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 Jadelle - My Story

27-03-2013,10:38 AM      
Join Date : Apr 2011
Location : Acacia Bay
Posts : 2

This is a rather long winded story, but one that I feel I have to share, for other women out there, who may have similar problems but are not putting two and two  together like me.
Two long years ago I had my second child Nickie.  What a true delight!  Nickie joined an older brother Alexander who was just turned 2.  I was so lucky!
As a result I spoke to my mid-wife about protecting myself against child number 3.  It was suggested that I have an implant in my arm called Jadelle.  It lasts for 5 years, has no side effects and can be removed at any point when ready for another child.  It is also government funded so only cost $40.  Off I ran!
So I then settled into caring for my boys.  Sleep wasn’t really ever a concern for me, Nickie slept through the night at 5 weeks old (sympathy to all those mums whose children don’t!).  Life was good.  And then not long after I started to feel sick all the time, tired, grumpy (apparently!) and just generally all out of sorts.
So off I went to the doctor.  He checked me out and told me that there was nothing wrong and that it was just the side effects of having the baby.  So I carried on, as you do. 
Eleven months after Nickie was born I honestly have no idea how, or even specifically when, I tore my ligament in my knee, and as a result a cyst formed on the side of the bone.  So off I went for a knee operation.
Two months after this, and still recovering I got up in the middle of the night to take Alex to the toilet, got a glass of water and then went back into my room.  I then felt ill, went around the bed to the ensuite and passed out cold on the floor.  I remember waking up and thinking, ‘ouch that hurt’, got into bed and went back to sleep.
Turns out that I had fractured my foot upon falling, and was in a cast for 4 months.  Please bear in mind here that I have played netball all of my life (right up until getting pregnant with Nickie) and have never broken anything before in my life.
I then went back to the doctor and insisted that there was something wrong with me.  They finally listened and took blood tests to find out that I was completely anemic.  I went on iron injections and tablets.  After 3 months the levels were still not coming up so I went back again and the doctor said that I had sleep apnea. 
Everything that he was describing to me was sounding right – I was sleeping during the day – was incredibly grumpy at a moments notice – couldn’t sleep at night – was often tearful for no reason – was unable to move any of my baby weight no matter what I ate or how I exercised – and was able to drop off to sleep during a conversation with someone.  Not a good look!
So after a long and honest conversation with my husband about my behaviour we agreed to do what the doctor suggested…which was see a specialist, go on anti-depressants and other medication daily, and to see a counsellor.  Nothing really changed, but I had to carry on and trust that it was going to get better.
At this point husband and I sat down and discussed more children.  I am 36, as is my husband, and we decided that two children was the perfect number for our family.  I said that I wasn’t happy about the amount of medication already going into my body (I normally take nothing) and would he consider getting a vasectomy - that made him stop and think (and go slightly pale!).  But he agreed and off he went.
In the mean time 3 months after my doctor referral Rotorua hospital rang me with an appointment.  I meet with a nurse for 15 minutes, who said, yes I think you have it, we will now send you to a sleep clinic in Hamilton.  Another 3 months later and I went up there and stayed overnight whilst a whole host of tests were run on me.  Three months on from that, and note that I STILL do not have the results of the sleep clinic.
So 2 years have gone past, and honestly if my husband and I didn’t have such a good relationship I am pretty sure he would have walked out long ago.
So I approached him about getting the jadelle taken out of my arm as a way of taking back a little bit of control.  I wasn’t happy to wait for the all clear from his vasectomy because frankly I was just over how I was feeling.
So in I went, and what do you know…1 month on…I am sleeping through the night again, have (with doctor approval) taken myself off the anti-depressents, have normal iron levels, and am currently a normal human being again.  The cloud that has been hanging over me for the past two years felt like it had lifted after 2 weeks and I am bouncing all over the place, am interested in things, and have even managed to lose 4 kgs!  Scary thought, but I am considering going back to play netball again.
So, all of my problems were put down to the implant called jadelle.  In the last month I have spoken to my playgroup, kindy and friends about it, and I have been horrorified with the stories that I have heard. 
What concerns me the most is the my next door neighbour is due to have a baby in 8 weeks and has told me that in her anti-natal class they are being advised to use the jadelle for contraception.
I am not saying that every person will react the same way that I did – everyone is completely individual at the end of the day – but just putting it out there for everyone to think about if they are struggling, and have a jadelle implant, or are thinking about getting one.
28-03-2013,8:10 PM      
Join Date : Feb 2012
Location : Unspecified
Posts : 127

Oh wow, that is awful! I decided after going off the pill not to use any chemical birth control again as it really messed with my body. Amazing what reaction you can have to things like that.
My idea of housework is giving the room a sweeping glance
02-04-2013,4:54 PM      
Join Date : Apr 2013
Location : feilding
Posts : 1

Hi nzgirl77 thank u for shareing that as i myself was going to get that implant, i dnt think i well nw.
28-04-2013,5:01 PM      
Join Date : Jan 2011
Location : Pukekohe
Posts : 4

Wow thats horrible! I had it for 2 years with no side effects. Took it out in order to try for another baby and got pregnant in two months which was a pleasant suprise. I'm thinking about getting it again after this baby as im only 21 and dont want more kids so I want something long-ish term. Seeing as I was fine the first time I had it im hoping it will work well  again but if anything weird is going on i'll make sure I tell doctors im on jadelle!
06-05-2013,10:04 AM      
Join Date : Aug 2012
Location : Leamington, Cambridge
Posts : 1

Do you think an iud would do the same? I am always tired and grumpy and low in iron...
10-04-2017,7:01 PM      
Join Date : Sep 2013
Location : Taita
Posts : 1

Hello NZGirl77

Thank you for sharing your story im having same problems as you and its terrible im also getting the jadelle removed soon... im happy to have read that others may have similar effects as myself and im going to warn every one its not worth it...

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