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Group Name: Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Removers

Carpet care from the carpet experts!

Rated by NZ Consumer Magazine as the top dry stain remover in 2007, Cavalier Bremworth's product is the biggest selling carpet stain remover in New Zealand. It's available in nearly all supermarkets in the cleaning aisle. Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Remover (for Dry Stains) is designed to work on most food, drink, oil and grease-based stains and is suitable for wool and synthetic carpets and rugs. It's effective on almost any dry stain that has not caused a chemical reaction with the carpet fibres. If this doesn't remove it, then it's doubtful anything else will. For information on a specific stain and how to treat, please see the Cavalier Bremworth stain cleaning guide.

Cavalier Bremworth have also developed an emergency stain remover that acts instantly to treat wet stains on all carpets and rugs. The wet stain remover works by applying a soft foam which dissolves into the stain and helps lift it off the carpet when blotted up with a clean dry towel or paper towel. Repeat applications may be necessary depending on the type and strength of stain. Click here to view a practical demonstration that played on The Living Channel.


More information:

Here’s your chance to review Cavalier Bremworth’s Carpet Stain Removers. The wet stain remover offers emergency treatment for those little accidents, while the dry stain remover is for use during the weekly vacuum when you find stains that are old and dry.


Cavalier Bremworth have provided Mums Say with 50 packs of their Carpet Stain Removers (including one can for wet stains and one can for dry stains).

*** Reviewers have now been chosen - watch this space for their reviews ***

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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motheroffour - 7:58 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
it is like the kids know i want to try the product and haven't spilt anything still sitting on standby (am tempted to spill something myself to try it lol
nzbobbie - 2:29 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I've finally had a chance to use this product on a vomit stain and it was awesome, totally worked after one attempt (albeit it had just happened) But I was very impressed and will definitely use it again.
GirlsMum - 5:24 PM on Sat-25-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a terrible internet connection so getting here to post a review has been a mission. I have trialed the product. My friend's dog got hold of a pen and chewed it all over her carpet and left ink stains. She tried the dry stain remover on her carpet and was very pleased with the results. She also tried the wet stain remover on a wet ink stain and this too helped to get the stain out. I have yet to try the stain remover for myself but will soon I am sure.
Mumofone - 1:33 PM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
I forgot we made the rainbow rice yesterday and got a tiny bit of colour on the carpet used the wet stain remover - worked the first time great. I must say these products coupled with our 2 year old dark carpet might just be the key in my house. Hopefully we can get through the messy under 5 stage and not look to shabby.
Mumofone - 1:20 PM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
Ok, another update... the stain under the kitchen table, I have tried and tried now and it is not moving I think it may be a beetroot stain it looks very much the same colour or it could be marker I don't know. So a little dissappointed. But overall quite impressed both the wet and dry stain remover have removed stains my trusty old favourite brand Friend did not. So although it didn't remove the beetroot stain it removed the nosebleed stain (from a finger picking accident!) I would have to say now that Cavalier Bremworth is my new fav brand of carpet remover. Boy have I given them a work out with 2 boys and one giant boy (the husband). They have removed spagetti, fresh beetroot stains, tomatoe sauce, banana and vegemite and pretty much everything you feed a 18mth old ends up on the carpet under our table. Oh yeah and one night red wine on the carpet woops!. The stain removing guide above is brilliant too. Also our poor old cat Lily is poorly at the moment and is on a drug that makes her bladder a little weak and the wet stain remover has been brilliant, especially as the house doesn't smell like a litter box! I have also switched the boys rooms around and was delighted not to see the blood stain that was beside the bed, now there is a cot there and it would have been very noticable. I must confess I am a clean carpet freak and vaccum the family/kitchen area at least twice a day. Thank you Cavalier Bremworth.
hsmith - 4:30 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
The dry stain remover worked wonders on old stains that I did not think would come out. I also tried the wet one on a coffee dregs spill in the car. It took a few goes as I was obviously removing a lot of built up dirt and there is certainly no coffee stain left. Very impressed.
samala - 2:09 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
After so many years of scrubbing carpet with cleaners and concoctions that just dont work it was such a relief to finally use a carpet cleaner that actually does exactly what it says it does. I have tried both of the wet and the dry cleaner and love the clean results. It does have quite strong fumes so I do suggest using it on a day that you can leave the windows open and air the house out but other than that I am very impressed and definitely recommend others use the Cavalier bremworth carpet stain removers as well. So many awful stains are now only a distant memory all thanks to Cavalier bremworth :-)
mary110370 - 2:12 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
OK, so I finally got around to trialing these - perfect timing too as my landlord was coming to do the 1t inspection since I moved in 2 years ago. I used nearly the whole can of Dry Stain Remover by the time I had covered all the marks on the carpet. It worked really well on some general marks like dirt and has definately lightened the felt pen marks but they will need at least one more go. The rust stains didn't budge but I really didn't expect them to. It did take old watermarks out of the carpet though which I was very impressed about. Next I am going to try it on the couch as thats looking rather grubby.
The Wet Stain Remover was used last night when my son and his friends spilt some alcohol on the couch and it soaked through under the cushions. i was very impressed with the results although the stain is still slightly wet so time will tell but the horrible smell of alcohol has gone.
olga - 4:08 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
thank you for the opportunity to try the Cavalier bremworth carpet stain removers - it took us sometime to test the product - i really wanted to try it on different stains - and my toddler girl was very happy to assist with all sorts of stains on our carpet (good thing it is dark green, but even so - we have lots of work to do every second day )) so we tried and liked a lot the wet stain remover - tried on stains from water, juice, hot chocolate, ice cream and fruit puree ))) works great. we also tried the dry stains remover - on a dried toothpaste but found it was not 100% helpful since had to wash the toothpaste off the carpet later - the remover didn't remove it - maybe should have used the remover for wet stains even if the toothpaste was dry. i have very high expectations for the dry stain remover still for this weekend and plan to clean some of the dry fruit puree stains )) great products - thank you so much for choosing us!
Rachdev - 9:58 AM on Mon-25-Jun-2012 reply | message
I was very excited to have been picked to try these products! Very happy with the dry stain remover, it got rid of several old stains such as tomato sauce, mustard, vivid and a couple others that we weren't sure of what they were. I am still trying to get my 'lovely' orange marker sun out though but think with some more applications it may go! I was waiting till I had tried the wet stain remover before I posted on here and so the cat vomiting on the carpet in our bedroom has given me the opportunity, it works fine!! Great products, I will be recommending them to others and would happily purchase.
ValerieL - 11:50 PM on Sat-23-Jun-2012 reply | message
I've tried out both types of stain removers and they work really well. The dry stain remover has gotten rid of crayon marks and felt tip pen marks, and slight pasta sauce stains completely. The wet stain remover very quickly made gravy stains, chocolate stains and fresh pasta stains vanish in a wink. And there's only a slight and pleasant smell from the foam. No strong odours, so this is even better! Thanks for giving me these to trial out!
caramellochick - 7:43 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Received the product and my mum who is a clean carpet freak (even though there are 4 kids in the house) is so happy with the Dry clean. She noticed a big difference on some old stains we had and they have almost disappeared. I still have to catch a wet spill and I am going to test on the felt pen in the kids bedroom and the Fanta stain in our bedroom this weekend. Will keep you informed. Mum wanted me to rave about her experience with my trial products :)
mary110370 - 5:46 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Woohoo! My product has arrived. Am really looking forward to housework this weekend and hoping some of the old stains will come out of the carpet - going by some of the reviews already on here its a very promising thought. Then next week I am off to a friends to tackle some old dog poo stains on her carpet - well, she can clean them while I sit and watch the results.
thecoffeelady - 3:03 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
My products have finally arrived - now... where do I start ( I have so many stains to remove) will be back with my review
nixnkidz - 2:21 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the trial on this product! What an amazing product!! We havent yet used the wet stain removal but we got an old iceblock stain out of the carpet that a carpet machine had failed to remove! I was amazed!
It also removed the instant pudding stain from the lounge rug from whe my son dropped his whole bowl on the floor!
Cant wait to try the wet stain one!
Pearlywhite - 1:58 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
I really enjoyed reading these reviews - we've been wondering what to do about our carpet as it has little stains from the kids everywhere! I went and got both the wet and dry stain remover a couple of days ago and I have to say it's made our carpet much easier on the eye! We've been treating the stains as we see them and slowly but surely getting through them all, it's made a tremendous difference and really glad to be introduced to this product. thanks girls!!!
Resse - 1:11 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have just had a chance to use the wet stain remover. My lovely 1 year old managed to drop his whole bowl of baked beans onto the cream carpet!!
I first tidied up the beans, then blotted most of it away.
The wet stain remover definitely moved the stain! I was very impressed. I would definitely use this again, and I will be recommending this product to others. It is nice to know there is something to use when accidents do happen!
Godzgirl - 1:32 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for the chance to try this. My naughty kitten gave me cause to use them both before too long. Firstly she stole a marinated chicken off the bench and proceeded to eat it on the carpet and rub the soy and honey marinade into the carpet. Then when we didn't get up early enough to let her out she left an accident on the carpet. The stain removers worked well. It was relatively easy to use and the instructions were quite clear. I wasn't convinced it would remove all of the stain but it did! I also used the dry stain remover on an old blackcurrant juice stain, it didn't remove the stain completely but it did fade it considerably. The white powder was quite hard to remove but it seemed to work much better the harder I vacuumed the powder, good old elbow grease.
AHunter - 11:46 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
I used the dry stain remover as soon as it arrived, the majority of the stains did disappear and the 'white' has now gone from the carpet. I would buy this product again because it's the first time something has actually worked and the most stubborn stains (spaghetti bolognese sauce) are nearly gone, I think one more go and they'll be gone. I finally managed to try the wet stain remover yesterday thanks to my four year old and a bowl of cocoa pops...eek milk!! well, it worked well, i followed the instructions and the paper towels got all the brown milk out of the carpet, there is still a wet patch there today but i'm sure it'll disappear soon. Overall a good product, even for old, never thought I'd get that out, stains.
werahiko - 5:04 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
I tried the dry stain remover on the weekend.. It has definitely lightened the stains, but I am not sure they have entirely gone as the carpet is still kinda white. I have vaccummed several times but the white still appears.. I will wait for the week and then see how it goes and give it another go if the stains are still there. I have a real mix of stains in my carpet, chocolate yoghurt, fanta, juice, madarin, milo and some old stains that where there before we purchased the property. I kinda feel as though I need to spray the entire area and then vacumm it up (would be good if there was a product for an entire room) as it lifts/refreshes the carpet in some places and then makes the other areas that didn't have stains kinda look dirty.. so I am considering spraying the entire room and doing it that way.
CamosMum - 3:40 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
I was not selected for the trial but have just moved into a new rental with nice light coloured carpet and a nearly three year old boy so just went out and bought this product, the one for dry stains, (as I had saw it on here). I have found it to be ok with most things chocolate, dirt and highlighters, it took a couple of goes at tomato sauce though. I did fret about the nice bright white patch it left after cleaning a big stain but it did return to normal colouring after a while. All in all ok, was wondering if it can be used on upholstery also?
ivory - 9:54 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have not had the opportunity to try the wet stain remover yet but have tried the dry stain remover and have not had any luck with removal of stains. I haven't tried this kind of product before as I normally have my carpets professionally cleaned every once in a while and as my carpet is navy blue it does not show stains so easily as light colours. I have tried this product on a range of stains around the house - lots of different dried food stains, make up spill, liquid paracetamol spill, felt pen - and none of them have improved at all. Have read and re-read the instructions and I'm certain I'm following them correctly so not quite sure what to make of this - sounds like most everyone else is having success?
catrad - 7:40 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
firstly, thankyou for the oppourtunity to trial the product, my 9yr old spilt a milo on the carpet in the lounge naturally she didnt tell me she jst covered it up and it was dry by the time i saw it, the dry stain remover worked wonders on it i was honestly shocked as i really wasnt expecting it to all come out, however i also had the issue as some others have had on other stains all which were well and truly dry has left big white marks on the carpet which i have vaccumed over and over again and they wont come off, i also havnt tried the wet stain remover yet, i am looking forward to it though :)
CavBrem - 4:44 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Just to reassure you all, there is nothing in our products that will cause damage to a carpet. We make carpet and have been selling our dry stain remover for over 20 years. We don't promise to remove every stain, but if our product doesn't take it out, it's likely nothing else will.
CavBrem - 4:41 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
For all those seeing white patches after using the dry stain remover, this could be due to the following (in order of likelihood).
- there is some powder residue left from the stain remover, usually from over-spraying. It will wear out over time and with thorough vacuuming but a damp tea towel on the carpet and a gentle shot of steam from a hot iron held over (not on) the towel can help lift it. Revacuum firmly using the nozzle attachment.
- if you have a spa or pool and kids have been over the carpet with wet feet, chlorine can remain embedded in the fibre for a long time and be activated by anything damp (any stain remover would have this effect, not just ours) If it's in foot shape patches this is most likely.
- the lighter patches dare I say it are your newly cleaned carpet, and the rest of the carpet needs cleaning (we do see this on much older carpets)
thecoffeelady - 10:17 AM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Has everyone who got given a chance to trial this product received it? Mine still hasn't arrived and I have loads of stains waiting to be removed.....
JulieKidspot - 9:24 AM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
For those of you looking to purchase more product (or who missed out on being chosen as a reviewer) - there is a list of stockists here
swirlykiwi - 5:50 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
My products arrived within about 2 hours of receiving my email. I used the dry stain remover first, and wasn't overly impressed with it. After having re-applied it 3 times the remainder of the day-old pasta sauce stains were still in the carpet, about 30% of the stains are still there, even when I got on my hands and knees to make the most out of the vacuum. And also where I've sprayed the carpet there's all these white rings on the carpet, so in all honesty my carpet looks even worse than what it did before! I haven't used the wet stain remover yet but when I do I'll be sure to leave a comment. Based on comments I've seen so far I shall be looking forward to good results :)
anthzzz1 - 5:29 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for the opportunity to use this product. Since I received the product I have had two cups of milk tipped on the carpet. I used the wet stain remover and it totally took the sour smell away and left a pleasant fragrance. I also have used the wet stain remover on oil pastel (crayon) and after two applications I cannot see it–wow! (I was unsure as to which bottle to use but thought as it was fresh I'd use the wet one).
Unfortunately my medium blue carpet has not done well with the dry stain remover and although the stains seems to have faded, I have been left with 8 white patches about the size of a can of tomatoes, smack in the middle of the room. Checked the instructions and yes, I was supposed to do a patch test. So will not be using this again. Will pass it onto someone with light carpet as I'm sure that that is the problem.
werahiko - 3:07 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
My products arrived about 2 days ago, I am so excited to give them a try this weekend. I did get to give the wet one a go yesterday as my daughter managed to squish mandarin into the carpet.. I used the wet stain remover.. I would say the mark has 90% gone, but there is still an orange tinge to the carpet so I am going to give the dry one ago on it this weekend when I tackle the others. My only negative feedback would be the tops that are on them aren't made of strong enough plastic, one of mine broke when I went to use it, I am not sure if it got knocked or if it had a slight crack and then the pressure of pushing on it broke it.. I ended up using celotape to put it back together cos I am still very keen to give the product a good test run, but I can see them breaking easily as it's not very strong plastic so might be something to think about.
CavBrem - 1:18 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much everyone for those great reviews. Let's hope we can convince the supermarkets to restock the wet stain in more stores so you can find it more easily.
And can't help but add - hope this makes people more confident to buy natural wool carpet - instead of imported oil-based synthetic ones. (Yep of course we're biased towards NZ wool and a NZ-made product!)
justineb - 10:08 AM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Received, tried and tested... am highly impressed with this product i even showed my landlord the end results. Another item added to my shopping list :)
rachaelsfun - 10:43 AM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
We got this a earlier this week and tried it as soon as we got it (and tried both the bottle for wet stains and dry) and are thouroughly Impressed .. not only did it get out fresh stains in a flash (such as food and drinks from the kids) but old dried stains as well

