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Group Name: NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play

NIVEA SUN has you covered, so you and your precious ones can enjoy moments in the sun together.

Kidspot is excited to announce that 25 Mums Say members will have the opportunity to trial and review the new NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion.


SPF 50+
4 hours water resistance

NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion contains caring Panthenol, a special form of Vitamin B that soothes stressed skin, strengthens its natural barrier and prevents it from drying out, even when continually splashed with water.



With SPF 50+ broad spectrum filters, the new NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion is 4 hours water resistant, offering very high protection for the whole family.


The new NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play is available in a 150ml tube at selected pharmacies and supermarkets for RRP $19.39. Phone 0800 696 483 for stockists.


Always read the label. Use only as directed.

The reviewers for NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play have been selected. They are: nette21, HopeJasmin, beadygirl, staceyj, debbief, rubytuesdaynz, Ashleigh, ruthb, Nixzen, PaulaC, docko, lottie, skippy33, mummaduck, mumof6, Joanne, ekubo, LIVINGLIFE, Kgolds, Pearlywhite, cove, Sweetness10, Pommiegotlost, MissMuffet, jdsmum.

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.
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Nilithya - 8:26 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
Like Luvmykids said below, we didn't trial this, because we already use it! LOVE Nivea Sun products, in fact just did a survey about sun care products & selected Nivea throughout as it is the best for us. It actually protects & doesn't irritate my skin or my daughters & we both have eczema. It's nice & light & easy to use. We love the kids spray as well. Just thought I would add! ;)
Luvmykids - 12:14 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
I wasn't selected for this, but I read some of the comments here and decided I should try it. My children and I have quite sensitive skin, and can react to random skin care products, and we all have fair skin too, so finding a sunscreen that doesn't bring us out in a rash AND keeps us from getting burnt has been hard to find.
Until now!
We LOVE this Nivea Sun Kids sunscreen!! It lasts as long as you would expect, rather than wondering at the end of the day how you got burnt because "I put sunscreen on!". It smooths on well (not too thick so you can't spread it), and not too watery, so you end up wondering if you put enough on (and running out of it really fast). We have used Sunsense Sport and Toddler Milk sunscreen and found we got burnt, and we have used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer and found it brought my daughter out in a rash (and we would get burnt despite the high SPF).
But with the Nivea we have only got burnt where we didn't put it! The whole family is using it, at the beach (in the sun & surf) and we can totally recommend it! Oh, and it doesn't stink like some other lotions do (I'm quite sensitive to fragrances too). We have been so impressed with it, we have already bought another bottle for putting in our daughter's kindy bag.
debbief - 5:15 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Another very happy reviewer of this sunscreen. With the rubbish weather we had at the beginning of summer, it has taken a wee while for us to get the opportunity to really trial this sunscreen. But over the last fortnight it has been put to the test big time. We spent 4 out of 6 days out in the blazing sun on our boat in the Hauraki Gulf. I made sure our two children were both wearing this lotion, we had no side effects and no sunburn at all. I unfortunately overlooked myself on one particular day - I put the sunblock on my shoulders and forgot my forearms. Later on in the afternoon I noticed how sunburnt my forearms were and my shoulders not even a slight touch of pink - proved to me in no uncertain terms that it works brilliantly !!!! Will definitely be putting this one on our shopping list in the future.

The only thing I would like to suggest .... is that it would also be great if the sunscreen would be made available in different size packs and also a pump action type bottle.
radioguru - 9:59 PM on Fri-20-Jan-2012 reply | message
I absolutely love this sunscreen - aI have a few different variations of the Nivea sunscreen, and they are all fantasic!! My girls, being part pacific islander, get quite brown when they are in the sun (despite being blondies) but when I used this sunscreen, they didn't change colour at all - that's how I know it's working! Fantastic product! :o)
Pommiegotlost - 11:30 PM on Tue-17-Jan-2012 reply | message
Used this out sailing on the weekend and it worked so well that i didn't even get a tanline where my wetsuit ends. applyed to the baby while she was sleeping and so she awoke to me massaging her arms and legs and was quite happy to sit still for that, we spent a few hours out in the sun and getting wet from the sea etc
shorrty4life - 12:17 PM on Fri-13-Jan-2012 reply | message
I did not get selected for this trial but i brought some of this the other day for my littlie and me and my partner use to too. Its amazing! We all have not been burnt yet this summer and its like an addiction to keep putting it on us all before we go out into the sun! We have also tried it out when we went to the beach in timaru and the water beads over the sun lotion! Its amazing ive never seen anythink like it!
Joanne - 12:20 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
Firstly, thank you NIVEA and KIDSPOT for the opportunity to trial this product. I've now had the opportunity to use the sunscreen on my four year old a few times. Sunscreen is really important in our family as we have pale skin and my spend alot of time outside, especially my son who has been attending Kindy. I was really impressed at the coverage of this product - you don't need to use alot (I kept making the mistake of using too much). It rubbed into my son's skin well. My son hasn't had any reactions, irritations or sunburn since using this product. This product has a pleasant smell and the packaging is great, clearly showing that this has a SPF rating of 50+ and is water resistant which is awesome. I was really happy with this product and would definitely recommend and use again. Thanks once again for the opportunity, appreciated. : ) PS: Out of interest, can this product be used on a baby who is 6 months old? Not sure if I need to look out for a more tailored one that's all!
HopeJasmin - 6:52 AM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
Very impressed with this product. No more sticky sunscreen... it goes on smoothly and Mr 19 month doesn't mind me putting it on him. Which in itself is a miracle. It has a plesant fragrance and easy to wear without the 'wearing sunscreen' feeling. I sell UV beads and put some on them to check how good it is at keeping the UV rays off... was happy to see it worked instantly and the bead stayed without changing colour for the entrie day it spend in the sun. Feel very happy now that myself and my children are protected. Thanks Nivea
Hope - 12:10 PM on Sun-4-Dec-2011 reply | message
I have been using this product on both myself and Lochie and its WONDERFUOL! With my sensitive skin not only do I have issues with whatever is in many sunblocks irritating me, but I need a better protection from suns harmful rays than most sunscreens can provide. A 30+ never works for me so an SPF50 is always my choice. many of them are thick and greasy, and are hard to absorb, but this prodct is not only lighter than others, but soaks into my skin easily. Although I was not part of this trial, I have to put my 5c worth in and say its a winner in my book. Thanks NIVEA!'
ruthb - 6:52 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2011 reply | message
Finally a chance to use it!! Coming from sunny Hawkes Bay you would think this wouldnt be an issue but weather has not being too kind!
I found this block easy to apply and the kids were ok with it. They are pretty used to sun block by now but this was better than alot as it went on easily.
The day in the sun was great and we didnt come home with sun burn which is always the main aim!
It lasted the distance too despite water and lots of fun!
Nivea lives up to its reputation and I would recommend this sunblock and will buy when this one runs out... would like to investigate whether they have a small handbag/schoolbag size as these are really handy for times you get caught without the main pack.
Thanks for letting me review this product.
PaulaC - 3:00 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2011 reply | message
I have tried this on my two girls - nice and easy to apply my two year old was able to apply without much trouble - we all used it on our day trip to Rainbows End and we were in the sun all day and no one got burnt - probably the best product I have ever tried - we got so busy forgot to reapply but worked a treat all day - would recommend to all
millersmum - 3:34 PM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Must try this product - will be great for the long summer days at the lake, in and out of the water all day long :)
arnabanana - 9:20 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
I wasn't chosen to review this product, but decided to try it for myself a few weeks ago. Three of us, Mum, Dad and Moo went to Samoa for 10 days, and we ended up using the entire tube. 10 days of sand, pool, lagoon, play, 30 - 36 degree heat and not one burn. I was seriously impressed. Little Master Moo went very brown (as we all did) but there was no burn and no sore skin. No reactions (we have to use Ecostore washing powder to stop irritations as his skin is easily irritated), and very easy to apply. Only issue was that when applied to the face our snorkel masks didn't seal properly - which is to be expected!! Will be buying this product again!!
rubytuesdaynz - 8:17 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Have reviewed the Nivea sunscreen and I have to say it's great. the kids found it easy to use and it went on nicely and rubbed in well. It also stopped them from getting burnt and they were able to go swimming as well without any effects from the sun. It smelt great and the kids liked the fact it didnt sit on top of their skin and was light and smooth. I would love to see it in a rollon for school becuase what I find with tubes and bottles is the kids are really liberal with the sunscreen but these tubes are easy squeeze. In fact we have also bought the adult version in this tube as well because I liked it so much. Love the 50+ too - much safer for my kids!
skippy33 - 7:02 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
After opening the tube the first thing I noticed was how easy it is to apply.some are thick but this sunscreen was so easy to apply to skin.I used it on all 3 kids the older 2 would apply in the morning before school and coming home not 22 month old has not burnt once at all and there were times I will put it on her then forget for the day,and guess what,not sun burnt.I love it and I will be telling everybody about if you want a sunburnt free summer,this is it.
nixzen - 3:02 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
So after my nasty burn the other weekend, I didn't make the same mistake two weekends in a row. I used this product on Sunday & am pleased to report I managed a sunburn free weekend!! This product has two thumbs up from both Mum and Son!
mummaduck - 10:21 AM on Tue-29-Nov-2011 reply | message
spent the weekend at our caravan, and remembered at the last minute to pack this sunblock. Just as well I did, as the weather was glorious and all our other sunblocks at the caravan had expired. The sunblock is a bit hard to rub in, but feels nice on the skin, didnt' aggrivate any of my kids allergies {not even on mr 8mths} and most important of all, no one got sunburnt! I will be purchasing this product once the trail one runs out. Thanks heaps Nivea and Kidspot
Pommiegotlost - 11:59 PM on Mon-28-Nov-2011 reply | message
Well Yesterday was a perfect day for some sailing, so we kitted out and we slapped on the Sun Protection Lotion. My eldest daughter complained that it was hard to rub in and i found it difficult to apply to my squirmy little lady but once on and nicely rubbed in there were no other issues and no-one went pink in the sun. However they didn't get wet on this trip so we will do some more splash testing next weekend.
SarahK - 8:28 AM on Sat-26-Nov-2011 reply | message
I wasn't selected for this trial, but As the reviews look so good, I have purchased some! Will do a spot test first, as I have kids with allergies. Will post a review once we use it, sun permitting!!
nixzen - 11:54 AM on Thu-24-Nov-2011 reply | message
I love this product!! It is so easy to put on and dries quickly - but not too quick so that you can't tell where you have put it on and where you haven't. The smell is nice and not too overpowering.
I even used it on master 5 last weekend, as we spent the afternoon outside playing rugby. He was completely protected and didn't receive an inch of sunburn - me however, I forgot to put any sunscreen on and was left with a very red blistering back for the first half of this week... not nice.
Would definitely buy this sunscreen for the kids again!! Works a treat. Thanks Nivea & Kidspot!!
mumof6 - 4:21 PM on Tue-22-Nov-2011 reply | message
We have been trialing the Nivia Sunscreen. I love the fact that it is easily obsorbed, no need for vigorous rubbing like some other sunscreens. I also love that it has an Spf of 50 and is 4hrs water resistant. I have even been using it on my daughter with eczema and although she said it stung a little upon application, her skin is looking good (no red patches) and she hasn't been itching like she does with most other sunscreens. I have also used it and have found so far, it dosen't seem to affect my sensitive skin either. I like the smell and the packaging is attractive. The price is reasonable too, for a sunscreen that dosen't affect the kids eczema!
I will definately be purchasing this sunsceen in future!
KGolds - 2:44 PM on Tue-22-Nov-2011 reply | message
Apologies for the delay in the review for this but as soon as it arrived the weather packed in & we have only just now had a few days where we could use the lotion. Have to say I love it. My son has quite sensitive skin & a lot of the products we tried on him last summer he reacted to first wear but with the Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play he has been able to wear it day after day (about 5 applications now) and has had no reaction. My son loves it because of the pictures of the kids on front & thinks it's his special lotion so is quite happy for us to put it on him, another bonus.
I've found it to be reasonably easy to apply, it's quite thick in consistency so does require some rubbing to get it all in other wise they are left looking like a snowman! It has little to no scent which I like. The protection factor is great, I have no worries about him getting burnt whilst at Kindy, nor do I now worry that it will wash off if he's in the water play because its water resistant. Can quite honestly say this is a brand we will buy over and over again. Thank you very much for letting us trial it :)
Pearlywhite - 2:35 PM on Tue-22-Nov-2011 reply | message
We finally got to use this last weekend with the kids when we had a day trip out in the sun. I loved that it has such a high level of protection and that it was non-greasy one applied. I really like the Nivea brands of sunscreen and was pleased that this didn't disappoint. Children definitely need a water resistant sunscreen over summer so this is perfect. It was easy to apply - better than the sprays too which I find are never quite as thick and give as good coverage to sensitive skin. My youngest has quite sensitive skin so was pleased that there was no irritation after being applied - and most importantly - no signs of sunburn! Would definitely continue to purchase this over the coming months, we go through truckloads of the stuff over summer as it's mandatory in preschool and school as well. Thanks for the opportunity to try this.
Pommiegotlost - 10:58 PM on Mon-21-Nov-2011 reply | message
First thing i did when i got the sunscreen was a patch test on the back of my little ones knee (i was surprised that this wasn't suggested on the packaging) then i popped it in the sailing gear bag for the weekend, but unfortunately we didn't get to use it as it was too windy for the little ones to sail and my partner went sailing on his own. hopefully it will get tested this week/weekend and i will be back with a more thorough review.
ekubo - 9:42 PM on Mon-21-Nov-2011 reply | message
so we went to hanmer for the weekend which meant that the kids were in and out of the water for three days. Poor mr tomato head had to stay in the shade and hide under hat and rash suit as the dr had said to avoid putting anything on his skin for a few weeks. The other two boys used sunkids and it was fantastic. Not a sign of redness or sunburn despite being outside all day, and in and out of the water constantly.
docko - 6:29 PM on Mon-21-Nov-2011 reply | message
First thing i did when i got this sunscreen was open it to smell it and found it to be very pleasant (not strong smelling like some of the other ones on the market). We have used this on the whole family (adults included) for over a week now in some nice sunny weather. It definitely offers awesome protection just as it states. It is easy to put on and rub on and my children all have sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate them. The only thing that i would possibly change about the product is the container, the plastic is quite soft which i find is not as easy to get the product out than some of the harder plastic ones. Overall though, an absolutely fantastic product and i will definitely buy again when it runs out.
staceyj - 9:34 PM on Sun-20-Nov-2011 reply | message
Now that we have had a chance to test this product out I have to say that this is a great product. Not only did it keep the sun at bay, but it was easy to apply, it didnt leave yukky white marks and it was sticky etc. So, a big thumbs up for this product! Thanks again for selecting us to trial this. I will certainly be advising my friends and family that this is a great sunscreen!
rj - 10:43 PM on Thu-17-Nov-2011 reply | message
I didnt get picked to try this but I do usually use nivea so got this one in the shopping . Very impressed so far - great to have such a high SPF - good work Nivea
lmiln003 - 8:34 PM on Thu-17-Nov-2011 reply | message
Sadly I didn't get picked for this trial, but my kids still need suncreen so decided to go with the new Nivea. I was a little nervous as the previous children sunscreen that Nivea has out was very thick and oily feeling and quite hard to rub in, especially with younger children. Imagine my surprise when I tried this new sunscreen - it was light (but gave a full coverage), not at all oily or greasy and it rubbed in so easily! I even used some on myself and loved not having that heavy feeling on my skin that most sunscreens give you. Thumbs up to Nivea, they have an awesome product that is easy to apply on the wiggliest toddler :)
cove - 4:06 PM on Thu-17-Nov-2011 reply | message
I was so wrapped to be chosen for this trial. I loved the fact that this was SPF50+. My 9 year old daughter had her school athletics day today so my 1 year old son spent the day there, fully covered in sunscreen. No sunburn, and you can still see and feel the sunscreen on him. My daughter also used it and with sweat and pouring water all over herself the sunscreen remained intact. i was a litttle worried it may run from the heat and sting her eyes ( i applied it to her face as well ) but there was no problem there.

