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Group Name: Tip Top - The Fantastic 3

Meet The Fantastic 3, Tip Top Bakery's lunchtime heroes

The Fantastic 3 gives the whole family the chance to choose their favourite bread, safe in the knowledge that every loaf is packed full of goodness.

The One
  • Packed full of the goodness that parents look for in wholemeal bread with a great taste kids enjoy
A white loaf packed with a mother load of nutrition. More fibre than standard multigrain breads or cereals, an almighty amount of vitamins and minerals, and no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

  • All the goodness of oats, hidden inside a super soft, white loaf.
An oat-packed bread, where all the bits are invisible to the eye. Two slices of toast brings 20% of your daily wholegrains, is a serious whack of B vitamins and comes with a mega punch of dietary fibre.

Goodness Grains
  • Choose from four different combinations of tasty grains and seeds
Baked with a planet load of wholegrains, fibre and carbs. This loaf is bursting with iron, folate and vitamin E, without any pesky artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Kidspot has chosen 75 Mums Say members to review The Fantastic 3 from Tip Top Bakery. Watch this space for their reviews!

Selected reviewers will receive vouchers for one free loaf of each of The Fantastic 3 (The One, Oatilicious and your choice of Goodness Grains varieties). Vouchers can be redeemed at your local supermarket for either toast or sandwich breads (subject to availability).

If you are selected to trial we will send the product to your profile address so please ensure that this is up to date. For more information read here. You will be required to post your review on Mums Say if you are selected.

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Jojo17 - 9:30 AM on Thu-6-Dec-2012 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot for the opportunity to review the Fantastic 3 Tip Top breads :)
As my son loves bread in any which way or form, I have to say we had no complaints which didn't surprise me :) The bread stayed fresh & soft even after a few days of being opened as well as the bread that had been frozen! Tip Top always lives up to it's name so I was very happy with a 3 but I have to admit we all loved the Goodness Grains the most, as a sandwich or toast there is nothing better than crunching on & tasting full grains. Thanks again for the opportunity & we will definitely be making these breads a regular in our grocery buying!
mammaof3 - 10:37 PM on Sat-1-Dec-2012 reply | message
We have finally tried all three breads, the whole family enjoyed the different types but the children seemed to enjoy oatilicious the best. Usually I have to chop off the crusts for my children but with oatilicious they ate everything which was great! We have now included oatilicious in our weekly grocery list . Thanks for allowing us to take part in the trial.
melanie17 - 9:08 AM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
We finally collected all three breads at our Supermarket. All passed the freezer test - came out lovely and fresh just like it was straight from the Supermarket. We only have grain breads usually, so the kids were excited to try out "The One". Very yummy was the all round consensus! Perfect for those chippie or jam and peanut butter sandwiches.
Both grain breads were awesome. Nice thick slices and soft moreish bread and all toasted well. Will be back to buy more of the Goodness Grains as this seemed to be the family favourite. Heaps of grains in there too so it seems well worth it! Reasonably priced - better than some other grain breads out there. Thanks Tip Top - we enjoyed testing these breads! :-)
nsohail - 10:15 AM on Wed-14-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh yes, these were a big hit in our family! Personally I loved the Soy n Linseed one... we loved it so much that ever since then we are getting two breads, one for the kids and this one for myself and my husband. The quality of the product is very good and at a reasonable price we can get those mixed grains and all. The slice size is thick as well considering the price... so we loved it all!
Greerfamily - 1:00 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
so i finally picked the three loaves up the other day and treated them the way we do all our bread (normally about 10loaves at a time) - into the freezer for a few days and then brought them out to see how they compare.
Firstly "the one" white loaf - large knead holes in it.... (haven't encountered that problem with the cheaper couplands breads we normally buy) - that issue aside it was still soft and lovely despite a few freezer days and the kids enjoyed it with sausages at dinner and as sandwiches for lunch.
Oatylicious was awesome! I thouroughly enjoyed that one as an option for goodness but a smooth untextured taste - my 6y.o loved it as her sandiwches.
Finally the goodness grains was lovely as toast. softened with some low salt marjarine and vegemite (we're still waiting for marmite to return)
Well done TIP TOP - overall an impressed household and we will be buying oatylicious and goodness grains once a week :)
lotsakids - 10:29 AM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
Firstly sorry for late post.... they bread was a mega hit in our house.... Grains was the number one favourite... Kids said wholemeal was better as toast than in their lunches... was fun trying them thank you
eleanor48 - 7:08 AM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
We got a toast loaf of The One, and sandwich for Oatilicious and Goodness Grains (9 Grains and Seeds) All three were tried as sandwiches, toast and toasted sandwiches.
We usually buy wholemeal bread, and I found The One a bit bland by contrast. It held up well to toasted sandwiches - browned nicely, held all it's fillings without tearing or going soggy. Our verdict: not the best flavour, but good for toasted sandwiches. Will probably not buy again.
Oatilicious was the winner in terms of flavour, it was nice and mild like most white loaves, but had a subtle nutty taste which we all enjoyed. It was very soft, which made for good eating, but was a bit of a pain when spreading for sandwiches as it kept tearing. Our verdict: Very tasty, will buy again, but will stick to toast bread as the thin slices were simply too fragile.
We loved the flavour and texture of Goodness Grains. It was wonderfully chewy and toasted very well. We also made some croutons with the crusts which were delicious in a salad. The only thing putting me off is the price tag - it was only slightly better than the cheaper grainy breads, but costs nearly twice as much. Our verdict: A great loaf, but will only buy when on special.

Thank you very much for letting us try these, it is always a treat being able to try new things
mumof2boys - 4:30 PM on Fri-9-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi thank you so much for letting us trial these products. Like a lot of people we had to make a few trips to the supermarket to get all three loaves. We couldn't get toast bread for the Oatlicious and The One. The Goodness Grains was by far the best of the three and we would definitely buy that one again. This bread held its shape and tasted really good. We found that the Oatilicious was ok but The One was by far the worst and I am sorry to say that loaf didnt even get finished and was enjoyed the ducks! We found it tasteless and chewy. So the winner for us is Goodness Grains, thanks.
tallsonn - 4:43 PM on Wed-7-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks for selecting us to trial these. Late review due to me being unwell and also like some other mums it took me a while to find a supermarket that had all 3 breads in at the same time! I usly buy toast slice but it was unavailable in the Goodness Grains so had to get s'wich. I felt that the bread was too thin to hold the grains in so it fell apart when cut - very unstable. I'd say it would be more suited to a thicker slice. We found The One to be OK - very soft but we found the edges/crusts quite dry so I had to often slice the edges off, in particular the bottom crust. Oatilicious was by far the most liked by us and great for sneaking in that extra bit of fibre for the kids. I have noticed that these breads, when not on special, are over $4.20 per loaf so I certainly wouldn't buy unless there was special on as you can get fresh bread baked on the day from Bakers Delight for cheaper than that. Thanks again Tip Top and Kidspot for selecting us.
SarahBlair - 12:20 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
We were so pleased to be selected for this trial!! My family goes through about a loaf of bread a day so we are experts in the bread field!! We all had our favourites, I loved the flavour and texture of the 'Goodness Grains' , my husband likes the 'Oatilicious' and the kids are fans of 'The one'!! I don't usually give my kids white bread so they thought that they were getting a treat while I know that they were getting all of the goodness of the hidden wholegrains, fibre and carbs!! I am definitely going to buy these again!!
dillonfamily - 9:05 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I've been converted.... Love all three but the favourite for me is Oatilicious. I've never been a big fan of grain breads, usually grabbing white bread at the supermarket, but Oatilicious is delicious. I even tried the Sunflower & Chia of the grain range and liked that. Our little man is a huge bread fan and liked all three - Oatilicious will be the regular addition to our grocery basket.
smoodles - 9:01 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
Just like to say thank you so much for the voucher and that I really enjoyed trailing your bread. Everyone in my family had their favourites, the two older kids and the husband loved THE ONE, comments that were said was that it was nice and soft the bread did'nt rip when the spreads were put on and that was also said about all the breads as well as that they all stayed fresher for longer, my toddler seemed to prefer OATILICIOUS, keep going mmmmmmmm when he was eating it, I loved all the breads but if i had to pick a winner would have to be GOODNESS GRAINS it had a really nice taste and was nice toasted as well as a sandwich. my only issue that I had was trying to find a supermarket that stocked all three, other that that I loved this trial and we all loved the bread.
nixzen - 2:54 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the voucher! We went to pac n save and unfortunately were only able to buy The One and Oatilicious, I would of loved to have tried the goodness grains as I am a real fan of that type of bread. However, master 5 gave excellent feedback about The One 'so soft and yummy'. I liked them both because they didn't rip when spreading marg!!!! It sounds like such a simple thing but so many bread brands rip when you are trying to spread stuff and I find it SO annoying.
Jodie3 - 2:26 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We got our bread (Thank You so much!! ) and my 3 kids loved 'The One' the best, but my partner and I reeeally loved 'Oatilicious' the best! Usually my partner is ALL about white bread and wont eat anything else so when he told me he really loved it I was surprised!! Will def be buying it from now on!!! :D
Gogogo - 9:24 PM on Sun-4-Nov-2012 reply | message
Collected our bread and were amazed how much it would cost usually! I'm not sure if it was a one off mistake, but found the toast bread from the Oatilicious very randomly sliced! One piece was like super thick toast, whilst the following piece was super thin sandwich bread!
None-the-less the bread tasted fantastic, and I think the general consensus was The One loaf, although all three were unique to each other and provided a good variety of bread and its benefits.
Thank you very much for allowing us to try this out- it was a nice treat to walk away and try good quality bread (without worrying about the cost of them!) rather than the usual loaves we buy. I hope this does really well!
Anonymous - 8:39 AM on Sat-3-Nov-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
would love my kids and i to try this bread. i usually go for a grainy type of bread whereas my kids would enjoy the plainer type. maybe " the one" would be there choice. either way we would be very happy to try all of them if possible please!
ruthb - 10:16 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Finally picked up my bread! We were really impressed.... the kids loved the 2 softer breads and I liked the whole grain. I did think they were expensive (At New World) I wouldn't be able to afford this regularly. Although I did find there was less bread eaten in one sitting due to the better qualit filling up the tummmies!
My daughter has recently become a fussy bread eater... she decided she doesn't like the bits that you get in multigrain breads! I like the health benefits of grains so really like the idea of all the hidden grains in the one and oatilicious loaves. She really liked the bread and asked for more which is a big win for our household!
I would recommend this bread as long as the budget can stretch to it... the higher quality means less needs to be eaten to fill the tums so it does last a bit longer... and its yum!
Medicina - 8:39 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Update: I normally buy Freya's or Ploughman's type breads but I've decided after trying the Tip Top range to branch out. The Fantastic 3 were on special for $2.99 so I got Oatilicious for the school lunches. Today the kiddos had a sandwich each (2 slices) and brought half home. Interestingly it was a complete half. Usually lots of crusts come home but not this time. Also the 'finish your lunch first' afternoon tea was not protested at all. I'm interested to see if anyone else has improved sandwich eaters on TipTop range.
cove - 2:01 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
We enjoyed all three loaves, they were so soft and delicious. My personal favorite was the Goodness Grains, it was yummy! My 10 year old loved the Oatilicious and The One was a favorite for the two ones.
I found this bread stayed fresh for quite a few days and lasted way better than the budget brands we normally buy. The bread also froze very well, and when defrosted, it was just like it was baked that day. We loved this bread and at the time we got our bread it was priced at $2.99. I think a fair price for a premium bread like these three loaves.