(even those sorts that you would think that even a professional Rug Dr prob couldnt) and was easy to use and was safe for kids to be around (like when it had dried you knew it was safe for kids to sit and roll around on the carpet) would recommend to anyone esp busy mums with young or ones that have pets or kids that spill food all the time ! and it made the carpets like new again too !!
thankyuou for picking us its an awesome product !
KylieM - 8:48 AM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
Well, I intended to post an original response having just had a chance to review this product - but I can't go past the fact this is the BEST carpet cleaning combination I have tried (which seems to be every other reviewer's experience!). I had spilt pumpkin soup inadvertently on our old cream carpet a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't completely budge it. The dry option removed it literally in a couple of minutes. I then tackled a random, pre-our time in the house, orange stain that I had resigned myself to being with us until we re-carpetted. To my astonishment and delight, it has made a huge difference - another couple of treatments and I am certain it'll be dealt to for good. As for the 3 x poos left on the carpet, I can rest easy knowing they have also been dealt to in a hygienic way than otherwise possible outside of steam-cleaning. Only the 11 month old and I will ever know where they were! I am tempted to spill some pumpkin soup just to give the wet option a try - that is how sure I am this will be just as effective. So in nutshell, I am thrilled to have been able to review this product. I have already and will be, recommending Cavalier Bremworth to everyone I know with carpet! p.s as an ex-advertising exec, loved the viral response to the Target carpet cleaning test ;)
twilightgal - 7:50 AM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hiya, I would love to be able to add my review but only received my package yesterday and unfortunately the lids of both products have been smashed in transit and are unable to be sprayed. If I can find a way to use the product I will definitely ad my review.
stumpie - 8:29 PM on Tue-12-Jun-2012 reply | message
Wow first thank you for the chance to review. Have tried the dry stain remover on a grease mark left on the carpet by my dearly beloved. I didn't think that it would work, was I wrong am so impressed that the mark is no longer there. Next was another dry stain of fanta, in no time at all that also vanished. I got the chance to try the wet stain remover tonight when our son knocked over blackcurrant juice onto the carpet, all I can say is that I was so pleased I had wet stain remover, followed instructions and that has gone. I will be telling all the mum's I know to keep both these products in the cupboard. Will I buy both of them again YES YES YES. I will be looking for marks on the carpet now to attack them with.
Hil - 3:00 PM on Tue-12-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial these products. I do not have two small boys . . . I have piglets!!! The products arrived today (probably late because of the snow). I have been busy since the mail arrived, and have trialed the dry stain remover, and it is FANTASTIC. It has removed all sorts of old stains other brands have not been able to remove. I have no wet stains to remove as yet, but if it is as good as the dry remover, I am sold. Once our house has been fixed post all the earthquakes we will be getting new carpet in our living space, and I will DEFINITELY be buying these products to have available for any stains. Thank you so much! The dry stain remover is definitely the best stain remover I have ever used! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND :)
Charli - 2:40 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the opportunity to trial these two products! They arrived Friday evening and I have been attacking the stains around our house all weekend :) First I tried the old dry orange raro juice stain in the middle of our lounge, unfortunately after 3 applications it has not removed it. Next we had a hot choc spill so grabbed the wet cleaner for this spill again 3 tries but this time it did work! Then I moved onto the dry water marks from where we have cleaned up cat spew with hot soapy water, this only took 1-2 applications on each stain to remove Yay!! Next was the black eye liner make up stain in my daughters room, 1 application of the dry cleaner and it was gone!! Then onto the boys room tried 3 times to get pink eyeshadow or gloss out (not sure which it was) but didn't work. There was an old dry drink spill in our room also think it was juice but proper juice not raro, 1 try and it removed it :) I also went around the house trying it on red, yellow & orange felt pen dry stains, it removed yellow & orange but the red took a few more tries and was not completely gone. I also tried it on random dry brown spots (old dirt type marks I think) in all rooms and it removed them! So overall I would recommend these 2 products especially the dry stain remover as it worked on the majority of the stains I tried it on. I have only had the chance to use the wet one on 1 stain so far but it did also work :) I will definately be buying them again, will need another dry one soon as I've nearly used the whole can already!! But my carpet looks a whole lot better!!! :)
nessee - 10:58 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Wow thanks for allowing me to trial the Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Removers - loooove the dry stain one for old stains - wow never thought such an old yukky stubborn stain would come out of the carpet - The wet stain is also magic - had to do it a couple of times to remove baby spills from the carpet - but WOW - really great product and not too smelly and really worked..... I am def sold and would buy again when I finish the products I received.... its a MUST in any household with kids :)
princess - 7:29 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Man I wish I had done this, so may stains from my spilly baby!
tiakireka1 - 5:12 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
yay was so happy when i got an email saying i was chosen to trial the stain removers. i have since tried the dry carpet cleaner and i must say its the best i have ever tried. not only did it remove stains that my children had made but also old stains that were on the carpet when we 1st moved in. i highly recommend this product to all mums and i so cant wait to do the rest of the house. i havent yet had the chance to try the wet stain remover yet but will definately let use know how i get on when i do.
MumBum - 1:14 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Awesome review Mumofone... especially good to read that you had success with the wet stain remover as I haven't been able to try that one out yet! Also, thanks for letting us know where we can get it and for how much!

