-Sep-2011 reply | message

Finally, we review!

Our Leapster Explorer arrived last Thursday afternoon. I thought about putting it away & having it set up & ready to go but half the fun is in receiving the parcel & ripping into it!
Miss *almost* 5 was so excited, you should have seen her grin-by the time I got the camera she was too intent on opening it & figuring it all out so I missed it!
Was so excited to see that it arrived with the two games, Tangled (a favourite movie here!) and Toy Story, as well as the camera attachment & 3 download cards! Thankyou so much!
So after the initial excitement we opened it all up & got the batteries in-which was easy & I liked the spring loaded screw & that it was attached so it couldn’t fall onto the floor for my 9 month old to eat! And then we started to set it up. I explained to my daughter that it might take a while before she could play it & she was very understanding & happy to wait.
It didn’t take as long as I thought it might, only a couple of minutes to set the handheld up for her, another 4 minutes to download & install. I think all up we spent about 40mins getting it all together, reading through, setting up & downloading & installing software.
It was very simple to install too.
Easy to understand, clear instructions so my daughter was able to follow even when she couldn’t read what was written on the screen.
She immediately wanted to play the Tangled game which she was hooked on & was perfect for her age & level. She really enjoyed the painting & drawing parts.
The stylus was attached on the left hand side & she was trying to do things left-handed when she is right-handed & then when she moved it to her right she got tangled :P But was easily fixed & moved to the right hand side.
She found some things challenging & normally would have wanted to quit but with the promise of earning tokens & things she continued on & ended up having heaps of fun & realised she could do it after all.
The digital pets are very cool, she is enjoying looking after them! And a great incentive to play the games & do the learning parts as well as the drawing parts for her so she can “buy” them shampoo & treats with the tokens she earns.
She hasn’t played Toy Story yet, she is focused on Tangled & the camera attachment for now, but will come back to review it soon.
The camera attachment is awesome! Even I was playing with that hahaha! We were taking photos of people & making them into characters on the greeting card app, drawing on them, stamping, mirror imaging....had a great time :) Next up, videos! Music videos! I’m-I mean my daughter, is so excited!
I love that it has headphone input!!! Yay! She can take it in the car on our trips to the surgeon & bring it when I have my surgery & it WONT drive me mad from the noise :D It also has a volume control on the side :D
I love that it keeps her entertained & it is educational, with fun benefits. Do the learning-which is fun anyway-and be rewarded.
I love that I can keep track of her learning. When you plug it into your computer & upload the data you can view what she has been doing. And you can have it sent to you & others via email which is nice so her Dad can have a look too.
My daughter will be 5 next month & this is perfect for her. There are things that she can’t quite do yet but she will learn & there are many more games & apps. & add-ons to download so it will grow with her as she learns.
She is already asking for the Disney Princess game & we’re definitely keen to get more games for it, there’s plenty to choose from.
I have already recommended the Leapster Explorer to friends & family & know a few have it aside for Christmas or are going to get one  It’s a great system, as I’ve been going on about, it’s great that kids can learn & have fun. But really have fun, not like alot of things that say that but then they get bored of it or it gets too hard & they give up. We had one moment of “It’s too hard, I can’t do it!” but when we explained it & that she would get her rewards for doing it she carried on & was so proud of herself!
The only things so far that weren’t so great-in the game Tangled they ask you to find the letters “a” but initially they ask for it as a normal “a” but when you look for it it is shown as a script “a”...not quite sure how to explain it but you write “a” with a circle & a stick (lol) but then you can write it with the curly bit above...and so my daughter was a bit confused as hadn’t seen it before & was looking for the regular “a”. Not a big deal-she learned something out of it! But confusing none the less.
The other thing is that the camera has apps to put yourself in the photo but I don’t think you can turn the camera around so you can take photos of yourself? Would be good if you could turn it so you could see yourself in the screen as we are having to take the photos for her. She’s still having fun taking photos of us & her baby brother for them though 
LOVE it! Will be back with more as we go along but highly recommend everyone puts one of these on their Christmas list. You will love it when you want some time out or a hot cuppa! And you will love seeing them learn. Our daughter is recognizing more & more letters & easily writing her name which she was having some trouble with & I can’t wait to see her progress. It’s perfect for children who don’t want to sit & practice with you or get frustrated.
That was quite long...I shall try & keep it in a nutshell next time, just had so much to say about it!
QsMum - 9:18 AM on Tue-20-Sep-2011 reply | message
Me, again. I checked out the Planet Fun website to see where they stocked the games for the Explorer and contacted them re availability. Here's their reply:
Regarding games, they are currently only in Toyworld stores (as they are so new) but will be in Farmers in October and in The Warehouse early November.
QsMum - 2:18 PM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi Ana,

I thought you had to 'buy' the treats and shampoo for the pet play too, but the kids earn points while they play by completing certain goals and you use those points to 'buy' the pet items and micromods on the website. We used one of our Download cards to buy the game 'dice ahoy' and my son's been having a piratey ball playing dice games against the Captain.

Totally recommend the use of rechargeable - cheaper in the long run ;o)
MummySpice - 11:06 AM on Mon-19-Sep-2011 reply | message
We bought one of these last week for my sons birthday and he said it was "The best present anyone's ever bought him!!" The kids had blast with it!! Kept them both occupied on a very long car journey down south to see family and they were really good at sharing it and taking turns. When one played a game, the other would watch and my youngest enjoyed watching his big brother draw and write letters. My husband had no trouble downloading extra bits and pieces for the leapster and he thought it was a fantastic toy. I think it's quite important for kids to learn about technology now as it's just the way the world is going, and I'd rather my kids play educational games on toys like this at a young age than play stations before they need to. I would highly recommend this toy :)
Ana - 6:26 PM on Sun-18-Sep-2011 reply | message
I forgot to say that it is pretty sturdy as it has had a few falls at our place too and no damage. Also I could imagine it would be fantastic on a long car or plane journey. The games I have seen have lovely graphics and sound good.
Ana - 6:00 PM on Sun-18-Sep-2011 reply | message
Time for MY review!! I haven't read the others yet so i don't "taint" my own but will read after writing this :) We received the Leapster Explorer on Wednesday. I was very excited when it arrived and completely overwhelmed when I opened the package to not only find the actual Explorer but also 2 games, some cards to buy applications off the internet and a camera attachment! So very lucky!
I made sure we had some batteries (I read on the back of the box that there were 4 AA batteries needed) and left it all int he packaging for Mr (recently) 6 to unpack when he got home from school, which he very eagerly did! How exciting! We put the batteries in, set up a profile and then had to connect to the internet to log in and download our first application using a card that came with the machine (so one free download with the actual Explorer). Mr 6 was looking forward to downloading one of the games he had spotted on the box, but unfortunately when we finally got into the programme realised that there are only a few actual games and e readers you can download using the Leaplet card and none of them are the pictured "disney" type games which you have to purchase for around AU$15 each - unless I totally missed this and went to the wrong place? Please correct me if I am wrong but I found it quite confusing to find how to purchase the applications. Anyway, Mr 6 chose a story "The T-Rex's Mighty Roar" which was quite nice. Once it was downloaded I let him go with the Explorer and discover what it could do. He enjoyed the story but it did take a while to get the pages turning easily. He then had a try of each of the games that came with the Explorer - "Globe: Earth Adventures" and "Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg". He enjoyed both of these games and the narration and instructions made the games very easy to follow and he seemed to know what he was doing very quickly. After about 2.5 hours though the batteries went FLAT and the machine turned off. Mr 6 and I were both surprised and disappointed. There is a hole in the Explorer where you can attach a power cord/adaptor but this has to be purchased separately, which I find a bit odd? Anyway, I didn't get around to buying new batteries until yesterday (Saturday). I bought some Panasonic Heavy Duty ones and these have been really good an have held for A LOT of Explorer time over the past two days and are not flat yet. Saturday with the new batteries came the time to attach the camera and the kids were off! Mr 6 and Miss 3 spent hours taking photos inside and outside and above all making video clips of themselves being more and more silly, it was hilarious :) After downloading something from the internet the camera was ready to go and both the kids found it really easy to use. More time was also spent on the games, as well as exploring the pet option on the machine - which is kind of like the tamagotchi of old I suppose in that you feed the pet, bath it, play with it etc. The thing that I DON'T like about the pet application is that at the start you get a few items of food and soap etc but if you want more you have to PURCHASE these online. I think that is not very good. In fact that aspect of the whole explorer really got to me. I don't like the fact that the downloadable games/applications need to be paid for, and that the ones the kids will want (Disney etc) are the ones I need to get the credit card out for (I haven't) and also the pet aspect which costs real money. I got the feeling that YES this is "educational" and geared around learning BUT in my opinion it is setting them up for the next step (maybe a nintendo ds or something) and the next and turning them into prefect little consumers at age 4 already (product is marketed at from 4 years). Maybe I am a bit funny like this? My kids aren't even allowed to watch main stream TV because I hate the advertisements and "selling" to kids, so I am probably more touchy about this aspect than other parents. I also don't like the lack of a power cord or the fact that you can get a charger (docking station) but this costs around $65. Anyway the KIDS love it :) Would I buy it? Probably not. Would your kids love it? Definitely!
Ana - 5:59 PM on Sun-18-Sep-2011 reply | message
Mr 6's Review - He wrote it for me and I am typing it for him :)

The stylus was easy to use. Turning the pages on the book was tricky. I liked the games. Globe was a good game. I liked the voice. I liked the pictures. I don't like it when it loses it's batteries. I like the colours. The camera is easy to use. It was really fun making videos and taking photos. It was fun making a new pet and playing Flingo. What else do you make as well as Leapster Explorer?

Gillymama - 2:55 PM on Sat-17-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well done reviewers! Cant wait to sit down and read about this, seen the TV ads and it looks fantastic.
Tastic - 1:09 PM on Sat-17-Sep-2011 reply | message
ohh gutted to have missed the chance to review this, would of been very handy for my 4 year preemie! will keep an eye out for when Its on special I think
mamaov3 - 6:18 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
Another update from me!

Our Leapster Explorer has had it's first drop! Opps! And it seems it has even been made for lil hands in this way too! Sturdily built!!!!

My 3 year old is not keen on writing, loves colouring and drawing...we've only had it a few days and my son is now writing his name!!!!

I've used the non rechargeable batteries, the ones made for digital devices and all the rest, the batteries have only just died on us! In saying that, we will be investing in some rechargeable's, because I don't want this one going to waste due to no batteries! hehehe.

My children have learnt that the world is one big place with lil countries in it through one of the games that came with the leapster. Previously my eldest son would ask, is that in our world (meaning country) when he would hear the name of a place.

