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Leader: JulieKidspot
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Group Information
Group Name: LeapFrog Touch Magic
Mums Say has teamed up with Planet Fun to offer eighteen members with children the chance to become Toy Testers!

LeapFrog Touch Magic uses the latest technology to combine fun, learning and creativity! Every tap, touch and swipe brings the LeapFrog Touch Magic range to life! There are two new toys in the LeapFrog Touch Magic range, the Learning Bus for fun letter learning and The Rockin’ Guitar for any budding musician.

LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus


The new LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus takes young learners on a journey of letter learning through music and games! Whether playing music or interactive games are their thing, the Learning Bus has it all.


  • 40+ Touch points
  • 3 Modes
  • Play the piano or drum
  • 3 easy to learn songs
  • Recommended for kids 2+ years

LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar


New LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar turns budding musicians into rock stars! The Rockin’ Guitar features 10 preschool songs that can be transformed with the touch of a button. Whether playing for a crowd or practising in the bedroom, Rockin’ Guitar is a rock star's ultimate instrument!
  • 10 fun pre-set songs
  • Change the tempo, play acoustic or electric guitar
  • Add drum and crazy sound effects
  • Take a bow with the applause!
  • Recommended for kids 3+ years

Planet Fun has teamed up with Mums Say to offer 18 families the opportunity to be a LeapFrog Toy Tester. The reviewers have been chosen - watch this space for their reviews!

If you have been selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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fishface - 12:42 PM on Tue-21-May-2013 reply | message
Hey all, I thought I better have an update as its been about 7 months and my last post was a big negative. Well... Master 2 is now Master 3 and has decided he quite likes this bus now. He has been picking it up most nights and we have a play of finding letters and then we have a sing along and play the music and he's been having a lot of fun with this. Its probably an age thing, now that he's 3 he's just that much more able to focus for longer periods and has better hand co-ordination.

I'm really pleased we have this in the house, its a great toy and quite a fun addition!
Bermabot - 10:56 PM on Wed-26-Dec-2012 reply | message
Hey cool! I went boxing day shopping today and saw they now have a similar one to the learning bus, but this is a counting train.... :)
I thought that that was quite a nice edition!
lottieg - 12:13 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Well, it's almost a month later and although there will be days at a time when my daughter doesn't get the Learning Bus out, when she does, she is just becomes so focused on it, it's amazing. Luckily she's over the 'swipe my hand across it or press the same button multiple times for fun' phase and is now really intent on listening to all the sounds and playing the 'game' - although still needs help from Mummy & even Mummy sometimes gets the 'find what makes this sound' games wrong (-: I truly feel this toy has helped to extend her interest in letters, with her constantly asking us to spell words or tell her what a sign says etc. Although it may not hold a childs interest for as long a period as some other toys, it really does make learning fun and when they get to a stage where they are truly focused and engaged on it, it is incredible to see!
Bermabot - 4:32 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
It's been close to a moth now in our house and little JP (2.5) still loves his magic bus!!! He asks for it if he can't find it ('pad? pad?') and then will be content playing with it for quite some time at a time.....
We have also established he doesn't like sharing it! lol...
I have noticed improvement in his fine motor skills in terms of the accuracy with which he presses down on the letters or instruments..
He is beginning to use the third 'game' function more frequently....
I do think though that toddlers with free access to tablets will find this a bit mundane as I've noticed my friends baby who is a couple of months older than my boy, is not as captivated by it doesn't perform exactly the same as a tablet.......this should definitely be a pre-tablet toy!! :)
hillys - 8:30 PM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
mmmmm i was just about to buy one!
armstrong31 - 4:20 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
A few weeks on and we have found that the Learning Bus isn't as popular as a couple of other Leap Frog toys that Miss 2 received on her birthday which was in the same week that we received the bus. Miss 3 also gets bored of it quickly and I from watching them play I think they actually like having buttons to press.
I guess like any toy it comes in and out of favour so I don't doubt if I put it away for a few weeks they will love it again when they see it :)
fishface - 1:43 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Its been 2 or 3 weeks since we received the bus and unfortunately master 2 1/2 doesn't want to play with it. He enjoyed it for the first week but whenever I suggest we get it out and play some games or a song he takes it off me and puts it away! I'm hoping he'll want to play with it again at a later date but for now its a real shame as I really like it and think it could be good for him.
lottieg - 2:00 PM on Tue-25-Sep-2012 reply | message
Well, a week or so on and the Learning Bus is still a big hit with my daughter. And I find it great for keeping her entertained in the car. I just love listening to her singing along to the ABC song and to the Wheels on the Bus song. It would be nice at times to have a few more songs programmed into it - but she doesn't seem to mind listening to the same song again and again. She's going through a little phase at the moment where she thinks it's fun to press the same letter over and over so all you hear is eg 'p,p,p...' - but you learn to tune out as it's all about her having fun and exploring (-:

As fishface has commented, because it is a touch screen, then if my daughter leans her arm or other hand on the toy then multiple buttons end up being pushed which can result in a 'mess' of letters and sounds which my daughter at times finds frustrating - but its just a matter of learning and remembering not to lean on it.

A great little toy. Only a week on and my daughter is already starting to recognise a few more letters. Well done Leapfrog for once again making learning fun. And thanks again Kidspot for letting us experience the Learning Bus..
Pearlywhite - 12:42 PM on Tue-25-Sep-2012 reply | message
An update from us a week or so on... Our son has hardly put this guitar down and has declared this his most favourite of all toys. It's so fantastic that seeing him to happy and engaged in play that it brings a smile to all our faces just from watching him. I've recommended this as a toy for Christmas to a couple of friends who have kids of similar age and love music. Just fabulous - thanks again!!!
livandjimi - 1:41 PM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
Sorry for the late review, kiddies have been sick :(
Mr 3.5 was so extremely excited when he opened up the parcel and saw this amazing, bright coloured guitar! The look on his face was sheer delight and the look on his little brothers face was sheer jealousy lol (looks like i will have to get him one too). Chaz has played with it every single day, which is very rare, since the day he got in a couple of weeks ago. He loves pretending hes a rock star and the Touch magic guitar is so awesome how you can just strum it and it sounds very real. He is constantly coming to me and saying "mum listen to this" and doing a little riff for me. And hes finding lots of different settings that it has so much fun! Thanks so much for letting him review this cool toy, its definately his fave! :)
Bermabot - 2:13 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
We were very excited to be selected for the review of the LeapFrog Magic Learning bus (initially me more than Mr JP :P as he had no concept of what the email meant )
It felt like Christmas when we finally got it!!
The first thing I noticed was the packaging. These days you need an engineering degree or help from Houdini to free toys from packaging with all the screws, wires, slots for coins and other security mechanisms! Not with the BUS, no it came free with EASE and we were able to start using it in minutes. First words out of JP’s mouth was “PAD!” – two year speak for ipad! (as we are padded to the max with an ipad, two smartphones and two ipod touches). Second word out of his mouth was MINE! This was when his sisters Miss 7 & Miss 6 edged closer to have a turn.
I decided to observe him over a week (Last Saturday to today) to see how he goes with it and if he tires of it….these are my observations:
Initially he preferred to play with the symbals, keyboard and drums (dad too !! ) Pretty soon he moved on to the music and quickly figured out how to get to ‘wheels on the bus’ his favorite at the moment. It was easy for him to add band members and instruments as he went along, and he loved being able to ‘play’ along.
Over the last couple of days he has noticed the letters more, initially just random pushing, however today he started repeating the words! Which is awesome considering that he has only recently started talking (growing up bilingually can be a bit confusing).
I love that the letters use different words to the everyday words ex , m for maracas as it helps extend the vocabulary.
He hasn’t gotten to enjoy the third mode yet. This is the game play – looking for a letter or sound mode. His sisters have enjoyed this though, and slightly older toddler friends. The fact that he hasn’t gotten around to that bit, doesn’t bother me as it means he could grow with the toy and not tire of it easily.
What makes this different to the applications we download for our children is that it is interactive, and allows for creativity and offers a range of functions. I feel this is good not only for providing entertainment, but will stimulate, memory, vocabulary as well as fine motor skills.
It is sturdy, easy to clean and very flat for it’s size and capabilities. A toy that can travel without hassles….and best of all – it doesn’t smash if accidentally dropped!!
I would definitely recommend this toy for the Christmas list! My friends have been over with babies ranging from 1 year to 3 years and this toy has not failed to please, whether it is the instruments or the letters or the finding game, it has amused and amazed adults and children alike in our living room!!
Thank you Kidspot and Planet Fun for allowing us to test this product! We give it a five star rating (with our only recommendation being a longer version of the wheels on the bus!)
We will be posting this review on my blog as well for all to see! That is how much we like it!!!
Thanks again so very much!
Sweetness10 - 10:38 AM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
Thank you SO much for letting us trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar! I don't think I've ever seen my 3-year-old so excited about a toy before! She was so ecstatic when it arrived that she wouldn't even wait for me to take it out of the packaging before she tried to play it! She's been absolutely loving it and exclaimed "it's my favourite toy ever!" When I asked her why, she told me "because I've decided"! She's been putting on shows for family and friends complete with jumping around the room and shaking her head from side to side as she rocks the songs! My daughter has cerebral palsy and I'm always trying to find toys that will force her to use both of her hands to build up the strength in her weak hand and this fits the bill perfectly! It's lightweight so it's easy for her to hold and because she's a rock star she's also been turning the guitar around in her hands - her occupational therapist is very impressed. Jumping around as she puts on her shows is also great for strengthening her weak leg so as well as being a wonderful toy it's a brilliant therapy device for her. I love that it's not too loud. It has two sound settings but even the louder one isn't too bad at all. She's been taking it literally everywhere with her and is even reluctant to put it down to eat or brush her teeth (it gets slung on her back.) It has 10 great songs and she loves strumming faster to make the songs speed up and the woman's voice sound like a Chipmunk, then slowing it down again. She's also a big fan of using the slide to make riffs. The silly sounds, drums and applause are used for the grand finale in her shows where she shouts out "Yeah! You rock and rock and roll foreverrrrrrr!" and holds the guitar up in the air! So cute. Other times she just sits on the floor with it and tries out all of the cool effects and sings along with the songs (her favourite is Rockin' Robin). My 10-year-old gets a kick out of playing with it too (so do I). My sister and sister-in-law are both planning to purchase these for their kids for Christmas because both kids are begging for one after seeing this.
fishnchips - 10:54 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
My just turned 4 yr old loves the bus! Has barely put it down since it arrived. When I asked her what she like the most she said the buttons - very easy to push. Just basically pushed buttons randomly at first but then realised that she needed to listen to what it was saying properly, now sits for ages pressing the right letters and singing to songs.My 7 yr old wanted to share but has since decided that it was way to young for her - much to my 4yr olds delight! Thanks heaps for choosing us - she is going to have hours of entertainment with it!
IceKiwi - 9:36 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
LeapFrog Magic Touch Guitar is available through FlyBuys points now, retails $49.99
mumof6 - 3:01 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss3 was so excited when the parcel arrived and is just loving playing with the leap frog rockin guitar, she just won't put it down and has even taken it to bed with her!
I love the fact that the volume is not too loud and it has 2 volume settings and an off switch.