We also used it over the weekend with the kids in and out of the water, i couldnt believe how well the sunscreen stayed on.
It has a mild pleasent smell and absorbs well and quickly into the skin. It was like applying a moisturiser. It wasnt greasy.
A great product and would recommend a must have for the summer in and around the water. Do follow the simple instructions, to wait till it has dried before contact with clothing (this only takes a minute or two).Otherwise you will wipe it off.

Thanks for allowingus to trial this product once again. Well done to Nivea.
nette21 - 3:56 PM on Wed-16-Nov-2011 reply | message
Had a lovely day in the sun yesterday. And thanks to the Nivea sun kids swim and play I got to trial my daughter was well protected.

Love the fact it is SPF 50+. We spent a few hours outside and there was not even a hint of my daughters skin going red. It is very waterproof. I realised this when I tried to wash it off my hands with just water and it wouldn't come off. Which is great for playing in the water.

My daughter played in her paddling pool and under a sprinkler for an hour or so. The sunscreen stayed put and I couldn't see it running off like other sunscreens do.

It was very easy to apply. Just like applying moisturiser. Not a thick gluggy cream. The smell is ok. I advise waiting a few minutes for the sunscreen to absorb before putting on clothes. It feels sticky to the touch when first put on but quickly absorbs into the skin.

Great product Nivea. Thank you Nivea and Kidspot for the opportunity to trial this product, once it has run out I will definately purchase this again and recommend to all my friends with kids
Minxy - 3:44 PM on Wed-16-Nov-2011 reply | message
We have been so lucky to have had such nice weather that we have needed sun screen after reading your reviews I went to the supermarket and bought some of the Nivea Kids and everything you said was true. It is nice and thick but rubs in super easy so it does not take long to apply. It has a nice fragrance not that awlful smelly sunscreen smell which usually puts my girls off. The girls came home from school today after all of them having it applied this morning and it worked a treat no pink on them at all apart from we need to remember to take their socks off before we apply it in the morning because Miss 5 then took off her socks and off course she did not have her Nivea on her feet and they are burnt... love the product this is what we will be sticking with all summer.. love it love it love it.. thanks NIvea
JulieKidspot - 1:31 PM on Wed-16-Nov-2011 reply | message
Hi ekubo, sorry to hear that your little guy has ended up with a reaction. We have referred this to NIVEA and they have provided the following feedback for you:

"We are sorry to hear about your child’s reaction and sincerely hope full recovery has been made. In general, if a reaction has occurred, it is better to avoid the product in future. If tried again, it should first be tested on a small area of the skin such as the inner forearm and allowing a 24 hour delay before proceeding with normal usage. This procedure can be used for new product testing.

To find a sunscreen that will suit your child, your GP can refer you to a dermatologist for sunscreen active ingredient testing."
ekubo - 7:41 PM on Tue-15-Nov-2011 reply | message
I'm now wondering why my poor boy ended up with a tomato head when he has no particular sensitivity and has never suffered skin reaction before. Still a trip to the dr and a course of loratadine seems to have fixed it. The other two are still using the product with no ill effects, in fact it's performing very well. Ds3 is particularly happy as he's a sandpit fiend and the sand doesn't seem to stick.
Sweetness10 - 10:27 PM on Mon-14-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thank you so much for letting us trial this. I LOVE that it is SPF 50+. I've been looking for a children's sunscreen with an SPF higher than 30 for ages so this is exactly what I've been wanting! My eldest daughter used it before heading off to school and she called me into the bathroom to smell it because she was so impressed with the smell and I have to say, I loved it too - it didn't smell too "sunscreen-y" at all. It covered well and didn't leave white streaks as most sunscreens do. I was impressed too when I read that it contains Panthenol to protect the skin barrier - what a huge bonus that I hadn't even considered looking for before! 4 hours water resistance also really appeals to me because we're planning to spend a lot of time at the beach over summer. I actually managed to get to the beach with my youngest daughter today (a miracle considering the Wellington weather lately) and the sand didn't stick to her skin too badly at all and after paddling in the water for the two minutes we could manage before admitting it was too cold the sunscreen was still in place. I have no doubts at all about it's effectiveness. Both of my girls have sensitive skin and this didn't give either of them a rash as a lot of sunscreens have in the past. Without a doubt this will be replacing my usual kids sunscreen because it's soooo much better in so many ways!
lottie - 4:19 PM on Mon-14-Nov-2011 reply | message
What a nice surprise finding the Nivea sunscreen in the mail box. It was a nice sunny weekend so I thought I would try it on my 3 year old. He isn't a fan of sunscreen but wasn't to bad at letting me put it on. I thought the smell was pleasant enough not to over powering and it went on the skin easily. It wasn't to greasy and seemed to sort of dry on the skin which I thought was good, I'm thinking sand won't stick to it to much. Toby didn't get burnt either so I guess it was a winner all round I would recommend this product and I will buy some more when I run out, I think the water resistance is a real bonus for my active little boy.
Ashleigh - 12:55 PM on Mon-14-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us!
I felt very confident when using this sunscreen because of the SPF factor but I did think it was going to leave a white coating on (as most of the high SPF's do) BUT it didn't! It was very easy to rub in (which is great when applying to an active 2 year old!) We all have VERY sensitive skin and none of us broke out in a rash. I will be rushing of to buy more when we run out as it is important to have a good sunscreen that you can trust. Very impressed, 10 out of 10 NIVEA!
jdsmum - 10:45 AM on Mon-14-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thanks for picking us!! Have used this over the weekend and with my son loving the outdoors he spends alot of time in the sun and he also has very sensitive skin and no rash no reaction to it so very gentle... and no sunburn either!!! It was also very eash to wash off my hands once it had been applied, I find with alot of sunscreens they leave my hands oily even after washing so would recommend this to others with kiddies its a great product and thanks once again Kidspot !
ekubo - 9:18 PM on Sun-13-Nov-2011 reply | message
oh dear, can I recommend a patch test. Ds1 is now sporting a face like a tomato. Neither of the other boys had a reaction, nor did I but ds1 has a lumpy red rash over his face, neck, arms and legs. The rest of us found it fantastic and not a sign of sunburn among us.
staceyj - 8:04 PM on Sun-13-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thanks for selcting us. When the package was opened, my 3 yr old daughter immediately said ” yay, sunscreen for me, can I have some on please?”. SHe knew straight away by looking at the packaging what it was, and who it was for, which was great! I loved that it rubbed in well and didn't leave white cream everywhere, and it didn't feel sticky. We haven't had much sun to test it out in yet, but will let you know at the first opportunity. Thanks again
LIVINGLIFE - 7:53 PM on Sun-13-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us:) My son has just got home from a weekend camp which involved being out in the sun all day and lots of swimming to. I sent him with some of the Nivea sun kids sunscreen in a pot which he put on every 4 hours and picked him up to day and guess what NO SUNBURN!!! It is great to know that this has worked for him as the usual 30+ sunscreen leaves him burnt. My partner, my daughter and myself used this today as we were at a bbq and not one of us is burnt. It doesn't have an overpowering smell like some sunscreen either and doesn't leave your skin feeling horrible and sticky or dry. I think we will be using this througout the summer months as well.
KGolds - 6:40 PM on Sat-12-Nov-2011 reply | message
Thanks so much for the Sun Kids lotion. My son was most excited to see it & for some reason I haven't quite figured out yet is calling it the 'pirate cream' ?? Hey, if it means he's keen to put it on . . . . Now we just have to wait for some sunshine to use it :)
ekubo - 12:19 PM on Fri-11-Nov-2011 reply | message
I had a pleasant surprise this moringing when I opened the door and found the courier bag with our tube of sun kids. Being a big kid myself I had to try it out first lol. It's very thick and slightly yellowish with a definite but not unpleasant scent. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on the skin tho, and seems to absorb quickly but I can still feel it, slightly silky, on the surface when I touch my skin.

Ds1 came in and seeing the courier bag was keen to try it out (I wonder if that would work for vegetables?). He has no complaints, likes the feel and smell of it. I even put it on his face with no complaints. And this is a boy who turns his socks inside out so he can't feels the seams. Ds3 (3 yrs old) is the one who usually fights tooth and nail to avoid sunscreen. He happily let me rub it into his arms and legs but I'm afraid I still had to pin him to do his face. It doesn't work miracles in that department lol. He says it feels 'smoov' and he likes the smell. I've found I don't like the feel of it on my hands after I've applied it, but that's easily fiixed by washing them.