Nothing but good things from me for this!!! Love it!!!!!
smileybabe - 3:36 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
I thought I would give another quick update - It has been a couple of days since I did an update like Qsmum I too found that it really chewed through the batteries however, I did borrow some of my sisters energizer performance rechargeable batteries and that has worked a treat.

Now it has last three days on the same batteries with my son playing on it most days/ nights for at least an hour.

I am also loving the camera attachment and the games that go with it as well. I will give you another update soon.

My son has even said that it is better than an ïpod" although on further probing it was because this was all his. I also love how easy it is to use and the many options - ie the buttons, the stylus or your finger on the touch screen.
nzchick - 12:54 PM on Fri-16-Sep-2011 reply | message
My son hasn't stopped playing with his Leapster since he got it. He just LOVES the camera attachment and has been making his little brother pose for photo's and they've been having a blast together. I'm amazed by this toy - we're loving it!!! Would have to be one of the best toys on the market.
QsMum - 4:55 PM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yes, we too are thumbs up. My mum came over to visit my sick Boy and she was very impressed - which is saying something as she is a teacher and quite fussy about 'educational toys'. She liked that it encouraged fine motor skills and engaged him in learning without him being aware of it.

I said I probably wouldn't have bought one as our budget is quite tight, but having got one I am thrilled that we have seen first hand how good it is. My son has issues with fine motor skills, but with the amount of time he is putting in with the stylus I can see him improving in that area. :o)
nzchick - 4:02 PM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
okay - update. I'm VERY excited about this toy. I just spoke to my son who is at home playing on his new Leapter and he just loves it!! He says the Toy Story 3 games is fantastic and he's "even learning stuff mum!" His dad said that he did all his jobs as soon as he got home from school so that he could play with it and he hasn't lifted his eyes from the screen in over half an hour. Hubby says "This is an incredible toy for young minds and brilliant to get kids in touch with technology at the same time - I would definitely buy one of these." So.. thumbs up from everyone in our house!!!!!!!!!!!
nzchick - 1:36 PM on Thu-15-Sep-2011 reply | message
Wow - our Leapster arrived last night and our son nearly went through the roof with excitement. I have to say - on first impressions I was pretty impressed as well. This looks like an incredible toy, fun, educational, interactive in all the perfect balances. My husband is downloading and setting things up today while he's at school and then they're going to test it out tonight. The poor boy didn't want to go to school today cause he was so desperate to try it out!! He loves the idea of being able to take photos and video with it - like it's a "big boy" thing rather than all the toys aimed at younger children. He was very excited to see the Toy Story 3 and Tangled games as these are a couple of his favourite movies. it looks like such a quality, durable toy - I can't thank Kidspot & Planet Fun enough for choosing us. I will report in tomorrow once he's had a chance to give it a test run! Can't wait.
QsMum - 10:20 PM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thank God for the Leapster Explorer! My son was sick and away from school and this toy kept him happy and entertained and in bed. He tried out the Tangled game but switched back to Toy Story 3 after finishing Tangled quite quickly and 'unlocking' some art supplies in that game. Thanks to JulieKidspotter I had the rechargables all set to go and they lasted brilliantly. The unit functions well and is pretty easy to navigate it seems rugged, but I am getting a lanyard to attach to it to safeguard any 'whoops' moments. I downloaded the Penguins of Madagascar demo, and on the strength of that will definitely keep an eye out for that on trade me or at the shops.

My son was thrilled with the camera and I had to say 'cheese' a fair few times while taking temperatures and delivering glasses of water. He thinks it's 'great fun' and 'very special' so far. Let's see how we go after day 2 in bed tomorrow...
QsMum - 7:20 AM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
Ooooooooooooooooh forgot to say I really like that you can check out how they've been doing on the computer when when update their progress. There is a Tab called 'Learning Path' where it shows you what your child is best at and what area they need to work on. It also shows you how long they have played the game. That's pretty nifty, and makes up for the daily need to plug the handset into the computer to update their 'badges' they have won during the game.
QsMum - 7:14 AM on Wed-14-Sep-2011 reply | message
My son is loving Toy Story 3, but as he has a cold and is not going to school today, he said if he's ok later on can he try Tangled.

I asked him what he liked most about the Leapster and he said ''I like that I can do it all by myself", then he added, "and since I have to stay in bed, it's lucky that it can come too."
QsMum - 4:37 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Batteries all charged and my son is happily sounding out words on the Toy Story 3 game. He is really enjoying it and told all his friends about it at school. Like mamov3 I have been looking for more games on trademe - maybe a maths one to help him with that aspect. We got Toy Story 3 and Tangled as the games that came with it and we have taken a photo and played around with it too.

I will post that pic and more reviews once he's had a good play.
mamaov3 - 3:07 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Well my boys have been trialing the Leapster Explorer today.
I love that it can have the narrator to help, Mr 4 doesn't need it as much, but it helps Mr 3 alot. I think it's suitable for the ages of my boys at the moment. My 4 year old is a confident writer (with letters and small words) my 3 year old is just starting to learn to write more so the writing game (will get the name of it later) is good for him.

I will definitely be buying more games for the leapster!! Have already been looking on trade me! =)

I would and already have recommended it to friends and family!
I'm not quite ready for my boys to be using a actual computer so this is a good alternative for them, they are able to engage with technology with out me having to worry about what might pop up infront of them or what they might click on etc.

I found the set up very easy! I have loaded the camera app which was easy peasy, I have used the download card, again easy peasy!


Will see how my boys go with advancing and what not and will definetly write again...
have also posted some photo's of my boys enjoying the Leapster! =)
smileybabe - 2:24 PM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
I am so so so excited - mine (or well my son's) just arrived. I practically bowled the courier driver down the road when he turned up. I have just "activated" the account etc as I thought rather than making my son have the painstaking wait this afternoon I will set it up now while he is at school. Update to come.

But first thoughts - I LOVE IT! It seems quite quick and easy to use and I look forward to seeing my son with it this afternoon. Also I thought the instructions were quite good for the setup tasks etc.

Also downloading seemed quite quick - only about 15 minutes in total.
QsMum - 9:48 AM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Cool, will do that, I keep losing my rechargables - I think helpful former flatmates helped a bit, I'll pop out and get some more... Mitre 10 here I come!

**Batteries charging now**
JulieKidspot - 9:16 AM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi QsMum, I always use to have the same battery problem with my digital camera (needs a lot of oomph) until I bought some of those high performance rechargeable batteries designed for digital devices. You can get them from places like Mitre10 - they're about $20 for 4 and they last ages.
mamaov3 - 8:54 AM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
YIPPE ITS HERE!!!! Updating it right now, and my lil guys can not wait!!! Luckily I had some batteries already so the suspense wasn't prolonged hehehe...

So far it has been easy, the hardest part is keeping my boys occupied! lol....

Will be back soon to tell you how it goes...
QsMum - 7:51 AM on Tue-13-Sep-2011 reply | message
And on another word of caution - today it says we have low batteries and we only played for about an hour!!!! The set up process on the computer took about an hour all up too - but we brought new Panasonic Heavy Duty batteries last night...

I looked online for the charger unit and that's about $64.46. Here's what the website says it does and comes with:

Power up your child's LeapFrog Leapster Explorer handheld with the Leapster Explorer Recharger for on-the-go play and learning. Full recharging takes 4 hours.

LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Recharger:

Fully recharges handheld in 4 hours
Handheld will operate for approximately 6 to 11 hours when fully charged
Includes an AC adapter to plug in and play anytime
Only for use with the Leapster Explorer handheld
Includes recharging base, rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter

So I may have to save up and get that, or buy shares in a battery company!
smileybabe - 9:03 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
GRRR - Mine hasn't arrived yet. My son keeps checking the mailbox in hope and prayer however we are in Waitakere too so maybe tomorrow. I have checked online and it did say about the batteries so I have already dashed out and grabbed some in prep. I can't wait :-P
QsMum - 6:46 PM on Mon-12-Sep-2011 reply | message
It's here! It's here!

Word of warning though, if you open it around 5:15pm dinner will be late!

It takes quite a while to get it all set up via the computer AND you have to have 4 AA batteries as they are not included. (A dash to the shops is another reason dinner is late!)

We are currently downloading 2 demos, and we had set up rules for using it - which my son calls the "Angry Bird' rules. Whenever he is allowed to play on the ipad at my Aunts house, he has to be sitting down and have clean dry hands...

More to follow once we are set up - and fed...
jafa4life - 12:12 PM on Fri-9-Sep-2011 reply | message
Yay for the reviewers, can't wait to hear all about it!!
Nipper - 1:41 PM on Tue-6-Sep-2011 reply | message
Congrats to the reviewers, look forward so some amazing reviews so it can be either put on or kept off the christmas list
BubbeezMum - 4:13 PM on Mon-5-Sep-2011 reply | message
YAY to all the reviewers. smileybabe awesome.... Mister is so excited. Enjoy looking forward to the reviews. :)
mamaov3 - 12:26 PM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
A million THANK YOUS from my 2 boys ( and secretly myself hehehe) 'we' can not wait to trial the Leapster Explorer!!! My boys will be excited to see the courier driver pull up the drive!! =) Thank you again!!!!!
smileybabe - 8:17 AM on Fri-2-Sep-2011 reply | message
OMG! I cannot believe I have been chosen to review this amazing toy. Both my son and I are so excited - I actually can't tell you who is more so. Thanks you SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! KIDSPOT AND PLANET FUN!!!!!
Nilithya - 10:34 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! My daughter is so excited! Can't wait to try it & review it :D
QsMum - 6:30 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Wow! We are so thrilled to have been picked! I shan't tell his Nibs till it arrives - he's already a terror for checking the mailbox.