We would definitely buy this bread again. It was soooo soft and soooo fresh and fluffy almost. All my children loved this bread. Thank you for the opportunity to trial this bread it was absolutely delicious!
JaydensMumShonny - 11:38 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Me & my son tried the Oatilicious loaf & we both loved it! so soft & fresh. Yum!
KerryECHoward - 9:37 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
I picked up the Fantastic 3 in last weeks shopping (we shop fortnightly) - during the past week + we have used the bread for toast, sandwiches, to eat with soup, well toasted to use for dipping in dipping oil/balsamic and in my true families fashion just plain out the the bag as a snack - yup nothing on it not even butter.

All 3 breads were soft and stayed fresh and tasty until the last slice. We opt for Toast sliced bread and found them very filling,

My 2 1/2 year old understood straight away these were 3 different breads - her absolute favorite is "The One" - she picked it each time without fail for toast / sandwiches. But having said that also happily ate "Oatalicious" and "Goodness Grains" when given to her.

Hubby and I are in an agreement the "Goodness Grains" is our #1 choice. Its filling and is soft with a great texture. Reading the benefits on the packaging also re: iron + fibre etc definitely gives me encouragement as i am pregnant to buy it again. To get your daily dietary needs from something so simple and easy as toast is great!

The quality and goodness packed into the bread is great - and the length of time it has stayed fresh is just fantastic.

Our least favorite was "Oatalicious" not because there was anything wrong with it - its just not our "taste" - having said that it was enjoyable to try but not something we would purchase.

Definately "Gooness Grains" and "The One" taking it out in this household.
SarahK - 8:30 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
First of all thanks heaps for letting us trial these 3 different breads!
To start. All three were so nice, soft and fresh, but also kept their freshness longer than other breads we have brought before.
They all froze well too. I actually got the 3 free ones for the trial, then went out and brought them all again to test the freezing because we loved them so much!
My girls over all favourite was The One. And seeming its a wholegrain white bread, it doesn't bother me at all that they loved this white bread, knowing its good for them.
Oatilicious was my over all favourite. It was so soft and made such yummy sandwhiches. And toast for the matter!!! The thing i liked about this also is that because it was so soft my kids liked to eat it also. This loaf did not last long!!!
Goodness Grains was also super yummy! Its been a while since I have brought a multigrain loaf, so i really enjoyed this soft loaf. It also made great sandwhiches and was quite filling also.
I would most definately recommend these loaves to everyone. The only thing that really was a bit of a but off, was that just these 3 loaves of bread came to almost $12 at the till. On a tight budget it certainly isn't easy to afford. However in saying this, I will be buying them again, however only when they are on special, at which point I will have to stock my freezer.
Thanks again for letting us trial these. we REALLY enjoyed this trial!!!
canterburyange - 7:55 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi All!
I'd just like to say a big Thank you! for letting us try these 3 breads!
So... i'd like to tell you what our family thought of them.
First impression was just how soft and fresh all three loaves were. Now that is a must for me and i am a religious checker of best before dates on bread and i insist my bread be very fresh otherwise i will not buy or eat it.
Ok... so we tried The One first as i was keen to see just what Tip Top could pack into this 'white look' bread and it's not bad. Very soft, very fresh, very tasty. Might fool a few kids into thinking they are eating 'white bread' but with my two boys i don't need to fool them as they love grains etc. So it was very nice. Then we tried Oatilicious which was ok but not our favourite. It didn't stand out too much as anything 'special'
But our favourite was Goodness Grains. Yummy! I got the Sunflower and Chia one as that was the only flavour i found in the shop but i think there might have been other flavours (although can't be certain on that one!). This is a very nice bread, healthy and tastes soo good. My boys aged 11yrs and 7yrs loved it and the loaf was fresh, soft and very good. So, i would recommend the Goodness Grains as the one to eat/buy if your children are not fussy and like to eat grain bread. One thing i will say though is at $4.39 a loaf - i find the prices to be very high so would not buy this regularly but would definitely buy Goodness Grains if on special.
kaylie - 7:38 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
We love 'The One' bread and it suits the whole family!
kymmage - 5:56 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hrmmm, but I do have to stop and buy a loaf midweek because my husband is suddenly taking sandwiches to work....ha ha
cnikb - 1:40 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
All these three were delicious and stayed fresh for ages - even after freezing! THANKS!
Panda - 1:11 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
Well The One wins with the kids by a long shot however...
When I went home to try the Sunflower and Chia it has completely gone in the space of me being at work for one day! Seems husband is back to his sammie fetish. Dutifully went out and bought another one, and I don;t blame him. This is my favourite. You can taste the sunflower seeds and it's kind of a lighter version of vogels. Much easier to eat as a sammie than vogels though. Stayed fresh for the two days it lasted this time! Looks like it's Sunflower for husband and I and The One for the kiddies. (BTW makes good toast too!)
Really enjoyed trying them all tho so thanks for the voucher :-)
Godzgirl - 2:09 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to try the tip top breads. We enjoyed them all. The Kids favourite would definitely be "the one". My favourite was Oatalicious but I did like the goodness grains, sunflower and chia too. We found the bread slices were larger than other brands. I struggled to fit the sandwiches into the kids lunch boxes! haha. The bread was soft and fresh and had a great flavour even on its own. The cost of the bread would be a problem for us though. We usually buy pak n save bakery bread or budget. Yes the tip top is way better, but we just wouldn't be able to buy it at that price.
funnelgirl - 10:01 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Okay, starting with Oatilicious.
It was odd. My partner described the texture as rubbery, i found it just had an odd taste and agreed the texture was strange too. It was okay toasted however. Kids were not soo keen on it, my daughter thought it was extra nutty, which helped her in eating some. It wasnt horrible either, but not a bread i would have every day.

The one. That was one nice loaf of bread. Soo fresh, soft, and almost melt in mouth material. Everyone liked this loaf, and it went very fast! It seemed to stay fresh for a few days too, not like usual day old bread. Enjoyed with salad sandwhiches, with a sausage in bread, and kids enjoyed in their lunches. Definitly get this one again! Yum!

Goodness Grains-Original swiss
This loaf was okay. Compared to the one, i know which one I would chose however, but this is nice as a sandwhich loaf, or toasted. Nothing to really rave about however.
Something we would probably eat again however.

As a tight budget family, we usually only get the cheap brand bread, so having the chance to try other bread was a treat. My partner said that they were all nice and fresh, and the goodness grains one made him feel like he was eating healthy.
kymmage - 7:22 AM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well, our trial is over. I really liked the Goodness Grain bread, but I was the only one in the family eating it. That was to be expected as neither my daughter or husband do "bits". The Oatilicious one was a firm second favourite for me, and for my daughter as well who didn't mention once that it wasn't white bread, but yummed it up every time it was served. The One though, was a clear winner for the whole family enjoyment. I usually get budget range bread, but I'm pleased to say that in our weekly shop this week we got a loaf of The One. What I liked about this bread is, it is full of goodness. My daughter clearly feels fuller for longer (as evidenced by her lunchbox coming home with food still in it - but her sandwiches are always eaten). And this bread LASTS. I dont have to stop and buy another loaf midweek because its gone stale. So thank you very much for opening my eyes to The One!
kathryn57 - 1:44 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you for selecting me to be part of this trial. We usually stick to the cheaper brands of bread, so it was a bit of a treat to try something different. Our three children all enjoyed The One for their school sandwiches, and thought that it seemed 'fresher' than our usual brands. Our youngest loved making toast with Oatilicious, and my husband and I enjoyed it too. It stayed fresh really well, despite the fact that we finished the loaf a day or two past its best before date. We also enjoyed the Goodness Grains, but to be honest, didn't notice a huge difference from our usual bread - maybe a wee bit softer. So all in all, nice bread, but I'm not sure that we're willing to start paying twice as much for it. I might look out for it on special.
shellcruise - 1:24 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well I am surprised, I was so sure I was going to love the Goodness in the Grain as we buy Soya and Linseed all the time but to be honest found it very dry and not that nice. Both of my girls didn't like this variety either and my husband also said we will stick to the Soya and Linseed we usually buy.
I found Oatilicious to be rather nutty in taste. It was nice but I don't think would eat this one very often. My baby only had a couple of bites out of the toast and my eldest daughter said she found it strange in taste. I really wanted to love this as I have a B definiciancy and thought this could help if I ate it often but don't think I would maybe it could be a once a week bread/toast.
The One was definitly the family favourite the girls loved it and even though its white bread I didn't feel bad feeding it to the girls since it has more fibre than standard multigrain breads also vitamins and minerals. I think this will become our regular bread for the girls and my husband and I will stick to the Soya and Linseed.
ruthie029 - 1:09 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
Ok- all of them passed the freeze and thaw test. They were pretty much like fresh.
My son loved them all (the sunflower and chia the least probably). The only thing I think is when you go through 3 - 4 loaves of bread a week the price when the bread is not on special can be a bit too much. SInce it freezes well you can buy up when it's on special and freeze. The One was a treat since my son is such a picky eater I tend to buy the more fibrous breads (so that he keeps his bowels regular)
Silverbabe - 7:41 AM on Sun-28-Oct-2012 reply | message
Out of the 'Fantastic Three' our family favourite was the Tip Top Goodness Grains - Sunflower and Chia. We loved the grains. My boys are 10 and 12 and it was kind of surprising that they liked the grains better. Must be all that extra goodness. Normally we wouldn't spend $5 on a loaf of bread though so might have to wait till its on special.

It was great to have The One and Oatillcious as well because our almost one year old doesn't eat grains yet and she loved these two. Great that they have so much extra goodness in them than 'normal' white bread.
looies1 - 1:26 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well I never thought the girls 3 and 5yrs would go for anything but white bread, but the Oatilicious was a real hit. The white loaf was also a hit But the girls didnt like the grains in Goodness grains, it was more the texture of it rather than the taste. So I will purchase the white loaf and the Oatilicious when on special, I normally go for the bread thats 2 for $5 as it just gets to expensive with milk and everything else.
Anonymous - 12:59 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Our family favourite hands down was Oatilicious ! The kids love Oatilicious and The One for sandwiches, but not the Goodness Grains. Hubby and I like Oatilicious for sandwiches and toast. We found The One to be a bit chewy when toasted (well mainly I did but I'm not a fan of white bread), and no-one can really say for sure why they didn't like Goodness Grains. Thanks for letting us trail all three - Oatilicious is fantastic. I will buy this when on special.
catrad - 10:58 AM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
we did this trial twice after i missed out on one of the loaves the first week , they were all delicious! the first comment was from my 9yr old who kept commenting on how soft they all were, the one was her favourite, I loved the goodness of grains it was even better with my soup and also for toast my 5yr old supprisingly also loved this one which he usually hates bread with grains so i was very suprised, especially when i caught him sneeking slices late one night after bed time, the oatlicious was great too we had toasted sammies & also the kids had this in their lunch & it all got eaten, i also noticed it didnt go stale as fast as other loaves , so our sheep & chickens totally missed out on theese ones :)
lilblondee6 - 11:12 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Wowee after that i had to buy another loaf of the oatlicious because i t was all gone before i got the chance to trial it. They were all to my liking. My kids and my partner really liked 'the one' and 'oatlicious'. I did notice that it does not take long for 'the one' to go stale etc, but i considered this a good thing as it means there are not as many preservatives in it as other breads. i quite like my grainy breads and really enjoyed the goodness grains, and got that one all to myself. ha ha Thanks so much for the chance to trial these.
Cazper - 9:01 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you for this opportunity tip top and kids spot.
All breads where a good size loaf. We sampled the toast.
Of all three The one was our favourite.
Oatlicious was a good sneaky way to get in extra goodness without them knowing.
Goodness grains was our least favourite only because we are not into grains but if you are into it then it would be beneficial as it has 9 grains high energy and is tasty. I just don't like grains stuck in my teeth.
quackers - 12:38 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
We all loved these loaves with my personal favourite being the goodness grains,hubby and miss 3 prefered the one.
Loved how super soft all the loaves were especially the one.Also noted how the first slice in the goodness grains and oatilicious were slightly dryer than the rest of the loaf.But each loaf stayed fresh for about 3days.
The one thing that would put me off buying these again would be the price(around $4 a loaf)
Thank you for the chance to trail these : )
Kayla35 - 10:51 AM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a large family including myself there are 7 of us, 4 kids, myself and my husband and my mother-in-law, so we go through about 4-5 loaves of bread a day, and everyone has a difference preference. Firstly it must be very popular as it took 4 supermarkets to actually find one that had all 3 in stock.