The three of them are still playing outside well protected by the spf50. Ds2 and ds3 are in the sandpit giving it the sand test. Ds1 is trying to sweat his off by doing karate on the tramp. I'll report back later and tell you how it handled the abuse.
JulieKidspot - 12:10 PM on Thu-10-Nov-2011 reply | message
Sorry sarahm0695 and Karis, the reviewers have been chosen for this trial. Watch this space for the reviews :)
Karis - 11:30 AM on Thu-10-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would be keen to test this product, I have used the Nivea kids spray and found it really easy to use.
sarahm0695 - 4:08 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would really love to test this product as my 3 little one and I are in the sun most of the day as I walk almost everywhere with them. They love going down the slide into a paddling pool at the bottom so this would be prefect for us. Always wanting the best sun-screen for my children.
rubytuesdaynz - 2:04 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
Just updated my address - looking forward to doing this - my very first review - yay!
rachaelsfun - 1:56 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
wow my sister would love this as she has a master 5 months and a master 8 yrs and i look after a few kids myself as a nanny and with summer coming so will being outside in the sun and swimming more so this will def help :)
lotsakids - 1:49 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
Would be awsome always looking for a great sunscreen!
druryl - 1:08 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
My daughter absolutely loves being outdoors - she hates to be cooped up inside for too long. We love the beach and go camping every year.
KayleesMum - 1:07 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would LOVE to try this product! I run a homebased childcare business and we are always out and about in the community having fun in the sun! :)
Bellabrides - 1:01 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would like to trial this product, my family with 3 kids aged 2, 5 and 10 like to go to the beach :)
jomaree - 12:29 PM on Wed-9-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would be keen to trial this :)
becs12345 - 2:41 PM on Tue-8-Nov-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial this sunscreen. We have sensitive skin here in our family, so it can be hard to find a gentle one to use, while still getting the protection needed:)
cherrytf - 11:13 AM on Tue-8-Nov-2011 reply | message
My kids are always under the sun during summer: swimming and playing in the sand for hours on end, daily play in parks, hiking, and biking. These on top of our family picnics, fishing activities, and outdoor sports games with other families hubby and I annually organise.
kimbo1 - 10:46 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
yes' please we would love to try you 50=spf sunscreen as the 30 just dosn't cut it for my super fair blue eyed blondes,thanks
fishingmum - 10:20 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
Our summer activities include fishing (no guesses there), and playing at the beach as we live across the road - most of summer is spent in the water. This would be a great product to trial for our lifestyle. Thanks
catey - 9:48 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
Hope this one is still open. My br4other brought back 50+ from France years ago and for the first time I didn't get sunbrunt. Would love to trail with kids who have normal skin but still need protection.
lilblondee6 - 8:25 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love toget outside and play a bit off ball or go to the beach and build sandcastl either way we are always in the sun and for littles babies its hard to know which sunblock to use.
mounty - 1:54 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
It would be great to trial the new Nivea sun kids, my twin 5 year olds are always outside enjoying the days the weather is fine.I'm am trying to make sure that they remember to put on sun screen and hats and that when they get wet to renew their sunscreen,but if they were using the new Nivea Sun Kids they wouldn't have to as it covers play/swim.
islandmum7 - 1:50 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
I'm packing the kids up for a summer holiday in the Pacific Islands this year so we want something we can really put to the test -- they will be swimming and running around in 90 percent humidity. I'm most concerned about my 17 month old as this summer is the first chance he's had to get out in the sun. I'm usually good about sunhats but not so good about sunscreen! I'm a big fan of Nivea moisturiser and keen to see if they make a good sunscreen as well.
pweston - 1:46 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
The most important thing to us is to be outside enjoying the summer, regardless of the weather (but with the right protection for rain or sun). On sunny days we love to be by the beach, paddling in the sea, building suncastles and having fun, or having a picnic in the park.
reppeps - 1:18 PM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
We live in Taupo so as you can imagine we spend most of summer at the lake. Nearly every weekend we have family/grandchildren come to stay and I'm always aware of how much time they spend in the sun. I'm always on the lookout for a great sunblock that I can trust on my grandchildren.
lotsakids - 11:34 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
with the sun out now i am thinking about being sun smart and would love to try this as i am still on the hunt for the right one for my kids :O)
janette - 11:16 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
with the lovely warm weather coming out its time to get out the hats and suncream so would love to find a great quality one for my kids.
Glenys - 11:02 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
Lots of BBQ's and picnics out in the sun, and grandchildren coming to stay means need to find good quality sunscreen!
nette21 - 10:43 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love to play ball in the back yard, games on the trampoline. My daughter is getting a waterslide for the back yard for her birthday this month so this product would be great to test while playing on the slide as it involves sun and water. Picnics in the back yard too. All of this means alot of sun.
HopeJasmin - 10:07 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
As a current person undergoing treatment for a childhood without sun protection I would love to try this on my kids so they can go out in summer and enjoy a carefree summer in the sun without the future implications of illness. It would be great peace of mind for me that I am protecting them.
shannonc - 10:01 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
this would be fantastic to try on miss 2.5 and miss 15m over the summer great that its for water too!
Nickik - 10:00 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
My husband is into doing triathalons around the country so we are always packing up the camping gear and travelling around in the summer, means lots of hanging around outside being his 'support crew', would be fabulous to try this sunblock and see how it weathers with our busy outdoor lifestyle.
georgiakat - 9:58 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
Camping holidays - and lots of time at the beach!
christine - 9:57 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
we take grandkids away in camper would be great to have this on board
princess - 8:06 AM on Mon-7-Nov-2011 reply | message
We live 5 minutes walk to the beach and Izzys dad is a surf lifesaver, so will be spending lots of time there. We also own a holiday home io North that we go to all summer, as well as go to the Mount, Ruakaka and Gisborne for the surf lifesaving champs. We definitely need sunscreen for our new addition!
beadygirl - 8:09 PM on Sun-6-Nov-2011 reply | message
we put the big black rubbish bags down the slope of the back lawn with dishwashing liquid and the hose....the kids go wild for hours with the neighbours!!!
sweetybear - 7:13 PM on Sun-6-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love having a beach picnic dinner with friends, Backyard games and blowing bubbles into the breeze. Summer time is delicious!
Sears - 1:36 PM on Sun-6-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love gardening, watering, playing in the paddling pool at home, washing babies or tea sets...lots of water activities.
nessab2 - 11:15 PM on Sat-5-Nov-2011 reply | message
My 3 wee kiddies love to play outside, whether it be at the beach, pool or playground. Would love to try this sunscrean to protect my precious kiddies skin from the hot canterbury sun.
starakamala - 8:04 PM on Sat-5-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love a beach holiday and doing some snorkelling
CherylFindlay - 7:21 PM on Sat-5-Nov-2011 reply | message
Our Lil Man is a summer baby that's for sure. He loves being outside (preferably with nothing on :-P) and enjoys water play the most. He's getting a sandpit for his birthday so am guessing this will cause us to be outside for a lot longer :-D Messy play is also enjoyable and that's best done outside, nothing like a big bowl of gloop to play with. I worry about his skin as he has blue eyes and blonde hair so if he's anything like his daddy he doesn't need much to get burnt. I would love to trial the product so our fun in the sun can become a lot more enjoyable.
MaddiezMum - 6:49 PM on Sat-5-Nov-2011 reply | message
We spend all day outside in summer! Whether its off to the park, boogie boarding at the beach and building sandcastles or just at home in our backyard having a picnic lunch. My daughter was blessed with red hair and along with it comes the pale skin, she burns so fast, id love to try a new brand and see if we have any more luck this time round :)
CandyTheGun - 10:56 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love summer and we love the sun, but we don't love sunburn
NickiC - 10:39 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love swimming and going to the beach in the summer. I have two young boys who love to spend a lot of time outside in the sun.
hillys - 9:07 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
Be interesting to hear about this product as I brought sunblock from warehouse brand name is Cancer So.... ) and my boy face came up with nasty rash cant win. So hopefully review from selected mum will give me idea with their comments with new product. If all good I would buy it.
jsmum - 8:24 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
we love the beach, we go most weekends if the weathers nice, camping all summer long and last year we bought a slightly bigger than a paddling pool pool and we love it! backyard bbqs are our forte! we also just put in our own vege patch so we are outside 80 percent of the time! i have two boys 3.5 and just turned 1!
destiny21 - 4:38 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
mr 2.5 loves water play and sand play. He is very active and loves riding his bike too!
ingie83 - 12:26 PM on Fri-4-Nov-2011 reply | message
I have a 2 & a half year old son that is always taking his clothes off to run around in the back yard where he has a trampoline swings + slide set & a large pool to play in. I have a 10 week old daughter who will seeing the sun for the first time this year to. We walk the dog at the river & just love enjoying the sun shine.
staceyj - 9:36 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
My daughter just loves kicking back in her very cool pooh bear paddling pool over summer and this product sounds fabulous. I would love to trial it please :-)
mazia - 9:11 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
I love summer! It is the only chance we ever really get to be outdoors because my daughter gets really bad asthma attacks when she gets even the smallest cold and she gets them so easily :(. So we really make the most of summer, we visit and stay with family that live out the Manakau Heads where we play on the beach, make sand castles, gathering mussels, pips and cockles, we make the most of having to be able to do playdates with friends and visit their farms and also spend lots of time outdoors at home doing our garden, picking flowers and playing with the water.
jbutterfly - 7:41 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
I chuck the old baby bath outside and fill it with water and a little food colouring, they love it and keep them entertained for hours!!!
obsidianwings - 5:32 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
Me and the kids like to go down a path where we don't know where it leads and have a picnic whereever it takes us.
shons - 4:37 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love to spend time at the beach having family days/picnics. The kids love the water and we do our best to keep them protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
kateleek - 3:29 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
As a family, we like to spend as much time as possible outside during the summer months. We live in Hamilton and particularly like going for a stroll around the lake and playing on the playground there, during the weekend we try and get over to the beach at Raglan or Tauranga as much as possible.

My 3 year old daughter has had some issues with her skin and I had so much trouble finding a sun block for her last year- the only one that I can find which does not cause her to have an eczema flair up was an SPF 12 so obviously that's not ideal. I would love to try this one on her as well as our 1 year old, both of whom are super active and absolutely LOVE water play & paddling.

Thanks yet again for offering such a great opportunity to your member.
kataract - 12:00 PM on Thu-3-Nov-2011 reply | message
we spent a lot of time at the beach so an excellent sunscreen is a must. I alway's sunscreen the kids up after their bath in the morning. I would love to try this on my kids
DMears - 8:47 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
We spend so many hours outside in summer that finding the right sunscreen is the most important thing for me. We have a very athletic child so being out in the sun for hours at a time is the norm for us. I find that I have very sensitive skin and burn just looking at the sun, my son is the same, no mattter if we put on 35 or 40 factor we aren't covered. Trying this 50+ factor would be great, it would give us better protection in these hot summer days.
higginsons - 8:02 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love going for bush walks around the local area and heading down to the beach and port to watch the boats. Would love to picked to give this product a go, my family and I are all very pasty and need to wear sunblick alot so would love to try this one and see if it suits my kids. thanks
nixzen - 3:18 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
We love to swim at the beach, build sandcastles, write our names in the sand or just stroll along enjoying the view & sunshine. I would love to try this product - perfect timing now that the days are getting warmer!
keznz - 12:10 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
Our family love to get outside & play on the trampoline, ride on our bikes around our property & head out to the beach or near by parks - but our favourite summer activity is SWIMMING!!! so nice to cool down on a hot day :) xx kez*
Armywife - 12:09 PM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
What fantastic timing! I am looking at sunscreen that would be suitable for my baby, would love to try this!
Gillymama - 9:26 AM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
Looks like a good product to review, looking forward to reading what other mamas think!
KadesMummay - 9:07 AM on Wed-2-Nov-2011 reply | message
We Live in the winterless far north where the sun is quite fierce even on a cloudy day, SPF is a must for our children up here, Kade and i live next to 90 mile beach so we often go for walks, play in rock pools and also make loads of sandcastles!!!

