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Other - Kidspot's 12 Days of Christmas

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Leader: JulieKidspotter
Views: 30934 views
Members: 391 members
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Last Update: 2 months ago
Group Information
Group Name: Kidspot's 12 Days of Christmas

Christmas 2011 is promising to be a great one for some lucky Kidspot members in our 12 Days Of Christmas competition. We have some cool prizes to make it a very Merry Christmas!

The competition runs from 1st December to 12th December and we will be giving away at least one prize every day. It's not the true 12 days of Christmas but we wanted to make sure everyone got their prizes before Christmas Day.

On each of the 12 days we will post a topic here in this group telling you how to enter for that day's prize. The winner of each prize will be chosen at random from those that have entered correctly. Make sure you Join the Group (on the left) and keep an eye on our Facebook page so you don't miss notification of when the next prize is up for grabs.

Winners will be notified by email to the address in their Kidspot Social profile. Terms and conditions can be read here.

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hillys - 11:09 PM on Tue-20-Dec-2011 reply | message
Congrats! to all the winners for the prizes all the best merry christmas to juliekidspotter! Hope your dad is okay!
JulieKidspotter - 5:13 PM on Thu-15-Dec-2011 reply | message
Thanks for the kind comments emjay, sorry that you didn't win!
emjay - 9:46 AM on Thu-15-Dec-2011 reply | message
Boo! i didn't win anything! LOL, nah great competition Kidspot, thanks for the chance to win all these great prizes and all the hardwork it would have taken to organise that EVERY day this month.
Merry Xmas to you all, Have enjoyed getting into this site this past year.
Lisahk - 5:44 PM on Wed-14-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas kidspot
Malonina - 4:38 PM on Tue-13-Dec-2011 reply | message
Air Hogs Sharp Shooter would be pretty cool for my little brothers!!
Angel - 12:34 AM on Tue-13-Dec-2011 reply | message
Christmas treats galore, be neat to be a child again !
scottishlass - 12:23 PM on Mon-12-Dec-2011 reply | message
Has to be Jingle Bells for me, i love nice happy music all the time and xmas is no exception.
shird - 10:50 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2011 reply | message
Beethovens Christmas adventure? Must be a classic! Enjoyed Carols by candlelight tonight- remember the reason for the season!
Salby - 9:02 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wishing everyone & their families a wonderful and very happy Christmas 2011!
kwbeautiful - 7:38 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2011 reply | message
blessings to you all, take care of those who are not with family or friends and be there for them this season.
BJW - 2:26 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2011 reply | message
I'm hoping for a sunny Christmas day so the children can play outside. Wishing my friends on this site a huge MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for 2012.
Windelborn31 - 2:06 PM on Sun-11-Dec-2011 reply | message
I hope everyone has a safe and very merry christmas xx
eddie - 5:11 PM on Fri-9-Dec-2011 reply | message
A very Merry Xmas to all
melandg1 - 11:00 AM on Fri-9-Dec-2011 reply | message
sarahrv - 8:07 PM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)
soggywaffle - 5:17 PM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas! May it be a good one
ralf - 1:29 PM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas & I hope Santa is good to all
shelleymef - 1:15 PM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas everyone, may all the new kiddies love their first experiences...I cant wait to see my children on xmas mornings :-)
zipee0307 - 10:23 AM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas
DeArn - 8:52 AM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas to everyone and their beautiful children
Marley - 8:10 AM on Thu-8-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas!!! Take it easy in the silly season :-)
hillys - 2:52 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
OMG! christmas coming! Merry Xmas!
andrewju - 2:43 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas everyone!
zipee0307 - 1:08 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas, i hope Santa is good to you all :))
rachaelsfun - 12:03 PM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry xmas everyone and hope ya have a great xmas/ new yrs and have fun l;aughter and lots of food and presents too :D
josephine - 10:56 AM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
have a safe and happy x-mas every1!!
teddyboy - 10:51 AM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas, i hope Santa is good to you all :))
Glenys - 9:35 AM on Wed-7-Dec-2011 reply | message
Have a wonderful Holiday Season Everyone. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you all
ReneekH - 10:48 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
Have a safe and happy christmas everyone
joski86 - 8:14 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas!!
motheroffour - 8:08 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚ "

merry Christmas everyone
JoCee - 5:17 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry xmas!!
zipee0307 - 5:09 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas everyone!
cushelles4 - 5:03 PM on Tue-6-Dec-2011 reply | message
tree up lucky mister 2 has chicken pox so wont touch till he feeling better ....
travelbugnz - 10:26 PM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
I can't wait to put the christmas tree up.. lets hope the 1 year old doesn't pull it down... yikes :)
marciawilson - 6:23 PM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas everyone!
ankmika - 3:33 PM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas every one and have a safe + Happy new years!!!
juliemarie - 12:13 PM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry Xmas :)
teta07 - 9:24 AM on Mon-5-Dec-2011 reply | message
Good Luck to all such generous sponsors !!!
hillys - 8:01 PM on Sun-4-Dec-2011 reply | message
Good Luck everyone
christineDixon - 7:37 PM on Sun-4-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
•。★Christmas★ 。* 。
° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚
˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚ "
kaigey - 11:20 AM on Sun-4-Dec-2011 reply | message
Trying to put the babies to bed so I can get the tree & ornaments from downstairs...Rain day today time to put the tree up I think :)
maricris - 11:17 AM on Sun-4-Dec-2011 reply | message
Will be putting up our tree today! The kids are very excited :)
rachaelsfun - 4:44 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry xmas to all .. been great chatting to ya all on kidspot and hope some of ya have won some great prizes and had some awesome trials i knowe i have !!

