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Group Name: Kids Smart Vita Gummies

Delicious chewable Bioglan Kids Smart Gummies are packed with essential nutrients, assisting with eye health, learning, healthy brain function, immune system and behavior.

There are three great products in the Kids Smart Gummies range: Multi & Vegies, Vitamin C & Zinc, and Omega 3 Fish Oil. Multi & Vegies contains a great combination of multivitamin & vegies, has a great tasting berry flavour and contains 9 essential vitamins plus added carrot, tomato, spinach, beetroot & artichoke. Vitamin C & Zinc contains a dynamic duo of Vitamin C plus zinc for immunity, tastes fantastic and provides cold & flu relief. Omega-3 Fish Oil contains Omega-3 essential fatty acids, an important nutrient for growing children.

Mums Say offered 50 members the opportunity to trial and review Kids Smart Vita Gummies. Each selected reviewer received a set of 3 Vita Gummies (one of each variety).

*** Reviewers have been chosen - read the reviews below ***

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.


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fishface - 11:12 AM on Sat-8-Sep-2012 reply | message
I wanted to update with a post winter comment. None of our 3 kids had a serious cold/flu all winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it was just coincidence but I reckon these vitamins made a huge difference. A couple of times they would get a slight cough and cold symptoms but it would be gone within a few days. And my youngest who had 3 serious bronchialitis type bouts in the months of may to june hasn't had anything except a runny nose and cough for the whole past 3 months (july, aug, sept). I am very impressed!

So a huge thank you for this trial, its been really beneficial.
QsMum - 8:22 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Well, we have finished the bottles we were sent. They definitely made a difference over this Winter. My son loved them and reminded me if I forgot. I think he would have taken them even if they weren't so sugary.

As we were taking more than one kind, as a parent it would have been easier to remember which ones I'd given him if they were different colours for different types - or clearly different shapes. A few times in the chaos of breakfast, school lunch and homework check I'd forget which one's I'd already given him.

I am a convert to the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) labelling. I like to know how much I should top him up, so I look for that on the label. I couldn't find that on the bottles I had.

Being on a tight budget I tried a different - hard chewable tablet - Vitamin C & Zinc. It had higher levels of Vitamin C and the same amount of Zinc, but my son didn't like them as much and wouldn't be queuing up for them in the morning or reminding me if I forgot, so when the Bioglan ones went on special I got some more of them and he's back to reminding me.

So, if you are an undecided parent, or parent of a fussy eater I would definitely recommend that you give these a go. Having a heavy cold free Winter has been a blessing for us. The only time he got a mild cold was when I hadn't taken the Pastilles with us on holiday.

P.S Like one of the other parents below, I found the childproof lids had to be really pushed down and twiddled to work.
Jacqs45 - 12:12 PM on Fri-27-Jul-2012 reply | message
Have finished and great to see they are on sale this week at countdown, no sick kiddies so far, sure vitamins in them makes a difference
Cazza - 5:58 PM on Thu-26-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well, my oldest two have been taking the vit C and Zinc, and they have both avoided the colds going round, Master 2 was taking them but stopped over the hol's when the vits went with the two big kids, he then got sick. Now they are all on the vege ones, so will see how they go.
JacqIAm - 10:04 PM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message

fryer1 - 1:31 PM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have now finished the vita gummies that were sent to us. Have added them to our shopping list for this week. The kids think they are great and I like knowing that they are getting extra goodness over and above their healthy diet and I believe they have helped them avoid getting the nasty colds that have been going around their friends and also myself (maybe I should be taking them)
Ruth4 - 11:57 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids loved these gummies, I even used them as a bribe not letting anyone have theirs untill their morning jobs were done. Who knew it would be so easy to get nutrients into kids. We have been surrounded by colds and flu lately but so far none of my kids have been sick. Usually at least one of my four kids has a sniffle at this time of the year.
fishface - 9:30 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
It's been a while since I last wrote - holidays have gotten in the way :0)

These gummies continue to be a hit in our household with all 3 kids more than happy to take their vitamins each day. Master 2 thinks they are lollies and always wants more than the allotted two a day I give them. I'm pleased there is a kiddie lock on the cap as he would more than happily scoff the lot in one sitting if he could!
So on a taste front, these get a 10/10 from the kids. From me, not so much as I find them a bit sweet (but I'm not the one target market so I think thats acceptable!)

On a nutritional/health front these so far get a 10/10 too. Master two had had 3 very bad colds over a 6 week period prior to us starting this trial but since starting it he's been a picture of good health with not even a runny nose in sight. Such a relief as we were all getting tired from so many sleepless nights and worries about his breathing etc.
Fingers crossed that it stays that way or that if he does get sick his body can fight it off a lot easier than before.
petitemumma - 5:17 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
my kids still absolutely love these & they give me peace of mind as my kids do not eat alot. im a bit naughty as i sometimes use these as a eat all yr dinner and then you can have your works ;) .the only thing i wasnt sure about was the mercury content on the omega 3 fish oil ones, as it doesnt say on the packaging but i looked up on the website & it says they are fine & have been checked for mercury. i will def be buying more of these :) these are a huge hit in our house.
Sarahmurray - 12:19 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
These are great nutrition products for my boy. Thanks for Kidspot and Bioglan offering the original product sizes. I was amazed to receive the full size as they cost a lot! He loves them so much. After we received them, I swapped his gummy with vita gummies and he really enjoyed them. He likes Omega 3 gummies the best as this is the softest. I would recommend if the gummies can be made as soft as the normal gummies will be great. Plus, the label is colourful and bright which helps me and him remember his favourite. I also like the secure cap which can protect his little hand from stealing “yummy”.
After a month trial, I conclude these vita gummies will be our future supply for kids. We definitely will keep purchasing them.<br>
QsMum - 12:17 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
I know it's not a clinical trial, but we noticed a big difference when a 'Boy Flu' came calling. We were away from home and had forgotten to pack the Gummies. When the Boy came down with a nasty cough and glassy eyes it was a mad dash home to collect them. The results were fantastic, the next day he was less cough-y and more active. It hasn't got rid of the 'Boy Flu' but it has been down graded to a 'cold'. Hard to know which of the Gummies did the trick, as he takes them all, but I am grateful. He is too, as his is well enough to go see Ice Age 4!
:o) :o) :o)
Jacqs45 - 11:58 AM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
kids still loving them get a gentle reminder each morning if I have forgotten, will have to go out and buy some more. Sure its having an effect on the girls and just makes me happy that they are not missing out on anything in their diets
LindaK - 9:47 AM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
I just wanted to do an update now that the Gummies are almost all gone.

My 6 year old loves them so much that we will definitely be buying more. He looks forward to his Gummies each morning and night, and it's reassuring for us as parents to know he's getting those extra nutrients he was missing out on before. Definitely recommended for the fussy eaters!

Thanks again for including us in the trial. Excellent product :)
ankmika - 3:11 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
Was just reading other reviews and had a good wee giggle at atasfairys comment.

is it okay to have all two out of all three bottles, the kids quickly assured me that it was...

LOL I was pondering the same thought out loud when the gummies first arrived Son piped up and said 'MUM They would not have put in on the label if it wasn't ok" !!!

ankmika - 3:01 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message

Another quick update~~

My son is still taking the vita gummies and I have defiantly noticed he is calmer so I will continue to buy the omega fish oil gummies long after this bottle is finished.

sarahrv - 7:46 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for letting us trail these. We have now finished all 3 bottles and my boys are very sad. They LOVED them and reminded me every morning and night about them.
We had my sister and her 2 girls come to stay and both girls loved them except her youngest (4) didn't like the Multi Vitamin + Vege Gummies.....
I have found them a great way to get all the essentials into my boys. Now I just need to find them at the shops :-)
Once again - thank you so much for letting us trial them - my boys have loved them :-)
blushfulbabe - 10:55 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have been trialling these one bottle for each of my children. All 3 children are enjoying taking them and I don't think I could forget to give them one as they ask for them before I could have a chance. My fussy eater is doing well and after a few meltdowns over the picture of fruit and the word vege's on the packaging he is happy to take them and loves the flavour. I have almost needed to hide the omega 3 from my 8yr old as he loves them and wants more, he looks forward to having one after breakfast and dinner. My 12yr daughter has said the vitamin c + zinc are just like lollies although the smell is a little off putting but doesn't effect the flavour. So we are very happy with these Vitamins. I love the packaging and the information on the labels. The only concern I have is the amount of sugar coating but the shapes colours and everything else is great. Thank you for letting us trial this product we will continue to buy all of these for our children
fryer1 - 9:31 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids and I are very happy with these vitamins. The kids are great at reminding me if I forget to give them to them in the morning rush. These have been a great supplement to their diet over the winter months and the kids have been healthy and full of energy. They are more focused too. These are a great product and will definitely be continuing using them.
Pearlywhite - 11:06 AM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Still loving these vitamins and finding them a great additional to the kids diets over the winter months. We're nearly out of our supply now and will definitely be buying more shortly. Brilliant.
jdsmum - 10:05 AM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
This stuff is AMAZING!! I have brought and wasted money on so many things and finally found something my boy enjoys!!! First impression was that they look like lollies and taste like lollies so master 4 just thought he was having lollies! The jar they are in are bright coloured so are more appealing ! I would highly recommend them to others especially if they have kids that are fussing about anything we give them like my boy!!
Cazza - 2:51 PM on Sun-1-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well, the kids have all been taking the vita gummies, I have started with the vitamin C and Zinc as there have been a few colds around at the moment, and touch wood, the only child who has a cold is Harper who is to young to take the vitamins, all the others seem fine on that front. They are definitely easy for the kids to take, no tablets to swallow or hard ones to crunch, they also make great bribery when you want them to wash the dishes! Will keep posting as things progress.
JacqIAm - 8:16 PM on Sat-30-Jun-2012 reply | message
Back again as I promised, week 2 and master 5 still very keen on them, he did forget to have his "fish jelly" one morning and told me after school that he had real trouble, and I must remember to give it to him each morning.