Thanks for picking us! :o)
manddsteven - 3:51 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Look forward to reading your reviews guys!! Will be great to hear about these before Xmas :)
monique07 - 3:43 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
Hi, Im currently looking after my nephews the oldest is 4 years old and he will proudly tell you this to. Hes very much looking forward to starting to school and I think this would be a great way to get him well on his way. Unfortunately the toys that he has to play with at mine are only baby toys, my daughter is almost 6mths so having this toy would give him something special to do and would keep him busy and entertained at home too.
kayjam - 3:38 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011 reply | message
hello my boys age 3 years old and my 19 month old would love to try this it would also help them learn alot of stuff i would like it to teach my boys how to do things they do at school so please pick us thank you
suee - 8:45 PM on Wed-31-Aug-2011 reply | message
We have a leap pad tag and both kids 6 and 3 years old enjoy it. Our 3 year old boy has just started to write his name. It will be great if he can learn more letters and interact with the new Leapster Explorer. Our 6 year old daughter likes to show the younger one how to play games from leap pad tag. Surely they will both like to explorer this new toy.
sweetie - 1:10 PM on Wed-31-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think this would be great for my 7year old daughter to try, she is at that age where she is always wanting to learn and try new things out, she is on the computer always looking for kids games and activites to do that are also educational for her, she loves to do maths games and spelling games. I think it would be great for encouraging her.
Lisahk - 9:17 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to take part in this trial. I am a busy mum with 7 children ages 4-17 and they could all take part and give feedback. My kids love technology so these products are perfect because they combine learning with playtime... A win win for everyone!
twinsandmore - 3:02 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think this would be great for my 6yr old. She has Selective Mutism, an anxiety disorder. She is incredibly shy at school and as a result is behind in her learning. This would be perfect for her as she can play with it at her own pace with no outside pressure, I bet it will give her a much needed confidence boost. I would love the chance for her to trail it!
Medicina - 12:34 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
Please register us. My daughter is 5 and my son is 7. They would make great Toy Testers because they both use a wide range of technology and will be able to compare with other products on the market. They are both discerning and articulate and will give full and frank feedback on how the Leapster stacks up. My daugther is a neat writer but struggles with reading whereas my son is a super reader but not so neat (boy-trait?). They will really give this device a run for it's money and you'll know if it's worth purchasing.
Nipper - 12:03 PM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 8 year old daughter has just discovered technology and thinks its amazing and fascinating, im reluctant to let her use too much of the internet as there seems to be too much objectionable material on there. This would be perfect as she is strictly limited to what she can do and the fun side is helping with the learning side. I have always used leapfrog from baby tad, to the fridge magnets, both levels of the interactive books that they have and have always loved the results, they are good quality and are certainaly a favourite brand in my house. So would absolutely be thrilled to try this out and see the fabulous results continue (may also give daughter something thats just hers seeing as there seems to be so much baby stuff coming into the house)
smoodles - 8:49 AM on Tue-30-Aug-2011 reply | message
My nine year old son would love this, he loves technology and I would love to get his attention away from the playstation to something that will help with his learning.
nickyh - 9:45 PM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
My nearly 5 year old would love to try this - he doesnt have any toys like this as up until now we have tended to stick to more basic traditional toys. Now that he is about to start school this would be perfect - infact i would love to buy it for him except I couldnt find it in the shops today or online ?