Thanks Kidspot.. this would be awsome to put to the test against our far north sun!
Rose3 - 10:21 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
we love spending time outdoors usually at the beach or in the garden with lots of water play, i make some finger paints and throw an old sheet on the grass as the canvas. Feeding Ducks or just having stories outside in the fresh air.
aaron11 - 8:17 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
He are all very fair and burn easy. we spend ages out side learning how to garden and grow vege. This would be great for us thanks
Mum2Flynn1Lulu2 - 7:45 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
i would love to trail this product and see if it is actually possible to effectively sun screen two wrigglers one aged 9 and the other 1. The 1 year old is especially adept in escaping from sun screen application situations.
jasaro - 4:22 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
Would like to try this on my two very pale skinned children :-) im always looking for a non greasy, easy to apply sunscreen for trips to the beach, bouncing on the trampoline, playing outside at kindy and splashing in the paddling pool.
angelstar - 1:25 PM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
Would be great for my 4 children. We have never used Nivea so it might be a good time to change products.
tcparata - 10:36 AM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product as both my children have skin conditions and some sunscreens flare it up... would be great to find one that suits them both :D
silasandroman - 8:20 AM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
Would love to try this product for my lil men, they both suffer skin conds which makes it near impossible to get sunscreen that wont effect their skin and flare it up. however we have recently brought nivea extra dry skin moisturizers and wow it works so trialing this sunscreen would be just soooo wonderful and if it keeps their skin safe then we would be the most fantastic reviewers and I would be spreading the word like you wouldnt believe
kiwiam - 12:38 AM on Tue-1-Nov-2011 reply | message
My family just loves to have fun at the river swimming followed by a bbq with friends and family.
lilli - 6:14 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have always spent summer going for walks, at the beach or lounging around on the deck (typical kiwis) prior to baby arriving. Now we have a 15 month old who is already spending a large amount of her day pottering around the backyard and in her paddling pool so I really need to keep on top of her sunscreen protection, especially since she has my lilly white skintone! We also have a few incidents of skin cancer in my family so I am keen to get the sunsmart habit started with my daughter asap. I have always used Nivea suncare for myself and use Nivea Visage Q10 as my moisturiser all year round as it has SPF15 so I would be keen to try the sunkids lotion on my daughter. I won't say which brand I'm using publically but it is horrid and I suspect that it might be irritating her skin - I'm now wondering why I didn't try Nivea for her in the first place, now that I think about it! Put it down to nappybrain I guess. I would love to trial the SPF50+, it sounds like the way to go for us but it is a bit more costly than some of the others so I'd really like to check it out first.
debbief - 5:42 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are a family who spend a lot of time near and in the water over the summer months. We are in Taupo - so there is plenty of time out on the boat, or playing in the lake. We do lots of swimming, whether its at the pools or again in the lake. Also we head off to the Coromandel with Grandad and again its out on the boat - fishing !! So sunscreen plays a really important part in our summer fun - with two blondies, we are really careful not to let them burn - so its always slip, slop. slap & wrap !!! We would love to trial the SPF 50+.
nikkim - 5:24 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids LOVE being outside - especially when its sunny! But bless, they loathe sunscreen. I'm one of those paranoid mums running around with the bottle of sun cream and telling them to put their hats back on! Nivea is a great brand, and its great to see them with a kids SPF 50 which is water resistant - I know I will be using it too!
rubytuesdaynz - 12:58 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love the beach a lot - hoping the beaches here in Chch will be safe for our summer but when not at the beach we go to The Groynes which means we can bar b cue, picnic and paddle in the wee lakes - anywhere outside (with sunscreen) is great!
kiwi72 - 12:27 PM on Mon-31-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have just moved house into a more rural setting so looking forward to spending lots of sunny summer days outside exploring our new area and also playing in the garden which has gone from tiny to HUGE!!! Also heading off to Nan's to use her swimming pool on those super hot days!!!!
maxsmum - 10:14 PM on Sun-30-Oct-2011 reply | message
We LOVE going to the beach! my little one and I have spent many hours digging holes, building sand castles and of course paddling through the water. Another fav is going for walks were I let my son chose where to go, have to say its been quite funny seeing some of the places he has taken me, at the same time amazed me at how much a 12-18 month old can remember!
smileybabe - 5:25 PM on Sun-30-Oct-2011 reply | message
Summer is coming (Yay) but with a father and grandmother (granddad and great gran) to my son having had moles removed and suffering skin cancer it does come with the added stress (like so many mums) of trying to find decent sunscreen lotion and even more so with my son in summer living in a pool I would love to trial this product. Thanks Kidspot and Nivea for this opportunity.
miggs9 - 5:11 PM on Sat-29-Oct-2011 reply | message
would love to try this on my almost 3 year old (very lilly white!) son. My parents have a boat so we spend a lot of time out on the water and at the beach - they also have a big pool at home so my plan is to sit poolside with my new baby (who will also need some) and watch my toddler play in the pool.
ChristineC - 4:07 PM on Sat-29-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial this as this will be our daughters first summer and we plan on having lots of picnics, summer bbq's and fun at the beach.
mycanvas - 4:16 PM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this as I have a two year old very fair little man who would live outside if he could :-) We live near the beach and is a real water baby whether at the beach or on the deck so the 4 hours water resistance would be great. I have always been a fan of Nivea so would be fab to trial their latest product.
QsMum - 3:56 PM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
Summer is a mixed blessing when you have a fair child with 'Viking Sunrise' hair, it's a constant battle to keep sunblock on and not end up with a pink lobster!

