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Group Name: CalciYum Milk Ice

With summer in full swing, Kiwi favourite CalciYum have launched the perfect cooling treat for all Kiwi kids - CalciYum Milk Ice.

CalciYum Milk Ice is a great treat for children - it's 80% milk and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. It has the National Heart Foundation tick of approval, and of course, is full of dairy goodness.

CalciYum Milk Ice is available in three flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana – and is sold in singles and multipacks of eight.

We've selected 60 Mums Say members to trial and review CalciYum Milk Ice. Each chosen reviewer will receive a voucher for one multipack of CalciYum Milk Ice, to be used at any leading supermarket.  Read the reviews here soon!


If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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catmarnik - 3:55 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
the chocolate was a huge hit! I personally like the strawberry better, but I got outvoted this time... a great after-school pick-me-up for my daughter, who tends to suffer from 3.30itis (is that trademarked?) Just one suggestion (or two actually), maybe make mixed packs so she can have chocolate and I can have strawberry without having a wee scrap : ) and could they also make them a little less expensive? But super yum, and good for them too
Stacey21 - 10:07 PM on Sun-13-May-2012 reply | message
ok so I have finially bought the strawberry calciyum with my voucher (it took me a while to find it there - it only had a very small space available for it and the staff were not able to find it!) and my 3 children have eaten them so time to comment! Firstly, the kids were very excited about having these, big time treat for them, I used them after school on a couple of days as something special. Even my 2 year old was easily able to open them, she is not keen on milk at all (even milos), but she scoft these down and loved them. My kids (even the 2yr old) love spongbob so it is abit of a pull for them having his face on the pack xo I would purchase again, they were on special when I bought them using the voucher and I must admit that I would more likely buy them if I saw them on special. I will try the other flavours with the kids but he strawberry were delicious, a mixed box would be a good option to have, thank for picking us to try them out!
NanaAndrews - 3:50 PM on Fri-11-May-2012 reply | message
At last, a terrific way to get children to have extra milk - something sooo good for them and they will have it with no arguements, Good for all of the family - hoping to get some to try.
JenNicholls - 11:15 AM on Thu-29-Mar-2012 reply | message
I'm not on this trial but have to say the CalciYum Milk Ice has been a huge hit with my daughter. We keep it as a special treat, nice to give her something thats fairly healthy that she loves, strawberry is her favourite.
kymmage - 6:32 AM on Tue-27-Mar-2012 reply | message
We finally got some banana ones this weekend, after my daughter suddenly went on a milk ice block kick and finished off all the ones in the freezer. I was sneaky last night and stole one. The banana was really nice, a very yellow colour but tasted exactly like the banana milk we sometimes get. It was delicious. I can't wait to see my daughter eat one. Overall, I have loved the strawberry the best, banana second and chocolate last - the choc one was just too bitter for me.
nzchick - 3:49 PM on Wed-21-Mar-2012 reply | message
I couldn't help myself.. I wasn't part of this trial but couldn't get them out of my head after reading the reviews so had to try them. LOL. We got the Chocolate ones and my kids loved them! Then daddy decided he better pass them through "Dad quality control" and ate two of them! I want to try the banana one next. Thanks for all the reviews, it's always nice to find out about new treats before we buy them :)
missmoo - 12:09 PM on Thu-15-Mar-2012 reply | message
well like others im sorry to have taken so long to review have had to remember the voucher finally i did and oh what a hit was had 2x9yr 6yr 5yr and 15mth (very messy) lol oh cant forget the biggest kid 38yr hubby lol they all loved them hubby said they were different but very nice so have been asked by all to add to the trolley again all in all i would say 10/10 for this product thanks for the chance to review the product for you
beadygirl - 9:04 PM on Wed-14-Mar-2012 reply | message
these were a real hit in my house, trialled by 6 individual kids aged 6-11 when I had extra's over for dinner! Got the chocolate box and they were demolished promptly and all given a 10/10...HOWEVER....definately would be keen on a mixed box!
Amanda30 - 2:28 PM on Tue-13-Mar-2012 reply | message
Sorry it has taken me a while to post this review. I only managed to get to a city supermarket that had these last week. I got the chocolate ones and the boys all loved them and I was happy that they were a Calciyum product, as it made the treat seem more nutritional. They were big and maybe slightly too big, as my 5 year olds didn't end up finishing the whole thing. As a Mum the one comment I would make is that the chocolate stains, that are inevitable, are very hard to get out of light coloured clothes. My youngest sons top required a lot of soaking. However, they were enjoyed and provided a extra serving of the all important calcium for little boys growing bones!
Littletoes - 5:38 PM on Sun-11-Mar-2012 reply | message
The calciyum iceblocks were a hit! We got chocolate and the boys (and mum) loved them! When it was hot and master 1 didn't want to eat they were a perfect alternative.
Would have been great if there was a mixed flavours box, I would have liked to try banana flav but was worried the kids may not like,
3lilmonkeys - 1:39 PM on Wed-7-Mar-2012 reply | message
So sorry it has taken me so long to place this review; we absolutely loved this CalciYum product. Went for the chocolate ones of course and that were great. I am guilty of having more than the kids did but they were just so good, I couldn't help it!!
gemm73 - 11:56 AM on Tue-6-Mar-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for letting us review these, my DS 2 1/2 loved the chocolate ones, I agree with the others a mixed box is a must - major tantrums at the supermarket over the flavours, oh dear! The other thing I didnt like was that the packaging of the individual iceblocks is blue, unlike the outside cardboard box - if you had several different flavours, you wouldn't be able to tell which was which
marciawilson - 8:17 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you. My 5 year old loves these. We tried chocolate as my daughters favorite. I agree to offering mixed flavours as a better option to please more family members :) yummy!
Mardi - 5:55 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012 reply | message
YAY thanks for letting us try these..Big boy has tried the Banana flavour before (a treat on the way home from school)
It was hard to decide on a flavour that everyone would like,so I got Chocolate with our voucher & paid for a box of Strawberry , as you can see from the photo's I've loaded my boys loved them.
Only thing I would say is PLEASE make a mixed box as this would save on the expense of getting 2 or maybe 3 boxes to save arguments with the kids over what flavour to get ,while doing the shopping..
We still have a couple left in the freezer & they have been brilliant during the really hot day's we've had over the last few weekends.

Thanks again for letting us try them.
ankmika - 2:01 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012 reply | message
We had my Sons birthday party in the weekend and after all the kiddies went swimming we got the chcolate calci yum milk ice blocks out (as a couple of other reviews have posted I agree it would be great if they did a variety pack as choosing a flavor was hard they all sound yum, we ended up getting chcolate)All the kids loved them and thought they tasted like chcolate milk.They thought spongebob was cool on the front of the box.There was 1 ice block left in the pack did a coin toss with partner to see who gets it I won ;o).They didnt melt as much as other ice blocks do and still seem to hold there shape which was great in the hot afternoon sun.They were really yummy and very moreish.
They are a bit pricey at our supermarket but still works out cheaper buying in a box rather that buying single.Yesterday Hubby come home from work with a box he got on special for 5.99 banana flavour so will be having them tonight for dessert.
Over all 10/10 they were a hit in this family and we will be buying them again as we will have to try the strawberry next!
Thanks kidspot for this awsum trail...
olga - 1:24 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you very much for letting us try the product. We got the chocolate flavour and my 16months old daughter loved it! - this is a great and much healthier alternative to sweet icecream. The only remark I would make as a Mum - I had to cut the block in two - the size is a bit big for toddlers and it melts very quickly - could be messy and not easy to finish the whole thing for the kids up to 3 years old. Overall great product and thanks again!
emily1 - 12:22 PM on Tue-28-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son adores the milkices, thanks for letting us trial them. I used to have something quite similar in the UK and have been searching for a New Zealand version for years - and here they are at last! We got the strawberry ones which we all liked alot. I saw a comment below about a variety pack. I think that would be an excellent idea as everyone has different favourites. I also wondered about making a smaller size as they are quite big for little hands. Perhaps a smaller round size would work better. Then little ones can have a whole one to themselves without filling their tummies too full.
Great to have a healthier icecream option, thanks again!
IEmzI - 3:33 PM on Mon-27-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for letting us try 3 year old son & 1 year old daughter love them. I took my son to the supermarket when our voucher arrived & let him choose which flavour he would like, he choose Strawberry. He loves the Calciyum drinks so I thought these would go down a treat & I was right. They have a great flavour, are refreshing & are very easy to eat. It's nice to know they are better for my children than alot of the other ice creams out there, but they are still just for a special treat every so often.
mamaov3 - 3:23 PM on Mon-27-Feb-2012 reply | message
Sorry for the late review...been a hectic past few weeks...My son just had his 4th birthday on Friday and had his cousin over for a sleep over, so we got the calcium milk ice in the arvo for the kiddies...the kids loved them, I got them strawberry. Needless to say there was very little mess because they didn't want to waste any hehehe...

Mr 5 said it tastes just like a milkshake mum!! With a very please look on his face!
Mr 4 said it's deeeliiissssuuussss (typo intended lol) Mum!
My 3 y/o niece says she is going to tell Mummy she would like her to buy some for her and her brothers
And my 18 month old, said nothing at all...2 busy trying to make sure she got every last drip of it lol...

We will def be getting these on hot days, always good to know it's a treat that is giving them some of the daily intakes they need!

Thanks kidspot!!
dayauon - 2:17 PM on Mon-27-Feb-2012 reply | message
my son just came back from camp and we saved some for him. he said, its good to have a lot in one box so its really for sharing and for seconds. his comment, "this is really good mum!" so i'm a happy mum even if i had to wash muddy clothes from camp. will definitely buy. thanks again!
Cocoqu - 1:14 PM on Mon-27-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to review these. We had them for an after-school/kindy treat. They all enjoyed them - from my 4 year old right through to my 13 year old. I chose the chocolate flavour but wondered if a variety multi-pack would be a good idea. I liked that I was giving them a healthier choice of treat.
blake - 11:37 AM on Mon-27-Feb-2012 reply | message
Sorry, it took me this long to review. Just got back from nice holiday in Port Douglas. I bought the strawberry favlour at the end and it was great choice! We all tried it and it was a major hit not only with the kids but with us as adults as well. It tasted like strawberry milkshake - awesome! And to know it is healthier choice for the kids is a major plus! Thanks CalciYum for an awesome trial. We took kids to Zoo yesterday and bought the banana falvour and kids loved that too. I think this will be on our weekly shopping now. Be great if the multi pack offer muti flavours.