I did note the price all up was just over $12, which considering the amount of bread we go through I would not generally spend this much, I think the Goodness Grains was the most expensive at $4.99.

Anyway as I said my family all has a different preference when it comes to bread.

my 4 year old likes white bread with no crusts, as she says she doesn't like bread with "bits" in it, I made her 3 small sandwices for lunch, and sat with her while she ate and after each sandwich I asked her how it was. She ate "The One" as I expected she would, and she said yum when I asked how it was, she did not touch the "Goodness Grains" unless I would remove the grains!, and she ate Oatilicious to which her response was yum can I have one more. Since then I have only given her Oatilicious and had no complaints.

my 14 year old daughter likes wholemeal bread, she did try all three and preferred Oatilicious.

My 12 year old, usually goes for plain bread, and I thought he would have chosen "The One" but he prefers the Goodness Grains.

My 15 year old only eats plain white bread, but his preference was Oaticilcious, I did not tell him which ones he was eating.

My husband and myself both preferred Goodness Grains, mainly because it has more flavour in it.

My mother-in-law liked Oatilicious.

So I think in our family Oatlicious came out on top! And I love that my kids will be eating something that is full of healthy oats which they wont realise they are eating. I would definatly recommend Oatilicious, and the price for this load is good. I did buy them all from New World, so perhaps they are cheaper at Pak'n'save or Countdown.

Thanks again for selecting me to do this review.
AnnaES - 9:04 AM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Update - my 7 year old daughter asked for 2 pieces of The One bread plain! for breakfast. (She did ask me to still cut the crusts off!) I think the Best By date may have been a couple of days ago but it is still lovely and soft and good to eat all on its own!
Panda - 8:01 AM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Tip Top I'm a convert. Love 'The One'! This loaf was meant to be saved for mainly the kids so we could sneak some extra fibre in. It didn't quite work out that way as it seems The One is the perfect bread for bacon butties! It was really soft so I was expecting to create carnage when trying to spread the butter, but it held it's own really well. Perfect for sammies -Just like a loaf fresh from the bakery except it stays fresh for longer. We trialled Oatilicious at the same time so The One so they both lasted until day three - The One was STILL supersoft even then. It makes beautiful toast as well. Not sure why Countdown don;t put all the Tip Top loaves together?!
Oatilicious we weren't so keen on. It's kind of an in between bread - not the plain white bread but not quite making the effort to be something else and a strange texture - a little bitty or grainyThe kids much preferred The One. We normally eat Freya Light Rye so Oatilicious and The One are quite light compared to our usual bread.
The prices of the loaves are a bit high but The One is so yummy that I'll be getting a loaf a week for the kids (and trying to keep Dad's hands off it!).The next loaf is the Sunflower and Chia and we'll be trying that tomorrow in our sammies for the Zoo. Update over the weekend :-)
Happy munching everyone!
AnnaES - 10:14 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you Tip Top and Kidspot for the bread trial! We got to try breads that are usually out of our budget price range!! The One seems to stay soft and fresh and has the advantage of a white taste with guilt free hidden fibre. I found the taste of the Goodness Grains Original Swiss and Oatilicious to be the same as the budget brands we buy. We did find the outer slice of these 2 kinds became a bit dryer but doing the bounce finger test! now on the remaining Oatilicious it feels soft. The One could be a healthy 'treat' bread for our daughter due to cost. I wonder if I'd chosen one of the other Goodness Grain flavours if I would have enjoyed the taste more? As finances are stretched! we will need to continue to buy the least expensive types of bread. :)
kyleeandluke - 9:03 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Firstly thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Tip Top Fantastic 3 review!

We are a family that usually only eats quite thick brown bread like Freyas. My 3 year old has been going off his sandwiches lately, and I was wanting to start my 9mnth old on sandwiches, so this trail was very timely!

First we tried Oatilicioius. For the first time in ages, my son's Preschool lunch box came home empty - a very good sign! Oatiilicious was also my favourite, and went down very nicely with my 9month old as his first bread.

Next we tried The One. Once again, both boys LOVED it. I found it hard to get my head around eating white bread, as I haven't for years - I had to keep reminding myself that The One is different! My gosh it tasted good though - very fresh!

Goodness Grains was the lucky last for us to try. This was my fave, but it also went down well with my boys. Still very manageable for my baby with the grains and the seeds.

As for my husband, he loved them all! Such lovely fresh bread - thank you!
Pearlywhite - 8:51 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
While doing the weekly shop on the weekend I stopped at the breads and did a thorough read through of the loaves of bread and what the differences were in nutrition because I've noticed that my children have been less "bloated" in the tummy while eating The One and Oatilicious. It seems that not all breads are equal at that most contain almost no insoluble fibre. I have to be honest, a loaf of bread would give my kids a sandwich in their lunchboxes each day and even if it's $4 bucks a loaf, I think I'd rather pay that for a weeks lunches and know they're getting more nutrition than pay $2 a loaf and for it to be fairly empty food. I'm really glad we took part in this trial and I can honestly notice a difference - they are less hungry when getting home from school after having better bread and no sore tummies or constipation issues. Brilliant. Thanks so much for introducing us to the FANTASTIC THREE!!!!!!
Joekie - 3:46 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Our review:

My partner loved THE ONE. It tasted great, was soft and good for him (without him knowing it).

My daughter also loved THE ONE. Oatilicious was the second favourite. It didn't quite have the taste of THE ONE.

I loved all three. The One is so fresh and soft. Great with anything you want on soft, fresh bread.

The goodness grains was nice especially with avocado and tomatoes or cheese. Fresh or toasted was good.

We also found that the bread stayed fresher for a lot longer than other brands we normally buy.

The price is a bit concerning as we are budget conscious but then again you have to compare the benefits of it being better for you and lasting longer.

Definitely recommend all three for taste and freshness.
kymmage - 2:33 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Okay, I love Goodness Grains! I have had it for breakfast and lunch for the last two days and it is delicious. I am the sort of person who likes grainy bread, but I'm not a huge fan of vogels-style. I perfer a grainy bread that is still soft and pillowy. So this bread is perfect for me. I did find that I got some bits stuck in my teeth while eating it, but that didn't detract from my enjoyment. I had it with butter, cheese and some yummy chutney for lunch. The loaf is almost completely gone!!
SteviRay - 9:46 AM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Ok, so here goes. Went and brought the bread on shopping day and had to wait until the next morning for my sons (3yo and 1.5yo) to taste it. Obviously, having always had white bread, The One went down a treat. I was quite surprised that the Oatilicious was received so well, as far as my 3yo knew it was just his normal toast. The problem arose when he had the Goodness grains bread. He wanted to know why it was a funny colour and when i told him it was grain bread, he told me he didnt want to eat 'brain bread' and refused to touch it again.

My biggest issue with this bread would be the price. It was on special at our local Pak n' Save for $2.99 and $3.99 a loaf. As we usually buy cheap bread it was a bit shocking .
All in all, i would recommend this bread to others, but being budget conscious i think in future i will be looking for a multigrain bread thats a lot cheaper.
Coring - 8:12 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
My husband said that the Fantastic 3 is fresh, soft, tasty, nutritious and stays fresh longer that other brands. The bread has got a nice texture or apperance and , it smells good too. We all ove it. Thanks a lot.
kymmage - 7:27 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
5 year old Food Tester:
She had Oatilicious for breakfast with her usual spreads. She ate two whole pieces including the crusts.
She had The One and Goodness Grains toast for dinner with scrambled eggs. The One was gobbled up, except the crusts. The Goodness Grains was tried, but not finished.
kymmage - 8:05 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Started on the Oatilicious last night. I used the first 6 slices to make a dessert my husband loves - bread and butter pudding. It came out really nice. The bread soaked up the custardy ingredients well. It tasted smooth as the packet suggested. My husband ate a very hearty bowl of dessert and then complained that he felt too full. But not one complaint about the dessert itself :P
FullHouse - 7:45 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you very much for the opportunity to trial these breads. I enjoyed all 3 but I am a sucker for white bread so The One would have to be my favourite with Oatilicious a close 2nd. The bread stayed nice and fresh and light even 2days after opening. My husband doesn't like white bread, he thinks that a grain/wholemeal bread is better for you and still wasn't convinced after I read the info on The One's bag to him, he did really enjoy the other 2 loaves though. The kids liked all 3 loaves, not seeming to have a preference. The only thing that puts me off them is the price, the RRP is about twice as much as the supermarket bakery brand I buy now. Will have to have a think about whether the bread is worth the extra cost.
kymmage - 5:26 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for selecting me and my family to try these breads. I picked up the three loaves today and can't wait to start trying them!
TheBestNest - 4:59 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We are on our last loaf now, The One, and I am so sad this yummy trial is over : (
Everyone in our house loved these loaves, my husband preferred the Goodness Grains as he prefers whole grain bread, but master 7 and I loved all three. I haven't been eating bread for well over a year now but I honestly couldn't resist these breads. They were all so soft, light and tasty. I am hooked! Looking at the RRP they seem quite expensive, but I noticed that Countdown has them on special this week for $2.99.
ekubo - 2:14 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
well, goodness grains was the first one to go, soon followed by oatilicious. There are a few slices of the one left in the bag. We went to the supermarket this morning and the boys chose another loaf of goodness grains.

Dp gave me his opinions last night. Another vote for goodness grains, he liked the softness of the bread and the grains. He was less keen on oatilicious but would still eat it happily enough, apparently it was too wholemealy for his taste. He didn't like the one very much at all, much to my surprise, and said the texture was 'wrong' and it made tasteless toast.
MumBum - 10:44 AM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Okay so far, here is our feed back:

THE ONE: The kids loved it, of course they did, its white bread after all!LOL I also liked how although it is white bread, it has all the good stuff sneakily packed into it.
My children don't get white bread as in our house we buy wholemeal or mixed grain types, so they thought it was fabulous, especially the oldest one.
I liked the fact that although it is white bread, it was nice and light instead of being all goopy and doughy when you eat it like some other white breads.

OATALICIOUS: We have only just opened this loaf, in fact my big boy and I had cheese and pickle sandwiches last night and it is really delicious! Again a nice light bread... it will be used for toasties for lunch today, so I will be able to report on what the rest of the family thought.

We haven't yet tried the GOODNESS GRAINS yet, but I think that one will be my personal favourite!

Thanks so much again Kidspot and Tip Top!!!!
nzlass - 10:40 AM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Beautiful soft texture down to the last slice and It's Preservative free bread! My kids enjoyed The one and Oatilicious . My fussy son wouldn't attempt to try goodness grains in sunflower and chia however I loved the grainy bread, the flavour of sunflower seeds really come through Yum! One cool fact, 2 slices of the one contain more fiber than 2 weet-bix!! awesome knowing your family are getting their "health fix" just by eating this delicious Tip Top bread! Thanks for the experience Tip Top you made my shopping list!
Ellie6612 - 9:50 AM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for selecting us to try these breads. We enjoyed them all and they were all suited for different purposes. The one (white bread) was lovely and light, making it perfect for ham sandwiches and sausages. The oatalicious was also a nice light bread, with a nice oat taste to it, we enjoyed this for lunches and toasted. The goodness grains was packed full of flavour, with the grains, it was a slightly heavier bread, and more filling, perfect for sandwiches and on its own. Our household was divided between the oatalicious and the goodness grains as being the favourite. However all of these breads were very soft and fresh tasting, right to the last slice! Would recommend each bread.
JeniP - 11:50 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
this was a real treat - what lovely bread. The oatalicious is awesome - the real inbetween bread. This one was a real favourite in our house. Goodness grains was loved by my teenage daughter and the One made beautiful sandwiches. All had great flavour and were all enjoyed. Thankyou for the opportunity to try them.
Kazzam - 9:18 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks for choosing us to review the fantastic 3! The oatalicious was nice and was great in the toaster however was our families least favourite. We were drawn on the goodness grains and the one. Goodness grains had great taste was super soft and just the right balance of grains for us. The One was good ole white bread nice and soft and fluffy and perfect fresh for Sammie's and toasted. I think we are converted from the homebrand bread these were just more filling and stayed freshier longer. Thanks for going us this chance it was fun :)
heitiki - 7:58 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the oppy to try these breads! The One was a clear favourite with everyone in the family. This bread is beautifully soft, just as white bread should be, but with all the added goodness - definitely a hit and I will continue to buy this one.

