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Group Name: UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets

Real oats, real quick! Delicious oats ready in 90 seconds.

UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets are a convenient and tasty breakfast option for families. In just two simple steps you have a nutritious start to the day. Just add milk or water and microwave for 90 seconds. The single-serve sachets are convenient for busy families and they come in six delicious flavours.

Choose from:

  • Original
  • Classics Variety Pack
  • Fruit Variety Pack
  • Creamy Honey
  • Brown Sugar and Cinnamon
  • Golden Syrup

Key Nutritional Benefits
  • Made from wholegrain oats
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial flavours

150 Mums Say members are reviewing UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets. Each selected reviewer will receive a box of UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets Fruit Variety Pack.


*** Trialists have been chosen - reviews to come soon! ***

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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Improvements to the sachet perforations for UNCLE TOBYS O... 4 04/06/2017
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MissMuffet - 2:12 PM on Thu-9-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi thanks for giving us the opportunity to trial Uncle Tobys Oats. Very quick and easy to prepare. We have tried all the flavours and like them all. I used water but also added milk powder to make it creamy. My 3 year old daughter loved them as did I. These are ideal for a quick and healthy breakfast, sometimes lunch.
terry100 - 10:32 AM on Thu-9-Aug-2012 reply | message
Thanks very much for giving us the opportunity to trial Uncle Tobys Oat satchets. Our favourite was definitely the Apple & Cinnamon but saying that, they were all good! I enjoyed the fact they were quick and easy and made just the right amount. We made ours with milk all the time and served it with extra milk and sugar. Perfect for a quick healthy breakfast.
Nikki79 - 12:48 PM on Wed-8-Aug-2012 reply | message
These are great. Yummy, fast to make, filling and healthy. All of the flavours went down great. They were nice and creamy made with the milk and didn't need any extra milk to serve, but weren't very nice made with water. These will be awesome for my youngest daughter in a couple of months when she's at that stage of solids too!!
Katea16 - 1:00 PM on Wed-1-Aug-2012 reply | message
This has become a part of our daily breakfast routine. My 6 year old son gets a plate of porridge ready for him and his sister every morning and it's great! He loves being independent and helping out. We already use the classics variety pack so it was nice to be able to try the fruit variety out before purchasing it just in case the kids didn't like it. My sons favorite is the apple and cinnamon closely followed by the berry one. Love that it is so quick and easy to make! And it's such a great start to the kids morning especially in winter. Would recommend to anyone wanting to try. It will be a staple food in our pantry from now on. Thanks for letting us sample!
Mamabear - 11:40 AM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
Very sorry this review is so late! A big thumbs up for this product. So convenient to use, even my 7 year old can make it himself. We all loved how they taste, and it's great to know the kids are getting a healthy start to the day with something they are actually happy to eat! I love how you can make it runny or thick to suit everyone's needs, without altering the taste of the porridge. The kids loved the fruit getting "plump" in the microwave and I found them saving the tasty fruity bits for last :) My favourite was the Apple and Cinnamon, very tasty, warm, hearty and comforting breakfast, perfect for a cold morning with minimal effort! This one's going to be on the shopping list for sure. Thanks Kidspot and Uncle Tobys!
lmwnz - 9:15 PM on Sun-29-Jul-2012 reply | message
I'm just coming back in to just say the convenience of these is so awesome! I've already said how tasty they are, but as a Mum who doesn't have time to eat breakfast in the morning its so awesome that I just grab a sachet, throw it in my bag & then heat it up at work. I will be buying them again for sure
Gemmma - 8:44 PM on Sat-28-Jul-2012 reply | message
I found my girls only really liked the apple and cinnamin flavour. Super quick and easy... I also found the packets measure not good at all poured my milk all over the bench none made it into the bag lol so just stuck with a measuring jug. I will defiantly buy the plain uncle tobys oats sachets :D they are soooo quick as easy!! A great warm breakie for winter!! Thank you kidspot for the opportunity to review :)
maxsmum - 1:35 PM on Fri-27-Jul-2012 reply | message
YUMMMMMMMMMMM huge fan of these oats!!! so quick to make and so tasty you dont need brown sugar. We will be buying this in every shop from now on
Haylee9 - 8:25 PM on Thu-26-Jul-2012 reply | message
My girls found that they didn't like the flavours very much. At best I can get them to eat the apple and cinnamon but only if I put milo on the top. I guess my kids like their porridge either with brown sugar or chocolate. Nice and easy to make though, although I did have trouble getting the sachets apart without them ripping.
SandraG - 9:38 PM on Tue-24-Jul-2012 reply | message
I agree with a number of other reviewers that the consistency of the porridge is inconsistent! I always measured the milk with a 1/2 cup measure (not the packet). Sometimes it was OK and other times it needed more milk added after cooking. Especially for my 3 year old, needing to let it cool a bit before eating, it would set and need more milk mixed in to stop it being rubbery. Could it be because different microwaves have different wattages (mine is 1100 watts) and the cooking time recommended is for a lower power oven?
HopeJasmin - 3:27 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
Absolutely fantastic!!! First Master 12 thought they were all his to try - umm not!!! They were such a hit with the whole family. I loved the raspberry and apple ones. I didn't have the bigger kids asking how to make them or for me to make them either. So hassle free breakfast was great too.
atasfairys - 8:09 PM on Thu-19-Jul-2012 reply | message
what a hit, I look like i have been up at the crack of dawn to make porridge,this is one product that WILL STAY ON THE SHOPPING LIST
leebd - 10:41 AM on Wed-18-Jul-2012 reply | message
My girls are 4, 2 and 8 months so mornings are a nightmare! Trying to find one breakfast that everyone is happy with proves difficult but they all love the porridge sachets and that each box has a variety of flavours. Even my 8 month old is happy to polish off a whole packet for breakfast and I know it sets her up for the day. The only problem I had was if I cook it in one of the kids plastic sistema bowls it always seems to overflow in the microwave, anyone else find that an issue? My favourite feature is that the packet has the mark on it to fill with milk so I didn't need to make extra dishes. Thanks :)
sweetie - 9:55 AM on Wed-18-Jul-2012 reply | message
These arrived early on a nice cold morning, so we opened the box and tried them straight away. the smell of the apple and cinnamon was great, nice and creamy aswell. its so quick only 90secs in the microwave and you have a delicious and healthy breakfast, great as you dont need to measure your milk/water as on the packets you can just fill to the line and then pour onto porridge, give it a stir and straight to the microwave. my oldest (8yrs) wasnt keen on the pieces of apple in the porridge but she loved the berry flavor, i would buy these again as they are very good when your short of time early in the morning.
michele - 10:18 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
My family really liked these. They especially like the apple and cinnamon ones (which is good as there were more of them in the pack). They like regular porridge anyway but these are so much quicker on busy school mornings. My son also ate them as a cereal with milk and said that they were great that way too. I would definitely buy them as they were a hit all round and very convenient. Thank you for the chance to try these.
kleene20 - 12:20 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
We received th Quick schets two weeks ago and three days later they were all gone -) I like the convenience of not having to measure the oats, preparing other ingredients (like apple or other fruit) and having to cook them. However some of the flavours were a bit too sweet for my liking. We had the fruit variety pack and the cinnamon flavour was way to sweet. The fruit flavours were great as I would usually not have rasperries or other berries on hand to put into my porridge. The portion size was perfect for the kids - I needed two sachets though :-) They are also great if you don't have a microwave - just pour hot water over them and let it stand for a couple of minutes (as we did when on holiday in a cabin with only a kettle at hand). And I used a bit more water than the instructions said - that made them creamier. all in all a great product to have at hand when you're busy or out and about.
sydneylisa - 8:37 AM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
The UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets are great for busy mums! My family loved them and we will be getting more as they are quick and easy to make and delicious. The instructions say to microwave for 90 seconds but I found 60 seconds in my microwave made the porridge much creamier. I love that they are artificial colour and flavour free and the it has no excess packaging and is easily recycled. There is quite a bit of sugar in these though so I might try and find some original flavoured ones next time so my 9 month old can eat them aswell.
manddsteven - 8:31 AM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow, thanks for making my mornings so much easier Uncle Tobys & Kidspot. I would not normally have gone out and purchased these as we have just standard oats at home, however the only rule was that we couldn't have oats on a weekday morning as it was too much of a rush when we leave at 6:30am.
The packet read 90 seconds and I thought that's doable so I made my Reece (6), Bailee (3.75), Marcus and I oats for breakfast and boy was that easy.
So simple, so tasty and gone in a flash. These will definitely be on our shopping list each week.
Thanks for giving us the chance to trial Uncle Tobys & Kidspot!!!
Tavia - 2:47 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
Do I put my review here?? Thanks for the opportunity to try these oats. We all loved the flavours, they are delicious! I don't like microwaving, but it takes barely a minute more to do them on the stove. I like that they aren't full of artificial products, but I find their price compromises my ability to purchase them. We will get them from time to time when finances allow, as a yummy winter treat,as they are certainly so much tastier than normal oats, and being sweet already, it stops us from pouring a mountain of sugar on top!
tessyjoy - 2:20 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
I really enjoyed these instant oats. They are easy to make and great for travelling with. My kids didn't like the berry flavours that were supplied to us however so I got them all to myself. I always put an extra 10mls of milk than suggested and stir once during cooking to get a better consistency. Thanks very much for the chance to try these!
Teenah - 1:36 PM on Mon-16-Jul-2012 reply | message
These sachets are convenient and easy to use. Its just a case of opening the sachet and putting in the bowl and adding Milk or Water. This makes it very quick and easy for my husband at the early time he gets up for work to get breakfast which is healthy and nutritious. The smell of the apple and Cinnamon reminded me of apple crumble.
These would make it easy for older children to be able to get there own breakfast without making a mess. My daughter enjoyed all three flavours in the pack, and gave her a good start to the day.
I didn't have any trouble with the perforations but I did fold it first before I separated them and then was very careful because I was worried about ripping the sachet.
Its nice to have oats with some fruit flavour over plan oats, its also good to have a variety in the pack as you can please everyone in the house just by buying one product, instead of having to have separate boxes of things.
TheBestNest - 5:41 PM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
I am a HUGE fan of instant oats so was very happy to sample some new flavors from Uncle Toby's. I like to keep a pack in the kitchen at work for breakfast or a warm lunch and my 7.5 yo son will eat oats any day of the week for brekkie. So, we had 4 taste testers and we all love the Berry and the Apple Cinnamon flavors. I was disappointed in the Apple Raspberry, I really wanted to love it but it was quite bland. Aside form that, very happy with the range of flavors in the box. Pam's Instant Oats have been a longstanding favorite in our house because of the Berry flavor, so am so glad to see Uncle Toby's branch out from the solely sweet flavors. Would LOVE to see apricot back, this disappeared off the shelves a few years ago and hasn't returned.
The sachets look awesome, the perforations are slightly better but we still tore another pack when trying to separate them. The exterior box could use a bit of a re-design, it's looking a bit dated. LOVE the addition of the measuring line for milk on the sachets, saves the guess work and extra dishes!
4 out of 5. Thanks!
livandjimi - 11:06 AM on Sun-15-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well, my 2 boys have polished all of these off! They loved them! My 3.5 yr old loved choosing which coloured packed he wanted. They are super easy to use, especially with the line on the sachet where you fill the water or milk up to. Great product, super quick, easy, tasty and nutricious. Will definately be buying these :)
madisonsmummyz - 9:09 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
These were really yummy. The berry one was a favourite. Very quick to make. Only downside is that every time I went to separate the sachets, it would rip so I think some work needs to be done on the perforations so they tear apart easier without ripping and getting oats everywhere.
Mummyleigh - 7:08 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank-you for letting us try the fruit variety porridge . My daughter and I have both tried all the flavor's (apple & Cinnamon , apple and raspberry , and berry) we both enjoyed the berry flavor (my daughter downed that bowl very quickly!) her least favorite probably would've been the apple and cinnamon (I'm thinking this is because of the little pieces that we're in it - shes 2 and doesn't like pieces in her food) I find that if you add just milk its a bit glugy - but if you add water it makes it a better consistency. The packaging would be better if it wasn't connected with another packet (to avoid tearing the other packet open) also measuring with the packet is a neat idea. Would definitely be buying berry flavored on my next grocery shop.
buzzybee98 - 4:09 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Sorry took me a few days before I got to use always they don't disappoint though! So handy and easy to make, and yes, like that I dont need to use a cup your work uncle tobys!
nikkish - 1:26 PM on Sat-14-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial these. I love that they are supr quick and easy to make as with 2 under 2 1/2 whatever I am making has to be ready to eat super quick. I especially love the measurement on the side of the sachets for the water/milk - no extra dishes. The berry one seemed to be my boy's favourite - I just add yoghurt and stewed apple and its ready to eat. Would absolutely recommend to all other mums who want a fast nutritious option for breakfast
mznaynay - 1:03 PM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi, I love the quick sachets, the fruit variety gives me a choice of flavours to choose from. My favourite is the berry and I love how its got the how much milk or water to pour in on the packet its quick and easy I leave it in the microwave for 90sec and I'm off getting babys food ready or bottles, or changing the baby and by the time I'm done with whatever my quick oats berry sachets is ready and me to eat and I'm off with a good and healthy start for the day.
heitiki - 9:13 AM on Fri-13-Jul-2012 reply | message
These oat sachets have been SO convenient for me. I've been using them for breakfast in the mornings, which are always rushed, so I can eat mine standing up in the kitchen as I get breakfasts, lunchboxes and dishwasher emptying done! I've been adding a scoop of protein powder to mine and sometime berries. Makes a great night time snack just before bed too, if you're feeling peckish. The berry varieties are definitely my favourite. Highly recommended. Am going away for the weekend tomorrow and will be taking some of these with me, to ensure I start the day off with a healthy, long lasting breakfast.
spooky - 10:14 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
I was really excited to be selected for this trial. I use to have these BC (before children) when i got to the office before i got to the office. They conveniently arrived just before we went away for a long weekend, so i figured breakfast was sorted! My husband and i really liked them, I loved the new flavour of raspberry and apple and also apple and cinnamon, i've never been a huge fan of the berry one. Unfourtuantly my kids (Miss 6 and Master 4) didn't like them and we are back to Uncle Toby's Milk Oaties for them.
karask - 8:41 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot and Uncle Toby's. We received the fruit variety pack to trial. We really enjoy our porridge on a cold winter morning. It took me a couple of attempts to get the porridge to our desired consistency (Microwave is a different size). Was surprised that the instructions are for skim milk. I really like the flavours, my favourite being the berry one. Easy to make and quick. I was surprised that my son said he preferred our original porridge. Maybe it's because we sprinkle sugar in that one. I couldn't manage to separate a packet without ripping the other packet. I think you should produce individual sachets. Overall, I think it is a great product and will consider buying it in the future. Cheers
Hayleigh - 4:49 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
thanks for the trial they arrive. I couldnt help myself but to try one...YUMMO Apple and cinnamon. fantasic flavour it was easy peasey to make quick as... the next morning was simple nice & easy even went down a treat with my 8 yr old... he was the same Apple and cinnamon we all pretty much fought over the last one ... we did like the rest but this was our fav in this household... Great serve size felt content afterwards... to be honest i was craving sweet late one night I was looking for something quick & easy while I had just put down the baby and everyone was sound a sleep i made one up and add cream to it.... yummy like hot rice pudding but oats totally awesome wont tell the kids or hubby thats my thang.... sorry for my rant... THESE will be on my shopping list each week in Winter thanks KS
My3BoysandMe - 4:09 PM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
I loved this product, all 3 flavours were delicious. My favourite was the Apple and Raspberry. They were extremely fast and easy to have on cold mornings when you just want to stay in bed, a quick warm breakie on cold winter mornings is a must! And what an awesome idea to have the exact measurements for the milk or water on the pack! Saves dishes when you dont have to use a measuring cup or something! Thanks for the trial Kidspot! I will def be buying this product next time I'm out shopping!!!!
chelledania - 11:50 AM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much for the trial kidspot. These have been great and we have had them every morning for breakfast this week! I love that they are not too sugary tasting and they are a perfect serving size. My 14 month old loves them! I like the berry flavours best and hubby likes the apple. It would be good if they were not connect because I ripped the packaging a couple of times. Yum!
Caro10 - 11:07 AM on Thu-12-Jul-2012 reply | message
21 month old loves the apple & cinnamon and Dad was spotted sneaking a bowl of berries! Definitely popular with the bits of fruit in them and I loved the convenience of 3 options for breakfast for fussy toddler who hates repeats of the day before meals. I loved the quickness of making it - 90 seconds :-)
Orchid07 - 10:38 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for letting me take part in this trail.. Really loved the convenience of making porridge in 90 seconds... I received the fruity Pack. Really loved the Apple and cinnamon.... YUM YUM YUM..... berry was next and then the Raspberry.. The overall winner was the Apple and Cinnamon. I used the milk mark on the satchets to make sure that the milk in the porridge was correct and the consistancy was just right for me. not too thick.. & not too liquidy... It was perfect.. Had to however monitor the microwave as mine is a little Higher than the recommended . Well I have to do that for most microwavable cooking so it was not a problem... JUST LOVED THE EXPERIENCE ! would definately buy the product if the price was right. ,... Thanks for the trial....
hsmith - 4:22 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Really enjoyed these. I like the berry flavours. My 4 year old saw the berry bits though and turned her nose up at them. My 17 year old has had more than his share, but I don't mind as at least he is bothering to eat something decent! I did have issues, like others have with accidentally ripping the wrong packet when trying to separate them.
aimeevisser - 3:06 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Quick, convenient, and scrumptious. That sums up our experience of Uncle Toby's Oats Sachets! Our favourite flavour by far was apple and cinammon (a great breakfast enjoyed by Mum, Dad and Bubs), followed by Apple and Raspberry, and then Berry. I think the Berry one just didnt go too well with milk (blue top) and is better with water. The one further suggestion we have is to find a way of making it easier to open packets without accidentally opening the "neigbour" in a pack. This lead to a bit of wastage and it was dissapointing to see the lovely oats on the floor! We will continue to purchase these and cant wait till bubs can make her own. Thanks Uncle Toby's!
shellcruise - 2:56 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
Being Porridge eaters already (although a different brand) we were stoked to trial these. Have to say my 9 mth old and my cat absolutely love them. Our mornight ritual turned out to be me sharing the porridge with my baby and then the cat licking the bowl clean. The first morning she tried it she cried once it was finished as wanted more so had to have two the first morning. Loved the Apple and Cinnamon definitly my favorite. Also enjoyed the Berry but really didn't like the Apple and Raspberry.
Nice and easy to make but found was never the consistancy that I like either too much milk or not enough so was dry. Found if I stirred it after 60 seconds and then remicrowave for a further 30 seconds worked the best.
Also I found they did not rip very easily and usually ripped into one of the packets - my husband left the evidence all over the floor.
As nice as these were I think will stick to the variety we usually have, might buy if on special.
blushfulbabe - 12:22 PM on Wed-11-Jul-2012 reply | message
I recieved the Fruit Variety pack. I love the flavours although the apple and cinnamon I found that some of the pieces of apple felt like the core or skin. I love the fact I can have breakfast made quickly. We usually by the original pack and the kids love that one. I also loved not having to add any extras to my porridge as there was plenty of great flavours
wendylouise - 10:40 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
what can i say but YUM YUM YUM. we loved these and the packet didnt last long at all. all 3 kids ate all their breakfast and wanted more (which is rare in this house) so quick and easy to prepare. my two oldest 7 and 4 loved the fact that it was easy to make and both prepared their bowls for the microwave, also loved watching the oats bubble and rise, definatly a new favourite in our house and just went and brought a new box!!!
+ my parents are hooked as well after giving them a couple to trial :)
blynda - 9:46 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you for being slected to trial the Uncle Tobys Oats. The quick Sachets are infact quick and so easy. Just pop them in the microwave adn wow done. I must admit I usually skip breakfast in the mornings as it it so busy but these are really quick and easy. The flavours are beautiful. My favourite was the apple and cinnamon as it was the right amount of apple favour but it was toned down with the cinnamon. The berry was sweet but not overpowering and my son loves the apple and raspberry as he says it was like having raspberries and then apple after but yet in one lol. I did however fiddle with the making it as the first one turned out cluggy but I heated it for 30 seconds then stired then 30 seconds then stirred and then another 20 secnds and it was perfect just added a little more milk to cool it abit and perfect. We are indeed sold on these and have swapped to the Uncle Tobys Oat Sachets from now on, as these are quite frankly the best. Many thanks.
Cazper - 8:39 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
We are addicted!!
Fruity flavours: I look forward to making breakfast now and on the bright side once my Mr2's oats are cooling down I can quickly cook mine up and eat with him. Usually I get too busy to eat. We both eat a serving each which is a nice amount.
The flavours are full and the right amount of sweetness. Having the apple bits is a nice bonus. Usually I pour alot of brown sugar over my oats, but these I dont have any... yay!
After cooking with water, I topped it up with milk to cool down and it gave a nice creamy texture.
They are awsome when going away for the night too. Our verdict 10/10 also I noticed they stand out in the supermarket, so easly spotted :)
FullHouse - 4:10 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you for being selected to trial the Fruit Variety pack. I found them very quick and easy for my boys (5 & 3) who are always very impatient waiting for their porridge to cook, they loved the flavours so much they were asking for porridge for morning and afternoon tea as well as breakfast! I loved how you could measure out the milk using the empty sachet, very easy. For me the consistency once cooked was a little rubbery so I added a little more milk for me, and for me the amount of porridge was a bit small, I would have probably used 1.5 sachets for my breakfast. My husband decided not to try them as quantity was definitely too small for him.
If the price was right I would buy them for the kids but would stick to ordinary oats for my husband and me
kdc - 3:15 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you for our selection as a reviewer for this product - we received the Fruit Variety Pack. So far I've tried all three flavours (prepared with milk & no toppings once cooked) and found the Apple & Cinnamon to be a bit sweeter than the others; so prepared it with water and preferred it like that. These individual sachets rock, as I don't have to worry if I've made too much or too little and nothing is wasted.
Mardi - 2:30 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have porridge every morning for Breakfast,even right through Summer.
As I'm up so early & find that porridge keeps me going till lunch time (my breaks are all over the place)