I'm not going to use any other carpet treatment products either and I have tried friend and even the carpet power (made by the shower power people), neither of them worked as well and those products actually smelt really strong for ages afterwards... Cavalier Bremworth products smell strong at first but once you air out the room there is no lingering chemical smell at all.

I too am sold!
Mumofone - 12:21 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Ok, I am sold. I just had another go at the blood stain beside my 3 year olds bed and now it is completely gone. I have also attacked under the table in the dining room under the boy's highchairs all the dryed stains are gone after one application apart from 1, a stain about the size of a slice of beetroot and I do think it is a beetroot stain. I have treated it twice already and have seen a slight change and now like the blood stain, I am going to wait a day or two and then try again. But I think I am already sold on the product, you have to be patient with the stubborn stains but it does work. We just had a toilet training accident in my son's room and I have just used the wet stain remover again it works well. I am sold. Sorry my trusted 'Friend' carpet stain remover I have used for the last 13 years you have been replaced. Not only does the cavalier bremworth work, it is slightly cheaper and the slightly smaller gram size doesn't bother me as the product seems to go further - I seem to use much less product.
Mumofone - 12:58 AM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh I forgot. My 3 year old was quite excited and asked me what the cans were I said they were for wet stains and dry stains. He then repeated what I had said and it was the first time I heard him say 'stain' and 'dry' he remembered which colours were which and told his dad when he go home from work what they were for and that they came in the 'mail'. Cute.
Mumofone - 12:50 AM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much it arrived on Friday, I had just read the email saying I had been picked then there was a knock at the door! Then no kidding I heard our cat scatching at the spare bedroom door, she had been accidently shut in there all night and yes there was an accident in the corner. So I had a laugh to myself, read the instructions and set to work (after putting the kids up the table with breakfast). My first initial thought was it smelt a lot stronger than my trusted Friend brand carpet cleaner. I had opened the window delt to the stain and I like the fact you had to wait for the bubbles to dissolve so you knew it was time to soak it up, I then finished shut the door and went about my day. Forgot about it then remembered later that day, I went in there and there was no smell of cat pee or carpet cleaner :) so I decided to brave it and yes ladies I stuck my head to the carpet and smelt it and it passed! It hasn't marked my carpet and it has seemed to have dryed well. Very impressed so far. So then I got excited and used the dry stain remover on the 'nose bleed' blood stain next to my 3 year olds bed that I had attacked with friend when it was fresh but it didn't work. I read the instructions and they are very easy and straight forward, opened the window had the vacuum ready and went for it. I was really surprised how quickly it dried and how little product I seemed to use it also vacuumed up well. Unfortunately the stain is still there but it does seem a little lighter and it did say I may have to treat it a couple of times. So watch this space. I have yet to attack under our dining room table. We have nearly 2 year old dark grey carpet and it has not damaged it or lightened it in any way. I also checked on the Countdown website when I was added more groceries to my next weeks grocery list and the normal retail price is cheaper than my Friend carpet cleaner and it is on special at the moment for $7.99 usually $8.99 for 350g, Friend cost $9.89 for 382g. I will get back to you all with the under highchair's spots in the dining room carpet, spagetti, weetbix, milk, tomatoe sauce you name it, I may move the table for the next job and will try the blood stain again :)
shorrty4life - 3:54 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
May I ask where you get this from please it sounds really good and would be handy for me with a messy 19month old that loves spilling raspberry all over our very light rental house carpet.
raglanmum - 3:04 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Great blog MumBum! You've got some interesting stains! But good to hear that they are mostly all gone! I think I will have to invest in a can (or two) of this Cavalier Bremworth dry stain remover. Looking forward to reading more reviews from others....
rachaelsfun - 2:53 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
wow just got the email to say we had won a trial will post as soon as we get it
thanks again Mums say and cavalier !!
MumBum - 11:10 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message

I am very impressed! Thanks again Cavalier Bremworth and Kidspot for a great product for us to review.
MumBum - 8:10 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Yay, I opened the door to my package of the carpet cleaner this morning, . . I look forward to trying it out as we had a dinner party and so now there are some new spots and stuff on the carpet... I'll blog my review and post the link here for you ladies.