If chosen (which would be amazing) my son would give an honest opinion, plus he is a quick learner and keen to learn. I am sure he would love this toy, as would his 2 yr old sister ! Please pick us so we can spend his birthday money on the accessories !
Elca - 4:49 PM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a daughter 7 and a son almost 6. We have avoided Playstation, Wii, etc as the children seem too young to get hooked on these but they are definitely showing an interest in electronic games. I love the idea of them learning while they are playing so this seems like an ideal introduction. We had a Leap Pad when they were younger that I was very impressed with and would love the opportunity to trial a Leapster Explorer
MaryMc - 11:37 AM on Mon-29-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 5 year Grandaughter who would love to trial this.
She's doing very well at school, but loves to go on my laptap at the weekends to do her 'homework'!
She told me she is "good at school, because I WANT to learn, and to learn I have to concentrate" :)
I struggle to find things that are safe and suitable.
She's very creative and imaginative, so this would be great fun for her.
It's something her and Grandad could do together as well.
If it proved to be popular, I would buy the attachments and games for Christmas.
mummyof3 - 7:55 AM on Sun-28-Aug-2011 reply | message
Great idea, my two are 6 and 7 and as they have a huge fascination with computers this would be great!!!
ssi8 - 8:07 PM on Sat-27-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have an 8 year old girl, a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. They would all love to try out the leapster Explorer as they have had (and broken :-( ) a leap pad. They love gadgets and I love things that help them learn but make it seem like they are just playing and having fun.
michele - 5:20 PM on Sat-27-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 7 year old daughter would love to try this. She would make a great reviewer as she is very articulate so could say exactly what she thought of it clearly. She loves playing games like this and would also have great fun with the camera! I also like the educational aspect of it Thank you
SuperMoneySavingMom - 5:32 AM on Sat-27-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 8 year old son, Ev, would love to try this out! He is definitely the "gamer" of the house. He also loves learning :) Perfect match!
janette - 5:18 PM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
i have a 9 year old stepson who would love to trial this leapster explorer :)
Sparky - 3:05 PM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is nearly 4 and craves new things to learn and do. He is trying to read at the moment by naming the lower case letters and trying to sound them together. As you say, children learn through play so he'll be able to learn and get better whilst he is enjoying it and without realising with some of these games. We would love to trial these.
simplesoul - 1:30 PM on Fri-26-Aug-2011 reply | message
my 9 yr old son would love to trial this, his developmental level is actually that of a 6yr old, so the learning side of it with a fun element would be very beneficial, especially as we struggle to get him to engage in anything these days, lol. Plus miss off to school next week would also be a great candidate. thank you
eega - 9:35 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Or boys, 5 and 7 would love to test this out. They are right into playing games on the computer and it would be great putting some learning into it at the same time. They are good with pen and paper, so to be able to expand on that learning using Leapster would be wonderful.
angelplus3 - 8:29 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have two kids who would love to play with a Leapster Explorer! I often have to remove miss 7 from my laptop, she loves playing 'thinking' games, and mr nearly-5 is becoming more aware of technology and it would give him a great start before starting school.
pjandmaz - 5:57 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Caitlin my 6 year old would love to trial this Leapster Explorer. When she was 4 we got her a Leapster my first computer but she has since grown out of that and maybe this is what would keep her off our computer. She loves daddy's iphone too and this maybe more child friendly. We would love the chance to find out!
Maree - 5:00 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 3 1/2 yrs old little girl who just loves playing, she likes to try anything that is techno, she loves playing and has a great imagination and to be honest i love it when she plays too, we also have times where we all play together and its so much fun, she is a bit like her mum(me) and will try and give anything a try, She was a perm baby but she is very on to it now, there is no stopping her!!!!!
NZGeekGirl - 4:43 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I am certain that Miss Almost 5 (in 4 weeks) would go absolutely nuts if she was chosen to test this. She is very much into learning to write at the moment and really half the time we can't keep up with her demands! She is also showing a keen interest in photography, she loves to grab her dad's phone to take pictures, I think it's part of her creative streak. We're recently started letting her use the computer for some kids games and she has enjoyed it very much so I think she would get a kick out of having her own little "computer" . Thanks for considering!
RJCMUM - 4:25 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
my master 4.5 would love to test this, he loves learning and it would give him a great oppurtunity and help him to learn, in his words it will help me to write and spell and it looks like a really great game.
Tastic - 3:35 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to get one of these for my second child, he was born at 26week 5days and his would help him get ready for school and hopefully help a couple of his delays
Gill - 3:26 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4 1/2 yr old would LOVE something like this. She is very onto it with anything technical. She knows how to use everything form the dvd players, my sky, computers, cameras and most importantly to her at the moment my husbands Iphone. She is alsways wanting to go on there to take photos, and play the games he has downloaded for her. She really likes the learning ones where you have to spell out works etc. She has been learning to write for awhile now and this would be good for her to start to be learn the art of reading in a fun way. I think she would be a great trialist/tester for something like this and would definately be able to put it through its paces and give an honest opinion on what she thinks about it!
tiaandliled - 3:17 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
anything that would inspire my son away from his playstation would be great and also with miss three starting to learn off mr six when he comes home from school with new information would love to see how it would expand on that and also enhance sharing skills also just seeing the names toy story, tangled and cars etc im getting excited for them lol and a camera attachment wow id def buy that might mean i dont have to search for my phone when miiss three has taken it to take photos of anything and everything. And most importantly enhancing both there reading, writing, maths and spelling skills is always a priorioty and the flash card technique that were currently using is proving not so sucessful so either way if not choosen i think this will be on the christmas list if we can strach it that far this yeah so thanks leapfrog and kidspot for bringing to light another product.
njmt - 2:11 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have two boys - nearly 4 and 6. We would love the opportunity to trial this product - I have seen them promoted through the LeapFrog website and thought they would provide an excellent alternative and age appropriateness to Playstation etc that my 5 year old is seeing at his friends house. We currently have the Tag Reader which is fantastic at focussing my very energetic boys :-)
lewfam - 1:52 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love this for my 2 year old, so that he can stop taking my iphone all the time and playing his games. I would love to see the new leappad in NZ!
I know it says ages 4 and up, but seriously. If he can unlock my iphone, find the folder that his big brother set up for him, and then choose the game he wants to play at the time. I reckon this would be easy as for him.
jsmum - 1:51 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My boy is 3 and a half and already learning to do technical stuff (he can navigate around the disney website and work my smartphone much to my chagrin!) Would love to try a Leapster Explorer with him, it looks nice and wholesome, yet fun and educational!
samstills5 - 1:17 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is 5 and LOVES all things tech!! She would be a fab tester for this product :) She learning to read & write and getting to grips with basic maths - I think things like this have real potential to encourage kids learning outside school. Fingers crossed! :)
atmum - 1:07 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son would be so grateful if he was able to test this! He is 5 years old and loves exploring new things especially technology. He uses the computer often to play educational games, loves to use my IPhone and explore the apps (unfortunately he has to wrestle with his sister to use it) and quite often uses the camera on my Iphone to take photo's of various random objects of his interest. If he had something similar like the Leapfrog Explorer it would make him feel important, it would satisfy his interest in technology and at the same time help him with extending on his learning outside of school. What a great product for our future technology savvy children! Thanks for the opportunity to apply :)
Nessa - 12:43 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is 4 1/2 and would love to try this. She loves the computer, loves to play games and also take photos. She also is learning to write different letters and words so this would really help her. She loves to learn so this would be perfect :)
debnz - 12:34 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is 4 and loves working on the computer at home & kindy, the digital camera, phones - anything with a screen & a battery LOL. She's just learning to write her name & is an information junkie, just like her father. We love Leapfrog and would really appreciate a chance to try this product out. Thanks so much for your consideration ;)
Shellywop - 12:22 PM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4 year old, is starting to use my camera (and take the most amazing shots) and is beginning to write her name etc to get ready for school. I not long ago borrowed an ebook which are amazing and took the time to get some audio books and childrens book on it. While we had it I was amazed at how much more 'interesting' reading became to her! I would love the opportunity to review this and to be able to use the ebooks I have downloaded again :-) Another reason would be the games as my husband plays some and she is always wanting to have a go too!
cwarby - 11:41 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 5 year old loves technology (he has high functioning Autism) and would love to trial this. It would also help greatly with his writing, which he is really struggling with, as his fine motor skills aren't that great!
bobsmum - 11:40 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
How cool!! I WANT ONE!!!! I have an 8 year old daughter who doesn't get the chance to play electronic games very often as we don't have a home computer or play staion. I only have a laptop computer which I use for work so she gets only limited access to it. This would be a fabulous chance for her to have something of her own to play games whilst learning and she would have great fun playing Next Top Model with her friends as they can take photos and videos of themselves. She often comments about all the gadgets her friends have and would really enjoy something like this. Plus it sounds like great fun & I can play it when she goes to bed.
bonnie - 11:25 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
oooooo please consider us! We luv leapfrog!!! We are a house of 4 under 4 there is miss3 (Poppy) who luvs anything that needs batteries lol oh our poor tv remote! Then theres the 4 month triplet girls, eyeing up all her toys, they cant waiting to get there hands on anything of their big sisters!! o so good toys are WELL use in this household! Poor Fern,our smallest, she gets everything last lol oh gotta go its feed time lol
nikkitb - 11:20 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Ella is a very inquisitive 4 year old. Her Dad and I were blown away at how easily she picked up using our laptop so we bought her a Dora the Explorer carnival time laptop for xmas. Although she loved playing with this, she had mastered it and after 3 or so months and stopped playing with it. I love the idea of Leapster explorer as we can download e-books and applications to keep her stimulated and having fun while all the time learning.
mdavies - 11:19 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
WOW! This toy sounds amazing... like it would do all the things many of the toys my boys have been asking for - camera, electronic book, game player; as well as sneaking in the educational side of things. My youngest boy is nearly 4 and is so interested in letters and numbers at the moment and pointing out letters everywhere and how they are formed. My 7 year old son is into games - we don't have a playstation or xbox or anything so he would be thrilled with the games especially the cars and toy story two of his favourite movies. If we are chosen I know the only problem will be sorting out whose turn it is! Please choose us :-)
chars01 - 11:15 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 4yro son, who would love for him to review this product, he loves technology and always trys to steal my laptop to do reading, maths and counting games. This would be awesome for him to try and improve on his speech and get him ready for school
nzbobbie - 11:14 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4 year old daughter would love to trial the Leapster Explorer. She is attracted to all things electronic and has thrived with the other LeapFrog products Fridge Phonics and Scribble and Write learner. I think she would find this entertaining and interesting and would be great to help get her ready for school since I believe computers are going to be the way of the future in education.
Debbie - 11:10 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
My children are, 3, 4 and 6 so we would get a lot of use out of a Leapster Explorer. My 6 year old loves school but is struggling in maths and spelling so this would be great for her. My 4 year old will be starting school in November so something like this would be a great learning too for her and give her a good head start, not to mention she loves games, computers and cameras. I would love to trial it as it would really be entertaining and educational for my children.
tigerlilynz - 11:10 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial the Leapster Explorer and see how it works for my 4 very active children : ).
there ages are from 18months to 6yrs old.i would like to trial this more on my 4yr old so i can get her ready for school next july. my lot get bored pretty quick so im after items that keep them occuplied.
i have 2 children with specail needs that makes them delayed so this would be a great learning tool for us...please pick us~!!
catey - 11:06 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have seen these at the warehouse and notice they are also on flybuys. My girl is 6 years old so midrange for the product. She plays games on the computer under barbie world and also the maths games on the english websites. I beleive she would give it a good run for it's time and money with the potential to hand down to 3.4mth old brother. Happy to try it out.
tarns677 - 10:59 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have two 3 year olds a 5 yr old and a big 12 yr old and they would love to trial this awesome looking leapster explorer. It looks fun, educational, and my kids love playing with these type of toys. One of my 3 yr olds is hard to understand with his speech so this would be a huge help So we would love to trial it!.
raffsgirl1488 - 10:41 AM on Thu-25-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi guys i have 2 boys ages 4 and 5 that would love to reveiwing this product. My 5 year old isdoing really well at school so i feel he would love to check this game out for you!!!! My 4 year old is starting school in a few months and he is always wanting me to do school stuff with him if we had a product like this he could do it own his own (with abit of help) Thanks
natsmum - 10:23 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
Miss 4 would love to trial this product. She is really looking forward to being a school girl next year and anything that will help her with preparing for school -especially alphabet work, reading and writing would be great. We have other leapfrog products and really enjoy them - so to trial the products for the next age group would be great. She has had a few dramas over this winter with getting sick - ending up in hospital, so a new interactive toy to trial would really brighten up her year :)
mjchase - 8:57 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son will be 5 and starting school next year, so trialling something to enhance his reading would be great! And he always chooses to play computer for the little time he's allowed at kindy, so a gaming type system would go down a treat! He's very talkative and I'm sure he would give his honest opinion about it.
henrysmum - 8:04 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
This looks awesome! My little fella is nearly 4yrs and loves playing with these type of interactive games....yet the only ones we have found so far aren't really kid friendly and really are beyond his years! Its great they have introduced something for the younger kids that is also a teaching tool.
andreaL - 6:05 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a nearly 4 year old who loves to learn new skills and interact with educational toys. We borrow the Leapfrog toys from the Toy Library all of the time and I have noticed she needs something a little more challenging now. She has learnt her alphabet from the Leap frog fridge phonics and now she is wanting to learn to read words and she is trying to write. This looks like the type of toy that she would love to play with and trial for you.
KTasi - 2:27 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a very talkative and imaginative daughter who is 3 1/2yrs old, a 5 year old son and a 7 year old son who all love to try new things and love the computer. They all get bored easily and always need something new to stimulate them, I'd love to trial the Leapster Explorer and see how it works for my 3 very active children : ).
issa - 2:27 PM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
my 8 yr old son would love to test this toy. he loves experimenting with different things & i think he would love to try this one out.
vish - 11:11 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
We have a 4 year old who is too intelligent for his age.. he needs such intellectual games to put to test and see if it really stimulates him and his intelligence.. Would love to see him play with these.. :)
cushla - 10:13 AM on Wed-24-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 5 year old son has just begun school and I feel that this would be awesome for him to experience. Coming into a classroom with 6 computers I thought he woulod love it but he hasn't had a lot of experience with hand held computers or computers in general and this could give him some confidence in using them. I have also got a 3 and a half year old who would be more than willing to give this a go and he seems more computer savvy than the rest of us.
cathw - 9:45 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
ooooooooh please pick us please. We have tried so many times to get involved with Leapfrog products. My 6 year old daughter would absolutely love these and would be a fantastic triallist. Please pick us!
mummymax - 9:34 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 5 year old daughter who would love this! She started school at the beginning of the year, and was behind her peers in her reading, letter recognition and phonics. Although she is doing really well, we are still struggling with some of our phonics, and sounding out words while reading. She loves to learn, and although I try to get her to play Reading Eggs or Eureka games to help her learn...she loses interest quite quickly. She loves all the disney and pixar movies so hopefully this would be great in holding her attention while helping her learn too!!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to a part of this trial.
Vegasmum - 9:02 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I know my kids would love to be toy testers. I have a 5 year old girl (turns 6 in 2 weeks), and a 7, nearly 8 year old boy. They would LOVE this toy, and absolutely let you know what they think!! My 6 year old loves to read and write, though lacks confidence and something like this could be her key. My 7 year old is a bright boy, and I often find it hard to get age appropriate things for him to do that isn't too mature for him, so in that regard this could be perfect. Thanks for considering us!!
higginsons - 7:35 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 4yrs old, he is just started to really get into his letters and writing. He loves to play on our home computer but I think he'd love a computer that is suited to his level and I would love it, having something that he can have fun on but learn from too. It sounds like heaps of fun and that it covers a range of learning ages and abilities so ther'd be no holding him back from learning. It would be such a great experience for him that we'd both apreciate, thanks heaps.
nzlass - 4:52 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Leapster Explorer sounds like alot of fun and learning through play couldn't be more easier and safer (than internet) by using this. My nephew who lives with us is 4.1/2 , my son is 8, and my niece 8yrs who also lives with us. I think all three of these kids would benefit greatly and it would be interesting to try. They all have different abilities and skills to use and review. Thanks alot, would be greatly appreciated.
mollypop - 4:50 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 4 1/2 year old child who is reading and generally quite bright - this looks like it would be much more of a challenge for him than the sky remote!!! (he's learning how to change channels at the moment!!)
stacleaning - 3:57 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is turning three in two weeks but she would be perfect to trial this. She loves technology. She is very advanced and already goes to Sunday School at Church when she should be in nursery. She plays these type of things on our iph and android phones and is always taking photos with our phones or taking people cameras. She has been learning how to write and loves games. She has learnt so much from playing games/reading books on our phones we have been looking for something like this to get for her so she can have her own special computer/phone type thing to learn and play. She is learning to spell and sound letters out as well. She can spell her name and is learning to write as well, I think she would be great even though she is a little younger than the reccomended, she knows how to use my hubbys phone better than me lol

