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tawhinamumof3 - 9:02 PM on Thu-30-Mar-2017  [ message ]
My 7 year olf loved his smoothies!! We have quite afew protein shake drinkers in the house and Mr 7 always felt he was missing out untill now!!! he has his in a shaker after iv blended it with milk and a banana! packaging is bright and colorful.. tastes great and mixes well... i had tried another brand of shake but it was flavpured "chocmint" and my boy never liked it... berry is an appealing flavour to all kids.. even ny 10 month old got a wee taste :)
amstar - 6:59 PM on Thu-30-Mar-2017  [ message ]
The Radiance kids Superfood smoothie was a hit in this house. Easy easy to use lots of different ways. My 4yo fav is with milk and banana added or my 5.5yo was mixed with milk and mixed berries. Thank you very much for letting us review this product. It is on the shopping list for next time.
Devilgal - 3:39 PM on Wed-29-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Mr 4 loved the packaging and was excited to try it. Unfortunately, neither he nor Mr 12 liked it past the first mouthful with milk, water or in a smoothie.
I tried to put it in with weetbix or yoghurt, but this wasnt liked by them either.
So unfortunately this was a fail in our house.
starwoman13 - 11:13 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017  [ message ]
It was great to have the opportunity to try this product, unfortunately my daughter didnt take to the smoothie powder, she found that she didnt like the texture as it was a touch gritty. Although i gave it to my neice and nephew as an afternoon snack mixed into yoghurt and they loved it! So i guess you never know with kids, what they're going to like or what they're going to say yuck to. So even though it was a miss with my daughter i still think its a great product and would recommend it as a good way to get in extra nutrients into kids diets.
ynnigme - 10:42 AM on Mon-27-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Our picky 3 year old loved this! We added it to our smoothies and he drank all the goodness ! Its great to know that he is also having some form of vegetables rather than just fruits. Definitely worth having it in the pantry. Also when they are sick, and has no appetite, they tend to just want ice blocks or smoothies and this is definitely the way to go giving them the nutrients too.
motheroffour - 12:23 AM on Sat-25-Mar-2017  [ message ]
my kids didn't like it to start with. just straight but then when adding it to yogurt and stuff they really like it. we have since bought another 2 packets hehe. I even made some into an ice block
raglanmum - 10:05 AM on Fri-24-Mar-2017  [ message ]
The Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie powder was great with our morning smoothies. I added a heaped teaspoon to the blender with either milk, bananas and frozen berries, or with apple juice, bananas and frozen berries. Went down a treat with Mr 12 (and myself!) It blended up well, and there was no powder residue, although a slightly different taste than our regular smoothies. Miss 7 preferred the smoothie frozen as ice blocks for an after school treat, which worked very well also. Such a good way to get extra nutrients into our kids! Will definetly be buying this again. :-)
queenbean - 12:18 AM on Fri-24-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Thank you for the opportunity to review Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie, I have two older children aged 6 and 8. My 8 year old has mild autism and as a result has severe food aversions. I had to be a bit tricky getting him to try the powder, but in the end he agreed to take it mixed into yoghurt. What a great way for him to get essential nutrients he'd otherwise be missing due to his extremely restricted diet. My daughter, on the other hand, was no issue. She'd request it at every opportunity, and happily took it in any form, her favourites being in a smoothie, and as an ice block. Big thumbs up from us!!!
AvaLily - 12:02 AM on Fri-24-Mar-2017  [ message ]
So excited to have been selected to trial this smoothie mix! It isn't something I would have usually purchased as I never could have imagined my 4 year old was this much of a fan! She has one most mornings after her breakfast and I can already see it's making a difference to her moods! We have also added the mix to our home made ice blocks - yum!
Thanks Radiance! You have a new customer :)
Larnanz - 7:18 PM on Thu-23-Mar-2017  [ message ]
My children loved this! I told them it was chocolate as it looks like chocolate powder. We had it with milk, bananas, yoghurt and frozen berries. My niece refused to drink it as she said it tasted like vegetables!
Will be buying more when we run out.
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