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Brush and style baby’s gorgeous, curly locks with the BABY ALIVE BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY doll! Toy scissors that make a real cutting sound, a working water spray bottle, comb, and three hair clips make a girl’s personal hair boutique complete. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide. Ages 3 and up.

Snip, spray, style your way! There’s so much to do with your BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY doll! Her hair looks so pretty when you style it for her! How will you style it today?

Wet her pretty hair and then comb out the tangles. Use the pretend scissors to give her a "haircut" if she needs one! When her hair is all set, use the barrettes to style it however you want to! She'll be the most beautiful "baby" on the block with you in charge of her hairstyle!

Doll comes with dress, comb, toy scissors, working spray bottle and 3 barrettes (toy scissors do not cut).

© 2012 Hasbro, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Mums Say have chosen 10 members to trial and review the Hasbro BABY ALIVE® BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY™ Doll. Watch this space for their reviews!

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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raglanmum - 2:08 PM on Mon-21-Apr-2014 reply | message
Just a quick update, a year later... my girl's Baby Alive Dolly is still one of her favourites, and the hair accessories are used often on myself and her friends!
skirts - 5:56 PM on Tue-17-Jul-2012 reply | message
Tried several times to upload pics of my two girls with 'Carla' our Baby Alive dolly but doesn't seem to want to work......thought I would do an update a month down the track - Miss 8 is officially now over 'Carla' and Miss 3 gets her all to herself......a little bit of frustration on her part about the scissors not being real lol, would have been a cool idea with those old dolls that you could change their hair length by raising or lowering their arms........
The water spray bottle is stil a big hit - have been sprayed with that many times - and 'Carla' is a hit in the bath too......Don't think I would buy it for the hair dressing side of it, but a great all round doll :)
BubbeezMum - 2:21 PM on Wed-4-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have loved seeing all the photos, I have not been able to get mine to work for some reason, I will keep trying though. I have just been so impressed with baby alive. Its great to see that she is still being played with as much as the day she was recieved. Abby has become of little Miss bedtime friends and playtime (anytime). I just think she is the greatest doll for any child, provides so many hours of fun and you can use her as a aid for when your child goes to the hair dresser. Its just fab. At the moment in the BiG annual toy sales they are on special too and quiet a good price.
Gillymama - 12:03 AM on Sat-30-Jun-2012 reply | message
this sounds like such a great doll! Love the idea that you can ' cut' her hair.
raglanmum - 3:23 PM on Tue-26-Jun-2012 reply | message
Here are some photos of my little Miss enjoying playing with our Baby Alive 'Beautiful Now' Baby Doll... (hope the link works)
3lilmonkeys - 8:58 AM on Tue-26-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi Kidspot, received the new Baby Alive doll last week and Little Miss 5 has not stopped playing with her. She loves playing and pretending to cut her hair and she is currently going everywhere with us. I have a niece who has a birthday coming up soon and I will definitely be buying her one of these - it's such a great toy! Thanks Kidspot!!
sara - 10:41 AM on Sun-24-Jun-2012 reply | message
Jaime has been loving her new Baby Alive baby! She was, of course, very excited to receive the great big box in the mail, and even more thrilled when she discovered what was inside! Her baby has been named Alyssa, and she loves her very much. She has been having lots of fun combing and snipping her hair. She especially loves the water spray bottle, so much so that she soaked our bed with it! Alyssa has been out to the movies to see Brave, been for lots of walks outside in the pram, and of course had lots of haircuts!!
KellyM - 4:02 PM on Thu-21-Jun-2012 reply | message
Horror of horrors, we weren't home when our Baby Alive arrived so we went to collect her from the local depot. I couldn’t wait to see the look on my 4 year olds face so we opened the parcel in the car. HUGE excitement as my little girl didn’t know the parcel would be for her. She lit up immediately, I think it was a case of love at first sight. The packaging was attractive and also enticing as the accessories are visible. We unpacked her and my girl was immediately attached. She’s a pretty doll with lovely curls which have stayed even though they’ve been wet. She’s nicely dressed and I like that her underwear is painted on. The accessories are both safe and excellent, the scissors and squirty bottle are a huge hit. Even my 6 year old boy wanted to have a turn at giving Baby Alive a haircut this morning but, to put it politely, his sister wasn’t keen to share. We went out for lunch yesterday and Baby came with us and had a haircut at the lunch table, much to the waitress’ delight. I think our Baby Alive will be well travelled, well styled and much loved. Thank you Hasbro and Kidspot, this is a great product and good value.
mummylittlegirl - 10:26 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
i do my was a real life doll but was a boy but loved him lol
mounty - 1:57 PM on Wed-20-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our Baby Alive arrived on Monday and when the girls saw her they were so excited.She has been name Elizabeth Rebecca Moonshine Rainbow what a mouthful.They have played with her every spare moment they have and even the 21 month old carries her around when they aren't home as he doesn't get a look in when they are.The scissors are a big hit and that you can wet her hair with the spray bottle makes their games more real when playing with her.I can see the hair clips won't last long as you can see the bends already white and splitting and the doll is hard to sit up, quite often falls over.It would be cool if she was abit more interactive with voice and eyes that move so when they put her to sleep her eyes close.Overall the kids love her and if i was to pay for her i wouldn't pay anymore than $30.00 unless she was more interactive.
BubbeezMum - 2:20 PM on Tue-19-Jun-2012 reply | message
Baby Alive (Abby) has really become apart of the family she gets carried everywhere she goes everywhere little Miss goes. I can even hear the snip snip of the scissors just before she falls asleep or when she is meant to be sleeping during the day. Little Miss has been teaching Daddy how to style her hair too. My nephew (6.5years) has also enjoyed playing with her. We just love the little spray bottle too especially since thats how I do little Miss hair too (as its so fine). I will be honest I never would have got her myself for the worry little Miss would want to cut her own hair but we explained she only uses the special scissors for dolly and no one else because a hair dresser must cut everyone elses hair, and shes been fine about it. So far we have had hours and hours of fun with Abby. So thanks Kidspot for choosing us for this review, I think the next party invite we get will get a Baby Alive Dolly, they are just so great.
nette21 - 5:16 PM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our Baby Alive Beautiful Now Doll arrived on Friday and the look on my daughters (age 3) face was priceless as she opened the box to see the doll inside. Once I got all the packaging off her face lit up some more when she saw all the hair cutting accessories. (she currently loves anything to do with hair play at the moment). I like that you can put water in the squirt bottle. Just makes it that bit more realistic for the kids. My daughter had a bit of trouble with the clips but got the hang of them over the weekend. The doll is made of hard plastic so this is great as my daughter sprayed alot of water on her hair and body (she also washes the doll) .
I like that you can still mix and match clothing with the other Baby Alive dolls (it says on the box what size to buy). The only downside is the trouble the doll has staying upright. It would be better if the dolls legs could lock into a sitting position. The price is reasonable especially if you find it on special. Overall I give the Baby Alive Beautiful Now Doll a 9 out of 10. It keeps my daughter entertained for hours.
gemstone - 11:21 AM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our doll arrived just before the weekend! Perfect timing to sit down and have a play – for my daughters I mean……
Initially Baby Alive Beautiful was a smash. My girls; a three year old and nine year old (who is a self-confessed tomboy and doesn’t play with dolls), started off by fighting over who’s turn it was to play with her before coming to a ‘let’s-share’ agreement.
They spent half a day cuddling the doll and using all the attachments on her. They loved using the water and pretending to cut and style the dolls hair. My three year old found the hair clips a struggle and I had to help her with those. Also they kept getting frustrated as the doll doesn’t sit very well.
The scissors were neat, and probably the most impressive out of the whole box as my girls soon lost interest in Baby Alive and went back to other toys.
Overall, I found Baby Alive a bit of a let down. For something called “Baby Alive” you would expect more alive features (like blinking eyes, or the ability to sit). I think it retails at an okish price, however I would rather spend the money to get something more attuned to its name. For me, it was kind of a boring doll and felt cheaply made.
skirts - 7:26 AM on Mon-18-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our Baby Alive Beautiful Now doll is a big hit! With both Miss 3 AND Miss 8! Dolly has been named 'Carla' and given HEAPS of haircuts, although Miss 3 was disappointed at first, 'not work', 'they not work' at the fact the scissors don't work properly - she seems to have got over it though.....
I like the fact the doll is hard bodied so can go in the bath or shower as well, and the hair is easy to brush and style - good for little hands. The spray bottle is a bonus and the kids love how it actually works - poor Carla gets drenched a lot but she dries easily so it doesn't matter.
raglanmum - 12:06 PM on Sun-17-Jun-2012 reply | message
BABY ALIVE BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY DOLL is just gorgeous! She has lovely big blue eyes and nice soft hair, which is easy to comb and style! She has been fully welcomed into our home and named Seraphina.
My little girl is the best mother / friend / hairdresser a doll could have! Seraphina has been given the dolls pushchair to ride in, has some extra clothes, has come for a ride in the car to watch soccer, has not slept alone and has had many many haircuts! Before we go anywhere my little Miss says: "I've just got to chop her hair Mum!". The scissors, comb and spray bottle are perfect for little hands to use. 'Beautiful Now Baby' is definetly a real hit with my girl, and I see she is going to be her fav dolly!
Hales - 12:44 PM on Sat-16-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old daughter was also really excited to recieve her new dolly who she has named Ava :) she has been playing almost non stop styling her hair and "cutting" it she loves the real spray bottle and Ava has not left her side since she was delivered yesterday!
BubbeezMum - 9:26 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Little Miss was super excited about her Baby Alive (Abby) that arrived today, both her and my nephew really loved playing with. Already got some great pics. Little Miss has taken her everywhere with her since she has arrived and is cuddling her in bed. So cute.
skirts - 2:51 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
OOOOOhhhhhhh our Baby Alive has just turned up! Miss 3's face was veryn excited when I opened the cardboard box to reveal the doll in its box - she ran it out to show daddy and then promptly ran back inside 'take it out mummy, take it out!'.......Review to come...
raglanmum - 2:20 PM on Fri-15-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oooooo! Something exciting has just arrived in the mail box! Little Miss is in for a treat when she wakes up! Julie - should we create another discussion topic for our reviews?
bmorton - 11:01 PM on Tue-12-Jun-2012 reply | message
my girl loves carrying her dolls around the house, and plays dressups with them.
KTasi - 4:19 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughters favourite way to play with her doll recently has been to play doctors and give her cpr, lots of cuddles and medicine. I know she would enjoy hours fun with this doll if she had the chance.