Techno babies huh
caseyraskew - 3:20 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love my son to have a go at this. He is starting school next week and has a slight learning delay so i would be so interested in how he would go with this. I'm sure he would be very excited also.
obsidianwings - 2:31 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 5 year old DD who I know would love to test this.
We actually bought her a leapfrog leaptop for xmas last year, but unfortuantely we didn't realise how much she already knew about computer so it was far to basic for her, but this looks perfect!
She started school at the begining of the year, and is doing really well, she loves learnign everything, and i'm sure she would love something else to be doing this on at home.
The attachments and games sound cool as well, so I would consider buying those for her birthday if we had the leapster explorer :)
kavi98 - 1:58 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 6 year old son is capable of operating all electronic toys without user manual. After opening the toy from the box, when i am putting new batteries and finding the on button, he will start teaching me how the toy should be operated. Its amazing. Last week he has started playing Sudoku in my husband Blackberry phone. When we visit the shop (toy area), he explains how it works etc. its amazing. He has started doing these things when he was 3 and half years.
Shell - 1:53 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a four year old that is very interested in learning to spell her name. We have began to add more and more maths to our daily routine too. I love the idea of being able to purchase the app to allow downloading of e-books.
CaseysMum - 1:37 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Miss 6 would be great at testing this. She's really keen to learn new things, loves school and is pretty good at telling me what she does and doesn't like about something.
Miss 3 though a little too young based on the age range for this is very interested in learning, letters and numbers and I'm sure with the help of her big sister would be able to help with trialling this product also
fifilemon - 12:48 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Leapster Explorer looks like such fun exciting way to learn! (for both Mum and child!) We are such a bookworm family it would be great to try reading in a fun new exciting format. As a Mum it would be great to have a helping hand on the spelling and math front, and can imagine Miss 6 would be over the moon to learn using some fun technology (yes indeed we are a ipad free home lol) so this would be a much loved review of the Leapster Explorer.
manddsteven - 12:25 PM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son Reece is turning 6 in December and has fitted perfectly into his first year of school. Reece is the kind of boy who needs to be stimulated all the time. He loves reading, writing and learning new things and has a fantastic memory which has helped him pick things up so easily.
We do not own a playstation, xbox or any other gaming console, instead I have opted for a few learning games on the computer for Reece, however this is sometimes a little hard as I have to work on the computer.
Reece is one who speaks his mind and given the opportunity to trial this he would well and truly let you know how the Leapster Explorer Learning Experience was for him.
nzchick - 11:37 AM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh wow, this looks amazing!! My 6 year old son would love this toy! He is reaching that age where his expectations of toys are increasing and it's harder to find things that stimulate and engage him on an educational but fun level. The Leapster sounds like it has it all!! It's great that there are camera attachments and additional games that we can buy so that they continue to make use of a quality toy. We would love to test this out and give you a thorough review. Thanks for the opportunity Kidspot - we LOVE Leapfrog products!!!!
Coring - 10:50 AM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is more than 5 1/2 years old. She would make a good toy tester because she loves writing stories about the things that happened to her everyday. As well as making corrections on her spellings and editing her work which she has learn from school. She also loves reading. This toy would truly help and assist her in her learning. thanks.
smileybabe - 10:31 AM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
WOW - I would like to start by saying what another truly FANTASTIC and IMPRESSIVE toy this would be to test. THANKS LEAPFROG AND KIDSPOT!!!

Like BubbeezMum mentioned I am the mother to a 5.5 year old boy, who, like any mother thinks he is the best kid in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! But enough about that.

My mum (my sons Granna) has not long purchased an Ipod touch and thankfully she has loaded this with some tech savvy games (learning wise for my son) this he loves. I am a firm believer that children should not be allowed a lot of screen time so he gets 20 minutes every other day (usually during news time) to do games and education learning.

I am a mother who firmly believes that these technology things can enhance the childs life and should be used to help this out, I am not one who lets him play the playstation or xbox (in fact we don't even own one) as I believe the majority of these games are based around violence.

My neice has a lot of the leapfrog range like Tad and Violet and the writing pad a fridge phonics and I am always blown away about how great they seem to be and how educational and fun they are.

I KNOW my son would LOVE the job of toy tester, he is thorough, honest and is starting to read and write so a lot of the options and apps sound great for his schooling level (having started school in Feb of this year).

Plus he LOVES toy story and cars, and I am aware of a place that you can purchase the add ons included above, and would be happy to purchase these (at my cost) to extend his learning as well as make it able for him to review these as well!!!!

Oh boy, oh boy,
A toy, a toy.

To grab, and touch and play and grow.

Views to share,
Thought with care.

BexDown - 7:23 AM on Tue-23-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 7 year old son would love to review this one for you! He absolutely loves Toy Story and Cars so these would hold his attention and he is really into mathletics but it would be great to have other ways he can explore his maths and reading skills. We are currently having a bit of a struggle with use of the computer and the type of games that he is pulling up so this would be a fantastic alternative for him.
andrea1973 - 11:51 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have 2 techno savy boys (leave their parents in their dust) The 7 year old loved his cousins leapfrog toys. The 4 year old is sooo keen to read and write like his brother , so that I would love a leapster explorer to encourage and nurture his desires to learn. He attends kindy, day care, has a coffee group and goes to a sports lessons so he talks to many kids and peer pressure does create many fads. His mates all now have bey blades as he was often found with one. fingers crossed
BubbeezMum - 10:18 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My little miss is too young for this trail however I would like to nominate my nephew, master 5.5 years (smileybabe) for this, he would be the perfect tester. My mum (his Granna) has a ipod touch and he loves it he is so techno savy he loves doing the learning programmes as well as the games. He loves Toy Story and Cars also. So he would be perfect to trail the leapster explorer. He would be able to trail every game etc on it. Thanks KIdspot another awesome opportunity.
Ana - 10:14 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My (just turned - and still very excited about it) 6 year old son would LOVE to be a toy tester. He is very into giving reviews for everything at the moment. He writes pages of "notes" and asks us questions. He is a very thoughtful wee man and loves computers. He would try this product out to its fullest I'm sure and give honest answers - as only kids do best :)
igf - 9:23 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 5 year old girl (Isabella) who is very vocal and will always give you an in depth honest opinion, she is an intelligent girl who would love the challenge of this toy
Shadz - 9:23 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh my girls would absolutely LOVE this. They both love new things and are always wanting to learn although both in different ways. Identical twins yet two different sides of a coin when it comes to doing things.
Ayla is my 'doer' and she loves learning about things while hands on. She is fascinated with my own camera, computer etc
Mel is my 'thinker' she loves books, writing and all things along those lines. She loves to learn
This would help BOTH of them and you would essentially get 2 reviews from it haha.
My twins turn 5 in October :)
jafa4life - 9:17 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have three great boys aged 4, 5 and 6 years old (and no, there was no method to my madness). The boys pretty much love playing with anything and everything, from bugs and mud to the latest technology. As a treat they get to play games on my laptop which they think is sooo cool, unfortunately for me, it means their fun comes at a cost. Their little not so delicate fingers hit the arrow buttons on my keyboard so often that they broke. Please save whats left of my laptop by letting us trial your product. We promise not to break it!! Thanks : )
LIVINGLIFE - 7:57 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My little girl is 5 and seems to love technology. She would be great at testing this as she would pay attention to details within this and is not shy about saying whether she likes something and puts reasons behind her statements. She also likes to tell people what would make something even better so I think Leapster would end up with quite alot of feedback;)
jill869 - 7:33 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Cooper and Leo are 31/2 and love playing on the old leapster . We have had the leapsters for a few years now (they have gone thought my other 2 children). It would be great to try out the new explorer and compare how it has improved on the older version. I like the idea of a camera as they are always pinching mine, plus to link to a pc sound great for the learning skills needed in our children today. Please please pick us....thanks Kidspot.
looies1 - 7:16 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Samantha (aged 4 and a bit as she has informed me) would love to trial this she has informed me that she will play with it heaps and give honest feed back to all the other kids and mums and dads so they can make a decision before buying, she will also share with her sister to see what she thinks of it too. Please please Kidspot choose us we would love to be a toy Tester, being a family that would love to give our children the best start in life we promise to give it our all and give really good feedback to the other members.
mummy22 - 5:16 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my boys are 3 and 4. i think they would make great toy testers because they really give the toys the extreme look over not putting them down until it has done everything its suppose to over and over. in which case it needs to be durabel because it gets the 'handle it rough' test too. please consider us, i think these sound like a great idea for upcoming school ages and over with todays technology.
robyshack1 - 5:12 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a energetic 4 year old, who can not wait until she starts school next year. She is currently undertaking speech therapy and is improving everyday and I would love to trial the Leapster Explorer as an extension of her language skill building and so on. With a three and one year old also coming up behind, this is the kind of toy that could provide great learning for many years. Please consider our little family to trial this!
adele - 5:08 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My little boy is turning 5 in 3 weeks and is very keen to go to school but I'm not so sure about the learning side of it! He seems to have a very short attention span. So I would be very interested in having a chance to try the Leapster Explorer out. It seems that he is at the perfect age to see if it will interest him and keep him motivated enough to want to stick with it and learn at the same time. I also have a 10 year old boy who is struggling a bit at school so even if it seems a bit simple for his age group I would be interested to see if learning in a ''fun' way as with this new toy would help and interest him also. So having a child at either end of the recommended age would definitely be a good test for it. Thanks!
veronicad - 5:04 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My little girl is 5 years. She is very articulate for her age and likes to evaluate why things are good or bad, and what she does and doesn't like. She would take being a Leapster Explorer tester very seriously. Because she is one of three children, there is a lot of time spent sitting in the car, dropping or waiting, at various kids activities. This hand held learning experience would be perfect! I would feel like she was actually doing something beneficial with her down time. She is doing well at School and is working above her age level in all areas, so this would be a great way to make sure she is getting the challenge and extension she requires. She is also desperate for a camera of her own, writing stories at school about what she will do when she gets a camera herself. This toy sounds like it would be perfect for her. x x
amyr - 5:01 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
This looks so neat! My daughter is 5 in October and is really in to learning to read/ maths etc this would be perfect for her to encourage her with her learning! We would love to review this!
EmJay360 - 4:55 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Miss almost 8 is very into her math and learning at the moment. Always on the computer or writing on one of the many papers available and placed by her around the house. I would love to know how long this will have her attention as she is always looking for the next best thing available to challenge her mind and keep her engaged. Thanks
Rossy - 4:48 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love the opportunity for my daughter(7 years) to test the Leapster Explorer. I think she would be the perfect 'tester' as she is very into computerised learning at the moment and I feel she has plateued somewhat with her schooling at school. Thanks:)
ticklebear - 4:47 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
All my children would enjoy this especially master 5 who is into games big time, and big sister 7. Miss 3 1/2 would love to give it a test too. Anything that helps improve reading, writing, maths etc while playing is a hit with me. They would all make good toytesters as they are all at different stages so it would be a good test to see how they all go.
motheroffour - 4:20 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is two and a bit but is already starting to recognize colors alphabet etc I think this would help him big time!? He can spell his own name.I know is said from 4-9 but thought it was worth a shot.Thanks
Mutt - 4:12 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this with miss 5 as she is struggling to write some letters of her alphbet which is making it harder for her at school. She also is currently waiting to see a specialist to get some glasses as she has a sight problem with her left eye and hence cannot read the small text of the books so this leapfrog explorer would be just ideal for her.Then after she has finished with it I can use it for her little brother.
mounty - 3:50 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
It would be wonderful to trail Leapster Explorer.I have 5 year old twin girls and a 11 month boy.It would be a great thing for them to learn with and have fun too.They are just starting to learn math and it would be a great help them with reading.
mabelle1 - 3:27 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would you please let us trial your Leapster Explorer for you. We are twin 5 year old boys and our mum home schools us. Mum would let us use the Leapster Explorer because it will teach us how to read, write, do maths and spelling, and we would love it because we get to play games. Thank you for reading our message from Jacob and Jared.
joeyr - 3:06 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4 and a half year old boy Emmett would really love to try this. I have to admit he has not had a lot of experience on computers/games. Looking at this I think it is something he would enjoy and I know he would be pretty honest about whether it is good or not. It takes a bit to get him to sit down and do something as he is a real boy and loves being outside so I think he would be a perfect tester! Im sure my nearly 3 year old would love to give it a go too! Thanks Jo
tallsonn - 3:03 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
What a great product to trial. My Master (soon to be) 4 would be great to trial this as he is computer savvy (uses the mouse etc) but is not too keen to start learning to write, so this type of toy would encourage him to do that. Also, I'm sure his big sister (nearly 9) wouldn't mind having a go too! With my son it's all about making learning fun.
vickster444 - 1:59 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My nearly 5 year old would love to trial this! He loves anything to do with computers and technology and he always has a pretty good opinion on what is good and what is not! he is also very verbal so would tell me exactly how he feels about the Leapster Explorer very honestly so this would make him a great toy tester! Thanks for considering us! Cheers
Charli - 1:55 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love for my kids to try this out, they are 3.5, 6 and nearly 8yrs so perfect trialling ages :) They would like a Nintendo DS but I think that these are far more educational and they still get to have fun playing games :)
KellyR - 1:54 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message