It is light and colourful and easy to play (I know this as i've even had a go:P!).
The 10 songs are brilliant and to Miss3's delite her all time favourite action song 'incy wincy spider' is on it!

Miss3 is enjoying giving us performances and loves to speed the songs up aswell as sing along to the music and bows to the applause. She has even started to learn the songs and it is so cute watching her playing and singing along.

She also loves playing with all the other features and crazy effects, especially the drum and applause button. All and all this is a fantastic toy by Leap Frog and I will be recommending it to my friends and family for an excellent xmas present idea. Thanks kidspot andPlanet Fun for choosing as toy testers :).

My3BoysandMe - 2:35 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow! How lucky were we to be chosen to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar????

I was so excited when it arrived and couldnt wait for my 4 year old son to get home from school to show him. When he saw it his eyes lit up and he was frozen in excitment for about 15 seconds. He then grabbed it and out it on. He experimented with the buttons and enjoyed each song before he decided to play it himself. I showed him how to strum and he was away.... everyday for more than a week i woke early in the morning to the sound of the guitar playing and Reef singing along.

I enjoyed the fact that it was small and light, easy to carry around in the car (which was lucky as he didnt want to put it down...ever) and that it was engaging andeasy for the kids to use without having to help them out.
Reef enjoyed the fact you could make the songs faster or slower by how you strummed and the 10 different songs, he and his brother had great fun making the guitar songs sound like the chipmunks.

We would highly recommend this toy to others if they had a budding musician in the family, or if they wanted to introduce music to their child in a fun and engaging way.
Even our 6 year old enjoyed playing it when he could get his hands on it.

So thanks Kidspot and Leapfrog for letting us trial this guitar!!!

Chickenlegs - 1:38 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
O my goodness, my boys have not put the guitar down since it arrived! They absolutly love it, quite suprised the batteries havnt gone flat yet! Even Mr 8 wanted a go with it and loved it.
It is a great toy, nice and light for the little kiddies, nice volume - not really loud like some toys, the 10 songs are all enjoyable songs that arent annoying & its nice and strong, my boys havnt managed to break it at all during the hours and hours theyve used it .
One of my 3 1/2 year old twins found it quite easy to use and realised quite fast how the songs play fatser & slower as he strummed faster/slower. The other is still figuring it all out but is still really enjoying it. They take turns at one being 'on stage' playing the guitar and the other sitting on the floor being the audience, its so cute to watch.
Overall a wonderful fun educational toy, would love to see some other kind of musical instruments from the same Touch Magic range. Would definatly buy them!
ruthb - 9:19 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow!! How exciting... my kids were fizzing with excitement to try out the new learning bus toy! The initial play and experiment phase was pretty quick. At 4 he found it easy to understand and play with. The alphabet recognition is pretty basic, the questions it asks are fairly simple and relate to the picture sound rather than the letter sound. I think the 2 year olds using this will get more out of it. That said I the kids love the music activity. A song plays and the kids can add their own beat and sound effects on top, they come up with some very cool sounds using the drum, keyboard and letter sounds. Miss 7 has had lots of time playing with it and loves it too. My 8 month old is happy to bang and drool on it and it has proved to be sturdy and copes with his love!! I have no doubt he will get alot of use from this in the future and will make better use of the alphabet activities than his older siblings. The bus itself is very light and at first I thought it may be a bit too flimsy but having watched the chn with it I see that is an asset as they are able to cart it around and it isnt bulky or heavy. The touch system, rather then keys or buttons, gives it a modern feel and lets them develop that skill... important with todays touch technologies. Overall I would highly recommend this toy, I think ideally aimed at 3 year olds to get the most alphabet learning from it but can definitely see the benefit of a younger child hearing, seeing and experimenting with letters earlier. Older kids still get alot out of it especially from creative music play. Thanks again... many hours of fun and learning to be had in this house!!
Pearlywhite - 4:21 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Firstly, a huge thank you for letting us trial the Rockin Guitar. From the moment my son opened the box he's hardly put it down - it's even joined us at the dinner table for the past few nights!

I'm so impressed that a toy can be so educational and engaging while still being so much fun. My boy is loving the range of songs and really pretends he is a rockstar - it's super cute and I could watch him for hours. Him and his brother have been very good at taking turns with it and each one pretends to sing to the other so it's been great at getting them playing together and taking turns.

I really like the range of sound that it has on the guitar and the way the kids can work out what all the different ones are.

If your child has any interest in music this would be an amazing Christmas/birthday present. I can see my son getting so much use out of this toy and will be a hit with any friends that come to play as well.

It helps them learn, allows them to explore music and let's them use their imaginations as they transform in to little rockers.

10 out of 10 from this family, I would definitely purchase this toy and think I might buy one for my nephew who is turning 4 next month.

IceKiwi - 1:46 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much Kidspot and Planet Fun!

We were sent the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar and man is it a "rockin' guitar"
(I have to admit I've had a few plays on it ok more than a few)

I love the songs they have selected for this there are 10 in total but they don't grind in your head and have you disliking them instead you catch yourself singing along to songs like Rockn' Robin and 'If your happy and you know it'... I really like the song about "Taking Turns" great one to add in there.

There are 8 touch parts to the guitar the on button, choose a song to play, solo guitar, acoustic/electric sound, guitar riffs, applause, silly sounds and drum sounds.
The guitar also comes with a strap which means the guitar doesn't get dropped easily.

My four children have loved all having turns and yep I have to use the gingerbread timer as they always want a go. My Mr 4 is often caught rockin' around the house with it and singing away he loves it! He also often asks for my undivided attention as if he is performing in an actual rock concert. We received it late last week and he has played with it everyday several times a day so far.

Mr 4 and Miss 5 got out their other instruments drum, microphone, xylophone and of course the rockin' guitar and had a little jam session I missed the camera op but will be sure to get it next time. It was fantastic to see them incorporating it into their play and making their own game up on top of what the guitar can actually do. It definitely helps engage their creativity.

The guitar itself is very easy to use, its lightweight, has bright colours, and is strong enough for my four children.

The kids loved finding out that when they were strumming too fast the singing voice turns into chipmunks they were all laughing so much.

This toy is definitely a great addition to any music collection your child may have.

Its fun, gets them moving, singing, dancing, being creative and there are lots of laughs.

Thanks again we really love this product!

Now to see how long the batteries last-one week down and still going strong so far.
Demismum - 8:51 AM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have just uploaded a photo of my little one (age 2 Just) enjoying her new toy. We really struggle with a long comute three days per week to get my daughter to daycare and me to work (sometimes up to 80 mins each way in traffic!) The magic learning bus has been fantastic! She has used it every day this week and it keeps her happy and occupied for at least half the trip.

On the structural side its light and easy for her to pick up and put down and it slots next to her carseat perfectly without taking up hardly any space in the back seat.
To start with there was lots of randomly pushing buttons, laughing and describing the pictures but she has now moved on to playing the songs, singing along and searching for things among the letter buttons. She interacts with me whilst using it too which is lovely and im able to ask her to find pictures and push buttons throughout the journey. I can imagine this toy is going to be fantastic when my next baby arrives and im busy feeding etc. I also caught her singing the ABC song to herself last night in bed so she is obviously learing as well as having fun. :)

My only complaint has been that the " J button" gets stuck at times. (it might be that my daughter is a little rough) but hearing "J is for jam jjjjjjj" on repeat can get a bit annoying. Little miss doesnt seem to mind though and just carries on playing.

Big Thankyou for letting us try out this toy. Educational, fun, easy to use and keeps little miss 2 occupied. What more could we ask for.
fishface - 8:56 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
I've just uploaded a photo of Master 2 enjoying his new toy - he couldn't even wait for it to come out of its box he was so excited!

This toy is amazing. Its so light and skinny and yet it does so much, it truly is incredible what can be done with technology. A huge thank you for letting us trial this Leapfrog Touch Magic Learning Bus it has been a hit for all kids including the "big" kids aged 7 & 8.

Master 2 is at this stage just enjoying the sounds that come from pushing buttons and he likes the piano and the drums (although I think I like the drums more!). I must admit I haven't had a lot of time to sit with him and get him practicing his letters but when I have he would rather move on and play the songs or just randomly push buttons anyway. I'm looking forward to sitting down and working out all the different bits to it.

One negative I have noticed is that Master 2 hasn't worked out he needs to hold his arm up so when he leans on the bus with his arm several of the letters all sound at once which can be pretty distracting for him. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually so I'll keep persevering in teaching him how to push the buttons with his hand and not lean on it in other places.

This toy seems pretty sturdy too despite it being so light, and I like (as mentioned by other reviewers) how there aren't any buttons to fall off and it will be easy to wipe clean if necessary.

