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Group Name: Libra Maternity Liners

If you are pregnant, Libra has a range of maternity products that will help keep you a little more comfortable during and post pregnancy.


Libra Maternity Liners are designed for the increased discharge that comes with pregnancy. They are thin and soft so you hardly feel like you're wearing one. Libra Maternity Liners are breathable and a little bit absorbent to help you feel a little more comfortable.


Mums Say has chosen 25 Mums Say members to review Libra Maternity Liners. Watch this space for their reviews.

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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nixzen - 12:55 PM on Mon-10-Sep-2012 reply | message
These liners are magic, like the other Mums it was a bit of trial and error getting the positioning right but the adhesive was fantastic. I like the fact that they are so thin and really do make you feel like you are not wearing a pad. Thank you
mummykane - 7:31 PM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have tried these for the last 2 weeks and they have worked really well. It took me a wee while to get them positioned right so there was a bit of leakage but once I got that sorted they were great. I'm not sure what the difference is between the maternity liners and the normal liners but the adhesive was brilliant and they stayed in place really well.
I am about to buy my next pack!
Minxy - 9:53 AM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Great product, I have had some trouble with leakage and it has been really uncomfortable I had tried a number of products but they just did not do the job or were uncomfortable, Hooray I am so glad that I tried the Libra maternity pads as they were perfect. Not bulky at all, they fit well and stay in place I felt like I was hardly wearing a thing and best of all they had brilliant absorbancy. It gave me confidence to go out and feel fresh all the time. These are permanantly on the shopping list now and I have take a sample to the ante natal class and they are converts to now.
swirlykiwi - 11:55 AM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think they're awesome :) very discrete and they fit really well too. During my pregnancy I've had a bit of trouble with bladder weakness. The pads are quite absorbent and I feel like my worries are over, particularly in public when I end up running around after a toddler!
ingie83 - 9:05 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have used these liners finding them much less bulky than other varieties and more comfortable. They stick well and fit my body allowing me to forget i'm using them, but still always feeling fresh and clean. These liners are great for absorbency and just leave me feeling secure in case of any unexpected leakages. I'm on baby number 3 now and have experienced weaken of my pelvic floor muscles these liners help with peace of mind and will definitely keep using them!
kala - 10:06 PM on Sun-26-Aug-2012 reply | message
I've been using Libra's Maternity liners for a week now and love them. They are well sized and fit my underwear perfectly. The adhesive on the back is excellent and I find they stay in place all day. My favourite aspect of the liners however is how much they make you feel as though you are not wearing anything! They are so thin and the surface so soft that they really do feel just like wearing cotton underwear. I find the absorbency well suited to my current stage of pregnancy (10 weeks). Any fluid absorbs straight into the liner whilst still retaining its dryness and softness. It is nice to get to the end of the day and still feel fresh and clean.
funnelgirl - 7:38 PM on Sat-25-Aug-2012 reply | message
These are great. very descrete, but they are great for those moments, when you sneeze unexpectantly, and get some leakage, or -for times like i have at the moment-slight blood spotting.
They are perfectly shaped, so sit in the right place, and stay secure until you remove them from your knickers. Easy to dispose of, and like i said-soo small and discrete. think i will keep using them now throughout rest of pregnancy, as its nice to have that stay fresh feeling.
Keryn247 - 1:04 PM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
The best thing about the libra liners is the 'odd spot' quirky facts on the wrapper, I think they're great, keep the amusing facts coming! The liners are great too, it doesn't move at all and I dont even know its there. Its great peace of mind having a liner, I found my 1st pregnancy I didnt need to use them but this time around its a must have!
shorrty4life - 12:50 PM on Thu-23-Aug-2012 reply | message
I find these liners prefect. They are really comfy and stay exactly where they are put and don't move around and bunch up. I am definately going to buy some more of them I found them very good. Thank you heaps for letting me review this product kidspot. <3
Catzombie - 3:56 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
It's been 8 years since I have used any type of disposable sanitary product. I have had allergic reactions to the bleached cotton in the products. So I feel I've been quite brave trying these. There has been no reaction what so ever!!! I feel so much better about using disposable maternity in 5 months time now. The shape was comfortable and they stayed in place a lot better than I remember they used to.
Now for the embarrassing moment story. They saved me at work a few days ago when I had my first leaking boobs moment. I chopped one of these pads in half in popped them into my bra. They worked awesomely :)
janette - 3:53 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
Im also finding these liners are really good. No bunching and quite comfy, good shape and great for keeping your underwear fresh! I hadn't thought I would be needing them at 13 weeks but you really do! Def reccommend them :)
samala - 1:42 PM on Wed-22-Aug-2012 reply | message
Im finding the Libra Maternity Liners fantastic, I hardly notice that Im wearing one. The shape is really comfortable and leaves me feeling dry. Im looking foreward to being able to wear these when Im a bit further along and have the dreaded "cough" or "sneeze". It gives me a some peace of mind that if something does accidentally happen it wont be such a disaster. Will definitely be telling my coffee group about them, thankyou :-)