Thanks again for another awesome product to review. xx
radioguru - 2:57 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
We recently had a party, and during the pre-party cleanup, we discovered a HUGE stain underneath the coffee table (I blame the children!). I was panicking about it, but my husband went out and bought a can of Cavalier Bremworth Carpet Stain Remover. I really wasn't expecting it to worth as well as it did! It completely removed the stain, and didn't bleach the dark green carpet! Fabulous! :o)
MAMANANNA - 10:04 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
pasta sauce the brought in a jar kind that stains anything it touches ,my daughter just moved out of home and her place has two bad stains in bedroom would love to help her out and also try this products myself.
eega - 10:00 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these carpet cleaners. I can usually get most stains out, but we have some unidentified ones that don't want to budge.
george8 - 6:18 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hot chocolate!
Armywife - 3:14 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Baby vomit after having a dinner or banana!
blushfulbabe - 1:53 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
with 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog who all make stains I would say raspberry or orange cordial makes the worst stain, followed closely by puppy pee.
stisnz - 1:16 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain I've found to remove is vomit. We moved into a new home late last year, and within a week of being here we all got a tummy bug. Our 3 year old managed to throw up all over her bedroom floor. We have tried the stain remover on offer in this trial and found it unsuccessful in this situation, but it has been great for cleaning the sofa (from kids putting their grubby hands on) and other carpet stains (baby vomit, food, dirt). I think the acid in her vomit bleached the carpet, so there really isn't much we can do about it.
chelledania - 1:03 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Some one suggested vinegar and dishwashing liquid for a stain we have in the place we rent... sounds smelly... and scarey.... needless to say that this product sounds like a slightly safer option...:S
hcsmum - 12:56 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain I've found to shift is regurgitated Formula, and type of Milk, Pamol and Spaghetti I would love to try this!!
MrsHetfield - 12:49 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
The stain I find hardest to shift is weetbix and milk. My son likes to sit in front of the tv in the morning before school and I don't notice he has spilt any until I find a hard crusty part of carpet when I'm vacuming. Would be great to see if the Cavalier Bremworth products are up to getting out this type of stain.
jafaj - 12:45 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi would appreciate to try this product. Have been looking at this product at supermarket and wondered if it works well. Need to start looking at something because the older my toddlers are getting the more stains we appear to be getting. :))
littlemiss - 9:52 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have had more than one pooh episode on our carpet.... Darling 14 month old having nappy free time. Thought it was a good idea to spread it from the couch to the toys to the carpet... Lovely stains I would looove to get rid of! And felt on mr 5 and ms 9 yr olds carpet!
Nipper - 9:44 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this product, my darling 9 year old still at times pees on the carpet during the night, these stains are literally impossible to shift and my 5 month old is a constant spilly baby so she spends all her days leaving little white patches all over the carpet
funnelgirl - 9:29 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
I am keen to trial these products.
With 2 young children, stains seem to appear from no where in my carpet.
My other half manages to trample in half the outdoors, while the kids manage to spill food and drinks from specially marketed no spill bowls and cups.
Then the cat tops it off with vomiting up something she has chewed outside, down beside a sofa, so its only noticed a week later, when you have to move the couch to retrieve that cup of drink thats just been knocked down there, and put your hand in the dried up mess, cracking it to suddenly hit the wet stickyness beyond its hard crusted shell.. they all leave stains and mess.
most horrible? Hmm.. Grease stains, or stains left when the kids have gone through a "both ways" bug, and dont quite make it to the bathroom..
hellyp - 11:12 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would loooove to try this!! So far the most horrible stain I have had to remove is a whole bottle of black nail polish from my two year old trying to paint her nails!! Would love to try this out in our girls rooms, they are forever spilling stuff, and drawing on the carpet....eeek
natsmum - 1:49 PM on Sun-3-Jun-2012 reply | message
We would really love to trial these - with relatively new carpet and young kids + 2 dogs and a cat there are always marks that just appear on the carpet. Currently we have a strange stain from a piece of fruit that the kids hid under a blanket and it went rotten - what a nice surprise to find!!! (amazing how kids get things and hide them!)
I also find tomato based stains are very difficult to remove.
ankmika - 5:57 PM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to review this.
Tomato sauce would have to be the most horrible hard to shift stain I have ever come across.We have carpet under our kitchen dining table and there always seems to be food dropped on the floor by the kids at meal times banana and spaghetti are up there with the sauce as being very hard to come out if this stain remover works it would be a amazing product to keep in the cupboard.
Maree - 4:10 PM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
we moved into a new house and the old owners must of had dogs and they haven't clean the carpet well after the dogs had done their things, i have tried myself and finding it very frustrating, i have moved the funiture around to try and hide the marks!!!!
Mardi - 9:21 AM on Sat-2-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh yes please..