Master 2 still not interested in them, I even stuck them in the lolly jar, he went after them but once again sucked the sugar off then gave them back to me, hmmmmm
leelee1994 - 6:49 PM on Sat-30-Jun-2012 reply | message
My family has been testing out the VitaGummies for two weeks now. Our first impressions were that, like everyone else, they look like lollies and they taste like lollies. The containers are clear with bright stickers so you can see the gummies. My 10 year old had no problem getting past the "Childproof" lids - perhaps if the containers were not clear, then they may not entice too much want from the kids. I also have a big concern about the sugar on the outside. As another mother suggested, surely it is possible to have the gummies without extra sugar.
My son was just starting a cold when we got them. He was taking two of each kind a day and his cold lasted only 5 days. He also really liked the flavours and we found that there was no bad aftertaste with any of them. As a bonus, we had parent/teacher interviews and my son has been less chatty in the last week and more focused - could be the Omega 3's at work.
I would definitely recommend them for the little ones but after the age of 10, they are probably better off with stronger vitamins.
Gillymama - 11:55 PM on Fri-29-Jun-2012 reply | message
These reviews are great! I'm going to look for them when I do the shopping tomorrow.
atasfairys - 6:06 AM on Thu-28-Jun-2012 reply | message
My first thought was is it okay to have all two out of all three bottles, the kids quickly assured me that it was, they think they are lollies and think I have tried to trick them by putting them into medicine bottles. wonders will never cease the thoughts that kids have in the thinking that I would go to such extreme to hide the lollies. They really do think they are having a treat and I must a mitt they are nice. worth buying and is a product that will remain in our house, thank you for the chance to try these xoxo
atmum - 4:48 PM on Tue-26-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much Kidspot and Bioglan for allowing us to try the awesome Vita Gummies!!
When I opened the package both of my children were very excited. The packaging (on the bottles) were very appealing with the cute fruit with big eyes! My 3 year old loved them and told me what each fruit was.
They look and apparently taste just like lollies, so it was not hard at all to get them to take the Vita Gummies. I asked my 6 year old and 3 year old how they were and they both said "yummy".
Everyday, I tell the kids "VitaGummies time" and they both run in and get their bowls ready.
I feel great knowing that they are getting the added nutrients that sometimes can be hard to implement into children's everyday diets.
Not sure if it's the Gummies or not but my son seems to be more focused when he does his homework after school and is starting to take things on board and remember them.
I will definately be continuing with at least 1 or 2 of the Vita Gummies and will recommend them to others!
Thanks again!
cove - 4:12 PM on Tue-26-Jun-2012 reply | message
My children have been taking their new Vita Gummies for a week now. My two youngest were home when the parcel arrived and were very excited when they got to open the parcel. Initial thought to packaging was good. Clear instructions as to how many "gummies" to take.I had told the children that we were getting vitamins to trial and what vitamins were for, so before they arrived each child new which bottle was theirs.

My eldest takes the Omega 3 (age 9) and she loves them. I let her try all three and this one is her favourite. I have found her alot more alert and her consentration is better. Next is the Multi which my 3 year old takes. Only one of these are required each day so she did notice her siblings getting two and at first wasnt impressed but i explained that's what it said on the bottle and that's what the "doctor" said to take. She was ok with that! I have noticed her appetite has improved as she is a fussy eater.
My son who is 2 1/2 takes the Vitamin C and he loves them also. So far so good.

For the first few days of the trial my youngest two asked for another gummy every (what seemed to be ) every half hour but now they know they get them after they have finished their breakfast. I have had no problems with the kids trying to open the bottles, i did read other reviews which said their children can open the lids, but mine havent tried. I would definately recommend these to friends and family especially the Omega 3. None of my children had a problem with the flavours they trialed and all were happy with what they had. In the supermarket these price at around $19 a bottle. I think i will def keep up with the Omega 3 with my eldest.These are reallt convenient to take.

Thank you Kidspot and Bioglan Kids Smart Vita Gummies. A great product for us to trial and they were relevant to our needs.
flower35 - 4:07 PM on Tue-26-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thankyou for picking us to trail these vitamins, these have been a huge hit with my kids aged 8/5/2 and a half, I tell them they are vitamins, but they are like lollies and they luv them, I give them the recommend amount each day and they try and get more if they could. They luv all the flavours and probably like the omega ones the best, I only give these ones to my 2 1/2 year old as I feel the other ones are abit hard for her, but my other two kids luv them. I would def buy them again and recommend them to others. I have tried a few vitamins now and there was one that was a jelly and liquid in the middle and my son hated it, so I'm so pleased to find some finally that they all luv!! Thankyou once again.
michp - 6:26 PM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message
We received our products last week and the kids (9,6.5 & 4yrs) were very keen to try them. They were interested in finding out what each bottle was for and we had a good talk about the benefits of taking them. They have all enjoyed them all, but the preference is the Omega 3 as they like the variety of shapes and flavours in the bottle and say they are the softest to eat. My 9 and 6.5 yr olds can easily open the lids (as they can read the instructions on how to do this) but the childproof lid works well for my youngest who would try and eat the whole lot if given the chance.

My only concern with these vitamins is that the kids view them as lollies and I ahve always maintained lollies are a treat so I'm struggling with given these to the kids on a daily basis - I always refer to them as their vitamins to ensure they know the difference. I'm very lucky that none of my 3 are fussy eaters and do enjoy a balance diet...therefore vitamins are not essential (though vitamin c during winter is a must, and the benefits of Omega 3 are widely known). I feel this product would be best suited to those children who don't/won't eat a balanced diet. Thanks for the opportunity to trial them - my kids are loving them!
adele - 3:28 PM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message
My kids have been taking these for about a week now and are loving them. I certainly don't have to remind them to have their vitamins - to them they are more like lollies (fruit jubes). Unfortunately, the child-proof top was soon overcome by my 10 year and he has soon taken it upon himself to dole out one each for himself and his 5 year old brother every morning at breakfast. I must say these vitamins have gone down a hit and they never forget to take them! They have been keeping well with no sign of any sniffles or anything so I'm sure they can only help. Thanks for the opportunity to try them out - they were certainly well received!
Jacqs45 - 2:03 PM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message
Kids still liking them hassling me each morning for them. A great way to make them take their vitamins
pkcy - 11:09 AM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks very much to Bioglan and Kidspot for the opportunity to try the Vita Gummies! Previous to the trial I had tried a syrup type supplement for the kids which they don't like and won't take so I was very keen to give these a go. I have 4 and a half year old twins and they've been on these for a week now. They both love the product and are keen to finish breakfast so they can have the gummie before doing teeth and off for the day. I was a little hesitant on trying the Omega Fish Oil ones because both kids have had a vomiting reaction to fish before, so we tried these on a quite day where I could watch out for any reaction - they both complained of a sore tummy at one stage but that was all. Unfortunately they must has disagreed with my daughter because she won't take anymore saying they taste funny, my son hasn't complained again and is still taking them. Overall they're a great product, kids think they're just like lollies and see them as a treat. I tried a couple and thought they tasted good too. The labelling I thought was very clear on dosage, benefits and nutritional info. I'll be purchasing more to continue with especially as my son is so fussy when it comes to dinner and eating veges, also with not being able to eat fish the Omega gummies are perfect and at this stage don't show any reactions.
ankmika - 9:51 AM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message

Another wee update-

My son has been taking these for just over a week now.
On Friday he showed me a award docket he got from school which is very very impressive for him as in the 2 years he has been at school this is his first.(its the schools award system for good children)and my son got his for being good at school all week. This could just be a coincident as he has only been taking the gummies a week but at home I have noticed he is much calmer.

I will keep him on the vitamins (especially the fish oil) and look forward to seeing if the change is due to the gummies.
ssi8 - 6:49 AM on Sat-23-Jun-2012 reply | message
My four year old doesn't like jelly-like sweets so she's not taking these vitamins/omega 3. My 6 year old boy and 9 year old girl are LOVING these vitamins/omega three. I have to ask them to check the maximum dosages. We've settled on these products being part of the after school snack period so that we can easily remember to take the correct amount. The kids feel like they are getting a treat but I am so happy to be able to get extra Omega 3 into the kids (they don't like the capsules), and with their picky eating (only the 9 year old will eat vegetables, and not all of them) I love the Vitamins + Veggies. The kids enjoy that each different different type of gummies has different shapes and different flavours, so its easy to get them to take all 3 kinds. I sometimes see these products on special at the supermarket so I'm going to buy up large next time they are on special! Thanks for making it easier to keep the kids healthy, even in winter.
JacqIAm - 9:40 PM on Fri-22-Jun-2012 reply | message
The parcel arrived on Saturday, so the boys have had them for 6 days now.

It was a mixed result

Hubby & myself tried them and found them fine, we have purchased the bioglan omega 3 squirt capsules and they had a sickly syrupy flavour so these were so much more enjoyable, much like a hard jubes.

Master 5 LOOOVVED all 3 gummies and I have to admit he does seem more happy when I pick him up from school and I have had positive comments from his teacher this week as well, coincidence? So yes I do believe he is more focused, if not calmer.

Master 2 sadly hates all 3, and he was the one I really wanted to eat the multi-vitamins with veges as he's going through an anti-vege phase.
Each morning he was happy to grab one each from the bottle, proceed to suck the sugar coating off & then throw them to the dog or stick them back on the table.
He is a lazy eater so I think they were too chewy for him.

I'm gonna try and stick them into our lollies jar this week and see if that works for master two.

Will keep you posted
TarrynK - 7:14 PM on Fri-22-Jun-2012 reply | message
Just a quick update on my previous review:

Erin has just had her before school check and I was told by one of the Plunket ladies that the Omegas help with concentration...... well I'm not sure if it is the gummies but I have seen a marked change in my daughter's concentration since taking these gummies. Think we might hang onto these ones :)
Mardi - 11:38 AM on Fri-22-Jun-2012 reply | message
We picked our's up on Monday after work (as we missed them being delivered)

Wee Sterling carried them in the door very excited that his Vitamins had arrived,we'd just finished the last lot we had in the cupboard that morning so was perfect timing.

He was really keen to try them there & then,told him he had to wash his hands etc before he could have them (which he done without complaining lol)

Both Roth & Sterling like these,think the sugar helps too.

I've always struggled to find one vitamin that both boys will take,so we've always ended up with 2 different products going at the same time for them.

I tried all 3 ,I found the Multi vit & veggies a little chewy but that hasn't bothered either of my boys,they seem to like all 3 flavours.

Think I'll be sticking to this brand as they seem to be doing what they say they will,wee Sterling is sick at the moment & he isn't as bad as would have been .

I used this bran before & have never had any issues with them

Thanks again,will add some photo's of my boys taking them later ;0)
sarahrv - 7:52 AM on Fri-22-Jun-2012 reply | message

These arrived on Tuesday on Mr 3's now 4s Birthday - both boys couldn't wait to break into the packaging and open up the bottles. Of course they had to try them there and then and then again after dinner (1 each time) - now they can't believe they are getting lollies for breakfast! and can't wait for the 2nd tablet - we have all tried them (my husband and I couldn't resist) and they are yummy!
My sister is down with her girls this weekend, so they will try them too.

