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Behaviour and Sleep Problems

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 Not sure if its enough sleep and the impact on children.

17-10-2012,4:18 PM      
Join Date : Jun 2011
Location : Lower Hutt
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Hi. I was wondering if someone could help me with some advice. I have read through some threads but i cant really find anything that is similar to the answer i am looking for.
I have a 2.5 year old daughter. I do notice that she has some terrible two traits coming and going often but i was wondering if this was one of them or if i was doing something wrong.
My daughter has a 1 hour nap every day. At night time she used to go to bed at 8pm bang on the dot, sometimes at 7.30pm and then wake at 7am. Lately she has been going to bed at 9pm. Always hopping out of her bed. When i go to put her back to sleep, she will cry and scream and i will walk away but then she will hop back out of her bed, Continuosly doing this until 9pm when i think she has just had enough and is so tired. This is driving me MENTAL. Its only started to happen. She then wakes at 7am which is only 10 hours sleep. Is this enough for a 2.5 year old? Including her 1 hour nap during the day that is still only 11 hours. If she dosent have enough sleep, could this impact her brain development or anything? Someone freaked me out by saying that it could impact them when they are older by impacting on their learning development and also impact them mentally?? This has scared me so bad! Is there anyone who has any advice?
17-10-2012,8:10 PM      
Join Date : Feb 2012
Location : Unspecified
Posts : 127

I think it is completely different for each kid. As a child I stopped daytime naps at 18 months and only slept 10-11 hrs a night from that age, I don't think it has had any adverse effects on me but it could be something totally different for other children.  If she seems happy and well I wouldn't worry too much.
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18-10-2012,1:11 AM      
Join Date : Feb 2012
Location : karori
Posts : 23

Hi there
We had a similar thing from our 2.5 (now 3) year old he would get up 2 or 3 times a night trying to sleep in our bed or just sit in his bed and cry for no reason, he went from an awesome sleeper to a nightmare in no time at all, he wasnt getting a good night sleep and neither were we, I was so tired and concerned his screaming would wake my daughter and just gave in and let him sleep with us. We were really fed up and he was grumpy and misbehaving, so i had to bite the bullet and as much as i hate getting up i just walked him back each time and had to let him scream it out and it was awful as it was a couple of times a night every night, to help up though we got a Thomas reward chart (he loves trains) and every night he didn't make a fuss he would get a big star as a well done, it took us 2 weeks with a few bad nights, then every morning he would run in and say " mummy i slept through can i have a sticker". He's back to being good at night and even when he does get up every now and then he just walks back to bed with no fuss.
I wouldn't worry too much, as the coffeelady said each child is different,shes getting 10 hours which is good plus another hour during the day, and we use to try and aim for 10-12hrs a night, i don't know if its a trait I know my son had it and now he sleeps well and he is as bright as a button so dont let people scare you, your doing a great job,
good luck :-)
x kymie x
18-10-2012,10:27 AM      
Join Date : Oct 2009
Location : Hutt City
Posts : 761

My thinking is that if her body needed more sleep, she would sleep longer. 11 hours sounds like plenty of time for her to work up lots more energy for the day ahead

A lot of kids will go through a phase of refusing to go to bed. My eldest was a great sleeper and then had several months of screaming and crying at bed time, but just as quickly as it started it stopped too. And now he's smarter than me! Offer plenty of encouragement and as kymie has suggested, try a reward chart.

Try not to let those that mean well scare you into thinking that it will impact on her development and remind yourself that she is getting plenty of rest and is just testing out those boundaries, as most children will do.
Julie, Kidspot

18-10-2012,10:18 PM      
Join Date : Oct 2012
Location : Darfield
Posts : 1

Our wee girl 2 1/4 has just had a few nights of not going to sleep until after 9pm.  She's normally in bed by 8pm.  I have found so far that her day sleep was getting too late so she wasn't tired enough by the time bedtime came around.  Luckily she's not crying about going to bed...yet!  Bringing her day sleep earlier in the day seems to have helped.
Maybe your daughter is getting ready to drop her day sleep, then she might have a longer night sleep?  I'm thinking this might be the case with our daughter too.
19-10-2012,3:23 PM      
Join Date : Sep 2010
Location : Raglan
Posts : 222

Perhaps you could try dropping her afternoon nap once or twice a week?  My girl is nearly 3, and she still has a sleep most days.  If she hasn't had a nap, she is out like a shot at night.  I find if she sleeps for too long during the day, she will muck around and takes a bit longer to fall asleep.  She is usually asleep about 8pm and wakes around 7am.  I think the day sleeps will be over soon.
07-03-2016,6:10 PM      
Join Date : Mar 2016
Location : Hornby South, Christchurch
Posts : 4

When I talked to the doctor, she said that it is good if kids sleep from 8-9 pm till 7 am and 2 hours after lunch. But my kid can sometimes wake up at 5 or 6 am,but its not a problem for me. If you worry, maybe you should look into sleep disorders yourself or see a doctor
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