Master 6 would love to test this toy. He loves reading and this would make it loads of fun. The old leap pad gets pulled out often and he loves sharing this with his friends and cousins. The fact we could download e books is a great bonus and as an avid maths lover, it would be great to look at what applications are added here. Thanks for the opportunity.

imrose - 1:52 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My Dasughter aged 4 is a real toy freak.She loves toys wether they are dolls or cars.But i have observed she likes toys which are challenging,that pushes her to think and ones which will include me to help her in enjoying as well as learning.A good change to her usual toys which hardly challenge her to further develop her alphabethical and numerical skills. We both would be great toy testers!!!!!
Twinsforus - 1:51 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4.5 yr old twin boys would love to try this! They have become very interested in playing reading games on the computer and are constantly fighting over whose turn it is!! This sounds like the perfect product to end the computer battles and help further prepare them for school next year!
stokers - 1:46 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My two boys aged 6 and 4 would love to give this a go. Master 4 is trying so hard to copy his older brother with reading writing etc. Would be great for them to learn together, and master 6 to teach his younger brother!
andy - 1:36 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 8 and still loves his Leap Pad that I bought him four years ago. But was extremely excited when he saw that the new version had Cars 2 and other pixar characters. My son learnt heaps from his old Leap frog, and used to spend hours on his own clicking on things. Would really love to trial this one and compare it to the old one.
nikkih - 1:31 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is just over 4 yrs, this will make a prefect thing for him to trail as learning while you play is half work done for us parents. My son is a shy one and if you teach him something and ask him to repeat it he goes all quite but games like this gives kids like mine a different learning without putting pressure on them. As a parent this will be so awesome to trail n boost his confidence and learning at the same time.
IceKiwi - 1:22 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Just thought i'd say this has one an award for best toy 2011!
Mamabear - 1:16 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My boy is 6.5 years old and like his dad is very interested in gizmos and gadgets. He loves playing racing car games on our phones and on the computer and he learns and masters stuff really quickly and well. I had to smile when I saw Cars 2 listed as one of the games here, as he's a big fan of both the Cars movies. Fantastic that you can turn it into a camera/ video recorder too... my son would be thrilled, he has just started showing an interest in photography always asking to borrow the camera. Many people have commented about him always thinking out of the box and he is noted for his different views and opinions.He'll be honored to be your toy tester and give you his frank opinion! As a parent I would love this for him as he could do with some help in Maths, and this sounds like a fun way to learn. Please consider us!
corlize - 1:12 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I am 9 years old and I am a very clever boy
I would love to play with this special toy
I remember lots of detail and I love to talk
can I play with this toy if I run, sit or walk?
I know I can be a good tester, you will see
please pick me, pick me, PICK ME!
carol22 - 1:01 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I think it would be good for my 5year old renee she has just started scholl & because she has adhd she finds it very hard & is behind on most things kids her age can do so it would be goodto have something to help her algong
druryl - 12:56 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this product. My daughter currently likes playing on my ipod touch (with supervision) but I'm scared she may accidently drop it and damage it. I'd love her to have something of her own.
L1331Z - 12:52 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi i have a 4 year old daughter who is becoming very inquisitive with all the electronic equipment ie my laptop. i think this toy may be a great way to stimulate her learning ability to use electronic equipment in a safe and practical way. it would be a great learning opportunity for her as electronics are becoming mo much more depended on with each new generation.
carolbevin - 12:51 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Our 4.5 yr old is really wanting to explore reading, writing and numeracy - and I have been wondering if one of these types of toys would be suitable for that purpose, (alongside time with Mum and Dad). She is also bit of a whizz on the Disnery Junior site - which can leads to battles when Mum and Dad need to do work on the PC! We have 2.5 yr old triplets as well and something like this might be a good introduction to electronic techology (but of course then I'd have to go and buy three of them!). We would love to try this out.
vickyl - 12:49 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi, my daughter is 5 and she would love to try Leapster Explorer. She has outgrown My Own Laptop and now showing her little sister (1.5) how to play. She is a bookworm and we would like her to have a break from the books from time to time. We only have one computer at home so often dad is on the PC. Recently she also into taking pictures with her dad and interested in how movies are made so this would be a very cool toy for her.
virgogirl - 12:48 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would be very keen to try the Leapstar Explorer as I have two children who I think would benefit from it, two girls aged 4 and 7.The eldest is an avid reader but my youngest girl is not as keen on getting started. I am trying to find ways to make learning interesting for her and feel that this would be a great tool.
QsMum - 12:43 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message

My 6 year old son would make a wonderful tester. I know I am a teeny bit biased ;o)

He is very articulate and often gives me his review of an audio book he's listened to or a book he read in class. He's not the greatest at writing, but I can take dictation for him. His sense of fun and his tenacity would also lend itself to toy testing.

So, thanks for giving us the chance to put our hand up for the 'job'
Mondo - 12:40 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to try this - I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old. Just starting to think about appropriate technology for the 5 year old - some of his friends are using iPads but this sounds more child friendly. So would love to trial this. also as he is very motivated by movie related things (Cars, Toy Story)
bassplayer - 12:38 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My children daughter 6years and son 7 years would love to be reviewers for this. Both children enjoy learning and especially love using the computer to play games but both have challenges in different areas. My daughter has struggles with maths and reading while my son who is curious by nature does lack the motivation to write about his experiences and adventures. Both kids love to record visually their adventures and talk about them. I know that kids are very visual and learning is best done with a variety of tools and the Leapster Explorer sounds like an ideal tool for which children can record and learn a variety of topics.
lee001 - 12:19 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi I'd love to try this out as I run a home based care centre. The kids of various ages from 3 - 6/7 would love to trial this out! They are always looking for new challenges and this is fun as well as educational for them. Most of my kids are boys and they are really into the technical modern equipment, helping with photos, playing games and generally find the computer great, etc so they would especially love to share this one. They can all benefit from this and learn heaps :)
ice - 12:14 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have three children aged 3, 5 and 8. My younger two would love to try out the Leapster Explorer games with all their favourite movie characters. A boy and a girl, so something would appeal to either. What a wonderful opportunity.
Armywife - 12:10 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a newborn, 5 year old boy and 7 year old girl, the two oldest are most definitely eloquent in expressing their opinions on everything, plus you would have 2 different genders and age ranges! They have both mastered the art of playstation, wii and the computer, and continuously moan when I make them turn it off! Dont get me wrong they play sports and are active as well! This would be great as it is educational, and I know my son would benefit from this immensly!
jopukeko - 12:05 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I care for three 4 year old boys who love a challenge. They would also love to have something for just the big kids to do. I am trying to teach them concepts like colour and number and alphabet and the Leapster Explorer would be a great tool to reinforce these ideas.
lmiln003 - 12:00 PM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 7year old twin boys would LOVE this! They are right into computer games, and are always telling me they want a psp etc which I don't think it suitable for their age - this looks like it would be perfect for them.
They would make great toy testers because there are 2 of them, so you get twice the opinion. Plus they love to explore and push toys to their limits.
nikh74 - 11:57 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my daughter (4) esp would love this as she has a mini laptop bought from a toy sale and loves pressing the buttons and sending messages. she learning to write her name and wants so badly to write other words as well as numbers. my son (6) would enjoy this too as he loves playing games which help him to learn without realising how helpful it is. my kids a re great critics with ratings out of 10 and will not hold back on what they think good or bad!? we'd love to review this. :)
jobrush - 11:55 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have an almost 4 and almost 7 year old - the eldest loves playing games on the xbox etc but the younger hasn't quite got the skill. He is however developing a huge interest in letters and wanting to know how to read. I think this would be a great way that the elder boy can help and show his younger brother how to read, and share his love of learning! Plus it sounds like so much fun I think I might even steal it occasionally for a wee play!!!
katherinew - 11:46 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Both daughters (4 & 6) would love to be toy testers. They both love using the leap pad and this sounds like the next step up. They both love learning and my youngest is so keen to start learning to read. They don't have any handheld games and this would be a fantastic introduction. Both girls are good at describing why they like/dislike things so the feedback from them would be good. Thanks
mumof6 - 11:44 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My younger children who are 8 and 9yrs would LOVE to trial this product. My 8yr old has had a lot of time off school this year due to hers and family illness. and she has struggled a bit and i'm sure this would help to catch her up. My 9yr old needs help with his spelling, reading and writing (he is behind for his age/level). He prefers hands on learning and loves anything electronic. I have a little one coming up who i'm sure would love to get her hands on this when she's old enough too!!
CatMumof2girls - 11:42 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to trial this with both Miss 5 and Miss 3 1/2 (4 in Dec). We have been thinking about getting them something like this for Christmas so a trial would be great to see if they would actually play with it! Miss 5 loved her Leap pad (it broke recently) so this could be a good replacement. Both our girls love to learn and love technology so I'm sure they will work it out pretty quickly. They are also pretty blunt when it comes to telling me what they like/don't like so I think they would make great testers :)
keznz - 11:34 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hi!! - I have 3 girls who would LOVE to be your toy testers! they are Taylor 9, Bella 7 & Madison 4 a perfect range for the product age range :) Miss 9 has been asking for some sort of hand held game system - she's at that age & they all love playing games on my iPhone so Mummy would LOVE to have her iPhone back to herself again!! ;) Miss 7 is a keen photographer - so I know she would be So excited about that aspect of the leapster Explorer! Miss 4 is in that early age of learning to write & loving having books read to her, so I like the sound of the school skills she can have a jump start at learning - she obviously will get the most use out of this as she grows but it would be awesome to see over the three girls how it works for their different ages & stages! Please consider us for this :) thank you!! kez, Taylor, Bella & Madison xxx
dayauon - 11:31 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my daughter is 6 years old and she loves games! she plays wii, computer games,
psp and v-smile. she'll make a good reviewer because likes to mix learning and play at the same time. hope we'll be chosen. thank you.
flower35 - 11:25 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids would luv to trail this product, it looks great, I thought the leapster toys were only for the younger kids so am very pleased to see this age group available. My kids are nearly5 (girl) and 7 1/2 (boy), my son struggles with reading and writing at school so anything to help would be great and my daughter is about to start school and so keen to learn it would be great for her to. It would be interesting to see if my son and daughter both luv the one toy and if they can both benefit from it! I have another daughter coming up 2 as well and am sure in the future she will luv this to. Thankyou.
lullabelle - 11:21 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son turns 5yr next wednesday and he would love to try something like this he has nothing like it and is a very bright wee boy ...he has especially really good fine motor skills and likes things that give him a challenge. He would benefit from something like this especially with school starting in less than two weeks...where have those five years gone?!
Nilithya - 11:19 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My almost 5 year old daughter is really into computers & games at the moment, love that this encourages learning, she has been playing learning games online (reading mostly) and is starting her school visits next month-EEEEP!!!-and this would be right up her alley & really help her as she so wants to be able to read & write but doesn't like me trying to teach her :P She's far too independent for that!<br> She is also a keen photographer (like her Daddy!) and always borrowing cameras from people & taking some very creative photographs, so would love to try & get the attachment for it. <br>She is a huge Disney Princess fan (what little girl isn't) and love that this can be used to download e-books! We have been travelling back & forth to Christchurch for me to see a specialist there & I know the 4hour round trip plus waiting in the doctors office/hospitals is very tiring & boring for her. <br>Love that it has a bit of everything & that you can add bits to it. I wonder how easy it is for them to use.<br>This would be amazing to try & keep her entertained, or something fun to do together, as well as encouraging her learning. I would love for her to have the opportunity to try this & be selected to do a review, thankyou :)
wyldange - 11:18 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Laura is 6 and would love to review this, - She has an opinon on everything, and very honest (be sure you want true feedback if you ask how you look in something :0))
She has recently become interested in technology and loves learning new things, and learning new ways to learn things. She is lucky in that she can learn through doing, theory, and audio(verbal explanations).
nikkim - 11:15 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Both of my kids would love to try this product. I think it would benefit my son (6) as he struggles with some of the basics at school. The Leapster Explorer sounds like a good option to keep kids interested in school work :o)
gonzze - 11:13 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Hannah is 7 and she would love to review this . because when i got the nappy cream to review she said i would love to review some thing. Do you think they will have toys.that i could review. Now that they have some thing that she could review and learn from we would love to review this please could hannah review this .I think she would make a good toy tester
rachaelsfun - 11:10 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
i would love to review this .. have a master 8 nephew that would be delighted to give this a try... he would give you an honest and good review and he loves to try new things and loves discovering new things about the world .. and have a few lil ones i look after as well for the younger reviewers that could give ya a younger view on what they think too :)
traceyd - 11:02 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I'd love to review the Leapster Explorer. My daughter is 5, at the age where they are excited about school and learning and she is doing well and trying so hard with her reading, writing and maths. This toy would be a great compliment to her learning.
sjb - 10:53 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter Lily is 4 and 1/2. She's a very bright little cookie but doesn't want any instruction from me. I'd love to test this toy as I think that making learning fun would really work for he.

