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TTC Trying to Conceive
Share your Trying to Conceive Journey
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21-07-2016 5:06 PM
49 82
Assisted Conception
For those parents using medications and/or reproductive technology to help them conceive their baby..
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11-06-2016 3:24 PM
9 8
Week 1 - 12 - First Trimester
Congratulations - you're pregnant! Discuss your early pregnancy thoughts here.
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11-06-2016 3:25 PM
50 134
Week 13 - 28 Second Trimester
The second stage. Scans, Maternity Clothes and more share your thoughts here.
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11-06-2016 3:26 PM
37 107
Week 29 - 40 Third Trimester
The countdown is on. You're probably anxious about the birth and wonder if you are ready, share your thoughts here.
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11-06-2016 3:27 PM
30 121
General Pregnancy Discussion
Share your general tips, stories and hints about everything pregnancy!
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11-06-2016 3:28 PM
72 108
Birth Announcements
You have a new Baby! Congrats. Tell fellow members about it all here.
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11-06-2016 3:29 PM
20 51
2015 Babies
Discuss your 2015 babies here
FIFA 17's incredible new trailer shows off
21-07-2016 1:18 PM
3 11
Your Birth Stories
Natural, Caesarean, induced or premature. Share yours or your partner's birth experiences here.
Share your story
by Reneewallace
14-10-2015 7:40 PM
25 67
The First 6 Months
Share your first baby moments and ask your questions here.
Routine or not to routine???
by mysupersalami
27-11-2015 7:02 PM
174 466
6 - 12 Months
Bubs is starting solids and on the move share your stories here
Weaning... any advice?
by kymmage
02-06-2015 10:43 PM
83 215
12 - 24 Months
Toddlers can be handful - chat to other mums and get some tips and tricks for coping.
Snacks for a 12 month old
by WhimsyGirl
16-09-2015 5:02 PM
70 247
24 Months to 5 years Old
Discuss your 2-5 Year olds here.
Top ten websites for little kids
by lily2016
09-08-2016 4:35 PM
178 558
Behaviour and Sleep Problems
It's amazing how the sleeping patterns of your baby can dominate your parenting life! Share your experiences and tips here.
Not sure if its enough sleep and the impact on children.
by KevinNA007
07-03-2016 6:10 PM
45 171
General Discussion
Compare parenting experiences and share your stories and parenting tips here.
Amber jewellery
by amberbuddy
12-10-2016 9:21 PM
177 563
School Age Children
A place to share stories of your childs first day at school to homework tasks and much more.
School Coloured Hair Accessories
by vgrapentin
10-12-2015 10:56 AM
134 607
For parents of teens to share their stories and ask for advice from other parents with Teens.
chat room dangers
by nummabear
19-05-2015 10:40 AM
32 86
General Discussion
Compare parenting experiences of School Age kids here
Simple Home Move with Packers and Movers Gurgaon
29-07-2016 9:45 PM
43 203
Stay at Home Parents
For mums (or dads) staying at home full-time to care for their children.
Friends for weekend visits Rural Auckland
by Di01
12-08-2015 10:18 AM
65 115
Working Mums / WAHMs
For mums who work, either from home or out of the house, to talk about the challenges and joys of their lives.
I want to work from home - any recommendations?
by WhimsyGirl
16-09-2015 10:09 AM
35 120
Studying Mums
Support for parents and parents-to-be who are studying or thinking of studying.
should we start studying?
by hellokitty1
12-12-2014 4:06 AM
9 24
Single Parents
A place for parents without partners who are 'going it alone' to share, support and chat.
by kymmage
28-09-2014 1:42 PM
23 80
Parents of Multiples
A place for parents of Twin, Triplets and more to share stories.
by kymmage
10-09-2013 8:09 AM
7 15
A place for grandparents to chat, support and offer tips and advice
What does your mother do for your kids?
by nummabear
07-09-2015 1:31 PM
3 30
Photo Gallery
A place to share your happy snaps.
Homemade Birthday Cakes
by kymmage
02-08-2014 9:49 PM
43 83
Budgeting / Finance
Talk about money and all your budgeting tips here.
how to do food budget/meal planner? ?
by oommii
30-08-2015 9:57 PM
10 78
Around The House
A place to discuss anything from Mould and Mildew to washing powder and Rent and Mortgages.
White School Blouse
by Pommiegotlost
15-04-2014 1:22 PM
40 158
Lets Cook, Recipes / Whats for Dinner
Talk about food, cooking and specific diets or share your favourite recipe here.