I'll update once I've had a chance to have a play myself and whether this does actually help the little one to learn his letters and sounds.

coolnan - 6:11 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
My grandson absolutely loves this made his day. He has turned into a rockstar. The wig has to go on when he plays with it. And even his 9 year old brother has enjoyed having a turn. It is a good size, and has great sound that I don't find too annoying!! My grandson enjoys the electric guitar option and particulary likes making it have a really fast tempo. He LOVES rockin robbin and adding in the drums. This toy is great because he will happily play with it without the need for help...and does this multiple times a day.He pretty much worked out how to use it by himself with very little assistance. It isn't at all complicated...even for an old girl! It seems good and robust, I imagine it will last a few years, and I know he won't grow out of it too soon.... all kids love music and making music. I will be interested to know how long the batteries are going to last. Thankyou very much for the oppurtunity to test this toy...have to admit I have had a bit of a play myself!! I will post anything else as I think of it.
nicirving - 4:07 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
After the initial excitement of a new toy, I thought I'd watch miss 2 over a few days to see what and how she played with the Magic Touch Learning Bus.
When she first got it, it was all about pressing as many buttons as possible.
But after a few days this is my feedback.
I've noticed that she'll pick this up 3-4 times a day and play with it, and often pulling in mum or day to play too.
Her favourite parts are, the paino, the drums and the characters and she is loving the 'wheels on the bus' song.
My favourite parts are: hearing her sing more letters of the 'alphabet' song and listening to her follow the voice commands and sounding out the letters. I also liked that there was a volume switch on the back!
I thought the pictures below the letters could have been a little bit bigger, but overall, I really like the toy. It's got a few different levels that are age/skill appropriate. So as she gets older she'll utilise the toy's functions better.
But what i thought was cute was miss 2 saying to her daddy 'daddy, say mmmm' 'now say t' (as in sounding the letters). Daddy thought it as great because he had learning difficulties (dyslexia) when he was little so he was quite happy to sit there and sound out words with miss 2.
Yip, I'd recommend to other mum's, especially if there is more than one pre-schooler in the house.
veronicad - 5:36 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My kids LOVE this toy, thank you Leapfrog. We got the Magic Touch Learning Bus. The only thing better than this toy, would be having two or three of them! My three children have been fighting over it for a few days now. I have resorted to using the egg timer to make sure everyone gets their fair turn. My six year old has been mainly using it to spell out a whole lots of names! My four year old loves the songs the best, playing along with the animals, piano and drums. And my two year old just plays with it randomly. He loves buses. I think Leap frog have done a really good job with this. I can't actually think of anything that would be a negative. I like how light it is, little two year carries it around with him everywhere. It is a pretty amazing toy really! So light, so flat, but so many different aspects to it. It is obviously easy to clean. It seems pretty durable so far. Having the touch screen sort of reminds me of an ipad. The technology in it is awesome. I wish they had this sort of stuff around when I was growing up! I am going to use it to teach my reluctant letter learner his letters, and all of a sudden he seems much more interested! Yay. Thanks Leapfrog. A fantastic toy. I thought it would be good but was suprized just how great it really is. Can't recommend it highly enough!
armstrong31 - 8:43 PM on Sun-16-Sep-2012 reply | message
We were so excited to be chosen to review the Touch Magic learning bus! MIss 2 (in a few days) couldn't believe her eyes! And were weren't disappointed, Leap Frog really know how to make toys :)
The first thing she wanted to do was 'play the piano' and she loves the way you can slide your finger back and forward to make the notes change and how every letter makes a different sound to play along to her favourite song (ABC wins out over Wheels on the Bus for her). And mummy loves to help by playing the cymbol and drum for her :)
So far she hasn't got bored of the music to move onto the letters (even with encouragement to try the letters out) but she has got bored of having to share it with her sister :)

Miss 3 loves playing and singing along with the music and has already worked out how many times to push the music note so she only has to listen to The Wheels on the Bus! She also quite likes playing the games but she does get bored of that fairly quickly as there are only two 'questions' before you have to press the game button again (strange considering she doesn't get bored of pressing the button for the music!).
This is definitely another great toy from leapfrog to help learning their letters and encouraging listening & problem solving. And it's great to see the toys becoming more and more like real life touch screens, no buttons to get stuck due to having food or drink all over them!
Plus the fact that it is slimline and lightweight makes it fantastic for travelling with. And it doesn't make such a clunk when one of the kids bashes the other on the head with it!

If I had to say something not quite so positive it would probably be that the letters aren't quite as clear to read as with our other Leapfrog toys probably due to the picture being there as well. I did notice Miss 3 was a bit slower identifying them than she is normally but that was only with the initial couple of plays, now she's adapted to her sisters 'special piano' :)
We'll let you know how it survives over the next few weeks, Miss 3 wants to take it to Kindy for Show and Tell ;)
lottieg - 1:17 PM on Fri-14-Sep-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for choosing us to review the Learning Bus. It arrived yesterday and my 2 1/4 year old daughter was literally jumping with excitment as I pulled the Learning Bus from the box, saying "it's got letters on it mummy, it's got letters". She didn't even realize you could turn it on to make sound/music initially as she was just so transfixed on getting me to name all the letters as she sang the ABC song at the top of her lungs (-: And when I finally turned it on and showed her all the buttons and what it could do, for once in her little life she was actually speechless she was beyond excited! And I think Mummy had just as much fun trying it out as she did (-:

She loved the learning mode, pressing the different letters and hearing the name of the letter being told to her - which finally saved Mummy from having to name all the letters over and over again (-: She's been fascintated by letters and numbers since a very early age so this toy is a truly fun but educational way of presenting the alphabet to her. She enjoyed the games mode also, but this mode is probably geared to a child slightly older (having to listen to instructions and choose the picture/letter that corresponds etc), so she will probably get even more enjoyment out of this mode as she gets a bit older. But I really liked the fact that it got her listening and trying to work it out and had her asking me lots of questions, really stretching her little brain. And I think Mummy (and then Daddy when he came home from work) had just as much fun as our daugther with the music mode. I liked that you didn't just press a button and it played music, like some toys do - but that you could play the keyboard along and a press the different animals to add drums or symbols etc. I liked the fact that you could play around with different sounds and essentially make music yourself - and the fact that the words to the songs are educational is an added bonus.

Like 'fishnchips' I like that it is flat/touchscreen like so there is no risk of buttons falling off or being accidently pulled off by over-eager hands. And because it is flat it is so easy to wipe down those grubby fingerprints afterwards.

It's already been in the car to the shops with us and she's had fun showing all her teddy's and dolls her 'new ABC bus'. My only 'negative' comment to make at this stage was that it was very hard to pull her away from this toy in order to have dinner and a bath last night (-: But that can only be a good thing for those who want a truly mesmorizing and interactive new toy. Will keep you posted to see if her interest remains just as intense over the coming weeks.
fishnchips - 3:45 PM on Thu-13-Sep-2012 reply | message
Received the learning bus today - missed the email saying we were chosen to test this so was a awesome surprise this morning! Very excited! Was intending for my 4 year old to be the tester but have had to give them time slots that they are allowed to play with it! They only had 5 minutes each before school and kindy this morning so will have a better play later. From appearances it is very easy to use and very kid friendly! Buttons easy to press and being flat like they are they wont fall off or be able to be pulled off. Watch this space - more updates to follow! Thanks!
jafaj - 9:41 PM on Wed-12-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old would love to try your LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. He enjoys making lots of noise with anything he can find in our cupboards so would be nice to give him a guitar instead of my good pots & pans. :)) Rock on
skyela - 10:08 PM on Tue-11-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have two gorgeous toddlers 3 and 5 who would love to test these out!
awells11 - 9:32 PM on Sun-9-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our we girl would love to test one of these toys, leap pad make great toys
Shirley - 10:23 PM on Fri-7-Sep-2012 reply | message
Jordan (just turned 4) would love to review the LeapFrog touch magic rockin guitar, it is so up her alley. She loves music and singing. It amazes me how she belts out Taylor Swift , Katy Perry's songs.<br>She has a ear for music and I can see this product will help enhance her love for music .
Chickenlegs - 1:52 PM on Fri-7-Sep-2012 reply | message
My twin 3 1/2 year old boys would love to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar, they are obsessed with musical instruments at the moment! They always let me know what toys they think are 'cool' or 'silly' so i think they would make great toy testers... plus you would get two reviews not just one :)
JacqIAm - 9:10 PM on Thu-6-Sep-2012 reply | message
It would be neat to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin’ Guitar as my 3 year old is miles behind on his vocab, it's been noted he is talking at a 22 month old or less, we have found he is better with language through singing, so any toy that can assist I think would be wonderful
SandraG - 10:14 PM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 1/2 yr old girl would love to try the Learning Bus. She is beginning to learn the alphabet and written letters/names. She has a great vocabulary and would give great reports on what she thinks of the product.
MissMuffet - 3:31 PM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi I am 3 years old and wud love to try out the Magic Rockin Guitar, but mum says the Magic Learning Bus wud be good too. So please please pick me for one of these Leap Frog Toys to play with and review. I wud be ever so grateful and really really happy with either of these items and so wud mum. So Thank You and advance.
Ellie6612 - 12:55 PM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 month old daughter loves listening to music. This would be good to help her with her coordination
missmaddysmum - 10:53 AM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old daughter would love to trial the Magic Rockin Guitar. She loves music singing and dancing, and is very opinionated and will defintly let me know if she doen't like something and why!
coolnan - 10:46 AM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My grandies spend alot of time with me as my daughter is studying to become a nurse. I just know my 3 year old granson would love the Magic Rockin Guitar. He likes to sing and dance.
Vegasmum - 10:41 AM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old is going to be our entertainer!!! Already loves to put on a show, and he would absolutley love the Magic Rockin Guitar!! He is our youngest of 3 and we have never had a toy guitar. i am sure the older two would enjoy this too. Thanks.
haykay - 10:17 AM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 15 month old would love to test the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus (and so would his mum). He has spend long periods of time with his fridge alphabet from a very early age. I have noticed in the last month however that he is not interested in putting the letter in (probably because he is sick of the sound) but using the letters to fill his bucket. Having something new that makes a new sound would hopefully revise his passion for the alphabet.
caseyraskew - 9:26 AM on Wed-5-Sep-2012 reply | message
My almost three year old would love to try the learning bus. He has just started to take a lot of interest in educational toys and is starting to say more and more words while playing with them. I think this would make him laugh and i really think he would enjoy it.
eingedc - 8:28 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old daughter Aqui would love to test the Magic Rockin Guitar. She dreams to be a pop idol / rock star some day. She Is up to date with the latest Songs and mtvs She has a microphone but I think a guitar is just what she needs. She is a toy feature finder, if a toy can do it, she will definitely find it. She also speaks her mind about features that a toy must have so I will definitely be able to give that feedback. I hope she gets picked! Thanks
JaydensMumShonny - 7:35 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our son Jayden Axel has always been our little rock star with his love/obsession of guitars! As well as music and any other instrument. Our son would absolutely love love love to trying out either of these products! Especially the Guitar! :)
He is already a fan of leapfrog (with a Scout toy & a Leap Pad - which he & us love all the learning games!)
ClaireG - 5:02 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My children would both love the Touch Magic Learning Bus. My daughter is 3 and absorbs everything. Somehow she managed to learn what the numbers 1-9 look like without me noticing. She is pretty picky with toys and will only play with something if it is really good. My son will be 1 in October. He is into everything and really loves pushing buttons.
happyfrau - 4:02 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My preschool daughter would make a great reviewer of the learning bus. She is a fan of leapfrog toys having inherited her brother's collection of them and would love to be the "first owner" on one herself! She is always singing and playing music so this would be right up her street.
cranster84 - 3:49 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have two boys who would be great toy testers...Oliver is 3 years boy who likes to know how things work. He is very patient and intense in his play and is particularly interested in music. James is an 18month 'go getter' who plays hard and fast!
They would love to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar. I am sure these 2 very different children would provide valuable feedback on how the toy can be used by different ages and personalities.
becksmum - 3:28 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Becky is nearly 4 years old and is not interested in books or toys that other children her age all seem to love :/ she does however like playing with her older siblings phones and ipads!!! She would be a perfect tester for the Learning Bus, if she is intrested in it you can bet your bottom dollar all kids would love it! Her birthday is at the end of september and what a fantastic treat the learning bus would be :)))))))))
Demismum - 2:38 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Oh these look great! My 2 year old little girl would LOVE the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. Shes already singing and dancing and loves anything she can do herself! We also commute 2 hours per day to get me to work and her to daycare so this would be well and truely tested in the car and hopefully keep her happy for at least some of the journey.