happyfrau - 10:52 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a 3 (very nearly four) year old daughter and a 6 year old son who would both love to share playing with this. My daughter is desperate to do everything that her big brother does and has been pestering him to help her with her "school work" whenever she sees him doing some!
karinlee - 10:47 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter miss 10 would love this. She is behing in maths reading and spelling at school due to learning problems. Her younger sister miss nearly 3 would probley also love this to play with.
cristy - 10:46 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my son is nearly 3 years old but he is so bright even writing his own name with little help i would love for him to interact with some older toys to see how he goes as he gets so board with the younger toys ive put alot of effort in him to do well and am a sahm untill he goes to kindy for 2 days leapfrog toys are so great and wouod love to try them out
berny - 10:43 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my 4 year old girl Olivia is very bright and can write quite a few words now! I think something like this would be great for her mental stimulation and she would learn alot and really be prepared for school which is coming up in the next year! I would love her to learn to read and do maths at an early age! What a great idea this is. Thank you so much if Olivia is picked to test the Leapster Explorer!
helen777 - 10:41 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oh my goodness, I have been eyeing this console out for so long, just could not afford to buy it for my daughter. I would love to trial this for my daughter who is 4 and a half, she is very good at kiddy games on the computer and now that she recognises her numbers she would have so much fun playing on this Leapster Explorer. She has a brother who is 9 and no doubt he will have great fun playing and showing his sister all the tricks! The games are fun and educational and just perfect for young learners to blossom. Thank you and enjoy your sunny day :-)
slinkylinky - 10:41 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My almost 6 year old would love this, and she loves reading and maths games, and it might also be a good way to get my 4 year old interested in reading
ECAW - 10:31 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Oooooh!!! These look AWESOME!! My son is 7 and is struggling with Maths and Reading at school, this would be one FUN and EDUCATIONAL way for him to learn and catch up with his peers!! Please can my son be one of your *testers* he would be soooooo excited!! My 4 1/2 yr old son is a bright wee cookie and LOVES computers and things technology:-) He would be a great tester too....thanks for the opportunity!!
IceKiwi - 10:12 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Wow great trial, this would be perfect in my household. Miss7 & Mr5 are right into gadgets and educational games Mr 5 loves anything to do with technology and has that type of engineer mind so i'm constantly needing to stretch him otherwise he gets bored so fast, Miss 7 finds technology helps with her learning she loves reading so that part of it would suit her perfectly. i had a friend who let them play on their ipad and iphone now my children think we should get them as they had a blast. They love getting onto the computer as their school has web pages for each class and playing games so definately all those games would be perfect.I think this would definately be right up their alley also Miss4 would love to do this too and i'm sure Mr3 would try to get in on the action.
nummabear - 10:06 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
my partner and his son moved in a few weeks ago and im sure he would love to have a play (aswell as my son!) i try to get all toys that have some sort of learning towards education so therefore i would love to be selected for this....its may even get mr 4 year old like me abit more! lol
mummaS - 10:01 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would Love to nominate my neice and nephew to have a go at this. She is 5 and he is 8 and love to learn and has taken a real shine to technology lately. I.e. My iphone :) Their parents have recently split up so It'd also be nice to give them something to take their mind of all of that.
Gillymama - 9:33 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Wanted to add it would also be interesting to see how the different ages and sexes of my children would get along using this - what appeals and which app is most used etc :-) My daugter is 6 and is reading at an 8yr old level so e-books on this sounds BRILLIANT! And as my son is at home 2 days a week I'd have no problems making sure they both had a turn using it.
Gillymama - 9:29 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My kids would be in game heaven if they got to try this out. Nearly 5 & 7 they are gadget wizzes. All they get to play on (if Dad is feeling nice) is his ipod touch but that's all and not very often. No playstation, xbox or anything else like this in our house! I am amazed at how quickly our kids can figure it all out - I think they would be great toy testers as this is so new to them and they wouldnt get bored and they are great little story tellers as well! My son is about to turn 5 and start school also- the is also looke like a great learning tool - I'm pretty impressed that this handheld device can do so much! but that's Leapfrog- Brilliant inventors! Would love to be part of this trial.
shaz - 9:12 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Number one turning 5 soon,would LOVE to trial one of these.He's eager to learn right now and any tools would be helpful.Also..might keep him off MY computer LOL..Thanks!
imamum - 9:12 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 5 and a half. He is honest in his opinions and just wants to have fun while learning. He loves school but when he is at home he needs a little more stimulation than his tired mum can give him some times - thats why he would love love love the Leapster Explorer. I note that it has Cars 2 games on it - his ultimate favorite at the moment. Please choose him for this great toy try!
tessa771 - 8:49 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have seen these and I think they look amazing! I almost bought one for my sons 4th b'day but decided against it as it would have used up most of my budget. I think they are perfect for kids who are learning to write and read. My 4 year old would love this and I would love to help him with it. He currently uses my lap top for both fun games and some educational ones.He would be soo proud to use his own little electronic device. We would be perfect for this trial as we have plenty of time to give this a go and always ready to learn new things.
Glenfelik - 8:47 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter Olivia has just turned 5 - so is right into learning and the likes at the moment and I am just struggling to keep up with her ever increasing knowledge.

A Leapstar Explorer would assist me to develop her knowledge further, but also allow her the independence to be in control of her own learning somewhat.

I have in the past thought about purchasing a Leapfrog product as those who have one seem to think they world of them.