donz71 - 1:50 PM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Currentlyy little girl likes having picnics with her dolls/stuffed toys but also taking them to the shop or on holiday. My little boy puts them in his home made train, plane or automobile - whichever is his current favorite. They tend to mimick things they see or do like taking them for a walk on their shoulders, having a doctors visit, etc. Haven't seen the dolls having tantrums yet though....
eddie - 11:01 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have 2 girls under 6yrs and they love to dress up their dolls, though after dressing them they are forgotten for the rest of the day.
loribradley - 10:18 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 8 watched the ad for this on the tv last week, she was very taken with it, she loves dolls!
Cathybunny - 1:52 AM on Mon-11-Jun-2012 reply | message
Both my almost 4 year old son Jack and almost 2 year old daughter Samantha love pushing dolls and soft toys around in the little pushchairs we have at home :-) Jack loves to play doctors with the dolls, using his toy stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat just like the midwife does to Mummy's tummy at the moment! I know he'd love to give the hair styling a go too as he does it to me all the time after I have had a shower ;-) Samantha is really caring of her dolls and can often be spotted giving them a kiss and putting them down for 'nigh nighs' :-D
cupcat - 9:10 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
my girl loves carrying her stuff toys around the house, and play "mother" with them.
chopper59 - 8:20 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter loves to dress and undress her dolls and make houses for them using furniture and blankets
houdi - 12:47 PM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves her dolls and likes to practise french plaiting and new hair styles particularly on her Barbie dolls. This doll looks fantastic and Im sure she would love to play with her.
Mumofone - 12:15 AM on Sun-10-Jun-2012 reply | message
My almost 4 year old boy has a baby boy doll and he likes to feed him and give him a bottle but his favourite thing is to give him a bath, he would so love the pretend sissors and sometimes plasters can be a pain to get off his teddy bear when he has a sore arm. He sits them all around the table for dinner or lays them all out for bed and reads them book or when he makes a tent under the table they all go under for a picnic. He would love this doll ever since he became a big brother he loves playing mum.
pkcy - 10:45 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter and son (twins) often play games of being Mum and Dad then calling me the 'gran'. My daughter is very much a little Mummy, starting from giving birth with my Son being the doctor, through to feeding, dressing, putting her dolls to bed etc. They also love hairdressing and this week going to get a real haircut at the hairdressers was a real highlight to the point of counting down the days until they went and then had to get dressed up for the appointment. Considering all this, this doll would be perfect!
druryl - 10:27 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love this doll. She loves all dolls, she especially loves putting them to bed and rubbing their tummy to help them sleep. She also loves having mat time with them. We would love to have the opportunity to review this doll.
andreaL - 10:00 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My son and Daughter love role play. They have recently become a big sister and brother and have a huge interest in "babies" at the moment. There favorite game to play is to "cook" their doll or teddy a meal and feed them. They would both love to have turns with this doll.
storm213 - 9:40 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter loves pretending to be a mum she has dolls and brushes there hair baths dresses changes its bottom im sure she would love one these ones :)
my4kids - 9:00 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
my wee girl tessa loves getting her dolls up in the morning .gives her dolly breakfast.
taking her for walks in dolly pram.sleeping with her.
amber - 8:45 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My grandson loves to play with my doll . He visits often and he likes to put clothes on it and push it around in the toy pushchair. He feds it and tucks in into the dolls bed and covers it , head and all to get it to go to sleep. I would love to see how he would play with this beautiful baby alive doll.
JETT - 7:46 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughters (4 and nearly 3) love pushing their babies around in the pushchairs, strapping them into their pretend car and going to the supermarket and just doing everything a mummy or daddy does. They both don't like having their hair brushed so being able to brush dollies hair might help them overcome their aversion to hair brushing/styling. Thanks for the consideration :)
rollsr - 7:25 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 2 year old has just become a big sister and absolutely loves to copy mum by feeding, burping, bathing and rocking her baby dolls.. so cute. She also loves to do mums hair so it would be great to have a doll for her to practice these skills on instead of mum haha
Katea16 - 6:40 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter (20 months) loves carrying around her wee dolly everwhere. Wherever we go dolly must come too! She calls it her baby and is so cute carrying her around, trying to feed her, clean her, push her in pram and tuck her into bed at night. I know she would love to play with this Dolly's hair as her dolly doesn't have any. It might also help me practice some hairstyles while my daughters hair grows long enough to do stuff with. Looks like a cute doll!
sheree2911 - 5:39 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girl... talks to hers like it would be a sister. The sister he will never have as I am not having any more ;D) She loves to dress her up, with makeup and do her hair. ohhh...and the tea parties, lunch dates and party times.....
having another "sister to play with will be wonderful.....
She is a gorgeous looking doll girl just told me!! :-D
twokiddies - 5:20 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter like to tuck her dolls/toys into their own bed (a shoebox) for naps, walks them in the pram and feed them. She would love this doll as all her current dolls do not have hair.
Rangi5 - 4:36 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My almost 3 year old loves playing with dolls. She can be found making them tea and taking them for walks. And the next day they are another team member as she plays rugby with her brothers!
Nessa - 4:19 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old would love to trial this, she loves dolls. She likes to play with her dolls, talking to each other, pretending to play schools, going camping, taking them for walks in her buggy.all sorts out things.
nummabear - 4:10 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
omg my son...yes my son lol would love a baby alive, hes a typical boy,but has a very nuturing side, ive been wanting to get him a doll for when eventually i have another baby to teach him how to be gentle and kind to a wee one...he also got a haircut the other day and ever since hes been pretending hes a hairdresser lol so i would love to have the oppitunity to trial this sweet little baby alive,as i had one when i was a child and they rock!
Greerfamily - 3:38 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 5yo daughter and 3yo son are both avid dolls fans and love to push their babies around in their strollers. This looks to be a delightful way to extend their fantasy play and teach them how to continue to care for and love the babies as i do their 6month old brother.
Nix21 - 3:33 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our little lady Georgia loves all dolls, she has always been extremely nurturing towards all her toys, but she actually does not have a "real" doll yet. Once of the reasons I think this doll would be good for Georgia to test is because she doesn't love having her hair cut or put into hair ties or combed!, so I think it would be a good way of getting her happier about us doing her hair because she can do the same with the dolls hair while we do hers!
kahlansmum - 3:30 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl Kahlan (4) loves to be the mum. She 'feeds' them at the table, gets them dressed and undressed, gives them cuddles, tells me I need to give the baby a cuddle because she is crying, and then puts them in her toy pram and takes them off to their bed in her room. So cute. She would love a Baby Alive doll, they look fantastic :)
MAMANANNA - 3:29 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 7 plays with her first doll she is well loved ,her little sister 18 months old plays with a soft bodied doll with plastic arms leg,hands ,head she takes all the clothes off her and cuddles her and says baby ,points out all her body parts and tells us what they are gead,toes etc... she has a baby bottle that she pretends to feed her with .Having a new baby cousin she seems to be copying what she has seen.
leebd - 3:24 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girls love their babies! They are all named Sylvie as that is their baby sisters name. The latest trend is to spread the picnic blanket on the lawn and lay them all around the edges then cover them with tea towels (baby blankets), nothing like a bit more washing to add to the pile!
armstrong31 - 3:11 PM on Sat-9-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our 3 year old doesn't have a doll yet but she she treats her stuffed toys like babies! She likes to make them tea and bake them cakes, then she takes her favourite one at that time 'to the shops' to buy mummy and daddy a treat! She would love this doll as she likes to help mummy brush her sisters hair. And she wants a special friend to keep her company at night in her new big girls bed (currently that is mummy!)
Luvmykids - 9:32 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our 4 year old has been sharing her dolls (and stuffed toys) with her 21 month old twin brother and sister. She has 2 dolls which they have claimed as their own (for the moment), and her generosity has made me very proud of her. When she does gets to play with her dolls, she inevitably becomes Mummy to them, and they go on adventures, have meals and play games together, or she sits them down and tells them what to do (sounding suspiciously like me!!). I know she would love having a special doll like this - and all to herself! :)
nsohail - 2:30 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
She has 3 dolls and plays with them all day! She is 4 years old. She puts them to sleep, takes them for outing.. she totally acts like their mom! I asked her once when she wants to be when she grows up? she replied saying "i want to be a mom!" I am sure this is just right for her!
skirts - 2:11 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 3 LOVES her dollies, takes them EVERYWHERE with her and is constantly involved in role play - bathing them, taking them for walks, buckling them in the car for car rides, showing them things outside - although I am glad they are not real as when they misbehave they sure get a telling off and the odd whack against the wall (just a little disturbing lol).
Gillymama - 1:54 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves her Dolls - she loves to make beds for them and wee rooms for them to play in, most of all she is obsessed with doing their hair. I find her tiny hairties & hairclips all over her room & her dolls hair 'do's are quite creative!
annajames - 1:35 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter adores playing with dolls, more so now she has a baby brother. She loves to play mum and copy what I am doing. She loves to put her dolls to bed, brush their hair and get them dressed. Too cute!
Keryn247 - 1:34 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
I would love this doll as a way to train my daughter to be gentle with babies, so when her little brother or sister arrives she is more nurturing, shes a bit of a rough and tumble dynamo at the moment :)
Serina - 12:47 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves playing with dolls and pretending she is the mum, she pretends to change there nappys, wraps them for bed, reads to them, gives them bottles and puts them in there cot - i swear all she needs are dolls and books as she never touchs her toys, dolls are what makes our girl :)
Carlak - 12:12 PM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
my girls (5 and 7) have a couple of special dolls that they are 'mummy' to, their fave thing to do with all their dolls and teddies is play schools. they line them all up in rows, read to them, draw, write etc and they spend ages doing this. its pretty fun to watch, brings memories of my childhood back! the dolls always have to have tied back hair too, just like at school :p

