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Group Name: NIVEA SUN Kids Pure and Sensitive Lotion and Caring Roll On

Leave sensitive skin irritations behind and protect young delicate skin with new NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive Lotion and Caring Roll On.

Children’s delicate skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays at all times, but in this busy day and age you can easily get caught without sunscreen. It can also be hard to know what formulation is right for your child – particularly if they have sensitive skin.

The world’s number one brand for kids sun care*, NIVEA, understands that young skin needs the right balance of effective, yet gentle sun protection to keep delicate skin safe from the harsh New Zealand sun. Drawing on its long heritage of understanding skin, NIVEA has developed its new NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On with SPF30+ and NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive with SPF50+ to help parents who make protecting their loved ones from the sun their number one priority.


NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On with SPF30+ contains broad-spectrum protection in a compact, no-fuss roll on, that fits perfectly into mum’s handbag, nappy bag or backpack. The caring roll on is fragrance free and contains a natural mineral active formulation (titanium dioxide) to protect delicate skin from the sun.


For children with allergy prone or sensitive skin, NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive with SPF50+ is ideal as it is free of preservatives, parabens, perfumes and colorants, that tend to irritate skin. The non-sticky, light formula contains Vitamin E and Glycerin, to moisturise sensitive skin, while the SPF50+ gives gentle but effective, very high sun protection.

NIVEA SUN allows mums to be confident that even with sensitive and delicate skin, their little ones will be protected from the sun - without the irritation.

NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On SPF30+ 65mL RRP $10.49 and NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive SPF50+ 200mL RRP $19.39 are available nationally from supermarkets, mass merchants and selected pharmacies.


* Source: Euromonitor International Limited; NIVEA by global brand name in the category Baby and Child-specific Sun Care; in retail value terms, 2011

Mums Say has given 25 members the chance to trial and review some wonderful NIVEA SUN products. Read their reviews below.

Each selected reviewer receives:
  • 1 x NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On SPF30+ (65ml)
  • 1 x NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive SPF50+ Lotion (200ml)
  • 1 x NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play SPF50+ Lotion (150ml)
  • 1 x NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ (200ml)

If you have been selected to trial, we will send the product to the address you have in your Profile so please make sure that this is up to date. (For more information, read here.) You will be required to post your reviews on Mums Say if you are selected.
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nlinnz - 1:41 PM on Fri-25-Jan-2013 reply | message
Just wanted to say a huge thanks. We are still enjoying all of these fantastic suncreens. Our super favorite is the pure and sensitive. Such a nice suncreen to wear and rubs in really well :). The roll on is all gone. Such a great easy one for the kids to put on. They actually want to put it on themselves which is fantastic! We have used the swim and play one a lot lately. Is a great one for the pool but quite a heavy one to put on, doesn't rub in as well. Thanks again for the opportunity to try these products. Would highly recommend and I will be buying again.
Minxy - 4:13 PM on Tue-15-Jan-2013 reply | message
I was compelled to come back online and say WOW Nivea has been fantastic for my family over the holidays. After reading the feedback and with me having a child with sensitive skin and one who is super difficult to let you near them to apply sun screen I thought I would give Nivea a try. I am sold sold sold sold. Not one of my children the whole 3 weeks we were away camping got burnt not even once. My eldest who has the sensitive skin used the white one and she took ownership that was her sun lotion and she was charged with applying it.... it worked a treat no bad reactions and she felt really comfortable using it. My difficult one I just handed over the roll on and she loved it she rolled it all over her and then rolled it on her hand to apply to her face which I could not believe as she usually will not let us put lotion on her face, I was worried she might miss a spot so would try to oversee her as much as possible but I can vouch that she did not burn or turn pink or anything not once and that was even with extensive swimming it has amazing coverage and was so easy to apply. My middle daughter and I used the coloured spray one and it worked amazing not one pink day and it carried on protecting even after swimming. I am a Nivea mum from now on there is no other sun lotion for our family it is such a relief to have peace of mind when you are out with your family in the sun to know they are protected and that you are doing the right thing for them. Thanks mums for all the feedback I love your opinions they rock!!!!!!!
SarahK - 9:07 PM on Thu-10-Jan-2013 reply | message
Thanks QsMum!!!!
QsMum - 12:15 PM on Thu-10-Jan-2013 reply | message

For all you parents/ caregivers that weren't too sure about giving these a go, they are on sale at Countdown this week. Cheaper to give it a try ;o) I can recommend the Pure and Sensitive for the hard to cover kids. My son still has had no reaction :o)
QsMum - 2:19 PM on Sat-5-Jan-2013 reply | message
Okie dokie, we have tried all the lotions now and the Big Winner was the Pure & Sensitive.

The roll on is great for school as it doesn't spill in a school bag. The Swim and Play was too strong for my sensitive boy, but perfect for the rest of the troop. They were all easy to apply and weren't overly scented. We've had lots of Sunny Days here in Gisborne and the only time my Sensitive Boy even got slightly red was after a hot, sweaty time at Pa wars in the full sun playing sport! Yay for this Pure & Sensitive!!!
fishingmum - 4:28 PM on Sat-29-Dec-2012 reply | message
Another update - been using it daily and still loving the sunscreen - it works really well and is really easy to apply. Have used the sensitive on Master 5 who had chicken pox and it didn't have any adverse effects so that was great - it didn't aggravate them at all and he was happy about me putting it on. The roll on has been used extensively by the kids and they apply it themselves which is great as I usually have a small war with them about putting on sunscreen. The kids have sensitive skin and all of the products have been used with no itching, scratching or rashes appearing. Overall I am very happy and would definately recommend this product.
Godzgirl - 4:51 PM on Thu-20-Dec-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for the sunscreen - it has been very handy. It all works well and we have not been burnt at all. The waterproof one was great for the girls swimming each day in the school pool. The roll on was fantastic for the kids to apply themselves and to take in the glove box, school bag or purse. We found that the swim and play and the sun kids - both 50+ were a bit harder to rub in. But we loved that the spf is very high and that it is suitable for sensitive skin and reduces the risk of allergies. My girls are at risk of eczema but have not had any issues from the sunscreen. The packaging was very user friendly. It's easy to tell the difference in the packs and they are all easy to open, yet don't leak. The bottles are ergonomically designed to fit in your hand. My personal favorite was the light feel. It was quick to rub in and had the best smell. I didn't really like the smell of the kids 50+ one, but you get used to it. Again thanks for the 4 full size packs to try! We are making the most of the sun every day now!
amy - 8:11 PM on Wed-19-Dec-2012 reply | message
I am totally loving having good sunscreen handy for visitors too - even if they have sensitive skin! Our boys have been playing heaps in the water lately and it is definately peace of mind knowing that the NIVEA SUN Swim and Play is the right thing for keeping their skin protected.
I have noticed the instructions on the side are really clear - and include covering up and staying out of the sun. I think that this is great having advice like this on the side of a sunscreen bottle as it is such sensible straight forward stuff that often people forget! Thanks again so much for this trial.
nlinnz - 2:22 PM on Mon-17-Dec-2012 reply | message
Wow thanks Nivea & Kidspot for giving our family the opportunity to try these amazing Nivea Sun products. The day we received the package my 3yr old son was super excited to start putting them on & told the family about them that night! It's great to have children excited to wear sunscreen!
The first product we tried was the Nivea Sun Kids Roll On - took it along to a kindy day out and it was so easy to use! My son really likes this small roll on that he can put on all by himself! The teachers were impressed with this great product! My husband also finds this easy to roll on his neck! Great product to keep in the school bag and very easy for children to apply. We will be buying this again!
My husband is a builder and is out in the Sun a lot! He has been getting a lot of use out of these great products! The light and feel is a favorite of his! Nice & light on the skin and easy to apply. Absorbs in the skin well not leaving any thick white sunscreen marks.
The hubby also ran an off road half marathon and has the little roll on sunscreen in his pack. Very easy to apply on his face & neck while running.
I really like the Nivea Pure & Sensitive. I can't wear a lot of scented products as it irritates my skin but this Pure & Sensitive sunscreen was fantastic! Great on the skin and no burning feeling. Yay! Will use this again :)
We are still to use the Kids swim and play but it won't be long now till we are in the water, will let you know how thoughts on this product.
Thanks again! These products are fantastic!
ajpickering - 12:56 AM on Sat-15-Dec-2012 reply | message
Finally we have had enough sunny days to really try these sunscreens.
My husband loves the NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ as it soaks in quickly and it easy to use.
The other mums and I love both the NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive SPF50+ Lotion and the NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play SPF50+ Lotion because it has a higher SPF rating and that it stays on the skin for a quite some time. The pure and sensitive bottle was the Mums first choice for the babies in the group.
My 11 year old daughter loved the NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On SPF30+ and I tried this with the group of 3 year olds and it was easy for them to apply without fear of them using a whole bottle. This would also be great in a preschool/school bag.
QsMum - 7:47 PM on Tue-11-Dec-2012 reply | message
Fingers crossed it's sunny tomorrow - my son's class has a beach trip planned so we will finally get a chance to try the Swim and Play lotion. I'll be sticking to the Pure & Sensitive for his face though - totally lovin' that one! My son likes the roll on that he takes to school. In the weekends we use the light feel on arms and legs (to make the Pure and Sensitive one last through the Summer). Will try and post some pics too.
miggs9 - 3:06 PM on Mon-10-Dec-2012 reply | message
Had my son's 4th birthday on the boat yesterday - in what felt like the 1st true day of summer. Had a wide range of people and kids from 10 months to 4 yrs. Everyone tried all the sunblocks and no-one got burnt! even after a day on the beach and lots of swimming in the sea.
I'd particularly like to mention the pure and sensitive lotion. I have really sensitive skin, I get rashes from most brands of suntan lotion (even standard Nivea ones). I was nervous to use this one - but I did and am super happy to report I didn't get a rash! It felt lovely and smooth going on and rubbed in really easily. I'm so pleased to have found a sunscreen available in NZ that I can use without worrying! My kids (1 and 4) are also prone to a rash, and both really pale - and it's been great for them. Will report back when we try out the swim and play one in a couple of days if the weather is kind to us :)
snicket - 2:37 PM on Thu-6-Dec-2012 reply | message
So far we have only used two of the sunscreens but they have been great. Awaiting more sunny weather :)

NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On - this is in a fantastic roll on bottle that is super easy to use and spread. The sunscreen feels nice and light and has given great protection to both my kids (1yr & 3yrs) who are both extremely fair skinned. My daughter loves the fact she can put it on herself with a little supervision! Great way to get them involved and make it enjoyable. Fantastic size for when out and about. I also know it will be great at the beach as there is nothing worst than putting sunscreen on with sand, the easy roll will make this easy to avoid.

NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion - I have used this one several times on both the kids and my face. I loved the soft and light feeling it had. You wouldn't know I was wearing sunscreen as it is light, doesn't make your face white and its greasy/shiny. I loved this sunscreen especially for me but was also easy to apply and use for the kids. Great to have a sunscreen that you can all use so that you don't need to have several packed when out.

Thank you. I'll be touch once I've tried the other two :)

Mamabear - 2:15 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
My family has now had several opportunities to try out our sunscreens in the past few weeks.

Light Feel Everyday is just as it's name suggests, very light and easy to apply. I usually don't like how my palms feel after applying sunscreen, but this was different. It was quite easily absorbed and does not leave a sticky feeling. Also, I found the fragrance quite pleasant more like a moisturizer fragrance than a sunscreen.

My son and a friend's child used the Swim and Play a few times and they both found it quite thick to apply and it is not easily absorbed. However, it did not run once they were in the water, or wash off easily so that was great. It has a slight sunscreeny smell, but not too strong and the squirt pack was easy to use by the kids, so more plus points!

The Caring Roll on is being used very well by my son too. He loves that he can take it to school in his bag and apply it himself when needed. Again, no greasy palms after application!

My 4 year old girl who has terrible eczema unfortunately did not do well with the swim and play. However, we used the Pure and Sensitive on her, and that did not irritate her skin as much. Also, the thick texture of the Swim and Play meant that it had to be rubbed in more. The Pure and Sensitive was very easily absorbed on her, I think it has no perfume/smell (or faint enough for us not to notice!) which is great. We have been using this daily for the past week, and so far it has been the best we have come across for her skin. We will be sticking to this one for her for now, and I have given her kindergarten one to be used on her there as well. Love that it is a white bottle, so easy to tell which one is her's in the bag when we're out and about. Wondering if this comes in a roll on as well?

Overall, we loved them and would definitely buy and recommend them, especially the Pure and Sensitive! Thanks Kidspot and Nivea!
Nilithya - 1:52 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Was soooo hot yesterday & we went to the beach after school. The light feel felt so cooling when I applied it, it was lovely!
sarahrv - 1:20 PM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
We (my kids, husband and I) have all been using the above products, for the last 2 - 3 weeks.
We have been using the Kids pure and sensitive on our Mr 4 1/2 years daily (sometimes twice) with no drying of his skin, it's not making him itchy or sore - Yay! Plus he says it doesn't sting his skin when applied, while alot of the sun screen lotions out there do.
Our Mr 6 - I've been applying the Swim & Play before school daily and he has been applying the Caring Roll on to himself and half his class at lunchtime.
My husband and I have both used the Light Feel Everyday. We have all found the lotions easy to apply, a nice scent, non of us have got burnt or reacted to them, so all in all we would recommend the above and we will be definatley be purchasing more when the bottles are empty.
Thank you so much for letting us trial these products :-)
fishingmum - 8:06 AM on Wed-5-Dec-2012 reply | message
Another update - this time with the kids sunscreen - have used the roll on - this is great and I have given it to one of the kids to keep in his schoolbag for himself and brother, only comment was that the lid is a bit hard to get off by Master 5. The 50+ sensitive is great and I will continue to use it, goes on easy and the kids don't complain about the smell or anything else for that matter. I am still using the Light Feel and love it as the dust doesn't stick to it and you hardly know you are wearing it - great for on the farm. Haven't used the Swim and Play yet as kids aren't swimming but outside lessons tomorrow so stay tuned. Overall I am very pleased.
kymie83 - 9:54 PM on Tue-4-Dec-2012 reply | message
we have just got the BEACH water resistant 30+ spray and the 50+ spray and i must say i couldnt be any more happy with them. They are so light and absorb so easily into the skin and it doesnt feel like your weighed down with cream, they are so quick and easy to use and what was a nightmare with the kids is now a quick and easy job, because im not trying to rub in thick cream that just wont absorb even my kids can help without me worrying, i have very white skin that burns in the shade so i was nervous about coming to NZ with the sun and last year i couldnt find the product for me but this year i have and im very pleased i go walking up the hills 4x a week and using this cream really takes the worry out of it. We need to get my daughter a roll on for school and will defiantly be getting NIVEA. all we need now is plenty of sun, its so nice to be able to trust a brand like NIVEA and i have more knowledge after the live thanks nivea and Kidspot
LindaK - 8:29 PM on Tue-4-Dec-2012 reply | message
Just another update on how our sunscreen adventures are going!