HopeJasmin - 2:07 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think my 2 year old boy would absolutely love to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. He's really into pushing buttons and music at the moment. Just at that touch/reaction age and has no trouble expressing his views of the playability of toys. I think this would be a fascinating toy for him to trial and would love the opportunity for him to test it for you. <3
cbirch - 1:49 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
I think my 2 1/2 year old boy would make a great toy tester for the learning bus. He already has a leap pad which he LOVES. He likes listening to the music and of course pushing all the buttons! He spend ages playing with it. And he has just started becoming more interested in letters - pointing them out in books etc. Would love the opportunity for him to try this.
nadia - 1:30 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi My girl will be 4 next month, she loves learning her letters and numbers, she reads letterbox numbers and numbers on the buses and things where ever we go.
She also absolutely loves music and pretends to play the guitar.
so either of these toys would be perfect for her! She loves trying new things and would really give the toy a good workout lol,
annette - 1:25 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have a 2 years 8 month old little boy who loves to entertain and singing, He would love to review either toy. We are just home from a coffee group at a friends house where he sang twinkle twinkle for everyone whilst strumming on the ukulele!! Next time it could be on the LepFrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar!!
leebd - 1:20 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My girls are 10 months, 2 and 4 years old, they would LOVE to play with the magic learning bus and it would be great to see if it entertains all three ages!
Leightk3 - 1:20 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow! My 5 year old boy would love the Rockin guitar, he is such a performer already, we have so many home movies of his air guitar moves, that would be great! His 2yr old sister would absolutely love the Magic learning bus too, she is already trying to talk and put words into sentences, well, she tries to boss her big brother around all the time so maybe they could join forces and I may have a wee band on my hands! Lol!!
fishnchips - 1:12 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 4yr old girl would love the leapfrog learning bus toy! She had just turned 4 and has started to show interest in letters and learning and can't wait to go to school!
sharkane - 1:03 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Would l love this for my boy he is having trouble with his letters at school and he loves music any chance he gets he is either dancing, making up songs or playing music! Thanks!
melnel - 12:57 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Oh my, both my boys (22 months and 3) would LOVE the guitar. In fact, the young one saw it in the shop the other day and stood there pointing and shouting, "Tar, Tar, Tar.. MUMMY, play TAR!" Both boys are very musical and are constantly making guitars out of whatever they can find (a stick, their hobby horse, a spatula). I think all children make great toy testers.... I hope my boys get the chance to :)
caelbug - 12:56 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son would love to test this, because he's a very active 3 year old boy who loves to learn, has a keen interest in letters and numbers at the moment and all time favourite thing is "buses" he is so passionate about them.
So I would say he would be head over heals in love with this bus too.
His mummy and daddy say this would be great for him and would be very grateful if we're selected to review the Leap Frog Touch Magic Learning Bus.
Mummy says more so, because as a dyslexic (diagnosed in adulthood, when studying at university) it's essential that we can provide early intervention to our son so he gets the best opportunity to learn, and we can help identify any learning problems early on so he gains just as much from his education as he can. Thanks!!
wendylouise - 12:56 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
my wee man would love to test one of these. he loves music and playing with toy instruments. loves dancing while making music as well
jjsmum - 12:52 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow!! My son would make such an awesome toy tester for the Leapfrog Touch Magic Learning Bus!! he is 2 and just loves his music and is really into learning at the moment so he would be perfect!!! And he loves playing the "big" piano so this would be great for him :)
JacqEmma - 12:08 PM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss Three is typical of her age group, loves music, dancing and making loud noise. We'd love to be testers :)
emma30 - 9:57 AM on Tue-4-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter who is nearly 4 would love to test the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. She really loves music and interactive toys, she is always pretending to put on concerts for us.
ruthb - 9:58 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son would be a fantastic toy reviewer. He is a curious guy who really spends time with his toys. My older daughter had a low attention span but he will sit for ages exploring and learning. These toys both sound fantastic for him. The learning bus would be good for him as he is showing interest in letters... he is 3.
lindyloos - 9:43 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
definitely one for my 20 month old daughter who NEVER sits still unless she's sleeping so it would be interesting to see just how long this particular toy would keep her occupied. also daddy is a musician so would be great to see the duo perform together on the rocking guitar
travelbugnz - 8:55 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yay LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus sounds fantastic... our daughter LOVES music, singing and dancing so this all in all sounds perfect. We try to do lots of games together but it really helps to have a tool to do this with. I have fingers crossed for her on this!!!
jafaj - 8:41 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Rock on was what my 3 year old girl said when I showed her this guitar. I have tried a different one from the toy library in the past and ending up having to pay for late fees because it was so popular with both my children. Would be awesome to be given a chance to review the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar :))
Joyful - 8:12 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old absolutely loves music! She is always singing and making up songs - about anything from cupboards to birds - and turns almost any object into an instrument. My rock star would be an ideal candidate to review the Touch Magic range.
natsmum - 7:55 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Mast 3 would love to trial the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar - He loves to play his "tar" (his sisters ukelele) and loves music, hes a whizz on a drum kit as well!. Music is a big part of his life, he loves singing anything most of the time. We have other leapfrog toys which are all well loved and have stood up well to the rigours of children and we would love to trial this.
rollsr - 7:54 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
my daughter would be an ideal candidate. She has had mum in hospital recently and is desperately in need of a new toy to cheer her up. Is obsessed with music and playing instruments and would very much love a guitar to play and cheer her up!
nicirving - 7:48 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old would love to play with the Learning bus. She's at that stage where she's starting to remember certain words to songs and loves playing the drums (and will get her fingers all over a piano if she can!), so this sounds like we could play with this together, (and will let mum study up on the words to nursery rhymes!)
gemm73 - 7:33 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3-year old loves playing with his Daddys Guitar (although only allowed to do so when Daddys there!) He would love to play along with his own Guitar - they would have a great time!!
mumof6 - 7:32 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss3 would just love the LeapFrog touch rockin guitar! She just loves musical instruments and singing and dancing and is a real performer, lol! She loves the musical instruments at kindy and they are the first thing she plays with upon arriving. I think Miss3 would make a fantastic toy tester!!!
smoodles - 6:45 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would love to try the learning bus, my son is 17 months old and he loves music and singing, he quite often will pick up random objects and try and make music so I think this would be a brilliant toy for him
looies1 - 6:03 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 daughters and there friends and cousins would love to trial this, they often have singing and fun concerts with the pots and wooden spoons. Having a guitar would be wonderful to add to the band. Thanks for the chance.
sophieh - 5:46 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son would LOVE to try the magic rocking guitar please, he is a huge music fan and has taken to showing us his recorder skills lately. He has us all entertained with his dancing and music enthusiam and I think this guitar would definately be well utilised and tested in our house!
cwarby - 5:45 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Mr 3 would love to test the guitar. His older brother has an electric guitar and a ukelele that he WILL NOT share with him, much to Mr 3's disappointment, as he loves to make music!
mary110370 - 5:31 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
The Magic Rockin Guitar would go down a treat in this house. We recently got given a purple plasstic ukelele and it has to be the most used toy in the house. After initial fighting over it, now it is taken in turns for one child to make 'fabulous' music and the other children to dance. I have kiddies aged 4, 2 and 18months in the house.
Mardi - 5:26 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wee Sterling's just turned 3 & loves anything that makes a noise the louder the better as far as he's concerned
Sweetness10 - 4:59 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3-year-old daughter LOVES making music! She regularly puts on shows with musical instruments and sings and dances. Musical instruments are her toys of choice and everyday at kindy she makes music. The LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar would also be great for her because it'd encourage her to use both of her hands. She has cerebral palsy and it's essential to encourage her to use her weak hand to build up her strength, so I'm always trying to find toys that will force her to use both of her hands.
kay8805 - 4:49 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Miss 3 loves to make music and sing (you should hear her as I write this post singing to movie credits). with would make her day not to mention keep her from stealing miss 6 months snacks haha
KZR2009 - 4:07 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old girl just loves anything that makes noise. So this would make her the happiest. Me, probably not so much haha
nikki - 3:53 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter is nearly 18months and son is 3years and both LOVE music, they will start dancing the moment they hear music and both love to sing along.
neesha - 2:23 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
My lil princess turns 3 this month and thinks she is a rockstar as she loves music and dance and sings all the time. She would simply love it.
ECAW - 2:22 PM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Ooooh!!! YES please for my Master 5!! He LOVES his music and his dance, he likes to jive and put beaty music on quite loud, its so cute actually. Please consider him for a toy tester!!!
michp - 11:54 AM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
Master 4 would love to trial the LeapFrog Touch magic rockin guitar. He's always competing with his big sisters when they "perform" their dance concerts to any audience who will would be great for him to have something of his own to perform!
rachaelsfun - 11:30 AM on Mon-3-Sep-2012 reply | message
wow would love the touch magic learning bus ... have a master 15 months thats pretty intellegent that knows and loves to touch buttons and sounds right now :) and this would be perfect
even master 9 yrs will help show him how to play it lol
mellyb - 11:00 PM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
i have an 8 year old, nearly 3 and a 1 year old. the littlies would love to test either one of these toys, we have had great learning experiences with other LeapFrog toys. I have always found them to be good quality and lots of fun and the kids go back to plying with them all the time. my nearly 3 year old can recite the alphabet already, just from using the fridge phonics. my one year old loves music and i quite often see him having a boogie.
kymie83 - 9:52 PM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little man would love to test these toys, especially the bus. He is 3 and very inquisitive, he loves his leap frog toys and spends long amounts of time playing them, leap frog has been an awesome learning tool for both my kiddies, and my little boy loves numbers and i hope through music he will start to love playing with letters too. Looking forward to hearing the reviews on these toys, the reviews on the last leapfrog toy were awesome and we are looking to get it for our son. Thanks for the opportunity.
armstrong31 - 9:40 PM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little Miss 2yo (next week!) would love love love the Touch Magic Learning Bus! We love Leapfrog products in our household. Her 3yo has her Leapfrog Laptop and Miss 2 is ALWAYS trying to steal it! They learned to sing the ABC with their fridge phonics too! And one of her other favourite songs is the Wheels on the Bus so I know this would be a massive hit!!
Mummyleigh - 4:20 PM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2yo daughter would love to test/play with the rockin guitar or the learning bus as she likes to play with musical toys and leapfrogs toys are awesome.
margaretlor - 10:10 AM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
my little man would love to trial LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin" Guitar he kepts trying to play his gradad old guitar which is bigger then he is we have been ouy looking at garitar in the shops but every one has something differant about them , As he love music , I would like to encouge this very much and starting from a young age he is only 2years old , The girls at the day care center said he is always playing with some sort of muical toy