From very happy mum and kids....surfer mum.
Sammie151515 - 9:28 PM on Sun-26-Feb-2012 reply | message
We chose the Strawberry flavour. I had one first (couldn't help myself!) as Miss 4 was staying away for the night. I thought it was good! But the first lick, it broke it half. Maybe I'm a bit rough :). But definitely delicious. I was surprised that there was no Spongebob on the ice block wrappers. Before this review Miss 4 always used to asked for the Spongebob ice blocks. End result: Very nice. Great way to get calcium in. I think a mixed flavours box would be beneficial too.
mylesmummy09 - 11:42 AM on Sun-26-Feb-2012 reply | message
me and my boys got the strawberry ones they were really yummy just like eating the yogurt frozen :) gonna get some more
kymmage - 5:50 PM on Sat-25-Feb-2012 reply | message
We tried to pick up a box of the banana ones today, but the supermarket I went to wasn't our normal one and they only had the strawberry ones. Hopefully we can find them next week instead!
maricris - 5:01 PM on Fri-24-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try and review this product. The boys already like Calci Yum Yoghurt but they have never tried CalciYum Milk Ice. So off to the grocery I went and got a Chocolate CalciYum Milk Ice. And because there were 8 in a box I get to try one too.

It tasted really good and creamy. It reminds me of the Calci Yum Yoghurt. Not too sweet either. I noticed tho that it does melt quickly. My 6 year old pointed out to me too. You have to have bowl or something to catch to drips or just eat it pretty quick. My 4 yr old on the other hand just loves it.

Over all. I think CalciYum Milk Ice is a great treat for my kiddies. I will definitely be buying them again.
ekubo - 10:05 PM on Thu-23-Feb-2012 reply | message
That link was going SOOO slow!
Anyway we got home with the icecreams, the boys couldn’t wait to dive in. Yu-um.
Lovely and smooth, mild flavour, refreshing but they do seem to melt fast (esp in a hot canty norwester).

The boys liked the spongebob (my nemesis) wrappers, I like that they’re a relatively healthy treat. We’ll be buying them again but only on special. The price is comparable to all the other icecream multipacks but we only buy them on special too.
ekubo - 9:58 PM on Thu-23-Feb-2012 reply | message
it took us a while to get onto this one, what with bad weather and naughty boys lol. But today I finally took the crew to the supermarket with voucher in hand to get a treat for after school. Then it started, ds1 wanted strawberry but ds2 doesn't like it, ds3 wanted banana but ds1 protested. In the end they settled on choc, my favourite lol. A combined pack would have saved a lot of arguing over the freezer tho.
sbooker - 4:27 PM on Thu-23-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to review this product. I let my 3yo choose which colour she wanted and she chose pink (strawberry) she wanted one as soon as we got home and on taking her first bite in true Dora the Explorer style announced that they were 'delicioso' heehee. She really enjoyed it and wanted another one straight away! As a parent i think they are a great option for calcium intake, my DD is not keen on cold milk from a cup so i'm always looking for other ways to keep her intake up. The iceblocks are also a good size (we normally have minis) and i think are pretty good value for money. Definately a great alternative for a hot summers day and definately will be back on the shopping list once this box is gone!
karinlee - 10:26 AM on Thu-23-Feb-2012 reply | message
Well I finally went grocery shopping and brought the iceblocks for the kids. I thought I would buy the strawberrry flavour as all the kids love it. As usual just as i turn up home I hvae vistors my sister and her 3 kids, well to keep all the children happy I gave then an ice block and waited for the comments. All of the children love them even my fussy 11 year old. A mixed box would be great as then they could pick their flavours,but the kids are raving about them and the are already on the shopping list for next week.
nessee - 7:41 PM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
THANKS for the voucher for the ooooh soooo yummmy CalciYUM - we got Banana and they were very tasty with out that fake banana taste, so thats a real bonus! They were easy to find at the supermarket, just look for the super cute Spongebob Boxes. Definately like others said they do melt fast so have a bowl handy to catch the drips. I loved a sneaky nibble of my daughters so I also enjoyed the fresh, yummy banana taste. I would buy again for sure and like they are a healthy version of a tasty treat. I also would prefer a mixed flavour box.... Chocolate is next flavour we are going to try :) Thanks again for allowing us to be in your trial
dayauon - 7:41 PM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
finally, we got our pack today (after several misses by me because i always forget the <br>voucher). my daughter got the chocolate flavour because she loves anything chocolate. once home, we immediately have one each. her comment, "tastes like calci-yum except its in ice block!" and "its yummy!" my comment -- its creamy tasting, cold and enough serving size. <br>my kids love calci-yum drink so the milk ice is a familiar taste. they love sponge-bob too so its a plus point. however, its pricey than the drink which we regularly buy so we <br>will buy the next one as a treat. i agree with the other suggestions for mixed <br>flavours in one box.<br>thank you for the voucher. Calci-yum is all good that's why we buy it regularly and now will add milk ice esp on hot weather is just perfect.
kymmage - 6:31 PM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
Okay, I'm back :) We bought a box of the strawberry Calciyum Milk Ices with our voucher. Strawberry was always going to be a favourite flavour for me. My daughter was very keen to try the "pink" ice blocks too. The flavour was sooo good. I absolutely adored this flavour compared to the chocolate ones.

Again, they melt pretty quickly in the sunny weather. However, eating them at home, it was much easier to clean the kid up, or avoid the spills with a cup to drip into. Keen to try the Banana now. Also agree with other reviewers re: a multi-box of the different flavours. That would be great. Also since these do melt so readily, it would make sense to have a smaller serve on a stick.
Nipper - 10:08 AM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us to review, you've never seen a happier girl than when i brought a box of the strawberry Calci Yum Milk Ice home. She was grinning from ear to ear, a real hit when she ate it, said it was soooooooooo yum mum and sneaky she didnt even know it was good for her. Hubby also tried one and so did I mmmmmmmm they are good. its almost eery as they do really taste like the yoghurts, they are not too soft and dont melt so quick and the texture is smooth.
I love the fact they have so much milk in them rather than sugar.

Daughter now wants to try another flavour, maybe a mixed box would be a good idea for this as they are quite expensive and I would like to say that I'd buy them again but in reality a 2L ice cream is cheaper, so maybe as a treat as a single ice block in the shop.
stumpie - 9:30 AM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for letting us review. All I can say is yum yum yum.

I got the Calci Yum Milk Ice yesterday from countdown and there weren't many boxes of them left. They must be quite popular. I love the bright colour of the box and the big cheesy spongebob grin.

My son had asked me to get the banana flavour they were all gone, the next choice was strawberry which they only had a couple of left, so I got a box of those.
They have gone done such a treat.

The texture and flavour is very creamy and smooth. They are very easy to open I love the fact that they are 80% milk and have no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, and has the National Heart Foundation tick of approval.

Will we buy them again yes. The next flavour will be banana.

As they are a bit pricey they won't be eaten in one day lol!!!
supermums - 9:18 AM on Wed-22-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for choosing us to review this great product! We were straight off to the local supermarket when the voucher arrived!

The verdict was unanimous! WE LOVE THESE! The packets were bright and appealing and stood out in the freezer making them easy to find! The kids adored the spongebob on the packet - there favourite cartoon!

We chose the chocolate flavour! It was delicious! Had the unique CalciYum taste! I love how the ice cream didn't melt fast either! Not so much of a mess to clean up!
I also like how there is 8 in a pack - we are all chocolate lovers, so it was great to have all the same flavour so no one missed out!

Thanks Kidspot and CalciYum for this great trial, will definately be buying these again!
kymmage - 9:02 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for choosing us for the review. Just prior to getting the voucher, we were out at Raglan and decided to have an ice block treat since it was so hot. I chose to get the Chocolate flavoured Calciyum Milk Ices to try. Chocolate milk is my daughter's favourite so it seemed like a good choice.

The packets are really bright. The blue makes you think of the cold icy treat you are about to eat. We are also huge SpongeBob fans in our house, so the character brand is very appropriate for us.

When we ripped into the milk ice, a delicious looking slab of frozen chocolate milk was presented. I got to eating mine pretty quickly. To be fair, the flavour was a bit too bitter chocolate for me. It definitely tasted like chocolate milk though and my daughter said "yum" at least 6 times while eating hers.

Another thing I found a little frustrating was the speed at which the milk ice started to melt. It must be the fat content in the milk or something, but these melt in the sun a lot faster than a juice or cordial frozen treat. It meant my daughter ended up covered in melty chocolate milk, which didn't look very nice. Whereas a lemonade ice block wouldn't have been noticeable.

Still, I can't deny that she personally loved the milk ice. And in a different situation, the milk ice would properly not have the same issues. I'll go and cash the coupon soon and try a different flavour too.
foxy7 - 8:00 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
We used our voucher last week and the Ice Blocks lasted 3 days. My children chose the Chocolate flavour. I think a box of mixed flavours would have been a great idea, as children have different taste buds and if they can't agree then to buy two separate boxes would be an expensive option as they are quite pricey.

I don't think Sponge Bob on the packaging is a great idea, as that is a pathetic programme and I don't think a healthy product needs to be associated with a mindless tv show.

The box could also be replace with a bag, as the box was quite big and not as easy to store in the freezer.

My children were able to open the packaging easily and loved the flavour. My daughter is not a great fan of milk so this was a great way to get some calcium into her, however I'm not sure the sugar content is that healthy.

Thank you for the voucher, my children were very appreciative

adele - 3:33 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
I have never tried the Calci Yum Ice but have often bought the same in yoghurt form. Being so hot lately it would be lovely to give them something just as good but icy to cool them down especially as an after school snack when they arrive back red, sweaty and hot! I'd love to see how they enjoy these as they already enjoy the yoghurts. I also like the fact there is no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. I'm sure my 2 boys would love them if they could have a try!
Glenfelik - 3:07 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks Calci-Yum & Kidspot.

The kids had the option of either Banana, Chocolate or Strawberry and DD (5) and DS (3) both choose Banana.

I must admit that these are rather tasty. The kids love them and often ask for another one. They have a lovely smooth texture and a very creamy delicious taste.

They are rather pricey at full price - but as we only use them as a treat - they are still a cheaper alternative that purchasing them individually from the dairy.