The roll-on size sunscreen is perfect for my purse, and has been used with ease and success when we're out in the park.

The sensitive skin of both my boys has not reacted to the Sensitive sunscreen, which is fantastic, and yet they didn't get burnt either so doing exactly what it should be doing!

And I'm still very impressed with the Light Feel sunscreen for myself.

Still looking forward to the chance to use the Swim and Play one, that shouldn't be far off.
kala - 10:09 PM on Mon-3-Dec-2012 reply | message
A mixed bag of weather over the past week (what else would one expect of an NZ spring!) but luckily enough sun to try out each of the sunscreens again.

First up, the Sun Kids Caring Roll On. I have been carrying this around in my handbag since receiving and this turned out to be a life saver last week when we were caught out at a playground on one of those "heavy cloud turns bright sunshine" days. Initially thinking I would have to pack up my son and leave, I was delighted to find this stashed in my bag. So handy to have a smaller bag sized lotion, and the roller application is excellent! Really easy and quick to put on. The lotion is light weight and easy to rub in once applied. No reaction from my son to the lotion, and more importantly, no sunburn. Will definately be making this product a nappy bag essential from now on. A great product for out and about.

Next up, the Sun Kids Swim and Play lotion. The vessel of this lotion differs from the other two full sized lotions, in that it is a squeezy tube rather than a bottle. Because of this, I expected the lotion to be very thick and pasty, however it was actually quite lightweight and rubbed in easily. The scent was pleasent and not too sunscreeny. I did find it left the greasiest feel after application out of the four lotions however. I wonder if this could be due to the fact this particular product has Pathenol added to protect the skin barrier in sun and water. I have found my son's ezcema flares up if we visit chlorinated pools too often, so the addition of pathenol to protect the skin seems like a good idea! This sunscreen would be excellent for beach, pool and wet play acitvities, however the Pure and Sensitive lotion is probably still my favourite on my son for everyday protection.

Pure and Sensitive lotion - I have been using this almost daily on my son and the great news is that there has been no reaction from his skin or eyes to the product, making sunscreen application much more enjoyable than last summer! I really like this product as an everyday lotion for my son and would happily recommend to others. (See my last post for more details!)

Light Feel Every Day Lotion - I have been using this sunscreen almost daily on myself and find it great. It's light weight and easy to rub in. It doesn't smell too strong or leave much of a sticky residue. And most improtantly, I have not been burnt yet! Excellent everyday product for the summer. (Refer my previous post for more details!)

Overall, I have enjoyed this trial and like all of the sunscreens. It has been great to find products that protect my son's sensitive skin rather than irriate it. Thanks so much Nivea and Kidspot!
Nilithya - 4:39 PM on Mon-3-Dec-2012 reply | message
Oh no! I lost the photos of Mr 2 with the roll on. Oh well, weather is improving so will get some more.
So good that none of the products have bothered Miss 6 or my eczema! Skin feels lovely & soft. Had a look in the shops & price is really reasonable compared to many as well.
And best of all, no sunburn while wearing this stuff, protects well as another brand we have had trouble with it not working very well :(
So if you want a great family sunscreen, suitable for sensitive skin that doesn't feel greasy or heavy when on (I don't even notice it after a while & can even use the light feel on my face & normally I hate sunscreen on my face & only wear it in a moisturiser) at a great price then go & buy some Nivea!
amy - 2:02 PM on Mon-3-Dec-2012 reply | message
Thanks again for this trial, totally loving it. Was able to pass on to a friend of mine the recommendation of using NIVEA kids pure and sensitive - the white one! Her wee girl has eczema too and she was really happy to have one recommended. nothing is worse than spending heaps trying to find the right product. We have yet to try the swim and sun bottle, but this afternoon looks like exactly the right time - so looking forward to it.
Charmedmum - 6:28 AM on Sat-1-Dec-2012 reply | message
Thank you for the chance to trial these products. I have four children 13, 11, 7 and 11 months and they all have sensitive skin. My daughter has quite bad eczema. She was the first one to trial the products. The first one she tried was the pure & sensitive SPF50+ and she commented that it was easy to apply, absorbed quickly and her skin felt moisturised. We then went on to try the roll on which the kids loved as they could apply it themselves very easily. My baby however, kept trying to lick it! First chance we could get to the pools, we tried the swim and play. I found it very thick but I must say it was a real winner to me! It stayed on and protected their skin in the water and out. I actually found it easier to put on my baby than the roll on as i could quickly apply it with my fingers. It definitely doesn't really absorb but protects their skin very well which is the main thing! We have trialed all the products now, my husband and I tried the light feel sun lotion and we found it was very easily absorbed and worked well, we have been very impressed. With the hot weather we've been having lately and the harsh NZ sun, they have stayed well protected and it has been good for my super sensitive children. I was also impressed that it didn't have a harsh smell like a lot of sunscreens. I would have to say my favourite was the pure and sensitive lotion SPF50+ and the childrens favourite was the roll on. I would definitely recommend them to other people
bassplayer - 9:23 PM on Fri-30-Nov-2012 reply | message
NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On SPF30+ is definitely the kids favorite and also mine as they can apply it themselves and they don't end up with it all over their bodies, the floor and clothing. It's a perfect size for small hands and the roller doesn't clog up.
I love the NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive SPF50+ Lotion as it doesn't react to either of the kids' skin and also is lovely to apply. The plus using the NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ was that it wasn't too thick and really did have a light feel to it. The others were noticeably heavier. We haven' t tried the NIVEA SUN Kids Swim & Play SPF50+ Lotion as yet but will be doing so on Sunday while they are at surf lifesaving. So far, i'm really impressed with the quality of the products.
nessee - 11:56 AM on Wed-28-Nov-2012 reply | message
We used the "Sun Kids Swim and Play" the other day - I found it quite hard to apply as verrrry thick and white, wriggly toddler didnt like sitting still while I was applying it. The lid also found too easy to pop open in my bag and squirted a small amount which also was hard to remove being sooo thick and creamy. I would say that it most certainly protected toddlers skin from the sun, but just too thick for us until my children grow up and can apply themselves...
I used and also my youngest used the "Light Feel Everyday" and what a pleasure it was to use, really soft and light (just like it says) I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love it... It absorbed really well and quickly into my skin and didnt have that really horrid sunscreen smell which puts me off a lot of sun cream. I felt it gave me the protection I needed with out the heavy feel. On my 1yr old it was easy to apply being so light and soft, didnt need to rub and rub for it to absorb which is a HUGE BONUS for both of us. I reapplied and it went into my skin so easily again and didnt feel like I had layer apon layer. I definitely would buy this again for the whole family - great it soooo light and the smell is pleasant too. I like the bottle as easy to slip into the Beach Bag or Nappy Bag, my Handbag even due to bottle being small enough size, and can cover many people, the lid isnt as easy to pop open so I really like that too.... Overall a really great product that I would buy and enjoy using over summer. I will be buying one for my Mother as she burns really easy now and gets real itchy as a result and this is sooo light it will absorb nicely into her skin and protect her at the same time...
Thanks again for the trial of these Nivea Sun Creams - My FAV have been
- Sun Kids Caring Roll On
- Sun Kids Pure and Sensitive
Light Feel Everyday ..... :)
GoMummyJo - 9:13 AM on Wed-28-Nov-2012 reply | message

****Sun Kids caring roll on****
Good sized bottle for small and big hands alike. Lid easy to unscrew, roller rolls freely and is consistent in amount of lotion coming out.
Happy with thickness of product and how easy it was to rub in.
Also tried this on Pocket's eczema (legs only as they're the least likely area to well up) and after several days of use, she had no reaction to it.

****Sun kids pure & sensitive****
Bottle easy to hold, product flows out nice and freely which is fantastic for a sensitive sunscreen, they are as a rule usually very thick.
Love the idea of the bottle being white rather than the usual blue, easy to recognise that it is the sensitive version.
Rubs in easy, again, great as far as sensitive suncream goes.
Pocket was impressed with the picture on the bottle and has claimed it as 'her' suncream.
We have had no signs of an eczema flare up with the sensitive. I applied it liberally to all areas of Pocket's body.

****Sun kids swim & play****
This one we did not like. Starting with the squeezy bottle. It's probably just personal choice, but the harder bottles suit our lifestyle a lot better, less likely to pop open and squirt in dive bag etc. Not keen on the consistency either. Thick, and bright white, hard to rub in, and when it is finally rubbed in it leaves a white layer on the skin, which is quite possibly the point of it, but I was not happy with the way it sat on the skin.

****Light feel everyday****
Just as it says, light feel. Exactly as it states on the label. Thin and easy to apply, this one is perfect for on the boat and for quickly rubbing in, non greasy, no feeling like you're glugged up with suncream.

I'd happily recommend all but the Swim and Play.

Thanks Nivea & Kidspot :-)
Jackieb - 10:48 AM on Mon-26-Nov-2012 reply | message
first try went well, easy to apply and no reaction from my sensitive skinned child. Dad tried and was very happy with the feel. Will be having another go tomorrow.
QsMum - 9:31 PM on Sun-25-Nov-2012 reply | message
Well I have to say the Pure and Sensitive (P&S) gets a big tick from me for my sensitive son. He was out in the sun most of the day and he didn't burn or react to the sunscreen - Yay! I can reccomend this strongly to any other parents with kids with sensitive skins. It's a real relief to find something like this before 'High Summer' rolls around.

He had the roll on on his arms and legs and I too liked the fact that it means that they don't accidentally squeeze out too much when they are doing it themselves. This is the one he'll be trialling at school this week. (Though I will be using the P&S one on his face)
nessee - 3:31 PM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
The Roll on was used this morning on our way out for a walk - liked it was easy to apply on two wriggly toddlers and I even tried some on my arms and legs too.... wasnt too thick or greasy which is ALWAYS nice... hate sunscreen that leaves a heavy greasy feel on the skin and tooo thick to rub in, and I have to say Nivea is awesome at getting it right... Tried many other sunscreens and would NEVER buy again for this reason!! It wasnt over powering in scent or that real sunscreen smell, easy to wash hands after applying and also really pleasantly surprised it didnt make my hands greasy! Also another bonus is the size of the Roll On, great size for slipping into a Handbag or Nappy Bag, even the back of my Jean Shorts Pocket - efficient size and effective product all in one!! Top Marks Nivea!!!
I used the Pure and Sensitive the other day when we went over to see Nana and play at the Swings/Slide - also loving the feel of this cream and felt sooo soft going on baby's skin and my hands for that matter. Really absorbed quickly and didnt have to keep rubbing and rubbing as wriggly babies can be hard to apply sun screen to...
Haven't had the pleasure to try the Nivea Sun Kids Swim & Play Lotion 50+ or the Nivea Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion - but in the next few days *sunny weather permitting* we will be using it and posting my review :) :) :) .... Thanks again for the awesome experience of trying out your Sun Screen Lotions NIVEA...
Jackieb - 7:14 AM on Fri-23-Nov-2012 reply | message
these arrived last Friday and cricket was rained off on Saturday so looking forward to trialling this weekend.
Silverbabe - 3:45 PM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
Great to have some sunny days so I could trial the Nivea sun lotion. I had not chosen a sun lotion to use for my one year old yet as she had not really been out into the sun before now. I decided to use the Nivea Sun Kids Pure & Sensitive 50+ on her. It didn't have a smell and went on easily. I have used it for a few days now on her and it has been great. Love that it has UVA and UVB protection. I will be buying this one for her from now on.

The Nivea Sun Kids Swim and Play Lotion 50+ I got my 10 and 12 year old to put on before they went outside for a swim in our pool and a play in the backyard. This went on easily and has a pleasant slight smell. This is thicker sun lotion that the other but it good because they can see easily where they have missed putting the sun lotion on. I found this bottle easy for them to use because they could squeeze it out quite easily. It also seems really portable as well is we need to take it anywhere.

The Nivea Sun Kids Roll On was great for them to put in their bag to take to school. They told me it was easy for them to put on and they also enjoyed putting this one on. With a roll on I feel like none of it is being wasted by accidentally squeezing too much out, also I know that its now going to accidentally spill into their school bag if the lid is left off.

The Nivea Sun Light Feel Everyday I used on myself. I found it easy to put on and soaked into my skin well. It was not really oily like some sun lotions which I loved. I found the fragrance a little strong but I did like the smell. I found the bottle easy to use like the Pure & Sensitive one, the top was easy to flip up and back down again. Usually I have a pump bottle but this is more portable.

I would buy all of them again except maybe not the Light Feel one as the fragrance is a bit strong for me.
tammyd - 1:01 PM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
We have had great fun reviewing these sunscreens! We normally use the Cancer Society sunscreens, so it was interesting to have something new :)

My 4 year old son instantly took a liking to the roll-on as it was "my size" and wanted to apply it on his own! This is a huge improvement from the argument we usually have about putting on sunscreen, so I was very happy! He found it easy enough to use and it absorbed quickly on him. He is prone to ezcema but it didn't cause any irritation so I'll definitely be buying this one again!!