I was sent the Fruit pack,which my cat laid upon & crushed the box (lol)

Loving the fruit flavours,as I've tried all the other flavours.

Really love how easy this is to make each morning with milk.
Hubby has even been having them for brekky too & enjoying them.

Youngest loves porridge too

Thanks for letting us trial these,as I've tried different brands but always come back to this brand for taste & flavour
Faffer - 12:52 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
We trialled the fruit variety pack. They were so quick and easy to prepare, especially love being able to use the pack to measure your milk/water. Flavour and texture though just didn't work for us. Personally I found the texture to be a bit rubbery/gluey and too smooth like baby cereal. The berry and apple raspberry ones were too sweet for my taste and the cinnamon flavour too overpowering in the apple cinnamon mix. 17mo daughter who is a porridge lover spat it out the three mornings we tried and flat out refused to eat any more after the first spoon. I attempted blueberries and sliced banana on top to encourage her. She wiped off all traces of the oats, rinsed them in her water to be sure then just had berries and banana for breakfast. We'll be sticking to regular oats for porridge mornings.
rainz1 - 12:51 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for the box of fruit variety porridge. it arrived just in time for us to head away on holiday, so it was so handy and the children really enjoyed the flavour and they were so quick and easy to get ready. These are so much easy than having to cook porridge in the pot as we had done before.
Sarahmurray - 12:36 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the great breakfast gift from Kidspot and Uncle Tobys! We enjoy them so much. The pack was delivered on time but with a squashed box which is disappointed. However, it doesn’t affect the taste of my porridge. I was amazed that each sachet contains certain amount of real fruit and they taste very well. My son loves the fruit piece inside. The oats can be melted with milk easily, so does the fruit piece. It comes with a rich flavour but not very sweet which we enjoy the most. I don’t like very sugary products for the family, especial for breakfast. Moreover, it’s so convenient for us as all of us need to run to work, school in the morning. I only spent 2mins on cooking makes morning a lot easier.
supermums - 12:31 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
We were so lucky to recieve the Fruit Variety pack at our house hold! These are just perfect for breakfast - especially these last few cold weeks! Miss 3 adored these, they were so easy to make that she insists on helping me make her breakfast every morning! This product makes breakfast so easy - it's so fast that on mornings were we are running late (which of often!) we can quickly have these and they are still getting a great breakfast to start the day with. I especially love these because they are also great to take to work with me for breakfast - or even lunch for something different! Thanks so much Kidspot and Uncle Toby's we will definitely be putting these on our weekly shopping list - I can't wait to try the different flavours!
JulieKidspot - 12:02 PM on Tue-10-Jul-2012 reply | message
In response to comments about the perforations on the sachets, Nestle team have provided this feedback:

“Thank you very much for your feedback. We are currently working on improving the perforations on the sachets in all our Variety packs. All our single variant packs, like Creamy Honey, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, & Golden Syrup, already have individual sachets in them.”
ivory - 9:41 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Myself and my sons aged 10 & 7 love this product. Will be buying this regularly without a doubt. I really love the idea of using the empty packet to measure the milk, saves on extra dishes. Also love the fact that it's so simple for the kids to make this without any help from me. Our favourite flavour all round is Berry, would love it if you could buy boxes with just this flavour - not that we disliked the others!
AdeleNZ - 8:46 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you for letting my family and I trial this product! We were lucky enough to get the Fruit Variety Pack. Convenience wise in the mornings these have been perfect! The impatient 2 year old hasnt had to wait long for his breakfast at all! And dishes are kept to a minimum which is awesome! The single serve packets can also be used to measure the correct amount of milk so you get a perfect looking plate of porridge every time (and no messy spills in the microwave!). Perfect portion sizes too!! My boy loves his porridge however these varieties threw a spanner in the works in terms of his normal breakfast. The apple flavoured ones have 'bits' in it and he was not a fan of these (clearly a texture person). However he did eat the porridge just spat the bits out (on the contrary - husband and I loved the Apple and Cinnamon flavour). The berry one for Mum and Dad was too sweet and was perhaps the same for my wee man as he refused to eat this flavour both times it was served to him (he normally devours the lot). So in summary, will definitely buy this product however will probably be more likely to purchase other flavours so as to satisfy all appetites in our household :-) Thanks again for the trial!
thecoffeelady - 8:36 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Love these, thanks so much for letting us trial them, the size is a bit small for me so i've always had something else with them, Miss1yr loved it and it's so nice and easy I will defenitley be buying them in future!
AllLovedUp - 7:27 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
These have been awesome to have in the cupboard over the school holidays! Have had my niece staying and she has loved these for breakfast. Perfect portion size for her and my partner has 2 for his breakfast. The apple is the favourite, especially with stewed apple mixed through it. Thanks Mum Says!
corinne33 - 7:18 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
LOVING these myself, even raw with bit of soy milk mmm. My toddler isn't eating cereal at the mo, but I am going to keep offering it hoping she will come round(: However I did add some to the pikelet mix I make with oats, banana & apple & she gobbled it up! Myself - I LOVE the apple flavour best, not so fussed on the prob won't buy the multipack; but good way to discover one's favourite! THANKS Kidspot Mums Say!!
cherrytf - 3:54 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Uncle Toby's Oaks Quick fruit variety pack is great! Hubby, 2 kids, and I liked it heaps! It's so fast and easy, and tastes good. I personally like the apple+cinnamon. Perfect for those days when we're rushing out of the house to bring the kids to school and go to work. Truly a wonderful product that we'll patronise hereonward. Gotta try out the other varieties. Thanks for choosing us to try this out!
marikekaitlyn - 3:10 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
I am very glad to say my 2 year old toddler ate porridge for the very first time and she loved it.. she loved the apple and raspberry. I really love how quick and easy they are to make and have a great taste. The only thing I can comment on is that the fruit flavour is not very strong, particularly the berry one, if i didn't know it was berry probably would not have been able to tell the flavour. But still yum none the less.
helen777 - 3:07 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Quick and easy to say the least!! My daughter was really not well last week and I kept her of all dairy what so ever. I made a sachet of porridge with water instead of milk and she lapped it up! I was thrilled as I know how good porridge is for both children and adults. She had a lot more energy afterwards and fortunately kept it down. So yes I am all for Uncle Toby's porridge!
SarahK - 3:04 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for letting us trial the Uncle Toby's Fruity Porridge sachets!!! Yum!!!
I have now tried all three flavours that came in the box. Mostly as a yummy lunch :P quick and easy on a busy work day, and warming on a cold day too!
My fav was the Apple and cinnamon. I think I could asctually live on that. Miss 4 and Miss 11 agree that this too was their fav. I also quite liked the apple raspberry and the berry, however wasn't keen on the seeeds in them. But the flavours overall were great!
I really liked how the packaging doubled as a measuiring cup. just pour the contents into a bowl and measure water or milk up to the line, add to the bowl mix and cook for 90 sec. I used water for mine, and although I found this a neat idea, i did have trouble doing it the first few times, and depending on how you held the packet, depended on how much water you put in to it. I also recommend caution when separating the packets as they easily rip.
Im definately buying these again!!!
katie1011 - 2:18 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
this was a great hit for the adults in my house we all loved it and so quick and easy :) the kids on the other hand were a bit hard to please not really into porridge they would prefer something else but overall i think this is a great product and i am going to be buying more :)
lindyloos - 2:04 PM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
We are definitely a porridge eating family but I've never bought the Fruit Variety sachets before which we trialled. I like to think we are porridge experts seeing as we eat it almost every morning but definite THUMBS DOWN for the fruit variety and not something i willl be putting in my shopping basket. the apple cinammon - the cinammon just took over , the apple rasperry and berry tasted very similar to each other and not to any of our liking. the berryraspberry tasted so faint and we didnt particularly think it went too well with the apple. the remaining sachets are in the pantry - to be perhaps pulled out if there is nothing else left to eat in the home ! we are defintely sticking to our norm porridge with golden syrup !
mumof6 - 11:41 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Uncle Toby's Oats quick sachets were a big hit with my family (Miss3 would eat them for breakfast, lunch and tea if she could). We loved all the fruity flavours and they were so quick and easy to prepare (apple and cinnamon was the firm favourite). The kids have already requested to try the other flavour variety's so I will be adding these to my shoping list. Also great to know the kids are getting a warm and hearty breakfast into them before school. When seperating the packets I did notice a bit of tearing, I think due to thin packaging and we had to add extra milk after cooking to thin out the oats a bit (could be my microwave though). The price is reasonable and I will be adding them to my shopping trolley. Thanks kidspot and Uncle Toby's :)
doolally - 11:28 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well we took them away for our weekend adventure and my oldest boy - 8.5 has tried them all and loves them. The middle child didnt really like them at all though and the youngest wouldnt even try. I must say that i probably wasnt going to buy them again - but my son was very keen on the other flavours he saw in the supermarket so i might get some for him on our next trip away. I really dont like the texture myself and found it a bit gluey (as someone else mentioned) and a bit like baby food. So for me i prefer old fashioned rolled oats but they are a hit with at least one of my kids.
Nipper - 11:25 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yum yum yum, they are delicious, I do find that you need to put a bit more fluid in them than the recommended amount and is fabulous that dd1 can do it herself at 9 years old. Hubby loves them too but needs 2 as they are not really man sized so this could work out super expensive if he was going through pack in half the time. One thing that he did find realllllly annoying is that the bags tear open when trying to separate so may need a bit of reinforment. Than you for picking us for this review, really enjoyed waking to the flavour filled day
Kerrynmum - 10:37 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
My husband is definitely sold - takes them to work for a quick, warm, yummy breakfast! I really enjoyed them - found 70seconds plenty for me. I will be buying the plain for the kids (1 and 2) as they are not into the sweet flavours yet, but love porridge with a few raisins. Thanks Kidspot and Uncle Tobys :)
rachaelsfun - 9:11 AM on Mon-9-Jul-2012 reply | message
after getting the pack the other day the kids wanted to try them right away and they loved it ... they had only really tried the plain ones before and LOVED the fruit variety .. and there was a few diff ones to pick from
would def recommend to any mums .. and is quick and easy to make in microwave so no burned sticky pots neither!!
thanks kidspot and uncle tobys for picking us ! loved it
Keryn247 - 9:29 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
I should add I will be buying these again to keep hubby happy, he's keen to try all the flavours now!
Keryn247 - 9:18 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
My husband and I both tried these, I havent eaten porridge for about 20 years, and now I realise why... its got a weird gluey texture, I made it following the instructions to achieve this texture, on the plus side the flavour was great I tried the apple and raspberry. It was also great that the milk measure is on the packet so you dont have to use measuring cups. My hubby loves oats and eats them all the time he really liked all the flavours of our trial ones, he is a bit free style on his method and makes his alot runnier, his only complaint was the packets were too small and had to have two per sitting :)
SteviRay - 8:46 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
We received the fruit porridge, and i will be honest, my 3 yo son took one look at them and said "no mum, thats yucky. Make Ryan eat it." But my 15 month son loves them. They are creamy and sweet enough tat you dont need to add anything to them. They are fast and convenient and tasty. We have been giving them to our 15 month at night between tea time and bedtime and he has finally started sleeping through the night. YAY. Will recommend these to everyone. They are great any time of the day or night.
Tee17 - 6:22 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
WOW these were great my stepson loved the berry one (he never eats porriage) yesterday when we went shopping he made sure we bought porriage for his breakfast lol.. These are so great quick and easy breakfast which are also good for you!! HIGHLY RECOMMENED TRY THEM YOULL LOVE THEM
SandraG - 4:24 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
We also got the fruit flavours. Misses 3, 8 and 11 quite enjoyed the berry and apple/raspberry flavours, but I far preferred the apple/cinnamon. We made them with milk, rather than water, to slip some extra calcium into the daily intake. Miss 11 is extremely fussy on breakfast, so it was a coup to find something she likes to eat and enjoys making for herself.<br><br>The porridge was great in terms of easy and quick preparation, the older two girls can make it by themselves. It also cleaned easily off of the bowls. The only difficulty for them was tearing the packets apart and I wonder if they would be easier as individual packets rather than pairs?<br><br>The sugar content wasn't too bad and didn't have any bad effect on my blood sugars.<br><br>I would strongly recommend this product.<br><br>Does anybody know why sometimes microwave porridge (and not just this brand) vomits out the side of the bowl while cooking, yet other times it behaves itself nicely (cooked in the same bowls)?
ridinghood - 1:28 PM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
we got the Fruit variety pack, loving the Apple and cinnamon, but we not so keen on the Berry or the Apple and raspberry, not quite a porridge kind of combination. Loving how easy they are to prepare though,just add the water and microwave 90 secs and bingo ready. Loving the smooth consistency really good for kids as doesn't have the lumpy consistency of true rolled oats porridge old style. Thanks for letting me review these :)
nummabear - 11:02 AM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
my son has officially finished all the packets lol,some days he would have them for breakfast and another at lunch..he loved them so much! so thanks again kidspot
angelnshan - 9:45 AM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
hi we got the fruit variety pack my daughter loves all the flavours as she loves fruit :) my favourite was the cinnamon and apple mmm i love the fact that these now have a line on back to fill with water or milk! was always such a mission with the old style packets to find the right measuring cups in the draw first thing in the morn! but still hard to separate packs without ripping the wrong one oh and real fruit pieces really makes these something different from other brands out there thanks for choosing us will definatley be buying these with the shopping for a nice warm winter brekky :)
jessica83 - 9:10 AM on Sun-8-Jul-2012 reply | message
we were selected to take part in the uncle tobys rolled oats trial. we recieved the apple and cinnamon, rasberry and apple and berry flavor. they were really easy to prepare and loved the fact that on the packet it showed you where to fill up to for the saves hunting out a measuring cup lol. my daughter doesnt really eat breakfast but i bribed her to try a some. i was really surprised as she enjoyed the apple and cinammon flavour even though she did add brown sugar to it but as she doesnt enjoy breakfast usually i wasnt worried about that all. the favourite flavour between us all was def the apple one, the next one would be the apple and berry. i liked the fact that there was apple bits in it too. the only thing i didnt really like is that where you tear down the sides to seperate the sachets from one other, it was pretty thin and i ended up tearing the actual packet itself!! i would definately buy these again and thank you so much for selecting my family to trial!!
stacleaning - 11:42 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
agree with gomummyjo, the only one thing which is a tiny thing anyway is the sachets are thin so must take care in separating otherwise ya spill a pack. If that is the only negative/ish thing to bring up and I had to be reminded of it then I say 10/10 stars especially for the ease and quickness of preparing.
stacleaning - 11:36 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
turns out my daughters do not like the fruit ones and ask me for the other porridge hahah I am a bit that way myself with porridge like it plain with me brown sugar :) I do likey the apple and cin though :)
Love the convenience of the sachets so will totally buy the plain ones when our box has run out. Uncle Tobys and kidspot you really rock. Oh and if it wasnt for a review I read I would not have noticed the milk measure on the packets!! That is the best hahah I grabbed out a measuring cup but there is no need, awesome awesome!!
Thanks for letting us review this product it has been a learning curve for us, now we know we all prefer the normal stuff haha
lotsakids - 9:37 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
YUMMMMM is all my kids have to say..... we got a mixed box and they have been a hit... i am now buying them each week in the shopping... i love the fact that Master 9 can cook them himself.. so he makes breakfast. The kids have no favorite flavor - but i LOVE the apple and cinnamon! thanks for picking me
IceKiwi - 4:24 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
We were selected to trial the Fruit Variety Pack, Home full of porridge lovers this was definately a good trial for us.
We received 6 x Apple and Cinnamon, 3 x Raspberry & Apple & 3 x Berry.
Mr 4 has trialled 2 of the 3 flavours so far and loves them, he enjoyed the raspberry and apple the most out of the two berry range.
Miss 7 enjoyed the Berry and is looking forward to trialling the others.
Miss 5 unfortunately did not enjoy these at all and has requested just having the normal porridge.
Mr 6 is yet to trial these but will post his thoughts once this has been done.