tea parties are the other thing they like to do with their dolls a lot.
rachaelsfun - 11:13 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
i nanny for a few younger ones (from 6 mo to 4 yrs) .. Mostly girls and they love playing dollys and playing mummies ... and it gives them fun and entertainment to roleplay too
even master 1 yrs nephew Loves dolls and teddys too !!!
so have alot of eager lil ones to help trial this if we win one !
nixnkidz - 10:31 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old would love this - she plays babies with her 10 year old sister almost every day since our wee one was born! lol She likes to have her baby too! This looks like such a cool baby too!
Mummyleigh - 10:19 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
oh ! my 2yo would like to try this new dolly as she loves playing with dolls - she will tote this one around the house in her pram and brush her hair , dress her up , breastfeed (shes seen me feeding my 2 month old!) - she'll love her to bits!
SandraG - 8:53 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 3 loves to act out plays with her dolls/animals. There is a lot of dialogue and drama! She also loves playing with my hair, brushing and styling, so I'm sure she would love a doll that she could do the same with.
mellyb - 10:45 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter loves to bath the dollies, then wrap them up nice and warm in their blankets, then feed them dinner with the play food. sometimes its imaginary play too. or she puts them in the back of her little tikes car and they pretend to go through the drive thru at mcdonalds. we would love to try the baby alive doll, as she likes to do my hair too.
kozmo - 6:36 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl loves babies, she puts masking tape nappies on her dolls and teddy bears, shes a little mummy!
Kourtz - 5:23 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has really just started taking an interest in babies! Her favourite thing to do with some of her sisters dolls is to sing rock a bye baby and do what I do with her to the dollies, too cute! She is also always wrapping them up nice and snug in her the wee pram taking them for walks.
My little Miss 2 is obsessed with playing hairdresser on mummy so I think this would be a fab doll for us to try out!
Buzzydaisy - 2:53 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has just started to be interested in dolls and wow is she obsessed!!She doesn't yet have a proper doll to play with but always heads to the BABY ALIVE dolls at the toy stores.
This particular doll would be awesome in our family as most nights she likes to get out the brush and hair accessories and "Do" my 14yr old sisters hair (she lives with us and secretly loves having her hair done by her niece, I know it, even if the moans don't show it).
I must say, I think I would love something like this too as I was a budding hairdresser back in the childhood days. I often find myself sitting, brushing all the tangles out of 'My Little Pony'.
We would love to review this product for you if chosen and I am sure we would do a great job too.
looies1 - 2:26 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have two Daughters one who loves to play doctors and do alot of operations and then has to go to the park shopping mall etc, the other loves to be mum and feeds, baths, changes clothes even at bed time, gets her ruby ready in the morning with hair brushed change of clothes, she gets put to bed, very cute. Both are in very well used condition so they would be over the moon to trial a new addition to our family.
tarns677 - 1:34 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My two daughters play alot of role play with there doll's, being mummy or a nurse. They play so well together and this doll would be a perfect companion to there role play.
Trace - 12:15 PM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
driving them around in the play car, tea parties, putting them down for naps the only they havent done is place them in time out. We would love to trial this product.
KellyM - 11:52 AM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
Ah, what a great idea for budding wee hairdressers! My 3 year old has been fascinated with hairdressing since her first hair cut. We didn't realise how fascinated until I arrived to pick her up from daycare one day and the teachers had very serious looks on their faces. Turns out that my wee girl had given another wee girl a haircut *gulp* and as you would expect she hadn't done a very good job. Unsurprisingly, the other girls mother was not pleased. After a few stern words with my girl, I'm happy to report that it hasn't happened again but the fascination with hairdressing has lingered. Add to that, she is doll crazy. They're asleep, they're awake, they're dressed, they're undressed, they're being good, they're being naughty, they're hungry, they're tired and when our girl is dragged to the rugby field on a Saturday morning to watch her brother play rugby, her doll is in her stroller being taken for a walk around the field. Please consider us for this trial, between hair-dressing and being doll crazy, this is the perfect toy!
emjay - 10:39 AM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old would love this doll, she has a couple of dolls but they are both pretty old, she plays with her dolls and teddys alot, puts them to bed, closes the curtains and door and tells us all to be quiet, she puts nappies on them, teaches them what she learns at swimming, plays pretend school with them, reading them books, and quite often they come for a walk in her pram when we go to the supermarket. my son (1) also likes to take the dolls for walks and gives them big smoochy kisses and squeeze cuddles :) we would love to give this doll a test run
stacleaning - 8:54 AM on Thu-7-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has a huge imagination. She loves her dolls, talks to them sets them up for kindy, some days they are her babies and she puts them to sleeps tells everyone to be quiet then puts her in the stroller for a walk hhahaha I love watching my girl play with her dolls and toys she loves having picnics with them as well and likes to dress them up in her headbands, necklaces etc it's too sweet
dollface - 9:29 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter 3.5 is baby doll crazy. she feeds them, washes, puts them to bed, undresses them, talks to them, takes them to daycare for show & tell & even carries them around in her baby carrier. She has a fascination with hair & loves going to the salon, so I can already see her setting up her own salon at home to go along with the rest of her roleplaying.
Matty1 - 8:38 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My Beautiful girl is already interested in her dollies :) she loves to play with them and drag them around where ever she goes. She pretends they are her little sister and takes very good care of them :) I'd love her to try this as she is quite frankly obsessed with bubby's as she calls them :)
GirlsMum - 7:51 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 1/2 year old daughter loves dolls. She currently has a small doll that she takes with her wherever she goes. She is also rather obsessed with her hair and brushing it and making a 'Barbie' hairstyle which is just a ponytail. She also has a very good imagination. My 18month old loves to brush everyone's hair and my almost 6 yr old has very long hair that she loves to have undone but that is so curly we rarely let her. All my girls love brushing their Daddy's hair and he lets them :)
Evemumof2 - 7:20 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 6 year old is doll mad! One day she's treating her dolls like her very own children, then the next day she's teaching them to read in her 'pretend' class. She's a gentle child who role plays everything she expereinces, from the good - to the not so good. She makes us laugh when she tells her dolls to hurry up and clean up her bedroom before dad gets home - otherwise they won't be able to have pudding!! :) She would be a perfect research trialist for the new Baby Alive - because if it can be done with a doll - you can guarantee she'll try it :) Thanks for giving us this opportunity!
atmum - 5:57 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi :)
My daughter aged 3 loves to get me to make a baby sling so she can attach her baby doll to her body and carry her doll around. I will hear her walking around patting her baby on the back (quite roughly!). She natters away to baby saying "alwight baby" . When her baby doll is hungry she will pull up her top and shove baby against her chest......breastfeeding of course!
We would love to trial the new Baby Alive and then maybe it might stop my girl from cutting her own hair!! Thanks for the opportunity to register :)
Rose3 - 5:56 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
our wee girl loves to play schools,where she is the teacher, or sometimes we sit on the magic carpet and travel to far off places where other family and friends live and have a family picnic or take them on an adventure,the dolls love playing hide and seek and sometimes we just cant find them! its a great way to intertact with her and equally a great way for her to share and control the situation
squ1rts - 5:48 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 3.5 has a Range of dollies & Teddies - but at present her Favourite way to play with them is to ave an Imagninary Friend... usually a baby.. but they all talk to the baby & play together! it is really funny the conversations she has! All her dollies are second hand/handmedowns, but she really doesn't care even the ones missing eyelashes! LOL!
Spokie13 - 5:04 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl is always playing with her dolls hair. She hates it when I do up her hair but all her hair clips and elastics goes into the dolls hair. She also likes playing with my hair. She also has a doll in the bathroom that can bath with her. She then washes the baby and washes the baby’s hair (just like I do her). When we go for walks, the baby goes in her stroller and goes for walks with us. She saw the ad of this baby on the TV the other day and hugged the TV saying I love this baby. Was thinking of getting it for her birthday in September.
DaniTaylor - 4:39 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
With number 3 on the way, Miss 3 would Love this , she could use it as her "baby!" too. She loves her dollys, pushing them in the pram, feeding them :| dressing them, she's so cute with them. She constantly talks to her dolls would be cute, but to be able to style dollys hair would be AMAZING! :)
WhitiMum23 - 4:17 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss nearly 4 would LOVE this-not only is she majorly into "babies" but she's driven me demented with the interest in hairdressing. She has cut her own hair twice now unfortauntely. Please let ehr review this and save me from embarrassing trips to the hairdresser
KZR2009 - 4:04 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old would love this, she has 2 older brothers so plays more with their toys. This would be great for her to have so she can be more girly lol. When she does play with dolls and stuffed animals, she gives them a real work out. Plus it would be great to have scissors for her that don't actually cut things ;)
fishnchips - 3:48 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 yr old would just love this doll! She already spends hours playing with her dolls - feeding them, changing them, doing everything you would with a real baby - her doll is so used that the arm has nearly fallen off and I have used a bandage to patch her up! It was only new at Christmas! She would spend hours being mummy this one! Also would give my poor friend a break from her hairdressing skills!
robyshack1 - 3:41 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter is such the little organiser and the point of giving her brothers time out when they have broken her rules! She would love to test and play with this little baby and organise her and care for her...maybe giving her brothers some reprieve!
AHunter - 3:36 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My two year old loves to play 'bossy mummy' with her very well used hand-me-down doll from big sister. She is so funny but sometimes I wonder if I'm really that bossy myself!
becksmum - 3:28 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Would love to let my 3 1/2 year old trial this cute doll, she has already taken to her own hair with a pair of scissors ......... She took of the entire fringe!!!!!!! She would so love to be a "big girl" and pretend to cut hair :)
katie1011 - 3:21 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter loved looking after her baby making sure it is feed, changing its clothes and taking it to bed when baby is tired. She takes the baby for walks we some times take the doll into town to do shopping in its push chair. it would be great to get this doll as the doll she has at the moment is my old doll so would be nice for her to have her own one and also because I am a hairdresser and she loves watching me cut peoples hair :)
willow - 3:19 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 girls love to give their dolls a bath do their hair up and then tuck them into bed( usually made from clean towels i just folded) they spend hours doing this over and over
Hales - 3:15 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves playing with her dolls feeding them changing them and putting them to bed she even tried breastfeeding her baby doll the way mummy fed her babby its just so cute she is a great mummy to her dollies :)
sexcmama2708 - 3:13 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 4year old would love this as she love playing with babies. she loves to dress them up and put them in her sisters car seat and pram. she even gives them baths and and put them to bed. she also sits there and talk to them in a baby voice (:
