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Alicejones - 1:54 PM on Mon-20-Mar-2017  [ message ]
My son (7) seemed to like the Spinach, Apple, Blueberry & Banana the best. I have asked him if he wants me to buy them and he does. We have told a lot of friends about them that said they would look at them as well. Thanks for Choosing us to trial them was great and my son loves trying new things
Joanne - 8:10 PM on Thu-9-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for choosing my kids to review the Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks and being so generous with gifting us with some.

The packaging is well presented and easy to see what the flavour of the Fruit Sticks are. My three kids tried these with my 2 year old the biggest fan out of my three kiddies (my other kids are aged 5 and 9). All kids enjoyed the bars though and it didn't seem like they had a stand out Fruit Stick as all got devoured without any complaints. These Fruit Sticks were perfect for the kids for a snack and in their lunch boxes. Each box had a good amount of bars in them (8) that were individually wrapped. It's great that they have the veges in them. I would recommend them and purchase them knowing that they will be well received by my children. Thanks again.
oneonly - 1:35 PM on Thu-2-Mar-2017  [ message ]
I was a little concerned when the package arrived as it had suffered some damage, but the contents were all intact and fine.
Initially my girl was hesitant to try them thinking they would taste odd because of the vegetable content but that has proven to not be the case. All three flavours have been tried and rated.
The beetroot is the stand out favourite, she says - and I agree that it has a sweet taste of berries and is enjoyable to eat.
The spinach ones are great too, I was interested to note no taste or hint of the banana in this one as neither of us are banana fans, so this is a great way to get both spinach and banana into kids and adults alike.
Our least favourite was the carrot. We both found it has a bit of an odd aftertaste for us.
All in all though we have totally enjoyed trialing these bars, we really appreciate the opportunity and I have told several friends to add them to their shopping lists. We will be purchasing the beetroot and spinach flavours on an ongoing basis.
Alicejones - 12:09 PM on Thu-2-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for Choosing us. My son has so far had the Beetroot, apple and berry - which we was disappointed he could not taste the beetroot ( Yes he loves beetroot) also the carrot, Apple and orange which he quite likes, Yummy he said. Have told our friends about the trial and posted on Facebook and share the link about the bars on Facebook
Mspinkness - 11:57 AM on Thu-2-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for choosing my family to trial the new vege sticks.
My kids liked them all but there favourite was the carrot, apple & orange. They have since told me I have to keep buying that flavour. Such a good idea to help get in extra veges. Thanks heaps
AvaLily - 11:31 AM on Tue-28-Feb-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for choosing our family to trial your vege sticks! My 4 year old told me she thought they were "yum mummy" and had a massive preference for the beetroot, apple and berry flavor. That was the first box to disappear! The biggest fan is our smallest member at only 10 months old! There was no way his sister could have one and not him, so he got to sample one too! He is able to effortlessly hold the sticks and gum them down with ease! They are an excellent addition to the kids lunch boxes and I have added these to the shopping list! Thanks again.
2ndtimeround - 3:51 PM on Sun-26-Feb-2017  [ message ]
Wow! What a real treat!! Thanks firstly for the generous amount of samples to try. There were heaps of each type to try. So very impressed with the amount that you sent for us to sample. I have in the past bought the fruit sticks and felt that they were a good healthy snack for the three kids. But now that we have had these, i definately will change to these instead. All three flavours were very well received by the children. My 2yr old just gulped them down, so I dont think that she had a favourite, she ate all the types. The two older boys Mr 9 and Mr 7 really liked the beetroot, apple and berry ones, but found it hard to pick a favourite, so guess they liked them all too. Not much help there, with flavour. But you know you are on a winner when they will eat veges that quick and not moan about it!! I particularly liked the spinach, apple, blueberry and banana ones. I loved the idea of eating spinach and not noticing it too much. They were great to have on the run as a snack and going into the lunchboxes as a healthy alternative. Good work on making them. Now all we need to do is work on the packaging. My school and kindys are both "Litterless lunches" so that means no packaging, so I have to take everything out of the packages and warpers. If only some one would invent a way to keep food fresh and not have it stored in for thought. Thanks again for choosing us to trial this, it was a real winner, and I will buy it.
Mermaid32 - 3:30 PM on Wed-22-Feb-2017  [ message ]
Thanks so much for selecting our family for this product trial! A very generous box of Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks arrived while the kids were at school and preschool, so I had to do a taste test myself ;)<br>Theres no doubting that they taste delicious! They were a total hit with the older kids who were pleased to have a treat in their lunch boxes for the week. In saying that, reading the ingredients list, I would only use them as a treat. Sugar listed 6 different ways, and a whole teaspoon of sugars in each little bar. I was hoping for more of the veggie component, but I guess it has to be sweetened to be more palatable and attractive for the kids. Definitely a better option than similar fruit only bars out there, but still a treat food only. Despite the sugar content, my 3 year old still wouldn't touch them, but I wouldn't use that as a gauge of the product as that child can sniff a vege out anywhere I swear!! <br>The box was huge compared to the product inside, which was a bit wasteful, but the packaging itself was appealing with the cute little bug characters. It had a very fresh and natural vibe with the green packaging and images of whole fruit and vege. <br>The Spinach, Apple, Blueberry and Banana were the most popular flavour here.
BrendensMum - 12:44 PM on Tue-21-Feb-2017  [ message ]
Thank you for choosing us to review these yummy vegetables sticks. My son opened the box on the doorstep and saw the packaging and informed me he didn't like vegetables. I put one in his lunchbox each day for the week and I only got empty packaging in his lunchbox. I asked him at the end of the week if he the 'new' sticks in his lunchbox and was told they're very yummy and can I keep buying them. They're definitely a winner here as long as Mr6 doesn't see the box hehe
sarahb - 8:01 PM on Mon-20-Feb-2017  [ message ]
These were so good! My kids often have the fruit sticks so I was keen to see if they would notice that these had added veges in them. Each child had their flavour preference and they have all been eaten so safe to say that they liked them! Mr 5 is pretty fussy but he ate the apple, blueberry banana and spinach ones and didn't even realise they weren't his usual blueberry! I tried a bite of each one and thought they were all nice but the orange carrot apple flavour had the most 'vege' taste out of them all, Miss 8 was more than happy to eat them though. Will definitely buy these over the straight fruit ones from now on, anyway to get extra veges into them is a bonus! Thanks so much for the opportunity to try these, much, much appreciated! 😃
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