I like that the sachet is already perfectly measured out only needing the addition of either milk or water.
90 seconds and its cooked.
This has saved me time and meant the children have been able to get the flavour they want and have it poured ready in their bowls for me to microwave.
Definately a time saver. Fills tummy's which is great.
I found the water helped the oats swell better than the milk and its also a great option if you are running low on milk to substitute it for water.
SarahBlair - 1:57 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
The Uncle Tobys Quick Oats are fantastic!! It was so good to have a warm, tasty, nutritious breakfast on the table in 90 seconds, it couldn't have been easier! My family loved the flavours and porridge is such a good way to start the day!!!
Greerfamily - 1:47 PM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wow we were selected to try the uncle tobys oats quick sachets .... The pack we received contained 12 sachets: 3x apple and raspberry, 6x apple and cinnamon and 3x berry. These are so quick and easy to prepare! I found my husband wasn't interested in the flavours... but it was awesome to see my resident porridge expert MR 3year old scoffing down any of the ones he got to try.... HUGE HIT (esp as he is not a fruit eater - apples and mandarins only). Nice to have another way to expand his flavour palatte. THANK YOU!!!!
Sweetness10 - 11:52 AM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
I'm so pleased we were selected to trial these Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets because they've been a huge hit in our household! The pack we received contained 12 sachets: 3x apple and raspberry, 6x apple and cinnamon and 3x berry. These are so quick and easy to prepare! Just add water or milk and microwave for 90 seconds. Both of my notoriously picky eaters loved all the flavours, with the apple and berry flavour being the 3-year-olds favourite and the apple and cinnamon being the biggest hit with my 10-year-old. As for me, I love them all! The sweetness and serving sizes are just right and the consistency is creamy and ideal too. I didn't feel hungry before lunch-time as often happens with other breakfast options, so these will be great for the waistline. My 10-year-old found it really easy to make these for herself, especially because there is a fill-line printed on the sachet to show exactly how much water or milk to add. We all preferred the porridge made with water with a little milk added after cooking. Maybe it was just my imagination but I thought that cooking them with water made the oats swell up a little bit more. I've tried other brands of quick cooking oats before and none even compare to the flavours of these Uncle Toby's oats in my opinion. This is the perfect warming breakfast for cold winter mornings and because we're now addicted to them I'll be buying more without a doubt!
Chickenlegs - 8:46 AM on Sat-7-Jul-2012 reply | message
What an easy way to make porridge! We have tried all the flavours and theyre all delicious, the only downside was the hard bits on some of the apple pieces... apple skin or something? It put mr 7 off the apple pieces, he now scoops them off before eating his porridge. I thought he was just being a bit picky but when i tried a apple and cinnamon one i had a couple of these hard peices on my apple too that ruined it for me. Other than that it was a very nice product to try, yummy flavours, super easy to make & great how theyre sweet enough that you dont need to add anything else to them. We will definatly be buying these, mr 7 can just scoop the apple off the top of his
lmwnz - 10:31 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
We got the Fruit variety Pack, I've only tried the one so far apple & cinnamon but its yummy! I'm sold on this for sure. Miss 2 tried it and doesn't like the texture I guess but I really enjoyed my couple sachets so far. I will update as I try others. So easy, fast and tasty!
jthorne - 8:27 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
This product is great! So easy and quick to make and the variety of flavours in the box is a nice mix. My husband tried the berry and really enjoyed it, I had the apple and cinnamon and was lovely with chopped up banana on top. Our 13 month old tried the apple and raspberry and absolutely loved it (we found that about half the packet was the right serving size for her). Perfect breakfast for a cold Winters morning.
The line on the back of the packet is a great idea and makes it easy to get the right amount of milk. If I was to buy them from the supermarket I would probably try the original box as the flavored variants have added sugar.
We really enjoyed these oats - thanks for selecting us to review.
MAMANANNA - 7:00 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have tried all 3 flavours and to be honest loved all flavours .The amount was a good serving quick easy to prepare didnt need any added sugar.Lovely creamy when cooked unlike some others I have tried .I go to work early morning and work is busy and takes alot of energy I found this lasted me until lunch after 1pm.Everyone else loved them also which I think is good one product that everyone in the family likes .Added to our shopping list .
rollsr - 6:25 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
Box arrived this week and hubby has already had half of the sachets... he has found them super handy to eat during the day as a warm snack in the cold Wgtn days. Favourite of the man is the apple and cinnamon, just the right combo apparently. I preferred the berry sachet, although did have to combine 2 sachets to feel full enough for breakfast. These were also fab for our 2 year old as very quick to make during a busy morning. She preferred the sweetness of the berry flavours. Overall, a great product with a good selection of flavours that we will definitely be buying again
GoMummyJo - 3:46 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
Ok, so I had to stand down for this one because I hate porridge, nothing against Uncle Toby's - it's just porridge in general. Bad memories of cold lumpiness when I was a kid I think.

Anyway, The Bloke, The Legend and Pocket have tucked into their Quick Sachets the last few mornings. We've had other varieties in the past, both Uncle Tobys and other brands.

I'm told that by far the Uncle Tobys are the nicest out of the lot, as easy to prepare as they say they are, although more often than not more milk is added after cooking to cool & thin the oats out.

The Legend enjoyed the Berry the most as he's not an apple fan. The Bloke had both apple varieties and was equally satisfied with both flavours. Pocket on the other hand was more of a tough egg to crack. Quite happy to give them a go, she still said she liked her Vanilla ones from the kids variety pack.

So, even though I don't like porridge myself, I'm very happy with the product, the ease of preparation, the variety - as there are many other variety boxes available at the supermarket too, the only negative thing I would like to add is that you can't be in too much of a hurry to tear the sachets away from their mate - sometimes this can end in disaster of the porridge over the bench kind.

Thanks Uncle Tobys & KidSpot
Silverbabe - 2:43 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
We all tried the Uncle Tobys Oats Sachets. The boys 10 and 12 made it for themselves. It was great how it had a line on the packet to tell you where to fill it to. They had a little trouble with it tho, depending on how you hold the packet it differs as to how much water/milk to put in. They weren't sure how to hold it. One of my boys really loved them and the other could take or leave them but its the same when they have normal porridge. Older son put two packets together to fill himself. My favourite flavor was the Apple and Cinnamon, I really love that combination together so I was glad when they had more of that flavour. Also love that it had big bits of real fruit.

smoodles - 12:14 PM on Fri-6-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well have tried all three flavours and really enjoyed all of them, my favourite was the apple and cinnamon, followed closely by the berry. My husband and son prefered the berry. overall I thought this was a great product easy to make, tasted good and I did'nt feel hungry after eating it, I will be buying them again as it was enjoyed by most of the family (the teenage daughter did'nt want to try it....her loss was our gain).
Leightk3 - 11:05 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
My family was very happy to be able to review Uncle Tobys Oats sachets. My hubby, my 9 year old and myself each selected a different flavor to try. Hubby tried the Berry, Miss 9 selected the Apple & Cinnamon and I chose the Apple and raspberry.
Hubby: Packaging was very attractive, flavor choices were a novelty. He was not used to having a choice. Instructions were easy to follow but hubby had trouble using the sachet as the measuring vessel but thought it was a great idea. It didnt take long to cook in the microwave, which gave him time to make toast. the cooked oats smelled sweet and the oats were delicious. He felt satisfied after breakfast and would recommend this to others.
Miss 9: Liked the colourful box, and loved the sachets. She was able to follow the instructions and prepare her own bowl of oats ready to microwave. She loved using the sachet as the vessel for her milk and how quickly it was ready once microwaved. This flavor she absolutely adored, usually she would add sugar to normal oats but found this was sweet enough. She said she would tell her friends because of how easy it was to prepare, how sweet hers was and how filling she found her breakfast to be.
Me: I love oats so the packaging didnt hold anything back, you knew you were getting oats, you knew there were 3 different flavors to choose from and the nutritional information was very impressive. Once open I selected the Apple & Raspberry. The sachet felt waxy to the touch and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed using the sachet as the vessel which was a very clever idea and the time it took to cook in the microwave gave me time to cook toast. The oats smelled sweet once cooked, I like to add milk and sugar to my oats but because of the fruit in it I decided to not add sugar. This was a great idea because the oats were absolutely delicious and kept me full until lunch.
I would definitely recommend this to friends and family! What a great breakfast idea, especially during the cold winter mornings.
kala - 8:55 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our Uncle Tobys Oats Sachets arrived early in the morning - so it was a great surprise to pull the curtains, see a package, and then discover we had a yummy treat in store for breakfast!

My 14 month old son had not tried hot oats before, but I had been thinking about offering them to him quite a bit lately, especially given the very cold weather we've been having. I was therefore delighted to be selected for this review, and the early morning delivery was a well timed surprise.

The first thing I noticed was the new flavour range - Apple & Rasberry, Apple & Cinnamon, and Berry, which all sounded delicious. I selected an Apple and Cinnamon sachet and was impressed by the packaging; large clear instructions that even a sleep deprived mum can quickly skim. The sachets also have a handy marker line, which allows you to reuse the empty sachet as a measuring vessel for the milk - saving time and dishes! Cooking the oats is also fast and simple, about 30 seconds to mix together, then 90 seconds in the microwave (or stovetop).

The cooked oats smelled delicious; more like dessert than breakfast! They tasted great too, and I especially liked that the apple pieces were soft, rather than hard and chewy as you sometimes find in cereals. The real test however was how my son would react to the breakfast change! I needn't have worried - he absolutley loved them, and left me only a small portion to finish off myself. (The serving size of the sachets being suited to a small-medium adult).

Nutritionally, the oats are wholegrain, providing fibre, and there are no artificial colours or flavours. I did notice however that they contain added sugar. Despite this, the product does have the National Heart Foundation "tick", so I assume it is within a level that is deemed acceptable.

Overall, great product! I will definately be adding these to the shopping list. Thank you so much Kidspot and Uncle Tobys!
kyleeandluke - 8:40 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much Kidspot and Uncle Toby's for including us in the review of Oats Quick Sachets! The box didn't look like anything flash or eye-catching - but nice and plain and simple. I like the way that the sachets are colour coded according to flavour, and I thought that it was neat that you could use the empty sachet as a measuring cup for your milk - I have never seen this before! Very handy if you take porridge sachets to work for lunch like I do! So far Mr 2 has tried the apple and cinnamon flavour, as have I. We both thought that it was scrumptious! We added golden kiwi fruit and yoghurt on top. And no word of a lie, he asked for it at 7pm tonight as we were putting him to bed! Could have been stalling, but he demolished it all! Felt good to send him to bed on a full tummy of health tick approved food anyway!
Shirley - 6:10 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
I was most excited to be chosen for this review because I LOVE UNCLE TOBY"S OATS.
Packing:okay nothing exciting but I still get drawn to it as with the girls they know when a new one is out. Love the fact that it has the Heart Foundation Tick.
Tried the Berry one first,as I am not a berry person , surprised myself I liked it Then I tried the Apple and Rasberry not my favourite but if none left in the box would eat it.
Our favourite was the Apple and Cinnamon one, thank God they have 6 sachets in the box....loved it as porridge, so easy to make and the new instruction could be really helpful to someone who needs to figure out 1/2 cup.
I used 2 sachets to put on an apple crumble and it added a new dimension to the recipe....thank you Uncle toby
olga - 4:15 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
thank you for the opportunity to try this product - we received it yesterday morning and several packs already gone )) we have tried so far berry and raspberry and apple flavours - delicious, my toddler girl also tried some - it is not too sweet and made from wholegrain oats, it is great for breakfasts or snacks and works for me when i need a quick meal and busy with my little daughter. i used full cream milk and microwaved for 40 seconds - loved the silky, tender, smooth porridge - great thing for a winter day like today! thank you - would recommend Uncle toby's oats quick sachets to all my friends!
steff - 3:55 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for allowing us to try these. The best thing with the sachets is the fact they are so quick to make. My daughter is not a big porridge fan but she did quite like the apple and raspberry, which was my fav aswell. I like the fact that there was no need to add sugar or anything to sweeten as they were fine as they are. I used a little more water than suggested and added a little milk after cooking for my daughter to cool it a bit quicker. The whole family enjoyed these and I will definately be buying them again.
jdsmum - 3:52 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us to review! Firstly my son LOVES it! we have tried each of the flavours and he enjoyed every single one! my favourite thing about them was that they are quick and easy to make easy to measure the amount of liquid to put in then put it in the microwave, the favourite was the apple and raspberry! tasted and smelt good, and would highly recommend to others that have fussy kids as my son is fussy and he enjoyed these !
nsohail - 3:14 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
First of all thank you for selecting us! I made my mom and husband try it, including me as well and they liked it! My mom was trying it the first time so she really liked the fruity taste and appreciated the conveinence in preparing and the added fruits.
However, the serving size for us was a bit small. we tried using two sachets but that came out to be too large serving so we wanted something in the middle and had to mix them up.. so if the serving size can be change that will be good!

Despite of this we are still going to buy it next time!
MrsHetfield - 1:57 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have all sampled each flavour and the household favourite is the Apple and Cinnamon. I found that it is tastier with milk instead of water and that just a little more milk than the suggested 1/2 cup makes the texture not quite so sticky.

It's great that you can just pour the milk into the bag to get the right amount. Although it only takes 90 seconds you just have to be mindful that it is very hot so you need to let it cool for a couple of minutes or just add some cold milk to stir through.

A great product that keeps you filled up for the morning. It also has the heart foundation tick so you know it's good for you.
Glenfelik - 1:33 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
I must say that these are a hit! My kids both love them! The are so simple and quick to prepare - only wait is on cooling time. The consensus in our house is that the fav is the Apple & Cinnamon flavour.

Measuring the milk in the packet - how simple! And I just make it in the bowl they eat it in - so no extra cleaning up afterwards - brilliant!
katherinew - 1:31 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Fantastic product. Love that you can measure the milk in the packet! Will make it so much easier for my husband! Also like that they don't need to be stirred during cooking. Miss 7 really liked that there were bits of berries to chew and not just berry flavour. Miss 5 just said they were yummy and awesome. Will definately be buying these in the future. Not a lot slower than getting weetbix out and pouring milk and it certainly gets eaten a lot faster. No negatives about the product!
nixzen - 1:18 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
We have had the Fruit one for brekkie the last 2 mornings (at Master 5's request) - He LOVES the berry, and the apple/cinnamon was 'yummy'. I found them SO EASY to prepare in the morning when I am half awake. 90 seconds in the microwave & it couldn't be easier. I have noticed the Apple & Raisin packets have gone missing - I suspect hubby has taken this for himself ;) Thanks Kidspot!
p.s - these are also on special atm at PacnSave for $3-$4 I think
chelleza - 1:07 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
I am so enjoying making this for breakfast after always doing it the long way. The berries are awesome. Thanks for letting us trial this product.
nummabear - 1:05 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
these came this morning,couldnt be better timing considering it was a wet chilly one at our place! i love that they were so quick n easy and no messy pot to clean afterwards! my son thought they were so good he had all 3 flavours,it seemed to me that his most fav was the apple and connamon,where i enjoyed the berry and apple. they were an absolute treat this morning,and will be again tomorrow and most probly every cold winters morning to come as i will be putting these on the shopping list for now on,i forgot how tasty oats were until i had these...thanks heaps for letting us trial this awesome quick and easy product!
george8 - 12:53 PM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
We've tried all the flavours and I was a bit disappointed that there were so many apple and cinnamon and only 3 each of the berry and apple and raspberry (as the kids don't like the apple and cinnamon). Miss 6 who loves porridge wasn't impressed and didn't eat it but Master 8 and Miss 13 both liked them. I liked them also, they have a nice flavour, not too overpowering and they are a good serving size for the kids.
nessee - 11:58 AM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yumm our Uncle Tobys arrived andNmy daughter kept sayin num num num and loved loved the tasty apple pieces in the porridge. I am VERY impressed with the amount of apple there was in the packet, sooo easy to prepare and cooked at 90 sec's as it said it would. Many other brands say a certain amount of time and they are either under cooked or turn out like rubber as way over cooked. They are great to take away as so compact, fast tasty breakfast in a hurry and really full you up. Love the favours and nifty milk or water measurement on packet what a really AWESUM idea? FANKS for allowing us to trial these divine yumm divine Oats, Def will be buying these :-)
doolally - 10:00 AM on Thu-5-Jul-2012 reply | message
Tried and apple and cinnamon with my 6 yr old this morning. He didnt like it though for the very reason i did - the chunks of apple LOL. No pleasing some people. I must say though i dont really like the consistency, felt like i was eating baby food.
AnnaES - 10:31 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
Ours came yesterday afternoon in time for afternoon tea! (Even the non porridge eating daughter, Michelle, wanted to sample). Rachael had 'Berry', Michelle had 'Apple and Cinnamon' and I had 'Raspberry and Apple'.
I am VERY impressed that they are so fast to prepare! - just like they say! As others have said I've been shortening the time a bit to get a smoother consistency - nothing wrong with faster!! (In the past I've been frustrated with brands that say done in a certain time but they're not!)
I think they are sweet enough as they are. (We didn't add sugar). I was also impressed with the amount of fruit pieces I could see and taste in them! Lovely flavours!
I thought the packet marking to measure milk or water was nifty! I nervously tried pouring the milk into the packet once and it didn't leak that time! Though I have used the jug since - but a great idea. I also measured the milk from the packet line to the jug and it matched half a cup.
We all had them again for breakfast. Even Michelle who is sticking to 'Apple and Cinnamon'. She doesn't get through a whole one but she enjoys having some. She has mentioned she would like 'Chocolate'! or a plainer flavour. I looked at Pak n Save and I think they were about $5.41 a box. I thought that was dear but when I analysed that would be 4 days of fast, healthy, tasty breakfast for us 3 at about $1.35 a day - it sounds pretty good!!
Watching it cook in the microwave in a normal dessert bowl for 90 seconds it didn't overflow the bowl. It stopped just in time!
I would have liked 4 of each flavour in the box rather than having 6 of the 'Apple and Cinnamon'.
We're really enjoying these for our Winter holiday breakfasts! Half the box gone in 2 days! (I'm also feeling fuller so may help shed some of the extra Winter kilos the scales told me I've put on! An extra bonus!)
Thank you Uncle Tobys! We're fans!! (And thanks Kidspot!)
jylissa - 10:17 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
i received my oats yesterday afternoon and tried them this morning, thanks so much!. my Favorite thing about UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets were they were really quick to make in the microwave and came out really creamy-really nice!. I have only tried the cinnamon and apple one so far but cant wait to try the other flavors. i would recommend them to others as they are so fast to make especially with a busy morning and toddler to care for plus you know they are good for you and keep you feeling full :)
keetismyson - 10:09 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
i received my oats yesterday morning. We tried them out this morning for breakfast. first off i can say these are by far the fastest and easiest Hot breakfast that is awesome for a Cold morning. when we first opened up the packet of apple and berry and the berry flavour my step daughter who is 11YO said WOW these actually have pieces of fruit in them (a big up in my opinion) we made them with water instead of milk as i did not have much in the house. when it came to taste my 2YO thought it was YUMMY he kept saying it over and over YUM YUM. but when it came to texture my Step Daughter had mixed emotions about it, she was not too keen on it, she said that it felt like she was eating jelly with bits in it. but overall i can say that i LOVED it. i ate what she did not so my family overall was all for this. next time i will make it with milk and see if it comes out any different. thank you so much Kidspot.
kosigus - 9:52 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
i received our UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets in the fruit variety pack yesterday afternoon - yay- and have since tried the apple and cinnamon and apple and raspberry flavours! delicious! lovely fruity bits in it and the scrumtious smell as soon as you opened the package :) love the quick preperation time especially(90sec) as my mornings are manic, had the 1st one with water and the second with milk, both highly recomended. lovely smooth consistency, its so good i think i'll have 2 sachets in one go tomorrow morning, and will try my wee girl on it too :) my 4 year old was insisting on his toast instead, will try harder getting him to try these yummy, extra fast oats! Thank you for the trial, especially with these cold mornings we have had!