corinandali - 3:10 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves to take her dolls with her everywhere. She has one as big as her and then a couple who live in her pocket. This would be a great size compromise for her.
radioguru - 3:09 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh I would LOVE one of those!! My 8 year old already has a Baby Alive doll...the kind with plastic pretend pig-tails. Well! After the birth of my 6 month old, my 3 year old suddenly became interested in dolls, pretending to do what mommy does! She used her big sister's Baby Alive doll to 'breastfeed'! It was hilarious to watch, especially when she decided to strip off all her non-breastfeeding-friendly clothes in order to 'feed the baby'. I even have a photo of her with the doll in a makeshift babywearing sling (made out of a sarong). I would love to get her a Baby Alive of her very own, so that there were less squabbles between her and her big sister...and she can move on to new things like 'feeding baby solids' or 'potty training baby'. :o)
catmarnik - 3:07 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have just had a baby, so my daughter likes to be 'Mum' with her dolls, just like her Mum and baby brother. But she complains that Barbie dolls are too small to be real babies. Apparently she likes things to be as realistic as possible... : )
wazmel - 3:01 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old daughter and 2 year old daughter would absolutely love this. They spend most of their days playing mum to their dolls and playing pretend hairdressers with my hair straightener. This would keep them occupied for hours :-)
sara - 2:01 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter, almost 4, loves playing families. She wraps her babies/teddies in blankets, takes them for walks in the pram, feeds them, dresses them in her old baby clothes, sings to them and reads them stories. The thing that makes us laugh is that she talks/sings/reads to them in an American accent, although our family is a kiwi as they come :) She is also a complete nightmare when it comes to hair brushing, and will hardly ever let me tie her hair back either. A baby doll whose hair needs a brush may be just the roll modelling she needs to stop making such a fuss and finally let me tie her hair back!!
Michaela - 2:00 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter (3) has been asking for this doll since the day it came out. She dicided she wants to be a part time hair dresser and a doctor that same day she told me that she decided to cut half of her hair off. I've been keeping her away from stores that stock this doll lately, she just wants it so bad but I cant aford to buy another toy that doesnt live up to the write up about it.
LIVINGLIFE - 1:52 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My six year old daughter would love this, she has a dolly she has had since a baby and even though it is missing eyes now and has lots of stains she does everything with it, it comes to the table and goes to bed with her, she does her hair (not that there is much) and has tea parties with her set she hand painted. She would think christmas has come early getting this gorgeous doll.
Karen - 1:36 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My three year old would love to play with this dolls hair! (It might help in us getting her own hair brushed better too :-) ). I am sure this doll would go on some great adventures in this house.
buckman - 1:31 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Wow my 2 year old would love this, she has recently gained a brother and loves doing baby things, she also loves doing mummys hair. I have even found her breastfeeding her dolls, so cute...
natallau - 1:26 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter would really LOVE doll also. She is nearly two and has really got into putting her dolls to bed, wrapping them, bathing them and carrying them around. It would be great to have this new doll for her upcoming birthday.
Rachdev - 1:13 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 4 and Miss 5 would absolutely LOVE this doll, there would be lots of bathing, hairdressing and pretend play happening. It would make two girls very happy.
corinne33 - 1:06 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My almost 2 year old has just started wanting to put her doll in the bath, feed her & change her, SOoo cute. She is 2 in a fortnight so it would make an awesome gift!
tessa771 - 1:03 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2yr old looves to bath her dolls and brush their hair. With me being a hairdresser, my daughter loves to watch me cutting hair, now she can have her own client :)
beadygirl - 12:55 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
miss 1&half has started kissing all her big sister's dolls and walking around with them, would be lovely for her to have her first own baby alive :)
Leightk3 - 12:52 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has quite an active imagination, her dolls not only go visiting friends, tea parties and shopping, but they go to school, they camp, they go on holiday. I have a lot of crafts and materials around for her to use, so she builds the furniture for her dolls and makes them clothes from fabric she has found in the craft boxes. This keeps her happy for hours... until clean up time!
SandraA - 12:44 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girle, 3, just loves to bath her babies. They all get lined up along the edge of the kitchen sink. She drags the 2-step ladder over, climbs up and spends ages at it. First undressing, folding clothes as we go. Then the bathing begins - first fill the sink with warm, not cold, water then comes the soap, bit of a scrub with the nail brush, wipe with a flannel, real shampoo for the hair, and conditioner too. Finally all done - out and snuggled into a towel for a good rub. Then time for cream and powder - clothes on and then hairdrier on to finish off the look. She has just started adding teeth cleaning into the game too now. She can do this 5 times a day at the moment - is absolutely loving it!
twoshoes - 12:40 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old 'bathes' her baby doll in the sink of her play kitchen and puts it to sleep in a miniature cot, if dolly misbehaves she puts her straight into time out haha
doolally - 12:35 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 4 your old likes to put them to bed and one gets chosen to be pushed around in the little dolls pram. Most of her dolls though are for much younger girls and the one she does have doesnt have any clothes, i think thats why its in bed a lot. I asked her what she would do with this doll and she said she would do her hair.
destinygal80 - 12:34 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
my almost 2 year old must have been watching mummy alot becuase when she plays with her dolls or 'teddy' she likes to wrap them in a blanket pick them up and 'shh,shh,shh' them while rubbing and patting their back, walks into her bedroom lays them in bed saying nite nite love you and walks out closing the door behind her. (she has a baby sister) she is at the stage of copying everything haha
arielad - 12:34 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
my two girl can play with dolls for hour, They love to take care of them, dress them up, and let their imagination get wild...
nikkim - 12:33 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter would LOVE to trial this doll - she is such a girly girl, loves doing her dolls hair and dressing them up - it is so her thing!
CaseysMum - 12:33 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh wow my daughter would love this. She's 4 later this month. She and her big sister have fun playing mums and dads together. They usually start off pregnant with the doll or toy up their shirt. Then after the baby is born, they carry it around, wheel it in the pram a bit, feed her and generally take care of them. Would be interesting to see how adding the doing their hair option into their play would go.
2mums - 12:02 PM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3year old boy loves dolls!
And we figure why not let him :) :)
He loves to dress them and do their hair!
Coring - 11:26 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter carries the toy, lull her to sleep, talk to her, cuddle her just a mommy does.
mounty - 10:24 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My twin girls love to play mummy and babies all the time,they set them up as shop keepers,beauty salons etc and can play in their make believe games for hours.They have wet some of there dolls hair to be hair dressers but it all mattes and looks terrible.So it would be a lot of fun for them to really be able to pretend with the real sound of scissors and brushing the beautiful curly locks.
gemstone - 10:02 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
I love hiding around the corner listening to my three year old play with her 'babies.'
She dresses herself in a pair of mums heels, grabs a handbag and a little scarf to put over her shoulders and carts her dollies off in the pushchair to go to the 'sukermaket' "come on dahling" she will say or "oh dahling don't cry" I love seeing her gentle side and her interpretation of what it means to have a baby/be a mummy.
Other times she might set them all up around the lounge to take them to the movies. But mainly, all she wants to do is cuddle them
helen777 - 9:59 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has a lovely playhouse (inside our home) she plays with her dolly and stuffed dog and cat inside and they have a tea party together with her tea set, she even has play muffins at her party. After tea she reads them a story then puts her doll (Nancy) to bed in her doll cot. The stuffed toys get to sleep on the floor with a blanket all snuggly. She has so much fun with her doll, and when she has friends over they have a blast together even with my child minding kids (and they are boys) they love her dolly :-)
BubbeezMum - 8:07 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
How doesnt she play with her baby dolls and toys is more the question, Little Miss treats her baby dolls like real babies she bathes them, feeds them, wraps them, puts them in the stroller takes them for a walk, brushes their hair, reads them stories in bed, cuddles and kisses them, talks to them in a baby voice (gorgeous). Every baby and toy has their own name. Our own bubs is due in 2 months so everything is starting to come out of the cupboards for him, and little Miss is making sure everything is safe for her brother by well in truely checking it with her babies and soft toys gorgeous.... At the moment babies basniet is full with baby (Ella), Minnie Mouse and her Stingray (Raymond).
wardma - 7:45 AM on Wed-6-Jun-2012 reply | message
My son is too old for dolls now however we have foster children in and out of our home. I would love to trial this doll so we can have a special one for these precious kids. The children range in age from 0 through to 7 and come from really difficult backgrounds and some have suffered trauma. I am building up a collection of suitable toys for different ages, I lack stuff at the moment for little girls. I have seen children (boys and girls) put dolls to bed, feed them, cuddle them, carry them around with them, give them bottles - a great way to encourage in them a caring attitude. We had a little 6 year old girl over the weekend and I would have loved to have had this special doll for her to cuddle.
Mimm - 11:19 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Doll? What doll? To avoid miss 4 giving me a telling off, I need to call each of ks frinds by name. Occasionally they come shopping, and all animals are groomed- don't have a favorite baby though, as she feels to old for the bald babies, but barbies are too fiddly for 4 year old fingers. I'm pretty sure baby alive would get a fair trial in our house :-)
Shirley - 11:18 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter Jordan Ria -little miss to be 4 years old next month,loves dressing them up and playing teacher, teacher with them. When she is done with that she marries them off to one another .Being the 3rd girl in the family she gets her sisters baby dolls and dolls she loves them dearly but I think she will treasure this one if we get to review it , as it will be her special one.....
wendylouise - 10:12 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old daughter adores her baby dolls, there is no possible way to choose just one favourite way for her playing with her dolls, she does everything from feeding to changing, walking, bathing, giving bottles etc. we cant even go in the car without a baby doll in its own carseat and stroller in the boot. we would absolutly LOVE to review this doll, esp as my daughter has been begging non stop for one, it would make her year so please choose us x
suee - 10:02 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
When I breast feed my youngest, my daughter does the same action to breast feed her baby,,,lift up shirt and hold the exact position. Very cute.
skyela - 9:57 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girls , 4 and 3 love playing with dolls or teddys, they put there babies to sleep in their bed or in their wooden dolls cot. We often find they have made up wee houses for them down in their room. They love to dress up their dolls in different clothes.
Lozzykiwi - 9:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter likes to put her "babies" to bed. She makes beds on the floor out of the couch cushions and her blanky, and she also likes them to accompany her to sleep at night - all the babies have to be tucked in with her, with their heads looking at her!