A box of mixed flavours would be a great idea. As that way - everyone in the family can have their favourite.

Also if the packaging on the actual ice cream had Sponge Bob on them they may look more appealing.

I like the fact that they are high in milk as both of my kids love milk and flavoured milk.
jopukeko - 1:19 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2012 reply | message
We finally got ours today. The first trip to the supermarket we forgot to take the voucher. The second trip they had none. The third trip (today) was to a different supermarket. They only had two flavours. The children voted for the chocolate one. I usually make my own yogurt ice blocks so was shocked to see that it was $7.99 for 8. It would be much more than that to buy them individually from the dairy.

I loathe Sponge Bob so I would normally avoid buying anything with Sponge Bob on it. I was pleasing to see the individual wrappers didn't feature him.

Five of us have sampled them. My 2 girls (2 and 3 1/2), two care-kids 3 1/2 year old boys and myself. There was certainly no complaining. We all loved the taste. My youngest was the first to finish and went around to everyone begging for a bit but no one was willing to part with any of theirs. The words they used to describe it was DELICIOUS, YUM, COLD, BROWN, YUMMY, NICE.

It was quite soft so I had 4 messy faces and 8 messy hands to clean afterwards.

I think there will be a fight over the last 3 ice blocks sitting in the freezer. I will be very generous and allow hubby to have one.

I will probably buy again if on a good special but I think I prefer the price of my homemade ice blocks.
cherrytf - 9:45 PM on Mon-20-Feb-2012 reply | message
We got ours last Saturday. This was sooo good that my kids couldn't stop eating the chocolate Calciyum Milk Ice. A good thing they were thoughtful enough and had the restraint to leave 2 for me and my husband to taste. I must say, it brought back childhood memories. Love it!
KrisT - 2:13 PM on Mon-20-Feb-2012 reply | message
We used our voucher to get a pack of Strawberry Calciyum's. My daughters loved then and finished every drop ( by the end they were dripping because they eat so slowly) we ended up getting her a bowl to catch the drops and she drunk them afterwards. Could I suggest making bite size ice blocks ie: half the size for the littlies. It would be great to get twice as many in a pack and they would last a lot longer with the big families. I have bought smaller ice blocks from other brands like "jellytips" and they were just the right size. Top marks for flavour and texture. They are tasty and a great calcium boast for those not drinking as much milk as we would like :-)
rachaelsfun - 10:12 AM on Mon-20-Feb-2012 reply | message
we got these the other day and the kids(my 2 nephews) got stuck into them right away .. even master 8 months loves them and gets it everywhere as ya can see !!!
they got chocolate the most fav flavour other than banana and LOVE them .. they love that it tastes like milkshakes .. and its an milk block!
calciyum is one of their favs .. they both love the calciyum milk , dairyfood , and icecreams and would def recommend them to any mums ! it def goes down a treat and even adults love them (IF ya can get ya hands on one !!)

(see pic above of joshua (master 9) and Nicholas (master 8 months) enjoying them
anner - 5:02 PM on Sun-19-Feb-2012 reply | message
I received the voucher the other day,and my kids were eager to try them. I decided to go with the chocolate flavour as that's the one the kids wanted first. I was a bit shocked to see the price of $7.99 for 8 ice blocks, seemed a bit steep to me. We all enjoyed them, great on a hot day. We thought they tasted much like chocolate ice cream in the tubs. Thanks kidspot for the trial!
TraceyF - 1:31 PM on Sun-19-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids loved these and I must say I had a couple myself and enjoyed them. I would have to agree about the multi packs being only one flavour though as my kids love Strawberry, chocolate and banana so it was hard to choose. We ended up getting chocolate because I wanted to try them as well and I am not fussed on the other flavours. I also looked at the price and thought I wouldn't be buying these unless they came on a really good special. Taste wise I think the chocolate ones anyway taste just like a paddle pop which you can buy singles for cheaper than the calciyum. In saying all that we all enjoyed them and they are nearly all gone.
sebadilaimi - 12:50 PM on Sun-19-Feb-2012 reply | message
I took my 3 kids to get the ice blocks today. They were of course easy to find with Mr Bob and all. I did find it annoying that the multipack was all of the same flavour as when buying a box of 8 it would have been great to have a selection. Now the $7.99 pirce, I would have to agree with everyone at it being a bit pricey for what is definately considered in the ice blck range. Yes, it does not melt as quickly and surely it was a mostly healthy option,loving the milk aspect. However, I must point out that my 9 year old daughter, who does not drink milk :( sadly did not like these as they are definately a strong milk flavoured block.
Also, I must say that for the younger ones, it would have made a big difference if they had the sponge bob wrappers inside too :) I know the ones that are sold in singles do, so ya .....hope this helps
Chugga - 1:32 AM on Sat-18-Feb-2012 reply | message
I didnt get a voucher but my grandson LOVES these and on special they are reasonably economical for a treat. Plus they are MUCH less messy than an ice-cream on a stick.

I am not however convinced these OR dairy foods are actually healthy despite marketing focusing on the better aspects so - a 'ocassionally food' is what they shall remain
shorrty4life - 9:59 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
I recieved went and got my iceblocks with my voucher today! They were gr8. Taste so yummy. My wee girl absolutely loved them and made such a mess but was so worth it. She has been teething lately and has had a fever and sore throat with it so this ice block treat made her feel 100% this afternoon. Thanks kidspot for giving us the chance to review this milky treat! I am going to be recommending to all my friends that have kids as these are a great wee treat on a beautiful day like today has been. Will definately be buying them again in the next grocery shop. =)
lorrainehogan - 7:54 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
So we received our voucher off the courier today, and Mr S (2yrs) and I headed to the supermarket to get the "treat". When looking for the product, they were easily identified by the bright colors and of course the use of the sponge bob character made the item super easy to find, not only for me, but for Mr S. I was secretly hoping that Mr S would want the chocolate flavour, but then I was not too worried as I had in my mind that I was going to convince him to get the multi-pack - thinking that multi-pack referred to a packet with all flavors in....which I soon discovered was a little misleading, since they dont sell a multi-flavor packet. Mr S soon settled on the Banana ones, as it was the correct color for sponge bob - so that was ok.
I was very surprised at the price - $7.99. I do believe that this price is a little over the top, and I dont really think I would pay this price for the product. However, in saying that $1 for an iceblock is still cheaper than what you would pay for a single price at the local dairy, however I dont generally buy 8 iceblocks at a time!!!
The box is a great size, fitting securely and easily into the door shelf on my freezer.
I must say I was a bit disappointed at the packaging inside the box. After the really bright colors and standout artwork on the box packaging, the blue iceblock wrap was rather boring....but I guess they dont stay on the block for long especially when Mr S got his hands on it.
I to tried the product, and thought it was just like having a frozen milk on a stick. I really enjoy flavoured milk, so it was like an additional treat to have it frozen on a stick on a really hot day. Mr S kept saying...mummy its my milk but on a stick and super cold....yum yum. He would make a great seller for this product. Mr S even told the checkout operator that she should buy some icy cold milk on a stick!!! Was rather cute. They did not seem to melt as quickly as some iceblocks which is great for young children that are still learning how to eat these products.
Over all the product was good. I was glad to see the heart tick on the product, and the content of sugar was not too bad. Having no artificial flavorings, preservatives and colorings is also an added bonus. I do think they taste similar to paddle pops, with the same type of texture, but the packaging stands out more significantly than paddle pops.
Mr S enjoyed the stickers as well so thank you for those to.
Cant wait now to try the chocolate. Even at this price, I liked the product and think it is worth trying the chocolate at least!!!!! Thanks Kidspot and Tip Top.
Anonymous - 5:33 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Took 3 of the 4 kids to the supermarket this afternoon and they chose the strawberry flavoured milk ice. I told them that I was going to give a review on them and all I got back was "mum I'm eating don't interrupt" followed by "these are soooooooo yummy"!

I liked the fact that it didn't drip everywhere so my almost 2yr old stayed pretty clean while eating! 12yr old said they were lovely and creamy and reminded her of Quick Milkshakes. 4.5yr old was too busy eating/licking noisely to make too much comment but I'm confident he loved them.

It was very nice to be able to try these but I probably wouldn't buy them myself on a regular basis as $8 is a bit pricey for ice blocks (even though they are yummy).
fishface - 5:02 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
As an update the big kids aged 7 and 6 tried out their strawberry flavoured CalciYum Milk Ice's and absolutely loved them. Thumbs up all round! :0)
ps Spongebob is a big winner too although the kids were disappointed there was no spongebob on the actual iceblock and was just on the box. They were hoping the ice block was shaped like him or had his face on it :0)
Curlzgirlz - 4:10 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
I had my nephews over for afternoon tea so unfortunately for them they all had the awful job of trialing the calciyum milk treats! I too went looking for a multipack but realised they only came in single flavour boxes. I choose strawberry. The spongebob packaging is definitely a winner with the kids. The boxes all stood out easily at the supermarket. I found the box itself easy to open - it didn't rip like so many of the others. I'm not sure I would fork out $8.00 for a pack but then again $1.00 each isn't bad. It would be a treat purchase for me. All four kids loved them, lots of flavour right until the end. Nothing fell off the stick as you got near the end. Mr 2 was waving his all round the place and nothing dripped off his, so that got my seal of approval. They weren't messy to eat. Miss 7 said they were very creamy when you suck them and very tasty. Mr 5 said Really tasty loved the fact they were spongebob. Miss 5 said they were yummy and would definitely have another one. Overall I was impressed and even enjoyed one myself. I would like to try the other flavours too so will be purchasing more in the future. Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks also for the very cool stickers they were a hit too. Thanks for allowing us to trial.
skirts - 3:53 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
Picked up a pack of these at the supermarket today - perfect timing as it is SUPER hot today in Northland and both myself and Miss 8 are sick with sore throats, so needed something nice and cold!
We chose the chocolate ones as we are all choccy fiends although will eventually try all of them - they were surprisingly good. I am not a big fan of milk ices (ie paddle pops etc) as find them a bit tasteless and funny texture, but the Calciyum ones were good! Good chocolatey flavour and actually tasted and felt like proper milk was used, not just frozen junk - didn't melt that quickly either so Miss 3 managed to eat one without wearing it completely, always a bonus!
Whole family had to try these and the verdict from everyone was a unanimous YUM! They were on special at New World for $5.99 a box, would def buy on special but not sure if I would buy for $8 a box, they are really great tasting but as a few have said we don't spend a lot on treats these days....
Tracey123 - 1:55 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
Went looking for a multi pack at two supermarkets and figured they didnt come with all flavours, so I agree with melnel and say they should.
The Chocolate flovour is yum (will buy Banana next time!) and has been a hit with Mum, Dad, Miss 8 and my nephew whos 4. They loved the stickers. My Nephew(4) thinks the fact the are sponge bob is very cool, so great packaging!
Even though they are ymummy Im not sure that I would pay $8 for a box, alittle bit out of the budget and I would think for alot of familys too.
All in all though, It was a yummy treat for young and almost old so thanks for the oppourtunity to try them!
scottishlass - 1:30 PM on Fri-17-Feb-2012 reply | message
well the chocoholics voted for the chocolate flavour, first the packaging is nice and bright and they are easy to open, i found them really delicious, creamy and nice rich chocolate flavour, with four of us here , they did not last very long, two days max, i don't think they were much different to any other milk flavoured ice blocks, however i would recommend them and buy them again, great factors are no preservatives and colourings or artifical flavourings,.always something i am looking for, and for people watching their weight,ideal for a treat, thanks for the opportunity to try these, were a definite hit in my household.
melnel - 6:27 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
Well I must say we loved these. We headed off to the supermarket in search of the
"multi box" this had translated in my brain as a box with all 3 flavours... could not find that at the first supermarket so tried another, again couldn't find it so Mr 3 decided we should just get chocolate (got home and looked and realised they don't exist THEY SHOULD).