Oatalicious is also a tasty bread, if you want more oats in your diet for whatever reason (ie lower GI diet).

Goodness Grains is a great choice if you want to add more grains to your diet but within a lighter 'whitish' loaf (as opposed to the full on, darker, heavier grain breads). This children liked this one too.

But, hands down, THE ONE is 'The One' :)
ruthie029 - 5:00 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have been slow off the maek. FInally got the 3 loaves of bread but now the kids are away for the weekend so our reviews will begin this coming week. 2 loaves are in the freezer so we can assess the quality post freezing. WIll keep you posted!
Nilithya - 4:16 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Could only find "The One" & "Oatalicious" at the local Countdown so bought those.
The One is a lovely soft white bread, we selected it in toast as prefer the thicker slice) It was very fresh & kept well but was eaten well before the expiry date! I think it would have lasted though. Unlike other white breads it is not "sticky" & doughy, it is light & fluffy. It didn't dry out quickly like other brands. Love that is is white bread but packed with goodness as while the kids will sometimes eat wholemeal bread they prefer white & happily ate this, my eldest, 6, saying it tasted really good & my youngest who doesn't say a lot yet just said, "Marmite!!" and ate it all up.
The Oatalicious has slightly more texture but fooled my 6 year old who thought it was just white bread.
It was also very fresh & didn't start drying out or going off like other breads can. Was nice to buy bread that was still fresh when I got it home! I swear sometimes the bread is already going bad in the supermarket. Don't even get me started on potatoes!
Anyway, they were great & will be buying them again. Only a couple of things I did not like, one was the price! Eeep! $4.29 a loaf! I don't think we could afford to buy it at that price & I wouldn't want to, however, I have since noticed it is usually on special somewhere for $2.99 & given that it actually lasts until we have finished a loaf & there is no waste (my daughter has even eaten the crusts on "The One" bread sometimes, something she doesn't do with other breads as it is too "dry & yuck") So I am happy to pay that price for it.
Our particular loaf of "Oatalicious" was meant to be toast slice but the slices were quite a lot thinner than most toast slices, more like sandwich slice. I prefer it thicker but no biggy, was still good!
I also did manage to find "Goodness Grains" at New World who had a very good range & it was only $2.99. I also stocked up on some more of "The One" & "Oatalicious" with the voucher, thank you :)
I chose the Sunflower & Chia Seed. Love Chia Seeds! Thanks for putting them in a bread, they are so good for you!
This bread is so tasty & filling. I am yet to give it to the kids but I think they will like it.
It makes great toast! And so lovely as a sandwich with salad & bacon. Mmmm.
Lovely & soft, lots of grains & seeds, feels very substantial, a premium bread. Will be buying this one again as well, even if it is just for me!
Thanks! Now go buy this bread! It's worth it!

bassplayer - 4:07 PM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
The kids have now tried 'Goodness Grains' and really liked the softness and flavor. The bread stayed crisp but not hard when making cheese toasties and was not too crumby. the kids loved this bread but as it stands still want me to buy 'The One' again as it reigns favourite!
jude21 - 11:12 AM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Absolutely loved all of the bread but our favorite was the Goodness Grains. We tried all three fresh and toasted and the kids even ate the crusts.My son likes to eat his bread by itself with no butter or spread (weird) and really loved all three kinds this way. We used The One to make toasted sandwiches and it was nice and crunchy on the outside ,yet soft and delish on the inside with the filling.I will definitely be looking out for these when doing my weekly shopping.Thanks Tip Top and Kid spot :)
skirts - 10:26 AM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
So cool to be able to trial this range of bread - we normally buy wheatmeal (Homebrand) or something else on special, plus bake our own white in a bread maker as we go through SO much bread...I don't think we would have tried these ranges otherwise as the price is quite high and I am reluctant to pay more unless I know it is worth it - now from trialling I will definately be keeping a look out especially for the Goodness Grains....

Our favourite of the lot was the Goodness Grains - both mum, dad and 16 yr old exchange student loved it - so soft and full of goodness, yummy both fresh and toasted....even the kids liked it too (but not their fave)..

To be honest with the other two they came in a tie in second as we all liked them, tasted yummy and fresh but after the goodness grains nothing could compare....girls really liked 'The One' though as we don't often have white bread so was a definate favourite - especially fresh with honey or jam on it
LIVINGLIFE - 9:36 AM on Sun-21-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for picking us, I went and got the 3 loaves of bread and was actually shocked at the price of the one and oatilicious, it was $4.29 for a loaf and as we go through a loaf of bread a day the price of this would be far too expensive for us to have every day. The goodness grains was a better price at $2.99.
We had the one first and have tried it before and we do like this one as it is very soft and being white bread the children think it is great, even though we finished it in a day I'm sure it would have kept for a few more as it was that soft. The next one we tried the goodness grains, sunflower and chia, we found that the taste of sunflower seeds was too strong for us as it was quite a strong taste instead of just a hint of sunflower. The oatilicious was also a hit in our house and out of all of them I would get the one and oatilicious again but only once in a while due to price
ekubo - 6:55 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
I picked up my bread on the shop this morning. Slight moment of frustration as I couldn't see the Goodness Grains anywhere, for some reason the supermarket puts it on a different shelf. Happy moment as the checkout chick said 'that's a good deal' and whacked $11+ of my bill.

When I got home the boys had the honey out ready for taste testing. We cut the bread into quarters so we could try them all, and made up a tasting platter. We all liked the taste of all of the breads. To my surprise ds1 (10 yrs) said he liked the goodness grains loaf best, he likes the nutty taste and that it was still soft even tho it was a grain bread. Ds2 (7 yrs) prefers the oatilicious. It's a bread that we’ve had many times in the past. He also enjoyed the goodness grains but is less keen on the bits. He likes it with ham and salad but not so much with honey as the bits are more obvious. Ds3 (4 yrs) went straight for the white loaf at first but after trying the others at my insistence said he liked the oatilicious best too.

They don't often get white bread and have been enjoying the treat. There was a complaint that it doesn't make good toast tho, and my eldest said it doesn't have much flavour compared to the other two. I liked the idea of white bread with extra fibre, but on reading the ingredients list that seems to come from added soy fibre, with so much hidden soy in foods already these days I'm less keen on it now. Since I prefer them not to eat white bread we probably won't get this one very often.

So the consensus is that we like goodness grains sunflower and chia best. Oatilicious is a close second. The one was also enjoyed but our last choice. And as an aside, ds2 wanted to know why I hadn't got honey grain as that’s his favourite bread of all.
sarahrv - 6:12 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for giving us this oportunity to try out the Fantastic 3.<br>We got our bread yesterday and the boys and I couldn't resist having a jam sandwich on "The One" it was yummy and the bread was lovely and soft :-)<br>The boys had Oatilisious toasted for breakfast and as vegemite sandwiches for lunch today. They bothed loved the bread and that too was lovely and soft.<br>My husband had The Goodness Grains toasted for breakfast and I just had it as a Jam sandwich (too nice to toast) for breakfast and we both loved it. We had The Goodness Grains as sandwiches for lunch too today.<br>We think all 3 are lovely. They taste great, are lovely and soft and all 4 of us like them. The boys think The One is fantastic as they are allowed White Bread for once and we all like the Oatilicious. The boys aren't keen on the Goodness Grains as "too many bits", but it is nice to have something for us adults :-)<br>Thanks again for choosing us. We love all 3 loaves :-)
AnnaES - 4:58 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
Got our bread today! Will write after we eat some! The 3 flavours cater to all of us. The Goodness Grains for my husband and I, Oatilicious for our 'healthier' older daughter and The One for the youngest daughter who likes, but doesn't usually get, white bread due to my prefering her to have wholemeal for more fibre!
Medicina - 3:58 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
Freezer update: Oatilicious came out of the freezer today. It toasted nicely and very evenly straight from the freezer. The flavour was good and we all enjoyed it. I defrosted the rest and made some afternoon tea sandwiches. The bread held up well to the trial of freezing. It did not dry out as much on the edges as some other brands and tasted just as good as any other fresh bread. Some other brands seem to lose the freshness when they have been frozen but Oatlicious came out fine.
veronicad - 2:23 PM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks for the chance to try Goodness Grains and Oatilicious! I have purchased Tip Top The One previously and it was already a firm favourite in our house. I don't normally branch out into new bread that much, so I have to say I would not have tried Goodness Grains and Oatilicious without this trial. Which is why I'm so glad I got to trial these! I did not think the kids would go for the Oatilicious but they absolutely LOVED it. Soft and whitish, it went down really well, and my baby even ate the crusts which in itself is unusual. I am normally a fan of Molenberg Original, but Goodness Grains was great. I really enjoyed Oatilicious too. I imagine we will be continuing to buy all three in the future. It's nice to have a bit of variety and they all taste so good it's hard to pick a favourite. My daughter was impressed with the word Bakery on the packaging. Now she thinks they are a treat from the Bakery!
MumBum - 9:58 AM on Sat-20-Oct-2012 reply | message
We are almost through the three loaves so once I have interrogated my family, I shall put my review together and post it in blog form for everyone. :-)
nessee - 9:02 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Yummmm ooh yumm!!! Thanks soooo much for the opportunity to trial The Fantastic 3... My daughter says numm numm numm with every bite of her The One Cheese n Ham Sandwiches - we dont get that very often so thats a real "Shout Out to you Tip Top" we really liked the Goodness Grains and my daughter too - but the numm numm numm words for saved for The One ..... She also likes the Oatilicious also got the thumbs up and I really liked it too - not too many oats that usually get stuck in my teeth from other brands of bread and filled me up :) I def will be buying the "Goodness Grains for us Mummy and Daddy and The One for Miss 2yrs and Miss 11mths ... cant beat that sound of Numm Numm Numm huh .... its a winner in this house :) Thanks Tip Top you guys ROOOOOOCK!!!
Medicina - 7:05 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
I can add that The Fantastic 3 certainly fuel up young boys for a busy afternoon.
The eight year olds made El Cheapo kites from

The bread bags provided excellent kite plastic and we used the shopping bag as well.
It was an excellent exercise in reuse of a common byproduct of modern living. Perhaps TipTop could print a few such suggestions on the bag so hours of TipTop fuelled fun.
melandg1 - 1:50 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thankyou for the chance to review The fantastic 3 from Tip Top. All 3 loaves have gone down well in our household with all 3 being eaten with equal enthusiasm! There have been no complaints and sandwiches and toast have been a hit with all. Im still a fan of The One but will be buying all the variants as I have been lately anyway ever since we first tried Tip Top again after a while. Its definitely worth paying the extra (compared to buying a cheap homebrand one) and its always great when Tip Top breads are on special. Awesome bread I would recommend to anyone as its tasty and well worth it. My/my family's favourite bread by far! Thanks again and and Tip top you have won us over!
kimmo - 1:22 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. My husband and I loved the Goodness Grains. THe bread tasted wholsome and delicious. Then my kids had no complaints with their sandwiches. They like both the Outilicious and THe One and I did find their sandwiches to be super soft. The loaves also stayed fresh (until they were gone). I am happy to pay a bit extra to get good quality loaves like these. Thank you!
livandjimi - 12:57 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks a million for letting us review this for you :)
First impressions were the packaging. I found it was a bit busy and took me a while to find each of the different types. How ever, all 3 breads are a hit in our house! My son, 3.5 will only eat "the one" because he doesnt like "pips". My hubby, baby and I love the oatalicious and grains ones though. They stay lovely and soft for a long time, so worth paying a bit extra for. The one is a regular in our house, but i think ill be adding the oatalicious one too :)
justineb - 12:52 PM on Fri-19-Oct-2012 reply | message
I had two favourites in my whare The one, and Goodness Grains, all 3 loaves were finished within a hour, even miss two ate a full sandwich which is a first. The kids loved how soft the bread was and the smell when you put it in the toaster "odd??" i think kids think on different levels than us lol. The Oatilious wasnt such a hit with the younger kids but was a treat for the older one's. Thanks so much guys for letting us trial this bread i had a whole 20mins of quiet while the kids got their fill. A+++++++
skyela - 7:42 PM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
We were very surprised by the bread.
Our favorite was Goodness Grains: my girls really liked this bread, they even picked it out when I went to the supermarket today!
Oatilious: Yummy, I really enjoyed this bread, the girls not so much.