I tried the "Light Feel Every Day Sun Lotion" on myself and found it had a pleasant smell and rubbed on easily. It was also quickly absorbed and even though I didn't shower at the end of the day, I didn't feel that gluggy sunscreeny feeling I sometimes get when I've had other sunscreens on during the day.

I used the "Pure and Sensitive" lotion on my 16 month old, but I actually found it quite hard to rub in. To be fair, he hates having sunscreen put on so he squirms away a lot but the other baby lotion we've used on him in the past is very thin and rubs in fast so it hasn't mattered, but this was a lot thicker. It certainly protected him though once it was on, and again there was no irritation to his ezcema either.

Both the Light Feel lotion and the Pure & Sensitive lotion were in bottles that had a nice shape to them which made it easy to hold and squirt out (we're used to a pump action bottle) so that was good too.

The last one we tried (due to the lack of warm weather!) was the "Swim and Play" lotion, which we used yesterday when we had the paddling pool up. The boys were in and out of the pool often during the afternoon but I didn't reapply the lotion after the first application, and neither of them were burnt at all. It was absorbed easily when putting it on, and I didn't notice any of it washing off in the water or running off their skin.

So over all I'm very happy with all of the lotions, and would happily buy 3 of the 4 of them again! Thank you so much for the opportunity to review these, now we're just waiting for a few more warm sunny days to make use of them again!
EmmaR - 9:29 AM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for this opportunity and apologies for the lateness but I reckon the moment they arrived it clouded over and started to drizzle!
Anyway, day 3 of sunshine so here goes...
Love the smell, always loved Nivea and use it as my moisturiser so immediately fell in love with the Light Feel lotion, it went on lovely and was absorbed really well leaving us with a just-been-moisturised feeling. Little boy loved it and enjoyed being a grown up and applying his own lotion, Mr independant 2!!
Used the Pure and Sensitive on little girl 3 as her skin is very fair and prone to rashes and although she complained about the smell (wasn't as nice as the blue bottles) it went on nicely and have noticed after a few days that she doesn't have any rashes or red bits so not bad - so far so good.
Love the roll on! Even though its not coloured you can see where it's been which really makes you confident that you've got everywhere, we found it a bit difficult getting enough on our hands to rub in hard-to-reach areas but no probs. The kids loved being responsible for putting their own on and had great fun getting it everywhere - I'm informed it doesn't taste very nice though! Importantly it's a perfect size to shove in my bag for days out and nice to know it's not going to leak or explode cream everywhere.
The only chance we've had to test the swim and play is in his little paddling pool and it was great, didn't irritate his eyes or make him rub them and obviously lasted the whole time he was in there so I wasn't too strict about reapplying every hour.
Overall, thank you we loved them. The light feel lotion is a brilliant every day one and I'm stealing that for me ;o) and the roll on is now a firm member of my handbag contents and very reassuring I have a mini size ready for anything. Very impressed with the sensitive lotion which really seemed to help little girls skin and had no irritation at all, started using this in the water as well as the water one did make her a little red...only complaints were that it 'smelled bad'! Best of all, love the price, very affordable and easy to add to my regular shopping list, thanks!
miggs9 - 9:20 AM on Thu-22-Nov-2012 reply | message
So excited to be chosen for this review. The day before the sunscreen arrived I had slathered my boys in last years stuff - needless to say they both came out in a terrible rash (oops - it had expired!) I was planning to go and buy some when our parcel arrived - SO EXCITING. My 3 yr old was beside himself waiting to use it. Unfortunately it's been pretty rainy ever since but we've had a couple of good days. The roll on is proving to be a HUGE hit. Mr 3 is usually very resistant to sun screen but he was itching to get hold of this and do it himself. He did a great job too. Have tried the roll on both MR 3 and the baby and neither have reacted which is fantastic. Can't wait to try the other 3 samples - will re-review when we get some sun!
kala - 10:05 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
What a wonderful sunny day for trialling sunscreen! I used the Light Feel Every Day lotion on myself, and the Pure and Sensitive lotion for my eczema prone son.
The Light Feel lotion comes in a nicely coloured light blue bottle. The lotion is very light and rubs in quickly and easy leaving a pleasant (while sunscreeny) scent. The bottle says the moisturising formula absorbs immediately without any greasiness, and while I did find the lotion was quick to absorb it did leave a very slight sticky feeling on my skin. Probably not much worse than a moisturiser however, and it seemed to reduce with time. Overall I thought it was a good sunscreen that would be great for everyday use. SPF 30 UVA/UVB and 4 hours waterproof means you’re covered for any situation.
My son has fair and sensitive skin. I have used two alternative brands of kid’s sunscreen on him previously, one that caused his eczema to flare up badly and another that was fine on his skin but caused his eyes to go red and watery. Today I trialled Nivea’s Pure and Sensitive lotion on him. It is perfume, colourant and preservative free, and claims to reduce the risk of skin allergies. I found the lotion slightly thicker than the Light Feel lotion, but it still rubbed in very easily and was less thick than the previous brand I have been using. There was a very light barely perceptible scent to the lotion. It left a faint white tinge to the skin, as well as a slight stickiness. My son played in the sandpit right afterwards though and no sand stuck to his skin so not too bad at all really. I was also really happy to see my son’s eyes did not go red and watery! The first in a long time! At the end of the day there were also no signs of irritation on his skin. And of course no burn! I think I may have found a new favourite sunscreen for him! SPF 50+ UVA/UVB and very water resistant, so a great all round lotion for kids.
Nilithya - 7:38 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
My son (almost 2) had so much fun using the roll on haha we put it on together & he was really good with having it put on which was nice. (Will take pics next time, we were in too much of a hurry!)
When my daughter came home from school we reapplied it & put some on her too & it was nice & smooth & easy to apply. Didn't effect either of their skin, nor mine and mine is usually the worst when it comes to sunscreen :) And it felt nice & light on. Most importantly, no sunburn! And we were out in the sun & water for a wee while.
Will check back in when we try the others.
GoMummyJo - 2:33 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
Review status : waiting for sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
karinlee - 1:50 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thank you for the chance to try this sunscreen. We tried the pure and sensitive on my eldest who gets bad rashes and there was not one. This stuff is great as it is the only sunscreen that has not set her off in years. The roll on is great for when we go out out as it sits in my handbag nicely and doeasnt spill. I loved the light feel one, much better than any of the others I have tried, love the fact that it is not greasy and would never know I have it on. We have not tried the swimming one yet as the weather here is not quite swimming weather yet.
QsMum - 12:12 PM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi All, We were so thrilled to be chosen. It felt like Christmas here with sunshine products and plenty of them. We tried 'Light Feel 30+'. A little goes a looooooooooooong way,so use sparingly. It had little or no fragrance, so good for boys and girls. My son asked if it was supposed to itch, but his arms and legs looked fine half an hour in. His face was a different story, so I think this may be too strong for my super sensitive son. We'll give it another go in a week just in case there were other components in the mix. Next up will be pure and sensitive... watch this space.
amy - 9:44 AM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
And just tried the light feel sun lotion - very light. I dont usually use straight sunscreen on my face as i have it in my moisturiser. This, however, is very light to the feel. I will definately be using this a lot on me this summer - I spend a heap of time in the garden and need a bit more than a huge floppy hat to prevent sunburn.
amy - 9:34 AM on Wed-21-Nov-2012 reply | message
i have the Pure and Sensitive on the kitchen counter to remind me to use it on the boys - it is definately nice packaging to have out, none of this fluro pink! The boys still enjoy having it put on them, it leaves a slight white tinge to the skin - which is helpful knowing where I have put it. It is not having a negative effect on Mr T's ezcema at all - Hooray! I have put it on me too and no problems whatsoever. The roll on is fun for even my 2 yo, they love to have some independance and that is another thing he can have a go at by himself. Thanks so much, we would have been lost and confused as to sunscreen choice again this summer if it had not been for the chance to review NIVEA.
sarahrv - 8:40 PM on Tue-20-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thank you very much for picking us. They arrived over the weekend. The boys were very happy.
My Mr 6 has taken the roll on to school for the last 2 days and used it and even shared it with his friends!
We have used the pure & sensitive on our Mr 4 for the last 2 days and he hasn't reacted yet. Even on his face where his skin is the worst at the moment.
We haven't tried the swim & play or Everyday yet. Hopefully this weekend.
bassplayer - 6:30 PM on Tue-20-Nov-2012 reply | message
The days have been shining so we have been able to try the NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On with SPF30+ which we have found easy to apply with a white cream left not the skin which helps the kids know where to rub it in. My kids have dry skin and this sunscreen needs to be applied on top of their moisturizer otherwise they have very dry patches. I tried the NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion SPF30+ and found it less greasy than other sunscreen and very light on the skin.
fishingmum - 4:21 PM on Sun-18-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thanks so much Kidspot and Nivea. The package arrived on Friday at lunchtime (extremely hot day here too!) Applied the Light Feel to my arms, face and neck before heading back onto the farm and it was really nice - left a slight whitish tinge on my arms but the best thing is that the dust did not stick to me, didn't really notice I was wearing it and it went on really well so will definatley keep using it. Haven't tried the kids ones yet as the weather turned and they are inside at the moment, but will post review as I try them.
LindaK - 9:57 AM on Sun-18-Nov-2012 reply | message
Very much looking forward to trying these sunscreens with my family, just waiting on the sun to play its part! (For what it's worth, the packaging and smell are great!)

Particularly pleased to have a good quality sunscreen option, that is made for very sensitive skin (Kids Pure and Sensitive) since one of my kids regularly gets eczema outbreaks and I have to be careful about what goes on his skin.

Edited to add: I tried the Everyday Light Feel sunblock yesterday during a long walk out in the sun. I only have good things to say about this product. It was easy to apply and spread, no greasy feel, and frankly it smelt like Summer! I didn't get even slightly burnt, so it does what it should too. I quickly forgot I had it on at all. Highly recommended product :)

Now just waiting for the chance to try the other options on the kids!
ivory - 11:02 AM on Sat-17-Nov-2012 reply | message
My favourite product of the bunch is the Pure & Sensitive 50+ as it has next to no scent and excellent SPF factor. My 7 year old went to the A&P Show with school on Thursday and he took the roll on sunscreen with him so he could re-apply during the day and he told me it was quick and easy which he loved. I applied it to him myself before he left and I was pleasantly surprised how much product came out when rolled on the body as quite often I have found you're rolling it forever to get enough coverage! I am already a convert of the 'light feel' sunscreen product which I normally buy for myself as it's not sticky or greasy after application. I'm looking forward to trying the Swim & Play sunscreen as we have a pool at home but not had any 'pool weather' as yet!
GoMummyJo - 10:07 PM on Fri-16-Nov-2012 reply | message
So happy to be selected! Thank you so much. Just have to wait on some sunshine to try it out!!!!!!!!!
sherrardchase - 4:34 PM on Fri-16-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have five children and all my daughter have sensitive skin, so really would like to trial this product out and if I dont get pick will be looking forward to hear from mums who get to trial it.
bassplayer - 9:27 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
I've come home from a very sad day to find this waiting for me. While it won't change the outcome of my day it means I can look towards a safer summer for my kids and the opportunity to have my kids not react to sun protection. Many thanks :)
Nilithya - 7:40 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Thank you so much for selecting us :) Now if only the sun would come out.... :( Haha but I agree with justineb's "miss 2" below in that they do smell nice. Also noted that the expiry is 2015, by far better than the last brand we got which haven't even lasted the year! Will be back once we have tried them out properly.
erevell - 6:19 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have tried a lot of different sun creams with my family and while some work well for us some don't, my son has exema and a lot of them seem to flare it up with dry skin which results in itching. he is such an outdoor child that its impossible not to put suncream on him!
justineb - 6:16 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Was very excited when i saw a courier bag at my door, im working nightshift so i put the products up high and retired to bed, i woke with a inkling that something was amiss and found miss two testing all 4 products on her face, through her hair and up the wall.... alas i didnt have a camera handy but out of her little cute mouth came this beautiful statement that i thought you would enjoy... "hmmm bubba smells sooooo good" how could a mum get grumpy at that. So as the first to trail in our whare miss two loves the smell, also noted that the product's sorry cant tell you which one kept her covered while she played outside and was easy to wash off once i got her into the bath. All four products are well out of reach now and all the kids have chosen one of the products to trail once the sun comes out.. will keep you posted on the outcome :)
blushfulbabe - 5:16 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
recently on holiday my children started reacting to our long time use sun tan lotion. They all have sensitive skin and excema would be great to find a new product so they can enjoy the sun without the itch or a rash.
snicket - 12:41 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Awesome, I am stoked to have received the fabulous pack of sunscreens and can't wait to try them.....bring on the sun now :) Thanks, I'll be in touch once the weather heats up!
amy - 12:03 PM on Thu-15-Nov-2012 reply | message
Got the 4 bottles of sunscreen today - so excited to trial them, thanks so much Nivea! Today is not sunny but will probably put some of the sensitive sunscreen on Master T after sleeps as he gets sunburnt even on overcast days. I'm really keen to see how his eczema handles the Nivea Sensitive. Master J should be fine with the roll on as his skin is not quite as sensitive.
I'm totally stoked to receive this trial as sunscreen can be so hit and miss with Master T. Thanks again so much
soniad - 9:21 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
AMAZING products! -We live in Northland and live at the beach in the summer - My two are outdoor kids. I lather sunscreen on them and i'm always on the hunt for better and easier sunscreen products. Kids are active and need to be protected - I think roll on sun screen is an amazing idea!! and swim and play is awesome!! -I'd be stoked to try these products!
samantha - 2:59 PM on Tue-13-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would really love to be a reviewer, we take the kids on so many outdoor outings and so we are constantly in the sun. We have tried alot of different sun screens so I think we would have an idea of what works and what doesnt. Whether we are tramping, camping or fishing it pays to keep your skin safe from the sun. Would love to try these, thankyou very much. :-)
skyela - 8:25 PM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have three children with eczema,aged 9 months, 4 years and 5 years. They are at kindy and school and I apply sunscreen every morning. My girls scream every time I put on sunscreen, its a horror. WE would love to try it!!!
Armywife - 2:02 PM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh these would be wonderful to try! My daughter seems to react to alot of the sunscreen lotions on the market and coming into summer, would be good to see how she goes. My 3 kids are such outdoor children, so sunscreen is a must in our house!
lotsakids - 12:39 PM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
we spend our lives outside so this would be fab to try
Chamel - 11:21 AM on Mon-12-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have two very active little girls who just LOVE playing outside any chance they can get. As a result, we go through a lot of sunscreen! I would just love to trial these products. I'm already finding that I have to watch their time in the sun, having reliable sunscreen would definitely ease some of my worry. Also, my 4 year old has been dropping hints regarding having her own bottle for kindy..."You know Mummy, my kindy friends have their OWN sunscreen in their kindy bags. I could do it myself and my kindy teachers could have a rest." te he.
Rosele - 11:18 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
Summer time outdoors is what we call fun
Our family is one who indulges the sun!
Sports, Gardening, Water-play too
Are some of the things our kids like to do
With delicate, soft & sensitive skin
To leave unprotected would be a sin!
A product which moisturises and is irritant free
Yep NIVEA SUN sounds like the answer to me

