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Messages to Admin
If you need any help using the forum or have any questions, please post here.
Test 1
by JulieKidspotter
28-03-2014 12:06 PM
164 172
Admin Messages To Members
A place for Admin to leave messages to Members
Could you be a Kidspot Social Host?
by campleader
02-04-2014 7:27 PM
73 421
Messages to Fellow Members
Somewhere to leave a Quick Message to Members however please use PMs for general personal messages
Child Cancer Foundation Funrazor
by Bermabot
07-12-2013 6:44 AM
145 182
Forum Guidelines
Some general and helpful guidelines for using the forum. Please Read!
Nike Shox R4 Store to glitzy evening sandals
01-04-2014 10:23 PM
9 27
Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the Kidspot Social Forum, please introduce yourself here.
Just moved to Palmerston North
by SarahK
Yesterday 1:17 PM
400 493
Suggestion Box
If you have any feedback or suggestions please post here.
Products we would like to try!
by cherrytf
20-06-2012 7:54 PM
44 16
Kidspot for Beginners
A place for beginners to either ask for tips or get suggestions on how to use the forum.
Cracked nipples
by sez366
Yesterday 9:04 PM
22 89
TTC Trying to Conceive
Share your Trying to Conceive Journey
Did you do anything extra in order to concieve?
by kymmage
02-01-2014 4:38 PM
33 63
Assisted Conception
For those parents using medications and/or reproductive technology to help them conceive their baby..
clomiphrene (clomid)
by RachelCornwall
22-10-2011 10:02 PM
7 6
Week 1 - 12 - First Trimester
Congratulations - you're pregnant! Discuss your early pregnancy thoughts here.
Are you sure it isn't twins?!?
by kymmage
10-03-2014 8:47 PM
42 111
Week 13 - 28 Second Trimester
The second stage. Scans, Maternity Clothes and more share your thoughts here.
Interested in having a student midwife follow you through you pregnancy and birth?
by kymmage
28-02-2014 6:26 AM
35 106
Week 29 - 40 Third Trimester
The countdown is on. You're probably anxious about the birth and wonder if you are ready, share your thoughts here.
The Name Game- Help!
by tasham
15-09-2011 11:44 AM
26 114
General Pregnancy Discussion
Share your general tips, stories and hints about everything pregnancy!
Mom who suffers with stretch marks
by Charl80
08-03-2014 3:36 AM
70 99
Pregnancy Announcements
Share your good news here!
Who's due next?
by LaLa01
06-03-2012 11:33 PM
5 9
Birth Announcements
You have a new Baby! Congrats. Tell fellow members about it all here.
Introducing our son...
by lilylie
03-10-2013 8:48 PM
19 50
2009 Babies
Discuss your 2009 Babies Here
Our Sept/Nov 2009 babies are now 18mths old!
by raglanmum
Yesterday 3:39 PM
7 24
2010 Babies
Discuss your 2010 babies here
Transitioning to bed.when sharing a room
by Gillymama
16-07-2012 8:55 AM
19 104
January-May 2011 Babies
Discuss your January-May 2011 babies here
mums groups from christchurch
by Kimmyjade
19-09-2012 12:32 PM
6 42
June-December 2011 Babies
Discuss your June to December 2011 Babies here
Eating Habits of a 2.5 yr old
by Willendorf
06-01-2014 4:41 PM
8 101
January to March 2012 Babies
Discuss your January to March 2012 babies here
wheres all the jan babys 2012 out south auckland
by nixnkidz
20-06-2012 2:13 PM
1 3
April to June 2012 Babies
Discuss your April to June 2012 babies here
Late napper
by kymmage
07-04-2014 11:11 PM
2 19
Pregnancy Journals
A place to Share your wonderful journey with us, by posting in your very own Pregnancy Journal.
New Topic – be the first to post!
6 0
Due in July, August or September 2012
Discuss your pregnancy here
2012 = Babies due in August
by suedeariki
06-07-2012 1:36 PM
1 3
Due in October, November or December 2012
Discuss your pregnancy here
New Topic – be the first to post!
0 0
Your Birth Stories
Natural, Caesarean, induced or premature. Share yours or your partner's birth experiences here.
Share your story
by Reneewallace
10-09-2013 11:37 AM
25 67
The First 6 Months
Share your first baby moments and ask your questions here.
Bugaboo Cameleon 3 to buy or not t buy?
by oommii
10-06-2013 11:35 AM
171 462
6 - 12 Months
Bubs is starting solids and on the move share your stories here
Which clothes in March?
by gabyNC
04-02-2014 11:05 PM
80 209
12 - 24 Months
Toddlers can be handful - chat to other mums and get some tips and tricks for coping.
No weight gain
by Pommiegotlost
13-02-2014 11:22 AM
68 243
24 Months to 5 years Old
Discuss your 2-5 Year olds here.
To continue kindy or not??
by Charl80
08-03-2014 3:44 AM
161 477
Behaviour and Sleep Problems
It's amazing how the sleeping patterns of your baby can dominate your parenting life! Share your experiences and tips here.
Bedtime has become a nightmare
by oommii
20-11-2012 4:00 PM
45 170
General Discussion
Compare parenting experiences and share your stories and parenting tips here.
Feedback please :)
by kymmage
Yesterday 6:10 AM
164 523
School Age Children
A place to share stories of your childs first day at school to homework tasks and much more.
Chewing teeshirts
by kymmage
22-03-2014 10:15 PM
125 555
For parents of teens to share their stories and ask for advice from other parents with Teens.