Thank you very much for picking our family to trial the Vita Gummies :-)
SarahK - 10:12 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the reviews everyone!! Im gona buy some of these for my girls and give them a go myself!
Lisahk - 8:25 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
Love, love, love these vitamins. Kids come racing in the door from school each day and promptly do all their afternoon jobs so that they can get their daily dose. I've never seen them so eager to get their work done...nothing like a sweet bribe! I don't blame them though because they are delicious. I asked them all individually which was their most favorite flavour and six out of seven of them liked the multivitamin and vegies. They all agreed that the vitamin c and zinc was their least favourite but they still love it nonetheless. I can't believe the omega 3 fish oil has no fishy aftertaste, they're delicious. I will be recommending these to all my friends. My seven, ages 5-17, are huge fans. Thank you!
Canne - 12:48 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old has been trying the different flavours over the last few day. There is not a flavour he didn't like which is good as he will easily take them. I tasted one myself and they have a good flavour which makes getting the kids to eat them much easier (although I do think my son thinks they are lollies) and his 16 month old sister does wonder why she isn't getting any. Packaging is pleasant and eye catching and can imagine with the clear jar would attract kids. I guess from a money standpoint (if they were all the same cost) i would prefer the one that has 1 per day as you would get two months not just one out of a jar. Maybe a little less sugar on the outside would be a good thing as sure that cant be great but then only having 1 or 2 a day so not the end of the world
Sears - 11:07 AM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
we have been having these 3 days with my three children, 4, 6 and 11. The 11 yr old takes them fine and asks to have them. Unfortuneately my children do not like lollies (I know it sounds weird to others but they were just never given lollies and when offered from time to time always refused - at their own choice not mine) so getting the 4 and 6 yr old to take these is very very difficult. Not all kids like sugar so the outside coating isn't appealing to them. I have to explain how they are giving them stronger bones, smarter brains, getting them better (as the 4 yr old was unwell with a urine infection) and even have to threaten the TV will be turned off. So after the moaning and supervising them eating them they do eat them. And I am pleased to say that especially the sick 4 yr old is much much better in only one day and heaps better 3 days later. Its early days but I'm looking to see improvements in their health in the next month especially with all this cold winter weather.
kiwikelz - 11:06 AM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
Wow! What a fantastic product! Thanks so much for giving us a chance to review. My kids LOVE these gummies which is a huge relief as my boy is extremely fussy and gets very little nutrition. They like each of the flavours and every day I get "Don't forget to give us our gummies Mum!" These will be on my shopping list for many years to come. Thanks Kidspot.
jbutterfly - 9:01 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to review these.

I have to say they have been very well recieved, my kids LOVE them!! and I do too! they taste just like lollies and I find I have to moniter them as they want more than their daily two!

If the price is right I will be buying these in the future :)
kurst - 6:44 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our package turned up Monday morning (thankyou) the kids were so excited and eager to give them a try... "ooh these are really yum", "they're just likegummie bears" I can't stop looking at them" and "can I have another one" were among the comments that followed, later after school they had their second pills for the day as they couldn't wait till after dinner... We are now day 3 and I havent had to remind or nag the kids to have their vitamins, it is wonderful, we have tried numerous vitamins with our daughter and she turns her nose up at everything so thankyou so much we have finally gotten something she happily has :-)
QsMum - 10:52 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Well, our brown paper package arrived today - it was like Christmas watching my son work his way through to the 3 bottles inside. He had a sniff of each and decided he'd like to start with the Omega 3 ones. He had a strawberry flavoured on and a lemon flavored one - no fishy follow through. He then went with a vitamin C + Zinc ones, lastly he tentatively tried the veggie ones. Not a huge fan of veggies as a rule he was a little reluctant to try these ones, he was very surprised that they didn't taste like a brussel sprout or brocolli. "Hey, these are good" he said. I am delighted as I worry about his vitamin and mineral intake when he is such a fussy eater.

So we are off to a good start. We'll be back in touch after a week or so...
lindyloos - 8:48 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
oh wow - my 4year old daughter love love loves taking her vitamins. i dont even have to have a code word for it cos she loves taking them and she calls it her vitamins!she loves them all cos they taste like fruit especially the fish oil ones (interesting they can make fish oil taste like strawberries go figure but nobody in this household is complaining!) im definitely going to look at putting these on the 'must haves' in the pantry. i also use these as a bribe if my daughter is delaying the 'getting ready for school process' - never seen my daughter move so fast -getting her vitamins rates up there with watching cartoons! on the downside, my daughter was able to open the lid and she is not the strongest so might need to make it more childproof but i reckon if you can make fish oil taste like strawberries im sure the child proof lid issue will be a breeze! thank you kidspot. the best!
melandg1 - 5:23 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Absolutely impressed with this product! Great packaging. I never thought it would be this easy to get vitamins down my kids, they understand the daily dose and havent tried to get any more out of me considering they are very much like lollies and they enjoy all 3 different products. Although it is still too early to see any dramatic benefits, I feel I am giving my children alot of extra goodness and better health that we all strive to give even when we have fussy eaters. Thankyou so much for choosing us for this trial, I will definitely be getting more when these run out. We are converted and wont look back now!
petitemumma - 5:23 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
we received these so glad we were picked.Both my kids love all of the really glad the jars have a childproof lid as my kids are both asking for more,even my 3yo son whos extremely fussy and that is saying something...ive had to keep them up high as they keep getting them out and asking for sons just come down with a cold so makes me feel very relieved for him to have his vit c and zinc. I would def recommend these espiecally if you have fussy kids and i will buy these once our jars run out
Jackieb - 4:43 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
These arrived yesterday - just as my daughter had come down with a cold so both kids have started on the vitimin C - they liked them and came out this morning requesting todays dosage.
kennyjo - 2:02 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
These are a fabulous idea they look just like lollies and my daughter loves them she even reminds me every morning at breakfast "Dont forget the vitamins" They smell really nice and have a sweet taste easy to get fish oil into them now. I am really grateful i was chosen to try these and i will be replacing them when i run out I love knowing my child has everything to help keep her immune system strong and its no trouble getting it into her :) I will be recommending to everyone i know thanks again xx
Pearlywhite - 1:23 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
These vitamins are a HIT in our house!! Every single flavour the kids just loved. They are asking me every morning for their vitamins and it's so cute to see their excited little faces so eager to gobble them up. Very impressed with every aspect of the product from the bright, fun packaging to the nutritional content and taste. I have very fussy children so I'm just relieved that I've found something that the kids will eat happily and help them get all the goodness their active little bodies need. I will absolutely buy these again and recommend to all my friends who also have fussy little ratbags :) Thanks for allowing us to take part. P.S. I tried the Vitamin C gummie and I'm a bit worried that I might become addicted to them myself!! They are SO yum.
annum - 10:26 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
First of all thanks for chosing me as a reviewer,i was so happy to be picked up as this is the first time i will be reveiwing anything.First impressions was that they were FULL SIZE jars(not the samples)and my son was like wow mama are these for me? they were very well packaged with bubble wrap, the jars are colorful. They looked like candies that made him excited that these are for him.He tried one of each, his favorite was the multi and veges(berry flavour).I like it because it a very easy way for the mums whose kids are fussy eaters,now they don't have to worry at all becuase these gummies are a good treat for kids and there is no chance that they will say no to these gummies.I am very impressed,my son really loved these and i will definitly buy these for him.thanks alot
kiwiam - 10:06 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thought I would have a fight on my hand trying to get master four to take these. However the instant they arrives and looked like lollies I breathed a sigh of relief. The omega 3 fish oil ones are the preferred ones in my house. I asked master four why he thinks these ones are better and I was told the reason is because they have cherry flavour and others. He also told me they aren't as chewy as the other ones.I have to admit I tired them all as well. I found the other 2 lots were harder so chewer then the omega3. Though in saying that they all had great flavours. Will defiantly buy these in the future.
MumBum - 9:55 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
What great reviews! Will definately put these on the to try list for my monsters! Thanks ladies!
ankmika - 9:17 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Just another quick update-

It is always such a drama in the morning to get my son to brush his teeth.Yay not this morning as I told him he would have to brush his teeth with no fuss as he will have to brush away the sugar coating from the gummies.I think he was just so happy to be having 'lollies' after breakfast! that teeth were promptly brushed.
So he had 1 of the fish oil and 1 multi and veges this morning and he has come to the conclusion that he likes to eat them in a certain order lol the fish oil first because they are soft and he munches it quickly and then the multi and veges because its harder and he likes to take his time to suck it right down.I will give him 2 vitamin c ones after school and then again 1 of the fish oil and multi and veges after tea.Just so it breaks them down and hes not eating 6 gummies all in one go.
On another note when hubbie got home from work my son was very excited telling him all about the gummies and showing them to him so he decided to have a try as he didn't believe that the fish oil one would not be fishy (he remembers the very unpleasant time our son gave him another brand of fish oil and it just popped with a fishy revolting burst in his mouth and said he tasted fish all day) He said he really liked the flavor and there was no fish taste.I tried a vitamin c one and I must say it is very nice just the right amount of sweetness for a children's vitamin.So it seems these are not just for kids, but would be really good for adults who feel they just need a burst of vitamins but don't like swallowing the large grownup size capsules etc.
I will update again after longer use of bioglan gummies but so far I am thoroughly impressed!
livandjimi - 7:17 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Day 2 of the Vita Gummies - Mr 3.5 tried them again thismorning, and im happy to say, he likes them today! He likes the Multi + Veges the best, and he ate the Omega 3 ones too. He wont eat the Vitamin C ones, they are quite sour. I will keep trying himo on them though. I look forward to seeing if the Omega 3 Gummies help with his concentration/behavior. Will keep you posted :) He absolutely loves the packaging and is constantly carrying around all 3 jars!
ankmika - 5:57 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
I was so happy and excited to be picked, Thank you very much for letting my son trail.
First impressions wow they were FULL SIZE jars, and were very well packaged with bubble wrap. the jars had bright,colorful packaging with funky pictures which is very appealing to kids.Great child proof tops (my son did whip 2 of the lids off when they first arrived but after trialing and putting the lids on they are now child proof)They have a long shelf life which is fantastic. They smelt very nice and fruity and my son liked the gummy bear shape. They looked like lollies which was a bonus and made him very excited as he knows it will be the closest thing he get to having lollies most days!.
They come in really great child loving flavors. My son tried one of each, his favorite was the multi and veges.I was a bit apprehensive about him tasting the fish oil but to my delight he liked it, he commented on the fact that when he done a burp there was no fishy aftertaste as he had experienced with another brand.
All up 6 a day seem like a lot to be taking but if he has one of each in the morning and again after tea it will break them up a bit.
Being the mother of a very active,busy boy I will look forward to see if there will be any specific improvements with his concentrating/focusing at school.
I trust the Bioglan name and feel confident in giving them to my son,they are healthy with a excellent source of vitamins but taste great and are fun to eat.
Im very happy and if my son continues to like them they will become a regular monthly purchase for my son.
I will review again after trailing them for longer.

gemm73 - 5:04 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
These arrived today, I have to say unlike livandjimi, I didnt like the kids safe lids, my 3 year old was so excited to open the package and had 2 of the lids off quick smart. Luckily we lock all our vitamins away, but clearly these do not work - this needs to be fixed immediately as it is sooooo dangerous, especially as they look like 'lollies'. With saying that, my son loved them, his favourite were the Vit C and Zinc!! Down the hatch pronto, unlike others, well done Bioglan!
TarrynK - 4:27 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for choosing us to review these products. We are currently using an alternative brand but was looking for something a little more. I'm one of those mums who like to try things that I'm giving my children and the other brands simply taste revolting, no wonder they wont take them.
As soon as we opened the wrapped box, the kids were immediately interested. The containers are bright, colourful and appealing. When we opened the jars, the sweet fruity smells are fantastic and a bonus that they look just like lollies.