doolally - 9:12 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
My 8 yr old boy and i tried the berry one for breakfast the other day. He declared it Yum!
They certainly are fast oats! and i did mine on the stove top. I did find them a bit thick and gluggy and I do think they are quite a small portion size as my boy ate nearly 2 whole packs. I love how you dont have to add any sugar to them though. I went to tear along the perforation and it ripped a bit of the pack but when i read the instructions i realised i should have folded first and they they ripped better. I also loved the little measuring jug. Because of the portion size i dont think they would be good value for money for my family of five but would be perfect to have a pack on hand for emergencies or for my husband to take to work. I am going to take some away this holidays when we go stay at a friends bach as i think they would be perfect for then.
Coring - 5:31 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
got mine yesterday and this morning my daughter and tried it. It was yummy, fast and easy. My daughter was so excited to try it and she finished whats in her bowl. I wasn't feeling to well as I have got the flu, don't have much appetite for food, but the oaths helped me to have something inside of me that is nutritious and healthy and will keep me going through the day. thanks
smoodles - 3:33 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
thank you so much for selecting me for this trial, received the box yesterday, and we had our first trial this morning, we all tried the apple and cinnamon and it went down a treat, my 15 month old was even licking the bowl clean. I have never been a fan of porridge but I could easily eat this every day, before I knew it my bowl was empty and I was tempted to make up another, cant wait for tomorrow so I can try out a different flavour
mummytoone - 3:20 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
-These are a fast take on good old porridge- LOVE it! Quick and easy to prepare- 90seconds! All flavours were pleasant but mine and my husbands fave was Berry!
-Hubby and I would have preferred a little more for my our breakie but my 2yr old had some of hers leftover.
-Will be checking them out in the shops- hopefully a manageable price for us!
-Great for a quick snack during the day also!!
arielad - 3:17 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
I really loved it. Especially Apple and Raspberry. All flavors tested a bit sweet, which was good. my 6 years old likes the berry one. can't say the same about my 4 years old, she tried just a bit and refused to try again. it is nice to have a warm breakfast in such cold days! and it was so easy and fast to prepare!
tille - 3:03 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our family loved the porriage. My seven year old loved all the flavours. My favourite was apple and cinnamon. My husband's favourite was Berry. Would recommend these to my friends. Not sure if i will buy them yet as i haven't seen the price in the supermarket. If they are cheap enough will buy!!
veronicad - 2:15 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
OMG! LOVE these! I have always been a bit of a fan of Porriage and buy it regularly but have never tried the UNCLE TOBYS Fruit Variety ones before. They are so good. The portion size is just right. The variety pack means you get a choice. My favourite would have to be the Berry, followed by the Raspberry and Apple, but they are all really good. My kids loved them, but I have so many kids we have wizzed through the whole box already. Do these yummy flavours come in bulk? I buy bulk porriage already, but it sure doesn't taste as good as these ones. Sold on the Fruit flavours. So YUMMY. Will definately purchase again! Thanks Kidspot and UNCLE TOBYS. Simply delicious!!
jude21 - 1:38 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids pounced on these when they arrived and couldn't wait to try them.They tried a flavour each and then tasted each others as well. The verdict was a resounding 'YUM". There was no outright favourite for flavour as they loved them all.I had to have some myself and have to agree although I do love the berry one.The simplicity and speed of making the Oats was great and really good for school days when my kids take ages and are always running late for school.
Overall I'd have to say that Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets are delicious and nutritious a great way to start the day.
Lana4 - 12:24 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
I loved the idea of having a variety pack to suit everyone It also means we can have different breakfast flavours instead of getting bored with one only.

The idea of being able to measure the amount of milk or water with the pack is great too as long as you do it over the plate.As its holidays this is a wonderful time to let the young 5&6 year olds learn to measure and cook under supervision too.

Because they need no extra sugar it means no one can heap sugar on their brekkie and they had fun hunting for the apple pieces too.

I can also see these being used on holiday,camping or as a snack after sports when we want something quick and easy.
Definately a hit with al so far and we have only tried the Apple and cinnamon and Berry flavours.

The main downside was having to be very careful splitting the joined packs apart and I immediately got a pair of scissors(Once I found them:)) and carefully cut down the middle so when the helpers lay out breakfast stuff the night before we dont have it all over the floor.
These are ideal for all of the family no matter what age due to their size of ingredients.Would definately buy these.
stacleaning - 12:17 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves the colours to show different flavours, she was excited to try the berry one as she loves strawberries and berry flav vitamins etc. Although she did not like it, she only had a few spoons then wouldn't eat it, however she loved the apple and cinnamon one. I think if i try her again with the berry she may like it. It is just different from having her plain porridge with raw sugar. I love how easy is it, my daughter can prepare it on her own then I just chuck it in the microwave, make our milos, put my little one in her highchair hey presto its ready :)
Highly recommend
wellygurl - 8:32 AM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yummy.I got the fruit variety and i loved all the flavours I found the cooking time was a bit out but it may have been my microwave. I got them yesterday morning and had the raspberry and apple for pudding after my lunch..Favourite thing about them was the fact that they are so easy to make and very quick to 2 year old liked the apple and cinnamon one as well.With the day being as it is today (rubbish), it will be porridge for me and master 2 today for breakfast and pudding for me. my husband doesn't eat porridge so yay for me.would recommend this to anyone who likes a quick breakfast.perfect for busy households.
EmmaR - 8:36 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Loved it! Out with the weetbix for a while and in with porridge! Even managed to feed the cats, let the dogs out and make the tea at the same time. Very impressed with the milk measurer on the side of the packet, made it much easier to make.

We got the fruit pack and little boy 2 loved the apple & raspberry one but wasn't so keen on the apple & cinnamon one he had at a mates house for afternoon tea, think it was because of the raisins but only cos he's getting used to lumps as the moment I ate them he carried on shovelling it in and not stopping for breath!

Found that the cooking time was ok but maybe have a rubbish microwave, it's on its way out anyway. Amount of porridge was enough for little boy but not for the rest of us and now have to stop husband from stealing these to take to work with him.

Great to know little boy is getting goodness and a wholesome breakfast before daycare. Found the sachets easy to rip apart but had to pair up the ripped top of the packet to remind myself how long in the microwave. My bad memory!

Would definitely recommend these to others and love the price in the supermarket. very affordable and will definitely be on my shopping list again. Look forward to getting the next box in the trolley and trying other flavours.

Thanks again for the trial, very appreciative.
zpete - 8:20 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Everyone here rates Uncle Toby's sachets, GREAT STUFF. Easy as to prepare. One brickbat, using the empty sachet for the milk, well 2 leaked, no big deal but mite be worth looking at. Apple cinnamon best flavour. I reckon with a larger measure of milk, it would be a neat gruel for anyone out of sorts, a simple and easy to digest drink. We will have it in our pantry, yes.
Kerrynmum - 7:07 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
We had our first try this morning, and I think the 90 seconds was too long! Will try 60 seconds as suggested by mjchase! I enjoyed it, but I think my daughter found it a bit sweet (Berry one) so think we will be off to the shops to buy some original to mix in with it too as it was so quick and easy for our busy mornings. Will try a shorter cooking time tomorrow :)
Gillymama - 4:50 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
We arrived home about 1 hr ago to find the package at the door - what perfect timing as its been a cold wet day and the kids were starving! So I whipped up 4 bowls using the 3 different flavours. Master nearly 2 and master 5 ate apple& cinnamon and it was gobbled up quickly once it was cool enough, miss 7 chose Berry and I made the Apple & raspberry. The cinnamon was pretty tasty, nice with real apple bits, the Berry one was ok but couldn't pick a strong flavour and the apple/ raspberry was very sweet and tasty. Had trouble with the perforations but see that is getting fixed. We cooked them for 80 secs as 90 was too long. I thought the idea of using the sachet to measure the milk was a good idea, although pretty hard to hold such a flimsy ( paper ) packet while pouring milk in. We only use full cream milk and it was delicious, I probably wouldn't use water, but will try just see what the taste is and how it compares. I eat non- gluten foods, and so I tried one.... As I usually done react to oats, but will know in about 30 mins I shouldn't have tried :) all in all a great product, the servings wold be great if a bit bigger as my kids were still very hungry after. Would most likely add a banana to fill them up more. thanks Uncle Tobys and Kidspot. Will be back to report on the ones made with water.
JulieKidspot - 2:29 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
In response to your review mjchase, the Nestle team have provided this feedback:

“Thank you very much for your feedback. We are currently working on improving the perforations on the sachets in all our Variety packs. All our single variant packs, like Creamy Honey, Brown Sugar & Cinnamon, & Golden Syrup, already have individual sachets in them. Glad you enjoyed the Oats!”
jopukeko - 2:24 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
I got a lovely surprise when the courier arrived just before breakfast on Saturday morning with the porridge sachets for us. Miss nearly 4 was keen to try them and selected the berry one. She watched carefully as I made it up and waited by the microwave for the whole 90 seconds. She couldn't handle waiting for for it to cool down and it didn't look that appealing to her so she requested toast. My husband doesn't like porridge so he didn't want to try it and my 2 year old will have nothing but Cherrios for breakfast so didn't want it either. Their loss was my gain. I love all 3 flavours. My favourite is the apple and cinnamon which is a good thing since there are 6 sachets in the box and only 3 each of the other 2 flavours. They are very easy to make. I like that you can measure the milk in the empty sachet so you are saving on dishes. I learnt to stand the sachet up in the bowl with the dry porridge when I poured the milk in to avoid making a huge mess. I have only tried the making up the porridge with light blue milk (It was the only milk we had in the house.) as using water sounds a bit bland. I love how quick it is to have a hot breakfast in the morning or anytime. In fact, as I am typing this I am eating some as a warming snack (its 2pm) listening to the wind and rain outside. I can vouch for it containing real fruit as I got a tiny piece of apple pip in one bowl. These sachets are so convenient. I have used them in the past when I've gone tramping. I think I need to buy some for my Civil Defense box. A great product for these cold days.
jace - 1:42 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our Fruit Variety Pack arrived! We've tried all the 3 flavours this morning:- Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Cinnamon and Berry. They're all delicious can't decide with ones my favourite...ALL THREE! hahah...
The good thing is, they're fast and easy to make. Good for when we go camping or husband can bring to work. It's yummy on it's own, but we also added pumpkin and chia seeds and some extra dried fruits. It's a little too sweet for me, so I added more milk. Conclusion, we'll be getting this again for emergency food/snack when we're in a hurry. I think i'll get the Classics Variety Pack next! Thanks for the trial...:)
Serina - 1:33 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
yay ours arrived this morning just in time for breakfast - my daughter who is a weetbix lover happily ate the apple and cinnamon without a fight! if the rest are as Delicious as this flavor our family will be quite happy to give up the weetbix because they are so quick and easy :)
Pearlywhite - 1:03 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yay! Our Uncle Toby's Oats arrived last night so it was porridge for everyone in our house this morning. We all had a great time sharing our different flavours and trying to decide which one we liked the best! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to prepare and how delicious the flavours are since I am quite a traditional porridge girl. Both kids enjoyed them and we found we didn't need to add so much sugar as the flavour adds some sweetness to the porridge which was great. We tried the fruit flavours packs so I think we'll try the golden syrup and classics packs next. Definitely made a nice change to the typical cereals for breakfast, especially while the mornings are so much colder! We're converted in this house and look forward to trying more flavours. Thanks!
nixnkidz - 12:14 PM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
My kids thought it was heaven when the parcel arrived thismorning! We had debates over who was gonna try which flavour first then a fight over who was gonna use teh microwave first! lol Very funny!
2 flavours tried so far and both were loved. Mr 13 needed 2 sachets ti fill himself up while miss10 was fine with a single one.
No help needed from me at all and they had a healthy nutricious breakfast that they really enjoyed. Def going to keep buying it as its so much quicker and easier so it will be great for before school on cold mornings! Thanks so much for the opportunity to trial this one!!
cj - 11:53 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Well, all is going well in our fussy household. Master 4 has become a porridge addict! He has asked for it each morning. It is so quick to prepare and I feel great giving him something which nutritious and keeps him full for longer! Thumbs up to Uncle Toby's for creating a brilliant, hearty breakfast. Thank you to Kidspot for the opportunity to try!! We WILL be continuing to purchase this product!
stacleaning - 11:36 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oh my, these are great!! SO EASY, SO QUICK, SO YUMMY!!! This morning my daughter wanted toast so I tried the porridge. DELISH!! Was so fast to and easy to make it, I didn't have to worry about it burning on the stove top or stand at the stove while my daughters wait for me. It was fantastic!!
kennyjo - 10:35 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
When they arrived my kids jumped on them and couldn't wait to try them they were able to do it themselves and miss 4 was was eager to pick a flavor. They were creamy and filling for the kids they prefer them without milk and they say they are very sweet., To know my children are happy to eat something healthy and filling in the mornings i will be happy to buy them again also i think they will make school mornings so much easier :)
CrazyMumma - 9:14 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
yum! Got ours on Saturday so have tried all flavours now. My favourite is the apple and cinnamon. Mr 5 loves the berry. Perfect for filling tummys up for longer on these cold mornings. Quick, easy and convenient. This will be a must on my shopping list.
Thank you for choosing us!
mjchase - 8:24 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Both my boys liked the berry flavour. My oldest son has tried all the flavours and liked them all. The serving size is good for him, but not quite enough for the adults. It was difficult for him to separate the perforations on the packets without ripping them open. Our microwave is 1100W and cooks the packets in 60 sec., so 90 is too much (as stated on the packaging). The sweetness of the pre-flavoured packets means you don't have to add anything in, so a good, quick morning meal.
stacleaning - 12:06 AM on Tue-3-Jul-2012 reply | message
Wowzas I just got the email last night and in the letterbox today we found YUMMY YUM YUM. My daughter is excited and has asked to try the berry one in the morning, so I will be back after breaky for my first up-date guys
vickster444 - 9:32 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
WOW is all I can say! They arrived on Saturday morning just in time for breakfast and it was a freezing cold day so warmed us up! Very delicious and super quick and easy to make! So quick and easy, my 5 yr old can make this no problem by himself! He loved it and said his favourite flavour is the Apple and Cinnamon one. My favourite is the Apple and Berry one. My son also said, after his rugby game, "I reckon that Uncle Tobys made me play better mum!" He scored 3 tries and was very happy! :) Thanks so much Kidspot and Uncle Tobys, we will definetly be buying these for breakfast for sure!
thecoffeelady - 8:58 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
So looking forward to trying these, Just what I need on cold winter mornings!
rachiej25 - 8:06 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Got mine on Saturday morning too, a nice surprise. Great flavours my 10 month old loves the apple and cinnamon flavour. Great for not just breakfast but snack time too and so quick and easy as am trying to have a hearty brekky every morning.
rachaelsfun - 6:06 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
wow cant wait to try ! the fruit ones sounds yummy !
doolally - 5:54 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Oooh got mine today! Too late to try for breakfast this morning - a shame cause it is so cold lol!
piglet - 4:14 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Our package arrived Saturday morning and they are nealy all finished! Delicious, totally love them. Easy to make, especially with the easy measure guide for adding the water or milk that is printed on each sachet. 90 mins in the microwave and delicous porridge ready to eat. Perfect amount for the kids and I, but my husband puts away two at a time. Perhaps the option of having larger and smaller sachets in a package would be an idea, though I guess its easy enough to just use two. So nice and filling, they got us all through the kids soccer game on Saturday morning. And actually, I got home feeling so cold, I had another plateful to warm my insides up lol! Definitely something I am going to add to the grocery list.
mummytoone - 2:37 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks- cant wait to trial this!!
Orchid07 - 1:19 PM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the trial.. waiting .... waiting for the mail to arrive with my trail pack.: The cold weather seems perfect to trial this hot quick meal at the start of the day.

