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Parenting club

Being a parent is hard work! Kiwibubs is a free club for Mums, Dads and caregivers raising little ones....


Grab some chalk and outline a game of hopscotch for some laugh out loud fun at your child's birthday....
  • Playdates going wrong

    Wednesday 10:11AM
    My eldest has a friend, who she would happily just hang out with. They don’t feel the pressure to be anything but themselves together....
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  • Cycling with kids

    Friday 10:05PM
    Great weather and school holidays or weekends are an ideal chance to dust off your bikes, pump up your tyres and go for a ride....
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  • Mindfulness parenting

    Monday 05:11PM
    In the first 16 weeks, when your baby's crying is at its peak, your poor nervous system is in involuntary overdrive....
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  • Clutterbusting

    Sunday 01:00PM
    Here are some simple ways to keep the clutter under control, even with a large family or limited space. ...
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