radioguru - 9:45 AM on Sat-1-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 3 daughters - 8, 3 and 9 months. My 8 year old has been a HUGE fan of Leapfrog for most of her life, so I already know how awesome their products are. I would love for my 3 year old to test out the Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. Her daddy is a musician (bass, guitar, mandolin) and she wants to be just like him! If we can get all our girls interested in 'music' from a young age, they could be a girly version of Kings of Leon. :o)
cnikb - 2:11 PM on Fri-31-Aug-2012 reply | message
Our little one is 18 months but think that she would be right into the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus as she loves to make music and dance
bexs - 11:48 AM on Fri-31-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a new two year old who loves to exspres herself through noise, rhythm and movement, so what a great opportunity this would be! She has the Leap Frog phone, and we have to take this everywhere.
queenbean - 10:14 PM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3 and a half year old son thinks he is a rock star and would absolutely LOVE to test the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar!! LeapFrog products are always fabulous so I'm sure this would be no exception!!! :)
Resse - 7:27 PM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
Master 23 months would love to test the Leapfrog Touch Magic Learning bus! He is really loving cause and effect toys right now, and also really loves music and movement! The bus sounds like it will be a great toy for him to test!
He is also taking an interest in letters, as that is what the older ones are doing. This sounds like it would be a great toy for that as well.
Pearlywhite - 12:12 PM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son would LOVE to try the Rockin Guitar. He loves music and often pretends he's a rock star so this would be perfect! What amazing toys there are for kids of today :)
aucklandjules - 11:37 AM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love to trial the Touch magic Rockin Guitar. She loves music and is at the age of 3 where I could ask her questions and she would tell me what she likes and doesn't like. Honest opinions. She loves to play and learning is a big part of her day as she experiences new things.
lottieg - 10:18 AM on Thu-30-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 26 month old daughter would just love the Magic learning bus! She loves music and anything that enables her to create music on her own. And despite only being two she has always been advanced language-wise and has an immense interest in letter and words already. Therefore I can just imagnie her delight with the magic learning bus as it seems like such an ideal, fun and interactive way to foster and develop this love even further. One of her favourite songs is the ABC song which she sings as loud as she can - much to the cats dismay (-: She also loves putting her magnetic fridge letters together to form 'words' and getting me to read out all of her creations, and loves to sit down next to Mummy to 'write' letters and texts to all her little friends. She can already recognise and name some of the letters in her name and one of her favourite books is a simple alphabet picture book - but in the past few months she is less interested in the pictures but constantly demanding me to name the letter before she takes the book and goes to the fridge to see if she can find the magnetic letter that matches the page. Although I know she is still very little and there are alot of other deserving children who would love to test out this toy, while she has such a love for letters and words then I'd love to keep her interest alive. And I can't think of a better educational toy than the Magic Learning Bus - I'm sure it'll beat Mummy reading the letters over and over again, and certainly save me from voice loss too (-:
Edna - 8:24 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
Our 2 year old would love to try the magic learning bus as she is really into music and dancing. This would be perfect to help with her leaning!
jobrush - 3:59 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old often looks with longing and her older brothers "learning" games and demands "I do it all my-by-self!" She loves music and anytime there is any hint of a tune she is bopping away - she can just about sing the entire alphabet song and I just know the bus would be a chance for her to visualise what some of the letters actually mean! Please pick us!!!
esilby - 3:25 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love to be a tester for the bus please!! :)
satrinaindica - 3:16 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 19 month old daughter Satrina would be a great tester for the leap frog touch magic learning bus as she loves to play with educational toys and really enjoys dancing along with the tunes she can get her toys to make. :)
Please oh please let her be a tester! :)
Silver - 12:14 PM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old son Rowan would be a great toy tester as he is inquisitive, bright and loves to learn! He would really love to test the guitar as he has been talking a lot about learning to play music lately.
Thank you
cathw - 11:15 AM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi my three year old daughter would absolutely love to test the guitar. She is very into music and envious of her older sister who has real instruments she is not allowed to touch! This would be perfect fun learning opportunity for her. Please pick us!
nette21 - 9:07 AM on Wed-29-Aug-2012 reply | message
I think my three year old would make a great reviewer of the Learning Bus. She speaks very well and has a great vocabulary but does not put the image of the letter with what letter it is. I think this could help her learn and being that it would be fun at the same time as learning i'm sure she would enjoy it.
Angel - 11:49 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 boys (aged 4 & 5 yrs) would love the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar - they know all the songs to all their favourite TV programmes, they love practicing "air guitar", often call themselves "rock stars" etc. Sounds like their dream come true ! :-)
mummy2nz - 11:09 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old son would love to trail the magic rockin guitar he loves to play music. he is very fussy when it comes to buying toys and he also tells me why he dose not like about them and whats best about them
Loren - 9:58 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I know my 18 month old boy would love love love the Magic Learning Bus. He learns best and loves anything to do with music.
blynda - 9:49 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I think my little girl Amber would be a fabulous toy tester as she is 16 months and so inquisitive. She loves to trial new things and would love to trial the Magic Bus. She has learnt when you press some buttons on some things it makes noise and now she is up to the next stage by learning what buttons do and consequence effect. Oh I would love this as she loves the Leapfrog fridge phonics that she has had for a year now and still loves it.
fritter - 9:49 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter would love to trial the Leapfrog Magic Touch Learning Bus. Her big brother has a Leappad and my daughter is always adopting toys as her "computer". The learning bus is just what she is looking for!
corinne33 - 9:46 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old would LOVE the learning bus I am sure. She sings her alphabet partly & counts to herself & we haven't bought her anything like this as yet (:
JeniP - 9:28 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a foster child who has the brain of a 4 year old. She would love to trial either of these toys. We are always looking to find something to stimulate her brain and these look brilliant
Cazper - 9:22 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2year old would be so excited to trial the learning bus. It would hold his attention span longer. He is trying to count and sings and dances to songs.
thecoffeelady - 9:21 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
The learning bus looks amazing, it has all the favourite feature of my daughters toys, it has buttons to push and it makes noise. She loves to dance along to music and adores anything with buttons. She is 14 months and would be a great reviewer and no doubt will within about 5 minutes of the toy arriving be finding our everything it does, I have my suspicion she is going to be a mechanic when she grows up going by the way she has to figure everything out.
kiwinutter - 9:17 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
The Learning Bus would be cool. I have 4 kids (11, 9, 7 and 4) so the 4 year old misses out a lot on new and unused things! I think he'd love this and I know what great quality Leapfrog is :)
mumoftwoboys - 8:28 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have two sons who love 'making music', they are aged 4 and 2. Would love for them to try The Rockin Guitar, as they are currently using my 21st key that I got many years ago as a guitar!! Just love watching them enjoying music.
Squirrel29 - 8:14 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son about at 23mths would love to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. He would be a wonderful tester as he is currently holding up letters and trying to say them to me (not to much success), and is such a parrot when it comes to talking so anything that can help with this would be wonderful. Plus he loves music or anything musical he can control, but he is a boy and everything also has to be tested for hardiness, by standing, throwing, banging etc. It would be a great trial to either keep his attention and/or stand up to the day to day abuse.
hillys - 8:04 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have 3 kids
oldest is 8yrs old girl would love to help the two little ones with testing both.
middle is 4 yrs old girl love to test the Learning Bus she will need to learn before she goes to school.
last one is 2 half. boy. this one would love to test Guitar to play hard out in the country paddock for his party to please his crazy fans heehheh
malandrob - 7:44 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Master B (2.5) can't wait to play his big brothers guitar or keyboard and wants to practice his music at the same time. He often resorts to singing if he doesn't get to play his music. So either the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus or the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar would be gratefully tested for KidSpot!
Wanja - 7:39 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I had to resort buying a ukelele for my 21 month old - he plays in a band with his grandfather - yes, it is the first global band using Skype. If he can get the Magic Rockin' Guitar they will become famous (among the family of course). He will just love having his own "electric" guitar!
Haylee9 - 7:39 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My nearly three year old daughter would just love the bus, she just loves to sing nursery rhymes
Rowene - 6:48 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi My 4 year old upcoming musician would love to trial the guitar. She has even written to Santa for a guitar for this christmas so early in the year as she doesn't want Santa to forget she wants one beacause she has to teach her little sister (one) winkle winkle and ba ba black sheep. I so look forward to trial any of the toys as it would be a joy to both my kids and Dad will just love them as he loves to play with the little toys himself. so a whole family of fun fun fun. Cheers and thanks
Coring - 6:00 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter is 6 and she would love to be a toy tester LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. She would be a great toy tester because she likes to play any musical instrument especially the guitar. This will give her the chance to explore her talents and skills and inclination towards playing a musical instrument. thanks.
Cazza - 5:45 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son would love the bus, he loves pushing buttons as all children do, and currently one of his favourite songs is wheels on the bus. He would enjoy finding out what each button does, and then explaining it to Daddy! It would also be great to test as I am an ECE teacher, and we are always being asked what are the best toys to buy for children to help with their exploration and learning.
kahlansmum - 5:25 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter (4) would absolutely love and rock out with the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. She would be perfect to review this because she is soooo into making music right now. My partner is in a band and she gets so excited to listen to them practice. How neat for her to be able to play along on her guitar too. Would be a great confidence boost for her, and a great start to get her into music herself. She would review the 'rock' outta this!!!
jessmcb - 4:55 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My wee boy would LOVE to test the new LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus for you! Anything with buttons is fun and with the side effect of learning, that's awesome!
bushra - 4:53 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
We dont just test functionality, we also chk button strengths, circuit's shock resistance n the plastic's breakability against wall-smashes!!
UpsyDaisy - 4:47 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old would make a great toy tester as she is quite the toy expert and very willing to let all and sundry aware of her opinions. She has had a couple of LeapFrog toys previously and absolutely loved it. I love that she is having fun while learning!
lilblondee6 - 4:36 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 5 year old would love to trial the guitar and my son is nearly two and he loves electronics especially my daughters toys and our cell phones so he would love to trial the magic learning bus.
FullHouse - 4:06 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My boys (3 and 5) would love to trial the guitar. They love music, often singing songs they learn at kindy and school. One of their favourite songs is "We will rock you" by Queen and I am often asked to sing it at bedtime! My husband and I are not musical so the only chance they get to be exposed to instruments is at school and ECE, so a chance to have a try of the guitar at home would be great.
Glenfelik - 4:03 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son aged 4 and daughter aged 6 would LOVE to test the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar!