jmb16 - 11:56 AM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Loved trialing this product, my kids thought they were great, great flavour easy to make. would recommend to all busy family. A++ thank you
stacleaning - 10:46 AM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
YAY excited to trial this product... My daughters love porridge and when we run out and go to the supermarket she will always tell me "Muuum we always forget porridge" heheh so she will be excited to try this out!! THANKS KIDSPOT and UNCLE TOBYS!!!
AnnaES - 10:29 AM on Mon-2-Jul-2012 reply | message
Yay! So excited to get the email about reviewing this!! Thank you Kidspot and Uncle Tobys!
rj - 3:48 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these..I make porridge from scratch and sometimes it takes too long for the likes of the little people in the house!! It can get very noisy! With another one due in October a faster option would be fab!!
samstills5 - 1:24 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Getting the kids to eat a good breakfast is a daily challenge - I would love to try this. Sounds easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious.
smoodles - 3:52 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our house is pretty hectic, so to be able to have breakfast ready in 90 seconds and be able to have everyone sit down at the same time would be a dream
kiranmary - 3:00 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
For the first time my hubby is not doing shift work so we are all around at breakfast time. He does leave at 7.00 though so is sometimes done before all the kids are up. My older 2 sort themselves out unless I am making porridge for everyone or its a weekend pancake day. My younger 2 are usually toast kids but sometimes cereal is on the menu. I love breakfast time with everyone busy in the kitchen getting ready for the day!
awells11 - 2:47 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
We all love oats make a great fast healthy filling breakfast would love to try the sachets thank you
jojolaw - 10:07 AM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girls love porridge and we never have time in the morning before school to make ot for them... would love to try them.
Vegasmum - 10:27 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Having to get myself and 3 kids out the door at 7:30 most morns, brakfast is usually a bit rushed no matter how organised I try to be!
LIVINGLIFE - 9:33 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
We always have breakfast in our house and my little girl is a porridge lover, sometimes I dont have time to stand there at the stove stirring her porridge so it would be reat to try these and see if they save some time in the morning
MelanieandTrinity - 3:42 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time, is after feeding and changing bubs, is really when ever I get the time, Im looking for something fast and nutritious and that taste good, and now the bubz is eating solids, something that she enjoys as well.
skirts - 7:33 AM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is a little chaotic in our house - and goes in waves - first its the two kiddies getting in there and 'helping' make breakfast - whilst the whole time Miss 3 states to anyone within earshot 'I'm hungAry' and tries to push her sister out the way.....Miss 8 is quite helpful and can even work the microwave to make porridge out of rolled oats or a Milo (or coffee for mum hehehehe) and sometimes makes her sisters breakfast as well, SCORE!
Otherwise mummy or daddy stumble bleary eyed in to the kitchen and manage to whip up something to satisfy Miss 3! Yoghurt is a big favourite - porridge too but I normally cant be bothered mucking around to make it!
Then our exchange student hits the kitchen and makes her breakfast and lunch for school at the same time, so thats a whirlwind of mess, and then finally hubby and I get in there and scrape up something out of what is left!
catrad - 7:52 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is always crazy in our house, mr 4 is very fussy and miss 9 stays in bed untill the last possible minute and then wants breakfast often with little time its something fast or on the go, Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets would be PERFECT for her as she loves porridge, i jst usually dont have the time to make it, they would be perfect for me too! usually by the time i realise ive missed breakfast its almost lunchtime
temsmum - 11:25 AM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
Getting my son out of bed, dressed and fed in the mornings is always a hassle. He would love the fact he can responsible for making his own porridge and the choice of flavours would be good too. Would also be great for work as we only have a microwave or toaster.
Skeetylee - 7:17 PM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
Dad normally does breakfast for miss 4 and him and I sort out the baby who would probably be at the right age to trial this too. I love porridge, but can't be bothered with the pot variety like I was bought up on so would be a great alternative 90sec, who wouldn't love that! Dad has been having bit of trouble trying to get miss 4 to eat her regular breakfast so with the colder months here sounds like it could be a winner in our house esp coz I normally miss breakfast ... but would love to try these
nephnieclaire - 11:47 AM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast is a bit insane with both boys having to be at school at 8am . cereal ends up messy, toast takes to long & too many options for flavours . so Uncle Tobys Oats quick sachets would be great to try, few flavours, all as good as the other, & quick with no mess
SusanD - 5:53 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in my house is in a word - "challenging". A 6yr old daughter who does not drink milk (so a sachet I can add water too is helpful!), a pedantic almost 4yr old son who has to have the right bowl and spoon and right chair... (don't know if you can help with that one!) and a 20month old who has gone completely off her regular weetbix! Maybe porrige is a good alternative! Would love to review these!
Goonie - 5:59 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is total chaos in our house especially now that I also have to get out the door for work! 3 kids plus mum and dad in a tiny kitchen really doesnt work well when every one wants something diferent (this is very common)
nicirving - 2:53 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is well organised during the week! A bit more relaxed on the weekend.
Daddy makes breakfast for himself and our 2 year old, often weetbix or porridge (with yogurt & LSA and blueberries), while I breastfeed our 4 month old.
I then have my breakfast when I get a chance!
mumtofour - 1:58 PM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is slightly chaotic! With 4 kids who all like to have different things (and I have somethign else again!) it can take a while, so it would be GREAT to find something quick and easy that we all love!
Danelle - 5:56 AM on Thu-14-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to try as i am not the greatest at making it from the big pkts, we are always in such a rush in the mornings and the kids would love these im sure
rox - 4:02 PM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast here is pretty lax as we dont often have much else to do other than watch the kids tv and get dressed. theres only the 2 of us so far though.......
emjay - 3:12 PM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast usually consists of me asking what the kids want which could be weetbix, porridge or toast. we all love porridge in the winter but as i make it from rolled oats i usually dont do it on daycare days as it takes too long, these sachets would fix that!! then the kids eat while doing everything possible to make it go so slowly my daughter ends up asking me to warm up her toast again! toast usually is peanut butter and jam on miss 4's and either jam or marmite on master nearly 2's. master 2 also wont get down from the table until his incessant begging for yoghurt (calciyum) is fufilled. we then have jam from one end of the table to the other, all over faces and even sometimes in the hair as master 1 usually throws at least one piece of toast at miss 4.
thinking about it porridge actually gets eaten very nicely, im not sure if its because i hardly have time to make a pot of it so its like a special treat, or the fact they get to put brown sugar on it!!
ECAW - 1:46 PM on Wed-13-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in my house, is : Stop kicking my chair, muuummmm, I want some yoghurt, please can I have more milk, she touched me mum, breakfast is all gone, is there any toast please?, can I have more ricies, he made a mess mum.....
Noisy, but it gets eaten!!
bmorton - 10:48 PM on Tue-12-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast is noisy messy but fun
chelseafan - 10:03 PM on Tue-12-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is something we all love. Its busy but we're sit-down-enjoy-breakfast-folk. Weekdays breakfasts aren't as lengthy as our weekend breakfasts, but the kids love their cereal and toast. Would love to get them onto porridge - especially with days like today when it is like Antarctica has opened its doors on our city!
craysmum - 4:20 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
My kids are very fussy, and are always argueing over what they want for breakfast so we end up fighting because we will go with one thing and not the other. Most of the time I think they purposely choose what the other doesnt want. My sons are 10 years and 3 years old and there sister is 7, and they are all very independant and I think that given the chance to try these porridge singles would be a hit. They would be able to choose there own flavour and have a go at cooking it themselves too.
KTasi - 4:10 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is always busy with my 4 children who are 8 years and under. i need to give them something fast and filling, most often that is weetbix or porridge. i would love to sample your porridge as any way of getting good food in my children faster sounds like a winner to me.
k3 - 3:58 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
You are preaching to the converted.A huge fan of Uncle Toby's Oats. Its quick, its easy and best of all yummy. Which is why it makes it such a favorite in our household. So for anyone trying it out for the first time, I am sure it will be a big hit.
clarebear400 - 3:29 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Something fast and filling for my little 15mo old. He loves weetbix and toast but having some more variety would be great.
Catzombie - 2:41 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
I'll be really keen on this one....anything that is hot, healthy and fast suits my son :)
imrose - 1:32 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
yummy breakfast is a must must how many times do u really have one that's healthy too.I don't.Either they are too expensive or the flavors don't suit ours palate.Now that i get to try something of uncles Toby so how can i say no.yes yes my entire family would love to try this and sit and have a proper breakfast on a weekday too not only on weekends.So if my comment please you pick us.
donz71 - 1:21 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is either weetbix or porridge at our place and our 3 yr old & 2 yr old are both always hungry so no problem getting them to eat. They just want to get it ready by themselves which causes the most mayhem ;-).
manea16 - 1:09 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is always a mission in our house. With a fussy 11 year old and miss 5 who takes forever to even decide what she wants to eat then little mr 13 months as well to feed these would go down a treat in our house love to try them out.
mumjess - 11:45 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
mmm these look good. Breakfast at our place is a individual affair... a starving almost 2 year old eats first, followed by me, and then my hubby eats at work! So these sachets would suit us to a tee!
reppeps - 11:35 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
We'd love to try this product. Living in Taupo you need a nice warm breakfast to get you moving in the mornings. Luckily everyone in our household love porridge so we'd like the idea of testing new varities.
eddie - 10:58 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is varied in our house with 1 liking weet-bixs the other liking poached eggs or butter on toast. So would love to win this as it would be something different and speed things up.
DaneHsmum - 10:33 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast at our place is a bit manic with my little one having to be at school at 8am - cereal is an issue too, the only godsend is that he likes porridge - so Uncle Tobys Oats quick sachets would be a welcome relief and would add some variety too
loribradley - 10:15 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
would love to give these a go, I like my kids to have a hot brekkie and these would be perfect!!
ralf - 9:50 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these sachets, as my son loves his porridge in the mornings and it would be great to try some different flavours.
fresiaa - 12:59 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Dad gets up really early and eats porridge, so he will be keen to try Uncle Toby's. He prepares the sandwiches for the lunchboxes and 2 sandwiches for son, who usually gets up a bit later. Then, in a rush, Mum and Daughter will be wizzing around because their late (again) chucking down a quick bowl of plain cornflakes as that is the quickest to prepare. Yeah, doesn't sound good, does it? Mum and Daughter should try something healthier like Uncle Toby's. I don't think Son would like it, though. Picky teenager, but we can give it to him to try!
eleanor48 - 9:53 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is always rushed around here, I try to make time for a nice hot breakfast but more often than not it's just a rushed bowl of cereal, which isn't so nice on a cold winter's morning. I usually save hot breakfasts (porridge, pancakes, bacon&eggs) for the weekends when I have time to relax. It would be awesome to have a quick and easy option that still warms us up on the way out the door.
paigan - 8:59 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is great, Eloise has time with Daddy before he goes off to Uni and because we do BLW, she just has what we are having - toast and cereal during the week normally, sometimes crumpets, pancakes on Saturdays and waffles on Sunday. We normally save porridge for a really cold day (like we've been having in CHCH with the snow!) as I make a big pot of it for us all to have, so it would be nice to try the quick version!
Jubie - 8:54 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast in our home is normally a very hurried time. were pretty good at getting things done on time in the morning but its less than relaxing lol
I would love to try these both to try the taste and to see if we really can do breakfast at a saner pace :)
atasfairys - 8:54 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
I really want to be one of those mums that are up early on the cold winter morning making the porridge for her baby so its hot on the table when his little feet come padding down the hallway... Yea right!!
Never seem to have enough time in the mornings. Manage to do the hot water over weetbix so if this takes just as long (or Quicker) than filling, turning on, boiling and pouring the jug would absolutely love to trial xoxo
chopper59 - 8:15 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
i have two young children who love porridge for breakfast each morning so it would be nice to try something a bit quicker to make on school days
cranster84 - 7:40 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Two very demanding kids until there is food on the table...then silence! They love porridge but hate waiting for it to cook! Would love to try the sachets!
starakamala - 7:18 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is 'up and go' for my teenager and my preschooler is happy with anything at all. I'll love to try these out on my teenager to see if she likes them.
Tee17 - 5:13 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in my household is either fruit from the fridge and a glass of juice sometime's we skip breakfast as we both work and need to be out of the house before 6am. I love porridge my nana use to make it for me when I use to go to school but sadly now I dont have time.....
NettieF - 2:16 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
We both work, so getting breakfast into our 2 year old need to be really quick, as we are all out of the house by 7.30am! I love porridge and my mum used to make it for me when I was little in winter but we usually don't have time :(
jmb16 - 1:58 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hectic mornings with 4 children between getting 3 ready for school and my youngest still running around in pjs trying to get out the door but i always make sure that they have a good breakfast to start the day ! weather we run late or not i am a strong believer in a good breakfast for childrens development
houdi - 12:44 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is a quick affair as we are always running late to catch the bus, any thing easy Im all for. As long as the kids will eat it!
zpete - 12:25 AM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast here is hit and miss self service. Grab and run affair, coffee toast and away. Sleeping in is a "fast" race off with a leftover from last nite, woteva is handy in the fridge. These sachets may be just what we need, as breakfast is a 'need', a proper nutritious meal to start the day.
pkcy - 10:52 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is a bit of a mission, my husband starts with porridge or cereal, then when the kids are up there's a choice between rice bubble and cornflakes (always together), porridge with honey, weet-bix with warm milk or toast. I usually have porridge or cereal. Then next mission we have is whether to eat it around the table or the kids little table in front of the heater.
widget - 10:45 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
it's a bit miss and hit at the moment with my 18 month old grandson, so any new ideas which would help towards him eating a good solid 'type' breakfast would be a help. thanks
AllLovedUp - 10:14 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is normally together as a family with our wee girl more interested in what the adults are eating rather than her own! Try to have a variety of foods over the week but run out of ideas quickly! These look quick, easy and yum :)
hillaa1 - 9:55 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our children have reached the age where they can get their own breakfast, the older one helps the younger. The younger one always requests porridge but I never remember to look for it at the supermarket. This would make her day, would give me another option to help with my milk supply as I am b/ feeding and I have heard porridge is great to help keep it up!
andreaL - 9:49 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
With three under 4 breakfast is rather busy. The 4 and 2 year old are hungray and want breakfast as soon as they wake up and trying to get that sorted with a new born who also wants to be feed breakfast time can be stressful. Would love to trial a quick and easy breakfast to make breakfast time easier :)
storm213 - 9:44 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breackfast at our house with 5 kids is very stressfull and these sound like they would be very tastey and very quik and easy to make and im sure my children would love to try something new
my4kids - 9:07 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast in our house with 3 children is very hectic they all want something different to eat.iwould love them to try this as if they knew it was something sent to try ithink they would all try would be a great easy breaky.
nikh74 - 8:53 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
These would be great to try with my daughter who is not into breakfast, but will suddenly ask for soemthing usually within minutes of trying to leave the house for school. they would be of an ideal portion size, with little measuring necessary and being fruity they will already have added flavour and sweetness. Also my son aged nearly 8 would be able tp do these all by himself and be chuffed as that he has a yummy breakfast with no assistance :)
amber - 8:53 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is mostly the same each morning. I make a large bowl of porridge in the morning and serve it out in seperate bowls, which I leave on the bench for each person to reheat in the microwave. It sounds like these sachets would be great to use, so I would like to trial these.
samandtia - 8:40 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in out home is always at the same time with oats. Our 2 year old has eaten oats since she was 12 months old and loves them!
amyr - 8:37 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is the same every morning with both my 5 and 3 year old wanting to have nutrigrain every morning, they never want a change! Sometimes very rarely they will have weetbix - but I would love them to try something new that would be nutricious and quick for me to make, these rolled oats sound perfect!
leelee1994 - 8:34 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is definitely an individual occasion. I am up early, eating breakfast by 7 (toast or muesli) and out the door before 8. My son is up at 7.30 and usually prepares breakfast himself. He is in the "I don't want help with my breakfast" phase but he usually has what I had. His Dad leaves with the young man about 8.30 and he usually doesn't have breakfast - naughty eh! I would love my family to be able to trial the oats - I might even try them myself (I have never eaten porridge before) and I am sure that Dad would like that fast preparation of them too.
tessyjoy - 8:02 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time at our house is about trying to fill up my 6.5 year old son. First he has weetbix or porridge, then toast, and then an apple on his way out the door to school!!! I think he's going to be an All-Black at the rate he's eating and playing sports. A quick sachet of rolled oats would be a great first course on the mornings when he wants porridge and everyone else wants something different.
Lana4 - 7:39 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is always at the same time at home.If we didnt run to a timetable we would never all get off to the places we need to go on time.We like porridge as a hot winter but it can get boring.I love the idea of something the family can do as they are ready for it.
jthorne - 7:35 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our household is busy as I'm usually leaving for work so my husband takes care of breakfast for our 1 year old. We haven't tried oats with her before so would be great to try a sample - I'm sure she would love them!
rollsr - 7:27 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time with a 2year old and a newborn is very hectic and anything that can save me time is welcomed. I am feeding the newborn whilst spooning breakfast into the toddlers mouth and trying to drink my coffee all at the same time... thank goodness for the invention of 'quick' foods at breakfast time
My3BoysandMe - 7:13 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our household is pretty chilled, we like to have a big range of cereals and different breakfast choices so the kids dont get sick of having the same thing. My husband is a builder so early mornings in the winter at our house would preferably contain a hot/warm breakfast of some sort but most take alot of time to prepare, so these quick sachets would be ideal for us! I'd love to try them, in fact im sure our whole house would!
shird - 6:52 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
These might also come in handy for families that have kids doing winter sports- A hot cereal in the morning before a game helps fuel the engine and warms the tummy.Oats are a relatively low GI food that provide good fibre and bulk, making it less likely to fill up on junk food later on when energy levels drop.
Katea16 - 6:43 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
We already use a different flavor of this brand and they are fantastic! So quick and easy even my son makes them each morning for him & his sister. A great start to the cold winter mornings and healthy too! Would love to try a different flavor out and this would be the perfect opportunity.
Resse - 6:38 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to review these for you. Everyone in our household eats porridge in the winter months - but with five of us, it is a busy household, and takes ages to cook. Would be lovely to have something quick and easy!
vish - 6:35 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is quickest meal time of the day. It's usually rush rush with no time for fancy items. This looks like an ideal healthy choice. Would love to trial, as normally oats seem boring, but these flavors look interesting.m
Sarahmurray - 6:30 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hands up for sure! I want to trial these quick sachets.
Breakfast time is always different for our family. My hubby leaves home before 6am and I’m still in bed. My son and I have quick breakfast and then we need to rush to the childcare. Sometimes I really want to ensure all of us have the right nutrition for the day but I always run out of time to cook. It’s so struggle to find something nice tasty and full of nutrition. I’m pregnant now and find it even harder to get up to cook yummy bfast. My style of oat is the easiest way--just add golden syrup. I’d like so much to trial this quick oat. I think it will give us the best nutrition and flavour! xx
eb - 6:13 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi there, Breakfast time in our house is definitely frantic. My girls love porridge but we generally just use plain rolled oats and add fruit. These sachets sound pretty delicious and we'd love the chance to try them. Thanks for considering us!
Chickenlegs - 5:58 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
I used to love porridge for breakfast, my Dad used to make it for me every weekend. Im sure my kids would love it too but i just dont have time in the mornings to stand at the stove stirring porridge around with 3 very active boys (and another on the way!). Uncle Tobys Oats Quick Sachets sound like the perfect thing for my family seem theyre ready in only 90 seconds!
Hyster - 5:26 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
A 90 second breakfast! What could be better when you are feeding two hungry boys that can't wait for breakfast! These sachets sound fabulous. We would love to try them, the flavours sound awesome and on cold snowy mornings in Christchurch Uncle Tobys would be very very popular I'm sure!!!!!
sheree2911 - 5:19 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
We love. love, love Uncle Toby's porridge in my house.
I only buy the original in a box as thats what I am just
used to buying. Although we have never tried any of the
other flavours (we sort of stick to what we love) I am sure
they would be just as yummy..... We would definitely love to
try them all. I have loved porridge since I was a kid... I love it in Winter!
Also, what a brilliant idea having sachets in a variety box......just brilliant!!
Sweetness10 - 5:18 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try these sachets. Breakfast time is always hectic in our house! My 3-year-old wants about 3 different breakfasts and my 10-year-old is a challenge to get out of bed. Then I have to really put the pressure on her to even eat breakfast. With the colder weather they've both been complaining about the milk with cereal being "too cold" and have both been having toast for breakfast. We all love porridge, but I usually don't make it because it takes too long so I love the idea of super-quick, convenient and WARM porridge!
twokiddies - 5:15 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
It is not often that all four of my family feel like porridge in the morning, but when they do they devour it. Would be great to try these as an alternative to making a whole pot of oats.
jessica83 - 4:56 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time is fast and chaotic. i have an 8 year old daughter who likes cocoa pops, ricies and nutrigrain and a 4 year old boy who loves weetbix, ricies and porridge, a 4 month old daughter who hangs out and waits for us,a hubby who enjoys either toast or porridge and myself that will either have a shake, weetbix, toast or porridge
smutty72 - 4:54 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our three children aged 18 months, 4 and 6 love their porridge, made by my husband or myself. We are wanting to encourage some independence in our 6 year old and think these would be a great way for him to get his (and his siblings) breakfast in the morning..
keetismyson - 4:53 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time in my house is not to bad as it goes, but as my son seems to eat weet bix and that is all i was thinkiing that trying him on these UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets would be a good change and it would not be to much harder on my mornings.
kjm72 - 4:52 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is manic in our house - six people all trying to get out the door at once!! these would be great!
Glenfelik - 4:51 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Brekkie time in our house is my DH responsibility whilst I get ready for the day. Which I must say is bliss for me - probably not quite so much for DH!
Teenah - 4:40 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
With the cold weather coming these would be great to review. Breakfast is always busy trying to get breakfast ready and eaten before heading to school.
Silverbabe - 4:39 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
We usually all eat at different times as to when we get up etc. Its very busy trying to get everyone ready.
Nessa - 4:17 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our breakfast time can be a bit chaotic. Kids demanding what they want to eat, trying to get kids dressed. THey like a range of things, like weetbix, porridge (esp in the winter), toast etc. To have the single sachets would make life a bit easier as is quicker but still nutritious and is nice and warm for those cold frosty mornings.
aimeevisser - 4:15 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
YUM we love oats and hubby and I think it's time our little girl had her introduction to them! It would be a privilege to trial these for you Uncle Toby's - we bring honest and open feedback and keen tastebuds!
nummabear - 4:04 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
my son oliver and i loove porriage...but i do it on the stovetop so giving these trial will be great, to see if theyre even quicker than on the stovetop...he usually just has plain oats with alittle brown sugar, so the flavours would be interesting too,be a nice winter treat of a trail i reakon :)
cathw - 4:02 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi our 3 year old loves the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon but we haven't tried the other flavours out yet. We would love to try the others for her. Me and husband also love eating these and how easy these are. A different flavour might help us convince our other 7 year old daughter too. Please pick us!
Salby - 3:57 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
depending on what Mr 3 is into at the time he has the same thing every morning with either banana or peaches. He loves the different variety of flavours and having an option, so the variety packs in these would be perfect!
wellygurl - 3:53 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
for me, mornings start from the moment my 21 month wee man wakes up and its just the two of husband has gone by son eats anything for breakfast and i think he would enjoy eating the oats sachets.