They are a bit pricey at $8 a box, but $1 per icecream is cheaper than the dairy! Will be saved for special treats when they are on special!

They were loved by all in our house. Bit big for Mr 18 months (we shared one) but Mr 3 thought they were fab and has been asking for more since we got them!

Would definitely choose these over other brands, they are delicious and not too quick to melt on these hot days!

5 stars from our family.

gonzze - 3:32 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks for letting us review the Calci yum Milk ice we tried the Chocolate ones we liked that there is 8 in the box as my husband and i got to try them as well as the kids. The kids liked having sponge bob on the box.We found that they do not melt fast so they are good for little ones who take some time to eat them .We all liked them I liked that they have 80% milk in them as not all my lot drink a lot of milk so that was good and all so having the Calcium in them is good. It would be good if you could get all the flavours in one box ,thanks again
fishface - 2:29 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
ps. I've added a photo of Master almost 2 enjoying his CalciYum Milk Ice
fishface - 2:28 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
We received our vouchers with stickers yesterday - thanks for the stickers, the kids think they're great!

Master almost 2 and I headed off to the supermarket to buy our box of Milk Ices. They were super easy to find and well stocked. My first thought though was "where is the box of mixed flavours?". It was really hard to choose which to get. (Personally I think it would be great if you had a mixed box of 4 strawberry and 4 chocolate). At the price of $8 for 8 I won't be getting these regularly as I try and get treats at 50c per serve, but for a one off treat every now and then these would be one of my first choices.

I thought about waiting to open the box until the big kids got home from school but Master 2 saw the box and wanted one NOW. We're not used to standard size ice blocks as we usually get the mini ones but my littlie easily scoffed most of his and I easily devoured mine.

Score on flavour and texture 10/10. These were really yummy and didn't have that gritty feeling that you sometimes get after frozen milk treats. I would definitely buy these again and am going to try the chocolate sometime too :0)