The one: As someone else said it's like eating a cloud (love that saying) my 8 month old demolished this without choking, it just goes down so SMOOTH.

All in all I love the quality, the taste and how it keeps!
nummabear - 4:39 PM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
The one: my sons favourite, it was the freshest and softest out of the three, i mean ours was so soft it was like your eating a cloud! so that ones a keeper!

Goodness Grains: i loved this one, not so much my son, but i liked it because you could actually tell it was a grain bread, and so fresh for days, it was very satisfying and i enjoyed it toasted too, so thats another keeper!

Oatilious : this was another great one too, this loaf went pretty much in a few hours, i just love the freshness of all the breads and how long they stay fresh for.

we usually buy the cheaper bread as we are on a budget, but would love to start buying these ranges..but the amount of bread we go through a week would end in an costly event just for bread. so if these were alittle cheaper then YES definately we would be buying tip top breads weekly. thank you so much for the chance to review these 3 great products, we really enjoyed each one and have no negatives about any! i look forward to the next trial offers. thanks kidspot :)
Charmedmum - 11:12 AM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
We have trialled all three loaves and the clear favourite was the one. I have four children aged 13, 11, 7 and 10 months and they all demolished it! The older ones commented how soft and fresh it was and the most delicious bread they'd ever had. The Oatilicious was okay but the least favourite. We all thought it was nice but more like wheatmeal. The Goodness Grains was MY personal favourite. I especially enjoyed it as toast with eggs on top, all those textures, mmm, delicious! After trying this bread I would definitely buy 'the one' for my children again! The loved it and I loved the fact it had so much fibre! I usually buy wheatmeal as it has the highest fibre but can now buy white bread in confidence. My children are thrilled!
Medicina - 10:52 AM on Thu-18-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have trialled the products. I got the primary-aged boys together and did a scientific-type trial i.e. bread A, B, C. Plain white plates, no packaging, record your own answers -no comparing with mates. They had an awesome time. Even the fusspot gave Goodness Grains 6 out of 10. Oatilicious recieved 10 out of 10 but then The One was presented and the competition to get the biggest number written down ensued. 10 to the power of 24 out of 10. They love it. It was great fun combining science, maths, and social interaction in this trial. Thanks Tip-Top and Kidspot. Several of the Mums were very impressed with the products which coincidentally are on special at Countdown this week - under $3 a loaf for highly nutritious and filling bread which the kids eat --even the crusts!! I'm freezing some to test that aspect. Will report back in a few days.
TonyaB - 11:42 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
Yum yum yum! Goodness grains loaf will be my fav, all are great! Nice and soft and just so yumm!
bassplayer - 6:26 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
We got our breads yesterday and the kids have just about hoovered the whole loaf of 'The One'. Their first comment was oohh it's so soft. My daughter doesn't usually eat her crusts (no matter how much I nag) but I didn't even have to say a thing - she ate them all up. She has been having issues eating her lunch but today no problem at all. Long may it last! The bread is soft,tastes yum and kids love it.
vsheary - 5:34 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
Wow! My kids actually tried all 3 of the breads!! Their favorite was the "The One" which they said was the softest bread they have EVER had! lol so that was a huge thumbs up from them!! Well done Tip Top a bread my kids enjoy that I don't feel guilty about giving them!!

Although they tried the other two samples and they said they were nice, they definetly not as keen on these as "The One". My husband and I absolutely loved both of these ones but my favorite was the Goodness Grains! Up until this trial, I have always felt that 1 is as good as the other, but now I am more inclined to buy the Tip Top Fantastic 3 as I felt they were more beneficial to us and very fresh, but do have to point out, that it is quite pricey which is always a consideration at the supermarket.

Thanx once again for the trial. :)
MumBum - 12:13 PM on Wed-17-Oct-2012 reply | message
Got mine, now just need to go and redeem it at the local Supermarket... tomorrow, shopping day! :-)

Thanks again to Kidspot and Tip Top.... once my family has devoured the bread, I'll write the reviews!
JulieKidspot - 3:21 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
Vouchers are on their way to reviewers and should be received shortly.
Gogogo - 1:18 PM on Tue-16-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot - vouchers have arrived - just when we need it too!
stacem - 3:51 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
this would be great! buying bread can some times be a challange as to what to buy so to trial these 3 would be awesome! we go through 2-3 loaves of bread a week having 2 school lunches a 1 year old and a husband to feed :)
skirts - 2:33 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oooohhh got the vouchers today woohoo!!! Off to the supermarket shortly to collect our loaves and try :)
nummabear - 2:15 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
got the vouchers this morning,yay, have sent my flatmate down to the supermarket to go get them right now lol
loulouwilson - 2:01 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
If it's not too late, my family would love to try some bread!! We love bread in our house!
Ellie6612 - 12:49 PM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thanks Kidspot. Can't wait to try the bread :)
melanie17 - 11:24 AM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
Mine arrived today so they must be on the way :-)
Thanks Kidspot, look forward to posting my review.
lotsakids - 10:44 AM on Mon-15-Oct-2012 reply | message
I am still waiting too - looking forward to trying it :)
MumBum - 6:16 PM on Sat-13-Oct-2012 reply | message
Neither... good to know I'm not the only one... maybe they'll arrive in time for school lunches next week? :-)
cosmicford - 10:24 AM on Sat-13-Oct-2012 reply | message
10-14 loaves per week
Anonymous - 7:23 PM on Fri-12-Oct-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
Haven't received mine yet nessee/skyela
skyela - 3:44 PM on Fri-12-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hey Nesse, not yet here either, was just coming to check to see if anyone has got theirs?

nessee - 8:31 PM on Thu-11-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hiya everyone - just checking to see if anyone has received their voucher for the Fantastic 3 yet??? I thought mine would of been in the post today but nope :( soooo dying to try it out, and was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me :) Cheeers Vanessa ;)
manddsteven - 1:38 PM on Thu-11-Oct-2012 reply | message
I hope this is right and we don't sound piggish but our family of four uses 4-5 loaves a week. We always have to get at least two different sorts to please everyone too. I try to sneak a couple of brown loaves in just to keep it as healthy as I can.
holezm - 11:59 AM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
We have a Busy Household and Bread is on the go all the time, we go though about 3-4 Loaves maybe more as we have Lunches for 3Young Kids, as well as my partner and I.Its expensive to buy anything other white for us, as the kids wont eat it.. so if the OATILICIOUS Oats are really camoflaged into the white bread! I would love to try it! because my kids are so fussy! Picky! and complain !!!
nikh74 - 11:50 AM on Tue-9-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oatsome!!! we'd love to try these especially as my soon to be 8yr old is now eating out of bread so rapidly, talk about a long growth spurt. we need several loaves a week to keep up. please pick us !!! :)
ekubo - 8:24 PM on Sun-7-Oct-2012 reply | message
we love kidspot reviews! Boys are checking the mailbox every 10 mins, waiting for the vouchers to arrive.
Dashes - 10:04 PM on Sat-6-Oct-2012 reply | message
We use 2 loaves per week, thanks.
mellyb - 10:33 AM on Sat-6-Oct-2012 reply | message
i would love to trial and review the tip top bread. i am glad we have a chest freezer as we seem to go through so much bread. everyone has toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and sometimes some of us have a slice with dinner. we would use at least 10 loaves a week. we are a family of 5. :-)
zalie - 7:37 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
Well bread is one of the most consumed istems in my house... On average I'd say we use about 5-7 loaves of bread per week! My kids eat Honey toast and sandwiches like it's the only food on earth :)
HandyAnd - 2:04 PM on Fri-5-Oct-2012 reply | message
About three a week - 2 of those being just for my hubbie!
radioguru - 1:45 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
We used to go through 4 loaves a bread a week (family of 5) but my 10 month old baby has decided that she loves marmite sandwhiches!! Pretty soon, we'll need to upgrade to 5 a week. :o)
MumBum - 1:29 PM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Yay, got the email to say we have been chosen to review... perfect timing with school holidays so stand by for the review! :-)
Thank you again Kidspot and Tip Top for another awesome product to trial and review!
kennyjo - 9:06 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
We go through a lot of bread as well as buying loafs usually 5 a week i make homemade bread too My kids snack choice is usually toasted sandwiches
AnnaES - 8:25 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you Tip Top and Kidspot! Look forward to the vouchers arriving!
AliceMBrown - 7:35 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
As a family of 5 (including 2 growing boys) we can expect to go throught a good loaf to 2 loaves a day. Sometimes it seems like we have a bread fairy in the house who takes our bread but then I come back down to reality and realise No its just my family
nummabear - 7:23 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
awesome thanks alot kidspot for letting me and my son try out these,theyll probly be gone within days as my boy is loving toast fingers!
canterburyange - 7:15 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you soo much for selecting our family to try these breads!! :-)
Panda - 6:38 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Awesome to be selected - thank you! We're all getting bored of the same old breads so it will be good to try some different ones.
kymmage - 5:41 AM on Thu-4-Oct-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for selecting me, I can't wait to get into these breads once the vouchers arrive. This is going to be so much fun :)
Rose3 - 10:56 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
During a normal work week, about 4-6 loaves. at weekends we can use 3 in one go when friends and childrens visit and the toastie machine gets a hammering!
topcatnzd - 9:39 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
1 loaf a week.
CaseysMum - 4:59 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
Our family of 4 goes through between 4 and 7 loaves a week depending on how many peanut butter sandwiches my husband fills up on
KerryECHoward - 1:23 PM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
We Use about 4 loaves of bread per week - Miss 2 is a sneaky thing and thinks she so clever getting into the cupboard - for what? just a slice of bread "just like that mummy , nothing on it". Hubby is almost as bad ! It would be a great opportunity to test Tip Tops Fantastic 3 !
caseyraskew - 6:28 AM on Wed-3-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to try this! We go through at least one loaf of bread a day.
boysmama - 12:48 PM on Tue-2-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have four boys in the house and one is a teenager that seems to eat everything in sight. We use anywhere up to 10 loaves of bread a week.
nileshnee - 9:16 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
With 3 adults and 2 children in the house ,we use 3-4 loaves of bread per week.
It will be nice to trial out a variety of the product.
lynleyg - 8:52 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
With 2 adults and 2 kids, we go through about 4 loaves of bread a week. I would love to trial these and it would be great to add some variety to lunches etc.
ECAW - 8:10 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
Too much:-) About 4-5 loaves a week. Breakfast, lunches and afternoon teas! This would be amazing, thanks for the opportunity!
ErinCooper - 7:30 PM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have 3 children ++ so many extras everyday .. we actually go through 2-3 loaves a day its crazy. This bread looks delicious and could fill our tribe better than the one I buy/
nzchick - 11:57 AM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have three boys and they love bread! We go through quite a bit of it as they eat it for breakfast and take sammies for lunch at school. It would be great to try these new breads for a change, they sound yummy and nutritious.
Gogogo - 11:01 AM on Mon-1-Oct-2012 reply | message
My family goes through around 2-3 loaves per week. This covers sandwiches and toast in the morning for breakfast as well.
funnelgirl - 3:21 PM on Sun-30-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi, with breakfast, lunch, and sometimes with dinner, we easily use 1 and a bit loaves a day in our family. We usually have a cheaper brand for toast, and a nicer brand for lunches/sandwiches. The cheaper one usualy lasts longer, as is normally just for breakfast or to go along with lunches during weekend.
linkjazz - 6:38 PM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use 1 loaf per day during the week and 1 over the weekend so approx 6 per week
issa - 3:47 PM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
our family uses 1-2 loaves of bread weekly :)
karinlee - 2:27 PM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use 1 loaf a week as one of my daughter can not eat it, but the rest of the family love tip top bread :)
Mumma - 10:41 AM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
When my grandchildren come on over they love to gobble through my bread as I mainly buy vogels. They love the nutty flavour and go through my spreads especially my Marmite which is going down rapidly. These school holidays, I can see the increase of bread consumption increasing from half a loaf a day to 2 loaves!!! I'd love them to do reviews on something they all like and would make a good testing group.
kiwi72 - 7:44 AM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 3-4 loaves of bread a week and are always looking out for healthly options for us and our kids.
chopper59 - 12:07 AM on Fri-28-Sep-2012 reply | message
i would love to try this. we go through about 3 loaves a week at the moment
JeniP - 9:04 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
we use heaps of bread with 2 adults and 2 teenagers. always looking to try new types and healthy bread
DMears - 8:07 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow lets see, we use about 3 loaves of tip top bread and 2 packets of long buns. My husband loves the oatilicious, I like the grain and our son likes white and wholemeal.
LindaK - 6:26 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 3 loaves of bread a week! 2 adults, 2 children :)
kahlansmum - 5:53 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 2 loaves of bread a week, depending on whether its toast or cereal for breakfast
angelstar - 3:58 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
With 4 children we go through 10 to 14 loaves a week. Hollow legs.
jdsmum - 3:40 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through 2-3 loaves a week it just depends really my partner uses most of it for sandwiches for his lunch at work and I'm sure he would be very happy to try something new and something that we wouldn't usually buy !
kandis - 2:52 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through about 2-3 loaves a week- 2 adlts and 1 child
Dutchy112 - 2:43 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
2 adults and 2 kids (but our youngest is only 1). We go through 4 loaves a week :)
beadygirl - 2:34 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
2 adults 3 kids....alll major toast and sandwich lovers at any time of the day! We would love to trial this product!
Canne - 2:34 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
2 adults 2 kids - we go though 3 loaves a week
DaniTaylor - 2:32 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
2 ADULTS 2 children, We go through 2 1/2 loafs 3?