So from little Miss 3 and Mister 5 too
From friends and cousins please let us review!
AliceMBrown - 9:30 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try the selection of Nivea suncare range. I am a mother of a outdoorsy 4 year old and a care educator to 8 children. This wont only be reviewed by me but my carechildren as well :)
AndreaM - 7:40 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this for my kids. My boys both love the outdoors and as They are both very fair skinned, I go through heaps of sunscreen! they also have quite sensitive skin so I like nice gentle formulations.
Cazza - 5:25 PM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would like to try this, I am having trouble finding a product my son doesn't react to. He is fine on his arms, but his face goes red and blotchy any time we stick anything on it.
SusanD - 9:08 AM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review the Nivea suncare range. I have 2 girls with eczema so the prospect of a roll on sunscreen that is easy to apply in and around the eczema would be great. I also need a sensitive skin formula so this would be ideal for my girls. My son is a redhead and is very fair so needs a high protection sunscreen. We have always enjoyed using Nivea products so would be great to try out the new Sun Range. Thanks! Susan
tarns677 - 8:23 AM on Sun-11-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these products. We are going away for xmas so there will be alot of outside play so these would be awesome to have for my 4 children. One also has dry sensitive skin so the pure and sensitive would be awesome. Also the roll on is a great idea quick and easy. Love that the swim and play is SPF50+ thats awesome great protection. I myself have had second grade melanomia on my face and at the age of 30 when I got that it was scary so am very strong on the use of sunscreens!
lorrainehogan - 4:02 AM on Sat-10-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi. We would LOVE to try this product. I have two children with very sensitive hypoallergenic skin and finding products to suit their skin is tricky at the best of times, and now with moving in to Summer and having to find a sunscreen that will be ideal, I am willing and ready to try this product!! It looks fantastic, and with two boys who are always outside in the sun, as we live in the country, this product would be ideal to try with their sensitive skin. I love the fact that one of the products is a roll on, its hard enough getting kids to sit still for sunscreen, so having the option of a roll on product will make sun screen application easier and also more FUN!!! Would really love to trial this product, and give feedback to you all. Really hoping we get picked, especially as the time is now that the kids need to start wearing sunscreen :-) Fingers crossed!!!
mumof2boys - 4:37 PM on Fri-9-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi we would absolutely love to trial these products with two adventurous boys getting sunscreen on to them is a must and I can see that a roll-on type would be fantastic. These boys spend so much time outside these products would certainly get well tested in our house! NIVEA SUN we'd like to try all of these and being SPF50+ you cant ask for better than that.. thanks
nummabear - 3:05 PM on Fri-9-Nov-2012 reply | message
i would really like to trial these now, as today we went out shopping and i put sunscreen on my boy before we left..we were outside not even 30 minutes and got home and noticed that his arms had been hit by the suns nasty rays! :( and doesnt help that his skin is dry and sensitive during summer months!
my4kids - 1:51 PM on Fri-9-Nov-2012 reply | message
i would love to try these products as my 5 yr old twins have reactions to alot of skin products. they would be so excited trying these out .thank you
vam - 11:35 AM on Fri-9-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have an 11 year old and when she was younger she always broke out in a rash whenever we applied sunscreen, and so we have tried "many brands" and have only found "one" that is any good on her skin, but have heard that it is not as good a product as it is advertised as, so now we have number two and he is 18 months and we have only tried "one" product on him and I am not wanting to spend alot of money all over again!!! to try a whole load of products to only find that he reacts to them as well, so being able to trial "NIVEA SUN" would be just wonderfull. Thankyou.
canterburyange - 3:55 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these sunscreens. I have two school aged children and every day they get sunscreen put on them before school but just recently noticed my youngest son is coming out in a rash with the regular sunscreen we have bought so would love to try something different on his skin. Also, my oldest son has eczema and would like to see how his skin would go with the sensitive lotion on offer. The roll on is a fantastic idea which the children could take to school with them and put on themselves!
dayauon - 2:09 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
got to admit that i'm lazy when it comes to putting on anything cream for myself and so goes like mother, like kids. but we all need sunscreen so i hope with nivea's new product my kids will put them on without me telling them. i can always put it in their bags to apply when they have to but i want them to like doing it by themselves. hope we'll be chosen.
manea16 - 1:44 PM on Thu-8-Nov-2012 reply | message
My kids are typical kiwi kids and love being outside and I'm your typical kiwi mum worried about my little ones getting too much sun on their sensitive skin. I'm always on the look out for great sunscreen thats easy to apply on kids especially wriggling toddlers but still gives their skin all the protection they need. I would love to trial these out on my 5 yr old and 18 month old and see if they're gonna be the sunscreen of choice this summer.
pai - 5:44 PM on Wed-7-Nov-2012 reply | message
Kidspot did you read my mind or what?? I heard we are supposed to be having our hottest summer coming, so for months I've been buying and trying a few different types of sunscreen for my boys and myself, most of which are heavy and irritate our skin, smell totally foul or sting their eyes! These Nivea products look promising and i would LOVE to trial them all :) My son's are already outside 90% of the day and although they are covered and have hats i'd love that extra reassurance that their delicate skin isn't being burnt to crisp and i'd love to not have to spend another small fortune on sunscreen.
padna791 - 1:04 PM on Wed-7-Nov-2012 reply | message
My son wants to play outside from the time he wakes up till he is exhausted. That means I am outside too. He has very sensitive skin on his cheeks so I am constantly applying sunscreen. It took me a while to find one that doesn't irritate his skin. Would love to trial the Nivea range too.
Spenco - 11:06 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
As a fair skinned, blonde blue eyed child I burnt easily and yet tanned ok, my sons father is a blisterer in the son and I fear the same for my son as well so he usually gets lathered big time during sunny days. I guess Irish blood on both sides would cause for fairness and almost attract the sun for sunburn. All in all would love to trial these
ClaireG - 8:07 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
Both of my children love being outside. Most days they will be out there as soon as they can. Unfortunately they both have sensitive skin and I have to keep them covered up to protect them from the sun. Now my daughter is three she wants to choose her clothes, and this usually means she wants to wear short sleeves and shorts. I have struggled to find a sunscreen that is sensitive enough for my kids skin so that they can have some skin exposed.
Keryn247 - 4:15 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
My daughter loves being outside in the garden in her sand pit, so I'm sure while we are on our xmas holidays at the beach she will be a beach bunny. I bought some baby sunscreen for her last year but it is so thick and hard to rub in, so I would love to try something different on her
manz23 - 3:05 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would really really really love to try this on my son. He always wants to be outdoors and loves going to the park. He has very sensitive skin and gets eczema in the warmer months. It would be really god to trial this as I know Nivea has been around for a long time
chontzt - 2:20 PM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
would love to try these - my two are very pale as their dad is a red head and we are absolutely paranoid about their skin. We do a lot of swimming and biking and therefore are out in the sun alot! Pick me please!
cbirch - 9:54 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to give these a go. My son gets patches of dermatitis in Summer and I hate having to put sunscreen over the top of it. Sounds like this could be great products to use. I would also like to see how the roll on works as he hates having the cream put on, so maybe a roll on would be more fun?!
cheekymonkeys - 9:29 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these products.. I find it so hard to cater for all the kids ages and skin types as we have toddlers to teens in the house..this pack looks as if it would be perfect for the family! thanks Nivea
RachelKing - 9:18 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to review this product, so far i havnt found a sunblock that works well on my children, my son is very pale and burns easy and both children have sensitive skin, would love to try nivea and see how well it works.
smoodles - 9:10 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this product, I have three kids and as we live in Hawkes bay, it gets very hot so sun protection is very important, all my kids are fair so need to constantly wear sunblock and it is very hard to find one that protects but is also gentle on their skins especially for my daughter who suffers from eczema, Thanks.
juliemarie - 8:04 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I wold love to trial this product with my two, especially with Summer coming. It is so so important to have them protected. We all enjoy being out in the Sun. Be awesome to try a safe product for the kids ,thanks for the opportunity :)
kiwi72 - 8:03 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these Nivea products. I have a 14 week old baby and now the days are warming up we are just out and about more and more with her howeve I need a sensitive sunblock for her newborn skin. I also have an active 23 month old so the roll on woujld be amazing for a quick and easy application on the go! She also would spend all day in the water or under the sprinkler in our back garden if we let her so the swim and play sunblock would also get a lot of use! And I lke the sound of the light feel everyday sun lotion for a busy mum to trial!
Oh, and did I mention, all three of us are redheads so we definitely need sunblock!!
mdavies - 7:28 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this Nivea sunblock. My boys burn easily and have sensitive skin, we live in Mount Maunganui so need to sunblock many times everyday over summer, so after a few weeks of sunblocking they tend to get bumps on their skin and an itch. This happens even with other children's sunblock. I usually end up using sunblock for baby and sensitive skin as I get a bit of psoriasis so have to be careful on my skin as well. I love the name of the Nivea Roll On "Caring Roll On" - just what we need in our family.
nsohail - 12:14 AM on Tue-6-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have been using a particular sun block but lately i started noticing yellow spots on my daugthers nose.. so now i am worried and want to switch to something that will suit her skin..
imamum - 9:41 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
My two boys are out in the sun for the bulk of the day. Their skin is fair and I havent come accross a sun screen yet that is easy to use and gives them the protection that they need. I would like to see if the Nivea products shape up.
Charli - 9:32 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial this product, we have 4 active kids that love the outdoors, aged 18 months to 9 yrs, the 2 girls also have eczema, so would be good to see how it goes on there skin. My kids are always outside on the tramp or riding their bikes & scooters, they also all do athletics on a thurs night!
Fjsandemma - 9:26 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these Nivea sunscreen products as my 2 daughters aged 10 and 7 love playing outside in water in summer. they can amuse themselves for hours so its essential they are protected from the sun
nessee - 8:16 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We love Nivea in this house, its a great product spec in suncare... have used and like like the adult light sun moist for face= soooooo light and non greasy, absorbs soooo well and doesnt leave a film on your skin... also the after sun moist is a MUST for this summer.... soooo cooling and gentle on sun kissed skin, use it as a daily moist even if not sun kissed or sun burnt, just love the feel and again non greasy, it glides on the skin and absorbs super quick... Have not yet tried the Sun-Kids Range and would soooo love to try on my verrrry glow in the dark white skinned baby girls.... if its anything like the Adult Range it will be gentle and safe to use on a daily basis in a typical Kiwi Summer????
Caro10 - 7:58 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We have used a different brand on Mr 2 but Mr 5 months gets bad eczema on his face and body. We popped the usual brand on last week before heading off and the poor wee man got a rash all over his body - wherever I put on the sunscreen. It would be great to try the Nivea sunscreen as it sounds much better for his poor skin!
seashell22 - 7:44 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try your product. I have three children my youngest two suffer from eczema and my oldest who is 5, has very fair skin. Would love to sample a product that can protect the whole family without reactions.
Joeyjo - 7:14 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh I would LOVE to trial this, Miss 3 and Miss 9 months are both extremely fair with red hair and its hard to find a good sunscreen for their sensitive skin. Sunscreen is so important especially in the harsh southern sun and especially for Miss 3 as kindy is on during the harshest sun time of the day and they can't keep her inside. A roll on sounds great for getting all the nooks and crannies despite all the wriggling!
CreativelyCrafted - 6:46 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial it as my 14 year old is sensitive to most of the sunscreens out there.. they leave her skin blotchy and irritated which makes us all unhappy!!!
keetismyson - 6:45 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
would LOVE to try this and give a reivew as my 2yo is ALWAYS out in the sun and this would be the perfect time to test out all the diff types and let you know what is the best and easiest to put on a toddler who never sits still. also what is the best against the amount of sun that he gets.
miggs9 - 6:38 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
this would be GREAT for us - I've got a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old (and a 9 mth old niece that I spend a lot of time with.) Would love the pure and sensitive for the small guym and the swim and play would be perfect for us around the pool. I also think the roll on would be great for wiggly little ones who don't want to stop having fun to put more sunscreen on. We spend a lot of time in the sun during the summer months, camping and boating so would really like the chance to try these all out. I'd also like to try the sensitive one myself as there is currently only one brand in NZ that I can use myself without developing a rash
gemm73 - 6:23 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these, my 2 boys spend a lot of time outside at home, so these would be perfect to try out and review - you know how hard it is to get sunscreen on kiddies!!
JoE - 6:07 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
My 1 year old daughter has sensitive dry skin and gets bouts of eczema. I'd love to try this new product to see if it is gentle enough for her, yet protective at the same time!
brookeandharv - 5:56 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Both of my children (3.5 and 21m) were born with severe eczema and allergies. My oldest is getting much better, but I still have not found a sunscreen that I like for them, so would love to give Nivea a try!
justineb - 5:51 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial for my children, one has very sensitive skin so i have to get the chemist to make up a special concoction while the other four go through sun screen like there's no tomorrow, i use nivea products so would be nice to try something for them.
catmarnik - 5:48 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Both of my kids are very fair and both have super sensitive skin, so this would be amazing...
mamanfrnz - 5:41 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these products with my 2 boys, we have had allergic reactions with other brands, so I really like the idea of the sensitive lotion. Plus the roll on would be great with my 19 month old who runs away whenever I try to put sunscreen on him. I'm sure he would find it fun, and it would make my life easier!
sarahhndy - 5:29 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would l love to trail, my little boy skin dry out and get irrited very easily it would be great to see how the sentive one goes. Also I find it such a pain with the sun block is really thick. Getting it on fast and all over quickly is the bestest battle with a toddler.
SarahLou765 - 5:13 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We have been looking for a great sunscreen lotion for our Four and a half year old. It would great to try one. Please.
ECAW - 5:01 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Oh I would love to try this! My children love to be out in the sun and it would be nice for them to get some much needed Vitamin D without the harmful suns rays hurting their sensitive skin! Thanks for the opportunity:-)
Nardia - 4:42 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to try this out in the past year miss 7 has had a severe reaction to two other brands and is currently sweating it out in long tops as we have a history of the big C in our family.
nanashaz - 4:29 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these Nivea sunscreens on my children aged 5 & 7. Logan has sensitive skin and Arliyas skin is normal so I usually have one special one for Logan and then sunscreen for everyone else. My husband is forever telling them to put sunscreen on as he hates to see anyone with sunburn.
KZR2009 - 4:20 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this. I have 3 kids ranging in ages 3 to 15. All different skin types. And they spend a lot of time outside so I'd love to find something that does what it says it going to do. As for me, I can't stand how some sunscreens are heavy and gluggy on my skin. I've never tried Nivea so would be very keen to see if it fits my family.
keades - 4:17 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these sunscreens, I have one child with very fair skin and he. gets burnt very easy and one with eczema and gets irritated easily, I find it hard to get a decent screen that protects but is gentle on the skin. Would love to give this a go!
GoMummyJo - 4:11 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Our household suncream distribution goes something like this...