heres to more Kidspot fun .. chatting and prizes/Trials in 2012 :)
jean9 - 1:42 PM on Sat-3-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry xmas everyone!
michellela - 8:50 PM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas to all
SuzyF - 8:34 PM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
My son and i both have the same Christmas wis this year, we both wish Daddy will be at home with us this Christmas and not have to go back overseas with work before then.
zipee0307 - 3:32 PM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas everyone!
JulieKidspotter - 11:10 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Hi jordan2010, just click on the topic above for the day you are entering (so today is Day 2) and follow the instructions on how to enter.
jordan2010 - 10:58 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
HI, How do you actually enter to win?
Do you just join the group?
ChevMum - 10:46 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope the silly season isn't too crazy for everyone.
mummy22 - 10:40 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
happy summer everyone rock on!
melandg1 - 10:36 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas Everyone!! Hope you all have a great time and enjoy your summer :D
juliemarie - 10:21 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas everyone!
Kellz - 10:20 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Santa Parade tomorrow and putting the tree up, Really feeling like Christmas :)
sexcmama2708 - 10:17 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry xmas to everyone hope you all have a great xmas
mamanellie - 9:56 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
sugapop69 - 9:52 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
merry christmas :)
kennyjo - 9:51 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Putting up the tree today starting to feel like Christmas :) Merry Christmas everyone!!!
Mautopia - 9:50 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Hope everyone has a brilliant time with family over the summer! My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones this year... specially our friends up north who have just lost an amazing man and helicopter pilot. 2012 will be great! Heres to a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year!
buzzwings - 9:48 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
time to break out the tinsel and do some decorating! merry xmas peoples
POTTY - 9:45 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Chrisstmas to everyone !
Shobo - 7:40 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas everyone, hope you all have a good one
Keely - 6:49 AM on Fri-2-Dec-2011 reply | message
Love Christmas and the excitement. Merry build up to Christmas everyone.
colliegirlme - 11:04 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Love Rose fragrance!!!
storm213 - 9:37 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Fingers crossed and merry christmas everyone! from me and my family :)
NanaAndrews - 9:26 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Xmas to all at Kidspot. Our family love getting together, and we hope that everyone has the fun and joy that we experience. Our tree will be going up soon, and the grandchildren all love to help decorate. May the joys of the Xmas spirit be with you all.
jodielor - 9:06 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
my fav is the smell of citrus ... orange and lemons so devine <3
flashdaz - 6:22 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
My fav is the smell of jasmine ..I always look forward to spring and the fresh smell of the jasmine
justineb - 5:22 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Wow what a year, its gone so fast between bubs turning 1 and the earthquakes talk about busy. Alas im still smiling and looking forward to 2012, so Season blessings everyone make it a safe and happy one :)
silasandroman - 4:05 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
we have just started putting our tree up and bleering xmas music. such a wundarnful time 2 b together and sharing a special moment with 1 anther. GOD BLESS U ALL MAY U HAVE A MAGICIAL CHRISTMAS AND SAFE HAPPY HOLIDAYS. XOX
elliott - 3:48 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
a very happy christmas and newyear to everyone remeber its not how much you spend on a gift its the thought that counts, be kind to one another and love and cherish all
christineDixon - 3:42 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
travelbugnz - 3:41 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
The biggest wishes to everyone I'm so excited about putting the tree up... lets hopw they survive my 1 year old.... and spending as much time with our friends and family as possible. Fingers crossed for everyone as this will be special
lynne - 3:34 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday
kwbeautiful - 2:57 PM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Merry Christmas from my family to yours :) hopefully the picture below comes out ok for you, my first attempt at it.

esilby - 10:52 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Fingers crossed and merry christmas everyone!
margaretlor - 8:43 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
Thank you for the chance of winning prize merry christmas to all and good luck
josephine - 8:39 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
looking forward to this!!happy 1st !!
Rysmum - 8:15 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
im excited! :)
mummy22 - 7:44 AM on Thu-1-Dec-2011 reply | message
shannonc - 10:38 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Sounds awesome :)
dayauon - 10:00 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
i'm in too! merry christmas everyone!
Haylee9 - 9:50 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
I'm in!
sarahrv - 9:22 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
This sounds good :-)
AnnaES - 9:15 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Fingers crossed!
hillys - 8:51 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
yappa dubba doo.
MaryMc - 8:37 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Can't wait!
fifilemon - 7:33 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
So much fun thanks Kidspot!
IceKiwi - 7:14 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
This is soooo Tinsel!!
ChristineC - 7:03 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Oh how exciting.
looies1 - 6:44 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Hello Ellen Oh I mean Kidspot lol. So excited fingers and toes crossed.
Orchid07 - 6:05 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
This is soooo good ... :) 12 days of Christmas... 12 lucky mums... Good luck everyone ... Yes some of us do need a bit more luck .. Ha ! LOL!!! the elves have been busy.... so watch out everyone....
rachaelsfun - 5:29 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
whoohoo would be great to win !!
ralf - 4:54 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Good Luck everyone, here's to a great Xmas for all
JoCee - 4:46 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Good luck, some of us need it more than other, lol!
daninz - 4:30 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Be nice to win something, goodluck everyone!
nikkih - 4:28 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Excited for me and other mums and dads
katherinew - 4:26 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Something to look forward too over the coming stressful weeks!
manz23 - 4:19 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Exciting...Nice start to December!!!
vettechic - 4:16 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Good luck everyone!
GoMummyJo - 4:15 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
yahoo. Roll on tomorrow!
Leckylocks - 4:01 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
cherrytf - 3:27 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Woo hoo! Now this is truly a fun, exciting, and wonderful way to start the Christmas season. Can't wait!
emznaki - 3:25 PM on Wed-30-Nov-2011 reply | message
Exciting! Im crossing my fingers Im picked at random!

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