I am a rather musical person and my kids have some of that natural instinct - but I need to start encouraging them more - this would be awesome - as long as I can put up with the noise LOL!
coscosmum - 3:55 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My girls are 19 months and 4 years, but both enjoy playing with the same toys. so would be able to give a review from both ends of the recommended age range . we have lots of the leap frog range of toys and they both have enjoyed finding out what they do. learning from interactive type toys is fun for any age. either of the options would be great. I really enjoy watching them play with and explore new toys, and would be so glad to share that with others if we were to be chosen.
ajpickering - 3:40 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son is turning 3 in a few weeks and would love to trial either of these toys. Even though the bus says 2+, he has a speech delay so it would work out well for him. He would love to be able to strum along on the guitar to Daddys Eric Clapton on the stereo. He would make an excellent toy tester for these toys as despite having a speech delay, he is quite intellegent and will look at these toys or observe people before jumping in a doing things. He just likes to get it right first.
Buzzydaisy - 3:37 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 8 year old is learning the guitar and got an electric for his birthday. My poor little 2 yr old is always wanting to join in his little jam sessions he has with his dad. This would be so cool. She could be a part of the family band with one of these toys. <br>We would be so grateful to be able to test the latest leapfrog invention.
vanjaarsveld - 3:23 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old loves music and she just loves singing and dancing! She would love both toys but think the Bus for fun letter learning toy would be great and just perfect for her! Nothing better than teaching your kids new things and to see them develop and grow so fast! My daughter can't get enough of learning and is always asking for more :)
janliz - 3:20 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I am a home based educator so would be able to get a wider view of the benefits of the toys. I look after mainly boys (age 4) so they would definitely enjoy all the sound effects of the guitar.
ruthie029 - 3:03 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My almost 3 year old loves these learning products and it may keep him quiet and still for more than 5 minutes allowing me a break!! ALso have an almost 15 month old so would be passed onto her for learning fun!
Nita - 2:43 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I am sure Miss 5 would love to test out either toy, she loves to rock out with music and play her air guitar along with the radio, and she is also really good at discovering all the features on equipment all by herself. She would be in child heaven to receive something new to test our all of her own.
loisanne - 2:42 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Have a nearly one year old great grand daughter a brand new grandson, atwo year old and two and a half year old grandsons so would love to be able to show them the wonders of LeapFrog products
Shadz - 2:40 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old son LOVES LeapFrog products. We have a couple already and it's great to know that there are products out there that are not only fun, but are educational.
Picking one ? Wow how do you choose ? Either would be absolutely amazing
SteviRay - 2:30 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old son would love to test these for you. He loves music and trying new things. He is very opinionated and loves to share with his 16 month old brother. He loves The Wiggles and imitating playing guitar and the drums (on the tables, chairs, everything really lol) So please please consider us for this trial.
k3 - 2:18 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old boy really loves music. We were walking past the musical instrument shop, and he stopped and satrted singing and imitated using a guitar. We don't really own one, or have anything much to do with musical instruments, but seeing him we were surprised. He does loke music a lot and also likes singing all the osngs that come during add breaks, but the guitar and playing one like a Rock star really surpised us. So yes, if we could trial out the guitar that would be really really cool.
Nilithya - 2:07 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Oh please choose my wee man! He's nearly 2 & he'd love either of these as he loves music & instruments so much but I think he'd really love the Magic Learning Bus as he is also obsessed with animals, buses (vehicles in general) and anything with buttons (of course). He's always trying to get his sisters Leapster or our laptop and would really like something of his own! He's trying to say his abc's at the moment, again, copying everything his 5 year old sister is doing and he loves playing for the camera so he would be great to show the toy in action!
He doesn't have many toys of his own, or ones that are age appropriate, please, please let him try it out!
cg2 - 2:03 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My nearly 2 1/2 year old girl would love the learning bus. She loves singing and knows the words to a few songs now so it would be great for her to learn some new ones (I'm getting sick of baa baa black sheep :o) as well as teaching her the alphabet. Please please please please please ...........
wayneandjoc - 1:53 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
He he - I think my son would really dig the guitar - he has broken 2 strings on his dads guitar already, he sneaks into his closet and plays it when we are outside....Dad was not happy!! Our son is definately going to grow up to be a Jack Johnson!
MAMANANNA - 1:50 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
The learning bus songs music always incourage learning and makes things easier to pick up ,while still been loads of fun.Miss two would love to trial she is at that age singing and learning is a everyday thing.
janette - 1:45 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2.5 year old woudl love the toy guitar. Every night when we get home she has to put on a show for us and do her ballet dancing and music. Its so cute. She just loves music and dancing.
tarns677 - 1:42 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I love the leap frog toy range it is my favourite but i do not have these two toys. My 4 year old boy would love to trial the guitar. He loves music and showing of in front of his brother and 4 year old sister and 6 year old sister. My family would make great toy testers cause have a range of ages and boy/girls.
EmmaR - 1:31 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old and his 3 year old cousin would just love the Magic Learning Bus, both are learning letters and colours at daycare (at various stages) and my little boy just loves his snail that sings the abc song. The bus would really complement what we're trying to teahc him at home and what he's learning at daycare. He'd make a great toy tester - his words are coming along great and he's starting full sentences telling you exactly what he thinks of the world...little 80 year old man!!
Thanks for all these opportunities, great stuff!
Sparky - 1:28 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Thomas (4) would love the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar as he is really in to his singing at the moment. Would be great though to hear something besides Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Lights ! Andrew (2) would love the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus as he is just starting to sit down now and actually learn and play rather than running round constantly. Would be great to report the childrens feedback.
shasha - 1:28 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi, I've got a 3yo & 3mth old. Ive been looking and waiting for the right toy guitar to buy for my 3yo. There are so many to choose, yet not sure which one to choose! Playskool, Sesame St, Wiggles, Fisher Price, Little Tikes - I was considering to get the Fisher Price Dora guitar -BUT! When I saw this new Leapfrog Touch Magic Guitar, I had to join kidspot Mum Says forum...All in the hope for my young ones to trial & test!
tessa771 - 1:19 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a 2 and a half year old who would love to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic learning Bus. I think this looks amazing and such a great tool for learning.
Melsy78 - 1:19 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Mr 3 is very into learning his letters at the moment and I think he would love to test the Leapfrog Magic Touch Learning Bus. He loves trying out anything that makes music and I like anything that helps him learn at the same time!
KylieK - 1:18 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi, my Miss 3 yr old is super busy & is interested in everything her big sister does at school so I think the bus would be great for her. I would love something that will engage her & she can learn at the same time, might stop her from climbing the fence & running away up the road visiting!!
fishface - 1:12 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
We have a very busy 2 1/2 year old who is always investigating new things. He would adore the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus for lots of reasons. He loves letters (not that he knows them all), he loves to sing and he loves buses! This sounds like the perfect toy to get him interested in the next step of learning all his letters and preparing him for life at preschool next year. Thanks Planet Fun for the generosity too in offering 18 members the chance to try these toys, its appreciated by all of us I'm sure!!!
My3BoysandMe - 1:08 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a four year old boy who would make a fantastic toy tester for the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar because he is absolutly obsessed with music and musical instruments. We have countless hours of video footage of him rocking out on ukeleles and even air guitars from the age of about 1 year! His favourite instrument by far is the guitar and he always says hes going to be a Foo Fighter like Dave Grohl. I know for a fact that if he was chosen as a toy tester he would be the happiest kid alive and I would happily even send in some footage or post it on youtube of him rockin away! Fingers crossed!
cynthemachine - 1:06 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have two boys, aged 2.5 and 5. They absolutely adore toys, technology, music and figuring things out. They are both very vocal and articulate and can communicate extremely well. They would be perfect toy testers for the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus.
mummymax - 1:04 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a 21 month old daughter. She would just love the Leapfrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. She just loves music and dancing, and constantly sings and dances along with the radio :-) Even though this is recommended for 2years+ she would just adore this toy as she is very inquisitive. She is constantly playing with, and trying to figure out how to use her 6 year old sisters toys. Her favorites are ones that play music and talk, two of these being her sister's Barbie laptop and Leapfrog Scribble and Write Pad! I do think this would provide her a new challenge and hours of entertainment and would become a firm favorite. Thanks so much for this awesome opportunity :-)
k1nz - 1:04 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would absolutely love for my daughter to be picked to review the touch magic learning bus. She's 20 months old, but this toy sounds perfect for her. She is music crazy, anything with a tune will get her dancing. She has figured out how to turn on my iPad and navigate around between her favourite apps without any help whatsoever (uh oh). I am all for her learning more music, and would be happy if it doesn't involve my iPad! I'd also be interested to see how it increases her knowledge of letters as she gets a bit older.
skirts - 1:03 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My Miss 3 would LOVE to try the Touch Magic Learning Bus - She loves new toys especially anything that includes pressing buttons and making sounds - her favourite is to sit with her toy laptop and pretend to be mummy typing or to her big sister playing games.
I think the learning bus would be a great toy to trial as it not only is 'fun' for the child but they are also learning through the interactions - very interested to see how well this learning is accomplished with the touch magic learning bus.
carolinef - 1:03 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 year old would love to play with the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. She loves singing the alphabet and playing on our laptop so this would be perfect to keep her entertained on long journey's in the car and especially good for me when number 2 arrives!!
gemstone - 12:58 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old would make a great toy tester because she have no qualms in telling me exactly what shes think. She's been a great fan of Leapfrog since she was old enough to steal her big sisters Leapfrog toys. She would probably love to test the Rockin' Guitar as Miss 4 loves the ukelele and taking bows!
strangelilgirl - 12:56 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I think my almost 2 year old (next month!!) would love to try either of these awesome Leapfrog products! He loves to sing and dance. His Daddy plays guitar so I'm sure he'd love to follow suit. He's such a sponge and takes everything in, so being able to learn in a more interactive way would be so beneficial for both him and me! Would love the opportunity for him to test a toy!!
Kylie77 - 12:54 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My Mr nearly 3 year old would love to be a toy tester for the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. He fancies himself as a bit of a rock star and has always loved music and singing thanks to his music loving grandparents! He loves to have a turn with daddys guitar and would love his own :-)
manea16 - 12:48 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have two little ones here who are great toy testers! I have a 5 year old girl and 16 month old boy and they just love to play with anything. Miss 5 loves music, dancing and singing away at the top of her lungs and would be well in her element testing out the Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar. My little man is right into anything with buttons that he can push that make sounds so he would love testing out the Leapfrog Learning bus. Can just imagine all the giggles and fun they would have with these toys!
spazzo - 12:48 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would really appreciate the opportunity to try the Guitar.
My 3 1/2 year old son would LOVE to test it.
He loves music and has a cheap plastic guitar.
It would be fantastic to try a better product.
We have a lot of the Leap Frog range and they are such good educational toys.
dayauon - 12:46 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
we would like to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. he likes watching music videos and sings a long with his fav cd in the car. musically-inclined! boys like to be cool so i think he will like to test this one.
4kiddies - 12:46 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
my four wonderful kids would love to be your toy testers 2 girls 3 & 5 and 2 boys 6 & 8 they would all have fun testing
stewarnata - 12:46 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Yes please! My son loves anything with buttons/music/lots of colour!
mumjess - 12:45 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
My (just turned) 2 year old girl would love to try the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus. She's totally curious and changing every day. she loves music and the wheels on the bus so i think she'd get totally into this toy. We often travel in the car to see family out of town and this toy looks like it'd be great for car travel! :)
Joanne - 12:23 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a 5 year old boy and a 14 month old girl and I think they would make great Toy Testers. I think the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus would be perfect for Miss 14 months. She responds well to music and the Learning Bus would stimulate her and keep her entertained. I think the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar would be awesome for Mr 5 Years as he loves music - often he dances around to The Wiggles etc. Mr 5 Year gets bored easily, so I think this toy would have a great variety to keep him entertained. Thanks!!!
mellymum - 12:17 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
my boys 4, 3 and 8 months would love to try out these toys. Master three hasnt got the best language and pretend play would encourage his vocabulary!!:)
SydneyStrange - 12:10 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a 16 month old who would love the LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus she loves music and dancing and is at the diffcult 'not 1 but not quite 2' stage where baby toys bore her and big kid toys interest her. I would love to try it out :)
jbutterfly - 12:02 PM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have 6 year old twins and a 18 month old, they all have been musical and their popa has been teaching them the guitar for a while for the reason i think they would make an awesome toy tester!
kleene20 - 10:47 AM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi my 2 1/2 year old would love the Learning bus. She is into everything that looks like a computer and when she is at her friends places she goes straight away to where they store their kids computers. So with this Learning Bus she could have her very own computer! My one year old would of course also love pushing the buttons and listening to what's going on.
arielad - 9:56 AM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi, We would love ti trial this product...I have 2 daughters: 6 years old and 4 years, and they just love music, and singing all day . We already have drums in the house and they practice every day, and they asked for guitar, and this product will be perfect for them....So it could be awesome!
stacleaning - 1:52 AM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hello, my daughters are 4 (in a weeks time) and 17months they would love to get the chance to trial leap frog toys!!!. They both love music and singing and sure do let me know if they like something or not. 4yr always wants a guitar like her Daddy plays rockband, they always sing and play. I think this would be good for both ages, as 4yr old just loves to play pretend and be like Daddy and little one loves playing her piano. Good luck everyone