Bathroom cupboard
1 x supermarket suncream, large pump bottle
1 x pharmacy sensitive skin suncream for Pocket
1 x pharmacy sensitive skin face suncream for Pocket

1 x pharmacy sensitive skin suncream

1 x roll on suncream

1 x roll on suncream

Dive bag
1 x small bottle suncream

Tackle bag
1 x roll on suncream

Grandparents cupboard
1 x roll on suncream

As you can see we should pretty much be offered shares in Nivea by now lol! We'd be perfect for this trial because we definitely have all possible basis covered!

Mamabear - 4:11 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Having a daughter with very bad eczema means we're always on the lookout for products which are pure and meant for sensitive skin. We keep trying out different brands and all have pros and cons, some are too strong smelling, some wash off too easily and some cause her to re-act. She is a very active girl who spends lots of time daily outdoors in the sandpit, water and playground at kindy and I would really love to be able to protect her skin without causing her any discomfort.
Angel1983 - 4:07 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
hi my little family are going on a hot summer vacation shortly and we are in need of some sunscreen products,its hard to find ones that dont make my daughter itch with ezcema,would love to be considered thanks
MaryMc - 4:05 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this. It would be great to keep a bottle in the car for when we take the Grandkids out. The eldest one has sensitive skin, so this sounds ideal.
esilby - 4:03 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try the sunscreen options to see what worked best for my girl - and what is easiest on the run to apply! What with four seasons in one day, you need to be prepared and I'm keen to find out the quickest way to do that while still being the best for the skin!
Teedle - 4:03 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review a product that can be used on the whole family and different skin types. Would also relish been part of a review for such a well respected brand. Trying different types of application when it comes to sunscreen which can be fun for the whole family
maricris - 4:00 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this product for my 2 boys (one has a sensitive skin) They both hate it when I put on sunscreen on them They say it's sticky and it has a "funny" smell. With summer coming and my school boy is starting his swimming lessons they don't have a choice but to put the sticky and funny smelling sunscreen that we use. I hope I can get to try this and I hope that this will stop my boys from whinging when they have to put their sunscreen on.
kennyjo - 3:56 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this sunscreen for my kids who are always mucking around outside or with their sports also would be great to use on Miss 4s sensitive skin
shorrty4life - 3:55 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try out these products as my daughter loves to be out in the sun and I want to protect her skin all summer long speshly while we are camping. And swimming.
LindaK - 3:50 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Both my boys get eczema, and my youngest is fair haired and has very pale skin, so I'd be really keen to trial these sunscreens and let others know how we found them. I freckle and burn very easily too, so I'd love to see this range in action. Both my sons love the outdoors, so there will be plenty of opportunities to give this a go. Thanks :)
ErinCooper - 3:47 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this on My wee girls skin as I cant use alot of creaMS ON HER SENSITIVE SKIN... I am on the look out for a good sunscreen that wont flair her skin up. I also have two other children that can use any sunscreen so can trial on either.
jylissa - 3:47 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
would love to review this product especially with my son wanting to go outside all the time and play would love to know he is protected from the suns rays.
kiwiam - 3:45 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would like to be a reviewer as I want to protect my son from future damage to his skin and with living in what is referred to as the sunshine capital of new Zealand we need a good product that lasts not to mention my son is an outdoors child so needs a good product
Jodie3 - 3:44 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Would love to review this product! I am always trying to keep my children safe from the sun because they burn easy! :(
Taylor - 3:42 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
My 17 month old son loves playing outdoors, only coming in for meals (if we're not having a picnic outside). At least with a high rating sunscreen I can trust he will be safe in the sun.
angelstar - 3:42 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I just tried Banana Boat & my Miss 2 came out in rash in areas from where applied. I would love to try and hope that she doesn't react. My other 3 children will benefit from trying also.
Angelina79 - 2:27 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this product, i am always on the look out for awesome sunscreen for my little man. Has to be good stuff as he was burnt a few years ago and the skin is still especially sensitive to the sun. :-)
leebd - 1:34 PM on Mon-5-Nov-2012 reply | message
Yes please! Every year I change the brand of sun block I use on my 3 preschooler, and still have not been able to find one I am happy with. They either leave an oily residue, which sand tends to stick to, or are so thick it takes forever to apply. The roll on would be great!
diamante2004 - 10:01 AM on Sat-3-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this product as my 2 littled grandsons have very fair skin and because of their age i would like to keep them well protected during the hot summer months.
Anonymous - 8:33 AM on Sat-3-Nov-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
I would love to be considered as a reviewer as i have three active boys who spend alot of time in the sun over the summer and peace of mind for me knowing they have great reliable sun protection i can trust.
chopper59 - 11:47 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
my children have fair, sensitive skin and are prone to eczema so i would love to try these products to see how they find them
melanie17 - 9:54 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
My 6 month old has eczema so I would like to try a product that is good for sensitive skin and my older children are very fussy about sunscreens because they find them thick and oily, these NIVEA sunscreens would be awesome for our family - and I'm sure I won't be left begging the kids to come and apply their sunscreen :-) Coming into the summer months it's now more important than ever to instill the "Slip, slop, slap!" rule.
cintababy - 4:24 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
I am a strong "wear sunscreen" mum as my father suffered till the end from that "M" word (I hate) and we are running low I do admit and this brand looks very good and I would Love to try it :)
Jackieb - 2:10 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this on my kids. My husband has recently had a skin cancer cut off his face so we are very conscious of the damage sun can do. I have 2 kids the youngest with sensitive skin and plays cricket in summer, he is very fair so keen to try this
cove - 2:08 PM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these, my three youngest would totally benefit from the sensitive sunscreen, as one has sensitive skin, she has a lot of skin sensitive allergies and my other little girl gets eczema. We all love outside play and even on overcast days we need sunscreen.
Kfeisst05 - 11:48 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer for the NIVEA Sunscreen! Our little family all has very sensitive skin but love to spend the days out in the sun playing. I have plenty of spare time at the moment so I could give the NIVEA Suncreen a great go at trying it out.
jojolaw - 10:11 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
Hi, i would like to try thisas i have a daughter with eczema and i have not found one yet that she can have.... It would be great to see that she could use it and then i could keep getting it... Please can we join the trial....
SuzyF - 7:25 AM on Fri-2-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to join the trial, my son has eczema so we need something that has a moisturizer included but is not harsh on the skin. :)
simplesoul - 10:16 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
even though it is still raining, the effects of the sun are still seen everywhere, we would lve to be able to trial please, thank you
JeniP - 8:33 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
sunscreen is such a necessity and our IHC child loves the water and outdoors and would be great to try this sunscreen on her
kaylie - 7:35 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this, my 2 yr old loves the outdoors especially the beach, and like her mum she has beautiful but sensitive skin.
spike - 6:51 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try this - twin 4yr old boy's and a 11 week old boy - need I say more!
karask - 6:26 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to trail the Nivea sun tan lotion. My youngest has very sensative skin. So are yet to find a product that doesnt irratate him. Being Nivea will also be good being a mosturiser. :-)
Sparky - 5:52 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I have a blond (2 years) and a ginger haired (4 years ) son so their skin is very sensitive. Blond child has recently developed very dry/sensitive skin on his cheeks and chin which we have medication from the doctor so to try the sensitive skin suncream would be fantastic to trial.
snicket - 4:02 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would love to review as I think sunscreen for little ones is especially important and we live outside in summer. My kids are super fair. Good sunscreen for little ones that is easy to apply can be hard to find. I have a 1 & 3 yr old so too good testers!
Foxy - 3:57 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I remember getting sunburnt as a child, I have very fair skin and unfortunately I got so sunburnt I blistered - so I'm extremely pedantic about applying sunburn to my kids - would love to trial some, as my son hates the feeling of most sun creams and tries to rub them off, so perhaps a better formula would avert any battles!
Kazzam - 3:54 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
You caught my eye with the pure and sensitive... My son has multiple allergies and I am always looking a this time of the year for a skin friendly lotion for him so would love to review this product for you as well as the others as my hubby is an outside man so needs to be protected too and our other little one we would all be covered - literally!
nlinnz - 2:32 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
Yes please. Our family would love to trail these Nivea sun products. My boys are 3 & 6 yrs & love being outside! We are getting in a daily routine of putting sunscreen on in the morn before heading to school & daycare. I love the idea of a roll on sunscreen this would be amazing for the school bags and easy for the boys to put on themselves. Would be great to trail the pure & sensitive range to.
ECAW - 2:24 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to be try these out for you kidspot! I have 3 young children who LOVE the sun, and I would love to protect them from the harmful rays. Thanks for the opportunity!
cnikb - 1:39 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I would be keen to trial the NIVEA sunscreens as I have allergies to sunscreen so often neglect to put it on and only use sensitive or kids products when I do, and my 20 month old daughter loves being outdoors so we will BOTH need to start putting it on.
cranster84 - 1:19 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
We would love to try the sunscreen, I have 3 boys 3.5 years and under. We are out in the sun all the time, its impossible to keep them inside! The combination sounds like it would meet the needs of the whole family considering their varying ages, excema and allergies, and activites.
rainbow - 1:14 PM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
i'd like to try the Nivea range as am looking for a sunscreen for my 7 month old baby. I think the sensitive one would be great for him and the roll on really great as it's so portable.
lk - 11:22 AM on Thu-1-Nov-2012 reply | message
I am looking for a good sunscreen to use on my baby. I use Nivea myself. Looking for a formulation that is safe for babies....
mishgeff - 7:38 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Now Winter is behind us and the sun is staying out for longer, My 18month son loves to play outside. What he doesn't love is wearing a sun hat.This worries me has he has very bonde hair and senitive fair skin. So yes, please chose my two wee boys to trail your product. It would put this mummies mind at rest.
Luvmykids - 6:15 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Yes Please!! We have 3 young children (4yrs and under), and 2 out of the 3 have sensitive skin which meant it took a lot of trial and error and unhappy rashes to find a sunscreen that worked AND didn't irritate their skin.

We found one that did both, when we went out and purchased the NIVEA Sun Kids Swim & Play after we read the positive reviews following the previous product trial.

So we would be VERY keen to trial NIVEA'S new Kids sensitive range, especially since we are about to run out of the Swim & Play sunscreen, and our family goes through sunscreen like you wouldn't believe!! LOL!
stumpie - 3:32 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi would love to review the Nivea Sun Kids range, my son suffers from mild ezcema and this range sounds perfect. We live in Hawke's Bay and it can get pretty hot here over the summer, we have a swimming pool so spend alot of time in the water and outside.The SPF 30 and 50+ would be great. Thanks Kidspot and Nivea.
Reblee - 2:25 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oh would really love to trial these products. We were out in the sun for a couple of hours this morning and definitely needed sun block. With the sun finally deciding to put in an appearance this spring, the sunblock is going to be at the top of the list before going outside :-)
Godzgirl - 2:18 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try these products. We live in the sunny bay of plenty and the kids are always outside. They play in the sandpit, on the trampoline, in the garden, riding bikes, going for walks. They are outside a lot this term at school as well for athletics, and swimming lessons. My youngest does have excema so we need to use sensitive products on her skin to ensure she doesn't react.
ankmika - 2:16 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trail these sunscreen products with my family kidspot.