Always on the look out for good, effective sunblock!
julianne - 2:53 PM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love going sailing, especially in the summer months when its swimming temperature too. Its hard to keep layering the kids with sunblock with lifejackets, hats and sunglasses when they are in and out of the water and nearly always in the sun and or wind. I would just love to trial this product.
margaretlor - 2:18 PM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
This sounds like the product that i need for my 17month old little man who has red hair blue eyes and the most fair skin that i have seen for a long time even in winter we have to put sunscreen on him when ever takes him out last summer he got sun burn even with sunsreen on in his pram going for a walk ,I would love to trail NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play as i would to take my little man to the beach this summer instead of the indoor pools like we did all of last summer.
Ashleigh - 11:57 AM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
CAMPING!! Would be great to have a long lasting sunscreen that you can trust. I am yet to find the perfect one!!
Rozelle - 11:42 AM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love the summer months and enjoy outdoor activities. Hiking, swimming and playing outside with the kids. Sunscreen is so important and i apply that every time we go outside. It would be good if it's waterproof as well.
marsters53 - 10:14 AM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
We spend the summer months on Waiheke Island. It is always about 10 degrees hotter than in Auckland. I have a 9 month old grandson that will be visiting the island for the first time. To have a sunscreen that will protect him well, even if he's in the water would be fantastic. I would really love to trial this product.
amyr - 9:40 AM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
This would be such a perfect product for my two kids to try. We have recently moved from Hamilton to Taupo and are planning on spending alot of time at the wonderful lake, but would really like to have some good sunscreen on the kids that I know will last when they are in the water. We would love to try this - Thanks!
doolally - 8:48 AM on Fri-28-Oct-2011 reply | message
Oooh would love to trial this. We have a new house with a pool - second summer in it - and the kids loved being outside in it last year. I was worried though about the water and the sunscreen lasting well enough. They also love playing pirates with my washing basket as a dinghy and the bbq table as the ship!
Ruth4 - 11:36 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
All of my four kids are really out door kind of kids. Playing in the park, climbing trees, running through the sprinkler, having water fights and jumping on the tramp are the most popular. Getting a sunblock that lasts, is water resistant and 50+ can be hard to find. I am very keen to try this especially as one of my boys is a redhead and burns easily.
chopper59 - 9:52 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
would love to review this, we like to go on family bike rides, trips to the park, walks along the beach and visits to playgrounds
jenspea - 9:48 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
we ride our bikes, play a the beach and fish. The kids had great fun last summer building a tree hut and spending hours out there playing!
mummy22 - 7:44 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
we like to tend to our veges in the garden at the momment cause they are new to us and enjoy our beautiful backyard riding bikes and climbing the trees :)
nikh74 - 7:18 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
my kids and i love being outside as much as possible esp when wellington is obliging with a few rays of sun! we head all around to the beaches with buckets and spades, as well as water clothes for a great time splashing. other options are scooting/biking round the park/waterfront. we also get the shell out as well as the water slide and fill up with water and splash in the garden. so many fun things that we always need a high factor cram and on that will work for the beach and in water. roll on more summer fun!!!
ruthb - 6:55 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live in Hawkes Bay and spend lots of time outside in the sun. Anything with water is popular - water slides, sprinklers and paddling pools. The kids also love to play in the sandpit, on their bikes and on the swings. Kids dont seem to feel the heat like we do! Trips to the beach or river are popular as are parks, bush walks and bike ramps.
The sun here is very harsh and we struggle to keep applying lotion throughout the day. I would love to trial a sunblock that can last the distance so we need only apply once or twice a day!
hillys - 6:28 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
All my 3 kids love play all day at sandpit ,ride bikes and play at school playground. Lately we have been going to beach every weekend it was awesome we saw sealion and all of us had time of our life four wheel driving on the beach going up and down sandy hills .yes please love to trail for my girl to try out as she has to be protected from the sun all the time she was burnt 2years ago on her leg, she is still abit senstive with her leg I would like to know if it doesnt give rash as some sunblocks are horrible to use. Plus sometime when I try put sunblock on my kids face they always rub their face and get into their eyes. and start screaming because of the products. Hoping this one doesnt hurt their eyes.
Sparky - 5:09 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 3 1/2 year old and 18 month old love playing outside. When its sunny they love to play with water. They can make cups of tea (water) or just splash around in it. Both of my children are fair skinned, with their hair being ginger and the other blond so suncream is a must for our family. It would be great to trial this one.
marbles - 2:54 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
my two kids adore spending lots of time out side during summer, swimming, playing games, helping me garden, and helping me by picking all the strawberries :)
and after having a possible cancerous mole removed this week, i would like to trial this product to help ensure my children never go through the same :)
marikekaitlyn - 2:39 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 15 month old girl loves being outside with me doing gardening, loves playing with the dirt, making mud or playing with water in her little splash pool :)
flower35 - 2:38 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have 3 children, aged 2, 5 and 7, they luv to play outdoors all the time, on the trampoline, any sort of sports and esp in the water with the paddling pool or next door in nanas big pool, we would like to trail this product, it looks fab.
michelled - 2:25 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family includes two kids (11,5) and we like to play outside, fish with dad, kayak, swim, bounce on the tramp, and we go camping every summer. Sun protection is a no 1 priority as fair skin runs in the family and both of us parents have already had pre-cancerous moles removed so I wish to ensure my kids are active outside but safe as well.
emznaki - 2:22 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I am one for making my children play outside as much as possible, making the most of the nice weather and keeping away from the TV and videos. They love riding their bikes, playing in their paddling pool, chalk drawings on the concrete or just running around with the ball.
Would love to try this product. I cover them up when they are outside and always have hats on them, but as still looking for a sunscreen which applies nicely and doesnt irritate the skin.
shellcruise - 2:21 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My just about 3 year old is counting down the days till she can go to the beach and play in the sand. She really wants to go surfing and we have got a boogie board that she jumps on now and strikes the poses and says 'kawabunga dude' so cute. We also have a month year old daughter who will really need sun screen as has lovely new born skin.
carlee - 2:08 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have three very outdoors kids... they play golf, cricket, touch etc, and are always outside biking, skootering, on their ripsticks...the list goes on!! and just are really outdoor kids. We would love to be in this trial as we are ALWAYS applying sunscreen!! They also take it in their school bags to school.
mdavies - 1:59 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have just moved from Wellington to Mount Maunganui so we are looking forward to an extended summer with our two boys. Usually we get two weeks holiday to do all the outside stuff we love - biking, boogie boarding, walking along the beach, playing in the sandpit,camping, jumping on the trampoline - anything outside really but this year it will be continuous even after school and on weekends! Yay! The down side is that both my boys and my husband are very fair and burn so quickly so would love to try a 50+ protection lotion and especially one that is deisgned for kids skin and 4 hours waterproof. :-)
Arnside - 1:58 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have three boys from newborn to 4 years old and they older ones are always out in the garden playing soccer, rugby or bouncing on the tramp. We also try and head down to the beach as often as possble as we would love the boys to be confident swimmers. Would love a product that would work with all three kids and gives them the protection they need.
slinkylinky - 1:51 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids are always outside! They love riding bikes, climbing trees, playing in the paddling pool or under the sprinkler.
PaulaC - 1:46 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My girls and I go for walks quite often - and all being of the fair complexion we burn quickly - my two year old has a mole (beauty spot) on her cheek and I have to be very careful I apply sunscreen to her everyday - this product would be perfect to keep in the pram for those quick applications
LeahJett - 1:19 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids have such white skin the sun burns hard when we go on holiday! We are going on holiday soon so this would be perfect on my kids skin. We like to go to lake Hawea and throw stones in the water. The worst part is when they can't have a shower/bath or sit down properly! Even the teenager moans!
Dibbles3 - 12:59 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have a tennis court and a pool so in summer we spend the days getting hot playing tennis, then cooling down in the pool. Would be great to try something that actually stays on and protects even after being in the pool. Good to see that Nivea has come up with a great product! Thanks
sarahkellylai - 12:51 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Summer for us is outside constantly. Cornwall park and the pools are a favourite and certainly not forgetting my favourite, the fountian at mission bay!! Miss 3 loves playing with buckets of water outside in the garden and running through the sprinklers. Theres always so many different brands of childrens suncreams it will be great to see if this is the one to use :)
GoMummyJo - 12:50 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yay Nivea! We go through so much suncream over the summer. We love bike riding over the summer and those arms get burned before you know it stretched out straight riding along. We'd love to give this a go while we're riding around our beautiful town.
docko - 12:45 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 3 children (5, 3, 2) love to be outside but they particularly like going to the beach or playing hide and seek at home or playing with slime on our water table or in pots.
DaniTaylor - 12:44 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this as i've just purchased another sunblock at 50 and would like to see the difference. My kids are always in the sun, on the tramp, at kindy, playing outside, blow up pool, playing in sprinklers so i could love to try this out and see how it works for my kiddies, i'm a huge believer in sunblock.
mavsmum04 - 12:43 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My Son lives outside!!! loves to be outside as much as he can even in the rain!!1 loves swimming and anything to do with water, loves the beach and all that goes with the beach!!! i think he brings home more sand then he leaves at the beach!!!
kateverry - 12:42 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Swimming as we have a pool and also playing on our swing and slide set! Anything outside really :-)
Nessa - 12:36 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My daughters are real outside girls. They love to go to the playground, bounce on trampoline, swim, scooter, ride their bikes, picnics, so to the beach. THey love to do forward rolls on the lawn, pick daisys, play with their friends, and lots more
Chugga - 12:27 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
What dont we love to do in the sun? LOL - like most families we basically live outdoors in the summer - at the moment Master 5's favourite is to take the dog to the dogbeach (they are the best of mates) and play and collect 'treasures' from the sea.
kandis - 12:26 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
my son is the typical water baby- cannot wait to be in the bath and pool- He is also such an active boy and is at his best when he is playing outside- whatever the weather, he never stops for 2 min, as long as he is outside he is a happy camper, so I need a sunblock that I can trust
chars01 - 12:22 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids fav summer activity is filling up the paddling pools, turning the hose on and having water fights, splashing around, riding bikes and going to the beach :)
Hayley - 12:20 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our favourite is just playing in the backyard. We turn the hose on and have a little paddling pool. Sometimes we grab the portable slide and slide into the paddling pool. Lunch and dinner is outside either at the table or picnic style. Great fun had by young and old :-)
christineDixon - 12:15 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Summer at the Beach swimming ,sunbathing, picnics
going for walks ,gardening a time for friends and family .
but we need some Nivea so we can stay outdoors and be protected against harmful UV rays.
Mumof2Girls - 12:12 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our favourite family summer activities are hanging out in our back yard by the paddling pool or with the kids on their bikes or taking the dog to beach for a walk. It would be great to try this sunscreen out on both of my daughers 2 years and 4 years.
lottie - 12:10 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Living in Taupo we spend alot of time at the lake out in the sunshine, Toby would stay out all day if he could. We also love to make use of the local parks and enjoy BBQ's at friends houses. Toby also loves to play with water so summer time days are often spent in the paddling pool. I would love to try this product especially with the four hours water resistant as Toby hates having sunscreen being put on him it would be great not having to put it on after everytime he gets wet.
skippy33 - 12:09 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
our favourite is swimming,getting out the water slide,swing ball,my little one loves her paddling pool and kicking the ball around with her big sisters,well trying to kick lol...we all love long nights over the xmas break,getting the bbq fired up and just kicking back.
stacleaning - 12:06 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
our favorite family summer activity like most kiwis. Is hitting the beaches making sandcastles with our three year old girl. She loves the water and digging holes at the beach. Also we always have the paddle pool set up so she is in that almost everyday!! Going to raro soon so would be great to take with us!! We have the adult nivea but not the kids.... I need kids one for my 3yr old and 6mnth old bub
fryer1 - 12:06 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer with 2 kids age 8 and 6. We often go from the pool to the tennis courts. We ride bikes, playing on the slip and slide then jumping on the tramp. Sometimes its just playing outside with the sprinkler. with summer in our house there is usually a guarantee that water play will happen everyday and I like to know that the kids are protected from the sun.
tessyjoy - 12:05 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Saturday morning cricket starts this weekend which means at least a couple of hours out in the sun for my 5 year old lad. Seeing as I have already had one melanoma removed I'm fairly paranoid about hats and sunscreen and I'm always on the lookout for a brand that spreads really well but doesn't wear off quickly. I have tried so many brands in the last two years!!
Elisaw8 - 12:03 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to review ...We are currently making out back deck child friendly - Miss 15months loves handing daddy nails and helping out with the pretend tools.
Bunny69 - 12:02 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to review this product. We love Nivea products at home for Mum and Dad. We have a 5yr old and 10mnth old. We spend alot of time at the beach and love being outdoors on bikes etc. Looking for a new product/sunblock to try on the children this summer.
destinygal80 - 12:01 PM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
My fiancee and I have a16 month old and a4 week old.we love to spend time in the garden and showing our eldest all the different things like flowers and worms hehe.we also spend time in our at home small pool.
CatMumof2girls - 11:56 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would like to review, I like Nivea products but haven't tried this yet. Now the girls are older (nearly 4 and 5) we are out bike riding and spending time at the beach and walking round the Mount. Would love to give it a go as I'm on the look out for a good sunblock. thanks
sarah1monty - 11:55 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi there, We would love the opportunity to try this out, in Summer we spand a lot of time in the water, my 3yr old loves to get towed behind the boat in the ski biscuit and both my kids love swimming! We also spend lots of time under the sprinkler- i feel like im forever applying sunblock!! thank you!
dlscott - 11:53 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi I'd love to try this product. My son is 17 months and I'm 5 months pregnant with our second. Needless to say we will be spending a lot of time in the pool this summer keeping cool! William is a very outdoors boy so we spend plenty of time in the sun. Thanks.
BrendensMum - 11:52 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to review some Nivea Sun Kids Swim and Play as I love Nivea products and want the best sunscreen available for DS. DS is 15 months now and I can't wait for summer to spend time on the beach and watch him playing in the sand, watching him explore the feeling of sand on his feet and between his toes, as well as paddling in the sea and experiencing the typical kiwi summer activities. Last Summer he was still too young to be out in the sun so we kept him under the shade so he could at watch what was going on in between sleeping, but this year he will be joining in the joys of summer and as a first time mum I can't wait to watch him explore and enjoy a typical kiwi summer out in the sun and by the water:)
twilightgal - 11:51 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Beach, beach and more beach! We spend every possible moment at the beach and if we are not at the beach we are at the park, or home in the pool, on the slip'n'slide, or just having any fun we can while out in the sun!! NZ winters are long so we have to make the most of our glorious summers! My kids have sensitive skin and Nivea is a trusted brand so trying something like this on my kids would be great!!
cushla - 11:49 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have three young boys and summer consists of swimming and a lot of it! Whether its at the beach, the lakes, or just in our backyard - anytime the sun is out the boys will be in the water!
mummaduck - 11:48 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have 4 kids and our life revolves around summer. We have a caravan by the water, and we spend every single weekend up there in the sun.
harksgal - 11:47 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to hang out at the lake, go for family bush walks, even fishing and going out for boat trips. I would like to trial this as my youngest boy is very fair and we spend a lot of time out doors so it would be awesome to review this product.
tina1771 - 10:45 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our favourite summer activity is being outside! We can just be at home in the sand pit, on the trampoline or having a water fight. The beach is definitely a favourite with us and like most people we tend to be out during peak sunshine hours! I always make sure we as a family are covered up and use sunscreen - my husband is the worst offender. Every year I am on the look out for new products so I would love the opportunity to test out Nivea Sun Kids.
mumof6 - 10:13 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love the chance to trial Nivea Sun. Our favourite summer activity is spending the day at the lake having picnics, swimming and kayaking. The kids just love having turns on the kayak (as do I). I love the fact that Nivea Sun is 4 hrs water resistant and has an spf of 50+. I would feel that much better knowing, they can spend a little more time in the water without the need to re-apply so often.
serenadee - 8:24 AM on Thu-27-Oct-2011 reply | message
we love going to the beach , river, random walks and the parks my baby loves it but she has fair skin so she gets sunburn a lot so im still trying to find sunscreen that will help stop her getting brunt she always were a hat and always re applying sunscreen but she always seems to get a brunt noise. even though shes around 5 months she enjoys going out side and playing with new things
alexsmum - 9:45 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
This would be fantastic to trial as we spend alot of time at the beach and in the kiddipool at home during summer. My son is fair like me so we go through alot of sunscreen. I'm pleased to say that at four years-old he still hasn't been burnt - i'm regularly re-applying sunscreen.
kaigey - 9:12 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
we will be spending a lot of time at the beach & aunties pool as well as gardening.My lil miss has allergies so will be trialling lots of sunscreens to see which one she doesn't react to
Pearlywhite - 8:54 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our kids love playing in the garden with the sprinkler on during hot summer afternoons. Anything and everything involving water so this sunscreen would be perfect! My boys both have sensitive, fair skin so we go through so much sunscreen over the summer months. Would be fantastic to try this one!
pineapple87 - 7:26 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to go down to the beach, park and water park in summer, the kids love it and never want to leave.
janliz - 5:30 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have a young grandson who loves to be outside and especially enjoys splashing in water so I am sure we will need a good waterproof sunblock for the many days he will be spending at the beach.
BexDown - 5:12 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 3 year old is obsessed with water and will be outside playing in it any chance she gets. We have also just moved to a buig farm so most activities are outside based. Both of my children are fair and have freckly skin so a really good sunscreen is very important to our family.
Helene - 3:55 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have a young son who is in the water and out in the sun at every opportunity. Our family love the water and both of us surf and I am a swimming instructor so as you can imagine alot of time is spent in the sun and water. Which is why our family would love to trial your product.
cbirch - 2:48 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
This will be our first Summer where my boy can get out in the sun and enjoy the water. He has loved all the Winter water activities - splashing in puddles etc, so I imagine it will be more of the same down at the beach this Summer. Would be great to trial a sunscreen that works well with water.
trudes1972 - 1:48 PM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
My family would really love to take part in this trial. It is fantastic that it is SPF50. I have two pre-school boys who love to be outdoors all the time and a mum and dad who have to be out there with them too. Thank you
Dali - 11:11 AM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
My family would love to trial this sunscreen we have 5 kids all with varying skin types. We have to use sun screen continuously. If I could have a product which gives 4 hours of protection that would make my life a lot easier. I love that it is a SPF50 .
Joanne - 9:34 AM on Wed-26-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this product!. My son goes to Kindy so does lots of playing outside including water play and it is imperative that they have sunscreen applied before they are dropped off at Kindy. Our family has fair skin and so we are particularly conscious of the sun and the damage it can do if sunscreen isn't applied. As a family we are looking forward to making the most of the lovely weather so the sunscreen definitely would be useful and we are almost finished our existing one. Thank You!!!
BubbeezMum - 10:48 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Oh one more comment... Bring on SUMMER!!! Sunshine, laughs and good times. :)
BubbeezMum - 10:47 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Oh yes please we would love to trail NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play, we love the outdoors, sun and water, but unfortunately my beautiful baby (Miss 2) has been cursed with white pasty skin like her Mummy. I even have to put sunblock in her hair line as its so fine and the sun can get through. Summer Activities we like to do in the sunshine as a family is anything from chilling at the beach, hanging out at home, in the paddling pool, putting out the tents and tunnels, enjoying the water trough, the minute the sunshines we are out in it anyway we can be. But we slip slop and slap as well and try and be as safe as we can including avoiding burn times. We are always looking for a good sunblock and the one we are currently using is very sticky and leaves white marks on clothes and you see a white gloss on Miss 2 face. Thanks again Kidspot for this awesome opportunity.
nikinoodle - 10:38 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live in the Waitaki Valley surrounded by lakes and the Waitaki river. We love to spend our summers outdoors walking the tracks around here and swimming and our 4 year old absolutely loves going for walks in the weekend down by the river. We also spend many many hours in the backyard playing, down at the local playground and biking!
mary110370 - 10:35 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have already started our sunshine fun - sandpit filled with fresh sand, water trough and toys scrubbed out and now in use daily. trips to the park, bike riding and lots of weekend trips to the beach and bushwalks to name just a few.
arnabanana - 10:11 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of NZ - one street back from the beach in Papamoa, Bay of Plenty. Unfortunately our favorite playground is currently closed due to an unfortunate incident with some idiot deciding to use our awesome fishing reef as a parking lot.

Usually, we spend a lot of time year round on the beach swimming, playing ball, sleeping, building sand castles, playing with the dog, putting the long line out and waiting in anticipation as it comes in again. I'm sure we'll get to do this again at some stage this summer, the volunteers are doing an amazing job of cleaning up the beaches. I had the privilege of working with a few over the last week and there's amazing community spirit out there. We still walk down the dunes but it's not quite the same at the moment.

Both my littlies (Snuppy 18m and Moo 4 years) attend regular swimming lessons over summer, and spend every weekend and most weeknights after preschool in the surf or the local pool. Hubby takes them fishing when he can so there's always lots of tubes of sunblock around our place.

If we're not at the beach, we're in the sandpit at home, at the park, or 'helping' mummy in the garden. (You know the way kids help - they pull out everything you've just planted as they're helping "weed" the garden...)