Hayleigh - 3:46 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
breaky time ...where to start 8 r old bored with toast & cold ceral... thou these are easy if he gets up & im bfeeding bubs he can make his own he is now learning to ise mircowave so givingthese whirl would be great.. he is fussy and i can stay something warm wouldnt go a strand in this christchurch weather :)
cloejoel - 3:37 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl wakes up and wants breakfast NOW! so I have to be prepared and cook her porridge the night before or make her toast very quickly!
flower35 - 3:36 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is very rush in our household, getting the kids ready for the bus and trying to get them to eat something, we would luv to trail this product, it would be interesting to see if the kids would like it. It would make life easier for me!!
Greerfamily - 3:31 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
As a weekday solo mum of now 3 children (baby aged 5.5months and husband away mon-fri) and just back at work 3 days a week, anything to give my children warm, filled and energy packed tummy's for the day while still able to be out of house by 8.30am would be a blessing to trial.
Delilah - 3:29 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our breakfast time is a bit rushed. One child is up early, ready, organised and assists with breakfast. He eats anything. Our other son gets up late, is super fussy, runs late and marches to his on beat. Normally, each child has a different breakfast. The baby is not fed until everyone else is out the door.
rainz1 - 3:22 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter enjoys porridge for breakfast, this would be great to trial as cooking enough porridge for her on the stove can be a hassle with being rushed to get out the door in the mornings, cooking it in the microwave seems so much easier.
leebd - 3:19 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Yum, they look good and best of all, convenient! My mornings are a blurr to me, rushing to sort out my three girls and feeding them breakfast can be a long drawn out battle! Am looking for a breakfast food that they WANT to eat and am thinking that them choosing their own flavour would be a great draw card!
SteviRay - 3:15 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
With 2 boys aged 1 and not quite 3, breakfast consists of half a loaf of bread and 3 pieces of friut between them. I would love to try something more filling for their little tummies.
vintagemum - 3:14 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
I usually skip breakfast as by the time I've made Mr5's breakfast and lunch we seem to be inching closer to 8am which is when we have to leave
katherinew - 3:06 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Its either porridge or weetbix at our house. Haven't tried this brad but would love to. The flavours would really appeal to my girls. I love anything that makes the mornings less hectic and has the added bonus of being something the girls like and good for them
chonty1234 - 2:54 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Mornings start at 6am around here. My 2-year-old wants breakfast straight away and has her chair ready to help me make her porridge. She then demands a marmite toast so she share it with the dog!
maxsmum - 1:15 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little one likes soft boiled eggs with toast dip dips, as some mornings get quite busy something that takes a little less time would be nice to try
petitemumma - 9:48 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
im not a morning person so normally im in such a rush the kids have cocopops followed by me growling at them to hurry up because were running out of time,my kids are slow eaters & really fussy,theyd be v.happy if i said they didnt have to eat breakfast..porridge is my favorite so if i have time & the pots are all clean then ill make it on th stove.normally about once a wk
Haylee9 - 7:06 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
My kids eat porrige or weetbix every morning. Making the porridge on the stove is a hassle. would be nice to try it in the microwave
Orchid07 - 5:17 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Suprisingly someone at work mentioned that I should try Oats that cook really quickly in a microwave! I couldn't believe that technology has advanced this far so soon. Oats remind me of slaving over the pot to get it to the right consistancy.. something I struggle with and given up! This would be worth a try and maybe a winter boost for me! :)
nsohail - 2:35 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is always in a rush, no matter how early we wake up, we always end up rushing things. Sometimes its my son (one year old) who wants to cuddle me and would not get off.. so i try to do things with one hand.. and that delays the entire process.. then my daughter is a fussy eater so i have to push her continously! :)
Gillymama - 2:07 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is a bit of a drag... kids are pretty sick of their weetbix, but I refuse to let them have just cereal, as its not enough for a school kid :-) I love hot oats but its a mess in the pot to make. These sound ideal & very easy & filling! The fruit variety sounds yummy!
shorrty4life - 1:46 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is a mad rush in my home. I have one very demanding 19month old girl with is rearing to go for breakfast as soon as she wakes. Then when i finally get to sit down and eat my breakfast its time to take her out of the high chair and get her ready for the day ahead so im one of those mums that eats on the run. aslong as my daughter is feed and has had a milo then im happy. =)
Serina - 12:48 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is good in my house, unless my daughter sleeps in and wakes up HUNGRY! every morning its a warm weetbix with milk, im sure she would loves these and would be happy to try them on her!
4kiddies - 12:10 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
really hetice with four kids that want all different stuff i would love to try this to see if they will eat the same thing
rachaelsfun - 11:00 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
wow would love to trial this have a master 1yrs and master 9 nephews who love cereals
breakfast time with the boys is hectic and sometimes rushed to get master 9 off to school in time and esp in winter would be nice to have something good and hot for breakfast and easy to make ! and sustaining for their stomachs
nixnkidz - 10:29 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
OMG we would LOVE to be part of this one - my 13 year old son's favorite breakfast is porridge in winter but he hates how long it takes him before school to make it so these would be awesome to try - we might even get out the door on time!!
Mummyleigh - 10:09 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast has to be yummy with my 2yo girl - she loves porridge ! as do i :) , i get up and prepare her breakfast straight away then i get on to making my hubby his brekky with a coffee before he has to head off to work
SandraG - 8:50 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast has to be quick and easy in our house for the school girls (age 8 and 11). Miss 11 often doesn't eat breakfast, so it would be great to have something to tempt her with. Miss 3 likes to have a variety of things to choose from, so would be great to have a new choice. I'm also hoping that the older girls may be able to make it for themselves.
Breakfast during the week is eaten in conjunction with brushing hair, putting on shoes, packing bags and all the other school prep jobs. On the weekend the older 2 make their own (and often make Miss 3's too) which they eat while watching kids tv programmes.
cnikb - 7:52 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is...trying hard to get something that Little Miss 16mths will eat - think that these might do the trick!
sydneylisa - 10:40 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Usually I make my partner his eggs on toast before he leaves early for work, then feed my 8 month old and myself porridge at the same time, and try eat fast enough so I have time make myself a coffee before I leave for the gym!
lmwnz - 9:51 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is me feeding miss 2 but not having time to make and eat my own. Suddenly now my little one is starting to get fussy on her breakfast so I would love to see if I could get her to enjoy these & I could also slip one of these into my bag and make it at work so I would have breakfast too. They sound yum and I love porridge
Jo90 - 8:20 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time - kids get well fed, but I'm often running out the door with a half eaten piece of cold toast (that 2yo boy promptly steals). And how many times can you safely warm up a half drunk cup of tea in the microwave?? Something easy to take to work sounds fabulous :o)
Jackieb - 8:10 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
quite often I find myself walking my son to school and I haven't had breakfast yet. I get the kids sorted with cereal or toast normally and race them through the bathroom, I am always last but can come home to eat.
yohan - 5:39 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Busy, messy, a real shamble as the kids want everything "NOW' and cant wait. Cereals, porridge, toast, milk everywhere!!! Love to try something convenient and quick.
tarns677 - 1:48 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Having four children I am always looking for a quick filling healthy breakfast for the kids would love to try this porridge.
marikekaitlyn - 12:49 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My toddler usually wants her breakfast just when her little baby sister wakes up for her morning breastfeed, but she is not very keen on any cereal so can be a bit time consuming trying to figure out what to give her for breakfast other than toast with vegemite. Would love to try these as I have never made porridge for her.
Sparky - 12:45 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
I tend to make porridge from scratch which can be time consuming. They also eat weetbix and 4 year old has started liking some cereal which is good as been eating porridge and weetbix for the past 3 1/2 years ! Great to give them something warm for these cold days.
karask - 12:43 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Mr 5 year old LOVES porrage for breakfast and always wants to help. So these would be great for him to make porrage for himself and his indapendance. :-)
leighbert - 12:35 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
We have a very busy breakfast time with 5 kids. We all eat very well and love our food. Porridge is a big fave of us all. YUM!!!
scottishlass - 12:19 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time is the main meal of the day i believe, and the most important, we are in a bit of a rush most mornings but we do have time to eat together most days, and porridge is hot on the list.being from bonnie ususally only have plain porridge, so would be nice to taste these.
chelleza - 12:16 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is our quality time together. Being able to make something fast and simple gives us more time to enjoy each others company.
Trace - 12:09 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
our little fella loves to help make breaky. he either has cereal or/and toast. He goes around getting everything out of the cupboard and fridge and waits for a lift up to the counter.
I am sure he would love to try Uncle Tobys Oats
Cheekybabes - 9:13 AM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is chaos! Getting the kids to eat then get ready for school/kindy makes time quite tight so a quick & easy, nutritious breakfast option is very appealing!
parky69 - 9:50 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Usually full on - five of us in the kitchen trying to make our breakfast at the same time! My youngest is just about 7 and pretty independent when wanting breakfast - she loves making her own and these would be ideal for her to have a go at making her own porridge.
Matty1 - 8:36 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would be great to try these as at the moment we just have a huge bag of oats which is quite time consuming to cook in the morning :)
GirlsMum - 7:58 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
At the moment breakfast is crazy. It starts off at 7:30am. Daddy fixes breakfast for 3 of our 4 girls (ages 6, 3.5, 19months) while I feed our 1 month old little girl. Sometimes the two older girls ask for seconds. Breakfast is usually done by 8 and the girls put their dishes in the dishwasher. By far the best meal of the day!
kiwikelly - 7:22 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Its a busy but fun time of the day with Dad getting breakfast ready for Mr2 while i feed Miss 6mths and we talk about what the day will bring
Rose3 - 6:00 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is usually a good time, time to talk and start the day off in a positive way. however does'ntt always go to plan and be chaotic
Coring - 5:24 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our home is only for my daughter. She has vegetables and fruits and every other day she would have cereals.
katie1011 - 3:33 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
A huge rush normally i dont even get time to eat. rushing around to get out of the house for the day love our days at home when there is no rush to go any where
radioguru - 3:03 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Chaos and mayhem!! I'm usually running around trying to get ready...surviving on lack of sleep due to our youngest family member. My 6 month old has feeding issues, and will only drink breastmilk in a bottle, so I need to 'express', feed it to her in a bottle, top up with formula - all before we leave the house for the morning. My 3 year old gets ready for daycare (which she is super duper excited about). My 8 year old chatterbox gets ready for school. My husband tries to get ready for work. I often end up leaving with just coffee in my system, because I simply run out of time for breakfast! :o)
corinne33 - 1:05 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
I struggle to get my toddler to eat a good breakfast & would love to try these...she is a fussy eater at the moment so to try before I buy would be fantastic! it would be great if it is something I like to so we can make the effort of sitting down together before the other toddlers in my care arrive for a busy day!
CaseysMum - 12:35 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
With school and preschool it's usually quite a rush. The kids have weetbix or toast and I'm usually too busy to stop and have any (I know that's really naughty) would love to give these a go, with all this lovely snow falling outside I'm thinking it might be time to start warm breakfasts in the morning for wintertime
jylissa - 12:34 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
i don't have breakfast a lot of the time with an active toddler would love to have something quick and easy thats also healthy.
spooky - 12:20 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
BC (before children) i use to have these all the time and loved them! i'd like to trial them with my family now and also i think it might be something they could do for themselves which will be win; win all round!
ingie83 - 11:29 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
We have a hectic morning routine and often find i rush out the door with a piece of toast in my hand would like something quick and easy to try.
mznaynay - 11:27 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
I love having breakfast in the morning but the thing is only when im not so busy I have time for brekkie so having tobys on the go would be a great way, ready in 90 sec how ausome is that. That would be a perfect quick fix to eat which will diffiently wil fil you up. And would love to try.
Mutt - 10:58 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is almost non existant as both my daughters struggle to find time in the morning to be able to get breakfast, so it is usually a piece of my toast as they walk out the door to get in the car to get to the bus stop. These would be absolutely perfect.
mounty - 10:28 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our breakfast time in the mornings is always a rush in the week,so something like uncle tobys oats quick sachets ready in 90 seconds sounds like us.We would love to try them.
nixzen - 10:28 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at my house is like a tornado! everything is go go go in the morning for a mad rush out the door on weekdays. Weekends are a little more relaxed as you have more time to prepare breakfast but during the working week trying to negotiate getting three people ready in the morning can be a challenge. I need something that quick to prepare and is nutritionally beneficial and also tastes good. We all love porridge and would love to try these Quick Sachets!! Thanks Kidspot.
helen777 - 9:44 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is just after wake up time for the kids and myself, Dad leaves for work while we are still in bed, so the 3 of us have brecky together. Usually cereal, yoghurt's and fruit and I have my coffee, kids have juice. My daughter does enjoy porridge in the mornings. She is so impatient with the cooling down of it, she wants it NOW. Would love to try the fruity flavors as I always buy the plain oats. Thanks
JoCee - 9:25 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is help yourself at our house cause everyone is up at a different time and likes different things and fast and easy is the order of the day. Porridge has always been a favourite - thinking back to the 'old' days when heaping on brown sugar and lots of cream without guilt! Convenience is now the thing and Uncle Tobys seems just the thing - would love to try it.
mumof6 - 8:52 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is staggered at our place. Hubby is up at 4am and has a quick piece of toast before hes off to work 15mins later. The younger kids are up at the crack of dawn and need breakfast straight away, especially miss2! This consists of usually wheatbix or toast. The teenagers are not so keen on breakfast (or getting out of bed), so its usually a mad dash for them to get organised and have a quick piece of toast, on the way to school. I usually have toast or cereal after the school run, when I can relax with a cup of coffee. In the weekend we usually have porridge. We would love to trial Uncle Tobby's quick oats, as this could be another option for a quick weekday breakfast and it would be great to know the kids have had a nutritious breakfast :)
wardma - 7:58 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is a mad time in our house. With a son who has to leave at 7.30am to catch a bus to school, a husband who leaves at any time between 6.00am to 8.30am (depending on his roster) and assorted foster children coming through at various times, Breakfast is a rush of cereals, toast, juice, along with crumbs, dirty dishes and running out of milk. We would love to trial these oats. I want the family to have a healthy breakfast to get them through their busy days so these oats would be perfect. I would be pleased to send them out the door knowing that they have had a quick but healthy breakfast.
Shirley - 12:14 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our household is like a restaurant with mummy dearest -of course that's me being the cooker as my baby girl calls me. Hubby has quinoa, Taihli orders just plain toast and butter, middle child Alisa must have her porridge...Uncle Toby you are regular at our house, youngest has a milkshake with lots of fruit and dear old mummy is quite standard she has her porrigde too, Just plain porridge with my protein powdere and soya in a nut shell breakfer ast in our home weekdays is choatic, loud so very loud but I would not like it any other way as there is a lot of love there too.
mary110370 - 11:17 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast? Usually my daughter is eating toast or an apple in the car on the way to school as we have run out of time so 30 second oats sounds pretty good to me.
olga - 10:15 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Please - we would like to try these sachets - our regular breakfast is muesli but my toddler prefers warm muesli and we are still using baby muesli for this purpose - however she is lamost 20 months and will be happy to try the UNCLE TOBY'S product. I also love warm porriage style muesli especially in winter.
MAMANANNA - 10:12 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
cereals and toast or fruit toast for family ,myself I leave for work early so coffee then at work I have breakfast usually a cereal but a nice hot plate of oates made quickly easily would convert me.
wendylouise - 10:04 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
would love to trial this product, breakfast is always a very busy time in our house but very basic its always rice bubbles, cornflakes, toast and weetbix, my kids would LOVE a chance to try something new and coming into the colder days something warm as well a filling and nutricious would be great!!!
skyela - 9:50 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We would LOVE to join in for this review! I have two toddlers and a busy husband who is a police officer, a lot of the time he is having his breakfast as his lunch. This would make a yummy lunch too I think! :-)
Cazper - 9:50 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I offer my toddler two cereals to choose from then he has toast as I do but I don't get much chance to have cereals, so this would be great to multi task while my oats are cooking.
Lozzykiwi - 9:42 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our home is BORING! We are all so sick of cold cereals and toast. I don't have time to make fancy things like pancakes. Please give us some lovely Uncle Toby's Oat sachets to warm our bellies these chilly winter mornings! Would love to review them for you.
Thanks for the opportunity Kidspot & Uncle Toby's :)
madisonsmummyz - 9:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Normally miss 5 has the same everyday - she likes Crunchy clusters cereal. Nice and quick as you just pur in the milk! She'd eat oats if her dad makes her apple and cinnamon porriage but it takes so long to do it from scratch. This would be great for her to try - and quick too!
eega - 9:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Usually our boys go for weetbix or cornflakes, but with winter upon us, the request for porridge won't be too far away. These would be great for them to be able to make themselves.
Tavia - 9:12 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is usually a little crazy, with everybody liking something different, and me too broke to have anything much on offer.. it's always pretty frustrating when my teen tries to skip breakfast too!
obsidianwings - 8:50 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is probably one of the more chilled parts of our day here. We love oats to :)
heitiki - 8:42 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast varies in our house depending on the day. During the week, we all eat different things and have varying hunger levels and are, of course, time short. On the weekend it's more leisurely and often something 'cooked'. Weekdays our options include toast, cereal, fruit, crumpets, scrambled eggs, occasional hash browns. I'm the most likely to opt for oats, although my husband likes them too (Scottish heritage!). I occasionally use packet instant oats. They would be a good option for husband to take to work as he leaves house very early. Perhaps Uncle Toby's Oats can convince him!
Lindanne - 8:41 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast for our grandson is now a special time as he has started Day care so Mum can finish her course. It is a time when Mum, Dad and Simon are together. A hot nutritious meal is so important for him.
Faffer - 8:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Usually porridge or toast and banana for Miss 18 months with daddy while I shower, then I take over and grab a piece of toast or bowl of cereal when he leaves for work. Weekends are more leisurely with a family breakfast of bacon & eggs, crepes or waffles.
cherrytf - 8:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Weekday breakfast for all of us at home is hurriedly done. More often than not, I bring mine to the office and eat before work officially starts. Would certainly love to try this out since this would be the perfect solution for my own breakfast needs.
BJW - 8:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hmmmmm it's quite hectic during the week in our house!!! Hubby and boys' are off pretty early so daughter and I are left to enjoy our cereals together which is so nice after being so busy earlier making lunches for all and getting them out the door. Phew wouldn't these convenient sachets of Uncle Tobys Oats be superlicious to make and enjoy!
kyleeandluke - 8:20 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 and a half year old LOVES porridge - so much so that when we serve up anything else for breakfast, he asks "where's my porridge?!?" Cherrios, Weetbix, toast etc just don't cut the mustard with him! Unfortunately I returned back to work last week and I don't have as much time to make porridge from scratch in the mornings as he and I have to be out the door by 7.45am. So instant porridge in a sachet would be a great time saver! I will feel really good about sending him to Preschool on a tummy full of porridge!
lindyloos - 8:03 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
hmmmm breakfast time is a rather interesting time depending on what time we wake up !lol. never ever seem to find time to sit down together to eat brekky so always brekky on the go unfortunately - husband has his weetbix standing up , miss 4yrs has her weetbix on table eyes never leaving the morning cartoons, miss 1 usually throws her bowl of weetbix on the floor when i turn my back and i always seem to miss breakfast and like to eat my cluster crisp berry flavour as a dessert rather than breakfast!now that is crazy!lol
SarahK - 7:43 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these!! I love porridge, and usually eat it for lunch to help me through my busy work afternoons.
Breakfast time in my house depends on the day. They seem to get progressivly worse thoughout the week, as everyone gets more tired and the teenagers down wanna get up. My youngest is always awake by 6.30, so that gets me up to hurry everyone else out of the house by 7.10 am to catch trains and buses to school! breakfast usually consists of a quick cereal or peice of toast on the run out the door.
Mondo - 7:27 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
HI I'd love to trial this - It's always super hectic with work and off to school/creche rush. Trying to get the kid's to eat then brush teeth etc. I think any time savers that taste good would be great.
Mumma - 7:19 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in my house is very quiet until I have one or two of the grandchildren to stay. We tend to have a late breakfast chatting about what we will do today and it's lovely to stay in touch with the grandchildren. I would love to have a treat for them and am hoping I and the grandchildren can do a review on UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets.
FullHouse - 7:17 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My husband has porridge every morning for breakfast and often makes a bowl each for our 2 boys as well, all of which takes time. I would love to have porridge but with 3 children to get out the door, lunches to pack etc there never really seems to be time so I always eat wheat biscuits as it is quicker, although porridge in 90sec sounds pretty good
taylerr - 7:10 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at ours is always a rush as we have to get out the door by 7:15 so we can get to daycare/work on time. My daughter has toast and I usually end up having a few bites of toast and half a cup of cold coffee. Porridge was an old favourite of mine growing up and I'd love to try something a bit healthier than jam or peanut butter on toast!!!
blynda - 6:48 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is a great time we sit down with the kids and all eat breakfast together. Although we all like different flavours and cereals and porridge so it is a master fun getting everyones ready.
ivory - 6:31 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is always chaos at our house (partly due to the fact that I'm not a morning person and always get out of bed at the last possible minute!) The kids either have cereal or toast - my son loves porridge with jam. I have breakfast in peace once I'm home from dropping the kids at school.
kosigus - 6:26 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
That sounds absolutely FANTASTIC!!! 90 sec?! wow. We woul love to try these quick sachets, mornings are so manic, and now with it being so cold a nice warm breakki for the whole family would be great!
george8 - 6:13 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our house can be rather crazy sometimes with everyone wanting something different. Miss 6 loves to have porridge but I don't always have time to make it, these look like a great solution.
Mardi - 6:01 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
YUM I eat porridge every morning (even during summer) for breakfast,I've tired loads of different brands & would love to try these ;0)
Reblee - 5:56 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We have oats for breakfast every morning, there are so many different things that you can add to it to change the flavour. LOVE oats !!!
shellcruise - 5:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter gets up while my husband is getting ready for work and he gets her breakfast ready while I feed the baby and then I have my breakfast after I have dropped my daughter off at PreSchool and my baby plays on the floor in front of me
kazza - 5:46 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time in my house is a nightmare!!! I struggle most mornings trying to get my little girl to have breakfast before the school bus comes. She likes to do things herself so UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets would be to trial these & maybe my breakfast time could go like a dream!!!
Godzgirl - 5:40 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time for us on a week day is cereals followed by toast. We usually have weetbix, nutrigrain or muesli. Sometime my hubby makes porridge in the slowcooker overnight - it tastes ok, but not fantastic (don't tell him ) On the weekends we have bacon and eggs or pancakes etc
Mamabear - 5:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Quite chaotic with the kids unable to make up their minds about what they want, hubby hurrying so as not to miss the bus to work and me taking and cancelling breakfast orders while trying to make sure we're all out of the house in time! Would love to try something that is quick and easy and everyone agrees on!
goddess588 - 5:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is Weetbix with light blue milk and no sugar during the week and is the most boring meal we have in terms of family time and conversation as everyone is just re-fueling and then going off to do other things. In the weekend there is a selection of other cereal or toast but unless it's a special occasion or a cooked breakfast we don't all eat together.
mummytoone - 5:19 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is pretty smooth in our household- cereals and toast. Normally ricies or porridge, thank goodness for kidzone on daycare/ work days!!
carolinef - 4:53 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in my place more often than not unfortunately consists of toast on the way to day-care! - would love to try an alternative quick brekkie
babyg206 - 4:49 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I'm a solo mum of a toddler and a newborn. I need something for breakfast that is healthy and filling but also quick