The sun has been hot and bright the last few days. And wow spf 50 sounds great!, very high sun protection. The pure and sensitive lotion would be fantastic for my youngest as he has a very very fair complexion, and gets abit of eczema on the arms which got worse with the last sun screen I put on him. He burns very easily and I worry about him getting sun burnt hes a active, busy, outdoors boy .A couple of family members had melanomas cut off there skin so being sun smart is a vital in this house hold and the roll on 65ml sounds perfect for keeping in his school bag to re apply during the day.My partner and I both use and love the nivea products so I am sure that there sunscreen would be just as awesome to use over the coming hot months ahead.Would love to be a reviewer...
smutty72 - 1:47 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
We have three children, aged 2,5 and 7. We would love to trial these products as we spend a lot of time outdoors over summer at the beach, picnicking and at our relatives swimming pool. I too love the sound of the light feel lotion for myself and my husband as I hate heavy greasy lotions. Fingers crossed we get to be on the trial :-)
KBOK - 1:47 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would like to trial these products, we take alot of care for our little one when she is in the sun. The roll on sounds like a great product, expecially for appling to kids. Brands often come and go, meaning you can not find the one you tried and ested last year but Nivea is aways on the shelf and has a good reputation so I am happy to full for these product.
TarrynK - 1:25 PM on Wed-31-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would really love to trial these products. I have 2 girls aged 4 and 9 who are always outdoors or in the water and now with the better weather some camping. I've been trying to find a sunscreen that has great staying power in the water. Most I've used just wash right off and then having to continually reapply. I have extremely fair skin (red hair and freckles) and use the kiddie high factor sun screens for myself. Also to try find a product that isn't so greasy that you feel like you are coated in butter :)
kosigus - 11:59 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi, would love to trial these, going through sunblock every year like its going out of fashion :) the roll on sounds like a great product. I love Nivea, and have used their products for years. The Kids pure and sensitive SPF50+ would be great for miss 1 and master 4. personally i'd be extra keen on the light feel everyday sun lotion for whole family is fair skined and burns far too easy. thanks for the opportunity!
ajpickering - 11:24 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
Just had our first day down at the beach followed by icecream. My son has mild ezcema and it would be great to trial the different sunscreens on his skin. My daughter tends to be able to use any type. I would like one that they enjoy wearing as I foresee a brilliant summer coming.
caseyraskew - 10:44 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would like to a reviewer because I can't find the usual lotion that i use anymore and need to try some new products. I have children who are 6, 3, and 11 months so i need something that will suit all of them.
funnelgirl - 10:04 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a 2 and 5 year old with very fair skin.
Like all kids, they love the outdoors, and we are forever haviing to slap on sunscreen. We have tried alot of different ones, and usually get the one on special when we run out. My daughter does alot of swimming, so a waterproof one for her would be great, and in genearl with summer approaching fast, i think this would be a fantastic trial to be a part of. I myself have very pale skin, and very sensitive to alot of products, usually opting for the kids stuff myself.
Organics - 2:44 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
For the Christmas holidays this year we plan to travel around the South Island in a camper van. With two children of fair complexion it is vital they are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. I feel we could really trial these Nivia Sun products as we plan on spending a lot of time in the outdoors and in the water.
ChristineC - 2:29 PM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial this with our 1.5 year old, and her friends. Our daughter loves to play outside on her bike or walking around the neighbourhood. She also loves the water and so I think we will be spending a lot of time outside now that the weather is getting better.
kleene20 - 9:56 AM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
We live out in beautiful Piha. The kids get out every day - be it when in preschool, on the playground, on a walk or at the beach. They both love the beach and even more the water! I find it already hard to keep them out of the chilly water at this time of the year. I need to constantly put on sun protection as both have fair skin. So I am always looking out for products that are especially gentle on their skin. Plus we have quite a few friends out here that also have kids with very fair skin. Would be a great chance to have them test the new NIVEA Sun range too.
kathiet - 8:06 AM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
This would be fantastic My kids have such sensitive skin
Jo90 - 12:48 AM on Tue-30-Oct-2012 reply | message
We live in the sunny Bay of Plenty and I'm always looking for a reliable sun protection product that meets the high fragrance/appearance/consistency standards of miss 5 and is easy to put on a wriggly 2 year old!
And both have sensitive itchy, scratchy skin...
lmiln003 - 3:02 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer for these nivea products. Being sun smart is very important in our house - I still cringe when I think of all the sun burns I got as a child and don't want my kids to go through this, so am teaching them from get go to be sun smart.
With 3 very active children we use a lot of sunscreen and finding one that works well and that the kids don't react to is hard! I am sure my family would put these nivea products to the test
Unique1 - 2:09 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to review this product, my 14 month old daughter has caught the sun already and has sensitive skin, we spend a lot of time outdoors at parks and at the beach.
sarahrv - 1:48 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer as I have 2 boys and both with very differant skin types. My 6 year old has "normal" skin and my 4 year old has very dry sensitive skin, so sunblocks are normally bought with youngest son in mind. So the sensitive would be great to try on him.<br>Both boys are water babies and spend most of summer (and winter if allowed) in the water. So they would be excellent testers for the water durability of the water proof lotion<br>I am interested in the roll on lotion as my eldest boy needs easy to apply sun screen for when he is at school and what a better way than to roll it on!<br>We use alot of sun screen in summer as our whole family are active and spend most of our time outside. So my husband and I can try out the light feel lotion :-)
QsMum - 1:44 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
My little Ginger lad is a sun magnet, we have had mixed success with the sunblocks we have tried so far - with Ego coming out on top. We haven't tried this brand yet though and would be thrilled to give it a go to review for other fair kids. :o)
Nilithya - 1:41 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
We have been using Aveeno as needed a high SPF particularly for my daughter who is extremely fair & something gentle, as she also gets eczema. But it expires next month so was wondering whether I should get some more Aveeno, or try something else as the Aveeno is a bit more expensive. Would be great to be able to try it so I know if we can switch!
MrsArfa - 1:24 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
We live in the sunny bay of plenty and its already like summer here so I want the best protection for my wee girl. We want to make the most of this awesome weather but she has really sensitive skin so we have to be careful what products we use. The Nivea range sounds perfect!
Kerrynmum - 1:13 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to review these products! My kids play so happily together outside (while fighting and arguing inside!) so we tend to spend a lot of time outside when we can! Keeps me sane, and them happy :) Both my kids have sensitive skin, and my son has reacted to one sunscreen I put on him a while ago - a roll on one sounds nice and easy too!
chidsmum - 1:13 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer in these products as sunblock is a vital part of the good old Kiwi summer. Its something we use day in & day out so it would be great to try the Nivea range. I have used Nivea products in the past & found them to be brilliant. I am sure these will be no different. The roll on looks fab!. Thanks.
jdsmum - 1:02 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love to be a reviewer, I'm always careful about how much sun exposure my son has and am always up to trying new products as my boy has very sensitive skin and I've known Nivea to be great with sensitive skin, I've not seen any of these products before so would love to give them a go as summer is on its way and I battle to find the right products that don't irritate my sons skin
rollsr - 12:24 PM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oh my goodness, I am sooo excited to see that someone has brought out a kids sunscreen to use on allergy prone sensitive skin!!!> Both my 2 year old and my 7 month old have terrible allergy prone skin and spend the better part of each day scratching - the poor little things!!. Not only would this be fantastic for them, it would change the way they can play in summer outside - previously we haven't been able to find a suitable sunscreen for them. The everyday sun lotion would be fab for me, trying to exercise outside to loose the baby weight lol!!!
saffron - 8:06 AM on Mon-29-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have two kids 9 and 12 who both have had problems with sunscreen. The 12 yr old is blue eyed and blonde with pale, sensitive skin . The 9yr old has olive skin but finds bottles of sunscreen difficult to use at school so I have been putting sunscreen into old Mum deoderant bottles for him to use. I did a survey on Nivea products and I suggested that they try making a roll on so the sunscreen doesn't all end up in the bottom of the bag. Both kids are highly active and because Dad has to have skin checks very often for skin cancer growths we are all aware of using sunscreen daily including on overcast days. We'd love to trail these sunscreens on the kids
Carlak - 8:12 PM on Sun-28-Oct-2012 reply | message
my 3 children aged 8, 5 and 3 love the outdoors and specifically the beach, which means sand, and surf, lots of times to reapply sunscreen lotion! we are starting to use sunscreen lotion already as the sun has been getting pretty intense. the older 2 have no skin problems, the youngest has mild eczema so i need to be careful about what i put on his skin as normal sunscreen tends to flare it a little. a type of lotion for every situation is fabulous, one for the beach, one for the playground and one for my boy.

LIVINGLIFE - 7:12 PM on Sun-28-Oct-2012 reply | message
My children are outside children and always need to where sun screen, one of my children has exzcema and a few of the sunscreens I have tried irratate his skin and make his exzcema flare lots, it would be great to see if this is suitbale for him so we would love to try it
loulouwilson - 5:09 PM on Sun-28-Oct-2012 reply | message
My 3 year old spends a lot of time outside on the swings and in the sandpit or just setting up picnics for herself and her dolls. My 4 month old already loves lying out in the shade waving his legs around. Both my kids have VERY dry skin, luckily no actual excema, but about as close to it as you can get. Sunscreen is so expensive, especially the good stuff, so I would love to stock up for the summer months!
Silverbabe - 7:46 AM on Sun-28-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would love to try this our family has varying ages of children. 12, 10 and almost one. Our almost 1 year old hasn't really been out in the sun and I haven't yet looked for a sunscreen for her so it would be great to trial this and see how it goes. I make the boys put sunscreen on everyday before they go to school and they also take some with them. My husband is a builder so works outside some days all day. So as you can imagine we go through a lot of sunscreen. I myself am a sun lover too but there is sometimes an ingredient in some sunscreens I'm allergic to so I have to be careful and check ingredients.
nicsters - 5:21 PM on Sat-27-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would love the family to try these product. I am one of those mums that applies sunblock every 2-3 hours , so we go through a ton of it in the hotter months. I am thinking that the roll on sunblock would be perfect for the kids school bags, and that it looks easy to use and they could apply it themselves at school. (I put sun block on them before school but worry that by the time lunch hour comes around that they are not protected by it anymore) ;o)
shellcruise - 3:23 PM on Sat-27-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have extreme sensitive skin due to my eczema so I only use sensitive products on both of my girls. I burn so easily in the sun but my three year old has lovely olive skin that goes a nice brown colour where as my baby as white skin like her daddy and me. We are in desperate need for a sunscreen lotion that works and will keep us protected and would love to trial these products!
amber - 12:01 AM on Sat-27-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love for us to try these out .They sound like very practical products to reveiw. No doubt we will have heaps of oportunities to try them out over the coming months. I am particually interested in the fact that they are meant to be good for sensitive and allergy prone skins. Thanks
JeniP - 9:57 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
yes please always going through sunscreens. OUr IHC foster child very fair and always looking for good sunscreen and she adores swimming so needs good protection.
EmilyH - 7:51 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to try these products for you. I have 3 boys - 4, 2.5 and 4 months all who love being outside. Mr 2.5 gets dry skin with slight excema so it would be great to see if this sunscreen was kinder on his skin and I am always looking for the most gentle products for my baby.
Squirrel29 - 7:26 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
Wow would love to give this ago. DS loves being outside and struggle to keep clothes on him. He has rather sensitive skin and many other bands of sunscreen leave him in an itchy rash. Although clothes and sunhat are most important it would be nice to have something I can use as a second line of defense in the sun battle.
Coring - 6:49 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would like to be a reviewer for my daughter. She will be able to use this at school when they are out and about playing under the sun. As well as the sun hat I would be assured that she won't get burned because she has the protection of Nivea Sun Kids Pure and Sensitive lotion. thanks.
lynleyg - 4:22 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this with my 2 kids (5&7) My daughter has just started school so I am on the lookout for something quick and easy for her to apply. My son has sensitive skin so would love to try this out on him too.
Glenfelik - 2:44 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have 2 kids DD is 6 and DS is 4. DS has ezcema - so I am always willing to try sunscreen out that is made for kids with sensitive skin. DD has her own sunscreen in her bag - as per her request as she is ultra sun smart for a just 6 year old. She often comes home and tells me that she has 'shared' her sunscreen with others because they never had any. So I am rather proud of her.
karinlee - 2:31 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
My kids both have sensitive skin. With usuall sunscreen the both break out with rashes on their face, so we would love to try this to see what happens. The thought of not putting sunscreen on is not an options but some thing that is great on their skin would be lovely. My sister 3 boys that have the same problem would also love to be testers with my girls.
Anonymous - 2:18 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message  | delete  | edit
This year we've discovered Miss 13 is having allergic reactions to soaps and moisturiser so being able to trial a sunscreen that will hopefully not upset her skin would be great. Also Mr 5 is always being eaten by mozzies and sandflies from this time of year - he just has the most delicious skin I think - so a sunscreen that would help repel these little bugs would be great too!
mummy22 - 1:56 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
this would be such a great product to trial because there is such a variety to buy i am always stumped which one to buy at the supemarket , and they are so expensive. it would be great knowing i am keeping my 2 boys safe from the sun .
Skeetylee - 1:50 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would love to try these, I'v always been a bit skeptical about using a lot of sunblock as I never got sunburn as a kid and I'm not sure that plastering my kids in sunblock is any better as sometimes they contain harmful ingredients, like to try these as they sound gentle on skin and contain some natural ingredients, one of my littlies always its itching and the other has just turned one so I try to keep things as natural as possilbe, but with a family trip to Australia coming up I know I'm gonna have to bite the bullet as we will be out and about in the sun for long periods of time and in and out of the water so need to get something quick and easy to apply for the 1 year old, and gentle on the skin for the 4 year old - sounds like these would suit us well.
awells11 - 1:25 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
We all have very fair skin in my family and get burnt easily we would love to trail this stuff for Kidspot thank you
BJW - 12:48 PM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
Love to try this for my children who do not like to put suncream on even though they have seen me cut up with all the BCC's which have been cut out of me. The Roll On suncream would be perfect for putting in my daughter's school bag so she can reapply this during the day.