Kids,food/drink and light green carpet aren't a good mix lol
JacqIAm - 8:45 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
I can't get banana out of our carpet, my youngest managed to pinch one and squish it under a box and I believe it was there for at least 2 days, I still have this dark stain which has also made the carpet solid. The carpet was only 1 year old when this happened! I'm just relieved that the carpet is a dark colour so you only think it's a shadow!
petitemumma - 8:26 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
i love to try this product please please please. we have a huge rug in the lounge, to stop the carpet getting stains from my 2young kids but now the rug is covered in heaps of stains (some old & some new & mostly food) & lately ive been thinking about what to do as the stains are so unsightly but i cant afford a new love to see if this product works on them.i tryed waterblasted the rug but most of the stains didnt come out :(
ssi8 - 8:17 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have a few stains around the house that I have not been able to remove and I would love to try this product out - I have a lipstick stain (fell out of my bag and under my feet), also some unidentified stains that may be oil-like, definitely a lot of food stains (e.g. marmite) that have escaped the splat mat, and possibly a paint stain on the carpet of one room (before my time).
lorrainehogan - 7:19 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hey ya. I would love to review this product. Having two young children results in the carpet always getting dirty and mucky! There are a multiple of stains that could benefit from this product. However I must say the worst and most frequent stain to remove is the reflux vomitus. This happens to my little boy all the time, and the stain is hard to get out due to the frequency of how often it occurs, and the smell is also a mission to remove. I have trialed a few products and have had no luck to date. Would LOVE to trial this product and provide reviews.......My carpet and I would thankyou sooo much if selected for this review :-)
Sparky - 4:36 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have lots of experience with stains. One of the worse if when the children are sick which seems to be constant at the moment. Milk is hard as is antibiotics which youngest kicked over the other day. Play dough has to be one of the hardest to remove as it stains it - BLUE (on a brown carpet) !
Glenfelik - 3:42 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Yellow Bottle Drink from Burger King in the kiddies meals! I have scrubbed and seriously tried to get it out - but it won't budge!
vam - 2:45 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this product as my husband has his own carpet cleaning business and we are always getting client's asking "what is the best product to buy from the supermarket" so they can have something on hand in their cupboad, for that little spill that is not worth phoning us for. Thankyou.
ekubo - 2:17 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
oh me plese please please. I hardly have a patch of carpte that's not stained. There's red wine and coffee (that's me but usually with the help of one of the kids),there's engine oil and grease, thanks dp. There's felt pen, glue, paint, nail polish, lipstick, grass, mud and random unexplainables from the kids. And there are 3 nice round tomatoey stains from the time Uncle taught the boys to sing 'on top of spaghetti' whilehe was baby sitting and didn't clean it up.
Gubsea - 1:44 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
STRANGE LITTLE ORANGE SPOTS (not fizzy drink), one or two drops (the size of a $1 coin) on about 4 of my cream coloured stairs – who knows where they have come from but I need them gone, I have tried almost everything HELP!
TheBestNest - 1:31 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Have just moved into our new house so am going to be extra picky about carpet stains for a while! Would love to review
justineb - 12:47 PM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
Orange Fanta was knocked onto my carpet when mother nature was having one of her hissy fit's:( ive tried everything to get rid of it and nothing does. Miss 19months has also decided that the floor get's hungry and has to eat alas i have stain's and marks for miles. Would love to be a tester and make my landlord very happy.
Jackieb - 7:37 AM on Fri-1-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have trouble getting tomato sauce out of the carpet. Still got a Kahlua stain where toddler pulled a bottle out of the cupboard - toddler is now 12!
Rose3 - 9:00 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
Fruit juice and grass are 2 of the hardest,when the scooter comes inside etc it trails,especially on wet days, also unliked food stains that appear in the strangest places.finding a reliable stain remover can be troublesome, would love to trial these.thanks
D - 7:12 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
There are some turmeric, tea, milk and yoghurt stains that I would love to get off our carpets without damaging the fibre and colour. I'm a tired mum who is really short on time, so if it could be sprayed on and rubbed off with a damp cloth after a few minutes I would love to try it.
Shelz69 - 5:06 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
I have a few stains that have been left there from nappy training days. I don't know if these will fix it or not but it would be worth a try
mumtotwo - 4:42 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
random food stains that magically appear dry , goodness knows when they were done are the tricky ones - I don't know how they get there but I suspect it's something to do with my two kids and cats .........oh , and the old coffee ones ( *blush* , that's umm me )
Lat0ya - 4:18 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
The last remaining bit of PINK Nail polish I havent completely managed to scrub out of the carpet. A few faint spots here and there, lots of work. Here's me thinking I had nothing to worry about as my daughter was scared of the stuff like it was some kind of monster, nek minnit, she's hiding in my bedroom on the opposite side of the hallway between the bed and the wall applying the stuff to her toes, legs , my duvet cover, sheet and of course the carpet. Aaaargh!!!
emjay - 4:11 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
I have just recently discovered and orange blob created by one of those iceblock tube things, it wont budge!! We moved into our own house a year ago and it was a spotless previously un-kid attacked house and the carpets were lovely, they are now spotted all over with everything under the sun!! I would love to try these Please :)
SarahBlair - 2:53 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
Tomato sauce is difficult to remove and red wine is next to impossible!!!
blest - 2:42 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
Banana has always been the worst for me, followed closely by tomato sauce, or basically anything red!
nixnkidz - 1:06 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
those iceblocks in the plastic tubes are terrible to get out! I would love to try this one that! With an almost 4 mth old baby it would be great to know that the carpet is clean too as I am sure she will be mobile before we know it too!
RachaelE - 12:20 PM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain to remove on our carpet at the moment is vomit (lots of it!).
travelbugnz - 10:14 AM on Thu-31-May-2012 reply | message
I'm sitting here looking at the beige carpet where we rent and therefore can ill afford to get dirty, but there they are copious amounts of stains. The worst caused in my life before children from red wine (hence I can tell we are all mums as I can't see this being noted as number 1), and now it has to be bolognaise!!! how can something so delicious be so destructive??? but to be fair this is closely followed by banana, chocolate milk, cherries, tea!!! the list is pretty endless so please save me from endless knee scrubing which is currently getting more difficult at 4 1/2 minths pregnant!
fishingmum - 10:15 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Worst ever carpet stain is Orange Lucazade. I gave some to my son who had a tummy bug to make him feel a bit better (worked for a little while then he threw up again). We now have a rug over the orange patch on the carpet! Would love to try this to see if it could get it out. Thank You.
Hil - 10:07 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
So nice to see everyone else is having the same problems!!! I'd have to say vomit has caused the most problem here, as well as tomato & banana. Would love a new carpet, but a really good stain remover would be fantastic!
Coring - 9:23 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain on carpet , for me would be food marks like sauces and fruits stains.
baygirl77 - 8:58 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
I have lovely carpet that is two years old, but wilth an almost 3yr old and a 5yr old, new stains keep appearing. I find that vomit stains, and food stains seem to be the hardest to get out of my dark carpet. As a busy working single mum of two i would love to try out this carpet cleaner :)
caramellochick - 8:52 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Would be great to find something that is easy to use. I have felt pen, kids and cat vomit, food stains, poo and playdough colours. I have tried a number of carpet cleaners and there are still marks on the floor. Doesn't help that we have a creamy coloured carpet either.
paulinelam2001 - 8:25 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
My dining room carpet got a big patch of stain, i can't remember what was it, i tried to clean it,nothing seem to be work. Also, around the house, there are a lot of tomato sauce, soy sauce etc . Would be really great if i can try this product.
Mumofone - 3:48 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Blood, my 3 year old is going through a nose picking stage and the other week he woke up in the night and it was everywhere it washed out of everything but I used the 'Friend' carpet stain remover which I usually swear by but this time it hasn't worked leaving a big stain beside his bed on our new carpet. Our carpet is dark but I still get annoyed every time I vaccum. Also our new house has carpet in the dining room and although it is lovely under feet it isn't so lovely under the highchair (1 1/2 year old) and under my 3 year old's chair we get every kind of food on our carpet you can imagine! Also our cat 'Lily' has a rare cancer and at the moment she is on a drug that is causing a few accidents mainly on our carpet. This is the perfect trial for our family with 2 boy's and a husband which isn't really much better even at the table!
KylieM - 2:25 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Today is my 32nd Birthday and first birthday which I am celebrating with an 11 month old - he gifted me 3 x SEPARATE poos on our cream carpet during nappy-off time. How do you think Cavalier Bremworth will go helping me deal with this wee nugget (x3 haha)
parky69 - 2:21 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
How do you think it would go on chewing gum?
kazza - 2:11 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
I have a lovely cat spew stain on my bedroom carpet......the old moggy was trying to cough up a fur ball & all his dinner came up with it!!!! Also on our lounge carpet we have a little red mark which I'm suspecting is lipstick from when my daughter had a friend over for a sleepover & they played dress-ups. Would love to trial Cavalier Bremworth’s Carpet Stain Removers & watch it work its magic!!! Thanks
mumof6 - 1:35 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
At the moment I have a lovely red stain from a recent birthday party. We had a Red velvet chocolate cake and the kids thought it was a good idea to wonder around eating it, Until I caught them at it, lol! But alas not before they had dropped some crumbs and trampled them into the carpet!!! There are also a few other stains I would love to trial this product on :).
Resse - 1:28 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
Our dining room has carpet. It is NOT a good idea!! We have so many food stains, including banana, McD's dipping sauce and tomato squashed into the carpet. We also have some permanent marker drawings on the carpet, compliments of Mr 1 1/2. I would really love to trial this product. It has got to the point where we try to put things on the stain to hide it, rather than deal with the stain. Hopefully this product will be the answer!
miggs9 - 12:45 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
My 1st son was a breeze - no poop, vomit etc but number two is certainly testing my cleaning skills. We have poop, wee and vomit (on solids now - nice!). We also have a dog who likes to trot about in the garden then bring his muddy wee feet inside. Would love to trial this product!!
IceKiwi - 12:30 PM on Wed-30-May-2012 reply | message
right now it is the felt pen my son lovingly drew in circles and patterns all over the carpet a lovely red so it really stands out I've tried a very popular brand already and the felt is still so clear to see. Beautiful drawing just not on paper. I hope this may be the answer
arnabanana - 8:31 PM on Tue-29-May-2012 reply | message
Banana. Banana is the hardest stain I have ever had the displeasure of trying to scrub out of the carpet! And you don't notice it when the kids first put it there - it's not till it's dried and scudged in that the colour comes out and by then it's too late!
Also, my littlest one has Neocate LCP for milk and that leaves a wicked stain that again isn't really visible when it first goes on, but is rampant when it dries!
And then of course my red wine stains that happen if I accidently knock the glass over while trying to clean the banana and neocate once the kids are in bed... :)
atmum - 4:20 PM on Tue-29-May-2012 reply | message
The stain I find the hardest to lift would have to be Vivid a.k.a permanent marker! Definately lives up to it's name! I have tried many carpet stain removers that all claim to lift stains but have had no luck.
I would love to trial this and see the stains gone (and before the landlord can see them!)
Thanks :)
kiwiam - 4:22 PM on Mon-28-May-2012 reply | message
at the moment spew wee and poo stains. new baby = carpet stains
rachaelsfun - 12:03 PM on Mon-28-May-2012 reply | message
wow would love to trial this .. and the hardest stain ? prob either food (esp some like beetroot and juice etc) ... and pet wees :|
Ruth4 - 10:28 PM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
I find anything tomatoe based so hard to get rid off the carpets, with a toddler and a clumsey teenager in the house so much has been spilled on our carpets. It would be great to try something that actually works!
GirlsMum - 6:55 PM on Sat-26-May-2012 reply | message
I find milo pretty difficult to get out the carpet and tomato based sauces. I have had nail varnish, paint and felt pens and they are all horrible to get out of carpet.
kruizi - 8:00 PM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
Felt pen stain and juice stains are by far the hardest..... in fact im thinking impossible to get out. Love love to try something that works!!!!!
IceKiwi - 3:57 PM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
Baby spills & Tomato Sauce... you think the baby spill is all gone but the smell is still there and there is a residue mark, as with tomato sauce it seems to seep through the carpet so fast no matter how onto it you are in cleaning it up.
mcn2011 - 1:27 PM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
Spaghetti or puree carrot are the worst - banana also sucks and iceblock - needless to say only lemonade iceblock in our house now - carpet full of beautiful Brown stain from banana, orange from spaghetti and carrot a nice wee yellow mark and bright pink from ice blocks. A stain ro=emover that workd would be fab!
wardma - 7:46 AM on Fri-25-May-2012 reply | message
Having had a 3 year old foster boy live with us for 2 months who was learning to use a fork, an 11 year old boy that tends to drop everything because he rushes, a husband who forgets to take his dirty shoes off at the door and then there is me who has stiff fingers, means our carpets have been getting a rough road. There is a few marks on it that I would like to get off. Wehave brand new carpet in our home and want to keep it looking good for our landlord. The hardest stain to get out is anything red - wine, cordial, iceblocks, juice, felt pen/markers etc. Unfortauntely our little foster boy decided to write on the carpet with red marker. Please let us trial this so we can have our wonderful, brand new, warm carpet looking great again
chopper59 - 9:19 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
dolmio, i have struggled to get the orange marks from it off the carpet.
ivory - 5:04 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
A bottle of liquid paracetamol got spilt on my carpet, now there is a big sticky stain which will not come out no matter whay I try. Other than that I find Milo bad for staining the carpet.
KGolds - 4:40 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Old stains are the hardest to remove! Doesn't matter what they are. We inherited a lot of stains when we moved into our current house & those combined with baby/kid spills, I'd love to give these products a go
Rachdev - 2:07 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Oh I would love to try this, we have a lovely orange sun in the middle of our lounge (light grey carpet) that miss 4 did the other day with felt pen, you know the thick markers not just the normal thin ones. Needless to say we can't get it out, HELP!!
Kim1 - 1:46 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have run out of rugs to cover all the stains from when my boys decided to roll the red playdough into the carpet. Managed to get the dough out, but the red remains. Sigh.
CamosMum - 1:36 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Not the hardest stain but the most regular is the "snakes" my dear wee man draws when he gets hold of his Dad's highlighters! Jelly stains are a bug in this household too.
skyela - 1:30 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to try this product, I have tried most of the other product out there and they all vary but I haven't sound something great yet. Two toddlers sure do make your carpet grotty!!!
LindaK - 1:28 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I would dearly love to try this product on our family's carpet. The hardest stains for me to remove from our carpet - still sitting there right now after many months - are mashed banana stains and chocolate pudding stains.

