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ALB - 4:57 PM on Fri-14-Apr-2017  [ message ]
We would love to trial these please! Would be great to be able to get some extra veges into our 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 yr old and would be a quick and easy option after a long day of work and daycare!
Rmcleod91 - 1:08 PM on Thu-13-Apr-2017  [ message ]
This sounds like such a great concept! I have 2 pretty fussy eaters aged 3 & 4, they love nuggets but are not so keen on a lot of veges, So why not sneak some goodness into a food I know they will eat! I would love to try these out with my little ones.
Palindrome - 11:15 AM on Sat-8-Apr-2017  [ message ]
Sounds like a FANTASTIC idea - would love to try these! We might be able to "smuggle" some veggies into our Mr 2 with these Smugglers and we're in Auckland so I'm excited that these are available here :)
christalia - 2:48 PM on Thu-6-Apr-2017  [ message ]
Would love to try this on my fussy 4 year old boy and also my 1 year old boy. Fingers crossed.
happylilmomlifenz - 8:30 PM on Tue-4-Apr-2017  [ message ]
Hello, I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to give these a try. My 17 month old is very determined to not eat any veggies but he LOVES nuggets. I would really love to try these on him
stepanka - 1:09 PM on Mon-3-Apr-2017  [ message ]
Our 3 year old has egg allergy and these are egg free, l understand. Full of goodness, hidden veggies are always great. Quick and easy to prepare, great for dinner or snack, we would love to be included in this trial! Thank you.
Cheekybabes - 11:56 AM on Mon-3-Apr-2017  [ message ]
We would absolutely LOVE to give these a try! My almost 3 year old is super determined not to eat any kind of vege that appears on his plate that isn't potato and he loves nuggets so I think these would be amazing to get all the goodness in to him, without him knowing it!
juilz - 10:38 PM on Sat-1-Apr-2017  [ message ]
We'd love to give these a try. As a busy household of four children, our youngest being 4 years and all of them having after school activities we're always on the lookout for quick healthy food to prepare. My youngest two children (4 & 7) are big fans of chicken nuggets, so getting them to try some that are healthier than the norm would be great
funnelgirl - 1:50 PM on Sat-1-Apr-2017  [ message ]
Yes pleasee. My youngest is 4..and getting veges into him can b a bit of a mis sion.
We work 5 days a sometimes it's quick food vs trying to cook nutritional food..then con him into eating them..
JLFern - 9:38 PM on Fri-31-Mar-2017  [ message ]
I would like to try this as my pre schooler used to love veggies when she was smaller and now a lil picky since she started kindy. I would like to see on how she would accept this kind of food as I have been trying so hard to secretly include veggies in her meals. It would be lovely if you would pick me to try this. Thank you.
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