13yr old ....... AARRRGGGHHHHHH !!!
by SarahK
07-06-2013 7:38 AM
30 74
General Discussion
Compare parenting experiences of School Age kids here
Igloo was a real lifesaver over the school holidays...
by Allyp
10-11-2013 7:54 PM
36 184
Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Loss of Baby/Child
For parents to support each other after losing a baby or young child
Miscarriage... I wish it were more straight forward...
by JaydensMumShonny
16-06-2013 9:40 PM
10 31
If you are suffering from grief or loss, you can chat with other members about it here. This section includes discussion about miscarriage, stillbirth, the loss of a child, partner, parent or friend, or any aspect of the grieving process.
When a child dies...loss of Joshua
by Kizzy
Yesterday 11:56 PM
10 19
Stay at Home Parents
For mums (or dads) staying at home full-time to care for their children.
Anybody from Tauranga?
by Bozhena
05-06-2013 4:22 PM
62 109
Working Mums / WAHMs
For mums who work, either from home or out of the house, to talk about the challenges and joys of their lives.
Do you do your own house work?
by kymmage
15-01-2014 9:33 PM
33 101
Studying Mums
Support for parents and parents-to-be who are studying or thinking of studying.
Exams for online studies
by mumof6
03-01-2014 4:06 PM
9 23
Single Parents
A place for parents without partners who are 'going it alone' to share, support and chat.
Pregnant and alone
by SarahK
09-08-2012 8:33 PM
21 67
Parents of Multiples
A place for parents of Twin, Triplets and more to share stories.
by kymmage
10-09-2013 8:09 AM
7 15
A place for grandparents to chat, support and offer tips and advice
Coming home
by kymmage
01-01-2014 7:06 PM
2 21
Photo Gallery
A place to share your happy snaps.
30-11-2012 4:13 AM
43 81
Budgeting / Finance
Talk about money and all your budgeting tips here.
your best money saving recipe
by kiwi72
04-01-2013 9:17 AM
9 75
Around The House
A place to discuss anything from Mould and Mildew to washing powder and Rent and Mortgages.
White School Blouse
by Pommiegotlost
15-04-2014 1:22 PM
39 153
Lets Cook, Recipes / Whats for Dinner
Talk about food, cooking and specific diets or share your favourite recipe here.
Anyone got a thermomix?
by SarahK
28-05-2012 10:30 AM
60 164
Home Made
Share your home made recipes here, from washing powder for kids with allergies to environmentally safe products and even home made candles recipes.. Share them here.
by oommii
07-04-2014 9:14 PM
19 103
Parents of Kids with Special Needs
A place to share advice, have a chat and share stories.
Creative/support Group for Mums of Kids with special needs
by dancetherapy
05-06-2012 3:49 PM
34 55
Venting Corner
A place to let loose (within reason) and vent about what has "cheesed" you off.
by lilylie
14-01-2014 9:55 AM
100 274
Kids Say the Funniest Things
A place to share the funny things your kids say.
by kymmage
02-01-2014 4:35 PM
31 43
In the News
A place to discuss current news stories and share your thoughts on them.
by ekubo
21-01-2014 3:24 PM
43 238
What The!!
Somewhere to discuss your What The .....! moments
50 Shades of Grey - The Movie!!!
by oommii
03-09-2013 8:10 PM
28 104
A place to create your own fun and games.
Christmas is.....
by kymmage
01-01-2014 6:57 PM
28 238
Tech Talks
For discussions and questions about computers, modern devices and anything technical
Good, reliable, cheap website design templates
by kymmage
28-03-2014 9:14 PM
22 72
A place to discuss and share competition details.
Please spare a moment to help
by Bermabot
10-11-2013 1:32 PM
59 192
Creative Writing
A place to share your creative stories / poems etc
Come on people - get your blog on!
by JulieKidspotter
10-02-2011 1:34 PM
22 12
Movie Reviews
A place to share your movie reviews with other mums.
The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 1
by rachaelsfun
19-03-2012 4:31 PM
20 44
Off Topic / General Discussion
A place for discussing anything that doesn't belong in the other topics - tv shows, celeb gossip, your favourite songs... the list goes on!
Going clutter crazy.
by oommii
28-03-2014 9:17 PM
430 767
Product reviews, hints, tips and bargains
Review your favourite product or book, share bargains, hints and tips. Find out from others what is new, cool or tried and true! (No advertising please)
The kids are loving Wheels & Wings Month...
by Allyp
11-02-2014 4:20 PM
58 184
Discuss your child's health (or your own), or ask for health advice from others.
tips to using humor therapy
by Bermabot
26-12-2013 11:45 AM
124 275
A place for discussing all things Fitness!
My Fitness Pal
by escadachic
19-10-2011 7:06 PM
13 10
A place for discussing all things beauty! Eg: Waxing, Make up, Hair etc
Million dollar lingerie!
by lilylie
31-07-2013 5:07 PM
12 46
Weight Loss
A place to discuss your Weight Loss journey.
Has anyone used weight loss supplements?
by MummySpice
30-07-2013 3:56 PM
17 56
Kids and Allergies
Do your children suffer from allergies? Discuss your concerns here.
Parents with Asthmatic children?
by ErinLars
20-06-2012 3:19 PM
9 37
If you need to discuss any aspects of depression or post natal depression, here's where you can find support, advice and share in experiences of depression with other members at Kidspot Social.
Free webinar on PND
by escadachic
11-11-2011 6:48 PM
10 8

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