My son actually likes dolls too and always robs his sister's - need to get him one of his own!

This doll would be great to review - might stop them from trying to play hairdresser with mummy's nice long hair!! (ouch!)
Moriarh - 9:41 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girls (x3) love nothing better than to dress their dolls (the 1.5 r old needs a bit of help) and then get their "babies" ready to go out using the most well used items in our toy collection - the box of blankets. The dolls prams are loaded up and they go for a walk. The dressing part can take close to half an hour as they babies are dressed for the weather and have thier teeth brushed etc.... so cute :)
madisonsmummyz - 9:25 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Little miss loves setting all her dolls and toys up so it looks like kindy or school then she pretends to be the teacher and reads them books and plays activities with them. Each doll has to answer the questions she asks. So cute with her class full of 'students'
DrNic - 8:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old loves playing mummy to her dolls-changing thier nappies, changing thier clothes, putting them to bed and feeding them (we even caught her trying to breast feed her doll last week) . She loves putting hairclips in thier hair so a doll like this with lots of lovely hair would be fantastic for her,
obsidianwings - 8:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old likes to push hers around in the pushchair. If she had one of these it would mean my head will get poked at with pegs less though!
heitiki - 8:38 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
With a 2yo and a 5yo, my daughters would love the oppy to play with Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby doll! It would save my hair and that of our Lab, from being brushed out too!