lulu78 - 2:32 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of two adults and four kids ranging from two to 15 would go through at least 6 loaves per week.
mumof2boys1girl - 2:30 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
Family of 2 adults, 3 children (1yr, 5yr and 8yr) and we go through 4-5 loaves a week.
annalise - 2:27 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use anywhere from 2 loaves to 5 and would love to try this new bread out :)
lornamoa - 1:47 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
We eat 2 to 3 loaves per week (2 adults, one toddler and a baby)
Leightk3 - 1:07 PM on Thu-27-Sep-2012 reply | message
Bread is a staple in our house, Toast in the morning, Sandwiches for lunch, and Bread served with meal at dinner, not to mention grilled cheese on toast for snacks, we must go through at least 6-8 loaves per week!!! Lol!!!
sallybelinda - 9:51 PM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
two adults and a 6 and 3 year old about 6 loaves a week.
Cazper - 7:26 PM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
With two adults and one toddler we can go through five loaves of toast bread week.
Jodie3 - 2:07 PM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of 5 (3children under the age of 7) go through at least 1 1/2 loaves a day! Would love to try the new Tip Top bread!!!
skyela - 11:16 AM on Wed-26-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 6 loafs a week of bread a week and normally buy freyas because of the quality, I really would be keen to try this bread as we really would love to save money on bread...we have got stuck in our habits of buying Freya's and have been a little set in or ways...we need to branch out and try other bread.
Mummyleigh - 10:03 PM on Tue-25-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through about a loaf a day for a family of four - we freeze our bread so it keeps longer - would love to try this bread as we are always buying cheap bread and it'll be nice for a change :)
poffsa - 7:57 PM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
Family of 5, over a loaf a day! This bread sounds great!
nikkib90 - 7:57 PM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
This would be awesome for us as our growing boys go through up to 7 loaves of bread a week!
christineDixon - 2:01 PM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would love to review The fantastic 3 Tip Top Breads our family buys 4 loaves a week plus Hamburger Buns or Long Rolls.
nzlass - 12:48 PM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family would love to review The fantastic 3 products from TipTop. Finding a healthy alternative that the whole family "enjoys" is always a struggle.Thanks
ajpickering - 11:38 AM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
There are 2 adults and 2 children in our home. We use between 2 to 3 loaves dependent on Master 3's toast consumption in the mornings.
Joekie - 10:51 AM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are family of two adults and one three year old. We go through about two loaves of bread a week. My partner is very fussy on what bread he buys. It has to be soft and fresh. His favourite meal is cheese on soft white bread. Would love to find something that is a bit healthier for him and our daughter.
oneonly - 9:48 AM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a household of two adults and one child and eat about 3 loaves of bread a week, would love to try something new that might be more filling :-)
cantabjames - 8:36 AM on Mon-24-Sep-2012 reply | message
We have a household of 2 adults and 1 child we go through about 2 loafs a week.
jylissa - 10:25 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
we are a household of two adults and 1 son aged 21months, we go through 2 loaves of bread a week and even the 'back up' one in the freezer starts getting used-we have toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and sometimes toast on the side with our dinner.
MumBum - 10:19 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a household of three adults, and three boys ages 8, 2 and 10months old. We honestly go through about a loaf of bread a day! Then every second weekend we have my step sons come to stay so when they are here, it can be up to two loaves a day easy! Toast, baked bean, spag or eggs is usual for breakfast; sandwiches for the 8 year old's lunch, and usually for his after school snack he has a sandwich again... both the little ones have toasties or sandwiches for lunch, and as I am breast feeding, I am ALWAYS hungry so it is not uncommon for me to have toast as a midnight snack or a sandwich for morning tea... in any given week, we can easily go through 7-10 loaves of bread.
teen29 - 9:52 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
My magical family of five (one of those being our dog) two boys aged 2 and 4 and me and my hubby go through 3 or 4 loaves of bread a week.
Kazzam - 7:50 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a great family of 4 mum, dad, Master 2.5 and Master 7months anduse go though 5 loaves a week of bread.
gemm73 - 7:43 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 4 and use at least 2-3 loaves a week!
ChevMum - 7:29 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 6-8 loaves of bread a week between the 5 of us.
yecats - 7:26 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use at least two loaves a week, between toast and sandwiches. We are just a three person family, and our son is 11months, so just really getting into food.
tyke2004 - 6:48 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 5 and go through 7 loaves of bread a week. We only buy wholemeal bread so would be interested to see how this bread compares.
ZoeA - 5:06 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
Not sure if its the breast feeding but I eat most if the bread in the house...we go thru about 2 loaves a week, would be more if it was the nice bread but we get the cheap stuff in a budget...cue violins :)
nanashaz - 4:39 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
Well there is 4 of us, My Husband, me, a 7 year old and a 5 year old. The 5 year old boy is a good eater like is Dad so we go through about 5 loaves a week. We are always on the look out for healthier and new breads.
jude21 - 4:34 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
There are four of us in our house, three teenagers and myself.We go through about 5 or 6 loaves a week as the kids are bottomless pits and snack all day:) (as well as the usual toast for breakfast.)
Mumof2Girls - 3:45 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
There are 4 of us - DH, Me, Miss 5 and Miss 3 and we probably go through 3-4 loaves a week. The kids can't get enough of it!
stacleaning - 3:31 PM on Sun-23-Sep-2012 reply | message
We a family of Mum Dad 4yr old and 17month old we go through a bunch of bread maybe 3 loaves. Probably ranges from 2-4 depending if the kiddies are asking for toast for breaky or cereal :D Love our bread
sam88 - 6:25 PM on Sat-22-Sep-2012 reply | message
Between two adults and one 3 year old boy we go through at least 3 a week.
shellcruise - 5:21 PM on Sat-22-Sep-2012 reply | message
Having two young girls and a husband we go thru a lot of bread!! We also have a canary who gets a treat every day so on average we go thru about 2 maybe 3 loaves a week seems to be increasing as my 11mth old is eating more and loves to have a smorgasboard of toast that she can grab herself
ekubo - 3:59 PM on Sat-22-Sep-2012 reply | message
I've got three boys so they can demolish a loaf just coming home from school. Then there's lunches for 5, breakfasts and random hungry moments. We can easily use two loaves in a day, probably I'd average 10 a week.
amber - 10:57 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow, these loafs sound great. Makes me hungry thinking about them. We use about three loafs a week and we would certainly like to review them.
anahera - 9:10 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
hi we are a family of 3 and go thru approx 2 loafs a week would love to review them thanks
maxsmum - 8:12 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
depends on the week and how many picincs we have but normally 2-3
petitemumma - 5:35 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through 2loafs week and are a family of 4 (mum,dad,3yo sam and 5yo mabel)
suemum - 2:28 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
fresh bread is yum.......we go through about two loaves a week
catrad - 1:20 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
we are a family of 5 we go through 7-8 loaves of bread a week, my 5yr old son is often found wandering the house eating just bread with nothing on it and any waste gets fed to either the 6 chickens who follow him around the garden or the sheep, we eat breat with everything , breakfast lunch & tea and often in between
stumpie - 12:00 PM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 4-5 loaves a week. When we have toasties that's where the 5th loaf of bread goes. Thanks
kymmage - 10:00 AM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
Family of 4 here, though one of us is yet to try solids :P We got through three loaves of bread a week. My daughter has just started school and has two sandwiches a day. I go through toast for two meals a day, as it is quick and easy to make and consume while wrangling/breastfeeding baby. On the weekends we have toast for breakfast or even french toast, yum yum.
JeniP - 9:18 AM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
WE are a family of 4 - 2 adults and 2 teenagers. We go through about 3 loaves a week plus breadrolls. Would love to join this trial
bhaviknz - 1:55 AM on Fri-21-Sep-2012 reply | message
Hi we are family of four and we are using average 4 loaves a week of bread...Thanks
nessee - 10:27 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 4-5 loaves of bread a week, and that's only one toddler and one 10mths old Sister who gets Miss Toddlers crusts as she refuses to eat them a the moment, lil monkey! And us two parents. Miss Toddler eats most of the bread and we get the left over hard stale bits of bread, tht's fair right hmm nope hehe. Would love to trial new n exciting Tip Top Bread..
julianne - 9:20 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 3 to 4 loaves a week, and then fresh bread over the weekend. This family loves bread.
canterburyange - 9:14 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We love bread in our house. We go through 1-2 loaves a day (approx 10 loaves or more a week!) and there are only 4 of us! We'd love to trial all 3 and have our say! :-)
lilblondee6 - 8:34 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow we use 2-3 loaves depending on how hungry the kids are!! But we loved trailing "the one" We'd love to trial all three at one time to compare and pick our fave!
FullHouse - 8:10 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Between my husband, me and our 3 kids (5y, 3, 10.5mth) we go through 6+ loaves a week and that is only for lunches
kyleeandluke - 8:05 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family goes through 3-4 loaves of bread in a week. That's with 2 adults and one child eating it. We all have toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch! Now that I add it up, our 2 year old eats 4 pieces of bread a day!
MummaJess18 - 7:16 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family goes through about 3 loaves of bread a week! There is only three of us in our house though :)
ingie83 - 6:53 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow bread goes through our household pretty fast, we use between 3 and 5 loaves a week. Its used for breakfast, lunches and sometimes with dinner. We love the Tip Top range its affordable and tastes great!
Silverbabe - 5:37 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through about 6 sometimes more loaves of bread a week. We have three kids and two of them go to school so they mostly have sandwiches for lunch as does my husband. My baby and I have sandwiches at home too a lot. Sometimes with dinner we have bread if we have soup or something like that.
samantha - 5:16 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 4 loaves a week, we make toast for breakfast, make sandwichs for our lunchs etc, so bread is quite a big part of our meals during the week. Would really like to try the new TipTop loaves and find out which one suits our growing family. Thankyou :)
TonyaB - 5:05 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
family of 4 adults, going through about 4 or 5 loafs a week. Would be awesome to have the chance to try the 3 different types of breads :)
mounty - 4:55 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are family of five,two six year olds and 23 month old.We go through around 5-6 loaves of bread a week.It would be wonderful to try Tip Top Fantastic 3 to see if they taste great.As they have all that added goodness to then.If we like it then we will change to buying it.
justineb - 2:05 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Whanau of 6 here and our number one house hold grocery item is bread!! be it store brought or home made, Toast, Sandwiches, Puddings, Cheese Fondue's, toppings for main meals just perfect for a growing family. 14 loaves of bread per week in my whare now dont get me started when we have whanau and friends visiting lol.
Chickenlegs - 1:47 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of 6 (myself, my partner & 4 boys with huge appetites!) go through between 10 -14 loaves of bread each week! By the time weve all had breakfast & lunch it all adds up. We usually just use the white loaves (bad habbit weve got into!) so it would be awesome to try different bread with some actual goodness it it!
sarahrv - 1:09 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message