Different ideas on what to cook a 3 year old for dinner !!
by cherrytf
06-09-2016 9:52 PM
64 181
Home Made
Share your home made recipes here, from washing powder for kids with allergies to environmentally safe products and even home made candles recipes.. Share them here.
Make your own Seed Tape
by Spenco
31-08-2015 7:30 PM
19 104
Parents of Kids with Special Needs
A place to share advice, have a chat and share stories.
by angelnshan
30-05-2014 2:41 PM
35 63
Venting Corner
A place to let loose (within reason) and vent about what has "cheesed" you off.
Dog owners
by SarahW
Yesterday 12:07 AM
103 296
Kids Say the Funniest Things
A place to share the funny things your kids say.
by kymmage
02-01-2014 4:35 PM
31 43
In the News
A place to discuss current news stories and share your thoughts on them.
Destiny's Desire to walk
by oommii
07-07-2014 9:58 PM
44 240
What The!!
Somewhere to discuss your What The .....! moments
50 Shades of Grey - The Movie!!!
by oommii
03-09-2013 8:10 PM
28 104
A place to create your own fun and games.
Party games for a 6 year old
by oommii
Yesterday 9:28 PM
29 241
Tech Talks
For discussions and questions about computers, modern devices and anything technical
Good, reliable, cheap website design templates
by kymmage
28-03-2014 9:14 PM
22 72
A place to discuss and share competition details.
Please spare a moment to help
by Bermabot
10-11-2013 1:32 PM
59 192
Creative Writing
A place to share your creative stories / poems etc
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11-12-2015 9:40 PM
25 15
Movie Reviews
A place to share your movie reviews with other mums.
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11-12-2015 9:37 PM
23 47
Off Topic / General Discussion
A place for discussing anything that doesn't belong in the other topics - tv shows, celeb gossip, your favourite songs... the list goes on!
90sq metres of mine!
by nummabear
06-08-2015 1:27 PM
448 822
Product reviews, hints, tips and bargains
Review your favourite product or book, share bargains, hints and tips. Find out from others what is new, cool or tried and true! (No advertising please)
Maternity clothing
by kymmage
20-06-2015 11:13 AM
65 199
Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Loss of Baby/Child
For parents to support each other after losing a baby or young child
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11-12-2015 9:22 PM
13 34
If you are suffering from grief or loss, you can chat with other members about it here. This section includes discussion about miscarriage, stillbirth, the loss of a child, partner, parent or friend, or any aspect of the grieving process.
First from seven lace front wigs
11-12-2015 9:18 PM
13 25
Discuss your child's health (or your own), or ask for health advice from others.
Menstral Cycle - When do things change?
by cherrytf
06-09-2016 9:59 PM
131 298
A place for discussing all things Fitness!
lace front wigs Taiker trading company
11-12-2015 9:09 PM
18 21
A place for discussing all things beauty! Eg: Waxing, Make up, Hair etc
lace front wigs mentoring relationship
11-12-2015 9:06 PM
16 53
Weight Loss
A place to discuss your Weight Loss journey.
Has anyone used weight loss supplements?
by KevinNA007
23-03-2016 12:35 AM
23 72
Kids and Allergies
Do your children suffer from allergies? Discuss your concerns here.
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11-12-2015 8:57 PM
12 40
If you need to discuss any aspects of depression or post natal depression, here's where you can find support, advice and share in experiences of depression with other members at Kidspot Social.
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11-12-2015 8:54 PM
13 11
Messages to Admin
If you need any help using the forum or have any questions, please post here.
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11-06-2016 3:21 PM
158 164
Admin Messages To Members
A place for Admin to leave messages to Members
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11-12-2015 8:43 PM
76 431
Messages to Fellow Members
Somewhere to leave a Quick Message to Members however please use PMs for general personal messages
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11-12-2015 8:38 PM
151 190
Forum Guidelines
Some general and helpful guidelines for using the forum. Please Read!
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11-12-2015 8:35 PM
7 25
Introduce Yourself
Welcome to the Kidspot Social Forum, please introduce yourself here.
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11-12-2015 8:30 PM
405 503
Suggestion Box
If you have any feedback or suggestions please post here.
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11-12-2015 8:26 PM
47 19
Kidspot for Beginners
A place for beginners to either ask for tips or get suggestions on how to use the forum.
The reform measures lace fronts wigs
27-06-2016 7:12 PM
28 107

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