We loved trying them all (9yrs/4yrs and mum) I did find the sugary coating to be a little on the sweet side but obviously this doesnt seem to bother the children. Another bonus is that there is no nagging the girls to take them as they are now asking for them after breakfast.
Im not too sure about giving the girls up to at least 6 of these gummies each morning, seems like a bit much. The multivitamin/veg have a small quantity of VitC in them so have cut the VitC down to just one a day. Miss 4yrs doesnt seem to have a problem with the taste on any of the gummies but Miss 9yrs says the fish oils ones leave a "funny" taste in her mouth. She only has the lemon flavour ones now, with no complaints.
In general Im very happy with this product! So in our next shop, these will definitely be coming home with us. A very happy mum and 2 happy girls.
livandjimi - 4:27 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
I was so pleased when we got picked to trial these. I had very high hopes that the fish oil ones would help calm my 3.5yr old son down! They turned up today, my son opened up the box in excitement and was studying the jars telling me about all the pictures on them. I think its awesome that they have kiddie safe lids on the jars. Unfortunately, he doesnt like them! He doesnt like the gritty, sugary coating on them. I wonder if adults can have them? He's had "yummy bears" multi vitamins before and loved those. However, I will keep trying to get him to have them!
Fjsandemma - 4:25 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughters aged 7 and 10 both enjoyed the Vita Gummies. They like all flavors but their favorites are the Omega 3 fish oil bottle which is great because i don't think they would take normal fish oil vitamins. Am really glad to see the bottles have a child proof lid on as the vitamins look exactly like lollies to kids. I tasted the 3 flavors myself and have found them to all taste nice. These would be great for children who found taking normal vitamins hard. thank you for letting our family take part
blest - 1:32 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
I was so excited to be selected to trial Vita Gummies as we have had what feels like endless illness in our house so far this year.
First impressions: As soon as I opened the courier packet I knew that my two girls would love all 3 flavours. The fact that they look like lollies really helps with the appeal to the younger children for sure. The jars are huge, which is great because it means that they will last longer, and when you're on a tight budget this is an important factor.
I gave one of each flavour to my children and they have informed me that the Multi-Vitamin and Vege flavour is the best, but they love all of them. The Vitamin C & Zinc ones were a bit chewy, but with a 4yr old and 6yr old this isn't an issue. I love that the Omega 3 Fish Oil gummies were appealing as no one in our house really likes fish, so it's impossible to get enough Omega 3 into the kids.
I'm also excited to see whether completing this trial will help get my fussy daughter back on the track to wellness.
Overall I think it is a fantastic product idea, and an easy way to get important vitamins into children, however I am a bit concerned with the fact that it doesn't state anywhere on the containers how much sugar each pastille has, only saying that they contain sugar. I'm sure the amount is very minimal but having the amount of sugar listed with the vitamins each pastille contains would be a benefit to parents.
Thank you for selecting us for the trial!
Jacqs45 - 9:56 AM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
They arrived on The weekend. My girls were very excited "lollies" for breakfast. They liked the shapes and laid them out in front of themsleves to discuss which ones each had. I am just a bit confused about how many they should be taking each bottle says two each for their age which means six gummies in total which seems like a lot to me. Should they be having them all everyday or should I be giving different ones on different days? Also how much sugar is there in them just a bit concerned on that front taking six pills with sugar on them?
BJW - 7:46 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
Good sturdy bottle with a child proof lid, bright packaging with brightly coloured teddies and stars in them. My daughter is especially hard to please with food and these I find would help in her immune system & so convenient.

My daughter & sons' tried the Omega 3 Fish Oil first enjoying the berry flavour saying it tasted a little oily. This was my daughter's favourite. She then went on to try the Vitamin C & Zinc saying it had a mild lemon taste and a chewy texture like a jellybaby. It smelt quite strong of orange. The Multi & Vegies were chewier and harder than the others and had a sour citrus taste which the boys' enjoyed.

These Bioglan Kids Smart Gummies makes a kid want to eat them. I have already recommended these to my sister who has a 6yr old daughter and son and will chat about these to others.
gonzze - 5:16 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks for letting us review the Vita Gummies my children all loved them i all so tried one and thought they did taste good . I like that they have a child proof lid on them. my lot are not one of eating a lot of vegies but they loved the vegie ones the most. its a great way to give children fish oil as that can some times not taste that great. they are nice and soft so are easy to eat Miss 3 liked the teddy shapes. they all so smell good. But i think they look and taste to much like lollies and having so much sugar on them they can not be that good for you maybe they could try making them with out all the sugar over them maybe just put the sugar in them. if they need it at all . It is good that it tells you on the bottle what is in them so you no what your children will be eating thanks again for the opportunity to try them
LindaK - 11:06 AM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
Good first impressions of the Vita Gummies: Lovely bright and interesting packaging, with lots of useful and easy to find info on them. Easy to figure out how many to give each child. Great child-proof tops.

My six year-old loved all three types, which is awesome. He liked them so much he wants more than he's meant to have each day, and he has already asked if we will buy more after they run out. I'm not surprised he liked them - they are quite sweet and fun to chew. I was a little worried about the sugar in them, but if it gets him to eat them, then small price to pay, right? :) His favourite was the Multi & Veges.

My two year-old won't even try them though. He doesn't like sweets so this didn't overly surprise me, but I had hoped he'd at least give it a go. The fact he wouldn't try them has nothing to do with the product being poor or anything, just my individual son's food preferences. I'll keep trying to get him to taste them and let you know if we have any success. I hope he changes his mind because his diet is a bit lacking and I'd like to boost his in-take of all three Vita Gummies options.

Overall, very good product. Great taste. Great idea. Great packaging. Would definitely recommend as a good way to boost the vitamin and mineral in-take, particularly for the little ones who are fussy eaters.

Thanks for picking us for the trial :)
fishface - 6:17 PM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
A big thanks to Kids Smart for the full size vitamin bottles that arrived in our post a couple of days ago - very generous indeed and very exciting for all the kids! We've had quite a bit of illness in this house already this winter so it will be interesting to see if a few weeks of taking these vitamins will improve our kids health.

As far as taste and texture go these Vita Gummies have been deemed winners in our household by all children (master 8 even asked if they were lollies). I guess thats the biggest downfall (and biggest drawcard too) - they are so yummy and look and taste so much like lollies that I have to hide them from the 2 year old. He doesn't just want one :0)

So far we've tried the vitamin c and the multivitamins. I'm very interested in the Omega 3 fish oil as in the past these kind of vitamins have had an unpleasant taste. I will give another update once we've opened those!
twoshoes - 11:01 AM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our VitaGummies arrived yesterday morning.
As soon as the package was opened, Miss 2 wanted to rip right into them! She chose the vegie ones first, and they are definitely her favourite. She said that they tasted like lollies, which I guess is a plus for any child. I was nagged all day for more, and she was ecstatic when she was allowed another this morning.
She has actually been playing with the containers of vitamins since they arrived, just using them while playing games like 'shops', and thanks to the child proof packaging it's quite safe.
I wasn't suprised to read on the packaging that sugar is used, but would ofcourse be happier if they were sugar free. Overall, I'm very impressed with these vitamins and their appeal to young children. I love that there is a veggie one, as veggies are near impossible to get into my child at the moment.
Thanks for the opportunity to review, here's hoping these vitamins will bring a healthy winter season!
kipper - 9:36 AM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
we got our castle (2 year old son gets castle confused for parcel) delivered this morning through the cat flap.

The kids safe lids are a must as there would sadly be none left otherwise, instead, the kids had to use them as percussion instruments until they had eaten their breakfast.

The omega ones went first and the kids loved them. Personally, I found them too sugary sweet (too much like lollies) and there was a bit of an aftertaste though on the whole quite delicious. The multi vitamins next and again, too sugary sweet but not much of an aftertaste this time. The vitamin C were nice and tangy but masked relatively well with that sugary taste.

Overall verdict from the kids - entirely delicious and they will nag me daily without fail until they have had one after breakfast.

Overall verdict from Mum - entirely delicious but perhaps the sugar could be minimised or a natural alternative used? The only ones that really needed the sweetening in my view was the vitamin C.

