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GillWatkins - 10:30 PM on Sat-25-Mar-2017  [ message ]
We were so pleased to be able to review these great products. We use all natural products and Ecostore regularly. My boys thought the bubbles were fantastic, they smell amazing the pear scent is lovely. The bubbles lasted the whole bath, even with 3 boys thrashing about. They also loved the foaming shampoo and body wash. It made washing their hair a lot easier as they usually don't like it. We had a lot of fun squirting the foam on them so they could give themselves a good clean. Massive hit in our house & thanks again for the opportunity to trial it.
billiesmum - 11:12 AM on Thu-23-Mar-2017  [ message ]
We loved having the chance to revies these items. We are tying to move to only using eco friendly products in our home.
I chatted to our girls about how they enjoyed the products. They love how foamy it is and as they wash them selves now its good to know they are getting a good covering of foam and bubbles to wash their little bubbles. I makes me happy knowing they are not using as many chemicals as previously used and the shampoo didnt leave their hair feeling dry and yuck as I find most shampoo/conditioners (in 1) do.
They are planning a bubble bath this weekend with barbies etc so will be good to see how much it bubbles.
shayna83 - 11:07 PM on Wed-22-Mar-2017  [ message ]
We were super excited to be given the opportunity to review the new ecostore kids bath range. The packaging is obviously ecostore but with a bit of fun which appealed to my kids. We tried the Double trouble bubble bath first and the smell was great. As promised it made plenty of bubbles which lasted throughout bathtime. My middle boy has sensitive skin but the bubble bath didnt irritate his skin as some of the more highly perfumed, coloured products have done in the past. The 3 in 1 shower foam was next and also had a delicious smell which appealed to both mum and the kids. The kids liked the foam and had fun pumping it onto their hands and heads. Initially i wondered how effective the foam would be on my daughters long hair as it doesnt really suds up like most shampoos however it actually worked really well leaving her hair soft, shiny and easy to brush without the need for a tonne of conditioner like we normally need to keep it knot free. I was genuinely impressed after my initial reservations!! Both awesome products and definitely ones we will continue to purchase and recommend to friends. Thanks Kidspot and Ecostore
JulieKidspot - 1:48 PM on Wed-22-Mar-2017  [ message ]
The ecostore kids range is hitting the supermarket shelves now! If your supermarket doesn't yet stock the ecostore kids range then the best thing to do is enquire at the checkout of your local store when they will be stocking them. Also, for the month of March you can get free shipping on the range at ecostore online. Use this link for online shopping
routtrim - 1:36 PM on Wed-22-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Continuing to be impressed by these products! Over the weekend we gave the double Trouble Bubble Bath a try... and it's a hit! The liquid foamed up easily into a very inviting bath, the bubbles were strong enough for my guy to put all over himself and actually wash - and they lasted the whole bath. In fact, the cat got a fright when she jumped into the empty bath afterwards and found foam still in there! A little seems to go a long way, the scent is subtle and pleasant, and most importantly, the kids love it :) My older daughter even managed a bath, which is unheard of, but those bubbles are just too inviting. Well done Ecostore for coming up with another fantastic product - will definitely be replacing both this and the 3 in 1 when they run out.
HappyMama4 - 1:24 PM on Wed-22-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Awesome to get the chance to try these new products! We received the foam max pear pop 3 in 1 and the bubble trouble bubble bath. My two middle children love to shower themselves but are pretty slack at actually using soap and shampoo! The shower foam was fun and easy for them to use (tactile too), so they enjoyed using it and came out squeaky clean. It has a lovely smell, quite subtle! So a big win with that. A good size bottle that will last awhile.
The bubble bath smells lovely, gets a good foam up and makes bath time a pleasant experience for the kids - even mum!
These products contain better, healthier ingredients, so we feel good using them. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends. Thanks again!
JulieKidspot - 12:38 PM on Wed-22-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Hi charliesmyth - these are so brand new that they might not have made it to your local store yet so keep an eye out. You can find a list of stockists of ecostore products on this link
charliesmyth - 9:33 PM on Tue-21-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Is this EcoStore range available in supermarkets yet? Not seen it in our local Pak n Save?
Robynpouw - 8:59 PM on Tue-21-Mar-2017  [ message ]
Thank you so much for the opportunity to trial these products. We received EcoStore Kids Pear Pop Double Trouble Bubble Bath and Foam Body Wash last Wednesday and have used for the last week.

Not only is the smell nice but not overpowering both the bubble bath and body wash/foam produce great amounts of fun bubbles which my wee boy absolutely loved and we had a lot of fun creating cool hairdos and blowing bubbles around the room :)

My boy loved that he could use the pump bottle himself. Great way to have fun while getting clean. Definitely will buy these products moving forward, not only great fun but gentle on the skin.

Loved the fun looking packaging and the labelling of the products was very clear.
carolinef - 7:16 PM on Mon-20-Mar-2017  [ message ]
The foaming shampoo and body wash has been a great hit in our house. Pear pop smells divine and my girls are actually happy to wash their hair lots now. The first time they used it we noticed how much smoother their hair looked and it seemed to tame their usual frizz.
The pump bottle means when they do it themselves, they don't spill shampoo everywhere and waste a lot. It's dual purpose also means when miss 4 covers her body in it, I'm not telling her off for wasting shampoo on her body! We've had no reaction from miss 7 and her eczema so will definitely be back to buy more when it runs out.

The bubble bath also smells lovely & they've had lots of fun making bubble beards and hiding toys amongst the foam! Out of the two I'd go for the foaming 3 in 1 though as I'd only need the one bottle to do everything & not need to have excess bottles on the bath amongst the toy carnage!

The packaging just like the rest of Tue ecostore stuff is minimal and stylish though this has a bit of quirky fun colour to it that appeals to my girls. We also love the locking top to the 3in1 which will keep excess use down when my son is also old enough to figure out pump bottles.
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