Please consider our family for this trial, thanks!
AHunter - 12:55 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
With four children and a carpeted dining area, we have had a kaleidoscope of stains around the dining table but the most stubborn is a great big spaghetti bolognese stain made just last week by my equally stubborn 4 year old.
cwarby - 12:53 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have a lovely orange stain on my cream bedroom carpet. Not from the kids, but from the dog vomitting! Luckily the carpet in the dining and living rooms is so hideous that any stains on it wouldn't show up anyway!
Mizim - 12:49 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
It's a toss up between my daughters very sticky, high calorie milk and spaghetti.
Though, when you have a 2yo who throws her food everywhere, everything is set to become a stain, so this would be fab to try,
KrystieKhloe - 12:41 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have a horrid big yellow stain from orange juice, it wasn't treated straight away and now it doesn't appear to want to go away no matter what I try!
KrisT - 12:39 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
Our place was tentanted before we owned it and so we would love to try this product in order to remove, purple fizzy stains and other brown stains and gum from all over the place. There are also the usual brown marks from mud walked in by little feet and even a lipstick stain.
renas3 - 12:20 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
a plate full of curried sausage and mash, the yellowish curry stain still remains
tessa771 - 12:13 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
I have had real trouble removing Cranberry Juice. It is still a yellow stain on our cream carpet! Hopefully this helps :)
Canne - 12:13 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain so far (and the one still there) is when my hubby walked clay down the length of the hallway (gee thanks hubby) still have lovely yellow stains (well that and having two kids under 3 who drop stuff everywhere). Looking to sell our house in the near future so would love to get the carpet looking clean
lmiln003 - 12:13 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
There are a couple of hard to remove stains in my house that I would love to try this on - one being crayon/pastel type marks - I have scrubbed and scrubbed but just can't get the last bit out and the other being a mark left from an apple (under the kids easel) nothing I have done seems to have removed even the tiniest bit of this stain
nzbobbie - 12:08 PM on Thu-24-May-2012 reply | message
The hardest stain that I haven't successfully removed as yet is eyeliner from my bedroom carpet. Would love to try this product to see if it works on this particular stain.
MaryMc - 8:21 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
We have a birman cat, and unfortunately, we have a cat vomit stain on the carpet - orangey colour, just like the cat biscuits. I would love to trial this and see if we can remove it!
skirts - 2:19 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
We have an orange stain in Miss 3's bedroom that NOTHING wants to shift - have tried most of the products available and none of it works - wonder if this would? She has drawn on the carpet with what we thought was orange chalk which one would think would be easy to remove but the stain has proven to be very stubborn! She hasn't really had access to much else but chalk although having my doubts, also she had a tummy bug just the other day and no matter how much cleaning I have done on the spot it still has a faint mark and smell.....
eddie - 2:17 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
I find is extremely difficult to remove red wine stains and also color from play dough and felt scribbles.
Fjsandemma - 1:38 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
drinks like milos, juice etc that the kids dont say anything about til its well soaked in to the carpet. blue tac and ink stains from felts too often end up permantly on our carpet from the kids
Sparky - 12:59 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
Playdoh is one of the worse. Kids has thrown everything on to the carpet; food, drinks, medicines, slime, playdoh, etc. Worse is when they are sick and throw up everywhere. Just about to start toilet training second child which will be fun ! Could really use some help with the carpets so trying any of these would be great.
kleene20 - 12:54 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
Definitely paint and playdough that has been squashed into the carpet are some of the worst. But wees, vomit and poos are the worst to get rid off smell wise. Luckily food stains are seldom as we usually eat in a tiled area but tomato sauce always finds its way into the carpeted area somehow - and doesn't come off. With a toilet training toddler and a crawling baby there's lots of stains and a very big desire to get the carpet clean :-)
motheroffour - 12:22 PM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
Juice, milk, felt pen with four kids in the house there can be many OMG!!!! moments that think if only I had something to put on that stain.......
anthzzz1 - 11:04 AM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
Ink is hard to get out. But we also have plenty of sick, wee, breakfast, baby food and dirt...yep, I've got it all. :-)
LIVINGLIFE - 8:16 AM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
We recently had a toddlerwith rotavirus and ended up with vomoit in all areas of our house (up to 25 vomit patches) and have tried carpet stain removers and baking soda etc to get the last lot out of the carpet but there is still a lingering smell and very slight stain let in these places, I would be very impressed if this stain remover could get rid of these
mandyroxy - 7:50 AM on Wed-23-May-2012 reply | message
We usually use a watered down version of baking soda or vinegar to remove stains but Neocate formula or squashed pumpkin are two of the worst offenders that up until now have refused to give up their place on our carpet. I would love to trial this product to see if it will remove these stains (our reflux baby has ensured there are Neocate stains in nearly every room in the house)!!
silverstarz - 10:45 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Playdough that has been squashed into the carpet is the worst. My boys are also going through a real clumsy stage and keep knocking over their cereal/milk all over the floor so our carpet could do with a good clean.
ajpickering - 9:11 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
I have had a buffet of food on my carpets over the years and the hardest stuff to clean is vomit especially after the youngest has had fish'n'chips which makes for a very greasy clean-up :-)
BJW - 8:09 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Actually the hardest stains are around the drawing table with spilt felt pens being trodden into the carpet and crayons. They just don't seem to come out with any type of carpet stain cleaner!!! I definately would love to give the Cavalier Bremworth carpet stain remover a good review (if it works) otherwise a rejection of a good review!
lynleyg - 7:32 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
This is something we need to try! Our carpet is so grubby. The hardest stains we have to remove are general food stains and whiteboard marker. Would love to try this!
SarahK - 7:18 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this. I do homebased care, and at the moment I have stains from one of the baby's who had reflux. it would be great to get those stains out. Plus I also have playdough stains and general food stains on the carpet by the table and highchairs that I just can't shift! would be great to see if this actually works! i'll stock up for life if it does! epsecially as I rent :)
Mamabear - 6:02 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Playdough stains!!! My kids had a ball creating with playdough recently and although they tried to keep it on the table, a few tiny shavings got into the carpet and were later walked on. We tried to get the playdough bits out, even picked at them with a pin and although most of the playdough came off, it left nasty green stains on the carpet! Would love to see if the dry stain remover could help.
shellcruise - 6:00 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
My rabbit done something naughty on our carpet I used a baby wipe not thinking which actually spread the area and then tried putting vinegar and baking soda which faded it but it is still noticeable would love to finally get rid of it!!!!!!
ingie83 - 2:27 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Anything food or drink related is a nightmare in my home. My daughter also spits up after a bottle and so find marks on the carpet regularly which this would be a huge help on.
Bubbaboo - 2:14 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
We literally live in our family room/dining area, and unfortunately it shows! Add to that two little boys and a husband (sorry honey, just kidding) ..... I can only vaguely remember what my carpet used to look like when it was clean. I always deal to spills andmarks straight away (with reasonable success) but every once in a while the kids will dish up a doozy. I am slowly amassing an arsenal of carpet stain removers, but the fact that I keep trying new ones is testament to the fact that I'm yet to discover THE ONE! Perhaps this time .....?
nixzen - 1:42 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Oh I SO neeeeed this!! My bestie recently spilt a whole glass of red wine on our creamish coloured carpet, we rent the house, and have tried everything to get it out but nothing seems to get rid of the last of the stain :( we have tried 2 carpet cleaning products & have hired a rug doctor so would love to see if this works! Not to mention the crayon marks in Master 5's bedroom :/
DaniTaylor - 1:08 PM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
We have a stain in my sons room - before he was born it was a spare room, where we THINK - my mother in law had spilt coke? Maybe not realizing, but, it's so hard to get out, ive used a few different carpet cleaners - steamed it, hasn't come out , so defiantly interested in trying a new product.
3BABES - 9:24 AM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Our nightmare stain is porridge from when the kids have dropped their plate off the table and also felt little one gets this everywhere no matter how hard we try to keep her contained she manages to sneak one off and hello I walk into my living room and there is a beautiful picture all over my brand new mat.
Silverbabe - 6:37 AM on Tue-22-May-2012 reply | message
Food - we have a 6 month old in her rolling stage so have a lot of throw ups that we have to clean around the carpet and also starting food so there is some of that around too.
missmoo - 11:03 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
3 boys and a girl i get food mud grease and god knows what else dragged into the house love to try the carpet cleaner for you
ValerieL - 10:53 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Tough stains like pasta sauce, tomato ketchup and crayon marks. My active boys and crawling baby sometimes tip the crayon box over and the baby promptly grabs them and then moves around with crayons in his hands. I'd love to give this carpet cleaner a try!
lindyloos - 10:40 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
definitely the fanta stain underneath our coffee table omg it's still very orange!
Nimbus77 - 9:04 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
SUDOCREM!!!! great for nappy rash, but when my daughter rolled off the change mat onto the carpet it left a stain I have been trying to remove for weeks. I would be keen to trial a carpet remover as I have tried everything else.
karinlee - 8:55 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
TOMATOE SAUCE is the big one in our house it is terrible to get out. The other one is hot chocolate that we think is clean up and a couple of days/weeks later the stain is still there. We really need to trial this to make sure our new carpets can stay new for a while longer
Godzgirl - 8:47 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have a number of stains that just won't come out, even with carpet cleaners. They are mostly from blackcurrant juice or that kind of thing that the children have spilt : (
lilblondee6 - 8:44 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have more than just one stain we cannot seem to budge and we almost had to resort to bleach. i have tried to take a coke stain out with a few products and that didn't work so i tried the good old vinegar and baking soda, that didn't work. There is another stain on our carpet that is from nachos that i just cannot get out either. i would love to trial this product and finally remove those stubborn stains.
annette - 8:42 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have beige carpet in the majority of our house and with our 3rd little boy on the way it is hard to keep stain free. I find the worst stain is blackcurrant jelly! Would love to give this a go
Jo90 - 8:25 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have some old red wine stains (not us a visitor) and some left-over milk stains from middle of the night feeds that wont seem to shift
madisonsmummyz - 8:09 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
This would be fantastic to try and review! Up to now it has been crayons smudged into the carpet which doesn't shift but recently with a newborn, I've discovered explosive breastfed baby poop is the worst to get out!! Yes I use a change mat but I did say explosive (and it goes everywhere during nappy time off). A yellow mustard coloured mess just turns into a bigger yellow mess when you try and clean it out of carpet!
fifilemon - 7:50 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Where do I start? We have a real problem around our bookcase in the lounge it is a high wear area and with dogs and kids mess it has been given a good work out and looks tired and old! We LOVE to see if we shift it and make it look brighter and cleaner!
leelee1994 - 7:47 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I/We would very much like to test the removers on our carpets please. My son takes after his mother and his nana. We are all naturally clumsy - if there is a cup of liquid anywhere on carpet, we can find it, trip over it and spill it everywhere. We have stains ranging from green goo (some kind of experimental slime) and raspberry fizzy to grass vomit (thank you cats!) and the obligatory blood stains from some incident that involves my son and gravel (there have been many - did I mention, inherently clumsy). There has also been the odd, awkwardly balanced dinner plate with marmite on toast (always lands marmite side down) and like many others tomato based sauces. Sun therapy works on tomato stains but only if you can get it into the sun - the lounge carpet is so far uncooperative!
nessee - 7:45 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Ooooh this would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooo handy in our house at the moment, my 6mth old has just started solids and pumpkin spews on the carpet are EXTREMELY hard to get out of the carpet today and yesterday :( The other main stain hard to remove is thick milk spews :( Would soooo love to be on the list to trial this Carpet Stain Remover :)
eleanor48 - 7:13 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
The stain I have most problems with is cat pee, when our cat was small he had some toiletting issues, and no matter how much you wipe at it, the stain juist doesn't disappear completely. We also have a few bits of chocolate which have been trodden into the carpet. Our landlady is less than impressed, so I would be awesome to have the carpet clean for the next inspection. Please choose us!
michp - 6:30 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Tomato based products seem to be the hardest to remove. I'd love to trial these carpet removers. Thanks
kiwi72 - 6:12 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
It is definitely urine stains that are the worst to get out - you think you have them, then the sun shines through the window and you realise you didn't blot it all up or clean it good enough with just water!!!! Toilet training is about to start full time here so I imagine there will be some other stains that may be hard to shift soon too!!!!!!!
Nita - 5:32 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
pasta sauce is one stain that really is a pain to try and remove, we live in a rental so it is imperative we maintain the carpets in a clean state
dieseljosh - 4:03 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
The worst on our carpet are the lovely yellow patterns from old urine stains that show up a week or so after we had a toilet training accident that i had thought was cleaned up nicely!
angelnshan - 4:01 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
hi the worse stain i have come across is my daughters urine stains! never can get it all out the carpet:(
Nilithya - 3:58 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
My son ate an ice-cream from a green cone then was sick all over the carpet. Never did manage to get that one fully out, so I would say that is the hardest thing :/
We have brand new carpet, so it's very scary with all the spilling going on between the two kids. My 17 month old son will only feed himself so it gets messy! Tomatoes & sauces are probably other hard ones to get out.
Angel1983 - 3:55 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi I find black coffee the worst would love to try this thanx
Lollipopz - 3:53 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Dried cat urine stains - our geriatric cat used to sneak off into the bedrooms or other quiet spots. Some stains we are still finding. It looks disgusting and it smells worse - and it's on beige carpet! We can't afford to replace it but it seems this might be the only option. So we live with it :-( Yuk!!!
angelstar - 2:47 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I find coffee the worst. With my 4 children running around, i forget about my cold coffee and it's spilt on the carpet. I try cleaning it but it's never fully out of the carpet. Would absolutely love to try your product.
mjchase - 2:14 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Anything with orange or red artificial colouring in it seems to stain the carpet really well. I had a friend whose insurance replaced her carpets because tomato-based baby food wouldn't come out of them.
swirlykiwi - 1:54 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi, I think it would be awesome if I could trial this product. Its so hard maintaining a clean carpet especially with my 19 month old son constantly spilling soup or throwing around spaghetti bolognese all over the floor. I find anything that is.tomato-ey or contains tomatoes is impossible to get stains out of :(
kosigus - 1:45 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi we would love to be part of your trial. our lounge/dining area is an absolute nightmare. mainly by "spillage" eg breast milk and formula. even if i attended it imediately it stained. so we have a lovely "spotty" look al throughout. and now miss 9months gets mor into her solids im sure we have a few different ones to add. master 4 worst droppings are anything with tomatoe sauce. we have light green carpet throughout and it literally shows up everything!
amy - 1:43 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi, I would totally LOVE to try this. Last winter we put down new carpets as we had a new baby on the way and it made the house heaps warmer. Now we have got wee sicky marks all over it (plus some marks from when our eldest had a tummy bug). I have learnt not to try and catch his sickies as it makes them splatter far and wide! I'm sure our first baby was not this bad. So I have recently been doing a bit of research on what would be good to use on our carpets to get rid of these patches. I was thinking of a steam mop type thing or hiring a rug doctor - but if something like this works, I would be a keen purchaser. We really want to look after the carpet and I'm extra keen to try these stain remover from Cavalier Bremworth.
hsmith - 1:37 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
With 4 kids and light beige carpet it is an impossible task to keep clean- particularly when you often don't notice the spill until the stain has dried and gone dark. Raspberry juice has been banned from the carpet as spills from this seem to be one of the worst. I would love to try this cleaner.
ChevMum - 1:34 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a part of this trial. The stain I'm having the hardest time shifting is one that I have no idea of it's origin! Seems to be a milk stain. But we have a lot of stains since Miss 18mths started solids despite having a messy mat. To top it off the cat threw up last night so I I have that stain to shift too!
dayauon - 1:15 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
lots of stains to remove!!! my master one is the master of all the stains -- spaghetti, chocolate, blueberry, dirty shoes, juice but the hardest to remove is the ink stain. we now have a rainbow on the carpet and i hope it will disappear. help!!!
Mum2two - 1:08 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
This trial is for me - my carpet is a complete disaster and covered in stains. My latest occurred only this morning, having made my daughter a runny yolked egg for breakfast, the egg somehow managed to roll out of the egg cup holder and I now have yolk stain to add to all the others.
olga - 1:04 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
oh, please please please include us in the trial! our little toddler girl of 19 months loves splashing her water, juice and any liquid substance on the carpet. and now the carpet looks pretty unhappy even after my cleaning with water and soap cloth. she also likes squeezing her fruit purees on it and dance on the puddles - yes, that is our reality ))) would love to try the stain remover and see how it works, shall also make before and after photos ))
KimH - 1:02 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I find the hardest stains to get out are pasta sauce. When eating spaghetti bolognase the kids somehow spread the sauce for miles!

