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 Menstral Cycle - When do things change?

16-10-2015,10:52 PM      
Join Date : Jul 2011
Location : Hamilton
Posts : 226

So I'm 37 next week, and things with my cycle have been a bit wonky!  I had two periods last month (within 2 weeks of each other).  And now this one took over 6 weeks to get here.  I usually have a 32 day cycle.  So it is generally longer, but this was ridiculous.  I actually said to my husband, I'm late and we both looked at each other like "OMG".  Is it too early for things to start changing?  I think it's probably not but hubby thinks I'm not as old as I think I am He is surely just being kind.

Kym - 36                            DH - 37 

19-10-2015,11:54 AM      
Join Date : May 2011
Location : Dinsdale, Hamilton
Posts : 74

I think for everyone its different, ask your mum when it started all for her? as sometimes you follow in your mothers footsteps with that sort of thing, I know for some it can happen from as early as 30! 
19-10-2015,11:18 PM      
Join Date : Mar 2010
Location : Christchurch
Posts : 241

The average age for menopause is apparently 51. I'mean hanging out for it lol. There is a lot of variation tho, a friend of mine went into menopause at around 30. There can be symptoms and changes for a decade or so before as well. I'm 47 so must be well on the way. Over the past few years i've had heavier periods than was normal for me, my cycle has been slightly erratic, anything up to a week earlier or later, and over the last year it's getting lighter. I 've also noticed much more breast tenderness and moodiness leading up to periods. Like my body is working overtime to make it happen. oh the joys of womanhood. 
Boys rock!
20-10-2015,8:23 PM      
Join Date : Oct 2010
Location : Tawa
Posts : 7

Yeah, I'm 42 and I'm pretty sure I'm perimenopausal, but I'm still breastfeeding, so hopefully that'll hold it off for a few more years.  Though I can't say I'm enoying some of the symptoms I've got already.
23-10-2015,9:17 PM      
Join Date : Jul 2011
Location : Hamilton
Posts : 226

thanks for the insight ladies.  Sounds like it could be the start of things, even if it might take a full 10 years of this :/
Kym - 36                            DH - 37 

26-01-2016,10:15 AM      
Join Date : Jan 2014
Location : Auckland.
Posts : 5

I think it can be any age,I am 56 this year and have had some really bad periods in the last 12mths(lasting up to 9 days,very heavy for first 3/4 days then 2 wks latter its back) Just varies for each person and I think if you started early in life the change is supposed to start early.
ngaire Roe
06-09-2016,9:59 PM      
Join Date : Jun 2010
Location : New Lynn
Posts : 68

Yup, what everyone else has said is so true. I started getting mega heavy periods at 40, but last year, soon after I started chiropractic care (came free with the job), my period became regular for the first time in 36 years (my first time was when I was 10), and flow has been regular, too (only heavy for 2 days, ends on the 5th-6th day). So far so good for me, even up to now. Less cramping, too. No other peri-menopausal symptom, save possibly for weight loss getting harder than ever.
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