Now summer is approaching the SPF50 Lotion is certainly needed in our climate and I'd just love to trial this with the whole family involved.
silasandroman - 11:56 AM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
my wee boys and i would soooooo love to trial this, both my wee men master 5 and 3 have eczema and sensitive skin and every sunblock we have tried has flared their skin so summer for them is a little like torture as i get so paronoid about the sun burning their georgous sun i bundle them up the they get too hot which flares their eczema and round and round we go!!
every year we go to mt maunganui in hopes of the sea air and salt to help their skin but alas we are left wondering what we can use suncare wise to protect them
we would all be so so so apperiatitive to trial this and what relief and enjoyment it would be espiecally for my wee men who really would deserve a "break"
catrad - 11:03 AM on Fri-26-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviever for the Nivea sun products, for me sun protection is super important as i had a family member die from melanoma just last year , i get very paranoid about the sun especially with my kids loving the out doors but i can hardly keep them inside, and we live 5min fom the beach, its difficult finding a good sunscreen for such sensitive wee things, especially as my 5yr old has excema and a few sunscreens we have tried seem to really make it worse & sting alot, we would love to try Nivea Sun
lilblondee6 - 11:04 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
We are always standing in the haircare/skincare isle of our supermarket trying to decide which sunblock to get and all the things you need to consider, will it irritate my child's skin?, is it safe to use on the face? spray or cream? and the big one- SPF??
my kids are quite fair skinned so i do need to take into account all of those factors. we have tried a few over the years but they are constantly changing. we would love to trial these.
oommii - 9:30 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Myself and my daughters are all blonde and fair skinned but love playing outside and in water. I have been really good with applying sunscreen to my eldest daughter (youngest is 4 1/2 months so hasn't been out in the sun yet) but I'm really bad at applying it to myself as I hate the thick lotions so the light feel everyday sun lotion sounds great to me
kala - 8:45 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oh yay! I have just this week been searching online for a new sunscreen to try on my son's sensitive skin so we would be the PERFECT candidates for this trial. To date we have tried two brands. The first caused my son's eczema to flair up badly, while the second was so thick that was difficult to rub in, and also caused my poor boy's eyes to turn red and watery. As I'm somewhat of a mummy newbie (this being only my second summer with a child), I'm still in search of a decent sunscreen that is easy to apply, while being non-irritating to my son's eyes and sensitive eczema prone skin. My son and I both have fair skin, but spend loads of time outdoors as it's what my boy loves best, so we go through a lot of sunscreen at our house. Finding a good brand is crucial.
This new range from Nivea sounds fantastic! I love the idea of a sunscreen designed specifically for young delicate skin that is allergy prone or sensitive, and what a great idea the roll on hand bag sized bottle is! This will make application so much easier.
Please pick us for this trial - would love to give this wonderful range a try!
Thanks Kidspot :)
stacleaning - 6:39 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this as my youngest has sensitive skin from slight allergies and it is hard finding the right creams/lotions/sunblock for her skin. Would love to try the pure and sensitive and the others for my eldest daughter who loves the outdoors and is aware of wearing sunblock (ofcourse our one is almost empty as well) hehe
hellyp - 5:06 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
This would be awesome if got the opportunity to review these products. My oldest has sensitive skin,our youngest has ezcema? (However you spell it lol)nd have had trouble finding something to suit them both and to protect there skin as like most 3 &1 yr olds they are full on out door adventurers. So giving the nivea range a go would be fabulous this summer!!
TraceyF - 4:35 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these sunscreens. I have a toddler with ezcema so I have to be careful with what I use on his skin. I also have 2 older children who are always outside in and out of the water etc so these would be great for them also.
hillys - 2:13 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
yes all my 3 kids has problems with other sunscreen. Yes I would like to try this out !hope it works for them! we be hitting the beach soon! They have senstive skin which I tried almost every sunblock in the country havnt tried NIVEA brand yet.
cherrytf - 1:46 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Oh wow. My kids would surely both benefit and be happy to use these. They're so picky about using sunscreen and the roll on would be perfect for my son to bring along to school. He hates the fuss, but hinted more than once that a roll on type would be something he'd be willing to use at lunch break, when he's often under the sun playing soccer or handball with friends. My daughter has eczema and the pure and sensitive lotion would be just right for her, especially since she's sporty and practically under the sun whenever possible.
jbutterfly - 1:26 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
2 out of the 3 of my kids gets eczema, I keep it under control with a natural cream that I make but I am very concerned at how I am going to protect them from the sun this summer and not irritate their skin.
We would love to trial this sunscreen please :)
cassara - 12:51 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
We live 10km from the beach - with three active kids and our love of fishing, we spend a lot of time out and about in the sun during the coming months. My boy has pale albaster skin, and is sensitive to some creams - trying these would be great!
vane55ak - 12:49 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi, would love to try. I've been looking for a good sunblock as I have a 22 month old and a 13 week old. Need to find one that can do both kids :)
k1nz - 12:45 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try these out with my family, especially my daughter. She loves spending time outside, but as she has albinism she will burn really easily so I'm always on the look out for top quality sunscreens that will keep her protected, but also that are easy to apply and don't irritate her delicate skin.
Fionadempsey - 12:27 PM on Thu-25-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi!! I would love to be selected to trial Nivea's sunscreen as I have a busy outdoor toddler that spends most of his time outside. He doesnt like to wear his hat so we apply lots of lotion at the momment. I am also would like to trial Nivea's lotion to see how it stacks up against the rest. Thanks for considering me.
Littledinomum - 10:28 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would be great to trial these as mr 4ys has eczema so have to be carefull what we put on his skin, also chances are when the kids are outside they gravitate to the water, am forever putting sunscreen on the kids over summer
twinsandmore - 5:36 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to review these products. I have 3 kids who love playing outdoors and already have gotten burnt this summer and it's only spring! The sensitive one would be perfect for my 3yr old who has eczema. I may even test them on myself as I have very pale skin and burn in minutes.
gonzze - 4:41 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have 5 children that i would love to try the Nivea sun Lotions on I would love to try the sun sensitive Lotion on miss 2 years as her skin is very sensitive to alot of sun lotions so it would be good to try one that is good for sensitive skin and having the roll on would be good as miss 4 years and 9 years like to put the sun lotion on them self and they allways spill it but having a roll on would be great for them to use.And would all so be good for the swimming bag as it will not spill out
solodaddyo - 4:34 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hey there, it would be awesome to test this product out as im a sun protection nut and would like to compare these from other products. thanks
SteviRay - 4:26 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
My partner is a very fair skinned redhead and I am a very fair skinned blonde. Both our boys are blonde and one has fairer skin than the other. We are all very prone to burning and not tanning at all (twilight eat your heart out lol) and would love the extra protection this summer (if we ever get one in dunedin haha)
Joekie - 3:49 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
My daughter has sensitive dry skin. I would love to try the NIVEA SUN Kids Pure & Sensitive for her. We love the outdoors and always put on sunscreen before heading out. The NIVEA SUN Kids Caring Roll On would be great for my daughter to put on herself without making a mess. I'd like to try the NIVEA Light Feel Everyday Sun Lotion myself as I don't like the oily feel of the brand we currently use.
Mummyleigh - 3:35 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to test and review those products - it'll be used for 2 kiddies , myself and my hubby . The roll on sounds great , we often go to the beach/parks or are outside a-lot , All of us being fair skinned its important to use sunscreen on hot days - thanks heaps!
Kim1 - 1:32 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial the roll on for my son. Think it's the perfect way for him to put sunscreen on during the day, while at school. And the others would be amazing for my fair and sensitive skinned, outdoor kids. Would love to try something they claim actually works!
tammyd - 1:06 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would definitely LOVE to trial these products! Both my little boys (4 years old and 15 months old) get ezcema all over their bodies, so we struggle with some sunscreens leaving them feeling itchy or causing their ezcema to flare up. I'd love to give this a go and see if it really does give them the same protection as other brands but without the unwanted side effects :)
tille - 12:27 PM on Wed-24-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would like the opportunity to try these products on my 7 yr old. With the warm weather coming he is very much an outside boy. He loves swimming. If we go camping by the sea he will get up in the morning and spend the rest of the day in the water. I do worry about the sunblock staying on when he is in the water all the time.
margaretlor - 9:47 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi my little man would be a great reviewer of these products as he has red hair blues and the fairest and sensitive skin out , Even in winter we have to put sun lotion on him when he is out playing ,We try and keep him inside during the between 11am and 3pm as this is the hotest part of the day , he even gets burnt in the car even with shades on the windows , I would love to try these lotions to see how well they work as the ones that we have brought have not been very good
nummabear - 8:22 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
hi there, i would like to be a reviewer for these products as my son is half maori/european and burns very easily even during spring! so you could amagine how he can get during summer, last year i pretty much kept him inside to prevent getting burnt as the sunscreen i used was..excuse my french but it was crap, he also has slightly sensitive skin, and i would love to give the water one ago as he loves the water.
dunesza - 8:16 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love the opportunity to try this product. I have two wee ones (4 years and 14months) who are very fair (pale blond and fair skin tone which burns within a few minutes outside) and super sensitive skins! Most skin care products irritate their skins. Both LOVE being outside especially playing at the local beach.
Mummaduck70 - 7:16 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
This would be a product I would love the opportunity to try. I have two daughters who have very fair and sensitive skin. It is always very hard to find a sunscreen that works really well without irritating their skin. Often our only choice has been to keep them in long sleeved tops which as you can imagine is not practical or fun for two little girls
suzb2012 - 6:51 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to try this sunscreen - especially the sensitive. My youngest (mr. 4) gets really bad excema during the spring because of pollens and it continues through summer because of sunscreen. He is an active boy and will spend all his time outside so we need to find the right sunblock that won't react with his skin. Thanks!
cabmay - 5:57 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Please consider us to trial these products. We're a family of 5 with 3 young children. We're your typical NZ family who enjoy spending time outside whether it's at the beach, park camping or just out and about for the day, sunscreen plays a major part in our lives. It's especially handy cominginto BBQ season when they're outside waiting for the sossies to cook.
IceKiwi - 4:26 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love a chance for my family to review these products. We are always outside rain or shine all summer long and having a great quality sunscreen is important to me and my children. My Mr6 has very sensitive skin so pure and sensitive sounds great we have yet to find a decent sunscreen for his skin. Miss 8, Mr6, Miss5 & Mr4 love spending all their time outdoors either at the lake, river, beach or pool so these products would be great to test out in the water and as everyday wear especially during the hotter months.
Charmedmum - 1:27 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this product! I have four children aged 13, 11, 7 and 10 months. My children have quite sensitive skin and my two youngest boys did not inherit the lovely golden skin tone of their older siblings, instead taking after their Mummy with very light skin! I have not yet tried a sunscreen on my baby and this would be the perfect chance to test out a 'good' sunscreen before summer really hits!
DaniTaylor - 12:50 PM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would LOVE to become a trialist for this product because i myself use nivea knowing its a good trusted brand, i do struggle to find sunscreans for my children, knowing that while theyre at kindy that theyre protected against the sun while outside - also during the summer at the beach playground knowing that they are protected and hopefully not getting burnt, as easly as mummy does! :)
imrose - 11:31 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
i would love to try it.We love Nivea products and also realize the importance of sun protection for the whole family.For a very long period we have been using the same products and are quite bored.this will be a good change.the roll on is a great product to pop into my daughters bag at school as sunscreen needs to be reapplied,
Rose3 - 11:28 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love for us to review these products.With Nivea being a trusted and reliable product in other areas, i'd love to see if these fall into the same standards as their products.One of the things with children and the sun is making sure they are prepared and they learn to be sun smart from an early age. Learning to use these products and by the look of the shape of these they look ideal to use.
piglet - 10:24 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a review for the Nivea Suncare range. I have two children, aged 5 and 8. With summer coming and lots of outdoor playing happening, I make sure both my children SLIP SLOP SLAP every morning (especially for school), and I would love to see how NIVEA sunscreen stacks up against the one I currently use which is quite expensive. We are a beach and camping loving family so we go through alot of sunscreen! Plus I love the fact that Nivea are developing sunscreen for sensitive skin, which will be great for our family.
aucklandjules - 10:12 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer for these Nivea suntan lotions as every summer I struggle to get lotion on my kids and the roll on looks like a great way of doing it. It's hard to find a lotion for the kids that is the right cocsistencey, needs to be quick and easy to apply. They look like great products and I would love to give them a try. Once I find one that I like I tend to keep buying it. My eldest would be able to apply the roll on himself which he would love.
Mizim - 10:05 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to give these a try. I have 3 children who LOVE to spend hour after hour outside, and they have been taught that they can't unless they have their sunscreen.

In praticular, I am very keen to try out the Pure & Sensitive, especially for my 19mo, as she has sensitive skin which can react very easily to things, especially the skin on her face.