We would love to be picked for this - we are a family of 4 and go through 4-5 loaves a week. Our boys are very picky bread eaters - but they do love The One (so do I). We all love toast and sandwiches. Taking them to work, school and kindy :-)
katherinew - 12:55 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through about 2 1/2 loaves a week. Would be lovely to try something new and healthy!
heitiki - 12:39 PM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are big Tip Top fans in our house! We have bread as toast at breakfast, in lunchboxes, mini sandwiches occasionally with morning and afternoon tea and I have some kind of sandwich for supper before bed every night. With two adults and two children, we can get through 4 loaves a week quite easily! Would love to have all three at the same time to compare them. The One is absolutely delicious and I could pretty much eat a fresh loaf of that all to myself (but I do restrain myself...sometimes!).
Nananana - 11:56 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
In my house with 4 chn, we have bread with every meal, and that includes lunches. It is easy for my children to go thru 10 bread in 4 days. Would love to trial Tip Top bread with my ravenous lot.
Jojo17 - 11:42 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
My son & I would go through a loaf of bread in about 3 days, so probably 2 loaves. Thanks.
shannonc - 11:19 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through a loaf of bread every day and a half the girls are currently obsessed with cheese sandwhiches. We mostly choose white for the girls and hubby has wholemeal
I would love to give this bread a go :)
Nardia - 11:02 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use on Average 1 11/2 loaves per week. We mainly buy wholegrain breads as I have not found a suitable White bread that keeps us full and full of energy! I would love to give this bread a try.
vsheary - 7:12 AM on Thu-20-Sep-2012 reply | message
With 3 school lunches and 2 adults, we go through a loaf a day! Being 'kiwis' its what we always had for our lunches and breakfasts, so its also what we feed our children. And, YES like most families we have the BREAD BATTLE about who gets to have their favorite loaf! Kids always go for the white, and we the parents go for the fiber/Oates!! Would love to trial these breads and hopefully finish our bread battle :)
SandraG - 11:39 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
At least a loaf a day - in school holidays even more!
We always look to buy healthy bread with a fair amount of fibre/100g. Helps with blood sugar control and keeps everyone full and happy. Plus, the healthier breads are yummier. The kids love white bread as a novelty, great to have white bread that is healthy too. Well done Tip Top.
Ellie6612 - 9:44 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 2-3 loaves a week. We love bread and would love to trial all three of these breads!
ruthb - 9:27 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
We munch through about 6 loaves a week... this trial would be fantastic for us as we are having a bread battle at home!!
I am a lover of multigrain breads but my kids are starting to rebel and wanting to eat only white bread as they dont like the 'bits'!! Trialing a bread higher in fibre but soft like white bread will keep the kids and me happy!!
I like the idea of the extras in these breads... thanks
Greerfamily - 7:00 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
As a non-smoking, non-drinking, mum of 3 with a recently redundant husband we really need to make our dollar stretch - esp in groceries: at the moment we buy 8-10 loafs a week - I WOULD LOVE TO TRY AND TREAT my kids with something other than the usual Daily Grain from couplands. I'm part of the MINT study at Otago University and while i recognise the need of high fibre and the bonus of minerals, vitamins and yummy grains in the bread - Daily Grain is the most we can afford.... i've wanted to try the better breads but price makes me hesitate.... if this bread really is all its cracked up to be I would defintely be budgeting for it for my kids sake at the very least. PLEASE SELECT MY FAMILY - PLEASE!<br>
neumanas - 4:41 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
OMG, we are bread lovers! we eat a loaf a day... i know... not a great thing, but we eat the wholemeal and multigrain, they are not too bad :) So yea, bread for breakfast, usually french toast... lunch i prepare some sandwiches to go, then every now and then toasties... etc etc
smoodles - 4:09 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this bread,we are big bread eaters in our house so go through about 8-10 loafs a day and we all have our favorites.
Nikki79 - 3:15 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yum!! My daughter loves white bread, although I'm not keen on giving it to her with it not having much in the way of nutrients and I love my grain type breads. We go through only about two loaves a week at the moment, because I don't like her having too much "unhealthy" white bread.
margaretlor - 2:25 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family goes through 7 to 10 loaf of bread a week both sandwich and toast
Ruth4 - 2:18 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 7 loaves of bread a day, only ever sandwich bread.
IceKiwi - 1:58 PM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family uses between 8-10 a week. That's toast and sandwich bread.
michp - 10:41 AM on Wed-19-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of five goes through 1 loaf of bread every 2 days. thx
LIVINGLIFE - 7:55 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family uses a loaf of bread a day as we have 3 hungry children , the oatilicious one sounds yummy!!!
SarahK - 6:15 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through bread like there is no tomorrow here!!! we are eating around 8-9 loaves a week at the moment. toast for brekkie, sandwhiches for lunches plus the care kids i look after snack on either toast or sandwhiches most days too. My eldest also often cooks up toasties for afterschool snacks.
keetismyson - 5:12 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
I would say we go through about 3 loaves a week. I would LOVE to review this bread so that I am able to let you know what bread my 2yo likes the best along with my partner who is very picky when it comes to what he does and does not eat.
Kerrynmum - 5:09 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of 4 goes through 2-3 loaves a week. Both the kids love toast/sandwiches or if we've just done the shopping just a plain piece of bread!
candice - 1:15 PM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use 4 to 5 loaves a week, favourite snack for my 2 littlies is bread and butter and other meals will not be eaten without a slice of bread on the side for dipping!
Coring - 10:40 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
My daughter and husband eat or consume a lot of bread every week. My husband has it for lunch and dinner. My daughter brings sandwiches to school and eats it for lunch and dinner as well. It would be great to be chosen as one of the reviewers. thanks.
melanie17 - 10:15 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
Being a family of 4, we easily go through 6 loaves of bread a week. I'm constantly making a never ending stream of sandwiches for everyone. We like to try a variety of different breads, but I always gravitate towards multi grain types. We would love the chance to sample these new breads! :-)
tarns677 - 10:14 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of six goes through 6 loafs a week, got one teenager boy who eats and eats lol.
skirts - 7:15 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have lost count of how much bread our family of five goes through a week! We buy a good four or so loaves at the supermarket in our main shop, always get a couple more at least in a top up shop and bake our own loaves in breadmaker to supplement.
malandrob - 5:47 AM on Tue-18-Sep-2012 reply | message
our family of 5 regularly eat at least 2 loaves of bread a day, and finding something different or nuitricious can be difficult. we would love to trial the tip top trio please
BJW - 10:49 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of five would get through 4 loaves of bread a week. My husband loves to buy different breads which the children & I giving them a try out also, but if I'm buying then I normally stick to the ordinary breads. I'm sure we would all love to give 'The One', 'Oatilicious' and 'Goodness Grains' a good review.
We all take our sandwiches to school or work and would love to try something a little bit different.
eleanor48 - 10:26 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Some weeks we eat 3 or 4 leaves of bread, and other weeks we hardly finish one. I like to have a variety of bread available, so I often end up baking my own. It would be great to try out some healthy loaves - I can never get my own bread to taste as good once I've put all the healthy stuff in them :)
mammaof3 - 9:43 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
In our household we buy three different loaves of bread to try and cater to what everyone likes! would love to trial out these different loaves, they sound great!
stepanka - 9:34 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We eat about two to three loaves a week (as we are trying to alternate other foods as well). When buying bread we go for good & tasty & healthy options. Thank you.
kala - 9:21 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I'm interested in giving my family the best possible food choices and good quality breads make up a large part of that. I would love to trial these fantastic sounding loaves on my family!
motheroffour - 7:56 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would go through at least 6 loaves of bread on a slow week!! lol Growing boys is what I get told
MissMuffet - 7:42 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Wow these loaves look absolutely scrumptious to eat. We go through 3/4 a loaf a day. I make my partner 2 sandwiches each week day for his lunch, so he has lunch with him were ever his work takes him. It would be fantastic to trial these loaves. I need to watch what bread I eat as I am a diabetic and have been for over 30 years. I am always on the look out for different and tasty bread for my family.
travelbugnz - 7:14 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes so would be keen to trail Goodness Grains / Oatilicious as white bread isn't very good for my blood sugars and going forward not eating white bread will be a change I will be making permanently in our lives.
Charmedmum - 6:56 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through one - two loaves of bread a day, trialling this bread would be fantastic and there is certainly enough bread lovers in this household!
kimmo - 6:20 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have just convinced my 2 children that wholemeal bread is just as tastey, as they do eat a fair amount. We go through 2 loaves between Monday to Friday, then have to buy another on the weekend. So I do buy 4 loaves at a time. My kids love their sandwiches for lunch and my husband takes one to work!! So I would love to give any of these 3 loaves a try !!
bassplayer - 6:11 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have bread monsters who eat around a loaf every 2nd day so about 4 loaves a week. My son often has cereal and toast for breakfast and then more bread in his lunch box. We would be keen to trail good, nutritious bread.
leelee1994 - 5:59 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 3 loaves per week + the extra fancy bread and buns that we get reduced to clear at the end of the day. It is really hard to say no to 4 croissants for $1, especially when they just need 5 mins in a hot oven to perk up to freshly made quality.
veronicad - 5:12 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We eat a loaf a day! My kids are only little, but still manage to eat at least 3 or 4 sandwiches each, and with 5 in my family thats a loaf a day easy! Really keen to sample something new!
Mamabear - 5:10 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 3-4 loaves per week for breakfasts, lunchboxes and snacks.
quackers - 5:07 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We currently go through 2-3 loaves a week,miss 3 is currently going through a growth spurt so she's been eating alot more sammies lately.
goddess588 - 5:00 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We'd be lucky if we used a loaf per week - DH is trying to cut back and has been having salads for lunch for months - and the kids like to have wraps and rolls or buns rather than the cheap bread I would buy otherwise. They love the Oatilicious hamburger buns and I'm sure they'd love the bread. They're fans of The One - from a previous trial.
NanaAndrews - 4:42 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
It has been hard in the past to get a bread that everyone in the family likes. This bread is good for every member of the family. We get through atleast 4 loaves of bread each week. The Oatilicious sounds soo nice and I am anxiously waiting to try it.
Sparky - 4:41 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through at least one loaf every 2 days so 3 1/2 loaves of bread for the week. My youngest though (2.4 years) has just gone off sandwiches so don't know whats happening there. To trial a different kind of bread would be great as it may make a difference (you never know with kids)!!!
corinne33 - 4:35 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My 2 year old has just started enjoying helping me make her Daddy's sandwiches for work - he works overnight & we go through 3-4 loaves a week...I am keen to try the kids on the grain one then I know for sure whether to buy 1 for her & I, white for Daddy...great to trial with a fussy eater!
nsohail - 4:29 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
On average we use 4 loafs. We prefer multigrains but then for variety we try other types as well. Every morning its a must for my daughter to have a toast. She loves to have chocolate spread over it. My Son who is 1 1/2 likes to eat plain bread.
aucklandjules - 4:28 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We would have 4 loaves of bread a week.