My girls do all the usual stuff when they play with their dolls; put them to bed, feed them, dress them, change nappies, brush hair, have tea parties, tell them off (that's the funniest!), take them on holiday, take them to bed, etc, etc. Tea parties and picnics (preferably in a 'tent' made with my sari's and the dining room table) are probably the favoured play at the mo!
Anonymous - 8:32 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
My 2 year old daughter loves pretending to feed her bubbas in their highchairs at playcentre and loves to pretend she is a hairdresser with brushes and spray bottles. She also loves putting them to bed and feeding them a bottle.
staceyj - 8:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My nearly 4 year old daughter loves to seat her dolls around her little table and she cooks them meals on her pretend oven and plays chef/waitress to her dolls and tells them what she is cooking and them finds out what her dolls think of her cooking etc - very cute! I am very sure that she would just love to trial this wonderful looking/sounding doll.
cherrytf - 8:21 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter pretends she's the mum or at times the doll's big sister. Either way, she shows how much she can take care of a baby, being sweet, gentle, and loving.
lindyloos - 7:55 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my four year old daughters favourite way to play with her dolls is to pretend she is the teacher and they are her students - always amuses me how bossy she is with them and always telling them to behave !lol
ssi8 - 7:53 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My four year old girl loves to dress up her dolls and act out different life scenes. The grocery shopping scenario is funny and true! She recently dressed herself and her doll up as brides. She enjoys when her own hair is styled so she would enjoy a doll made for styling (possibly with the help of big sister, 9 years old, who is quite the fashionista). My boy, 6 years old, still sleeps with teddy bears, its incredibly cute to see at night ...
SarahK - 7:52 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
OMG my daughter would LOVE the doll, so would love to trail it!
My 4 year old is really into imaginative play at the moment. All her dolls and stuffed toys have names and different rolls in which they play. They are either mums or dads, or babies. Some go to work and some stay home. having a doll in which she can hair stlye would add a whole new dimention to her play right now :)
FullHouse - 7:23 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My boys (5 and 3) are very imaginative with their teddies and soft toys, sometimes they are children in the school/kindy class, sometimes the toys are the children and they are going away to the bach in their car, and especially after I had my daughter (now 7mths) the toys became their babies which they fed, put to bed and carried around
KimH - 6:31 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh Wow!! My oldest daughter is turning 7 shortly and has been asking for one of these dolls.

She loves to make up a house for her dolls and stuffed toys in her wardrobe. There are beds made from flannels and tables made of boxes. Of course she is the mum and does their hair and reads to them.

I love seeing her imaginative play and hear her mimic my 'Mum' voice with her dolls. (Nice to know some of what I say gets heard!!)

We would love to trial and review the Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby Doll.
george8 - 6:25 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My Miss 6 loves to pretend they are her babies and she's the mummy, she even gets Master 7 involved.
lynne - 6:11 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
would love to review this. I have 3 daughters age 4,7 and 10 who all love playing with dolls still as well as doing makeovers.
tyke2004 - 5:03 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves having little tea parties and playing school with her toys. She would love to try this doll out.
TraceyF - 4:09 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves to play with her dolls and the thing she likes to do the most is play hairdresser. Unfortunately she has used real scissors on some of her dolls hair which is not great. This set would be perfect for her as she has always wanted a baby alive doll as well.
Resse - 4:08 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh my! My DD would LOVE to be able to play with this dolls's hair! Her favourite way of playing with her dolls and stuffed toys is to do exactly that - play with their hair. She lines them all up and has pretend picnics/story time etc... She loves them all to bits too, by cuddling with them in her bed.
angelstar - 3:42 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 22 months carries her doll & teddy everywhere. She tucks them into her bed, their toy cot and at night we have to give them kisses too. This doll would be fantastic to trial as our Miss 22 month has super long hair and it just might encourage her to let us brush her hair.
marikekaitlyn - 3:33 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl absolutely loves dressing and undressing her baby, changing her nappy when we change her little sister's nappy and even try to put make up on her baby! She sleeps with her, try to feed it, and even try to get her baby to give her little sister hugs and kisses.... she would love this trial
stisnz - 3:33 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
If only my daughter had this doll a couple of weeks ago, prior to cutting her own hair! My 3 year old daughter is often 'breastfeeding' her doll. She also likes role playing with them and assigns me a doll to play with while she plays with another. Often the dolls are either getting married, or going to the doctors.
KrisT - 3:33 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have two girls who would love to trial this. They love playing with their babies. They take them outside to the playhouse to make lunch and take them all around the house in their prams. Their babies go everywhere with them.This would be a special treat for them to have as I am due with my third (daughter) very soon.
keznz - 3:07 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 4 would absolutely LOVE to be one of your reviewers for this baby alive doll!! She adores babies & constantly plays with her dolls. She loves putting her 'baby' under her top or dress & pretending to be pregnant :) she has a dolls bed to tuck them in for naps. Sometimes she brings them to me (nana) for me to 'babysit' while she does mummy stuff!! Too cute :) my daughter constantly talks about how she wants to be a mum when she grows up. She has never had a baby alive doll but always goes straight to them when we visit a toy store :) thanks for considering us for this trial :) kez* x
missmaddysmum - 3:00 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 3 has recently become a big sister so her dolls and teddy are now babies with names, and she changes their nappies and feeds them just like I do with her brother. It is currently a struggle to brush her hair, perhaps with a doll like this she can do its hair while I'm doing hers!
missmoo - 2:46 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 5yr old boy actually loves playing dolls with his little sister lol and his big thing at the moment is cutting hair even his sisters so im sure he would love to try this out for you
juliemarie - 2:39 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My nearly four year old girl, loves to dress up her soft toys in her own clothes, she talks to them like they are her babies, and wraps them up in blankets soo cute!
fritter - 2:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
OMG I couldnt believe it when i saw this doll. My daughters favourite game is hair cutting. If not mine or her big brothers then dolly has to sit in the highchair "nice and still" and get her haircut. Complete with teatowel tied around her neck. Dolly even gets offered a nice cup of coffee while she waits. Not sure why I dont get one!
kennyjo - 2:34 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 4 would love her, She is into playing makeovers with her older sister and smearing make up all over her face she also gathers all her dolls for a pinic tea party she has a wonderful imagination
Shell - 2:30 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old twins are right into role play at present. If their dolls aren't visiting the doctor, going to school or going to the shops then they're tucked up in bed having a sleep. I'm sure BABY ALIVE BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY Doll will fit perfectly into their busy little lives. I can see the lounge being turned into a hair dressers with appointment book and phone at the ready.
MissMuffet - 2:22 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi this is perfect for me I am 3 years old YIPPIE. I just LOVE PLAYING WITH MY DOLL that MaMa gave for Christmas, I play with her every day. I am really keen on this BABY ALIVE BEAUTIFUL NOW BABY Doll. I even dress up my Teddies, Tiggers and other soft toys. I even try Harry the cat, he not so keen on this!!!!! So PLEASE PICK ME PICK ME I would be ever so grateful. THANK YOU in advance.