The Swim & Play sunscreen would be perfect timing, for when my son has swimming classes at his school. I would feel confident sending him swimming knowing that he has something with a great name behind it protecting him from the burning sun.
MaryMc - 10:01 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
This would be a good product to trial.
We have 2 Grands that we take out a lot in the summer months and it would be handy to keep these in the car!
nette21 - 9:57 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
This would be great to trial, It has a product to suit all of my family. The roll on sounds nice and easy to put on my 3 year old and the Pure and Sensitive would be great to try on my one year olds skin. The swim and Play would be great as we would love to hang out at the beach alot this year and I would like to try the light feel sun lotion to see if it really is light
vsheary - 9:52 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Would love to trial this!! I have 3 fair skinned girls who go through lots of sunscreen every summer!! 1 of my girls has sensitive skin so I always have to buy her a different bottle. My kids are the typical kiwi kids who spend hours outside, so I am constantly covering them in sunscreen.!! Love the Idea of a pure and sensitive lotion as well as a roll on!
CindyW - 9:51 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi, we would love to trial these, we have 4 young children and the boys both have a little bit of skin allergies. We spend a lot of time at the beach so definitely very keen to protect their skin and these products sound fantastic!
terry100 - 9:31 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Hi, we would love to trial these. My family has a history of skin cancer so I am always vigilant about applying sunscreen regularly. As we live near a river and love to go camping we are constantly enjoying the sun and outdoors. These sound great!
EmmaR - 8:20 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
Yes please! Little boy has olive coloured skin and just needs to look at the sun - he's quite active so hates sitting still for application of sun cream which often means he has to stay longer than normal so I can be extra-extra-double-sure I get everywhere! Little girl is pale and more active so we need to make sure we're extra careful with her. Only problem is little boy has a little sensitive skin so has come up in some rashes to other sun creams so we have to make sure we use different creams for both of them. Would be great to give these a go, sounds like they'll suit both of them and with a big road trip planned for over Summer and Christmas at the beach these would be great. Loving the RRP too, means they're affordable as well, and the size of the roll on means it'll be a great addition to my bag!
ZoeA - 3:29 AM on Tue-23-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have an 11 week old and we were just discussing what sun protection lotion we should use as we have no idea. Despite driving through snow showers to get to Christchurch today there was a big ball of sunshine getting its rays through! Would be great timing to trial this product!
adele - 10:26 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We have 2 boys who love playing outside but often don't wear sunhats even though I try my best to keep them on their heads! They are both have fair skin and blond hair and therefore tend to burn quite quickly if I forget to put sunscreen on them. So to have the opportunity to trial sunscreen made for kids that is both for sensitive skin and with natural active ingredients that don't irritate the skin or leave a thick greasy residue would be great! I have tried a natural sunscreen before but it is really thick and no matter how much I've rubbed it into the skin still leaves a obvious coloured sticky residue so would love to trial these and see how they compare.
kathryn57 - 9:56 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be considered for this. Our children are now at the stage when they're old enough to put on their own sunscreen, and I know that roll-ons are great for them to use, and easy to fit in a school bag. They would be especially handy for the camps that our daughter has coming up. Our younger two both have sensitive skin.
lmwnz - 9:00 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these products. Miss almost 3 has sensitive skin & tends to gt troubled by more excema in the summer than winter. I always have to use sensitive skin sunscreen on her but am on the look out for the best! My daughter is a real outdoors child so we spend hours outside & I really want to make sure I am protecting her for the sun to the best of my ability but also not irritating her sensitive skin.
eega - 8:56 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Our 2 boys would love to try these products. Over summer, they are pretty much outside from sun up to sun set, so need good protection. They also live at the beach over the christmas holidays, so the swim and play sounds like the perfect thing to be using.
SarahK - 8:50 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these! My older two children are heading to Oz this summer for scout jamboree and im looking for some decent suncreams to send them with as they are going to be outside most of the time in the blazing sun. As my kids have sensitive skin, these sound great and i love the sound of spf 50 lotions!
SP - 8:40 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a nearly two year old and think a roll on style would be great to try as she doesn't like to sit still for long. I am a big fan of gentle products and fragrance free but also want really good sun protection so we can spend lots of time outdoors. Last summer she was only just starting to walk so was easy to keep in the shade but I have no chance of that this summer. Hats get thrown off and she has a mind of her own so I need to be well prepared.
Medicina - 8:35 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would like to be a reviewer for NIVEA SUN Kids Pure and Sensitive Lotion and Caring Roll On because in my job and daily life I'm often asked for my recommendation on skin products like sunscreen. I will only recommend products that I'm sure of, and as my daughter has eczema and both children have very fair skin I'm always keen that products are hypoallergenic and really work. Being Parabens-free is a great selling point as many of my clients are sensitive to Parabens. The new recommendations for SPF have recently increased so we all need to consider SPF30+ and I'd love to test NIVEA SUN Kids Pure and Sensitive Lotion and Caring Roll On under the Canterbury sun.
jafaj - 8:02 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Life can be very hard in this household with two very pale kiwis who love to play outside but burn easily. My 2 year old has sensitive skin like my 4 year old but can't use the same sunscreen. I have been trying to find one that would suit his skin so would love to review this product :))
travelbugnz - 7:49 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a nearly 2 year old red head with sensitive skin and a 4 day old looks to be another red :) .... so keeping their skin protected is utmost importance and finding the right product is paramount hence would love to put this through its paces :)
ivory - 7:23 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to give these products a try. We go through so much sunscreen in our house, all being fair-skinned. We have a pool at home so the Swim & Play product sounds great
tessa771 - 7:17 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial these products! I have very fair skin and i have passed this onto my kids. We all burn very easily so it is extremely important we are always sunscreened and need a trusted brand. Nivea is such a great brand and I would love to see how it is for me and my family.
fishface - 7:11 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial these products. I have 3 kiddies aged 8, 7 and 2 who all love being outside in the sun.
My 7 year old in particular has sensitive skin that burns really easily and we always have to be vigilant about putting sunscreen on. And thats where it gets tricky, finding a good sunblock that spreads on easily and soaks in without being greasy. And most importantly one that actually works and does what it claims to do.
We've also never tried the roll on ones so it would be interesting to see how they work too.
cathw - 7:09 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these products. My eldest of two daughters has a reaction to most sunscreens because of eczema but she is quite fair and really must use as much sunscreen as possible. We regularly try different products in order to find the exact right one. Our other daughter does not suffer from eczema but is red haired and porcelain skinned so we absolutely lather her up and go through it so quickly. Please pick us!
jthorne - 6:26 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these products - they look like they would be great for my 18 month old daughter as she loves to be outside and with her fair skin I'm always putting sunscreen on prevent her getting burnt.
rachaelsfun - 6:03 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
wow would be great for summer
have 2 nephews master 9 and master 16 months that both have sensitive skins and its hard to find good kids suncreams that dont react to them that still have the spf ratiung that dont burn
this trial sounds great as it has 4 diff types of suncreams from traditional to the roll ons we would LOVE to trial this please !!!
stepanka - 5:28 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
Simple - we are always short on sunscreens in our house, with all the activities outdoors...
petitemumma - 5:22 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
i would love to try this for both my kids. my 5yo daughter has grown out of her multiple allergys but i still have to be cautious with what what shes eats & what goes on her skin,she gets dry itchy skin & my 3yo blondie has such pasty white skin,he was nicknamed ghost :) we live in northland where its just too hot to cover up.
Twinsforus - 5:19 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to try these products, especially the pure & sensitive sunscreen! I have a child with eczema and it is a nightmare finding a sunscreen that doesn't cause him to flare up.....and the one that we did find is so thick it leaves a greasy film on his skin....which ends up on everything!!!! My older kids (nearly 6 yr old twins) are becoming very independent so the roll on would be fantastic for them to put their own sunscreen on (with me finishing them off of course!)
jobrush - 4:55 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try these products - I have 3 children all with completely different types of skin. They love to get outside during the summer hours but I find it difficult to find sunscreen that suits them all. My 5 year old has sensitive skin and will have an excema reaction to some sunscreens so every year I have to trial different sorts to find one that he doesn't react to. Both the others (age 8 and 2) have more hardy skin but I still need to be careful especially with our summer camping trip coming up!
fishingmum - 4:39 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
What a great trial with summer coming up. I would love to try these products, both my kids have sensitive skin (they don't use normal soap and I make my own laundry liquid to keep it under control). We live on a farm so are always outside and I really like to make sure the boys are completely covered, we also swim alot as we live next to the beach so between farming and swimming I reckon we could give these products a good workout! I also go through heaps of sunscreen so would like to try the Everday Lotion - dust sticks to the greasy ones!!!! Thanks Nivea and Kidspot.
AdeleNZ - 4:24 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
My eldest (2.5) seemed to react to some sunscreens we used with him and particularly had difficulty with it in his eyes as he would always rub his eyes with his arms/hands once we had put it on him. It would be good to trial these products to see if there is a sunscreen we can use that will avoid this! Also, my 10 month old has bad excema so a senstive sunscreen would be good to try on him too. We are yet to use sunscreen with him!
thecoffeelady - 3:53 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I'd love to try this on my 15 month old - she has a lot of food allergies and also excema,so a sensitive sunscreen would be great.

Perfect timing also with summer just around the corner.
corinne33 - 3:39 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I have a very active (pale-skinned) 2 year old girl who LOVES the outdoors! MY parents have built a lovely new beach house so we will be spending LOTS of time over summer up there & at the park across from it. I am very keen to try "kid sunscreen" as she has sensitive skin (like me)...which means anything stingy or itchy on her puts her off reapplying! This would be an ideal trial for our family, I also look after other toddlers through PORSE so am keen to find a product I can use & promote to their familys for being SUN-SAFE too (:
livandjimi - 3:03 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
would LOVE to review this and try it outy on my fair headed lil boys :)
linkjazz - 2:52 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to trial. We live across the road from the beach and go through mega amounts of sunscreen. Would love to give nivea a go for our 3 kiddies.
kiwimel - 2:50 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
This year will be our first "real" fun summer. With our youngest turning 5 this year, and living across from the public pool, we have already made big plans for an outdoor summer filled with swimming. She will also be starting lessons which ties in perfectly. The hardest part will be getting them to wear sun cream as both hate applying the thick creans we usually buy. They both have my husbands sensitive skin as well which doesn't help as they have ended up itchy from a couple we have tried in the past. I would love to give the Nivea range a go, in particular the roll on and light feel versions. these could go in their school bags for easy application at lesson times when I'm not there to help. We have skin cancer running in our family on my side, the latest a bad melanoma diagnosed just last week for their aunt. we are currently going through the Sun Smart talks to remind them why it's important to care for themselves in the sun. It can't be drummed in enough at this age!
lornamoa - 2:45 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to review the sunscreen. I seem to burn in about 10 minutes if I forget to put on sunscreen so I usually put sunscreen on 1st thing in the morning. My son is two and anything like a roll on that would make putting sunscreen on him easier would be a huge help. He tries to help me and we end up either getting it everywhere but on him or he decides he doesn't want to wear it at all. Sometimes I think it is easier just to keep him inside than deal with sunscreen application! My daughter will be 6 months in December so not sure if she can use the pure and sensitive lotion or if it for kids who are a bit older.
Leanne - 2:44 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial and review the nivea sun products. As we moved here from the UK 4 years ago, we have never really had to be concerned about sunscreen. However, we have quickly learnt how important it is and i am keen to get the best sunscreen products for our family. I have three daughters and each has different skin tones. My oldest [8] is very fair and like her father will burn easily. Thankfully she is pretty good at using sunscreen and will even put it on herself at school! My 2nd daughter has olive skin and my youngest's skin can be quite sensitive to certain products. It would be great to have a chance to test out the nivea sun lotions - so please pick us kidspot :o)
mumof6 - 2:40 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to review this product. With 5 kids at home and then hubby and I, sunscreen is always in short supply. 4 of the kids and I have sensitive skin and suffer with eczema and I am always on the lookout for a gentle yet effective sunscreen. I also have a child who has to be extra carefull in the sun due to medications he's taking and a roll on would be handy to pop into his school bag.
tallsonn - 2:30 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to review these products. I have been aware of the dangers of the sun for more years than most as my mum almost lost her nose to skin cancer in the early 1980's. This was back when you couldn't even buy high SPF sunscreen - we had to go to Smith & Caughys to buy an Elizabeth Arden face cream as it was the only one on the market with SPF30!!! Back then it was all tanning oils to HELP you to tan and not much alse was available. I would love to try the roll-on as Master 5 started school on Monday and I worry about him not being able to apply sunscreen properly while at schhol in the summer and the roll on would be ideal for him to use!
bassplayer - 2:00 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to trial this sunscreen on my kids. My son suffers from eczema and so does my daughter. They seem to have sensitive skin and I have tried so many different types on them. Mr 8 will be starting his first season of cricket and also both will be doing Surf Lifesaving this summer so a lot of time will be spent outside. I'm always on at them to wear their hats, sunblock and stay in the shade (when possible). I am only just finding out about the chemicals and their reaction on our skin and am very happy to see that Nivea's range is free of preservatives, parabens, perfumes and colorants, that tend to irritate skin. With all of the family suffering from dry skin, knowing that the light formula contains Vitamin E and Glycerin, to moisturise sensitive skin, while the SPF50+ gives gentle but effective, very high sun protection I feel that we would all be safe using this product. The roll on is a fantastic way to promote independence and the good habit of applying sunscreen themselves.
ekubo - 1:58 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
all three of my kids have inherited my pale, easily burned, red-head's skin so we go through a lot of sunscreen keeping them safe while they're out doing boy things all day. It would be super handy to always have a roll-on in my bag for touch ups and the days we didn't think we'd need it, and as they love the beach swim and play would be very useful too. One of my boys reacted to a sunscreen badly last year so I'd like to try the sensitive one on him in particular.
JacqEmma - 1:46 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We've tired sooo many sunblocks over the years, but Miss 3 has itchy skin so it's trial and error. Would love the opportunity to try these Nivea ones (the roll on would be one she could apply herself at daycare :)), I personally use their spray sunscreen with great success
Leightk3 - 1:46 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to review this product! My family have each got different skin issues when it comes to sun sensitivity and swimming during the holidays! This would be great! My hubby tends to spend alot of time swimming with the kids so is prone to sunburn, my 9yr old (Just like dad) is sun sensitive too. My 5yr old is for ever in and out of the water and spends most days outside and my youngest, 18mnths, needs special attention for her soft skin. Count my family in to be a review team!
mjchase - 1:44 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would really like to trial these products as my oldest boy is fair-skinned and has sensitive skin as well. I like to get both boys out and about as much as possible in the summer!
Resse - 1:43 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
We would love to be reviewers for these products.
My three kids (2, 4, 6) all like to be outdoors, so these products would get lots of use! I am also a bit fussy on the greasiness/ease of use with sunblocks, because they get used all the time. Therefore I feel I would be able to give lots of useful feedback for other mums.
AnnaES - 1:43 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
As sunscreen is such an essential item in summertime to protect our skin we would LOVE to trial these!! The roll on sounds like a fun take to school one that our girls could use themselves and sometimes they get a bit of eczema so the Pure & Sensitive sounds good too!
amyr - 1:41 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to review the new Nivea sun kids range. We live in Taupo and spend a lot of time out in the sun at the lake, mountian biking etc and it would be great to know the kids are protected from the sun harsh rays and being a sensitive product I know it is not going to effect them in any way awesome!
Flipp - 1:37 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would love to be a reviewer of these NIVEA Sun products!! As a real camping and outdoor family, sunscreen is a huge priority for us! I believe all children have sensitive skin that needs to be nourished and protected and sunscreen is applied daily before school in our house over the summer months.
amy - 1:36 PM on Mon-22-Oct-2012 reply | message
I would totally love to review these products as both my boys have sensitive skin. Their ezcema is bad at the moment with the change in seasons and its now that I need to start applying sunscreen. They are very fair skinned (taking after their father) and i have to be very careful with them in the sun. I have tried a few different sunscreens but not totally happy with one yet. I totally love the idea of a roll on as I think my 2 1/2 yo would love to apply it. Both him and my 1 yo LOVE water play so anything they wear needs to withstand a good bit of hose play. We spend a lot of time outside and its not always easy to keep two very active boys in the shade. Thanks for this opportunity to trial.

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