TraceyF - 4:06 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is our biggest and most important meal of the day. My baby boy & my daughter both have porridge most mornings and my other son have just tried porridge again and decides he likes it too. These sachets would be great to try for a quick alternative on busy mornings.
stepanka - 4:01 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We like our porridge and cereals in our house. On weekends we quite often also have some fruit loaf with homemade jam. These sachets are always good to have when one is on the run!
kathbell - 3:58 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Now that winter is upon us, porridge is a winner. My daughter and I love it.
It's quick, warm and I am confident she has had a good start to the day.
Any extra time I get with her before my working day is a blessing
AnnaES - 3:57 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is pretty frantic to try to get to school on time!! So a quick, nutritious, breakfast is best! (I usually don't have time for breakfast for me!) My daughter and I both like porridge for breakfast but it usually takes a while to make so I usually get mine on the weekend. These would be a real treat for both of us to try! They sound fast and tasty!
TheBestNest - 3:27 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these. Breakfast time is usually rushed and boring. Wuold be nice to mix it up a little!
cush29 - 3:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is ok we mostly eat cereals and toast. Uncle Toby's Oats would be so nice to try for a change at breakfasttime :)
jude21 - 3:13 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is usually a rush to get the kids ready for school.I'd love to try Uncle Toby's Oats Quick Sachets as my daughter has mentioned the ad from t.v. and they look quick and easy to prepare which would be a bonus for all Mums.
Armywife - 3:12 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is pretty good in our household, however it is probably because my children only eat a couple of cereals! Would love to extend their tastes for breakfast ideas, but hate spending money on something that is potentially going to get thrown away!
supermums - 3:11 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house isn't to bad! The kids are really good and normally know what they want, so they are easy to please! But on days where we are running late and need to be out of the house quick smart it is hectic! These would be great, because they are fast and easy + there is nothing like a warm breakie on a cold winters morning!!
mumof2boys - 3:08 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is like any other I guess - crazy crazy crazy ... but somehow we still manage to get out the door to school ontime. Anything that would fill up tummies and be quick to prepare is fantastic. We'd love to try Uncle Tobys Oats Quick sachets.....I am sure they'd be a hit here. thanks
julianne - 3:07 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is an ok meal in our house hold. Not too many dramas, but very boring and predictable. Either rices or toast or an egg. I am trying to extend my littles menu, but not much luck. Maybe a bowl of warm oats might change his mind. We would love to be on the trail list.
HopeJasmin - 3:05 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is total madness!!! By the time master 12 eats to start him on his way 'full' and Master 2 and Miss 1 gobble down theirs, bibs, flannels, getting food out of hair and sharing from highchairs ~ it's madness I tell ya. Mr often skips and I try to sort everyone out - I'm exhausted and it's barely even 8am. Would love to be able to pop something in the microwave and in 90 sec down my throat so I have enough energy to keep the day going.
kala - 2:53 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our place is a lengthy affair! Between changing my 1 year olds nappies and clothes, donning bibs, feeding cats, turning on heaters, mixing formula, chopping fruit and trying to fit in a coffee for myself amongst all the chaos, it can often be an hour before any of us actually begin eating! Anything that is quick and healthy would be a godsend. Please pick is for your review. Thank you!
hellyp - 2:46 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Yum! As I imagine it is for most families with young children it us utter chaos, and mummy always eats last!
lilblondee6 - 2:37 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
It's chaos but on days like this we love a nice warm bowl of oats and the uncle tobys flavoured ones sound really good, we would love to trial these. Even my 1 year old loves a nice warm bowl of weetbix or oats so he would love the new flavoured ones for a little bit of something extra. We have had the fruit pack every winter for the last 2 years and we were wondering when they were going to bring out some new flavours!
nikkish - 2:37 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
With a 26 mth and 14mth old its gotta be something quick and easy to prepare while still being nutritious - I often make porridge or weetbix with banana or stewed apple and yoghurt - my boys both love it and it fills their tummies up.
kdc - 2:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Kids have a hot chocolate & toast or cereal. I'm breastfeeding so I feel like I'm always eating but generally get by with WeetBix or toast and a coffee. The Uncle Tobys Oats are usually reserved for weekends - had with cream, brown sugar and accompanied by toast.
nessee - 2:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oooooh yes!!!! Hot Oats for breakfast is a MUST in our house - not tried these ones. They look super scrummy and more tasty than the ones I usually buy! It keep Miss 19mths full til late morning and nice and healthy is an extra bonus. Pleaaaaaaaaase love to trial these Uncle Toby's Oats :)
MissMuffet - 2:28 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We just love to have yummy hot oats for breakfast when it is so cold. So this UNCLE TOBYS Oats quick sachets Fruit Variety Pack would be marvellous to have in the morning and sometimes when I am stretched for time we will even have Oats for lunch.
ankmika - 2:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is pretty easy, it just my son and I as hubby has already left He usually has toast or cereal with a piece of fruit if still hungry.But in the weekends I usually make a fry up for breakie.The Brown Sugar and Cinnamon sachets sound good.
Nilithya - 2:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We already have these for breakfast, they are fantastic especially on those rushed mornings when I have to drop DF to work, then youngest to daycare, then daughter to school, then get to my jobs or appointments for the day. It is madness in the mornings! I can just chuck a few packets together in the microwave & while they cook I can do other things or actually have time to drink my coffee! My kids love them & often add yoghurt to them. They are delicious, especially the fruit ones Mmmmmm
buzzybee98 - 2:16 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We always have 18 month old eats more than me! On daycare days I'm always up before her cooking it and packing it into a container for a takeaway breakfast! Would love to try the sachets....Might give us a bit more time in the morning....
manddsteven - 2:05 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house seems to be the worst time out of the whole day!!!
As I have to leave for work at an ungodly hour, I need to get my Reece (6) and Bailee (3.75) up at 6am (no earlier as I want them to get a lot of sleep) and then be ready and out of the house by 6:30am.
Due to how stressed I am, the whole half hour is just manic. We all normally end up with rice bubbles and chopped up banana as it is quick and easy! Gone are the days where I can make a pot of porridge, boiled eggs or french toast on a weekday :(
cove - 2:00 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is pretty routine at our house i have finally managed to get the kids to actually sit down and eat and be still! Its either weetbix or porridge at our place with the odd "luxury" cereal. These would be great for us to try and i have often burnt a few pots of porridge forgetting it was on the stove!! They certainly sound yummy and would be easy for my 9 year old to do herself.
CamosMum - 1:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is porridge and peaches or weetbix and peaches all round :) These sound yummy and much easier than worrying about burning porridge in the pot!
jdsmum - 1:51 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
its a battle! its hard to get my son to sit down and actually eat it because he doesnt like what I give him! from cereals to toast but am yet to try him on this! fingers crossed
lorrainehogan - 1:46 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time?? What is that? At the moment, breakfast time is CHAOS! I have difficulty getting all the breakfasts made and onto the table at the same time so we can enjoy together! This product looks to provide some hope for enabling us to create a fast healthy breaky that we can all sit down and enjoy together. I would do anything to try this product and enjoy having breaky with my kids and husband.!! The product looks great, with the many flavors to chose from, something for everyone and the fact that it is wholegrain oats with no artificial colors and flavors has me even more wanting to try this product. Providing my kids and my and my hubby with a breakfast that I know is good for us, would truely start us all off on a good foot for the day, not to mention allow us to eat breaky together :-) Please pick us!!!
doolally - 1:45 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is nuts in our house. The youngest likes toast now... the middle child loves porridge but keeps putting too much brown sugar on it and then wants toast after and the oldest never knows what he wants. Half the time they take forever to eat but i am sure it is just delaying tactics so they dont have to get ready for school. I used to always end up missing out on breakfast for myself if i tried to eat with them.
kshan - 1:39 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I aways trying to give healthy breafsst to my kid by adding presoaked dry fruits to plain oatthis one looks simple and quick to cook.i would like to try
arielad - 1:37 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Morning in general is very stressful, and also breakfast. Convince the kids to decide what to eat ,then Convince them to eat, and to eat fast!
Would love to try some warm breakfast that can be quickly prepared…
RaewynG - 1:35 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is soooo stressful! With four to feed and four different requests daily (which change again when they get up to the table and change their mind YET AGAIN), I just want something that is quick, easy, healthy, warm and nutritious for this time of year.
blushfulbabe - 1:35 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast time is busy in our house with 3 kids to feed it can take a long time. I make breakfast in our house and porridge is a must for the boys. My daughter has toast and can make that herself now but seems to take her forever lol I usually wait till I have dropped the kids at school to have my breakfast that way I can eat in peace : )
Nikki79 - 1:34 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is pretty much a non-event in our house these days. My twelve year old is very fussy and expects something instant. These could do the trick though being easy and quick, as she used to love porridge when I had time to make it. I am so busy trying to get everyone her and her baby sister organised I usually realise about lunchtime that I haven't yet eaten!
angelnshan - 1:29 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast ha! my daughter is always running late so half the time she doesn't eat breakfast so breakfasts that take to long to prepare are a weekend only thing but then again it takes her long enough to put milk in her bowl of cereal!
BrendensMum - 1:27 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is messy in our house with Mr 22 months feeding himself, he gets more down his front, on the dining room table, on the floor than in his mouth. He enjoys it and I'd rather it be this way than having tears cause he doesn't want me to help. Just means the floors are always cleaned cause it gets done just about every day and why just do around the table you may as well do the house lol
Angel1983 - 1:27 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast seems to be non existent in our house we are always in a rush lol.would love to try these
Gubsea - 1:26 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Weekdays and Saturday mornings are chaotic, basically shove the food down as fast as you can and run out the door (no time for special requests). On Sunday we have a nice calm breakfast which could include bacon and eggs, pikelets etc. It seems like the oats would be a hearty quick breakfast before a big game or school.
rachiej25 - 1:22 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is usually a cup of tea gone cold and a piece of toast if I am lucky, little miss not really enjoying her baby muesli anymore, maybe she needs a change!
ruthb - 1:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is mission... trying to get kids to decide what they want, particularly Son number 1!! It is a well loved meal though and lots of eating is done by the time it is over!!
GoMummyJo - 1:19 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time at our house is The Blokes department. He makes a mean porridge so I'm told. I on the other hand stay right out of it I and while the troops eat I shower - smart aye! By the time I come out, any fighting over which colour cup or bowl someone wants or doesn't want has already happened!
nikkim - 1:13 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast can be mayhem - especially when the kids are super hungry, the cat is hungry and the lunches need to be made, but in the end all are happy with full bellies!!!
kiwi72 - 1:13 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast starts with Dad eating his porridge about 5.45am before heading off to work, then myself and my 17 month old have Weetbix or porridge about 7am - very messy for her but getting better every day!!!!
adele - 1:12 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have 2 primary school boys to get off to school in the morning and its for the most part quite stressful to try to get them moving and eat their breakfast fast enough so they are not late for school. Part of the problem is their pickiness at breakfast. They are quite fussy and I have a difficult time trying to find something they will happily eat without mucking around so would be very interested in trying these varieties of oats to see if they would prefer something like this - anything to make the whole getting ready for school process faster!
stisnz - 1:10 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is messy! Our 1.5 year old insists on feeding himself - he has the spoon in one hand and uses his other to scoop the food up and eat it. Breakfast time is the one meal we all get to sit down together and share. Porridge is one of the breakfast options that all four of us enjoy to eat.
terry100 - 1:09 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Normally breakfast is pretty hurried with everyone getting ready for school, work etc. My son and I both love porridge so these would be great the fact they are ready in 90 seconds!
Gemmma - 1:07 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast isn't what id like it to be. Ideal breakfast: the whole family sitting around the table eating together. What actually happens: Kids sit in lounge watching cartoons eating toast and fruit while mum and dad frantically try and get ready. It takes sooo long for the kids to eat most mornings
michp - 1:07 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 5 all with different breakfast tastes...weetbix, muesli, ricies and toast. But one of my daughters LOVES porridge and I often find it a hassle making porridge for one, so this product would be PERFECT for us.
steff - 1:05 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to get my daughter eating porridge. Have tried a couple of times, but she doesn't want a bar of it. Would love to see if she would eat this.
travelbugnz - 1:01 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Porridge porridge and more porridge... so good for you and we love it with healthy honey and bananas but not tried some of these flavours which would add some needed varietu into the routine plus also its can be a bit time consuming doing it the long way when you have a little one shouting at you!!!
ChevMum - 1:01 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is not too crazy at our place. The 12yr old takes care of himself so I only have Miss 19mths to feed. She loves food fullstop but Weetbix, toast and fruit is her usual for brekkie, haven't tried her out on porridge yet but that is just mostly cause I've always thought it was too hard first thing in the morning.
chelledania - 12:59 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast?! usually its on the go... Would love to try these so that there will be no excuse anymore.... only a few seconds thats pretty good!
Foxy - 12:58 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is always hectic in our house with a DH and a DD that are SO not morning people! I can usually count on DS to be ready, however I make the lunches and breakfasts and get everyone out the door before work! Dh rarely eats breakfast, DS always likes nutrigrain and DD changes her mind regularly, but is currently on a porridge fad, so it would be good to have a quick, warm breakfast for her and DH to try!
IceKiwi - 12:57 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our home is insanely busy! I get up and boil the kettle straight away with four children they rarely want the same breakfast except when it comes to porridge with brown sugar. My breakfast time is almost non existent everyday except porridge day. I usually have to get up earlier and make up a big pot though for everyone to have some. Having some sachets on hand would definately make a difference.
amy - 12:57 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Well, breakfast can be a pretty crazy affair at our house still. I guess it could get better when the boys are a bit older - or worse! Our youngest is still at the age (8mths) where when he is hungry he wants it NOW. He totally loves porridge as does our eldest. These sachets are a really great idea, so quick and simple. We would love to try as it could make our lives as parents a tad easier.
dayauon - 12:56 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
we do just fine on most days. except for my missy who is a slow eater and a picky one too, always, half-eaten food on her plate. would love to trial the product. its been a while since we had oats and there should always be variety in breakfast menu. hope we'll be chosen.
stumpie - 12:56 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time like many other homes is busy, everyone diving to get what they want, toast or cereal with milo for our son and coffee for us. Porridge is wonderful on cold chilly mornings. Would love to try.
kleene20 - 12:54 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast is usually just me and the kids. Porridge for everyone! I will feed Miss 9 months while trying to eat my porridge at the same time. Miss 2 1/2 now de3cided that she wants to be a baby again and wants to be fed. So I usualluy end up feeding two kids and missing out on my brekkie :-(
hsmith - 12:54 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Often I get asked for porridge in the morning only to have to say, sorry, we don't have time to cook porridge before school. My kids would love to try these.
tallsonn - 12:53 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is quick in our house. Hubby is long gone by the time I'm up with my son and then my daughter always wakes late so needs a quick breakfast as we have to rush out the door for school/kindy/work. Would love to give these a try. Have tried some No Brand ones but they were too sweet so keen to give a great brand like this a go.
MrsHetfield - 12:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is normally not too hectic if I have everything prepared in advance. Sometimes the kids have to scoff down a sandwich last minute though if they are not ready on time. It would be great to have something like the Uncle Tobys quick sachets to have when things are too rushed in the morning.
muppetsmama - 12:49 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is a bit boring in our house - every day seems to be the same. Toast for me, two pieces, one with jam and one with chocolate spread (!) lol, and weetbix with milk and sometimes some yogurt for the girls. Booooorrrring. Please we could be picked to review these yummy looking oats? Would certainly liven up our breakfasts, and make us all warm on the inside on this chilly days!
mjchase - 12:48 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My older son has started to be interested in porridge so it would be great to try this product, as there never seems to be enough time in the mornings. Everyone does manage to eat at least something for breakfast though...
ekubo - 12:43 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
sometimes it's a bit crazy but we all sit down together for breakfast almost every day of the week. We makes lunches and pack bags the night before so t here's time. Weekday mornings there'll be a range of cereals, toast, porridge etc on the table. Saturday is rugby day so we all need something warm and filling, weetbix, porridge and baked beans are the usuals. And sunday tends to be treat day, if I'm lucky dp will get up and make pancakes with the boys while I get an extra 20 mins in bed.
lynleyg - 12:41 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is usually pretty hectic here. Hubby leaves about 5.30 to go to the gym before work - so we don't worry about him during the week. I usually sit down with the kids for breakfast and it is a busy time. They both love porridge though and would love to try this. We usually have porridge at the weekend when there's a bit more time, but this could mean a good quick weekday option too.
tille - 12:40 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have breakfast by myself as i am the only one up. I go to work and my husband stays
home and looks after our son. On the weekends my husband cooks something yummy like pancakes, bacon and eggs or picklets for breakfast. Alot better than weetbix during
the week.
michele - 12:39 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our house is always a terrible rush to eat something before getting out the door. My children love porridge (and it gives them a good start for the day) but usually can only have it on weekends as short of time otherwise. These sachets look as though they would fix that problem so would love the chance to trial them please.
BrittanyJWilson - 12:39 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is probing to be very difficult in our household at the moment as my eldest daughter has turned incredibly fussy and I'm trying to get more variety into my eleven month old breakfast food. I always loved porridge in the morning as a child so I would love the opportunity to trail this with my family.
Kerrynmum - 12:38 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is busy, Mr 1 has breakfast before Miss 2 is up, but then wants more when she is up and having her own breakfast too! Something quick and easy to make would make things run a lot more smoothly!
KGolds - 12:37 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is busy in our house like it is for most people. We are busy trying to get hubby to work for 7.30 & son to kindy for 8.15, plus make lunches & entertain miss 5 month old!
DS saw these on tv the other day & thought he liked the look of them so we have an enthusiastic trialler willing & waiting here :)
mumoftwoboys - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house means, chaos! My hubby skips breakfast as he is out the door before 6am. That leaves myself and our two boys , 2yrs and 4yrs old to decide what they want for breaky, toast or cereal, which is apparently a too hard of choice for my boys. This often takes 10mins to decide, then we move onto either what they want on the toast, or which cereal. Another 10mins gone. My own fault as i give too many choices. Be good to say heres your yummy breaky, eat it!!
veronicad - 12:34 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is BUSY! I have three kids, who are nearly 6, nearly 4 and nearly 2. So we have a school, and kindy deadline. My kids all love to eat breakfast and they want to eat for over half an hour, so I spend the morning telling them to hurry up! My nearly two year old is always imitating me saying "Hurry up!" "Hurry up!" I love the ideal of these Uncle Toby oats because they are quick, warm, and filling, so they would probably help to get my breakfast routine a bit more streamlined!
cassara - 12:33 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time - hmm - chaos? I'm sculling a coffee before heading out to work, dad has his after kids leave for school. My two 8 year olds usually have a mix of the standard ricies, cornflakes or weebix. My 11 year old is the porridge kid, especially as the mornings get colder, though I suspect the draw of the brown sugar is part of her inspiration. Still it gives her some sustained energy to get her through. Having something like this as a trial would mean she would have to get out of bed earlier (first come first served!) I'm sure we would all enjoy something like this. Single sachets are like their own little thing, the kids would love it
cj - 12:31 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our house is a panicked rush with children heading off to school and kindy. Both children are chalk and cheese when it comes to what their taste buds like! It would be great to find something they both would enjoy!
cbirch - 12:29 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our place (time dependant) is usually porridge for everyone, but made from rolled oats - we haven't tried the quick sachets before so would love to give them a go. If we are in a rush it's toast done in stages between showering and lunch making and heading out the door!
Caro10 - 12:27 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time is manic in our house - 19 month old is very clingy and has to be held as we have a two week old now as well. Dad is trying to get out the door and I seem to be trying to do three things at once including trying to tempt oldest son to eat something rather than marmite (aka vegemite) toast :-)
EmmaR - 12:26 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Pretty cruisy and probably full of bad habits but ho hum! Some days if we're lucky it's breakfast in bed or other times it's at the table - up at 6.30 so the fight ensues about who will make the breakfast (of course) and who gets to play with boy. Then all sit down to eat together so he learns some good habits (ha ha!) and quick dash to daycare and work. Often weetbix or porridge and them some toast...porridge is our favourite but we often run out of time.
kennyjo - 12:26 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is chaos getting everyone what they want would love to try these and give myself a bit of time back in the mornings :)
Keryn247 - 12:18 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
We all do our own thing at breakfast time, My hubby is up around 5.30 he has oats and a coffee if he has time (the rest of us are still in bed) Kelsey and I get up at around 7 I sort out her breakfast, then sort myself out amoungst nappies, washing, dressing etc, usually cornflakes at 9 or 10, its not really a priority unfortunatly
gonzze - 12:15 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Well there is 5 children in our house so it takes a bit of time to get every one ready so we all try to have the same thing like toast or porridge with porridge i make a big bowl so every one can have some but it is fun sitting down and eating together
CrazyMumma - 12:05 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to give this a go..especially on those -4 frosty early mornings. Be great for Mr 4 to have something warm in the tummy for energy for kindy! This sounds so easy and quick and tasty!
Breakfast time is usually toast for the wee man and cornflakes for me. Its a fast affair and done in between getting dressed and ready!
jace - 12:04 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I've seen this on the TV advert. Something we should try because it sounds yummy with all the different flavour and fast too? Our breakfast are usually oats too but it takes longer to cook (we haven't try instant oats yet) and it's usually the same taste. Maybe Uncle Toby's Oats can put a new flavour to our breakfast..hahhha...
piglet - 12:03 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is actually my fav meal of the day - carb addict lol. My 7 year old is a mission at breakfast time, she 'doesn't feel like it yet' and then can't decide what she wants. My 4 year son loves a good breakfast but always starts with at least 2 milos first. Would love to try these!
vickster444 - 12:01 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
It is crazy in our house, sometimes I dont even get time for breakky (naughty I know) by the time I get my son sorted and organised and myself sorted it is time to fly out the door. I should get up earlier to allow more time but on these cold mornings it is not that appealing! We have never tried these sachets so would be good to give them a go, especially if they are quick and easy! Thanks!
thecoffeelady - 12:00 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our house happens in stages, first of all Hubby has his around 4.30 or 5am, usually some leftovers warmed up or a couple of fried eggs - these UNCLE TOBYS quick oats would be great for him as he could easily prepare it himself. My breakfast is a couple of hours later, I tend to eat something quickly while feeding my daughter. I would love to trial these as they are something I love to eat but generally don't have time to prepare that time of the day.
TarrynK - 11:58 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
These are so yum, haven't bought them in ages! Think it might be time to head off to the shop. I remember using the brown sugar and cinnamon ones in our meat balls. (Strange I know!)
tessa771 - 11:39 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast at our house has to be the calmest meal of the day, the house hasn't been turned upside down and the stress of the day hasn't taken a toll on everybody. Our family looooves uncle tobys so these would go down a treat.
sweetie - 11:34 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
morning in my house is like a MAD HOUSE, my oldest loves to have oats for breakfast and asks me nearly everyday but because she isnt a morning person she never has enough time, this would be great as its something that is healthy, delicious and QUICK AND EASY TO MAKE! kt her try this because then maybe i could buy it for her if she enjoys this
jopukeko - 11:32 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast can be a hectic time when we are all rushing to get ready. it doesn't help that Hubby is trying to get his breakfast and lunch made in our tiny kitchen too.
missmoo - 11:27 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
breakfast would be one of the worst times in this house my boys fight over who is going to get to eat what cereal or toast and who gets to eat first. coming into winter my kids would love to try this breakfast for you
stacleaning - 11:24 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is probably the easiest time to feed the kiddies. My eldest 3 and a 1/2 loves her breaky she asks it as soon as she is awake, so it is perfect time to get in the good foods. She loves her porridge but we haven't actually tried the quick sachets, they sound great since she is starting kindy tomorrow, nice and easy/fast!!