We spend a lot of time outside and I'm constantly having to reapply sunscreen. I haven't used the Nivea stuff yet and would love to give it a try. Both my kids have sensitive skin, one more so than the other, so I need to watch the formulations I'm putting on them. 50+ sounds great - I'm all for anything that is going to help protect my gorgeous babies skin for future years.
issa - 9:43 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
would love to try this product for my two kids. they love swimming, playing sand by the beach, biking & playing ball at the park. i'm sure this product will be consumed in no time! :)
anthzzz - 9:40 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi there, I would be really keen to try this on my 3 children. Last year they both got red rashes behind their knees and I think it was due to sunscreen. So I'd be very interested to try Nivea of them. Thanks
smbaxter08 - 7:57 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are a very sporty family my husband plays softball and I play twilight netball, we are forever outside and down at the beach. I have kids that would be perfect to test this they burn easy and I am forever applying sunscreen. This trial would suit our family perfect
ekubo - 5:37 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
every summer we take the kids on a camping holiday at the beach. They love it and spend hours in the water swimming, catching little fish and crbs with their nets, sandcastles, cricket on the sand, volleyball, shell hunts you name it. They're particularly looking forward to it this year as I won't let them use our beaches until the sewerage system has been fixed. <br><br>They still spend hours outside at home, on the tramp, in the sandpit, playing cricket at the park, riding bikes, the school pool (although it suffered quake damage we're hoping it will be fixed in time for summer) etc. We got through a lot of sunscreen although the youngest hates having it applied
rj - 5:06 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to try a nivea product! We are only 5 mins from the beach and the girls were pretty keen to swim when we were there yesterday
eddie - 5:03 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids are always out and about in the outdoors and swim ever so often so would love to try the Nivea product.
jill869 - 4:43 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Anythimg with water, from wash the car to home made water slides and not forgetting the beach
ice - 4:33 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi, I would love to tiral NIVEA SUN kids swim and play. My three children spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer, esp. swimming and I am always concerned about sun damage. My mum has had skin cancer, so I am particularly aware of the damage it can do!
LIVINGLIFE - 4:27 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are outside alot of the time in summer, we always have a season pass to the pools, play touch, cricket and any other sport that is going as well as the children doing the kiwisport tutorials, plus in the weekend we love to go for walks through the bush or even just into town and have to go for a bike ride almost every day too, we are a very busy sun family even with mine and my partners white as white skin
helen777 - 4:16 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love the beach in the summer time, with out fail we are at the beach Saturday if not Sunday and during the school holidays at least every second/third day. Outside play is essential to me and my kids, so the park/s are visited often to, between the beach and the park it keeps them both well balanced!!
Armywife - 3:48 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
What summer activities do we like to do??? We live at the beach in summer, swimming, sandcastle making, crab hunting, soccer, soccer and soccer! A bit of tennis thrown in with a side of bike riding!! Cant wait!!!
TraceyF - 2:50 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to try this product. My children love to play outside as much as they can in the summer. we go to the beach, the park, ride bikes at the school.
eega - 2:06 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to try this product. We spend the summer holidays at the beach and want to find something that will give the boys excellent protection.
lornamoa - 2:04 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to try this product with my son (14 months). We are moving to be near a beach and I am planning to make the most of it summer and get his water confidence up. He has fair skin like me so we need good long lasting protection
CarrieB - 2:02 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
My boys love anything to do with water & sand. Even with shade over the sand pit & the paddling pool there is still so much reflection & very easy to burn. I think a good sunblock is very important & apply every 3 hours religously. I would hate my boys to suffer with sunburn, it is so painful not to mention the long term effects.
motherofone - 1:54 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
My daughter has just started school and is very fair, I would love to trial a product that should stay on after their swimming classes through lunch so that she does not get burnt
k4kylie - 1:51 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
we would love to try this product my daughters (1yr and 4yrs) have fair sensitive skin (we are a ginger family!) and this sounds like it would be perfect
Mimm - 1:21 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Me too please! We'd be a good trial for an eczema family?!
kindy123 - 1:20 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
My son and I love the beach and being out in the sun. Also due to a burn recently we need to keep the burn area out of the sun. I would love to trial the factor 50+ sunscreen.
tori - 1:20 PM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are in Taupo and spend most of our days by lake so be great to try this sun block as my oldest boy is so pale I really worry about him getting burnt. Be good to see if better then 30+ to
IceKiwi - 10:25 AM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family love to spend time kayaking on the lakes which means a lot of in and out of the water. We also swim everyday either at the beach or their grandparents pool. I would love a chance to trial this for my 4 children we would definately test it to the fullest.
SarahK - 8:42 AM on Tue-25-Oct-2011 reply | message
Am i too late for this? .... anyway, im keen to try this with my girls. We have just spent 2 weeks in sunny Sydney, and had rather a few troubles with suncream! anyway, we love spending time at the beach in summer. My children are all learning how to surf!
byz - 8:55 PM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
Summer is our favourite season. We do so many outdoor activities with kids. Picnics, walks, play in backyard, swim, make sandcastels on the beach ( this can take for hrs... ) my both kids love playing with water, so we are fan of beaches and pools. Kids always need a great water resistant lotion. But strong sunshine is not always exist in summer. We are going to visit families in French Alps in a month time and will be skiing over there. Sun is very strong on the mountains and kids need a really good product to protect themselves. We would love to try this product over there too as well as here in summer. Thanks
KGolds - 6:45 PM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
There always seems to be so much happening in summer but some of our favourite things to do are fish n chips on the beach, setting up the sprinkler in the backyard & playing games running through it, going to the river for a swim, going for walks up the local hill, bikes rides along the esplanade . . . . the list goes on. We live outside in summer, unless it gets too hot . . . then we hide inside with the aircon on! ;)
lynleyg - 5:18 PM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love summer! We seem to live outside in summer here. I'm actually considering using the rule Mum had when we were growing up for the summer "If its sunny you are not allowed to turn the TV on." The kids love playing on bikes, scooters, at the beach (if there's not too much oil this year) and at the park. We also like to spend time gardening and fishing. I would love to try this sunscreen. I'm always on the lookout for something quick and easy to apply that will last a while before you have to do it again. Would love to see if this fits the bill!
annette - 8:03 AM on Mon-24-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to hang out on the beach and swim (more so paddle with the littlies), build sandcastle and treat ourselves to an ice-cream now and again! We also love to go to the park and have picnics and kick a ball around. We love to be outdoors having fun and staying fit and healthy
kruizi - 8:40 PM on Sun-23-Oct-2011 reply | message
We loooooooove summer here!!!! The kids are always outside, whether its running under the sprinkler or watersliding in the back yard or all day at the beach or parks..we do it all!!!!! I'm such a sunblock freak and am always applying it on them, they get sick of it. Would be great to try something new and i love the high SPF on this one. Would love to give it a go :)
veronicad - 4:12 PM on Sun-23-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to go to the park! In fact there are few days when we don't. We have eight different parks and we do the rounds. Sunscreen is vital for us, as I have three little blondies. Still looking for one that doesn't bother my boys excema, so keen to give this one a go.
Kimmyjade - 11:47 AM on Sun-23-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live by a beach so our holidays will involve swimming and hanging out at the beach playing at the playgrounds and then going camping where we will swim and play in the sun doing activities such as cricket and volleyball.
cove - 7:25 AM on Sun-23-Oct-2011 reply | message
Swim, swim, swim. With four kids ranging from 1 to 14 there are all sorts of things we love doing but i guess the main two at home would be playing in the paddling pool, (that's the youngest two) and playing on the tramp. but if we are out and about where ever there is water my kids are in it! and out and in...... i would love to trial this product
atasfairys - 9:24 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
This will be our first summer ever, so we will adventure out and try everything to see what we enjoy together, I cant wait to go swimming for the first time at the beach with our babe, Be great to trial this product as we have no idea what sunscreen is best, we are still amateurs:)
lmwnz - 7:52 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
This sounds like a great product to trial. My girl is 2 years old this summer & we are already enjoying the sunshine. We play in the sandpit, do the gardening, go walking, play at the playground. Running around around outside a lot & when its hotter, I can see us spending a lot of time swimming like we did last year:) My girl is a water baby, she is not so keen on the hose but she loves her paddling pool & the big pool too if I'm with her. Our beach is not healthy due to oil but we are also looking at going camping at the beach this year too, providing the place we normally go is not affected by the oil spill.
CherylG - 6:32 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
My 4 year old daughter loves playing anything to do with water, from playing at the beach, to the paddling pool, water balloons and even just a simple bucket of water. She also loves to make mud pies and potions. My daughter has very fair skin and I am always very careful in putting high SPF sunscrens on her. I prefer to use factor 50 on her and usually get some from Boots in the UK. I would be very keen to try the Nivea Factor 50 for kids as I haven't found anything yet that comes close to my favourite one.
tyke2004 - 5:45 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial this. I have three kids that love to play outside, run under a hose, play at the beach and basically just love NZ summers! After having moved here last year from the United States, we find the NZ sun to be very harsh and having the right sunscreen is very important.
Sweetness10 - 5:29 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would really love to trial this. My 9-year-old has only just overcome an extreme fear of the water and learnt to swim through school last term. We've just got back from a trip to Rarotonga where she surprised the whole family by actually putting her head under the water to see the fish and spent everyday in the pool at least once so I want to make the most of her new-found water-confidence by going to the beach as much as possible. We also try to make the most of any sunny days we have by getting out and about and enjoying the weather. Because both of my girls have very fair skin a high-protection sunscreen is an absolute essential everyday.
kahlansmum - 2:11 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to review this :) We love to spend our evenings outside playing with bubbles, or gardening. And in the weekends love going to the gardens for a run around, or to the beach, or even to the zoo. Its great to get out and about as much as possible and my little girl loves it :)
Pommiegotlost - 1:41 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our favourite summer activities are swimming and sailing, and basically anything else that involves water. I have two little blonde girls so would love to trial this product.
bushra - 1:34 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
we r new to NZ. this will be our first proper summer here :) our first taste of sun-burn came last week at ambury farm's family trip last week. took many times of ice-cubing later on.. but Life IS LIKE THAT!! who can resist the sweet summer sun.. but next time onwards - with sun-screen on :)
my 5-year one is starting swimming this summer with my husband.the 2-year old one will be their coach as his screams tell. and in routine - we love to spend 3-4 hours of mid-day on weekeend at our park. it feels heavenly when the coldness of tree's shade soothes u after playing in the scorching sun. the lush green lawns become greener in the sunshine. early weekend mornings of summer- we go gardening. its lovely to c kids get surprised with new leaves n buds coming out.
Happy sunny summer to all :)
Dizzles - 1:32 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi there, I would really like to try this out on my wee boy as he is Down Syndrome and part of his condition means he has extremely sensitive skin. The description of your product sounds like it may just work for him, so I am hoping we can trial this for you and give feedback for other kids who have sensitive skin like him :)
MissMuffet - 1:19 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi I would love to trial NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play. I quite often go with my mum to MaMas who lives in Masterton where it gets very hot and sunny. We spend some time in the propergating house and I like to water the plants for Mama and myself of course. I like to play in my paddling pool in the shade, I do not want the SUNS RAYS to get me!!!
MAMANANNA - 12:45 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
as a person who ent through cancer treatment I know the importance of sunscreen,both of the grandchildren are fair haired, especially the youngest we would love to trial also to see if it is suitable for skin sensitive .