Thanks for the trial Tip Top, I'll post another update once the big kids come home from school. xx
nixzen - 2:00 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
vouchers received! off to the supermarket this weekend! I'm quietly hoping to try the banana ones but something tells me Master 5 will go straight for the chocolate haha
ralf - 12:25 PM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
Still waiting for voucher I'm in the North Shore Auckland and no sign of it yet which courier is it with?
aucklandjules - 11:27 AM on Thu-16-Feb-2012 reply | message
I got our Calci Yum Milk Ice yesterday. The box is a good size to fit in the door of my freezer. The packaging is nice and bright and easy to pick out in the freezer at the supermarket also stands out with Sponge Bob on the box. The kids were undecided about which flavour to get but we settled on chocolate. It would be good to have a multi flavour box. The kids liked the taste and texture of the Calci Yum Ice and they didn't seem to melt too quickly. My 8 year old said that they tasted just like the chocolate milk. I like the fact that they have the heart foundation tick. I like the informative info on the front of the box which sums them up and easy to read at a glance. I will post more reviews as we try the rest of the box. They were definately a hit as they wanted another one after dinner! I can see that we will have to try the other flavours too. The kids loved the stickers too.
goddess588 - 6:18 PM on Wed-15-Feb-2012 reply | message
The kids were disappointed that there are no mixed flavour packs because they wanted to try them all. They settled on chocolate and had one each for their afternoon snack. "They taste exactly like the CalciYum milk but less watery" which is praise indeed in this house. There were no complaints at the portion size (often there is - we have children who live to eat rather than the other way around) and I am happy with the stats on the side of the box. Thank you! We will be buying these when they are on special.
twilightgal - 3:33 PM on Wed-15-Feb-2012 reply | message
Received our voucher yesterday (thank you for the stickers also) and redeemed today, the kids are just sitting down enjoying them now for arvo tea, the words coming outta their mouths are "It taste exactly like the drink, its really good!!" , "Mmm yum can I have another one" & Mr 15mths is yelling "Num, Num!!" and has made a huge chocolate mess!!! I would say they are a success in this household!! Thanks again. :)
ankmika - 2:05 PM on Wed-15-Feb-2012 reply | message
Got my voucher today YAY
Thank you for the sponge bob stickers the puff ones are funky!
Will redeem the voucher and hand out the kids a ice block this weekend when we have a get together with some of my sons friends for his birthday.
Will be back to review...
scottishlass - 12:57 PM on Wed-15-Feb-2012 reply | message
have to wait until thursday to get mine, but certainly a treat well worth waiting for , i am hoping, will review soon
george8 - 11:01 PM on Tue-14-Feb-2012 reply | message
Got my voucher today and went straight to the shop to redeem it. The kids chose the strawberry flavour and they all had one after dinner. Miss 5 said "yum, it tastes like strawberry milk" (she loves strawberry milk). Master 7 thought they were pretty tasty and Miss 13 said she liked them but it was a bit annoying that the icecream came off the stick quite easily but they are still really yummy she added. I had a taste and thought they were really yummy and tasted exactly like strawberry dairy food. So happy all round here :)
AnnaES - 10:50 PM on Tue-14-Feb-2012 reply | message
The girls ate a banana CalciYum Milk Ice straight away in the car after we got them! Even though we got their second flavour choice! they both enjoyed them. They are happy to eat them all! and since there is 8 in the box their dessert is sorted for the next few days! These are especially good for Michelle who doesn't regulary drink milk or eat milk products. I think it would be good if they made a mixed flavour box. Thank you again for the chance for our girls to trial this product!
blake - 4:35 PM on Tue-14-Feb-2012 reply | message
OMG! Thank you soooo much for the cool stickers, my kids loved it. I am excited now to get to the supermarket and get my CalciYum - thank you for choosing us.....yummy I am thinking strawberry.
AnnaES - 3:13 PM on Tue-14-Feb-2012 reply | message
Courier just dropped off our vouchers. So we off now to get them. Rachael wants Strawberry. Michelle wants chocolate. So we are getting ....... Banana!! Thank you!!
mylesmummy09 - 11:46 AM on Tue-14-Feb-2012 reply | message
vouchers have arrived so will be getting them today with the groceries :) cant wait to try and share my thoughts with everyone
melnel - 8:38 PM on Mon-13-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us! Can not wait for the voucher to arrive (nor can my husband LOL)
ralf - 1:01 PM on Sat-11-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you for choosing us we can't wait for the voucher to come Yum Yum
aucklandjules - 8:22 AM on Sat-11-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you for choosing me to trail these. I look forward to receiving the voucher so that the kids can trial them and we can let you know what we think.
george8 - 10:11 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you I received an email, can't wait to get the voucher so the kids can try them!
stumpie - 9:52 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for picking us!!!!!. Can't wait to trial, which flavour to choose.
kwbeautiful - 7:58 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
yes please, never tried them before (I dont have the money)
AnnaES - 4:50 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks very much!! Looking forward to the voucher arriving!
twilightgal - 4:46 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks heaps!! Looking forward to trialing them. :)
marciawilson - 4:35 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Looking forward to trying them. Will let you all know what my daughter thinks of them soon!
swordlet - 4:25 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
My 3.5yr old son and 2yr old daughter would love these! They are loving having the odd iceblock on hot days this Summer, these would be perfect! :) Even Mum and Dad would be keen, the chocolate ones look gooood!
scottishlass - 4:24 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much, so looking forward to trying these, as are the rest of the family
zipee0307 - 4:23 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
wow sounds wonderful the kids will love them
Franda - 4:08 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Yay! Thank you!! looking forward to reviewing these!!!
JulieKidspot - 3:16 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
Hi rachaelsfun, the reviewers are being selected today.
rachaelsfun - 12:38 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
when is this drawn ?
rachaelsfun - 12:17 PM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
heheh i have 2 nephews 8 months and one 9 yrs and a few kids i look after that could and would love to trial this if master 8 mo is too young :) please pick us :)
silasandroman - 11:58 AM on Fri-10-Feb-2012 reply | message
My two boy 5&3 years would be so great at trialing these, they love trying new tings and looovvveee anything to do with dairy, These would also be a great HEALTHY way to cool them down after school and kindy rather than icecream and knowing they would be nutrious would give me peace of mind.
shird - 10:00 PM on Thu-9-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would like to try these for my six year old daughter as she wont drink milk and doesnt eat much in the way of yoghurt or cheese. She will eat icecream though that is quite high in sugar and fat for the amount of calcium to be satisfactory for a child of her age.
melissa178 - 9:37 PM on Thu-9-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son Rouger absolutely loooooves icecream but its really not that good for him...he will even open the freezer door and pull out a container and walk around with it. These iceblocks would be great to try on him as they sound healthier having no artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners and might teach him portion control lol!!!
DMears - 8:36 PM on Thu-9-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son has just seen these and would love to try them!!!! With being Calciyum they are good for the kids and I'm sure they will taste yummy. We don't really use icecream at home but have ice blocks instead so these would be an extra option for us.
anahera - 10:54 PM on Wed-8-Feb-2012 reply | message
my girl would love to try these she loves iceblocks!
caseyraskew - 1:15 PM on Wed-8-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son sees these advertised on tv and always says that they would be a great idea for pudding.
Armywife - 11:40 AM on Wed-8-Feb-2012 reply | message
Would be great to try these out! Wonder how the calciyum yoghurt would tast frozen! Still, its great to have ice-cream that is healthy for the kids that they love!
wainuik - 6:54 AM on Wed-8-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids 3 and 1 are already fans of calciyum yoghurts and we are starting now to get into iceblocks but I am not keen on the sugary ones you can currently buy. Would love the opportunity to have them test the calciyum Milk Ice as this looks like a much healthier option for them over summer and a great way to get some more calcium into them. Hope to hear from you :)
pai - 7:34 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
My boys (2 & 1) love the calci yum yogurts and flavored milks but they squeeze the contents out and everywhere! I like that this product has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners because my eldest son has sensitive skin and stomach so I've cut out allot of milky treats from both his and his baby brother's diet's (including ice cream :( ). They will love these icy treats i bet i would too and will definitely share them with the six other children in house ;)
craftymumnz - 6:00 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
We are always looking for way to get the kids to have more calcium in there diet this would be perfect, im sure my three would gobble them up.
carlee - 4:14 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
Oh wow, my kids loves flavored milk and it is one of the only ways I can get milk into them. We would love to try these. Great for our 3 sports nuts to keep them going!!
mrsbt - 2:53 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
My 3 and 4 yo boys love Calci Yum yoghurts and the drinks (which is the drink we always get them when they have a Happy Meal). I have seen these but hadn't bought them cause not sure what they are like. The boys like their ice blocks so I have no doubt they will like these. We would love to trial them and review them and I imagine their will be a fun picture to show for it too...
Coring - 1:17 PM on Tue-7-Feb-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves flavoured milk especially strawberry because its pack with goodness and nutrition that is needed by the body. She would surely love to try CalciYum milk ice to cool her down this summer. thanks.
edee777 - 5:20 PM on Mon-6-Feb-2012 reply | message
Hello! I would love to be a part of this group. I'm always looking for new ways to increase Miss 3.75s calcium intake. These look great! If she likes them I'll take them along to playgroup and see what those children think. Always happy to help! lol :D
cathw - 3:39 PM on Mon-6-Feb-2012 reply | message
Hey my girls would love to try these and we are desperately trying to get them to have more milk. It would be great if we could put them in their thermal lunchbags for school and preschool. Please pick us!
mavsmum04 - 3:23 PM on Mon-6-Feb-2012 reply | message
My Son would love these, as he loves any thing that has milk in it, be a fantastic after school treat for him to enjoy
TinaA - 1:45 PM on Mon-6-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these for my kids, they love the milk and the dairy food, so I'm sure these would be a hit too
chopper59 - 11:15 PM on Sun-5-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these. My kids love the calciyum drinks so i am sure they would love the milk ice!
eniyved - 8:34 PM on Sun-5-Feb-2012 reply | message
I have bought these as singles before but one was just not enough for both my girls, they never really got to thoroughly enjoy them...admittedly I had more than the kids did!!!
mellyb - 11:43 PM on Sat-4-Feb-2012 reply | message
my two daughters would love to try calciYum. they can't get enough milk, and they especially love sponge bob, so it would be a real treat.
emznkl - 11:34 PM on Sat-4-Feb-2012 reply | message
yes please my boy loves calciyum
jojolaw - 9:11 AM on Sat-4-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kid really love milk.. Would love to try them on the kids before i buy them to see if they will like them...
beadygirl - 12:35 AM on Sat-4-Feb-2012 reply | message
my three girls would just love to trial this for you and if they're Dad gets in quick he might get one too! Especially keen to give one to the newest of our clan aged 1 and see what she thinks :)
ajpickering - 12:25 AM on Sat-4-Feb-2012 reply | message
Master 2 loves his milk most days!!! This would be a great product to trial for the other days when he turns his nose up at plain milk. Miss 10 will drink anything thats not water.
kyleeandluke - 9:27 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
Mr 27months is a real dairy food lover - he especially loves calci yum yoghurt and often picks the 'Spongebob yoghurt' at the supermarket. I have recently had a new baby, and while I breastfeed, I often give my oldest a treat to enjoy at the same time. CalciYum Milk Ice would be the perfect treat, something special for 'big boys'
sweetie - 2:21 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids would so love to try this treat and i would love to trial it for them, i dont usally like getting my kids treats unless its got some goodness in it too lol. I have 3kid 7years old, 2years and 6months, the oldest too would love this as it tastes good and it would be good for them too, what better treat could you ask for.
Sparky - 2:18 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My 3.5 year old currently drinks water and milk. It would be nice for him to try something different. I don't really like him having orange juice but with these being 80% and no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours I think I'll let him have a try.
Sarahl - 1:28 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son would love to try this as he is not a fan of plain milk. How does love CalciYum and icecream so this looks like something he would love as it's the perfect combination!
annette - 1:15 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My two boys would love to review these, they 4(almost 5) and 2. After preschool our eldest often asks for an ice block to cool down, it would be lovely to give these a go. I love the fact that they are 80% milk, as our eldest will not drink milk at all on it own, I can guarantee he would eat these though!
mumof6 - 12:42 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids would love to trial these!!! They love the flavoured milks and the fact that they are iceblocks is even better for those hot summer days (not that we have had that many this year) :P.
cassara - 12:16 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
the first thing that would attract my kids would be Spongebob - then the fact they are ice blocks :) They would love to be a part of this trial, and get a bonus calcium boost with it!
Dibbles3 - 12:02 PM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My children are Ice Block-aholics. They would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I let them! So being able to try something that is nutritious in an ice block form would be awesome.
yolayla - 11:29 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My daughter is not a fan of milk in liquid form. Although she does enjoy milk with her cereal (must be all soaked up), her favourite - even in winter - would be in ICE-cream form ... So when I asked her, she said she would LOVE to be a taste-tester for 'CalciYum Milk Ice'. She was a bit concerned about having to send it back once she has 'tested' it though. heehee.
SarahN - 9:23 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these, anything to get extra calcium in her is always great :)
reppeps - 8:08 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer, I have my Grandchildren come around after school/kindy a couple of times a week and like to have icecreams in the freezer for them. I try to so I'd love to test these.get them healthy ones
piglet - 7:07 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
My two kiddies love their milk & love cold treats so I am sure they would love these iceblocks....especially since Spongebob (their hero!) is on them.
ankmika - 7:05 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
Would LOVE to review its my Sons birthday coming up and would be nice to hand out each of the kids a cold ice block after all there game playing fun!...
Thank you
eingedc - 4:26 AM on Fri-3-Feb-2012 reply | message
Would love to give my two cents on this and share what my opinionated two year old thinks as well.
Anonymous - 10:16 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Oohhh yes we'd love to review it. All 4 kids would love these frozen in their lunch boxes in this hot weather (well frozen overnight and by lunch thawed and chilly).
looies1 - 7:50 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Yummy these look great, we would love to trial this product on these hot days would be great afternoon tea for big and small kids.