lorrainehogan - 12:02 AM on Tue-28-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi ya. We would LOVE to trial this product. My two children are the biggest fans of Leap Frog products and they both adore music. They bop and dance away to any type of music even humming and birds tweeting. Both boys are avid fans of music and head straight to the musical toys at the store when in the toy section, and if there are no musical toys to be found, they create a musical toy out of something completely NON-musical. My eldest son, loves the guitar. At playgroup he is forever getting out the guitar at music time, and sitting up the front with the teacher and playing his guitar along side her to the music. He sings away with all his heart. We dont own a guitar at home, and would love to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. I believe that my boys would be perfect for the review of this product as they love music and have a passion for trying out toys and are good at giving there opinions on a toy!!!!!!! Please please please pick us for this trial - we would love the opportunity!!!!!!!
Shelz69 - 10:09 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would love to test The Rockin’ Guitar for my 4 year old son. He loves music and is always singing and dancing. Lately he has been testing out the guitar at the store so i was wondering if I should buy him a guitar, I could not decide whether he should have a real one or one like this. I think this one might be too young for him but I imagine he would be the right age to use all the functions. It is a hard call but this would be a good test for us and for us to give our opnion to other parents out there who can not decide also. Please we would love to trial this.
angel7801 - 9:57 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have 2 kids 9mths and 3yrs we would really love to try the learning bus. My parents are both bus drivers so the kids have a fascinated with buses. My daughter loves music and dancing. I always choose Leap Frog products if I can there products are awesome.
gonzze - 9:51 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Miss 4 years .9 years would love to review the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin Guitar as they like to dance to music and they like to pretend that they are dancing with a guitar . they like to put on shows and have us sit down and watch them so having a real guitar to dance with wiill make there shows much more fun for them. They allways have some thing to say about some thing that they love so they will have lots to say about the the Magic rockin guitar so they would make great toy testers
shorrty4life - 9:49 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Ok so i'll be honest my daughter is 22months old. But almost two so i'll cross my fingers and hope for the best. My daughter would love o review the LeapFrog magic learning bus. I think she would be a great toy tester because she loves learning new things so this would be ideal and she also takes so much pride in toys and how they work and everything. I think she would be an amazing wee LeapFrog toy tester!!! <3 <3 <3
amber - 9:29 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
The LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus sounds great. I would love for us to review this. I would be using this with our nearly 2yr old, our 4yr old and our 8 yr old who has learning problems and has been trying hard to learn her ABC's and the letter sounds. I They all like music and songs. They also enjoy interactive game , so I would be very interested in trialing this toy because we would be able to see if it helps our three girls learn their letters in a fun an interesting way.
naomi83 - 8:25 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 4 year old has loved music right from an early age. i would catch him dancing and singing to lots of songs on the radio.. he'd love being able to play something different other than a piano.
SarahE - 8:24 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Hi, my three year old son would LOVE to trial this product. He is a huge Wiggles fan and has been asking me every day for a 'tar' (guitar) so he can play like Murray (Red Wiggle). Our little rockstar would be extremely excited if a package arrived for him, and to then find a guitar inside! Thank you for considering us :)
anahera - 8:18 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my daughter is 19 mnths and is already trying to play her daddys guitar,she would absolutely love this! she loves music and dancing ,we would love the chance to review the leapfrog touch magic rockin guitar and im sure it would be a HIT! thanks
shellcruise - 8:02 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
We would like to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar.
Keana (3) loves playing music and has a Wiggles Guitar but there is only so much Red Car you can listen too! She also has drums and a keyboard which her 11mth old sister is good at playing. She really wants a pink guitar that she can rock out too so would love to give this a go.
Keana is very opinionated and will let you know her feelings on things. We have a lot of the LeapFrog educational toys already and would love to add to the hoard.
looies1 - 7:50 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have two girls one how has just today turned 3 and a 5yr old. Both love to put on shows for family and friends, to put on a concert with home made band would be just fantastic, we would love to view either toys both of them would be over the moon. Would defently put up a review and photos of the concert.
Rose3 - 7:43 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Our almost 4 year old would love to have the real thing to entertain everyone with, she would love the Rockin Guitar!she is always the last one at mainly music and loves to make bands with her brother, she usually gets the rice shaker or baby piano that has only 4 keys left!
ayngela - 7:30 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son has just turned 3 and is obsessed with music, dancing and making noise! The musical guitars, keyboards etc are always the first toys he goes for in the toy shop. He doesn't have any musical instruments of his own and would be a great tester for the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar!
juliemarie - 6:43 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Yes please my 4 year old loves music and we would love to try out this fab toy from Leap Frog :)
motheroffour - 6:34 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar for my 3yr old as his big brother plays the guitar and he forever trying to play it holds it right and everything!! He has listened to music all his life even when I was pregnant! He a ruff and tunble little boy and would be a great toy tester! THANKS
piglet - 6:20 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My four year old son would be a perfect review for the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. He loves listening to music, knows all the latest singers (Beyonce, Lady Gaga..and also some older ones like Pink Floyd). Music is something he has always shown an interest in and I am thinking when he gets a bit older, he will probably want to learn to play a muscial instrument.
jdsmum - 6:16 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my son is always keen to try new things and especially things that plays music! there's nothing I love more than seeing my son laughing and singing away to musical toys!I think he would especially like the guitar on this one :)
Philippa - 5:49 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My nearly 3 y/o would LOVE to test the Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar! He likes to get his dads guitar out and play that or demand that daddy play while he and my 1 y/o daughter dance. He has an old ukelele that needs replacing that he often plays and dances around the house with, just like in the "movies" his dad shows him of live performances of bands with guitar players. Having a "rockin' guitar" would make his day! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.
BrendensMum - 5:39 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Mr 2 year old little man would love to be a toy tester. We go to Mainly Music each week and sometimes twice and you'll find him wriggling with the music and at Playcentre he loves trying out the piano so much so I'm getting mine brought to our place from my parents as I want to enough music with him. He's into learning as well and I could see would spend hours playing with the learning bus as well if playing with the Leap Frog Fridgenomics we have. Someones I'm not very popular when I want to go into the fridge lol
robyshack1 - 5:24 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I take my kids to Mainly mUisc each week and they can be quite the little rockers...dancers and love rythm and sounds. Ours is not a quiet house by any means but it would be great for them to test something that makes sounds like music hehehe....please pick my little family of rockers. They will test and feed back comments and there are three that could test it for Leapfrog!!!
Kimmyjade - 5:23 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old son would love these toys. He loves anything to do with music and always makes a grab for the guitars whenever we go to a toy shop! Sadly funds mean that we can't afford to get him one at the moment. He would also love the learning bus he loves drums!! He would be a perfect toy tester :)
Mummysim - 5:14 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I think my 2 year old would be perfect for this as he is just getting into music, singing and dancing. He is at just the right stage in his learning and development and I know he would be great to observe in playing with these toys.
RubyGloom - 5:11 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old (26months) would absolutely adore either of these toys.
He loves music and pulls out the "Guitar Hero" guitar and tells me he's rocking!
Hehe. He would be the perfect little tester!
Mumof2Girls - 5:04 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Both of my girls would LOVE to trial this! Miss 5 wants to be a rock star when she grows up and will not let me cut her hair as rockstars have long hair. Miss 3 desperately wants to be in a band with her sister and is constantly willing her hair to grow as it is so short lol :)
floydsmum - 4:59 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Mr 3 sees himself as a budding rockstar and I know he really wants his own guitar so being able to review one would be a dream come true!
veronicad - 4:54 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
The LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus would get a good going over by my two year old, and I like the idea of him getting familiar with his letters early. My older son who has just turned 4 would LOVE the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. He lives for music, and sings really well. He would probably also benefit from the Magic learning bus, as he does not know his letters and shows no interest in learning them either. So we would happily have either of these great looking toys. My boys would be good reviewers mainly because I am always trying to push them to explain why they do what they do. Critical thinking and reasoning are extremely important skills to develop on the road to independance.
Mumto3boys1girl - 4:54 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I think all 4 of my kids would LOVE to try out one of these!!!! My kids are awesome toy testers!!!
Kandbmum - 4:52 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I've got a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old who would both love to try the Magic Rocking guitar. They've both got boogie in their souls and this would be marvellous for them.
kennyjo - 4:52 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old daughter would love this guitar she is always putting on shows with her big sister they think they are little popstars in the making this would be a great addition to their shows :)
alejandranz - 4:51 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 3yr old would love it ! he got an abc leap frog letter toy for xmas and he really likes it but this would be his dream come true as he loves music !!!
jopukeko - 4:50 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a whole bunch of toy testers. I do home-based care for 7 different preschoolers plus my own two. They would all love to try new toys. They would learn from each other and you will get several reviews.
Bermabot - 4:50 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My two year old boy would love to test either of these two though I think the magic learning bus would float his boat more than the guitar as it is red and resembles a flat electronic toy much like his older sister's dora laptop :)
He would be a great toy tester as it would give us something new to do together and he just loves his music!!! Lately he opens up our piano and presses down on the notes whilst singing along lol....!!! He is currently addicted to the einsteins as well ha ha my little einstein ;)
vettechic - 4:48 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I work as a in-home educator looking after four littlies, 15 months, 2 years, 3 years and 3 1/2 years, so would be able to test this guitar on two little rock stars that LOVE anything musical, and I'm sure the younger two would love to give it a whirl. We often have a rock band practising their music but we are short of a 'real' guitar, they are currently using a tissue box with a tube stuck in one end and rubber bands over the hole, I get asked lots to when are you going to buy us a real one?
hellyp - 4:46 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 2 1/2 yr old would love to be a toy tester for the touch magic learning bus!!! this sounds just like something she would totally love. Charli loves her alphabet and is obsessed with the ABC's, this would be great at showing her that not every letter spells her name!! She would be a fabulous toy tester and would absoloutley put it through its paces, and possibly singing and dancing to all the cool tunes, anything that makes a noise or sings is a hit in this house. thanks :)
Leetha - 4:43 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3yr old would love to trial the Rockin guitar, she is a mad rocker with a mini drumkit and is always twanging away on mine and her dads guitars,one for her to play with that she could master would be a great thing to see and would definately get the use!!
IEmzI - 4:42 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3 &1/2 year old loves playing with anything that looks even slightly guitarish so would be absolutely wrapt to toy test the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar
sarahhndy - 4:40 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a little boy who has just turned 3. He is a very noisy and appinonnated already. He loves working out how new things work and then loves showing and telling mummy and daddy how they should be used. He is diff into singing and making lots of noise. Never a dull moment in our house with our little monkey.
kymmage - 4:37 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 5 year old would love to try the rock guitar. Her dad has the rock band game so she is always wanting to play with the guitar controllers. She'd be able to give her opinion which I could write down for her.
maximoo - 4:36 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My nearly 4 year old would love to trial the Rockin' guitar. He loves music and dad plays the guitar too. Having the learning fun and musical he'd just love it. Leapfrog products are such good quality and different from anyone else's products.
keetismyson - 4:36 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 2yo son Keet, would LOVE to become a tester for this AWESOME toy "LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar", he is really into his guitars and if he had the chance he would grab his dads real one and play with it all day long. he is into things that make LOTS of noice and that are musical and that he can sing along to it with his own songs etc.
TarrynK - 4:35 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Wow! This would be fantastic for Miss 4yrs. Her elder sister has just started playing the ukulele and she is dying to get hold of her sister's one. I think she would love to have an instrument of her own. I can only imagine what its going to sound like in the house :) Would love to try the Leapfrog Touch Magic Rockin' guitar.
DaniTaylor - 4:33 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old daughter & 2 year old son would be PERFECT for this, They love music and beggggg me for a Guitar, They'll absolutely love it aswell as the bus, anything loud and we can sing to they'll love! :)
jennylg - 4:31 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have a 2 year old son, Vinnie, who would be a perfect candidate to test your Leapfrog touch magic learning bus. When Vinnie plays with a new toy he spends ages figuring out all it has to offer loves pressing everything there is to press and you can see if hes learning from the toy the more he uses it.
steff - 4:30 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter LOVES music, she loves drumming on pots or dancing round playing her pretend guitar. She would love to try one of these.
cove - 4:27 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Wow what an exciting trial this would be. I have two children who would love to trial the Magic learning Bus. My son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 3 3/4. My son is currently learning the alphabet and he would love this because he loves to sing and loves making music as does my daughter. We have not had any experience with a Leap Pad toy so would really love to try this one to see the advantages and how they develop learning.
AHunter - 4:25 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I have two preschoolers ages 2 1/2 and 4, they both love to learn new things and are both at an age where everything they learn is readily absorbed. I know Leapfrog are amazing learning tools for children and would love my two little ones to test either of these two toys.
suziq122 - 4:25 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Addi is 2 (in 2 weeks now! jeeez that has flown!) and LOVES Leap Frog toys. She likes toys that are 'responsive', which most are, so I guess she likes toys that aren't dolls etc. She loves music and games so the Magic Learning Bus ticks both boxes for her :)
brookeandharv - 4:22 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughters - 3 and 18months would just LOVE testing the magic rockin guitar. They have both been right into music since they were very young, and have the old classic ukulele guitars but they keep loosening the strings to the point where they are nearly broken so this would be the perfect replacement!!!! Hope we get picked! Thanks :)
LindaK - 4:16 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My two boys - 2 years old and 6 years old - would be perfect testers for the Magic Rockin' Guitar; they're both noisy music lovers who are always looking for new ways to add music into their play sessions. I'm keen to get both of them into music lessons when they're older, and I love the idea of using this toy to foster their passion. (They've both been pretending to play imaginary guitars already, it would be great to give them a "real" one to play with!)