Many thanks for the opportunity.
blushfulbabe - 1:07 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Was excited to recieve my package this morning, works out one bottle per child :) My 12yr old daughter is going to trial the Vitamin c and zinc as she picks up colds and flu's easily. My 8yr old son is going with the omega 3 as it sounds great for him and my 5yr old fussy eater will be trialling the multi with vege's as he is a very fussy eater. thank you for the chance to review these products. My 5yr olds first comment after one this morning was "yum can I have more" fantastic for a fussy eater.
Ronen - 12:55 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks kidspot for my parcel this morning, me and Ronen were so excited as we didn't know we were recieving some. Let me tell you they went down like a treat. Ronen was so excited, he ate every single one, the Multi Vege ones are so yummy smelling I was tempted to taste one :), now waiting to see if we get less cold now we are going to have a better immune system from these vitamins. Will update in a few weeks. Thanks so much again one happy mummy and one happy little 2year old boy xx
Sarahmurray - 2:47 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
That's sooooo sweet to be selected to trial the vita gummies. Looking forward to receiving them. Many thanks Kidspot and Bioglan lol x
kurst - 8:22 AM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thankyou so much kidspot, fingers and toes crossed miss 5 will like these and we won't have the normal fight to try and get her to have vitamins... Mr 7 can't wait to get them he "needs the fish oil" because "it will make my brain smart" lol
ankmika - 3:31 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
YAY Thank you kidspot,<br>I'm thrilled to be selected as a reviewer for these cant wait to receive in the mail to try them out on my wee man, and look forward to posting/reading all the reviews.
Gillymama - 1:56 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
These look interesting, looking forward to reviews, esp. the fish oil ones.
jace - 11:14 AM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
can't wait to read the reviews about these vitamins. Poor Julius has got the cold since last night and off from school...we definitely need to stock up on vitamins...but not sure which ones yet...
kandis - 12:01 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
any idea when these will be chosen? im crossing all crossables for this one
blushfulbabe - 1:47 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these for my boys 5 and 8. My 5 yr old doesn't eat fruit or vege's unless hidden in something and my 8 yr old has trouble staying focussed and slowing down to think. I would be interested to see if my 5 yr old eat these as I have tried a few different vitamins with him but he doesn't like the taste
hcsmum - 12:59 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I'd love for my son to try these, he has tried other vitamins before with less luck, I have also heard that Omega 3 is supposed to help with ADHD (like Nipper below me) and would love to trial that packet to see if it makes a difference to my son.
livandjimi - 12:30 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Id love my 3.5 year old Son to try these. Hes so had to get all the healthy food groups into, even when i disquise them, he still picks it out! And he refuses to eat any dairy food so i worry if hes getting all the nutrients he needs.
Nipper - 9:46 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 9 year old is being tested for ADD and I've heard that omega fish oil is supposed to help with this, she doesnt like cheap brands that we've tried and im reluctant to buy these gummies in case she doesnt like them either, would be great to try them
shorrty4life - 8:57 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 19month old is always flu prone. We live in methven and the winter has only started here and shes had 3colds already. And also she is very fussy like i used to be as a little girl and will not eat her vegies so these would be very good for her and I think she would benefit off them amazingly. This would be an amazing product to trail.
annum - 2:43 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
i want my 3 yr old son to try these as he is not gud eater and he even dnt drink that much and i am so worried about him that he is not getting enough of the nutrients as he should be having....and i am sure he will like these as these are like candies:D
hellyp - 11:07 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
These would be great for my daughter, we are going through that fussy eating stage and its soo hard to get good food into her so having these as an option to try would be fabulous...might even get some more concentration out of her hehe
harksgal - 8:04 PM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love my son to try these, he is so picky and i worry he doesn't get the best nutrients because of this. If we are one of the lucky reviewers and he likes these then that would be great to keep getting them. :)
ankmika - 5:48 PM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to review these please!
My son is age 7 and some times finds it very hard to concentrate at school, the teacher recommended fish oil so I brought him some, but unfortunately they have a very very fishy taste and are not very pleasant at all. I would love for him to try the Kids Smart Vita Gummies to see if the fish oil ones would help improve his learning.
The vitamin c ones will be great for the up coming winter as if my son gets a cold he seems to get a horrible cold sore which is not nice for him so all the vitamin c he can get would be great.
The Multi & Vegies gummies sound great as like most kids my sons not a massive lover of his veges, and for lots of nutritious vegetables to be squashed into a pill that tastes great like berries would be amazing.
These sound like a excellent product review and I would love for my son to trail these kidspot!
Mardi - 9:26 AM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to try this these,as with winter now here we do struggle to get the boys to take their vitamins at the best of times.

We've tried the Omega squirts in this brand & both boys like them,so would be awesome to try these
sarahrv - 7:27 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Boys 4 and 6 would love to trial these, as it's that time of year that an extra boost is needed.
In the past we have always got the Thompsons kids multi vitamins, but i haven't bought any as yet, and would be very interested in trying these ones and the fish oil ones too as my 6 year old could benefit them being at school and my 4 year old too :-)
They would love it, if you pick them to review and me to write them up :-)
lorrainehogan - 7:16 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hey. We would love to try this product and provide a review. Both my children are on vitamins, and especially the youngest as he was 3 months premature, is continuously on vitamins, but to get them into him is a bit of a challenge. This product looks exciting and fun, and would sure aid the process of getting the vitamins into my little boy. I would truely LOVE to be selected for this review, and I know my boys would be greatful to. My little boy given he was premature, is constantly picking up all the bugs possible, and to get vitamins into him is a mission, I am sure that these products would help, and then boost his immunity at the same time :-) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! I would have some wonderful reviews and feedback to provide if selected for this review!!! Please please please pick me!!!!!!
aliceahern - 5:22 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has just run out of vitamins and is at me to get some more, would love to try these ones. Would be great to help keep colds away as we have new baby in the house and dont want him to get sick from us
ECAW - 1:31 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
WOW!! What an awesome prize! My son would definately benefit from this. He is a "heart kid", he had open heart surgery at 4mths and gets everything going round:-( This would help with his immunity immensely!!
TheBestNest - 1:29 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little rugby player def needs some help to survive his winter practices and games. Would love to review these!
Jackieb - 7:39 AM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
my kids are very busy with winter sports so need all the jhelp we can get to keep them healthy while out playing in the cold and wet weather.
Shelz69 - 5:03 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
My kids are very fussy eaters and always seem to get every bug that is going around. I would love to give these a go and see if it helps at all with boosting their immunity and help with there concentration levels.
mumtotwo - 4:46 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
My 6 year old is a fussy eater and to date won't eat chewable tablets so these gummies look like a perfect answer . I try , oh how I try to get heaps of veges in him .....but sadly he doesn't like them so it's a never ending battle . At least with these Kids Smart Vita Gummies I can be assured he's getting great nutrients for his growing body
blest - 2:45 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
My 6yr old has been sick pretty much constantly for the last 5 months, there's always something wrong with her! I think adding some extra vitamins into her diet would be great to see if it helps her stay well.
Rachdev - 2:15 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
There are lots of different brands of vitamins out there for kids so it would be great to have the opportunity to try these ones to make sure the kids would take them.
TarrynK - 2:00 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
We are presently using another brand of vitamins for our kids and would love to try a new brand. My eldest tells me that our current ones repeat on her and leave a bad taste in her mouth (9yrs) Would be good to find another brand.
nixnkidz - 1:10 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to try these! My 4 year old is shocking at eating properly no matter how hard I try and I often wonder if a supplement would be a good idea.
I am sure it wold help her with her sleeping etc too if her vitamin levels etc were more where they should be
fishingmum - 10:21 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
This trial looks great - The kids were using the Bioglan Kids Smart Fish Oil but seemed to go off them for some reason, so would love to try something a bit different. I did notice the difference in concentration for my oldest (8) when he was taking them, even his teacher noticed he could concentrate better. Thank You
baygirl77 - 9:13 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
as my children are both fussy in their own ways i would love to try the kids smart vita gummies. Master 2 and miss 5 only like to eat, bocclli and cauli as their vegies, and maybe 1 or two fruits,master two likes his meat for tea, where as miss five really only likes fish. Would love to try these with the kids to get some vitamins into them. Would like to get some multi vitamens but find that they can be quite expensive and don't want to run the risk of the children not liking them :(
tessyjoy - 12:32 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Well we are all at home home today rotten sick with cold so I'm guessing that a few extra vitamins in my children's diet wouldn't go astray!! Vitamins posing as lollies sounds like a great idea to me. I'd love to see if we could convince my 3 year old daughter to try them as she really doesn't like eating oranges, kiwifruit, or feijoas etc as they are too acidic for her delicate reflux system.
atmum - 4:29 PM on Tue-29-May-2012 reply | message
Awesome! I was just looking at the kids Vitamin range last night at Countdown and there was so much to choose from I didn't get anything! I saw this range and thought they looked quite cool so the kids would love to trial these to see if they like the taste and whether they will become a regular item in our shopping trolley.
Thanks for the opportunity to register :)
heitiki - 8:05 PM on Mon-28-May-2012 reply | message
Would jump at the opportunity to trial these products on my two girls (2yo and 5yo) as they have days when they are totally off their food and I would be less stressed knowing that they'd taken a quality vitamin tablet.

Also, I have not yet found a fish oil tablet that either will swallow (even I struggle with them!), so would be great to try Kids Smart Vita Gummies to see if we have any luck!

kiwiam - 4:21 PM on Mon-28-May-2012 reply | message
As an early childhood teacher I am always bring colds and flu viruses into my home. This would be great to give my child a fighting chance at not getting sick as much. plus it would be good o ensure he is getting his daily needs
rachaelsfun - 12:05 PM on Mon-28-May-2012 reply | message
i have one nephew whos 9 who picks up colds and flu's sometimes and he would really find this helpful for his health and wellbeing too !! and he would love that they are like jellybabies (gummiebears)
Sears - 4:53 PM on Sun-27-May-2012 reply | message
i have 3 children, 4, 6, and 11 and would especially like to get some extra vitamins into my kids to see if he helps with growing pains that both my older children experience from time to time.
lindyloos - 8:53 PM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
saw these at my local pharmacy and thought how nice it would be to get these for my 4 year old who only likes eating bread and butter and weetbix (for lunch and dinner even!) - try not to feel like a bad parent but man it's hard having a fussy eater in the home! please choose us :)
GirlsMum - 6:51 PM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
I have 4 girls 3 of which are very busy and always on the go so it would be nice to try VitaGummies. They are all good at brushing their teeth and taking their vitamins and remind us daily about it.
shontelle1989 - 3:10 PM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
my daughter would love to try these, she hardly ever eats veges and I'm worried she's not getting what she needs,these sound grate and would love to give them a go.
mellyb - 12:11 AM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
we would love to try theses vitamins, my daughter has just been tested and has quite a few intolerances, so she needs all the help she can get to boost immunity. she is 2. i also have a 7 year old, not too keen on veges, so could do with a boost too.
IceKiwi - 4:01 PM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
I have four kids that are on the go all the time, I'd love something to help boost their immune system especially omega 3s as we don't eat nearly enough fish in our diet and I know how vital it is for brain development.
cathw - 1:44 PM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
Hi. My two girls who are 7 and 3 would so very much benefit from trying these. I have great difficulty getting the 7 year old to take any kind of supplements currently. The 3 year old will take anything! Neither of them are good at fruit and veges intakes so I have looked at these in interest already but have been concerned about buying them if only a few get taken .. They both suffer from lots of colds which I am sure is hard to avoid because of preschool and school but any help would be great.This is a perfect opportunity. Thank you if you pick us. I promise we would write up asap. Cheers
krstn - 10:05 AM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
I have 4 kids and two of those are at school. My friend whose son has been at school for 2 years said that the omega 3 helps him settle and concentrate so much better. My son with only have just started has been in trouble for his ability not to concentrate and sit still while on the mat. My son also being a asthmatic on a preventer it would be nice to see if vitamins would boost his immunity a little more over the cold winter.
Cazza - 8:40 AM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
After having the whole family (2 adults and 4 kids) go through the first winter cold, I would be greatful for anything that might make the symptoms less, or give them better immunity to start with so we can avoid the next round!
Shell - 9:50 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
As I am not a fish eater it is never really served in our house so I know our children are missing out on omega 3 and these sound like the perfect way to introduce it into their diet.
Haylee9 - 9:31 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have all sorts of problems feeding my girls. Because there are four of them it is hard to make meals that suit everyone (hubby included). Multi vitamins are a great way to be sure that no matter what you get them to eat (eventually!) they are getting all they need to grow.
chopper59 - 9:17 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
i would love to try these as i struggle to get the children to eat fish, and they go through phases of not wanting to eat their veges. I would love to see if it helps my five year old to concentrate better at school.
JacqIAm - 8:47 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
My 5year old is currently using a fish oil for kids range but I am open to try another, so at least I know he is willing to take vitamins. I have noticed he seems to be staying focused at school work better so I could make a non-scientific comparison in regards to the omega.