Mondo - 12:14 PM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi I'd love to try this, both my children love water and my son in particular finds many sunscreens react/itchy/stingy so this sounds awesome
minileigh - 11:43 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
During the summer we love spending time down by the lake whether it's boating or just swimming but anything outdoors we just love - bring on summer!
mummytoone - 11:37 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to walk to the parks and have a play on the plpaygrounds, gardening, water play on the deck and pick the daisies!! :)
puppy - 11:09 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
We have an 11 month old son who loves water so we will be spending a lot of time down at the beach.
We are also going to the zoo and playing on the swings in the park.
turtle - 10:57 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
my boy spends most the day outside when is not rain so would be nice to try out tthe NIVEA sun kids swim and play. we have the paddling pool out so he is in and out all day. we will also be going camping for 2 weeks at xmas up the lakes. :)
jdsmum - 10:51 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
oh everything and anything... from playing at home in the paddling pool or just squirting the hose at each other, or heading down the beach for the day with a packed lunch, the zoo, my son has very fair skin so would love to trial this and see if its better than all other sunscreens we have used !
Rachelle - 10:44 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2011 reply | message
My little miss has only just turned one and this is her first Summer out in the sun. She has (unexpectedly :) ) got red hair and a very fair complexion so a product like this would be great to try!
I'm hoping to get a little sandpit in the back garden with some water features and toys so she can play with her older two year old cousin. I can't wait for Summer to arrive! :)
natsmum - 10:10 PM on Fri-21-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to be outside - playing in the park, visiting the beach, feeding the ducks, swimming, walking/kids out on bikes, out in the garden, doing agility with our dogs - kids included, and generally just playing games - water play etc.
The kids - Mr 2 and Miss 4 would love to trial the sunblock.
oommii - 9:34 PM on Fri-21-Oct-2011 reply | message
My daughter loves anything to do with water as well as the swing and slide at our local playground.
Being in NZ we have to be so careful of UV damage/sunburn and I want her to learn early on that she needs to apply sunscreen whenever she goes outside - so every day :-)
bridget1 - 4:58 PM on Fri-21-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love anything to do with beach and this year it is going to be even more fun for my 5yr old as he has learnt to snorkel over these holidays in Samoa. I would love to trial this sunscreen as I am imaging that he is going to live outside and in the water this year, also with him being at school I need to have a sunscreen that I can rely on without having to be there reminding him to reapply all the time.
Nipper - 4:16 PM on Fri-21-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love playing at the beach, sandcastles are a favourite as is burying each other in the sand and creating big bottoms, hips and boobs, miss 8 thinks its hilarious and always looks forward to summer, even the chips with sand taste good. Shes olive skinned but i dont ignore the fact that she can still burn too, so definately still use sunblock, would love to try this as every other one i try is often too greasy
cathw - 9:05 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to try this for our two girls 2.5 and 6.5. They are both pale skinned but we just love being outside heaps. Our 2.5 year old is a wee red head so extra fair and burns sooo quickly. Please pick us!! Thanks lots.
emma30 - 8:43 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to have the opportunity to try out the Nivea sun kids on my two kids as I like the fact that it is very high in protection. During the summer months we love to go for picnics at the park or beach.
SuzyF - 8:37 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would be interested in trialing this sunscreen as my boy gets ezcema and we arestill trying to find a suitable sunscreen that does not make it worse. We live at the beach so spend a lot of time playing there as well as scootering at a nearby lake area. We love the outdoors and spend many hours outside in our paddocks or just playing in the garden and sand.
erenakelly - 7:57 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live across the road from 90 Mile Beach so in summer we spend HOURS playing in the sand, the rock pools, the tussock grass, sleeping, digging for tuatua....this product looks awesome for those legendary days at the beach without having to worry about frying...
raglanmum - 5:42 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I'd be very interested to trial this sunscreen. I used a Nivea sunscreen on my boy when he was younger, but didn't like it as it seemed very greasy.
tarns677 - 4:20 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have four children and would love to try this for them, they live outside in the sun.
imrose - 4:02 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Aww my daughter absolutely adores to be in the open and when it is sun time i am very worried about taming,burning.Though in her kindie they are educated on the benefits of sun care still i often forget to apply it on her,and she always does remind me.Often she had requested me to get as small funky pack for her so she scan carry and slap it on her in summer but as money id tight i avoid and i always but in bulk. which she definitely cannot carry the bulky bottle.
We love Nz natural beauty and as a family takes a lot of trips to the beach and we all need to slip slap slop.We all are water babies and are always running to swim pools,beaches alike so being protected is of utmost importance.
If i get to trial this one thing is sure u r going to get lots of comments cause this is something my whole family can use.Cant wait to get selected.@!!!
jenjen - 2:46 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We just love being out in the sun! Walking, bikes, water, everything :) be great to trial this.
cabmay - 2:37 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Anything to do with water! Whether it's going to the beach, swimming, water fights or even running under the sprinklers it's always a treat when the sun likes to come out of hiding. Along with the sun of course comes the sunscreen and hats...a summer must and then topping the day off with a BBQ. Kiwi living right there!
Shell - 2:35 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We spend many hours in the pool. I find the kids are in and out of the pool all day long - to the point they start to look like prunes. last summer we introduced them to the water slide - the one you plug the hose into and they run and slide along on the grass.
BronnieV - 2:31 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product. Our 14 month old baby son loves being outside and heads into our backyard at every opportunity. We are also soon going on a holiday to Kaiteriteri, so it would be fantastic to trial this product on the beaches there. We also have a large inflatable swimming pool which we put up for all of summer, our son is a true water baby (he has been in swimming lessons since he turned 6 months old). He loves sitting in a baby flotation device he has, where he can kick his legs and float without being held onto - we recently used this at the pools at Tekapo, he loved being able to self propel! Having this sunscreen to trial would be amazing, as we are very sun safety conscious.
radioguru - 2:19 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to chase each other around the backyard with water guns. It's great, it keeps them active, cools us all down on a hot sunny day and makes everyone tired so that when bedtime rolls around, the girls are ready to sleep. We then have a BBQ and ice cream to top the day off! :o)
smooshme - 1:28 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would be delighted to review and trial this product. I always use Nivea sun protection on myself and find it very effective as it offers very good coverage, which is a tall order for me, being blue eyed, pale and freckly! We have a little girl and we are planning on many outdoor pursuits this year, ie. camping, swimming in the sea, cycling, walking and lots of picnics.
virgogirl - 1:26 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have 3 very fair skinned young children who are really looking forward to some hot weather. My eldest 2 (7 & 4) love playing with water (they could find it in a desert!) and their fav summer backyard activity is the water slide, a bit of dishwash gets them going really fast!
mamanfrnz - 1:04 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to have the opportunity to trial this product. My husband and I are planning to take our young toddler camping this summer, so we will definitely need some good protection for him. We spend most weekends at one of the national parks, walking or at the beach :)
cwarby - 12:27 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We'd love to trial this. Our family are really into motorsport and spend lots of long summer days hanging out at various racetracks across the North Island
smoodles - 12:24 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to trail this product. living in sunny Hawkes Bay, we spend alot of time outdoors and at the beach and rivers in the region. And this will be the little ones first summer so want to be protect his skin as much as possible, Thank you for considering us for this trial
tammyd - 12:01 PM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family do the normal outdoorsy things like swimming, going to the beach or playground, and having picnics, but the one thing we probably do the most in Summer is gardening! Sounds boring? Not at all! Hubby and I do the planting and mowing and pruning while our three-year-old helps with weeding and (most importantly!) watering! Needless to say he ends up very wet but has loads of fun! Now with another littlie in our family, protecting our kids' beautiful skin outdoors is even more important! We would love the chance to review this product :)
JacqEmma - 10:54 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live in Tauranga, so needless to say our littles are exposed to huge amounts of sun. I'm very interested in trialing this new sunblock, especially this early in the season while the rays are so punishing!
Elca - 10:49 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our kids spend a lot of time outside in the summer. We like going on family walks and trips to the beach but they also spend a lot of time just playing in the back yard. The water slide is a favourite so a water resistant sunscreen is good for them. I would also like to try this when they have swimming at school as their school pool is outside. We have mostly used one brand of kids sunscreen over the last few years so it would be great to try a new one. Here's hoping that summer arrives soon!
karinlee - 10:47 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love camping and spending heaps of time in the sun. In the summer if we are not down at the beach here in Timaru, we are away camping and doing all the out door activities we can, like swimming, kayaking, walking and playing out in the sun. Nivea is the only brand we can use because of my daughter allegies and to have a spf 50+ is great. We would love to trial this product so the kids can spend all day outside if they wish too.
cassara - 10:45 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hubby and I went to the beach of the weekend and got a little red - so I guess summer is almost here. We go fishing and to the beach a lot over summer, and have three water babies. This would be a great trial for us to be involved in :)
BrittanyJWilson - 10:32 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
I always love trying the latest baby products and have been looking into the new sunblocks out this summer so it would be fantastic to have the opportunity to trial this. In the summer we love to go to the park and the beach. Miss two loves swimming in the sea and we always do a lot of gardening in the summer as well which my daughter has started to love helping out with!
ajtnz - 10:27 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
My son loves to get out in the garden when we're at home. Loves to help his daddy and I outside. As a family we also love going to the beach and catching up with friends and family. I'm pregnant with number two (due in Jan) at the moment so it will be nice to use a product that I can trust and not have to reapply after being in the water particularly as dads are sometimes not good at remembering things like that :)
Coring - 10:13 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
My daughter loves to go swimming and just going to the beach to run around, pick up shells and fill her bucket with sand. So, this product will surely keep my daughter protected fron the harmful rays of the sun this coming summer. thanks.
bassplayer - 8:08 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
My family love to get out into the sun and especially playing with water, either water fights, or just paddling in the (now too small pool) or on the blow up jandal. We also play cricket, swing ball and head to the beach. I am very conscious when it comes to slip, slop, slap as our sun in NZ is so harsh are burns really quickly. Having a sunscreen with broad spectrum 50+ and water resistant sounds like an ideal way to protect the whole family.
triplez - 7:43 AM on Thu-20-Oct-2011 reply | message
my 3 year old love the outdoor's, she love when we go to the park's and the zoo and when we can she love going to the beach for a swim, i find it hard to find the right sun cream that my daughter like's on her. it'll be awesome to be able to try the brand before buying, that way i can find the right brand that we both like and injoy.
Jo90 - 11:24 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love the beach and also have a pool so plenty of water play here. But the struggle to get the sun protection on has already 4 yo has sensitive skin so would be keen to give this a go to see if it works for her. The 1yo is not so fussy and LOVES helping put the cream on (al of us).
Jubie - 10:05 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
we spend heaps of time at the local parks.... all of them :) bubs loves swings so much that ive learnt to say no when she asks for yet another go :)
also we spend a couple of weeks at the beach with family every summer this is a wonderful tradition :)
this would be an awesome trial, ive been buying a kids sunscrean for me and bubs but its come off the market so need to find something that doesnt react or irritate :)
manz23 - 9:55 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love being outdoors. Now that summer is upon us this would be great to trial on my son.
heitiki - 8:29 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live near to the beach so often spend time in the sand and splashing around in the water, plus we visit an outside swimming pool in the summer months which is uncovered, so sun screen is a must on those occasions.