Some days though I look after a boy who is 1 the same age as my little girl so sometimes trying to give them both breaky is A NIGHTMARE hahaha got to love the kiddies xoxox
SarahBlair - 11:24 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in my house is chaotic with 4 kids getting ready for school and a small baby to deal with! Instant oats would be a life saver we would love to trial them!!
AdeleNZ - 11:23 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast just got more chaotic in our house with the introduction of solids to our youngest. My son loves porridge and despite me wishing he had it more often realitt is he gets it very rarely due to time constraints. Would be great to trial these to see how they could contribute to an efficient yet nutricious breakfast time :-)
ciddo77 - 11:22 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oooh, we love this stuff! Yummo.
dkpm - 11:22 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Alot of the time it feels like groundhogs day
lotsakids - 11:20 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
This would be great to try my mornings are mental with 5 kids to get ready for school, now with winter setting in and cold rugby morning this would be awesome to try
samala - 11:20 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I try to have us all around the table eating breakfast together but usually it's the kids up the table eating thier breakfast while Im running around making lunches putting on the washing doing dishes etc before we have to run out of the house, Luke 4 and Daisy 2 and pretty good with breakfast but tend to get bored with the same thing so i try to do different things, so this would be great to try with the kids especially with winter, a good warm breakfast would be so much better for them to start the day. Thankyou
Mizim - 11:15 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is pretty hectic at the moment in our house. Try to get the 4yo and 3yo ready, dressed and t the table. And then just trying to get them to eat while I try and feed the 1yo. There's no time at all to rest in the morning.
livandjimi - 11:14 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My whole family would love to review these! We all love porridge here, and i so hate making it in the pot!
ridinghood - 11:13 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is always a mess, usually grab the toast and out the door. don't sit down.
These look like a good change and quick as well.
raglanmum - 10:48 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast in our home is usually over pretty quickly as it's always a rush to get everything done in time! Simple cereal and milk for us during the week, with something a bit more exciting the weekends! Hubby likes porridge when he has time to make it, and Mr 8 has tried it this year and decided he does like it. We've seen adverts on TV for quick porridge and thought it looked like a great idea. Would love to trial UNCLE TOBYS Oats Quick Sachets!
Leightk3 - 10:10 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love to review the Uncle Tobys Oats quick sachets, my family loves porridge for breakfast, it is a hearty breakfast and keeps everyone going all morning!
Pearlywhite - 10:06 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast is definitely one of the busiest times of day. It's important that the kids get enough to eat before flying out the door to kindy, school and work no matter how hard we try we never quite make in on time. My son loves porridge but only if his dad makes it - apparently I make terrible porridge so here's hoping we get to try this and I can make porridge for my son!!
Nipper - 9:50 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Breakfast time in our house is chaos, my dd1 eats her breakfast of porridge which she wants to make herself but 9 times out of 10 forgets how and I have to remake, I have to make up the farex for dd2, I run out of time to cook myself and hubby breakfast so cook the porridge when we get to work and eat it there, would love anything to save time

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