My 2 year old is going through a vegie hating phase for the past 9 months now so getting vegie goodness into him in another way would be awesome, as I've resorted to buying those vegie juices but I am concerned about the sugar content in them.
Them Vit C would be ideal for both boys but more for my 2 year old as he gets asthma - related illnesses during winter so I would love to try a preventative measure rather than inhalers and broken sleepless nights
Keryn247 - 6:50 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I'm not sure what age these are designed for but after my daughter got her 1st cold tummy virus combo, Im keen to prevent that happening again :)
shellcruise - 5:32 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old started PreSchool this year and seems to be sick with something every other week. She has had a bogga nose now for over a month and now my 7mth old has got it. Would love some magic potion that would make them healthy again so am willing to trial anything and everything!!!!
KGolds - 4:46 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
With winter coming & all of the bugs that go around Kindy I'd love for my son to try these. We currently use a kids immunofort but I'm not sure that's cutting the mustard anymore.
michele - 3:31 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would be very interetsed in trying these as we trialled another Bioglan product (the capsules) previously and they got mixed reviews from our children. These look a bit more palatable so would be very interesting to compare.
Thank you
Lisahk - 2:36 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have 7 children between 5-17 and I am always looking for new healthy options for them. I would love to be a part of this trial :)
viviana - 2:11 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
My son goes to kindy and Im not sure if he is actually eating everyrhitng he should, so I think that with a vitamin we can cover that. Needs to be something yummy that he can have without running around. lets try!
Nilithya - 1:53 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these. We have tried and looked at so many and most either just do not contain enough vitamins or omega 3 or taste really bad and are powdery. We like to give the kids vitamin c, zinc and echinacea over winter as find it really good for colds & flus. These look like they would be great as they wouldn't be powdery and I wouldn't end up with it spat back out and it's such a waste of money! What age are these suitable for?
JacqEmma - 1:53 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Yum, chewy gummies sound like they would be easier to get my daughter to eat than the Vitamin C we currently have - she hates the 'fizzy' texture
leelee1994 - 1:30 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Along with probably every other mother, I have trouble getting my son to eat healthily while he is being fed not-so-healthy food by his father, grandfather and nana. I have always had the policy of, "If you are hungry, eat some fruit" but it doesn't seem to be getting through this year. I am also a fan of grating vegetables into everything to boost the families intake but since I am working full-time at the moment, we have divided up the cooking duties and the family nows eat less vegetables. This is because my son's father is extremely stubborn and will not take any advice on extra vegetables. A trial of vitamins will help to ease my troubled brain and hopefully get my son's health back up to par.
skyela - 1:25 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have two little girls at kindy who seem to be missing a lot of days of sick due to all the coughs and colds going around, I am wondering if this would work as a pick up for them, a little something extra that they might be missing? I don't like wasting money on product they wont like so this will give me a idea if I will buy it.
Gubsea - 1:24 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I am really interested in the Omega 3 vita gummies as I have trialed various brands in the past (almost all of them were awful, I couldn’t even bring myself to chew them). Hopefully these will taste better so my sons enjoys taking his Omega 3
kipper - 1:05 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
we would love to have the opportunity to trial these. As well as the obvious benefits, it's hard to get kids to take supplements so it'd be interesting to see if my kids would like them.
klmorrow - 12:54 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
getting the vitamins into the kids can be 'challenging'. I want something they like to eat willingly but will help the immune system and their day to day health.
k3 - 12:44 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial out these. It sounds like a great concept.With winter here already and the cold and flu season, would love to trial these out. Because always woorry about the little ones not getting enough Omega 3.
melandg1 - 12:20 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try the kids on these, Its always hard trying to make sure the kids get enough vitamins especially when they are fussy eaters and now with winter upon us all the colds and flu's come home from school and daycare!
QsMum - 12:10 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Always keen to see what's on offer to help keep kids firing on all cylinders over Winter.
tallsonn - 12:05 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
These sound (and look) great. My son is a very fussy eater (no veges at all) which is a worry and these vitamins would be good because they look yummy so shouldn't be a problem convincing him to eat them.
missmaddysmum - 12:04 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
These are a great idea! I would like to trial these with miss nearly three. She constantly has a cold in the winter months, and once she has a cough the inhaler needs to come out. With a prem baby at home the healthier I can keep his sister the better, especially as she attends kindy and bugs spread quickly in that environment
mmurrie - 12:04 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
We would love too - great at thsi time of the year to keep them ahead of the pack, and I always worry that my wee ones do not get enough Omega3.
cassara - 12:04 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Wow these look cool - great time of year as the colds/flu starts to hit (one home this week sick already). Just the kind of boost they could all do with. They all play winter sports and the weather is not the best so it is only a matter of time before another gets ill - but these might help! The list of stuff they have in them looks awesome, miss 11, miss and mr 8 would certainly enjoy it. Please pick us!
samstills5 - 12:02 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to give these a go - I have 2 kids (2 & 6). Miss 6 is getting very tired in the afternoons and I have been looking at vitamins for her as I am concerned that she isn't getting enough iron etc in her diet (fussy eater!). She has trouble concentrating and is super sensitive these days..... Mr 2 is getting sick a lot at the moment as well (new to daycare!) and I wonder if something like this might give him a boost as well.
sweetie - 12:01 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Hi i would love to trial these as my oldest daughter is a very picky eater, doesnt really eat meat and very fussy about eating vegetables, my toddler is a GREAT meat eater but very fussy about eating veggies. I think this would be a great product to help your children get the vitamins that they need. I am looking for a good vitamin product that my kids will enjoy and i will also know that its good for them. Thanks :)
skirts - 2:21 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
Wow another great idea for us with little kiddies - perfect timing as I have Miss 3 home for just on a week now with a nasty cough/cold - has missed two days of daycare already and countless playgroups/music but just didn't want to risk passing it on to anyone else and she is having such a hard time shaking it! Have tried a few different vitamins with her but she is so fussy, something like this just might do the trick...
Resse - 1:09 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
I would really love to review these. I have 3 kiddies, and as it is just going into winter, all those coughs, sniffles and runny noses are around. I would love to try these out, and hopefully make the kiddies healthy for our upcoming holiday.
nessee - 9:52 AM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
I wnted sooo love my daughter to trial these as she is always getting sick with runny nose, coughs.. Hard listening to her cough in the nite, feel bad that she feels yukky and like to help boost her immune system, these look like they Jst could do that. And money bit tight at the moment, trial these would be huge blessing ;-)
lilblondee6 - 9:30 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
I would like the chance to trial these kids smart vita Gummies as my daughter quite often becomes run down at school and it is affecting her reading at home. She eats quite well at home, we make sure she gets the calcium and iron and vitamin c she needs but she doesn't always get it and the Gummies may help with this.
silasandroman - 7:48 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
I would love my two little boys to try these as they are both asthmatics and their little immune systems are taking a real thrashing at the mo with winter weather and having to ften walk in wet, windy weather to school. anything that will aid their immunity would be a real god send.
we also sadly dont eat any fish or seafood in family as im allergic to it and often feel guilty not neen able to give our little men the much needed omega 3, as with active boys at school itz sooo important to ensure they are getting the vitamins, minerals esswntial for good growth which often isnt meet in food today. we would be so appericative to trial these.
SarahK - 7:46 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Even though my children eat fairly well, I do worry about their vitamin intake. Im just looking into vitamins for my children, as my current one is about to run out. I would be interested to see if my children actually like taking these as the ones we have currently they are not that fond of and i find it hard to get them to take it sometimes.
ingie83 - 2:23 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
My son is a very fussy eatter but loves lollies... I can not get him to eat anything else and am very concerned about his intake of vitamins & minerals, i have looked at this product many times as would love to supplement his diet with things he should be eatting but doesn't. At this stage tho we have a strict budget and can not afford to pay to trial them. Would love to participate in this trial!
bassplayer - 2:01 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
My kids are both pretty healthy can be picky eaters but during winter I find the classroom environment just an incubator of germs. My kids often get colds, sore throats and are generally miserable throughout the colder months. I would love to try these to see if giving them a booster actually helps keep them healthier throughout these miserable months.
Sarahmurray - 11:31 AM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
I Do! I Do! I Do!
I really want to trial Vita Gummies for my boy! We always concern that our son is smaller and lighter than normal kid at his age. He’s really active but a picky eater too. He doesn’t like to eat veggies and meet chunk, always wants snacks and dunk food instead. Also, we hardly eat seafood as my hubby doesn’t like them. I believe Ethan is lost of some vitamins or nutritions in his meals. As I’m pregnant, I feel really sick and lazy to prepare food. I’m struggling to find a way to bring his interest back to food but it’s sooo hard! I hope I can be picked to trial Vita Gummies so Ethan can keep full nutrition and energy for the whole day. I will be more relax and less nervous during my pregnancy. Thank you!
Ruth4 - 11:24 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I think this would be a great product for my 3yr old daughter to try, I try and give her healthy food but she often grazes all day and its hard for me to know how much of the good food she is actually eating. She also has alot of contact with other small children and at least one of them is coming down with a cold at any given time. I also think being a preschooler its a great time to try her on Omega 3 for her developing brain.
kiwi72 - 6:16 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
My little one is a pretty good eater but I still wonder if she is getting all the vitamins and other good things that she needs to stay healthy. And with winter upon us and us going to Playcentre 3 times a week, I know she is going to be exposed to all sorts of bugs and germs so be great for her to have anything that can boost her immunity!
Angel1983 - 4:00 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi I wud love to see if these help to booast my childs immune system thanx
sonyam - 3:58 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I have a 2.6 yrd, she sometimes takes L'il Critters ImmuneC + zinc & echinacea, they are nice enough but fairly $$ she has 2x daily as she is at pre school and got soo sick last year (her 1st year at pre school.. She had 2 chest infections in one month.. Grrrr!! but sadly after a while she wont have anymore of them (the Vits) I hope it I get chosses to test them she will love them..
Shadz - 8:01 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these on my twins. Unfortunately one of them wont eat the hard vitamins you can buy and I'm hoping that something like this would be more appealing.
Last year we discovered how the use of vitamins can help with thosee winter ailments when one twin did have a daily 'dose' and the other didn't. I'd love to be able to find one that they will both enjoy.
adele - 11:40 PM on Sun-20-May-2012 reply | message
I have a 5 year old and 10 year old. Both regularly seem to take turns getting some kind of virus thats going around and although I do try to give them Vitamin C at these times my youngest doesn't seem to like them - 'too sour' so would love to try something like these to see if they go down any better! They are pretty fussy with their eating so as they have limited diets would also be interested in the Omega 3 & Multi (especially my 10 year old who has learning difficulties but hates fish so isn't getting any omega 3 fish oil from real fish so would be interested to see if this would help him!)
petitemumma - 9:32 PM on Sun-20-May-2012 reply | message
we were in the pharmacy the other day & my kids spotted these products & were hassling me to buy some. both my kids are underweight & height (both under the 1% in the plunket graph), my son sammy (2) eats so little (absolutely no appetite) so i am always worrying about him not getting his nutrients & with my daughter mabel 5,when she catches a cold,it causes severe asthma attacks & ends up in hosp so im interested in boosting her immune system.miss 5 has also just started school & swimming lessons & im not looking forward to asthma season
lynleyg - 9:11 AM on Sun-20-May-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these. The bugs are starting to go around school/ kindy and the kids are starting to get tired. Would love to see if these can help them stay healthy.
gemm73 - 8:53 AM on Sun-20-May-2012 reply | message
Wow, we would love to try these, we are battling change of season colds and viruses for a few months now, and I have tried some brands of Vitamins, but the kids are not fans, it would be great to try these before we splash out on some more!!!
mounty - 8:43 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
It would be wonderful to be able to try the Kids Smart Vita Gummies,i have tried a couple of vitamins tablets with the kids but they say they don't like the taste.It is too dear to keep buying them if they don't like them so it would be nice to try before we buy and they sound like they would like the berry taste.
atasfairys - 8:34 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
Yes we would love to try these, thinking the sooner we start him taking vitamins the sooner he knows that its something you just do, even better if it tastes great. We want our little boy to grow up knowing how to make healthy choices for himself. This would be a great way to start. Please team:)
carla24 - 7:45 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
I would definately love to trial these. We have had whooping cough, chicken pox, strep throat, chest and ear infections in our house lately. Wuld love to be able to boost my childrens immune system and help them be more resiliant. If it is going around, we seem to get it!
kelzah - 7:12 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these for my daughter. She has recently started daycare and is constantly getting sick - colds and viruses etc. She is also a little fussy when it comes to red meat and vegetables so I think these would be a great way to supplement her diet and boost her immune system and protect her from getting sick.
michp - 7:08 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
While my 3 kids are great eaters, I like to give their systems a boost over the cooler months to help prevent colds and flu symptoms. Having chewable Omega 3 tablets would be great to aid in concentration at school (and home!) Thanks for the opportunity to trial these.
TraceyF - 6:45 PM on Sat-19-May-2012 reply | message
I would love my kids to try the vita gummies, especially at this time of the year. The vit c ones would be great. I would also like to try the omega ones because I have heard this is great for Ezcema and my daughter has this. we tried the omega 3 capsules but my daughter didn't like the skirty oil so to be able to chew these would be great.
pkcy - 3:56 PM on Fri-18-May-2012 reply | message
These would be ideal. My son 4 is very fussy when it comes to dinner time. He is also very tired all the time so I tried a syrup formula to give him a 'boost' but now he won't even have that cause it 'tastes funny'. I think a capsule would be the way to go for us.
kosigus - 2:53 PM on Fri-18-May-2012 reply | message