notajaffa - 7:39 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
YUM - perfect for my milk loving son
jdsmum - 7:27 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
this would be a hit with my son he drinks milk but not so much flavoured so will be interesting to see if he enjoys it!
erenakelly - 7:26 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son LOVES CalciYum yoghurt and loves iceblocks so statistically speaking the odds of him LOVING this product are pretty darn high. We'd love to trial them for you, if you pull our arms!
jessnz90 - 7:11 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
im sure these would go down well with 5 children currently in my care, the are all water and milk kids (no juice) so i would love to give this a go, such yummy flavors that always go down a treat, and speaking of treats, what kid/adult wouldn't be happy with a yummy ice cream and even better its healthier then most other brands you can get. thanks for the opportunity .
theace - 7:05 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
ooooooo exciting! We have 2 boys that we struggle to get dairy into - what a great trick this would be and healthy too.
mumtotwins - 7:02 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
We've just discovered the joys of iceblocks/creams with my lovely almost 2year old twins. We'd love to be guinea pigs and write a review on them for other mums to read.
nette21 - 6:44 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
i would like my daughter to try this as it would be a great way to get more calcium into her
JoCee - 5:41 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Love to try, so cool in the heat, neat to lick and neat to eat, the family would love this little treat!
DrNic - 5:38 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I struggle to get milk into my 2 year old an would love to try these to see if i could get some calcium into her another way
AdeleNZ - 5:29 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Being a fan of iceblocks, flavoured milk and yoghurt I would be interested in seeing how my 20 month old son rates these. Being summer and all we have been using all of the above as treats so would be nice to be able to offer him something different with the added bonus of it being healthy. I would be lying if I said I wouldnt try one or wo myself :-)
Nita - 5:24 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
my family love a little treat now and then and the CalciYum Milk Ice sound delicious and cooling, would be thrilled to try these out before purchasing :)
missmoo - 5:11 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
would love to get involved in this i have 9yr 6yr nearly 5yr and 14mth old and they just bout eat from the minute they get up to the minute they go to bed something new would be great for them to try and treats like this arent a huge priority when shopping for 6
debbief - 5:07 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Would love to be involved in this trial. Have a nearly 11 year old & a 2 1/2 year old - both who would enjoy these dairy type treats, rather than ones full of sugar etc.
jobrush - 5:05 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids love iceblocks but I'm always reluctant to get them anything with too much sugar. This would be a great treat on those super hot days where they just need something to help them cool down!
Amanda30 - 4:55 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My twin boys started school on Monday and are ravenous when they get home. This would be awesome! Thanks.
Jackieb - 4:47 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
this would be a healthier option for afternoon snacks
jsmum - 4:47 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
my boys are dairy loving maniacs! they would love to try these for sure! too!
djhide22 - 4:46 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
mmm would love to be involved so would the kids!
Rose3 - 4:43 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
would love to review these too please, any help getting little ones to like milk is a huge help. they would love to put these on breakfast and that would help with the eating! also make into ice pops or with some gelatine make into milky blancmange. thanks
teen29 - 4:36 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Oh yes please! My boys love the calciyum milk cartons. Chocolate of course. They would love these delicious icy treats :)
anner - 4:31 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Yum, we would love to trial these. I hsaven't seen these before, but they sound grea, and healthy as well.
mylesmummy09 - 4:15 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
yummy i love CalciYum products even more since getting pregnant again i would love to trial these new products:)
Curlzgirlz - 4:12 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these as they look like such a great afterschool snack.
Shelz69 - 4:08 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this, it is so hard to get diary into my boy, he likes cheese but that is it. I would love to try this and see if he would eat it. He a very active boy and I worry he does not get enough calcium
Angiebabe - 3:58 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Oooo I'm sure this would be something my lil' man would like... please consider us as a reviewer :)
Toristar - 3:54 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
We would love to try this product as never tried it before and my 21 month old has just discovered ice-blocks and LOVES them. The milk ones will be better than just plain sugar ones. Hope we get to trial thanks
chars01 - 3:50 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
i would love for my 4yro to try these, hes gone off yogurts and doesnt like milk so it would be a good calcium rich food for him to have
nikitapatterson - 3:50 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
hes a thirsty boy! hahaha
Kimmyjade - 3:48 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these as all my children love calciyum yoghurt and these would be a healthy alternative to ice blocks.
sarahkellylai - 3:48 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My girls love calciYum yogurts, especially when I put them in the freezer. They love any frozen treats and it's got spongebob on the wrapper too! Wow!
bearcub - 3:47 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I have 3 very active children, 12, 10 and 2 and this would be a awesome treat for them to try on a hot summer day
muppetsmama - 3:46 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Yummm my girls would love to try these! Sound like a fantastic healthy version to ice creams - 80% milk and no artificials; big fat ticks as far as I'm concerned!! Plus my little one is cutting molars and having a miserable time - I'm sure these would provide great relief to her, poor thing!
ErinMJ - 3:45 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I have 3 young children (5 year old and twins of 3 years of age) and 1 especially loves milk - the others not so much. However they all love ice blocks and I think this would be a tremondous opportunity to get some more calcium (or Calciyum!) into the 2 who are less keen especially as we are experiencing such a hot humid summer.
twilightgal - 3:44 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My 3 boys aged 11, 6 & 14 months would Love to trial these also. They are all big fans of milk (4ltrs a day!!) and big fans of CalciYum Milk, yoghurts and the ice creams and are also as many other kiddies I see begging for an ice cream after school. So what better way to give them the treat they want but it also being healthy at the same time!
KimH - 3:43 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
Oh yum! My girls would love to trials these...they love calciyum milk and being froxen can only make it better!
kandis - 3:42 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would like for my son to try these for a few reasons- he is still cutting teeth so the extra calcium would be great for looking after his teeth- as well as the cold would help with those swollen gums at the back- He would love to try it because of the great flavours and general yuminess!!!
cbirch - 3:41 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I'm sure my boy would love to try these as he's never had anything like it before. And maybe his Mum would be able to help him - just to make sure they were ok!! :-)
loribradley - 3:40 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
would love to try these on miss 8, a good healthy snack with calcium is always good
mamaov3 - 3:35 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My boys would love to trial these!
Every day after kindy and school we walk past the dairy and they are always begging me to stop and buy and ice block, they love milk and milk shakes so it'd be interesting to see if these would be another milk treat they'd enjoy!
kiwitrout - 3:34 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
my girls (6 and 8) would love to try these. It would make a nice treat as they normally only drink milk and water.
Melsy78 - 3:34 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I think both my boys would love to try these. They both love the calci-yum flavoured milk so these would make the perfect afternoon snack after walking back from school.
emmam21 - 3:32 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
I would really love for my 2 year old son to try these who has just been introduced to i-blocks as he calls them. I would love for him to try a milk version - I imagine he would LOVE them!
caelbug - 2:15 PM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
My son would love these as we could tell him they are like "Pink milk on a stick", he loves strawberry milk, but we hate the amount of added sugar in the milk and I am pretty sure these would have less. Yummy for mummy and daddy too :)
smbaxter08 - 9:48 AM on Thu-2-Feb-2012 reply | message
This would be a great treat for my four year old, he hardly ever finish an ice cream would be good to see how this one goes down. He is a huge spongebob fan so that is a added bonus, would be perfect trial for us
Soul2Sole - 11:24 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
On these hot summer days I am always looking for healthy refreshing choices to give as snacks for the Active Holiday Programmes I run at our Dance studio. A nice alternative and refreshing boost I could give them without all the added flavors and colours. Thanks Calci Yum!
ekubo - 11:18 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
ds3 thinks ice-cream is one of the major food groups all on its own. This would be a huge treat for him and his big brothers. Ds2 thinks spongebob is the coolest thing around so he'd be super impressed too.
anthzzz1 - 1:19 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
We have just bought juice iceblocks for the first time (as my little girl was sick and dr said to get as much fluid in as poss) and they have been a hit. Would love to try a milk version too.
Tracey123 - 1:05 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these. My son doesnt like milk very much so we are always trying to find new things to increase his milk intake! and with summer here it would be a great way to increase fluids too!
fishface - 12:53 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
These CalciYum Milk Ices sound yum. We quite often get the Moosies so I would be interested to know if these taste even yummier and whether the kids preferred these or not. Also the fact they are on a stick compared to just the plastic case like Moosies is a bonus as the kids wouldn't need their ice blocks wrapped in a paper towel each time.
Yes please, count this family in - we have a 7 year old, a 6 year old and a 2 year old who all love iced treats. Thank you for the opportunity!!
Ashleigh - 12:47 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
My kids are ALWAYS after a cool treat after school. Would be nice to try these instead of spending a BOMB at the dairy - RIGHT outside school!
Nipper - 12:41 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
my daughter would love to try these as she thinks 'coloured' milk is a treat and i'd be happy knowing shes getting calcium rather than pure sugar
melnel - 12:40 PM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
What a great treat for healthy kids. My boys would love these I am sure. CalciYum is their favourite milky drink so a frozen variety would go down well on a hot day!
motheroffour - 11:26 AM on Wed-1-Feb-2012 reply | message
My 2 almost 3 year old is obsessed with narnna milk at the moment so these would be great to try!!
kdc - 10:50 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
The CalciYum drinks are a must everytime we go to the supermarket so getting these CaliYum Milk Ices for them to trial would be fantastic. Both my girls would love these - and great that they are in multipacks too as they never like the same flavour.
deeptibaluri - 10:25 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
yes please
Stacey21 - 9:47 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
hi there, Im a Mum of 3 (6,5 and 2). There are two reasons I would like to try this new product and potentially buy it - firstly my kids love iceblocks which we keep at home as treats but theres not a whole lot of goodness in them really! And secondly, my 2 year old doesn't like drinking milk and I do like giving her other things during the day that help out with that (eg yoghurt, cheese etc), in this hot weather (or cold probably!) it would be a healthy morning or afternoon tea. As for why our kids would like to try it - well thats easy! It looks fun and like something that is special! It comes in a pack and not a glass (thats important when you're little!) and its bright and funky! Plus they love spongebob!
nikh74 - 8:20 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
please please pick me or should i say my kids! they are in love with calciyum milkshakes and would love to try the ice blocks. we've tried making our own which are edible and get a thumbs up but i would be voted best mum (in our house only) if we could try and review these. :)
eleanor48 - 3:46 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
This would be awesome! We all love ice cream, but I feel a bit guilty about how much of it we eat... If I buy a 2l of ice cream we all dish up the most enormous bowls and it's gone in a day and a half, but I usually don't get the multipacks of individual ice creams because they're so much more expensive. If these are yummy I could probably find a way to justify it! :p The fact that they're milk based rather than cream and sugar based would set my mind at ease a bit too. Please choose us!
bridget1 - 3:28 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love to let my 5yr old trial these for you. He loves the calci yum milk drinks and so would be great to see if these would be as popular. A great after school treat on a hot summers day!
olga - 3:00 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
i would love to try this milk - our daughter is 15 months - and refuses drinking any milk but breast milk - if this milk is suitable for her age i would very very much appreciate if you could include us in the trial! thank you so much!!!
KJ - 2:34 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Our kids love calci yum drinks and calci yum yoghurts. They love iceblocks so this new product would be like heaven for them!
amy - 2:15 PM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hi, we would totally love to trial these, they would be a fantastic treat on these hot nor' west days. I have been really thinking lately about needing something like this in the freezer for my 2yo (and husband of course!). We would love to trial this as it is healthy as well as yummy - something i'm pretty careful about with our boys.
manddsteven - 11:47 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Wow, these look super exciting + they have the health tick!!
I am about to start my 13 week challenge and a personal training course at Uni next month, so the house has been cleared of a lot of food that was too high in sugar and fat and has been replaced with healthier versions.
I didn't find that much in the way of tasty treats for Reece (6) and Bailee (3) so these would be perfect! We would love to trial them - thanks for the chance!
supermums - 10:46 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
YUM! These sound fantastic! Everyone in our house loves CalciYum products! Especially there yoghurts! These ice blocks would be a great summer day treat - and it's always good to try something new!!!
3lilmonkeys - 9:54 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hi there, I would love to trial this product; the 3 brats LOVE ice cream but only get it as a treat so to have CalciYum as an ice block would be fantastic! Thanks team :-)
nixzen - 9:45 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Oh I have heard some good things about this product already! Master 5 would be first in line to try this I am sure - he loves Calciyum yoghurt and this would be a combo between his two favourite things - chocolate flavoured yoghurt & Icecream!!!!
McKennaMum - 9:42 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
I have 3 kids who love the calci yum milk and yoghurt's so would be keen to see if they like these as we are yet to try.
blake - 9:29 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
ummm....I didn't know Calciyum now has a heart tick on their ice cream. I avoid sugar treat for my kids and also in the lookout for healthier options for my children. I make home made ice blocks for my kids at the moment, but a milk option be even better. Plus it be a blessing if I could save time and buy a product knowing it is good for my children.

