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Picking a Toothbrush

Once the teeth appear, it is time to confront the wall of toothbrushes at your local store and decide which is best. ...

History of Football

Did you know that people have been playing football as far back as 400BC? Find out more here......
  • Growing up

    Sunday 11:51PM
    She put her hand out and asked me to stop. She wanted to get ready for the shower in private....
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  • Struggling

    Thursday 12:05PM
    So its only been 4 days at school for Mr 5 and i had a chat with his teacher this morning...
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  • That's mine!

    Thursday 07:25AM
    When we had a second girl I got lots of "that's going to be a money saver" comments....
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  • Feeling lonely

    Thursday 07:52PM
    Mr 5 comes home from school today saying that no one wanted to play with him and he feels very lonely at school...
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