We woudl love to trial these. master almost 4 is such a picky eater, always has been and disguising all the good things in "lolies" will work wonders for sure! have tried different hard textured brands before which he lost interest in rather quickly. so would love to give these gummies a go! Thanks for the oportunity Kids Smart Vita Gummies!
kiwikelz - 9:06 AM on Wed-16-May-2012 reply | message
Sounds like these were designed with my sons in mind! Neither is a good eater and its a constant battle to get any decent food into them which means both are lacking in the nutrition they need to see them through the winter. I would love it if our family could trial these! Great idea as the winter sets in Kidspot!
anotherontheway - 9:03 AM on Wed-16-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these as I am having a really hard time getting my daughter 7 to take any form of vitamin, we have tried numerous types and brands for months now and yet nothing seems to go down well for her, we would really like to give these a go and the fact they have natural ingredients added to them can only be more beneficial for her overall well being. :-)
ValerieL - 11:20 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
My sons, aged 6 and 2, need an extra boost of vitamins now that the weather is turning cold, and many children around them at school are falling sick. Some yummy Vita Gummies would do to strengthen their immune system! We hope to be chosen to trial these gummies.
kymie83 - 4:29 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these out too, I moved to NZ 8 months ago and brought vitamins with me, since then i have not been able to find the perfect vitamin for my daughter who is 6, these look really awesome and cover the most important grounds with the omega oils i have found that vitamins thats kids like to take are the best, and these are bright colourful and chewy. Vitamins really have helped my daughter in the past we have seen vast improvemnets with them and would be very excited to try these espcially as her uk supply is almost out :-)
supermums - 3:45 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these Smart Gummies out. My kids are very fussy eaters and it's hard to get all the vitamins and minerals they need into them. So these sound perfect! Especially now when it is starting to get colder, be good to get the immune system boosted before the winter colds start!
Mumofone - 3:15 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
I would like my nearly 4 year old to give these ago as he is in pre-school and it is coming up to flu season so it will help his immune. He is also learning to write his name and has it down other than the m - sometimes it can be a w, so these can help with his learning and concentration as he loves to sit at the table with books and a pen and paper. Would my 11/2 year old be too little for these, I would assume so - he seems to have a runny nose often so he would benefit also if he is old enough he certain would be able to chew and eat them.
Pearlywhite - 3:11 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these vitamins for you. I've been thinking about getting my children on supplements to help them through the winter months and these look great. My son has a poor diet as he's a very fussy eater so this would really help us to provide some essential nutrients that he's no doubt missing. Thanks. :)
cove - 2:39 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
These look great and each one would be suited to each of my three children. Cove would def benefit from the vitimin c and zinc as he gets quite a few colds and coughs. My 3 year old would love the multi and veg, and Kayla would benefit from the fish oil. I havent ever given my children multivitins but have been thinking about it recently so this would be a great opportunity for us.
manddsteven - 2:12 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
Vitamins that look like lollies - I might finally be able to get some into my little ratbags. Reece is 6 and seems to have a sniffle all winter long and Bailee 3 1/2 seems to get every bug in town.
I would welcome anything that would help keep my sweeties well!
karinlee - 1:44 PM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these as a parent of kids that are gluten free i am always worried they are not getting enough vitiams and all the good stuff they need. My eldest ends up sick every winter and it gets to her chest so would love something to build her up before winter comes.
Mamabear - 10:40 AM on Tue-15-May-2012 reply | message
My 3.5 year old daughter has just started kindy and I would love to be able to boost her immunity in time for the upcoming nasty bug season! It would also be interesting to see if the Omega 3 Fish Oil does anything for her terrible eczema which tends to flare up during this time of the year.
nsohail - 9:35 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 4 years old and i have to convince her so much to eat her veggies but everytime she starts crying and the veggies remain un-eaten!
ssi8 - 9:19 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My th.ree kids (9, 6/12 and 4) are all picky eaters (each in their own special way, just to add to the difficulty). I would really like to find some supplements that they will actually use each day. They didn't like fish oil capsule/squirts, unfortunately. I do believe that that omega 3 would help them concentrate (and help the skin of my eczema ridden child) so a new delivery in the guise of a lolly might be just the trick! I haven't even attempted vitamin C tablets when I couldn't get the omega 3 into my children!
BJW - 7:44 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
This has come just at the right time before winter and the colds starts coming. I'd love to try these on my 3 kids' just to see if the boys' keep healthier or my daughter? I have heard that the Omega-3 Fish Oil is essential for growing children and with them saying the taste is fantastic would be great to try out as I've found out with other vitamins which I bought that the taste isn't always that fantastic for the kids! Adults may like it, but kids have very strong tastes & smells.
vikih - 7:13 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
We have had a really rough time with 'bug' and 'illness' in our family. The thought of some vitamins that can be called 'vitamin lollies' or 'vitamin gummies' would be awesome to help the smallest member of our household get back to her fight fit self again....and give her poor tired Mum a bit of a break from nursing a sick little girl.
mary110370 - 5:45 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have the same problem as a lot of other people leaving comments here and find it near impossible to find a supplement my daughter likes. I have tried many different ones all promising a pleasant child friendly taste but most just don't make the cut. We would love the chance to trial these, especially with winter on the way and the probability of colds and sniffles. We have just spent another 5 days in hosptial with another kidney infection so her immunity is down at the moment. She is very reluctantlly taking a supplement at the moment that she isn't too fond of but she knows how important it is to keep her immunity up at this time and agrees one horrible little pill in the morning is better than lots of needles and another stay in hosptial. We would love to try these - the concept of a chewable gummy lolly should hopefully go down well.
Nessa - 5:45 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have never tried Vitamins with my daughters but would love to try. Would be great to get more vitamins in them for the times when they don't have enough veges or get run down with colds etc. My daughter is now at school so find she gets so much more tired so these would give her a boost. I remember taking the the vitamin C tablets as a kid.
andreaL - 5:15 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these with my 4 and 2 year old. Looks like a great idea to get extra vitamins into the kids.
lindyloos - 3:30 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
oh wow sounds good! would love to find an alternative to "arguing' with my four year old as to why eating vegetables is a must! lol. she's a very fussy eater but very honest when it comes to taste so im sure to get an honest reaction from her if she were to try this :)
loribradley - 3:21 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have tried a few multi vits for my 8 year old daughter and she has a few problems trying to eat them, either she doesnt like the flavor or texture I think these sound ideal, I would LOVE to be selected to try these on her
Glenfelik - 2:42 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I am always attempting to get my kids to eat healthier - these are really appealing in the fact that hopefully they will trick them!
Reblee - 2:31 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Oooh, yes please, would love to trial these. My almost 6 year old was always a good eater, and would eat almost anything put in front of her, but she has started to get a little picky about what she will and will not eat and so these really would help to supplement her dietary intake of nutrients.
veronicad - 2:28 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Yes please. We would love to trial these. I have three kids but my middle child in particular is a bit of a sickie. Always the first to catch something and the last to get rid of it. He is a fussy eater and I'm sure that has something to do with it. Highly interested to see if these could make a difference.
ivory - 2:15 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My son refuses to eat most vegetables and isn't a big fan of quite a few fruits either so I would love for him to try these to boost his intake
eddie - 2:12 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old is allergic to dairy and egg products and just a little bit of contact with these products leads not only to itchiness but also colds as her immune system is very weak. And during the winter months its getting even worse.I would dearly love them to try these vitamins.
Renza - 2:12 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Hi there - my 2 1/2year old is a very fussy eater so I am always worried that she's not getting all the right nutients. However she loves lollies, so this lokks like the ideal way to reassure me and keep her happy!
travelbugnz - 1:53 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have an 18 month who won't drink milk. She was breast fed until she got Rotavirus following another sickness and diarhhoea bug. I have been wondering about calcium supplements and ways of boosting her immune system as she has obviously lost weight. This looks like a possibly great solution which we would be keen to try!
imamum - 1:51 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My two kids are sick in winter and I am very interested in doing anything I can to boost their immunity. This seems like an easy way to get them sorted!
vickster444 - 1:41 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these! My 5 year old son is at school now and some days he comes home so lethargic and grumpy and does not want to do his reading etc after school. Having something like this would be awesome for improving his eye health, learning, healthy brain function, immune system and behavior! The fact that these are chewy and have different flavours is even better as there would be no arguments to take them! :) Thanks!
Jackieb - 1:32 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
would like to try these as both my kids have dyslexia so anything to help with focusing I am willing to give a go. They both play winter sports so I need to keep them healthy to cope with the cold morning games.
nette21 - 1:22 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My daughter doesn't eat alot of vegies so I would love for her to try these. I bought another brand which said kids love the taste but my daughter (3years old) thought they were disgusting and after smelling them myself I don't blame her for not wanting them. These sound yum.
marikekaitlyn - 1:20 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these for my 2year old girl, as my 4 month old is not very well and is taking up alot of my time and energy so getting a good balanced dinner on the table every night is a little bit difficult and can see the effects of it, she has been a bit more tired and constipated, I sure these would make a huge difference to her well-being.
BrittanyJWilson - 1:17 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these out with miss three. She's become a bit fussy in the last month or so and I worry if she's getting enough nutrients, especially with this cooler weather. I've been looking into different brands and this looks like a great place to start!
kurst - 1:11 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Fantastic, I would love to try these with my 2 kids (age 7 & 5) miss 5 is very hard to get to take any vitamins as they "taste yucky" so would be great to try something diff and see if it passes her high standards lol...
steff - 1:05 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these, while my daughter is usually a good eater, she is being a bit picky at the moment. She is also a bit more tired than normal so would love to see if they would make a difference.
Fjsandemma - 1:01 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
we have been trying vitamins lately at home to see if they helped miss 7. who was starting to get a bit run down and tired after school. which was leading to an extremely un happy wee girl. So we would love try these vita gummies at our house.
Ronen - 12:53 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
OOOH I'm also keen to jump on the wagon and try these out for Master 2. Also like something to keep away the bugs and build up his immune system as he has a really bad one. Off to the hospital in a few weeks again to see if we will be removing his adnoids and maybe gromets as he is constanly sick over winter/autumn weather.
Jacqs45 - 12:51 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these my girls ( 6 and 3) currently take the Omega 3 capsules and a different brand of vitamins.
jewelz - 12:31 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial especially as I have one young child in daycare part time and one at school and will have a newborn in August so would be great to have the older two as healthy as can be. I am also generally concerned that my children are not getting enough fish oil products in their diets as we do not often eat fish and I know that it is great for brain power etc. Would love to trial and learn more.
ruthb - 12:26 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
We'd love to trial these... The kids always take vitamins (esp in winter) and Im keen to see how these ones go... I want well priced, effective vitamins so would love to see if these tick the boxes!!
Sam - 12:26 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have been looking for something to supplement my little girl's diet, especially the Omega 3 as its difficult to get a good balance from everyday diet. My daughter would think these are a big treat as she has never had lollies :)
andrea1973 - 12:25 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My boys hairdresser has said that between my 2 boys swimming and not eating enough Veges they need to take vitamins. The ones that I have used my children do not like. I would love to try these kids smart gummies as I need to find a brand that they would love to eat with no arguments.
Canne - 12:18 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My son has just started swimming lessons and I know when he swims his immunity always suffers so would love to trial this to help boost him up through winter. He also refuses to eat veges and would love a product that could give him the benefits of veges without the fight
kazza - 12:13 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I've never given my daughter any vitamins but feel as she gets older she needs them to stay healthy. With so many options on the market these days its hard to know where to start & which ones she would benefit from most. Having red the article about Kids Smart Vita Gummies I think there would be no better way to start her taking vitamins & especially when its a free trial!!! A fantastic opportunity to better my daughters health. Thanks to Bioglan & Kidspot
maxsmum - 12:12 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Again another product trial that I have been looking at getting for my son! Yaa just another reason I love this site! I have been thinking a little boost to his diet would be good for those "NO YUCKKKYYY" days and with winter coming up its even more of a reason I would love to give these a try for my child. Thanks
nikkim - 12:09 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love both of my kids to trial this product, sometimes their immune systems get a little low and they need something extra to help fight off those winter bugs. The bonus is, if the kids don't get sick, then mum and dad don't get sick either - so we all win!
catmarnik - 12:06 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My daughter is quite possibly the pickiest eater on the planet, and I'm constantly concerned that she isn't getting all the good stuff she needs. Also, she has slight behavioural problems, and multivitamins seem to calm her down a bit; make her more focussed.
wyldange - 12:00 PM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Both my kids suffer in winter with "winter allergies" and get really low, so pick up any bug thats going around, and my daughter seems unfocussed at the moment so think maybe these will help? (not to mention fussy eaters my 6 year old had multiple food allergies and other issues when she is small and is still hesitant to try alot of things - where as my son will just point blank refuse - hes the exception to the rule they'll eat if they are hungry... He wont)
jopukeko - 11:57 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would like to try these on my girls as they have both just gotten over a nasty cold. I want them to be healthy and although I give them a balanced diet they don't always eat it.
kymmage - 11:55 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these. My 5 year old has always been a fussy eater and eats like a bird anyway.
LindaK - 11:50 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
This would be a perfect trial for my two boys.