So please consider me for a Leapster Explorer tester.
piglet - 8:45 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Wow, these look fantastic! My daughter has just turned 7 and she would make a fantastic Leapster Explorer toy tester. She loves learning, especially reading and writing. The Leapster Explorer would be great for encouraging her maths, as she is a bit behind with that (she is like me, maths definitely not her best subject!). My son will be 4 in October, and I think the camera and video recorder feature of the Leapster Explorer would appeal to the moment he takes photos and videos with my cellphone and fills the memory up to capacity (not ideal as he sometimes fiddles around and rings someone!). Both my children have an interest in electronics and computers so I think they would be great Toy Testers for the Leapfrog Explorer. Thank you for the opportunity :-)
angelstar - 8:44 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Jayden is 4 1/2 and would love to try. He is a very focused child and loves challenges. At kindy he does challenges and then wants the teachers to make it harder for him. He would love using the camera as he takes my digital camera and takes quite interested photos. I feel he would benefit from the interactive games and reading this product offers.
chopper59 - 8:13 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this as i have an almost 5 year old boy who is learning to write and loves to practice counting and writing his name. he is always wanting to get on my computer so i know he would love the opportunity to try this out.
nikinoodle - 8:12 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a very clever wee 4 year old boy who LOVES learning new things, he would thoroughly enjoy this and I think that it would help him to get ready for school which he is unbelievably excited about!
annette - 7:59 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have a very chatty and social 4.5 year old boy who would love to be one of your reviewers. He has a good handle letters and numbers and is starting to read and spell. I think he would really benefit and be able to portray to you his journey of learning and fun while using the Leapster Explorer. We already have a large number Leapfrog learning toys and are so far big fans.
shelles - 7:53 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is almost 4 but has already mastered the predecessor to the Explorer. He is a highly capable child and learns quickly using interactive toys. As a teacher, I really like Leapfrog products because of the skills that are developed in preparation for school such as the reading and writing cues. He would make a lot of use out of the camera and video recorder attachment as this is a valuable part of the learning experience this toy offers. He would love to be chosen to trial this toy. Thanks
Mumof2Girls - 7:50 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My 4 year old daugther has just started getting into playing games on the computer - and is getting really good at them. The only issue I have with her being on the computer is the fact that she can't be with the rest of us (computer is upstairs) and the chance of her clicking on things she shouldn't by accident.
Something portable like this would be great! Also with the added benefit of being able to learn reading, writing, math, spelling and geography makes it so much more than just "playing games".
I would love for my daugther to be considered for this! Thanks
kiwitrout - 7:45 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My older girls are 6 and 7. They love using technology, eg. computer, digital camera, Dad's phone to play games on, so they would definately give the Leapster Explorer a thorough test. My oldest girl is struggling with maths so it would also be an opportunity for her to practice without making her aware of it.
SarahK - 7:20 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
We are keen to give this a go! My youngest is four, and is just beginning to learn reading and spelling etc. We are just beginning learning about ICT and by the sounds this toy could really help with that! I also have a 10 year, who although too old for the trial is behind in school by about 2 years, and I would be interested to see if this would also help her learning.
kymmage - 6:59 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
This would be amazing for my 4 year old who is due to start school in May. She knows some of her letters, loves technology and would take to this well.
KGolds - 6:55 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 3 1/2 so not quite in the recommended age range but I know would love & be able to master the Leapster Explorer. He is already happily using the computer on his own (child appropriate content of course!) and has a v-tech laptop which is aimed at the same age range but enjoys and has mastered this. I'm interested in the explorer for him though because of the flexibility of it. I like that you can add games/ebooks etc and being able to turn it into a camera & video recorder with an extra attachment would mean we might get ours back!! DS is just learning to read & write so I think this would be a wonderful product for him to trial. Thanks
mgslegaspi - 6:53 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
would love to try this one too...
staceyj - 6:45 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter has just turned 3, and got a Leapfrog toy for her birthday which has games etc on and she just loves it. I think she would be a great candidate to trial the leapster as it would be great to get the perspective of a younger child as well to test out this cool toy. Although she is only 3, she grasps the use of these toys and the applications on them very quickly. Thanks again for considering us. Cheers
AnnaES - 6:34 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
Our girls would LOVE a chance to tell you what they think about the Leapster Explorer (and other toys)!! Being 6 and 8 they are both in the recommended age range for the 'Explorer'. They enjoy playing games on our computer and seem quite technology savvy (compared to me!). They would be good toy testers because of course they LOVE toys and are at the age they can communicate what they think about them and do the reviews themselves! (I'd question them and type their thoughts!)
becs12345 - 5:58 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
HI THERE! My son is nearly four and is utterly obsessed with our computer! This would be absolutely fabulous to trial as it is safe, age appropriate, has all the learning games that he wants to play on our pc and he could be left for a few minutes too play with it by himself. I would play with it as well with him though:) What a wonderful chance to trial such a cool product!!!!!!!!! (instead of catching him logged in to his Dads "Call of Duty game", running round shotting people:( ) Very sad and alarmed that day. PS Im not a bad mum, he is fast and sneaky:)
pepper80 - 12:23 AM on Mon-22-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have two girls aged 4 and 7 and this would be so helpful as my 7 yr old has trouble with school etc and my 4 yr old who will be 5 soon can not do her letters so this looks like it would be a big help it will also be a great tool for my son as he has some devolpment issues so would really love to be chosen to review this great looking toy from leapfrog :)
Haylee9 - 11:59 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have two daughters that would jump at the chance to put the Leapster Explorer through its paces! Haylee is 7 and Kara is 5, both of them are keen learners and would love to be able to continue learning at home. What an excellent opportunity - Thanks.
mumtotwo - 11:32 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My wee boy is 5 years 5 months and he just loves technology ! He picks it up really quickly and would love one of these handheld games . He's been eyeing up his teenage sisters DSi but I'd prefer him to have something specifically designed for his age group . He loves his Leappad a lot and this is of course a big leap forward which would be cool . I think his ability with technology and enthusiasm for trying new things would make him an ideal tester . He would give it a good go and is able to tell me what he does and doesn't like about things . We can compare it to computer , his leappad and other games in terms of ease of use and general enjoyment and the great thing about it is that it's portable so he can take it to Nana andGrandads to show them all about it ! He is also Homeschooled so this would be a great tool as we could trial this with learning in mind
misstupac - 11:02 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
i know it says suitable for children aged 4-9 but my boy just turned 3 years old in feb this year and i think this would be wonderful for him. he knows his abc's (saying/singing the alphabet), colors, shapes (he even knows what a pentagon, hexagon and octagon is!) and numbers (up to 10, counting and looking/pointing out the numbers) already. if we see any of these while driving or just generally out and about, he will point it out and say "mum look, a purple triangle" or "mum look, the letter A" etc. he has a fantastic memory, better than mine to be honest! he's figured out how to turn the volume up and down on the laptop (he watches a few programs on the lappy) he knows exactly where his programs are and tells me what specific one to open....he even tries to use the mouse and do it himself! i would love for him to be a toy tester, im finding it increasingly hard to find stuff he enjoys to do that would keep him occupied for longer than 5minutes!
Kayeaye - 10:53 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
We would love to review this funky little gadget!!! I have a 8 & 9yr old and they just love little gadgets like these... They would make great testers as both are into computers and games! My 8 yr old struggles with reading so this would be a fun yet educational tool to encourage him and hold his attention whilst learning! How fantastic!! Would love to be selected as a reviewer...
Gemstar - 10:52 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is only 3 but is pretty advanced and has a couple of other leap frog toys and I would loooooove to review this product, always on the hunt for educational toys that keep her entertained for more than 2 minutes. Especially with kindy waiting lists being so long. Thanks for the opportunity.
novel - 10:50 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 8 and he would make a great reviewer because he is pretty techie, also he grew up with and got a lot out of LeapFrog products, such as the LeapPad, so I believe he would be able to give an honest and reliable appraisal of the Leapster Explorer
KimH - 10:48 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
Wow, what an awesome toy to review!

My two girls 6 and nearly 4 are already very technologically savvy. They use an ipod easily and my 6yr old is very good on my laptop.

They both love anything that involves learning, animated movie characters, and anything that makes them feel grown up. In other words, everything about the Leapster Explorer sounds like something they would love!!!!

My girls would love to trial this (and of course I'd have to have a play too...just in order to write a review of course ;0P) .
jenskelton - 10:47 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My eldest girl is 4 1/2yrs old and forever challenging me to find her new ways to make learning fun. She gets bored very easily with the usual book activities I give her to help her with her reading and writing. I think the Leapfrog Explorer sounds like an awesome ideas and she could really benefit from it with its fun spin on educational activities :) She would be great for testing it. Not only to see how well she can learn from it but to actually see if it is fun enough to want her to keep playing it. Lets face it as parents we can spend a fortune on kids toys/games for them a lot of the time to only play it a few times then move onto the next thing :)
swordlet - 10:45 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
Our son is 3+yrs old, I realise he is younger than the recommended age but he is advanced for his age. I think he would love to trial this learning toy! He is right at that age where he is learning so much as far at letters, words and counting. This would really further his learning and I can see him loving being a big boy with his own computer! Would be great for little miss 2yrs when she's a bit older too. Thankyou for the opportunity to apply to trial Leapster Explorer!
Miggles - 10:45 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My daughter is 8 years old & I know she would LOVE to try out the Leapstar Explorer. My daughter Bree is always waiting to search & play games especially maths & spelling ones on our home computer but I'm not really sure she should be you guys know what the internet is like these days click on the wrong button & you could be on a site that is not for childrens eyes. Bree has started learning her times tables at school & I think she would benefit hugely from the Leapstar Explorer with her learning these & I'm sure it would make her more confident! I'm also sure that my almost 3 year old son would benefit from this when he is old enough to give it a go!! We would be very grateful if you could give my daughter the opportunity to test this awesome learning toy!! Thanks Kidspot!!!
Janelle82 - 10:45 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have 2 children aged 6 and 3, this would be perfect for my 6 year old to try out and review, she is forever asking me for a laptop and is one has a bonus, being educational, and children can never stop learning new things. I think this would be great to help my child with her written language as this is the one thing that she struggles with at school.
lotsakids - 10:44 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My Miss almost 4 would love this - She watches her older brother use the pc all the time and often wants to. She is currently not attending a preschool and i am looking for loads of fun ways to teach her from home, i think this would be great as she could play and learn without realizing that she was learning.. it would such a blessing for her and help in more ways than we can imagine (she is currently under going speech help as she is missing all the key sounds to talk - so maybe this could also help)
fishnchips - 10:40 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
Would love to try the Leapstar Explorer. I have a 6 yr old girl - she is a extremely good speller and loves learning, this would be something fun for her to learn and play with at the same time.
chars01 - 10:39 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
My son is 4 he would be perfect to review this, he is such a gadget lover and is always using my laPtop to play games, would be perfect to be able to review this especially because it's educational
manz23 - 10:37 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message

I really would love for my son to trial the Leapstar Explorer.My son loves our computer and is forever playing on the keyboard and looking behind the screen to try and find his Grandpa( we atlk to him on Skype with videocalling as he lives overseas)My son thinks he lives behind the screen!
I dont like him playing around on our pc so to have him trial the educational laptop would be great!
mamaov3 - 10:32 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
I have 3 children, but two that I would love to use the Leapstar Explorer, they are 3 & 4 (going on 5) who are both boys. My children are always asking to use my laptop, but I'm not quiet sure that I want them to be using it just yet and the games (educational) that I put on for them on my lap top they just can't get the hang of because I don't have a 'mouse' just the touch pad. I find my 3 year old learns visually rather than me sitting there trying to get him to just memorize through games and what not. And my 4 year old is very interested in using the laptop like his big cousins but I feel he is too young to be on here? But I do think a childrens version is better for him and esp when it's simple for children to use.
gabbyr - 10:29 PM on Sun-21-Aug-2011 reply | message
this looks like perfect toy for my 4 and 1/2 yr old to try, he is so enjoying learning letters and sounds at moment. he is so ready for school andgetting a bit bored so be good to let him try something different, and i can share the learning to in fun way. please let us trail this toy.

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