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 Have you had a teenage pregnancy?

22-04-2010,8:18 AM      
Join Date : Jan 2010
Location : Dunedin
Posts : 6

I'm looking for people to share their experiences of teen pregnancies to put into a book and share with others. When a young woman finds herself pregnant, many options are available, and whatever choice is made she is not the only one who is affected by the decision.

I had three children while I was a teenager and know what's involved when a pregnancy is conceived when you're young. Having readily available information for others in this situation will be a huge help to them.

Anyone, in any situation can contact me, whether you are currently pregnant or have had a teen pregnancy, are her partner, mother, father, sister, brother, extended family member, friend, midwife, doctor or the child herself.

If you are interested or want to find out more please email me at

Any information I receive or contact you have with me will be kept confidential and treated with the utmost respect.
25-04-2010,12:59 PM      
Join Date : Apr 2010
Location : East Tamaki
Posts : 4

I was a teen mum,got preg at 15 1/2 and had my daughter at 16 and then got preg 4months after having her and had my son at 17. Am still with their dad now after 11 yrs and loads of ups and downs but i wouldnt change having my kids for the world. i have a 22month old as well and Im 26 now. My family were extremely supportive but I lost a lot of friends who just didnt understand. I gave up a lot for my kids and Im happy that I did as they are all happy well rounded kids who enjoy life and whom I love to bits x
Jacinda 26 yr old mum of 3.. Aiesha 10 1/2, Carlos 9 1/2 and Brooklen 22months
25-04-2010,1:59 PM      
Join Date : Apr 2010
Location : Pukekohe
Posts : 18

I have just turned 19 and am in my 32nd week of my pregnancy.
I have a great loving partner who is turning 20 in May, and we are excited about becoming parents even though we did not plan for this to happen.
We've had to put everything on hold, which is fine and we both love the baby girl that is going to joining us very soon.
We have just moved back home to be closer to family, who are being extremely supportive.

Rachel Bannan
25-04-2010,6:01 PM      
Join Date : Jan 2010
Location : Dunedin
Posts : 6

Hi there fellow mums! Thanks so much for replying to my post. Even though we have all had babies when young, our experiences are so different.

That's why I'm writing the book. I'm hoping that you want to be a part of it so together we can help others in similar situations. My email is if you're interested. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!
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