vic50 - 2:02 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My four year old daughter would be perfect for this as she spends hours with her dolls and ponies, treating them like they were real and making sure her brothers and sister join in, she has a great imagination and goes from shopping with her dolls to becoming a ice cream shop attendant, she is also very intelligent and can tell you every detail of what she is playing and what she is doing, all her dolls and teddies r put to bed at night before she will go to sleep
sebadilaimi - 1:59 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh wow! My daughter has seen this doll on TV and her eyes glow everytime. She has already told me several stories about how this doll is real and how her hair needs to be done daily everytime she does her hair the doll needs to have hers done too. Its amazing how real imagination can make a doll. I suppose it would have to for a girl who has two brothers!!
reppeps - 1:51 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I have my grandchildren here a couple of times a week and I'm always amazed at their imagination. I'll give them a cardboard box and they'll turn it into a bed, car or house for the dolls or stuffed toys. My grandson loves pulling the toys around. The granddaughters can spend hours tucking the dolls into bed then singing to them and hushing anyone who's to noisy and may wake the dolls (babies).
manea16 - 1:48 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves to play hairdressers with her dolls. While im brushing her hair she grabs extra hair ties and ties up her dolls hair at the same time. Sooo cute she would really enjoy playing with one of these baby alive dolls. Lucky we have a lot of hair ties!
SarahN - 1:42 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 6yr old daughter loves brushing her dolly's hair, so much so it doesn't have much left! She wants to brush her little 1yr old sisters hair but sadly she doesn't have much to work with hehe. I think she would adore a brand new doll with gorgeous hair to brush, it would give her a chance to get in more practice before her little sisters hair grows!
nette21 - 1:41 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter (3) loves to be mum to her doll.. She will feed her, give her a bottle, hug her and push her doll in a pram. My daughter will sit her doll up so her doll can watch her play with blocks etc. As my daughter is always asking to play with my hair this review would be awesome to give my hair a much needed break. After styling my hair she will always come around infront of me, study it and ask "does that look good" to which she says yes or no and starts all over again.
UpsyDaisy - 1:22 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old loves to play pretend with her dolls. She makes them speak to each other and they go places together. Just this morning, they took a trip to the moon! It's hilarious to watch.

I'm sure she'd love to cut the dolls hair. She is quite keen on cutting things and recently tried to cut her dad's hair with her safety scissors.
kiwi72 - 1:22 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves carrying her doll around everywhere with her, chatting away to her 'baby' about what she is up to! They have tea parties together, she puts her down the slide before her and loves putting her clothes on and then putting her to bed. We have a new baby on the way soon so it is great for her to have her own baby doll to focus on. However, ther doll doesn't have hair and I think she would love the Hasbro doll so she can brush and style her hair!!!
maializ - 1:18 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves looking after her little brother and would love a wee doll of her own to cherish. She loves pretend playing and talks about being a hairdresser when she grows up! She loves to wrap her toys up and take them for walks, to the supermarket, everywhere really.
ruthb - 1:18 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter is an organiser! She loves setting ther dolls up with their own space, chaging and feeding them and laying them down to sleep!! A real little mummy in the making! she'd love one of these!
chidsmum - 1:17 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Barbie is getting a bit of down time at the moment as its all about Baby Doll's. My DD takes her Baby to the bath & then I have to mind the Baby while she gets herself dried & dressed then its pj time for Baby. She even gets snuggled up for the night & wheeled into her room to sleep. I have been left in charge of the Baby while she goes to School. I just have to remember to move the doll so when she gets home it looks like Mum has done her job. Baby got a trim the other day & I am still finding tufts of hair under the furniture. So this Baby Alive would be fantastic at our house.
Tracey123 - 1:13 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little neice is turning the big 5 and I am sure she would LOVE to try this dolly! I had a baby alive when I was a young girl and wow dont they look so different! I loved hearing my daughter play with her dollys but it would make me laugh when she would say things that I would like "If you dont eat all your dinner there will be no pudding!"
4kiddies - 1:03 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my girls love dressing there dolls up and playing with them in there dolls house and having the most wonderful and interesting tea partys so lovely to watch and join in with there fun,
Armywife - 12:59 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
If my daughter is not being a teacher in her "Classroom" she is being a mummy or hairdresser! The amount of tangles, stuck brushes and hairties I have had to get out! But at least she experiments on her dolls and not on her very long hair!
hcsmum - 12:49 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My miss nearly 3s favourite play is to change her nappy, brush her hair and feed her. Once she's done all that she gets pushed in the pram and put down for a nap. The only downside to this is her doll is nearly 40 years old (thanks Nana!) and looks it. The best part about it all though is that both her brother and her play with the doll and share their playtime with the doll and all his soft toys.