Also there is a stain on the carpet in our living area that I have no idea what it is but it does not want to come out. I'd love to try the Cavalier Bremworth stain remover and see if it can do the job.
kimmo - 12:56 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I have a 3 & 7 yr old and find hot chocolate spills the hardest to remove. If I only find the spill later after it has dried, I cannot get it out fully. They also have their own table and chairs in the lounge to eat breakfast and any chocolate cereal spilt on the floor, is a nightmare to get out. Then of course there is also the odd red wine spill which I am still looking at!! Would love to try these products.
adele - 12:51 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 6 and am constantly finding new stains on my lounge carpet & hall - many of which I don't know what they are. If I catch it at the time its usually ok as I can get to it straight away and it doesn't have time to dry and set. Its the older stains that have dried that is usually the problem. Although I do find fruit and fruit juice stains one of the worst for getting out. Something like this product for both wet and dry stains would be ideal to try and get out some of these annoying marks! I would love to give it a go and see how it works.
steph1087 - 12:49 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have milk stains and raspberry jolly drink stain on our carpets from our little Mr 2 year old, have tryed everything to get them out. Now it comes time we have to move out of our rental property, and we need to get stains out. Would really love to win this and hopefully make the carpets look a lot better.
Midgetwoody - 12:45 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi, i would so love to review these stain remover products - our hardest stain to shift is spilled milk - we have milk patches all over our lounge carpet! But thats only the start of it ..... having 2 full on 4 year olds everything seems to land on the carpet!!!!!!
stumpie - 12:44 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Oh my gosh I would so love to review this product. Our carpet has a couple of marks on it that I am finding really hard to remove.
Fanta is one of the marks I am finding hard to remove from the carpet. The other one is grease, my husband walked inside not knowing he had some on the bottom of his work boots, needless to say I'm not happy.
Would be very very happy to be picked. Thanks Cavalier Bremworth and Kidspot.