My six year-old has autism, so he's a remarkably fussy eater; he would really benefit from these top-ups to his existing nutrient in-take. My two year-old is quite a good eater but he simply won't touch his veges - he picks them out of each meal!

I would really love to try both kids on the Kids Smart Gummies! Thanks :)
renas3 - 11:48 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
Would love to give these a try, especially with the cold & flu weather here
fryer1 - 11:30 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I currently buy bioglan kids smart fish oil for my children which is fantastic. I would really love to try the gummies, particularly the multi vitamins and vitamin C as both my kids are currently fighting the coughs and colds that winter is bringing. Would love to see if these help keep them healthier over winter with them playing their winter sports too.
Mumof2Girls - 11:26 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love for my two girls to trial these - Miss 5 and Miss 3. Miss 5 started school about 5 weeks ago and has had a snotty nose and cough pretty much since day 1 :(. I've tried all sorts of things to try and boost up her immunity when she was at Kindy etc but I haven't had much luck. I love the idea of all 3 types of vitamins - the multi to cover all the bases - the vitamin c + zinc for immunity and the Omega 3 for growing...:)
AnnaES - 11:24 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I like our girls to have vitamins when Winter is coming to give their bodies an extra boost to get through the ills and chills of the season! We haven't bought any yet and these look fun and tasty as well! I'm sure our girls, (and me), would like to taste test these for you!!
tessa771 - 11:24 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have never tried my kids on any vitamins but have heard great things. Would love to trial these on my kids and see how they go!
jace - 11:21 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
We're ALWAYS stocking up on Multi Vit. & Mineral for Julius because when he gets sick, he'll get asthma and croup! Winter is always the stressful months for us. Would love to try this to see if it suits his taste...Thanks! :)
dayauon - 11:16 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
with winter on its way, we are on the look out for vitamins that my kids will really like. what we have now is not so good to the taste so they're not keen to take it by themselves. i have to remind them everyday. would love to trial the product.
jdsmum - 11:16 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these ! my son goes to kindy everyday and ends up with a cold/flu, I've tried other things but they haven't done too much, my son is also a really fussy eater so its hard getting him to eat all the good stuff so finding something that tastes good and that will give him what he needs would be great !
gonzze - 11:16 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would like my children to try the kids smart vita Gummies as i like that they have vegies in them as my lot do not like eating a lot of vegies. so the vegies ones would be good to try. And i like that they have omega 3 fish oil as its good to have some thing that helps with there learning as well there is so many good thing about the kids smart vita Gummies so we would love to review them
twoshoes - 11:16 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My daughter is becoming very picky with her food, would be good to know she is getting a good dose of nutrients.
SarahBlair - 11:14 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
While I offer my children a balanced and varied diet its hard to ensure that they are getting the nutrients that they need, I would love for my kids to try these so they get the benefits from them and perhaps continue to use them.
saranorman88 - 11:11 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
These would be good for my kids as they have had so many illnesses already this winter, also they would be easy to give them, my 1 yo boy has had enough of me trying to give him medicine - <3
kennyjo - 11:10 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this on my kids esp as we are coming into the winter months to try and keep their immune systems healthy and cold free :)
fishface - 11:09 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have three kids aged almost 8, 6 and 2 and am a firm believer in a daily supplement. We tend to get the same ones from the supermarket as a) they're easy to find and b) I know the kids like them. I'd love to try these though as I'm always hesitant to buy anything until I know the kids will actually eat it!
raglanmum - 11:08 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I would like my kids (Mr 8 & Miss 2) to try the "Kids Smart Vita Gummies" because I am always concerned that they don't eat enough fruit and veges, and with winter upon us, I would like to help them fight the bugs! I find it hard to find the right vitamins for my kids, Mr 8 is particularly fussy, and these Gummies might be just the thing to try!
kandis - 11:08 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
my son has reached that fussy age- combine that with being ill recently and teething his last molars- i dont feel he is getting all the vitamins he needs as much as i try- I am DESPERATE, please help- this would put my mind at a little more ease
flower35 - 11:08 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
We would luv to try this product, esp with winter coming up and kids need a extra boost of vitamins to keep coughs and colds away. Unless they are nice tasting ones its so hard to get the kids to try anything like this.
annette - 11:07 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
My eldest son turned 5 last week and starts school on 21st May, he is very active and eats fairly well but has no fat reserves at all (he is tall and skinny!). i think combined with his fairly healthy eating it will help him immensely in starting school. Any improvement with learning, healthy brain function, immune system and behavior would be fantastic.
jbutterfly - 11:03 AM on Mon-14-May-2012 reply | message
I have always thought fish oil to be very important and as I dont like fish then my family seems to miss out also....
Would also love to trial the Vitamin c since its becoming so much colder now and multi vitamin would also be perfect for us as I worry sometimes that my 3 kids aren't getting the vitamins they need :)

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