We would really like to trial this doll please.
ruthie029 - 12:47 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 1 today so too young but it would be great for my son (almost 3) who loves "helpng his sister" He could help his bubba when I am with his sister
veronicad - 12:43 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
I realise most people would buy this doll for a girl but my son would probably absolutely love it. He is obsessed with hair and is always trying to style mine. He is my only child that loves his dolls. My girl prefers to climb trees but my son likes to play pretend doll games, so we are really challenging gender stereotypes around here. We have a doll sized baby bath and change table, that comes with a highchair and food. My boy is always bathing and feeding and putting to sleep his sisters doll. If you want to see how Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby fares with a new daddy, instead of a mummy, then we are the reviewers for you.
muppetsmama - 12:42 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh yes yes yes please!!! I have two little girls - Miss very-nearly-4 (next week!) and Miss 20months. My youngest daughter idolises her older sister, and they do everything together; it's so cute! Their favourite thing in the world is their 'babies'. They unfortunately don't have any dolls as beautiful as this but they have a couple that they share and they regularly zoom past me pushing their babies in the pushchairs on their way to 'school'. They do everything with them - giving them baths, styling their hair, having tea parties, taking them on 'walks', sharing their secrets (well my older one does this when she thinks I'm not listening!), and making them all better when they are sick :)
We would LOVE to be selected for this trial - I say we, because secretly I still love playing with dolls too! Thanks Kidspot!
jafaj - 12:41 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
When I was little I remember cutting some of my dolls hair and I had to laugh the other day when my 3.5 year old daughter was getting ready to cut my 20 month old son hair with paper siscors. I am sure he would be internally gratefull if his older sister had a cool baby alive doll like this one to practise on instead :))
linkjazz - 12:38 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My miss 2 would love to trial this doll. Every night she lines up all her 'baby's' on seats and cooks for them and feeds them she even puts them all to bed. She doesn't play with any other toys other than her babies and her kitchen, she loves playing mum!
livandjimi - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Even though I have Sons, they still like to play with dolls, which is fine with me! Mr 3.5 likes getting them dressed and takes them for rides in his trucks! I bet he would LOVE the functions of this doll! I used to have one when i was a kid :)
BrittanyJWilson - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter absolutely loves playing with dolls and has just started being really imaginative and wanting to do everything with her baby. She's really loving getting her hair done with bows and headbands lately and I know she would be estatic to get the chance to play with this new Baby Alive doll.
Mamabear - 12:36 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves all her dolls, but she does have some favourites! She loves to dress them, comb their hair, feed them and make they play and talk to each other. Often when she returns from out, she makes them do everything just as she did while she was away at kindy/supermarket/Church etc. She also loves taking them on picnics and bike rides and tells them off when she thinks they've been bad! She would be thrilled to review this gorgeous doll for you!
Cathyj - 12:35 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My little girl loves her dolls. She and her cousin spend hours playing, I love to secretly watch the the little games they play. They have the most amazing imaginations, I cant help think of Bonni of Toy Story 3 of my little girl.
Nita - 12:32 PM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
The little girl i am fostering loves to treat our doll 'babies' as her children. They eat, play, toilet and sleep with her, it is really touching to see how gentle she is with them given the circumstances she came to me in. I am sure she would love a baby all of her own to cherish.
sweetie - 11:39 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
both my daughters love playing with dolls, they lik doing there hair, bathing and feeding them. They like to take there dolls everywhere with them, in the car, shopping out for a walk, they even sit at the table to eat dinner with us lol.
3lilmonkeys - 11:26 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi there,
Both the girls love playing with their dolls, feeding them, doing their hair, dressing them up etc etc. This would be such a great toy for them and I'm sure they would be over the moon to trial this. Thanks!
Mizim - 11:19 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3yo loves to treat her dolls like her baby sister. This includes changing them , feeding them, dressing them and giving them an NG tube.
Nikki79 - 10:26 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girls love to change nappies and get them dressed over and over and if dolly's lucky she might get fed!!
karinlee - 10:00 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughters love playing with dolls and my eldest 11 always has the baby dress so pretty in her old baby clothes and the treat them like real babies. They spend hours dressing them and changing their accessories. People ask why my 11 year old still plays with dolls and I perfered it that way then playing with other stuff lol. I think the pair of them would love this doll and would spend more time playing with her hair than anything else, she would be a firm favourite in our house.
lynleyg - 9:44 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 4.5 year old loves "cooking" for her dolls/ toys. She will spend hours setting up a picnic and making sure they all have something to eat and drink. She also likes to take a doll with her in a dolls buggy when we go to school to pick up her older brother. Anything that makes the doll seem more real would be a winner with her, so I'm sure she would love to trial this!
samstills5 - 9:15 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter treats her doll as her baby - she comes everywhere with us and gets to "share" all her meals etc. She would love to be able to style "Samara's" (thats the dolls name!) hair but unfort she is a bald baby doll!! I am pretty sure she would LOVE to play with Baby Alive!! What little girl wouldn't?
manddsteven - 8:55 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
Bailee is nearly 4 and just loves her babies (we are not to call them dolls!!) They are all named, however she has two favorites. Ever since Bailee got her pushchair for Christmas she takes her babies everywhere. They eat when Bailee does, sleep when Bailee does and one of them even bathes when Bailee does. They have become a big part of Bailee's life and have definitely contributed to the way she is with the babies at her daycare - a very caring and helpful little girl! The only downfall is that we can not purchase nappies, spare clothes etc for Bailee's current babies :( Bailee would be over the moon if she got to trial Baby Alive Beautiful Now Baby Doll - I would probably be over the moon also :)
k4kylie - 6:25 AM on Tue-5-Jun-2012 reply | message
my 4.5 year old would LOVE this she loves going to the hairdressers and pretending to do our hair. she loves babies and has a lovley gentle nature
shird - 11:37 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 6 year old would love to try this- I would prefer that she styled and 'cut' her dolls hair vs her own! She currently has a doll out from the local toy library with lots of outfits- she loves changing the clothes on it and putting it to bed- with pyjamas on of course- she also does tea parties and makes up stories and adventures about her and her dolls- of course, they really happened!
kdc - 9:52 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My youngest is at kohanga reo (ready to start kura in Sept) and she lines her dolls and stuffed toys up and acts as their kaiako - reading to them, singing to them and drawing pictures of them.
lele61 - 8:51 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves playing with her dolls she treats them just exactly how Im treating her younger sibling. Shes very motherly an dshe brushes her hair and puts her down for naps when baby goes down too
shorrty4life - 8:42 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves to cuddle her Stuff teddy and Tries to feed it her biscuits and bottle. It is so cute she treats it like her best friend and would take it every where if i let her. Before bed she gives it big cuddles and kisses and takes it to cuddle into with her. She is only 19months and has such a big heart already.
loulou79 - 8:25 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My almost 5 year old daughter and my 2 year old son love playing with their "babies" they change their clothes, brush their hair and take them for walks around the yard in the prams then put them to bed. My son loves them more than my daughter does much to his fathers disgust lol
malandrob - 8:10 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
my boys loved playing with dolls as it meant they got to play with their girl cousins
Angel1983 - 8:06 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi my daughter would love this'.she is always combing her dolls hair trying to be a hairdresser like her mummy.would love to be considered thanks
petitemumma - 7:20 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
my daughter has the same hair as this doll, blonde ringlets:) my daughter likes to wrap her doll/carebears in her clothes, {for doll blankets & pillows), then lines them all up or puts them in a basket & spends hours with them having little conversations .normally one of the dolls is a sister,the other a baby, mum,dad etc.sometimes she gives everyone a piece of plastic food. its so cute to watch.
BJW - 6:56 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
How simply gorgeous as my daughter just loves to play with her Barbies hair making amazing styling hairdos. This would simply make her day with a bigger doll and more hair!
Kerrynmum - 6:11 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
This might save my hair! My daughter loves having her own hair done, and is now wanting to do mine too! Bit scary, but this doll is a great idea!
lilblondee6 - 4:34 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter has used one of my old mannequin heads from hairdressing to put clips in and style but she has had so much fun with it it has hardly any hair left. She also has other doll that gets to go for rides in the car and best of all in the swing. She would love to trial the new baby alive.
ajpickering - 4:25 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My wee boy loves pushing dolls in the stroller and looks after his babies very well. They even get to ride in his dump truck and talk to his other soft toys. He is showing the makings of being a fine Daddy one day.
AnnaES - 4:18 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Our youngest daughter calls herself a 'real girly girl'! She would LOVE a doll she can 'glam' up like she does herself! She likes playing talking games with her toys, making up voices to have conversations with each other! The doll could be her pretend little sister!
shellcruise - 4:10 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Keana treats all of her 'animals/dolls' as babies. She has carry bags, feeds them and puts them to bed or if they are the lucky one of the day they are allowed to sleep with her. I have just had my second baby and so dolls mean so much to Keana now she has to have one in the car with her whenever we go anywhere.
ChristineC - 4:07 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Oh my gooness we would just love to have this baby alive join the other special little dolls in our house. Annabel loves taking her dolls for walks in the pram, pop them on the chair next to her when reading, take them down the slide and bang them (oops I mean bounch them !!) on the table.
natsmum - 4:07 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Miss 5 would love to trial this doll - she is very much a girl who is into her dolls and spends lots of time playing with her baby doll as well as her barbie dolls - she is really into brushing the barbies hair at the moment, but sometimes their hair is a bit long for her to manage. She also really loves playing hairdresser at the moment and is desperate to cut her barbies hair!!! I am trying to encourage her not to. There is lots of imaginative play that goes on with the dolls and lots of role play - in and out of beds, being sick, playing in huts... the list goes on.
Mumof2Girls - 3:16 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
This doll would be perfect for my 2 girls 3 years and 5 years because they LOVE to play with hair! Normally mine! Having a doll to fill in for me from time to time would be great!
It looks like this doll would be good for the other fun things they do with their toys... My 3 year old loves to play Mummy and "feed" them plastic food and change their bottoms. My 5 year old loves to pretend she is a teacher and teach them reading and maths.
gonzze - 3:09 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Well my daughter has a soft toy monkey that goes every where with her they have tea partys together she takes him for walks in her dolls push chair he sits on the seat on the back of her bike. He is her best friend .But she would love to play with this doll as well so we would love to review it
kay8805 - 2:52 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
oh my!!! this would be an amazing try for us!!! MISS 3 has a new baby sister with mops of hair so we can keep her occupied with this dolly instead!!! oh that would be amazing
cindy131 - 2:37 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 2 kids love playing pretend play all the time but its so hard to find good products that last,keep them imused so i think this baby alive doll will be the key to keep them happy for hours plus it teaches them how to do ther own hair.
michp - 2:28 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My 3 kids enjoy playing "Mums Dads and babies", pushing their dolls around in the strollers and on the back of bikes, and trolleys.
Mondo - 2:21 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Hi I'd love to trial this - my 3 year old loves her bear and dolls. She loves taking them to the park and pushing them on the swing and at home she really loves dressing them up, brushing their hair (she usually brushes mine too!) and taking them on a picnic with her tea set.
lotsakids - 12:47 PM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
This would be Abby's dream to be able to play this, she is a real girly girl that often tries to style her, her brothers or dogs hair anyone that will sit long enough for her. This would also be another way that we may be able to help get her talking (she has a serve speech sound delay) so play would be great
piglet - 11:53 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love this..she is constantly styling my hair but I draw the line at letting her loose with a pair of scissors. Her favourite way to play with her dolls and stuffed toys is to set them up at school. She is the teacher and they are the students...along with her 4 year old brother at times too. Its so funny listening in to her. She has put in a request for a whiteboard and whiteboard marks so its getting quite serious!
jopukeko - 11:24 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My daughters love including their dolls in everything they do. If they have to brush their teeth so do the dolls. The dolls have tried many food before my girls did. they also have tea parties, dance and have fun.
hellyp - 11:18 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
Charli loves dressing dolly up, and pushing her around in the push chair. She has been known to hop into dollys cot with her and read a story....quite the tight squeeze!! Dolly has to brush her teeth at night too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dayauon - 11:15 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
my missy likes to dress up her (only) doll and do her hair. she's like her playmate that stays 24hrs. i like her being tidy with the doll's accessories which means she really takes care of her doll. hope she'll be chosen, she'll be so thrilled!
SarahBlair - 11:14 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My girl love dressing up their dolls and doing their hair. They also play teacher and 'teach' their dolls and teddies to read etc.
raglanmum - 11:12 AM on Mon-4-Jun-2012 reply | message
My Little Miss loves to put her dollies to bed. " Sssshhhh" she says, "the dollies are asleep!" She has a couple of little cane baskets to use for beds, and each dolly must have a blanket and pillow! I think she would love to help review this Hasbro Baby Alive, Beautiful Now Baby.

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