Thanks :)
pepper80 - 4:14 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this for my son who is three he has been diagnosed with devolpmental delay and this would offer him onther great toy to help him with his learning and with also being fun we love leap frog toys and always find them great for education :) and eaither toy would be great to review
missmoo - 4:13 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my nearly 2yr old daughter would love to be tester for the magic learning bus she has been trying to learn the alphabet and also loves music would rather have the music going over tv
kandis - 4:11 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son would love this so much- he is 2 and a half and just LOVES anything that makes a noise or has buttons. He is such a musical child who loves to dance and make a noise- Plus you can always count on leapfrog to educate kids while they play
amyr - 4:10 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My daughter 5 years would be a perfect toy tester for the Magic Rockin' Guitar! She loves music and loves putting on little shows for us with her brother! They would have so much fun with this toy!
saranorman88 - 4:08 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My son would love to review the LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar, he is just starting to get into singing and dancing and is so cute as he does it. His older sister would love it too - it could be the making of NZ's next top band!!!! Thank you.

nummabear - 4:08 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
my 26 months old son would love to try these awesome toys,if he had a choice he would probly like to trial the guitar as he loves musical instruments and dancing...he would make a great toy tester too!
KGolds - 4:07 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
My 4 year old would be a perfect toy tester for the Magic Rockin' Guitar. He is forever giving us concerts, pretending to be Michael Jackson or whoever takes his fancy at the time! He is very musical and always trying to get his hands on my guitar but is still a bit young & rough with it. He would be beside himself excited to review a toy like this. Thanks!
livandjimi - 4:05 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
Oh my goodness! My 3.5 year old son would be sooooo excited to test the guitar out for you! Hes constantly sneaking into his dads cupboard trying to get to his guitar. What an awesome oppertunity! Thankyou :)
IceKiwi - 3:46 PM on Mon-27-Aug-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial LeapFrog Touch Magic Rockin' Guitar. My 4yr old son and 5yr old daughter love music we have a small music container at home that has a drum a pretend microphone, castinettes and little maraccas they love getting these out and the chance to rock with the guitar would make it that much more exciting. They also have a 6yr old brother and 7yr old sister who i'm sure would love to have a go too. This product would definitely be tested on quality, durability and most importantly the fun and learning factor.

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