mummy2nz - 3:17 PM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
i really like using these....i will definitely be buying these they left me feeling so fresh i would recommend these to everyone i know
rj - 12:46 PM on Tue-21-Aug-2012 reply | message
Thanks for letting me try these .. they are great!! I still have 9 weeks to go before bub is due and these will definately be on the shopping list til then. REally appreciating the freshness and agree with others , good size and stay in place
sarahhndy - 9:55 AM on Mon-20-Aug-2012 reply | message
I thought they were really good, The only difference i thought between the normal liners was that the maternity are slightly thicker. I used them for a couple days then went a day without them and half way through the day went back with using them. There is a big difference between using them and not using them. Good shape,size and staying in place as said below. I am differently going to keep buying them as i have notice the dryness.
carolinef - 10:00 PM on Sun-19-Aug-2012 reply | message
These are quite absorbent though I didn't notice much difference between them & the normal liners. I wish I'd had them a bit earlier though when I had spotting in early pregnancy so I could have really seen a difference. Will keep them handy for after the birth when the bleeding lightens & I can really test them out!!
lilblondee6 - 12:03 AM on Sun-19-Aug-2012 reply | message
The liners were really good, As they were slightly thicker than a normal liner for all of that extra discharge. And i am confident they will keep me dry for longer as they are very absorbent. There are no wings but they are wide and shaped well so they don't move with the busy lifestyle i have. I really like them and am glad i was picked for the review.
julzth - 11:51 AM on Thu-9-Aug-2012 reply | message
My partner and I are currently trying to conceive and I have noticed since I began taking folic acid I have slight leakage. Would love to trial these
hails2711 - 1:52 PM on Wed-8-Aug-2012 reply | message
Yes please 6 weeks pregnant :-) and hated what I used with my son so keen to try something different this time
Dali - 11:59 AM on Mon-6-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this product what a great idea... I am currently 9 weeks along
Cheekybabes - 11:40 AM on Mon-6-Aug-2012 reply | message
I am only 6 weeks along but would be keen to try these and see how successful they are. I'm a big fan of Libra products so I'm sure these will be great! Thanks
nixzen - 11:38 AM on Mon-6-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these - I am 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby :)
Pearlywhite - 11:35 AM on Mon-6-Aug-2012 reply | message
I'm 8 weeks and would love to try these please.
mummy2nz - 4:26 PM on Sun-5-Aug-2012 reply | message
23 Weeks
mummykane - 3:58 PM on Thu-2-Aug-2012 reply | message
10 weeks today :-)
janette - 1:53 PM on Wed-1-Aug-2012 reply | message
I'm 10 weeks pregnant so would love to trial these thanks :)
Catzombie - 3:27 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
oh man...I'm 14 weeks so have just started my 2nd trimester. Still would be happy to trial if i can tho.
Nananana - 2:00 PM on Tue-31-Jul-2012 reply | message
My daughter in-law is pregnant, due to give me my second grandchild. She is due in September and when I was pregnant (7yrs ago) I made sure that I had the maternity pads for after birth and for the next few months until my cycle returned to normal. I would love for her to try these. Thanks
MrsR - 3:03 PM on Mon-30-Jul-2012 reply | message
Hi, I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child (first child is 9 months). It would be great to trial a new product. Thanks
sarahhndy - 9:02 AM on Mon-30-Jul-2012 reply | message
I'm still in my first semester just, I am 10weeks and11weeks on Wednesday
swirlykiwi - 8:41 PM on Sat-28-Jul-2012 reply | message
Why only in the first trimester? I am 37 weeks pregnant, [the rate my baby is going he will arrive early!] and would LOVE to try these for postnatal use after the heavy flows begin to dye down. Its annoying trying to find something that is comfortable [hardly notice it's there] and actually does what it's meant to do.
shorrty4life - 1:15 PM on Fri-27-Jul-2012 reply | message
Im 6weeks! Found out yesterday! Mega excited! =)
Tammi - 11:40 AM on Thu-26-Jul-2012 reply | message
Gosh I am 28wks pregnant today and man I have been using Maternity Pads non-stop as I have been sick and pee myself when coughing or sneezing. Would also be so much help after baby is here. I am a member of a "Due October" group and would love to share the knowledge on how great ther are.
marbles - 11:18 AM on Thu-26-Jul-2012 reply | message
only 9 weeks to go here, would love to trial this product,..
i know from past experiences finding a good quality absorbent pad for after birth can be a nightmare
rj - 6:53 PM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
I have just started the third trimester but could definately do with these..might be seeking them out at the supermarket I think - Libra definately have the best products after baby is born so worth a try Id say!
kiw1girl - 10:51 AM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
Here was me thinking I didn't have to worry about this kind of thing as I'd left my period behind...nobody tells you this stuff about being pregnant! And I don't know what happened 8 weeks ago, but I'm also there with you ladies :-)
Jembec - 10:06 AM on Wed-25-Jul-2012 reply | message
Only 12 days following IVF treatment. Keen to give these a go
funnelgirl - 6:11 PM on Tue-24-Jul-2012 reply | message
8 weeks, keen to try the product. :)
Keryn247 - 3:27 PM on Tue-24-Jul-2012 reply | message
around 3 weeks :) shhh dont tell anyone
kala - 7:28 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
These sound excellent. I am 5 weeks this Wednesday so would love to give them a go!
carolinef - 4:52 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
8 weeks tomorrow :-)
ingie83 - 4:48 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
I am 8 weeks on Saturday would like to trial...
samala - 2:50 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
Im 8 weeks :-) Would love to try these thankyou :-)
lilblondee6 - 2:23 PM on Mon-23-Jul-2012 reply | message
Aww Unfortunatley I'm in my second trimester but i have found i've only really needed to start using them now.

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