serenamilson - 4:20 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We eat about 3 loaves a week and every loaf is dependant on if its for sandwiches ,toast for kids, adults ect.
ivory - 3:56 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
we eat about 3 loaves per week, my kids like white for sandwiches but multigrain for toast!
nummabear - 3:48 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
my household can go through between 2-5 loafs a week my son loves his morning toast and lunchtime sammies and these would be great with the hidden goodness for him instead of the plain white bread he usually scoffs down
muppetsmama - 3:40 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 3 loaves a week in our family of 4. I have 2-4 slices for toast, the girls have sandwiches for lunch, and I usually do too. I try to avoid white bread, but miss 4 doesn't like seeds - sounds like this trio would be great for our family!
Glenfelik - 3:35 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 5-6 loaves a week.
AnnaES - 3:33 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 3 to 5 loaves of bread a week. Would love to try a new brand because I think our girls have got bored with our usual kind!!
MaryMc - 3:31 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use 5 - 6 loaves a week, and I would love to give these a go!
rachaelsfun - 3:28 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
my sister says with all her hungry boys (15 mo and 9 yrs) and herself they go through about a loaf a day (7 a week) so this would be fantastic to trial so please pick us!~!!
vam - 3:24 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have two very fussy children, so maybe if they see these new products arrive in the pantry, they will be excited to try them. We go through about three-four loaves a week. Thankyou.
samala - 3:11 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family uses about 3-4 loaves of bread a week, with breakfast, school lunch and snacks after school, sometimes we go through more. We would love to trial these loaves, thankyou very much! :-)
tallsonn - 2:57 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Well I've never actually counted but I seem to buy a loaf at least every 2 days so we probably use 4 or 5 loaves a week.
SteviRay - 2:57 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use 4 loaves of bread a week (white bread) and i would love the chance to trial this to see if my boys will eat it before i commit to buying it.
annette - 2:50 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use between 5 and 6 loafs of bread a week, use for breakfast, lunches or as a snack.
tille - 2:48 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family goes through 5 loaves a week. We do fortnightly shopping at pak n save so we freezer our bread. We mainly have it for lunches. On the weekend my 7 year old son loves his treat of nutella and toast and some times he can eat 6 toast and thats us making him eat the crust as well!!
nikki - 2:47 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
With 8 people in our house we can go through a loaf a day. Each time we buy bread we buy 3 different kinds, multi grain for me and my son, wholemeal for my young daughter as she is too young for multi and then white for the rest of the house who dont like brown bread.
mummy2nz - 2:43 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
we use around 5 loafs a week would love to trail this
loribradley - 2:31 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We eat a loaf a day, would be lovely to eat bread with grains etc in them (my kids like white)
Mardi - 2:24 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Sign me up for this please,we use a loaf a day every day.
Both boy's love white bread but I really love to get them to eat bread with grain's / fibre in,as I know its better for them...
Medicina - 2:17 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use at least 5 loaves a week sometimes more depending on whether toast was made at breakfast and what other options there are for lunches. I would like to trial The Fantastic 3 as my son has a very fussy friend who only has white bread. I don't buy rubbish white bread but it sounds like at least 2 of these ones might be worthwhile!
SusanD - 2:16 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family of 5 go through a loaf a day most days! By the time the kids have toast for breakfast and 3 lunchboxes! Bread is our hero as I know it fills their little tummies! :)
cbirch - 2:15 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We probably go through a loaf to a loaf and a half a week feeding Mum, Dad and 2 1/2 year old. Mind you that's not the stuff I don't know about that my son steals out of the freezer and eats frozen!! Would love to trial this bread. Thanks for the opportunity.
raglanmum - 2:05 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 3 - 4 loaves a week. Some of the bread that doesn't stay fresh enough, gets fed to our neighbours chickens. Hubby is always telling me to buy some nice bread!
eddie - 2:04 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We a family of 2 adults and 3 kids eat a lot of bread almost 3-4 loaves a week.
Would love to trial this especially since it has all the goodness and nutrition that we need.
piglet - 2:03 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are at a loaf a day too, by the time everyone has had toast, then lunches made and maybe sandwiches after school and toast for supper - that's a loaf gone.
Nilithya - 2:01 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
About 3-4 loaves a week though I find often some breads go dry & yuck, especially white bread, so we end up using that for "duck bread" & buying more loaves. Would love to be a reviewer for this bread! :)
TraceyF - 2:00 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
At the moment we would use a loaf a day which means 7 loaves a week.
Godzgirl - 1:57 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 4 - 5 loaves a week. We often buy the pak n save bakery bread.
Keryn247 - 1:54 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
we eat about 2 loaves a week, my daughter loves her marmite (or substitute) on toast
SarahBlair - 1:54 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through a loaf a day!! (at least) The kids all like toast in the morning and they have sandwiches in their lunch boxes.
cnikb - 1:53 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 4 loaves of homemade bread a week...would be nice to be able to try some bread that isn't homemade that is "packed full of goodness" for a change...
Jodie3 - 1:51 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
This would be great, my kids eat so many sandwiches!! We go through a loaf a day easily! :)
cove - 1:50 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yummy this sounds pretty good. We go through about 3-4 loaves a week. We have to really budget. Have tried one of these loaves but would love to trial the others. A great healthy option.
tessa771 - 1:50 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use about 4 to 5 loaves of bread a week. This looks delicious!!
arielad - 1:49 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
7 breads....1 per a day...toast and sandwich.
TarrynK - 1:48 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial these! We go through 1 to 1 1/2 loaves per day, depending how much toast gets eaten for breakfast. Usually the wholemeal and wholegrain varieties. Im a diabetic so stick to the low GI breads.
looies1 - 1:45 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
6 Loaves a week, with breakfast and lunches it gets eaten up very quick. Just purchasing that and milk costs so much now, always buy when its on special and put in freezer.
scottishlass - 1:45 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Bread of all kinds i love to try, some people are in to wine, other types of food, but bread is my thing, give me a nice quality good tasting bread any day over anything else, so yes i would be more than happy to volunteer my services lol, to try this bread.
hcsmum - 1:44 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Our family goes through 1 - 2 loaves of bread a day, So definitely looking for a healthier option.
eb - 1:43 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yum! Would love to try this. We LOVE bread in our house, peanut butter toast is probably the most popular item we eat... We would go through about five loaves a week.
Marley - 1:43 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go thru about six loafs of bread a week. Toast for breaky and sandwichs for lunch!
dillonfamily - 1:42 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My little man is a huge fan of bread - used for lots of things - sandwhiches, toast, toasties, and as pie shells instead of using pastry - and I'm looking for a healthier but scrummy option to what's out there, that's also appealing to littlies, so would really love to try this with him! Between the three of us we'd go through 2-3 loaves of bread a week
Resse - 1:41 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
This would be neat to try! We go through probably around 6 a week. We eat a lot of bread!!
kathryn57 - 1:39 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through at least five loaves a week. Would love to try this :)
mjchase - 1:37 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 2 loaves a week with 2 kids, because the kids eat some rolls in addition to sliced bread. If the bread tasted really nice, they might eat more ;)
steff - 1:36 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Have tried the one and liked it, would love to try the other two. We go through about 3 loaves a week mostly eaten by my 16 year old.
melandg1 - 1:35 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 5 but have an extra visitor 3 nights a week andwe go through at least 7 loaves a week!
Anonymous - 1:34 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
We love the Oatilicous bread and would really like to try the other two. We go through 8 to 10 loaves a week (4 kids !). Thank you :)
lotsakids - 1:33 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yum bread... well i have a large family of 7 and we eat at least 2 loafs a day more in rugby season... i would love to try this
cassara - 1:33 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We use at least one loaf a day, so I'll say we use 7 loaves a week. Three kids all have sandwiches, and hubby, and the chickens get the crusts :) Not to mention toast for breakfast and afternoon tea snacks
IEmzI - 1:32 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We are a family of 4 & we go through 3-4 loaves a week...Mr 3 & Miss 2 have just started wanting to eat the bread on it's own straight out of the bag when they want a snack, so we are starting to go through more, but I'm happy with that...I much rather they snack on bread than on chips, lollies or muslie bars
Kayla35 - 1:32 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
I have 4 kids ranging from 4-15, a husband and mother-in-law at our house, and we go through 2-3 loaves a day, so about 15 loaves a week. I don't mind buying lots of bread as its a quick snack that our kids can make after school, would love to review these.
kazza - 1:31 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
we use roughly 3 loaves a week......but if bread was lower in calories it would be more like six....everyone in my household loves their toast with melted butter & honey!!!! yummy
Panda - 1:30 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My husband is a voracious triple-decker sandwich eater so we get through four or five loaves a week. Little miss is has only just turned one so is on white bread, and the rest of us love the grainy breads. Vogels is a favourite as a weekend treat for brekkies.
hillys - 1:30 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
Yes please always running out of bread not sure what is the best brand? yep! both of my two girls are at school now be great to use for their school lunches they will trial for Tip Top Fantastic 3 also I be making lunches for the community school to trial out as well.
jopukeko - 1:29 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through 5 loaves a week. At least two of us have toast for breakfast, then there are sandwiches for lunch.
gonzze - 1:28 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
There is 7 in our family and we use about 12 loaves of bread a week With 5 children they eat a lot of bread
TheBestNest - 1:27 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through about 3 loaves a week, HUGE toast fans here!
kdc - 1:24 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We go through about three loaves during the week for breakfast and kura lunches then one loaf for weekend toast/sandwiches.
livandjimi - 1:21 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
As a family of 4, we go through around 3-4 loaves a week. Mr 3.5 wont eat any bread with pips (seeds) and his has to be white! Mr 17 months likes vogels best and my hubby and I eat what ever the kids have left :)
Pearlywhite - 1:20 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
We chomp our way through a loaf a day as we have a couple of growing boys in our house and a daddy who loves his toast! These breads sound great, we'd love to try them out.
nixzen - 1:19 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
My family goes through at least 3 loaves a week sometimes more, we all like different types of bread as well! would love to try these breads!!!
ruthie029 - 1:17 PM on Mon-17-Sep-2012 reply | message
we go through about 4 - 5 loaves a week. My son is a really picky eater. (doesn't like rice or pasta- just started eating potatoes and kumara) . He loves bread so I make sure that he has wholemeal or multigrain bread to ensure there is fibre is his diet.

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Warming winter soups
A steaming bowl of soup on a cold winter's day is great for the soul as well as your hunger! Try some of our 30 warming winter soup recipes. Read more...
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The Baby Manual
Has your little bundle of joy finally arrived? Head over to our comprehensive 12 week guide, so you can enjoy this special time together. Find out more...