ErinLars - 12:40 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have a nasty brown stain from a very nasty spew from my daughter. We struggle to get stains out from the two girls messy food eating habits, even when I clean straight away. Milk being the worst. Would absolutely love to try and find something that could help out poor looking carpets
shorrty4life - 12:37 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
This would be amazing to win. I find the most hardest stain to get off the carpet is raspberry!! Arghhh i gave my daughter raspberry juice the other day and b4 i know it she was tipping it on the carpet. I got to it fast but had no luck and since we in a rental im panicking about the next house inspection we have as landlord only tells us about it 2days before she comes and does it so i really don't want to be nutted at for the stains. And we r in a very new house too which doesnt help because every little thing is noticed and i got told off for stains yesterday. PLEASE HELP!! Would love to try something like this it would be a life saver!! :)
3lilmonkeys - 12:35 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Hi Kidspot, I have tried a few different things to help remove stains from my carpet without much success and unfortunately they are not usually cheap to buy either. I would love to give this a go and see how good it is, especially coming from such a reputable brand name.
Thanks team!
cassara - 12:34 PM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Being a mum of three kids - what else do I need to say! I would love to be a part of this trial - since getting new carpet three years ago its starting to look rather patchy already thanks to my darlings.
we have an array of stains, some known and others done by Mr nobody - please let us join!
thecoffeelady - 11:39 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Wow I would love to win this, I have a daughter with reflux so our carpet is dotted, or should I say nearly covered in stains now unfortunately. I would love to see if this one works as I haven't yet found anything that does.
The hardest stain to move so far is coffee, somehow a couple of times a cup of coffee has ended up on the floor while we were entertaining over summer and it's such a shame they leave a big mark.
RumRita - 11:33 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I think sticky stains are the hardest to get rid off. My kids have managed to get a blob of slime (toy) stuck to our carpet and I just don't know how to get rid of it. I find spots and marks all over the place in our house. Tomato sauce is also a common spill. Would love to try this. Also see the stain remover guide above.. hope it tells me how to get slime out! lol. Great trial, thanks for the opportunity.
Charli - 11:29 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this, we have light carpet and 4 kiddies so have all kind of food and drink stains which I tried to get out with soapy water! The hardest one is some raro juice, there is still an orange circle in the middle of the lounge from it! We also have 2 cats which keep spewing up after their dinner feed at least 3 times a week, so would also love to try it on that too :) Oh and there is also some makeup stains in my daughters room, think its eyeshadow and eyeliner pencil!
wyldange - 11:16 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Definitely neocate (prescription formula) is up there with the hardest of stains to remove!

.. but also oreos leave interesting marks on the carpet :P (if you are going for the solid looking ones noodles/playdough are equally pita to get out!)
saranorman88 - 11:15 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this - with two pre-schoolers at home our carpet is very stained with drinks, milk etc.
ChristineC - 11:10 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Gosh our carpet currently looks like a join the dots game, we have a little girl that had very bad reflux when younger so we have milk stains everywhere, now that she is a bit older we have moved to food stains (even though she is fed ontop of a wipeable mat - she has a good arm and can throw food quite a way lol).
Anyway the worst food stain we have come accross so far is the raspberry ones that I didn't notice until they were dry and the marks left from the time she decided to bring back up her meal of dark plums - urgh!!!
nsohail - 11:09 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
marker and curry marks are difficult to come off. My son loves drawing and always ends up writing on the carpet and its soo difficult to get the marker stains off.
I would love to see if this product can removes all the stains on my carpet! :)
raglanmum - 11:08 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Oh wow, I would be interested to see if this really does work! I have tried many different types, and never have much luck. The hardest stain I have tried unsuccessfully to remove from my carpet would have to be the pasta sauce I didn't notice until the next morning.... ugh! Currently there is a couple of kinda orange/light pink splotches on the carpet that I would love to remove!
terry100 - 10:46 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Usually I find juice or coloured drinks impossible. However, we are now living in a new house so (touch wood) the only marks on our carpet at the moment are in front of the fire caused by soot getting rubbed in - it won't vacuum out, I have tried. Also in the kids room is a small grease like mark. I would love to trial this product to see if it will remove these existing spots and keep it on hand for future spills that are definitely likely to happen.
imamum - 10:34 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have constant marks on our carpet from food. Curry was the last one and they are a pain. A carpet cleaner that actually worked would be a god send!
mom2daven - 10:28 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these! Our carpet at the moment needs these especially the Dry Stain remover as the dining area looks like a dalmatian with the dark spots here and there..Hardest for me is Milk when it's dried up because it doesn't only leave a stain but also doesn't smell very nice..
piglet - 10:22 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
These would be fantastic to trial! Our carpet is forever being exposed to stains from mud to food. I find banana stains quite hard to get off - sounds strange but if a piece of banana hits the carpet and even though you pick it up, it can leave a yucky brown stain which appears after a few days. The other stain I have downstairs that I would love to try this on is where our cat had a 'wee' accident when we first got him. I have cleaned and cleaned it, and I can still smell it!
Keryn247 - 10:16 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
The stains I hate the most anr the "mystery" stains that just seem to appear out of know where, and no one knows anything about how it got there and what it is!
jopukeko - 10:15 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
The worst is when i find blutac that has been trampled into the carpet and then it collects all the dirt and I'm left with a black mark on the carpet that is impossible to remove.
mary110370 - 10:14 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these carpet cleaners - I work from home looking after kids and the spills and messes are endless. I think the hardest to remove are actually curtesy of my own 10 year old daughter and come in the form on spilt makeup and nail polish as well as candle wax. I think spilt milk must be the hardest as you think you have it out and then it dries and not only leaves a patch but also a stench. Cordial is another thing, crayons, paint and even just general dirt and sand traipsed in from outside. Oh, and my older son and his friends have the occasional alcohol spill which they try to clean up in a male sort of way and by the time I come across it . . . . . Please choose me for this trial!!!!!!!
tiakireka1 - 10:12 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
i would love to try this product i have dry stains all through my house that i have not yet been able to remove from my carpets. with 3 children plus all their cousins running through the house dropping everything on the floor, a good carpet cleaner is exactly what i am looking for.
MumBum - 10:04 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
pleeeeeeeeeeeeease pick me!! Our house has pale green carpet which shows up every little stain/spill! I have got eyeliner which Saiah stole and drew on the carpet with... great, that was the start to this morning!
Plus there are old stains from before we moved in which I'd be keen to try this product on too.
Thanks again for another awesome product to review!xx
Salby - 9:59 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I have a 9 month old & 3 year old that sit on the rug to eat so I get dried biscuits, chips, milk & cereal. I have tried other carpet cleaners but some stains that I don't recognise just won't come out. I would love to try this product to see if it works as well as it is designed to.
gonzze - 9:58 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Baby Vomit.It just leaves a stain and i have not found any thing that will take the mark away and when your baby vomits a bit you get a lot of stain so i would love to try this on the marks. Having 5 children i have lots of other stains i would love to get out of the carpet so we would love to review this
nikkim - 9:49 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Juice stains are hard to remove, not that we have had many, but when it does happen, it takes me a while to remove it. and even then, you can still see a little outline! Would love to trial this product as we often get little spot stains here and there.
catrad - 9:47 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to try the Cavalier Bremworth Stain Removers, we have a 9yr old & 4yr old along with a cat and a dog and cream coloured carpet, the kids are constantly spilling and dropping things on the carpet which they then try and cover up and hide so by the time i see them they are dry and set in, the carpet looks awfull! the worst is the large pink rasberry drink stain in the middle of the lounge and black marker in my daughters bedroom even just making it lighter and less noticible would be fantastic!
livandjimi - 9:43 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Ive got 1 stain that i just cant get out! Its from Mr 3's orange iceblock! Wonder if this would work?!
suzb2012 - 9:42 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Our carpet is terrible! We have two red spots that are from spilled medicine and I have used everything I can to try and get them out and nothing has worked. I would love to try this and see if it works. :-)
kelmucalo - 9:40 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
We have a 2 and a half year old, and a 8 month old, and I think the milk stains on our carpet are the worst! sick of having to hire a carpet cleaning machine to get them out - this would be great to trial!! (not to mention the chicken tikka masala stain I accidently added to the mix a while ago that is proving impossible to shift....even lightening it would be terrific!)
werahiko - 9:39 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
WOW I would love to try this, my floor gets marks on it constantly, I would actually say daily.. I can't seem to get the yoghurt, milk or sauce out even Wheetbix can be really hard.. I use a plastic drop mat but my kids still manage to make a big mess on the floor! I have been thinking about getting a professional cleaner in, but that's just not in the budget!
cherrytf - 9:39 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Oh my, what I would give to try this out! My kids often spill stuff on the carpet and worse, whenever I have my 8 nieces and nephews over (which is quite often), more havoc.
samala - 9:38 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
I find the hardest stains to remove are the berry juice stains from my little ones spilling their drinks. We live in a rented house with a very light carpet and very messy kids, I would love to try the Cavalier Bremworth Stain Removers, There are a lot of places I can try this on that my normal cleaners just arn't working on. Thankyou very much.
missmaddysmum - 9:38 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial this, currently renting and have stains I can't seem to remove! I find oil the hardest to remove, and there are some unidentified food stains that are hard to shift sometimes.
stacleaning - 9:37 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Oh wow, I must give this a go. I think my worst stain to remove would have to be accidental marker on the carpet or spaghetti sauce actually hahah My daughters have been really good. As my daughter has gotten older she seems to have more spilling accidents than when she was younger. I need to have something like this on hand for the many little spills and food throwing by my younger daughter and the boy I look after.
twilightgal - 9:36 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
The spaghetti bolognese Mr18 months always manages to get throughout the house! With 3 messy boys, we would love to trial this product.
destinygal80 - 9:36 AM on Mon-21-May-2012 reply | message
Stains that i find hardest to remove is milk and cat/dog stuff hehe. Our house is mainly wooden floors but we have two large mats in our living area that are my parents so need to keep them clean which is really hard. My parents have a fully carpeted house and some stains which they have tried everything to get them out even a professional but not happening. They are currently renting until they sell their home so need to get it out before landlord sees but they arent too sure what it could be.

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