I am very aware of the need for our little Kiwis to wear sun screen as both my husband and I are from the northern hemisphere and, comparatively, the sun is very harsh here. In the UK, I never wore sun screen (but did try to stay in the shade) and got sun burned maybe once every two years. Here, I will burn on a hot day after just 10 minutes with no protection, so I quickly learned my lesson!

I would welcome the opportunity to trial NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play on my children as it sounds ideal for our summer lifestyle!
nummabear - 8:20 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
my sons loves being outside rain or shine exploring all that nature has to offer, and most the time i dont like him being out there because the sunscreens ive used, he still gets burnt no matter how often i apply, mostly when in the i would live to try this product for future reference as i would purchase if it protects my pride and joy who also has dry skin. we love to go have picnics at the beach,have a day at the zoo , going to the swimming pools is usually a weekend must with me and my son :) and the park is always a must in the summer along with a nice BBQ to end the day
ajpickering - 8:14 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to walk and play in the park. The swings are marvellous and the kids even like them too:-)
My 10 year old daughter loves being on her bike and Santa is hopefully bringing a balance bike for Master 2 years old ;-)
We will be spending plenty of time in the sun this summer and keep watching for when it is going to peek around these rain clouds.
lyndy13 - 8:14 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
i would love to trial this as my son burns rather fast and also loves it out in the water :) he also has quite dry skin in certain areas which seem to redden up easily in much as i try to cover him up during the day outside, he just ends up naked pretty much so sunscreen is a big must in my household :)
cornflakemum - 8:05 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to give the suntan lotion a go. We have just moved to the beach, and it is hard work convincing my two to keep their sunhats on. I think over the next couple of weeks it will need to become a daily routine, as summer creeps in.
ahlia - 7:50 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to trial Nivea's new Kids Swim and Play Sunblock- we love to spend the summer playing out on our deck- my son loves to zoom around on his bikes and in the sandpit and this will be my daughters first real summer! What caught my eye about the new sunblock was the words "soothes stressed skin, strengthens its natural barrier and prevents it from drying out" as my daughter has terrible eczema and that is exactly what we are constantly trying to achieve with her skin anyway.
gonzze - 7:40 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
i would love to review this sun tan lotion.i like that it is 4 hours water resistance and being 50+ is good . And its all so good that you can use it for all the family as having 5 children so its good to find one that we can all use. .We love to go for walks along the beach and have a picnic. we all so like bike riding camping . fishing. swimming. just spending time together on a nice hot day
Haylee9 - 6:36 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My Husband has skin cancer and two of our four daughters have very similar skin to his, hence sunblock is a very important issue for us. We spend all our summer times outdoors, we live rurally so breakfast, lunch and tea are outdoor. We have a kitset pool that we put up for the kids and that is their favourite activity - splashing around in the pool!
Godzgirl - 4:54 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love to run through the sprinker. to go on walks, bike rides and scooter rides. We like to play in the sand at the beach and go to the playground. We enjoy digging in the garden too. Drawing pictures with chalk on the footpath is a favourite activity as well. As we live in Tauranga just about everything we do in summer is in the sun!
skirts - 4:39 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family has recently moved up to sunny Northland from windy Wellington, so are really looking forward to enjoying a warm sunny Summer - getting outdoors for picnics, trips to the beach, forest walks, playing on the playground, kicking the ball around, cycling, swimming, catching the ferry, and generally exploring.
As we are all excema and allergy prone I like to test new products to see if they are ok with the girls skin..
BJW - 4:33 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
This sounds like a marvellous suncream with 50+ Protection which I myself certainly need as I've had quite a few BCC's cut out of me this winter and have been told by the specialist to wear a good quality sunscream every day to protect my skin. My children have seen the cuts I have had in my skin and want to cover up more now and this would be perfect to try out NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play Protection Lotion. Our family of five love to go over to grandma's pool in the summer months for lots of swimming, we love camping and the children love to play tennis in the summer months.
piglet - 4:16 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love our annual holiday at the beach camping every year..the kids love playing with their body boards in the shallows and doing a spot of sprat fishing off the beach. Sandcastles, crab hunting and evening walks with the torch are a highlight too.
mjchase - 3:59 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids love to go to the beach in summer and build sandcastles and jump in the waves. Any park with a flying fox is also a popular choice ;)
kazza - 3:55 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live at the beach so spend alot of hours playing and swimming at the beach. I like to spend alot of time out in my garden & my little 7yr old is my number one helper & is out there alot too. I'm always on the lookout for the very best protection for my family & would love to trial the NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play SPF 50 for Kidspot.....thank you
jobrush - 3:38 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family loves to get out in the sun over summer! We especially love our camping holiday at the beach where the kids seem to want to spend all day playing in the sand and waves. I'd be interested to see how this works on my 4 year old as he is sensitive to many sunscreens, and the panthenol might just be a key ingredient for him. Would be great for the 7 and 1 year old too though!
nikki - 3:35 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial as i have a 2yr old son and 6month old daughter who both LOVE the water so we will be spending alot of time out in the sun and water. Sounds like the perfect product for families with young children.
adele - 3:24 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have two very fair skinned blond boys who love playing outdoors so to trial this Nivea kids sunscreen would be wonderful especially as summer is coming quickly upon us - although at the moment I am beginning to wonder with the cold snap and rain at this very moment! However, the sun here is very strong so would like the opportunity to try it out on them especially as most kids suncreen I find very thick and hard to apply.
olga - 3:21 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
is this sunscreen suitable for my 1 year old? - i would love to try it please - time for her first real summer! and probably some bathing! - waiting for sunny days to come to spend more time on the beach with my little girl...
EmmaR - 3:10 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Yes please! Our little boy's newly found walking independence means he's now loving getting to grips with helping plant our summer veggies, feeding the chickens, chasing the dogs (poor things!) and playing on his new trampoline. He's been getting into his swimming more and more but hates having sun cream on so would be interesting to see if he likes this one? Who knows!
Walkies - 3:03 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Oh yes! My son absolutely loves the outdoors of which we spent 3 hours last weekend playing with bubbles, squirting each other with the hose, playing with buckets of water and sweeping the drive way until his heart is content! We go away overseas to the Gold Coast every year too so it would be great to try NIVEA SUN as I'm always plastering on the sunscreen to ensure my son is protected but haven't found one that I really like yet. They are either way too thick, or have a terrible smell!
Sarahmurray - 3:00 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Love NIVEA forever! Love SUNSHINE forever! We live close to the beach. We all enjoy sunshine and water. My boy is a water king. He’s crazy to play with water all seasons. As summer is coming around, he’ll definitely spend heaps time to play in the pool and at the beach. Also, my hubby loves to take him to fishing. I’m always concerned about the boys forget to put sun cream in time when they go out. I would love to ask for an opportunity to trial NIVEA SUN Kids. It contains amazingly high SPF and water proof to protect them from sunburn. Please help me protect my families to have a great summer time!! Bring the iron protection to us!!
caseyraskew - 2:55 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Backyard swimming is the kids favourite thing to do! Also we like to hang out at the park. During the hottest months of summer i try and get the kids outside in their pool at least 4 times a week. They have so much fun. I'm looking for something i can trust to not only protect my kids skin but to give moles good cover.
jafaj - 2:43 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Every year we head to the beach our family has been going to since my great great grandparents were alive. It is wonderful to remember my childhood memories with all my fifth & sixth cousins. Even better was watching my 2 year old in her first sandcastle competition and running race. Can't wait til this year when my 1 year old can join in also :))
nikkib90 - 2:28 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are always out exploring, on treasure hunts, fishing on the boat and just enjoying the outdoors - would love to try this product. Our son is trained well, shoes, hat and he waits for the sunscreen, then screams out the door looking for adventure!!
Canne - 2:25 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
we love to spend time in the back yard, kicking the ball, running around and just having general good fun. Sunscreen is a must have and we would be so excited to trial this product
sparkles - 2:21 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
we are a boating - river and sea family, lots of water sports and often fine that the sunscreen claims are not accurate, particularly for the fair skinned of us, i burn badly as do two of our children and have only found one sunscreenworks as it claims,so even if we arent selected i look forward to peoples reports on this, thanks
Maia - 2:19 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids love going park , beach and swimming . find a good sunscreen very difficult . we love to try this product.
Medicina - 2:08 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Sun protection is very important. Our family likes to hang out at the local pool and go to the lake for kayaking and other activities in the sun. Here in the South Island we really value the summer sunshine as we miss it in the winter. The sun damage potential is really high down here so a great sunscreen is essential. Nivea products are usually very good so we would love to trial this and let you know what it's like to use everyday.
Mamabear - 2:00 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids love playing outdoors in the parks, flying kites, riding their bikes, going to the beach for a paddle and making sand castles, & going to all the summer street fairs and parades! We are dark skinned, but they still get tanned very easily, especially my son. I've been looking out for a good mild but effective sunscreen for my daughter who has bad eczema, as we will be going on a trip soon where it's going to be really, really sunny, so it would be nice if we found that this was the product for us!
imamum - 1:56 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids and I love playing outside at the park, school and the beach. We swim and have a lot of water play. I have been meaning to find a better sunscreen that would take care of precious childrens skin. There are so many to choose from that it gets confussing.
leshybear - 1:52 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this sunblock! My 2yr boy loves to get out and about in summer to the beach, out in the paddling pool splashing about and making bubbles, or just playing outside in general in the sandspit or whatever tickles his fancy! my 6 month old is yet to really venture out yet but will be soon! and both my babes are fair skinned so they need a good block to keep their precious wee bods beautiful!
mumof2boys - 1:50 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi we'd love to try out the new Niva Sun Kids Swim and Play sunscreen, it sounds just right for us, swim and play all at the same time. My boys are always in and out of the water, wether its at home in the garden or at the beach, getting wet just seems the thing to do! Summer is all about being outside and we love it, and it sounds like Niva would be just right for us.
Lindanne - 1:48 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My grandson loves going to the park which is only a few houses away from us. We take him there every weekend when it is fine along with a little picnic. With his very fair skin and red hair he always needs plenty of sun lotion with him along with his hat.
Judz - 1:48 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
When the sun is out our favorite thing to do as a family is head down to the back of our neighbors farm on the quad bike to the amazing waterfall for a picnic and a swim. The dogs love the run and the swim to! Being in the country we spend most of our time outdoors and would love to have a product that I know will protect my wee girls skin.
Mutt - 1:46 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids all love the water so we constantly fill the paddling pool up or are always down at the river in a nice swimming hole. The kids are always wanting to take a picnic to the river so this would be ideal as then we can just take this with us along with our picnic and the kids would be well protected, as it is more water resistant than our current sunscreen. Also being summer the kids sweat a lot more so I would definately be happier not having to remind the older two to keep re-applying their sunscreen as often. Both my younger two are fair skinned so burn easily. This would be really great for them. Both my daughters love to sunbathe especially after getting back from the river.
vish - 1:42 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I am desperate for a good family sunblock.. We love the water and play a lot outdoors...We love going to water parks and beaches... if nothing then just hang out in the pool.. So looking forward to the summers.. Having this product, means that I won't have to worry about the harsh sun. and just enjoy to the fullest..
matted - 1:41 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
With 2 children who love the outdoors and playing inwater we would love to trial. Thanks
Jackieb - 1:41 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids are going to spend a lot of the summer in the water, they are both fair with blond hair so would like to try this.
scottishlass - 1:40 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
this would be a great trial as all our family are fair skinned being scottish by birth, and it is hard spending time outdoors always having to be cautious not to get burnt, so yes would be happy to trial this ,thanks for the opportunity
linkjazz - 1:40 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love going to the beach!
mamaov3 - 1:37 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this out...we have a pool at home and during summer the kids live in it, I go through loads of sunblock because I'm one of those one's that people may call obsessive with the sunblock lol...but because I can never seem to remember to get water resistant sun block I find that I can tell when it's come off...maybe using somethng like this will remind me to get water resistant block or even the same one! Therefore I won't need to be so obsessive with it too?
fishface - 1:36 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our kids are constantly outside in the summer. I love to garden so the kids find all sorts of fun stuff to keep themselves occupied while I'm busy - trampoline, waterslide, mud puddles, bikes etc. Plus we head off to the beach, the pools, the park or the playground every other day so a lot of time is spent outdoors.
I have a wee girl who is very fair and burns very easily and a 19month old who won't wear a hat so I would love to try this Nivea Swim and Play sunscreen as it sounds ideal... 50+ AND 4 hours water resistance!
lisap - 1:34 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
love going to the beach or park to play. my partner takes my son fishing on his boat so this would be great for them to keep in it.
stokers - 1:33 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We would love to try this out, we live out on a farm 25 mins from the closest town so my boys are always playing outside, riding bikes, playing in the sandpit and swimming in our pool in the summer. They both get really scratchy with certin sunscreens so would love to try something new for them.
travelbugnz - 1:28 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have a nearly 12 month old fair skinned red head... we love being outside... picnics, swimming, being on the beach and she loves swings so the sun is ALWAYS a challenge for us. This would be perfect trial for our little one.
shorrty4life - 1:27 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I love taking my little girl to the park to have a play and she absolutely loves giggling in the swing!! Its her new favourite thing. She also love crawling outside onto the lawn and playing on the grass with the sprinkler on because it feels different to being inside on the carpet. Its amazingly cute so i let her do this everytime the sun is shining!! =)
terry100 - 1:22 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Hi, living right beside a river my kids are swimming quite often so this would be great to try!
Tashakobe - 1:20 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My family live at the beach during summer and little Miss 4 loves to jump into our 10 ft pool as well. Every day from early November I have to apply sunscreen to her first thing in the morning and constantly throughout the day. She just loves wearing shorts and singlets throughout the summer and I have to protect her skin, so we go through quite a bit of sunscreen. It woudl be great to have one that is specially for kids and one that we wouldn't have to apply straight after swimming.
motheroffour - 1:20 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Would love to trial this as will have a baby and toddler out in the sun this summer! Although don't think will get to go to our local beach this year? :(
lmiln003 - 1:18 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family loves to hang out in our backyard - well our extended backyard, we like to explore the beaches, walks and playgrounds that are in the area we live. Lots of walking and playing, not to mention the swimming!
Dashes - 1:16 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family loves going to the beach during summer and to the park. We also spend a lot of time outside in the garden so this would be a great product to trial.
mumjess - 1:13 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We love hanging out together in our garden, wether it's just doing the weeding and planting or playing together. Last summer we put our lil girl in the paddling pool when she was about 5 months old, and we plan to do that LOADS more this summer as she's older! Would love to try this!
teegee - 1:13 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We like to spend as much time as we can in the garden, growing yummy summer veges. Toddler loves to mow the lawn with dad, and chase the chickens around the backyard.
kiwimel - 1:01 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We live close to gorgeous beach and right across the road from a public pool..... but the girls' favourite outside activity would have to be water balloons on the trampoline! My youngest (4yrs) has very pale skin and a few freckles and spots already so needs a great sunscreen for protection.
anit - 12:59 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
We are totally aquatic family.. we love the beaches and lakes and what not!.. Just waiting for the summer to kick in and get out all our beach wear.. I always fear that we don't have enough sun protection on.. and still haven't found a really effective one yet.. Hopefully this product will be the ONE to solve all problems... :)
taylerr - 12:57 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to be part of this trial. With summer approaching I want to get out and about with my 7 month old daughter so would love to try this product to see how it protects her fair skin.
emjay - 12:57 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Oh my, my boy Master 1 would live outside if i let him! and Miss 3 is nearly the same. Our favourite family thing to do around home all together is running around kicking, throwing and chasing a ball. On summery days we add the sprinkler which makes it that much more fun :) the giggles are nonstop.
Melsy78 - 12:55 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I have 2 very pale boys with very dry skin who love water play all summer long, and i would love to trial this to see if it will protect them (and me!). And with the grandparents moving out to the country (and near the beach) we will be spending a lot of time playing outside in the sun. Building sandcastles, playing cricket and splashing in the sea!<br>
Twinsforus - 12:51 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
I would love to trial this product! I have a child with mild eczema and struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn't irritate his skin! (plus it can get very expensive!!)And now we live near the beach we will be spending a lot of time in the water, so need something that is gentle, protects AND stays on!!
richally - 12:51 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
i have a 9 month old, and were planning to take her to the batch up north after christmas this year! this would defiantly come in handy!
IceKiwi - 12:49 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our family love to kayak on the lakes and rivers, heaps of sun reflection so definately need a fantastic sunscreen. Would love the chance to trial this.
AnnaES - 12:49 PM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
Our girls like to play in our back yard with the sprinkler, the water slide and our blow up pools. Sunscreen is a must have item to protect them when playing outside now! Michelle, like me, has a fairer skin and both girls have freckles I like to cover with sunscreen. We are keen to try this product!
anahera - 11:57 AM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
hi we love going to lake and am yet to find a great sunsceen for the whole family.we wud love to try
jopukeko - 11:35 AM on Wed-19-Oct-2011 reply | message
My kids spend a lot of time outside in the summer riding bikes, playing in the paddling pool and the slide. We also go to the local park. I'd love to review this as my girls are very fair and I have care kids that I'm sure won't have sun screen on so will need to use it on them too.

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