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Starstar - 3:37 PM on Wed-24-May-2017  [ message ]
YAY finally something that looks like a nugget, is boxed like a nugget the kids think they are a nugget but they have hidden veges in them.
I am forever trying to hide veges in things I make for the children sometimes succeeding and sometimes not quite. My 3 year old and 10 year old loved them it was an easy quick meal for me as I was in a rush last night to get out to a night class and I felt good that my girls were eating a good dinner that I had managed to get some protein and vege into them and no complaints, no crying,no trying to negotiate the veges with them or bribing them to just eat one more piece of whatever vege is on their plate.
These taste nice, they don't have a lot of wastage in them, there is plenty of protein and vege they will continue to be on our shopping list as any meal that takes me less then 20 minutes gives me no complaints and I can manage to quickly throw on some makeup before going out and I still feel like I have been a good mum covering the basic food groups is a winner with me!!!!!!!!!
LizNZ - 9:44 PM on Tue-23-May-2017  [ message ]
Thank you for the opportunity to give these a go. The verdict? I thought they were incredibly delicious... not really "nuggets", but more "bites" is how I'd describe them, they're quite small and as others have said only a few in a pack. However they're pretty tasty and I would never have guessed there were veges hidden in them! I really liked them. Unfortunately my 4 year old boy who can sniff out a vege a mile away and who will literally picks out grated carrot out of a sauce did not like these, said they were too crumbly (insert eye roll emoji). My daughter, extra fussy 12 month old (what is it with my kids and being fussy?!) also didn't like them. Oh well, all the more for me!
Kazzam - 12:10 PM on Tue-23-May-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for the opportunity. Unfortunately the voucher expired whilst we were on leave so I did go out and buy these myself as I was curious and I am pleased to say we have brought another box since. The kids love them 1 with allergies can eat them and the other who is fussy did ask what was in them so I said try them first then I will tell you so he knows they have goodness in them for growing big like the Hulk and he is perfectly happy under-statement very happy. I am very pleased we have found these as a dinner option. Thanks Smugglers!
Cheekybabes - 12:08 PM on Tue-23-May-2017  [ message ]
My little man is such a tough kid to get vegies into so I was very keen to see how he would get on with these. On the first attempt, he wasn't too keen but on the second and third, he really enjoyed them, much to my relief. My little girl was straight into them too so am very happy to have a solution to the vegie battle! The number of nuggets in the pack is great too - would definitely recommend.
RebeccaM - 8:34 PM on Fri-19-May-2017  [ message ]
Thanks heaps Smugglers and Kidspot for choosing us to trial these nuggets. Master 4 loved them which was suprising as he is extra fussy, and Miss 7.5 was not sure about the texture but once she tasted them, announced they were yummy and can we please have them every day lol! Would definately be buying these again :)
ugnz - 7:46 AM on Fri-19-May-2017  [ message ]
Well, for starters, the kids were lucky there were so many of them, or they wouldn't have gotten a look in after I tested the first one for doneness!! So delicious? Tick! Easy to make? Tick! And yes, the kids loved them too :) Usually I do these reviews and say how wonderful something is, but end up not buying it, as it's out of my price range, but I really think these are totally worth it and will be buying some myself.
Jaxstirling - 9:31 PM on Thu-18-May-2017  [ message ]
Thank you for the opportunity to test this product 😀 Master 6 who is very Vege-phobic was my true tester, I must admit I was very sceptical eat first as I struggle daily to hide veges in food by grating, blending etc, but when I told him it was nuggets for dinner he was so excited, he took his first bite and loved them, he ate all of them and extra so needless to say they were a winner in our household and will be on future shopping lists 😀 Still as a treat though as you don't get many in the box but great for snack when need a protein pick me up!! Thank you again for choosing us to test this yummy product 😀
lilblondee6 - 4:59 PM on Thu-18-May-2017  [ message ]
Start off with the package was not very noticeable as it was not that bright and thought they were a bit expensive considering what you got in the package.
The box was a good size but the bag of smugglers inside was rather small in comparison. My kids did not like the smell or the taste, but didn't mind the texture. I didn't mind them at all in fact I thought they were rather nice and still quite crispy.
AvaLily - 11:39 AM on Wed-17-May-2017  [ message ]
Round 2 and they were gobbled up faster than I could imagine! Master 1 still loves them - he ate them all happily last time and I was delighted that Miss 4 ate all of hers with "mmm these are yummy" comments. Last time I served them she must have been in a bad mood because she was asking for seconds this time - yay! We have found another dinner for the kiddies that they'll eat!
kiwikelly - 10:18 AM on Sat-13-May-2017  [ message ]
Thanks for the opportunity to try smugglers, our 5 yo is not into processed meats much and didn't like the texture unfortunately, but miss 2 enjoyed them. As other reviewers have said the price is too high for this product, and resllymthe vegetable content is quite minimal - I'd rather focus on trying to get my kids to try real veges than hidden processed ones in this case.
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