I would love the opportunity to sample this product - thanks Kidspot and Calciyum for the opportunity. Sounds like a great, healthier summer treat for my kids. Bring it on I say!
Mamabear - 8:49 AM on Tue-31-Jan-2012 reply | message
Like all kids, mine aged 3 and 7 love ice-cream in any weather!! This sounds like the perfectly heathy treat for any time of the year as compared to plain ice lollies. We would so love to review this for you!
ValerieL - 11:11 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My sons, aged 6 & 2 years old, have never tried CalciYum Milk Ice before. They love ice-cream, especially in such hot weather like we are experiencing now. It would be such a delicious & wonderful treat for them plus what a good way to add extra calcium into their diet while giving them a yummy treat! :)
skirts - 9:58 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Perfect time of year for this - have been raiding kidspot recipes for new recipes for homemade iceblocks as am quite fussy about what the kids have regularly, we moved to Northland from Wellington so find the heat quite intense and therefore iceblocks are a daily thing at the moment...
Have made some fab ones from the recipes but would be nice to have something store bought that is good for them and that they like too....
emily1 - 8:41 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My little one loves milk, he loves chocolatey things, banana and strawberry too, and he loves icy treats. Sounds like a match made in heaven!
marciawilson - 8:31 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My daughter just loves calci yum yoghurts and chocolate milk so I would like to try this new cold treat! Would be great to have another milk treat option to offer
mounty - 8:13 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I have trouble getting milk into my girls, so something like CalciYum milk ice might be a great way for them to get a bit more in and fun to eat.
goddess588 - 7:41 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yum! They're iceblocks made of flavoured milk. I'd love to try them, Mum! (Trent aged 12). They'd make a great healthy after school snack.
LIVINGLIFE - 7:06 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My children would love this, especially because it is spongebob too. Pick us please!:):)
SarahK - 6:18 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
YUM!!!! My kids love these yoghurts so im sure they would love to try the milk ice! We saw these in the campground shop the other day. Really wanted to try them but we had just eaten lunch!
Pick us please please! Think my kids will need a treat after starting back at school again :)
veronicad - 5:33 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Count me in! I have three children who guzzle milk endlessly. Very impressed that they have the tick. Healthy iceblocks. Who would have thought? I can see myself getting addicted to these, as well as my kids!
tyke2004 - 5:07 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My three kids would love to try this. They love flavoured milk, so how much better could a frozen treat be than frozen flavoured milk!
CaseysMum - 4:50 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My two girls would love to try these, they're both fans of the calci-yum flavoured milk so I'm sure they'll be excited to trial it in Ice form
wardma - 4:39 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these. My son loves CalciYum and he loves milk - wow having these combined in one, healthy, yummy ice would be heaven for him. I normally make ice blocks and freeze for him, but it would be nice for him to have a treat. With the Heart Foundation Tick I know that it would be a healthy treat.
scottishlass - 3:34 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Oh yes please, would love try these out, i think they would be a hit with all family members, be it the little ones ,adults or teenagers, just perfect for our summer weather , which at last seems to be here,not only yummy, but healthier option for them too,i am so impressed they have the heart tick, as this is something i always look for when purchasing food, especially one i consider a treat item as these.
aucklandjules - 3:26 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
These sound like a great way to get dairy into little ones. My kids love CalciYum yoghurt and I am sure that they would like these as they like iceblocks too. They have the Heart Foundation Tick too which is great. I would love to trial these for you.
ChevMum - 3:20 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Our kids love ice blocks and ice cream - what a perfect combination! CalciYum dairy food is a treat in this household and I'm sure the kids would love the opportunity to try the CalciYum Milk Ice too.
livandjimi - 2:16 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Id love for my 3 year old to try these, hes soooo hard to get dairy into, the only dairy he will eat is ice cream!
SandraA - 2:10 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids go bananas over the CalciYum flavoured milk drinks, and are equally as nutty about anything with the words "ice" and "lolly" in them! So I have no doubt these would be a hit - yes please we would love to review them.
lorrainehogan - 1:57 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My little boy Sheldon (2.5yr) would simply love to try these. He just loves sponge bob, and flavoured milk drinks, and is always on the go for trying new things. He would jump at the chance to try these ..... oh and me too....yummy
Mondo - 1:39 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
This sounds so delicious for summer, my 3 and 5 year old would love to try this. They love ice cream and ice blocks and I am always looking for healthy options for kids and this sounds great with no artificial flavors etc.
MAMANANNA - 1:37 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Like the fact its heart tick as we buy heart tick products due to hubby have heart problem would love the chance to try sure miss 8 and 1 and probably adults also would try .Good source of calicum
nsohail - 1:27 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old doesn't like milk. everyday i have to argue with her over the milk, it gets too tiring. i think if she try calciyum milk ice and likes them then i have one less chore to do :)
saranorman88 - 1:25 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yes please - my angels would love these xxxx
michele - 1:23 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My 2 children adore iceblocks and flavoured milk and would love to try these please.
lynne - 1:19 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
have 3 girls that would love to trial these please
lynleyg - 1:15 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Hayden (6) and Jemma (4) would love to try these. It sounds like a great after school/ kindy snack idea that would feel like a treat and still be fairly healthy.
Glenfelik - 1:12 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yum - The kids & I would love to try these out. My kids are avid yoghurt and popsicle eaters - so would be great to try something new. And having just spent the weekend watching the Spongebob marathon (not all of it -but enough for me) they LOVE Spongebob!
gysmo - 1:10 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My 5 yr old and 3 yr old just adore calciyum, We would love to be included in this review. Sounds like a interesting product
ralf - 1:02 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Would love to try CalciYum Milk Ice. My son doesn't get a lot of ice blocks unless I make them as I don't like some of the nasties that are put into them. These look a lot better then what else is out there.
stumpie - 12:50 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son would love to try CalciYum Milk Ice, he loves the Calci Yum yoghurt and flavoured milk.
berry - 12:49 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Masters 8 and 5 would love to trial these - there would be nothing better than coming home from a hot busy day at school to a delicious CalciYum Milk Ice.
IceKiwi - 12:41 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My children would love to trial these, Miss7,Mr6, Miss4 & Mr3. We need other ways to get more calcium in their diet and these look delicious. Plus they would make a really special treat.
miggs9 - 12:34 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
my 3 yr old would love to try these - he has had the odd popsicle after a hot day at kindy but I'd rather he had something a bit more nutritious (esp with the heart tick!) that would fill him up a bit more. Any flavour would be great
george8 - 12:24 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Miss 5 has been asking and asking me to get these, I've been waiting for them to come on special so I can get them for her to try.
Toristar - 12:22 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son ***** would love to try these new ice-blocks as he's just starting to try ice-blocks and seems to love them! I'm trying to get more milk into him - he's almost 2 - but he doesn't have very much milk at all. Would LOVE to try the chocolate ones please.
terry100 - 12:21 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids love having an iceblock especially on a hot day and these would be great knowing they're that little bit healthier having the Heart Foundation tick and also by increasing their calcium intake.
julianne - 12:19 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Oh yes please, my boy 3 loves any ice block and always trying to find ones that are good for him too.
Shell - 12:18 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My eight year old often asks for a box of ice blocks when we're in the supermarket but my answer is always 'no'. I look at the price and wonder what if they don't like them and no one eats them - what a waste of $'s. We would love to try CalciYum Milk Ice to see if they meet the kids approval on taste and my approval on cost.
kozmo - 12:17 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
This is quite a cool idea, Miss 5 is a fan of milk , over summer Im often scanning what kind of cold treats we can pop in the freezer. and she loves sponge bob so these would probably be a hit
tessa771 - 12:14 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids love these drinks, so can only imagine how crazy they would go over them as Ice Blocks! I also love how they have the heart tick so you know your not fulling them up on junk!
NZGeekGirl - 12:03 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
We would love to trail these, My eldest is often asking for dessert and it would be nice to have a healthy option for her and for my youngest.
vish - 12:00 PM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
What a nice way to get kids to get their calcium intake.. This way you feel good about such treats.. I'd rather get these than the normal sugar-filled junk.. Eager to try this and what lovely flavours.. WOW
Hil - 11:57 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
What a FANTASTIC way to get more calcium in to children. I know my kids would LOVE these if we are picked to trial them.
Haylee9 - 11:56 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My girls love the milk drink! Ice blocks are such a great idea and a good way to get some calcium into their wee tummies! Would love to give this a go!
nikki - 11:55 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Oh i would love to give this to my children, mr2 loves his milk and often when he has been told he is allowed a treat a choc calci yum milk is his first choice, and now lil miss nearly 10months can suck on a straw she loves to suck on the straw once her big brother has finished in the hope he may have left some lol.
lisap - 11:54 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yes Please!!!! My son is a fussy eater and this would be another way of him getting calcium.
misstupac - 11:53 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
my son loves ice blocks/ice creams and i would like for him to try this because of this reason: CalciYum Milk Ice is a great treat for children - it's 80% milk and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. It has the National Heart Foundation tick of approval, and of course, is full of dairy goodness.

