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Week 29 - 40 Third Trimester

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 The Name Game- Help!

13-09-2011,11:54 AM      
Join Date : Nov 2009
Location : pahiatua
Posts : 21

I have 6 weeks to go before the birth of my next baby. We are unsure of gender as the cord was in an unhelpful place at our 20 week scan. My midwife would not be surprised if baby makes his/her arrival into the world a little early so my partner and I are organising everything now, including names.
We are confident we have found a boys name- though feel we do need to include family names also. I am a teacher so finding a name that doesn't remind me of former students is difficult. Here are our names.
What do you think and what are your opinions for the girls names? We are undecided on them.
Boy: Jax Neil Campbell (unsure of Jax or Jaxx?)
Girl: Asher or Lennox (Leni) Robynne Lee

13-09-2011,4:28 PM      
Join Date : Oct 2010
Location : Whitianga
Posts : 293

The girls names sound unisex to me, so if you have a boy or a girl they'd work either way.
busy busy busy!
14-09-2011,10:07 AM      
Join Date : Oct 2009
Location : Hutt City
Posts : 761

I found the names in our baby name finder.

For Jax - click here
For Asher - click here

The meanings are just perfect!
Julie, Kidspot

14-09-2011,11:30 AM      
Join Date : Apr 2010
Location : Claudelands
Posts : 168

I like the sound of both names. I would suggest googling them with your surname to check that it isn't a name of a criminal or porn star. I think Jax is the better spelling as that will be how most people will spell it.
14-09-2011,11:53 AM      
Join Date : Nov 2009
Location : Otahuhu
Posts : 11

Jax is better than Jaxx, coz its like like double trouble.  Not a fan of Asher coz of ash.  yeah, it sounds like a male's name but its your choice.  good luck!
14-09-2011,12:19 PM      
Join Date : Jan 2010
Location : Wellington
Posts : 28

I like Asher Robynne Lee for a girl and I agree with Jax with a single x as that's the common spelling and otherwise you'd be correcting people all the time. I suggest checking out how the names go with the rest of the family's names (like when writing them all in cards etc.) Hope that helps!
14-09-2011,2:03 PM      
Join Date : Jun 2010
Location : New Lynn
Posts : 68

Hi. I also think Jax is better spelled with just 1 x. For the girl, I'm leaning towards Robynne. She might get teased too much about Asher.
14-09-2011,5:13 PM      
Join Date : May 2010
Location : Clevedon
Posts : 33

I love Jax! so cool! and also love Asher - I know a little girl Asher and she's the best! as far as kids teasing either of those names...... lets face it, kids can be mean and will find a way to tease if they're that way inclined. Wether it be their name or their hair! Hope everything goes well for you all!! kez*
15-09-2011,3:18 AM      
Join Date : Jan 2011
Location : Kaiapoi
Posts : 129

Asher is pretty
Never a dull moment
15-09-2011,11:44 AM      
Join Date : Nov 2009
Location : pahiatua
Posts : 21

Thanks for all your comments. We have decided that Jax will be spelt with one x, it looks that little more decent(?) than with two, especially if he becomes a professional in his adult life. We decided to go with Asher too. Not sure how you could tease with Asher? Though last name is Macdonald so both of our kids will have to grow up with a little backbone considering all the teasing that can come from that! A few people have said to me that Asher is a boy's name and not feminine though we really didn't want an overtly feminine name- something strong- mum's not a girly girl and older sister Miss 16 months has a boy's name too. Not much to do now other than count the days :)

04-03-2016,4:48 AM      
Join Date : Mar 2016
Location : Hornby South, Christchurch
Posts : 4

I like Lenox for boy and girl. I think it is not that difficult to pick the name as you must be excited more about giving birth. Whatever name you give your baby, I wish you luck and love!
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