to me, that means it is a healthier alternative than other brands!!

thanks :)
Janet - 11:52 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yes Please, my two boys would love to try these :)
Nilithya - 11:52 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My daughter is mad on ice blocks at the moment & has even been making her own. She would love to try these, I haven't seen them before but our kids love the CalciYum yoghurts & they would be a nice way to get some more dairy into her diet too. Thanks!
emjane - 11:52 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yes please! My kids aren't big milk drinkers so getting extra calcium this way would be great.
anit - 11:50 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My family needs more calcium.. and with being fussy with drinking plain milk.. this is a great way to healthy treat.. Would love to trial these..
nessee - 11:50 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I am a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Spongebob Fan so and love the idea of a healthy, refreshing, cooling, tasty treat for my young one on a warm summer's day! I would soooo love to trial these and have seen them in the supermarket but never just have enough money to purchase them -
mary110370 - 11:40 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
What an awesome idea! And they would be perfect as a quick, easy and healthy dessert now summer has finally arrived. We would love the opportunity to trial these.
cj - 11:39 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would love to try new CalciYum Milf Ice as they are HUGE fans of the milk and on hot days in Hawkes Bay, it would be a very delicious treat!
maricris - 11:35 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial them for my 2 boys. I always get them some popsicles because they like those.. It would be nice to try this because it seems healthier and they get the calcium they need too. Plus both of my boys loves Spongebob Squarepants :)
franruss - 11:34 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My three school kids would love to try these - they sound like an excellent summer afternoon tea snack.
Fjsandemma - 11:32 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My girls would love to sample these icy treats because they love iceblocks
Mumof2Girls - 11:31 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My two girls (Miss 2 and Miss nearly 5) would love to try these. They are both looking for a treat when my eldest finishes Kindy in the afternoon - these would be perfect as they have a healthy side too!!! They are both iceblock junkies but only really get to have them once in a while so to have some to trial would be a real blast for them. :)
pearl3 - 11:06 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
with 3 very busy boys and not very big milk drinks, would be the perfect way for them to get their calcium
sebadilaimi - 11:01 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
These would be perfect in our house as we have three different aged children, 8 7 and 5. Would be great to see which ones they like. Also the fact that it has mostly milk is brilliant!!
gemm73 - 10:58 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My little one would love to try these, this would be such a treat, they look yummy and he would love to share them with his little friends!!
Judz - 10:57 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
These would be perfect for my daughter at the moment as she has all her molars cutting through at once! poor thing so something yummy and cold that isnt unhealthy for her would be just PERFECT!!
dayauon - 10:57 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
my daughter said, it looks yummy and chocolatey! with summer almost over, this will be a good treat for my kids who were sort of behave (???) during the holidays. they love anything cold!! hope we'll be chosen. thanks!
shellcruise - 10:53 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Keana would love to trial this. I am currently breast feeding my new baby and she is rather jealous that she still can't have the 'special milk' so this would be awesome to trial as she could drink at the same time Kaylee does - please choose us :)
janette - 10:47 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
ohhh yes please, my 2 year old would looooove to trial these!
flower35 - 10:44 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would luv to try this, I have a 7 year old, a 5 year old and a 2 year old and I am sure they would all luv these. They look so yummy.
manz23 - 10:44 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I think this would be perfect fo rmy son.Heloves milk and yoghurt.I know he would love the ice blocks.It will also probably soothe his molars that are coming out.:)
stacleaning - 10:37 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love to trial this as she loves drinking milk/milo calci-yum choc milk.but has not yet tried any frozen milk ice-block things... She also has three friends that always come over who I know she would love to share them with and get more feedback :)
kiwikelly - 10:35 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My 2.5 yr old would love to try these out, he is a huge fan of any type of iceblock! It would be a good treat to have while his baby sister has her milk ;)
Sammie151515 - 10:29 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these out. We have a 4 year old girl. These always catch her eye at the Supermarket!
shorrty4life - 10:22 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love this product because she loves her milos in the morning she is sooo adicted to milo!! So she would almost think it is a frozen milo but tastes even better =)
raglanmum - 10:20 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Mmmmm! What kids wouldn't want to try these yummy looking frozen treats! My kids enjoy a calci-yum milk box as a treat sometimes, and it would be nice for them to try the frozen version!
gonzze - 10:19 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I have 5 Children that would love to review the calciyum milk ice.they would love to try them as they like trying new things and are good at telling you what they think about some thing.And its not allways easy to no if they are getting all the calciyum they need so trying a treat with calciyum in it would be good
stokers - 10:17 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Im sure my 2 boys would love to try these, would make a really good treat!
Nessa - 10:16 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My girls would love to try these. My 3 year old loves milk so these would be a great treat for her and my 5 year old loves Spongebob. These would keep them cool on a hot day but also give them some sort of nutrition rather than the plain old ice blocks.
kymmage - 10:07 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
We would LOVE to review and trial these for you. My daughter LOVES Sponge Bob, LOVES flavoured milk and TRIPLE LOVES iceblocks. This would be a very welcome product in our house I'm sure.
Mardi - 10:04 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My boys are really enjoying their ice blocks over the summer & would really love to try these, please pick us
rachaelsfun - 10:00 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
OMG my nephews master 8 and master 8 mo (who is really into iceblocks and milk drinks and loves the calciyum milk drinks ) ..would love this :) and great they have something for the older kids too!!! as well as the younger ones would love to review it xxx
sandramaree1 - 9:59 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
i want to eat them..i love the chocolate one. my kids like them too but theyre fussy about which would be good to try them all.
GoMummyJo - 9:56 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would love to try them because they have spongebob on the front - perfect consumers.
foxy7 - 9:55 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I have real trouble getting milk into my kids, BUt they will drink flavoured milk.
becksmum - 9:55 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these! Have 3 children and a struggle to get milk into 2 of them.
becs12345 - 9:51 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son 4 loves the calci yum yogurts! He has seen these in the supermarket (they sort of stand out with Spongebob on the box lol ). We would love to trial these. Fingers crossedXX.
MaryMc - 9:51 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love the Grandkids to try this. One will drink milk, the other is not keen - maybe the one who is not keen would like this!
kiwimel - 9:50 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Since my eldest was 2 (she is now nearly 9), we have always had a Calci Yum drink on food shopping day as a treat for the way home. Miss 4 has taken over that tradition now. It is by far the nicest tasting flavoured milk, and I'm guessing these Milk Ice blocks are just as tasty. We would love to try them :)
samh1611 - 9:48 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
his would be really awesome to try with my 2 and a half year old she loves ice cream and milkshakes but i don't like giving in to her because they are not very healthy at all! so if she likes these they will defiantly be her new treat. the heart foundation tick is excellent to
DaniTaylor - 9:48 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
As a treat, i give the kids calci yum milk. They love it. So does mummy.. So would love to trial iceblocks especially in summer.
karinlee - 9:48 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids love the Calci Yum drink and they would love this too. We have seen them in the shops but have not tried them yet. We would love to trial this product.
Littletoes - 9:42 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this product with my two munchkins!! Excited to see what banana is like!!
kay8805 - 9:40 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
oh id love to try these with my fussy daughter!! awesome =) bet they are yum yum
Lindanne - 9:39 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My grandson would love these, he loves anything made with milk.
taylerr - 9:39 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these for my 2 and a half year old. She's a very fussy eater but she loves her milk so this would be ideal.
doolally - 9:37 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My lot would love to trial this. They think they should have dessert every night and i wouldnt mind if it had something good in it for them. I just know they wont care whats in them so long as they taste good and of course having spongebob on the pack wont hurt either lol!
vickster444 - 9:35 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
This would be fantastic! We would love to trial these, my son is always asking for cold milkshakes with icecream, this would be so much easier and healthier!! If he likes them, they could be a regular in the shopping trolley, the heart foundation tick makes it even better! Thanks.
kaytie - 9:32 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Kids don't drink a lot of milk and refuse to eat a lot of calcium filled vegies, would love to see if could get calcium into them in a healthy way
linkjazz - 9:31 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial them with miss 2 and mr 5
Cocoqu - 9:31 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
oooohhhh my 5 would love to try these. I always find it hard to get something that they ALL like - especially when it's a 'healthier' alternative - has the Heart Tick. Looks like this could be a go-er.
KrisT - 9:31 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
In the summer heat my girls love to eat anything cool. They are both big fans of milk too. So the combination of the two make this trial ideal.
floydsmum - 9:30 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I have a son who loves ba blocks as he calls them, often even asks for them at breakfast! (I dont give in by the way!!) Would love to give these a try to see what he thinks
tubachick - 9:30 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
we would love to try calci yum iceblocks - im sure my 2 year old will think they are yummy and fun as well as a great way to get some more calcium into children expecially my daughter who doesn't really eat cheese :)
ingie83 - 9:29 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Would be nice to have a healthier treat for my fussy son. With the heart foundation tick this is something i would definitely consider buying in our groceries in future
Franda - 9:28 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would LOVE to trial this! They both like Calci Yum, so I'm pretty sure they will love the ice blocks. My 3 year old does not want to drink milk at all any more, so I like to use all other ways I can to get some more calcium into him :-)
sbooker - 9:27 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Ooh these sound good! My DD3 does not get nearly enough calcium in her diet but these would be a great way to help! She loves icecream so i'm sure these would go down just as well! I'm sure her calciyum mad dad would be happy to give an adults opinion too! :-)
Shobo - 9:26 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My family would love to trial CalciYum Milk Ice, because it's great to have something healthy and good for you and your bones.
cherrytf - 9:26 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Oooh... I'm sure my kids would love to try this out. We usually only give them yogurt or they make their own juice ice pops. This would be a healthy alternative.
Mutt - 9:25 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My eldest daughter tried one of the chocolate ones a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Everytime we go grocery shopping she is always asking to get some. Would love to be able to try them on the other two children and see what they think of them as well. Think these are a fantastic way to be able to get the extra calcium into their growing bodies.
aimzicol - 9:25 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Yes please. My three daughters would love to try CalciYum Milk Ice. They love milk and treats so this is perfect :)
harksgal - 9:24 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son loves calcium drinks, i think its awesome because they are so good for you. Would love my son to trial these. Please consider us :)
jopukeko - 9:22 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My children have a frozen yogurt most days. (homemade) as it is a fun way to get calcium into them. They would love to try these as have fun packaging and are I'm sure they will taste great too. I like that they have been given the heart tick and contain lots of calcuim. I can see there will be some discussions about which flavour to buy.
bassplayer - 9:22 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids love spongebob so that has them willing to try anything new! We make our yoghurt which helps with getting dairy into them but I find that they need to have more. One way has been for us to put the yoghurt in the freezer to make 'ice pops'. I like that fact that it's 80% milk and has no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and it has the National Heart Foundation tick of approval - this makes me happier to buy it for the kids. Having it available at the supermarket makes it easy to put in the trolley as well.
IEmzI - 9:21 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old son loves the Calcium Drinks (or Moo Cow drinks as he calls them) & is forever asking for them...I'm sure he'd absolutely love to try the CalciYum Milk Ice.
Hales - 9:21 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves milk and these yoghurts and would love to try these! she is 3 awesome for summer!
lmiln003 - 9:21 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would love to try these! The 3 of them love the calciyum dairyfood yoghurts so it would be great to see if they loved these as much too
samala - 9:20 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My kids would love these! My son who is 4 loves his yogurt and ice-cream's, such a dairy fan. My daughter who is just about to turn 2 will love these too. These would be great to try for the hot sunny days and for a treat after dinner. Thankyou very much.
AnnaES - 9:19 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
Our girls would LOVE to trial this for you and tell you what they think! (Would make a nice treat after a long, hard, hot day back at school!!) Rachael, 9, usually likes anything with milk in it whereas Michelle, 7, likes some milk things and not others. If they trial they can tell you what they think about them! (The Calcium and the Heart Foundation tick are great recommendations to me for growing healthy bodies).
Salby - 9:19 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
I would love for my Mr 2 to try these as a treat. Another great way to get calcium into his diet.
TraceyF - 9:18 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
we would love to try these as my kids always put their calciyum youghurts in the freezer as they prefer them this way, so it would be great to see if these are taste the same
dlscott - 9:17 AM on Mon-30-Jan-2012 reply | message
My son is 21 months and loves dairy! He'd especially love to try some milk ice in this heat! I'm sure! Thanks.

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