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 Oh no ... It's Cradlecap!

21-06-2012,11:41 AM      
Join Date : Aug 2011
Location : Hamilton
Posts : 30

 I am dealing with a very stubborn case of cradlecap! Little Mr 8 weeks has got it bad, all over his head, eyebrows and ears! Have tried the usual olive oil and soft toothbrush, Calendula shampoo and lotion as well as combing with a plastic nit comb but it only seems to aggravate it and it comes back with avengence ( this is no mean feat with a full head of thick hair)  Has anyone out there got any ideas or udes any products that they can reccommend?

22-06-2012,12:35 PM      
Join Date : Oct 2009
Location : Ilam
Posts : 36

Hi there - i used to use a tiny bit of a pharmacy shampoo like sebizole - only on the affected bit and it worked like a treat! I have to warn you though that i dont think it is recommended by the manufacturers or pharmacy to use on a baby but i did.....
22-06-2012,1:24 PM      
Join Date : Oct 2009
Location : Hutt City
Posts : 738

Hi, you may find some helpful tips in this article click here
Julie, Kidspot

29-06-2012,7:05 PM      
Join Date : Aug 2011
Location : Hamilton
Posts : 30

Thanks Julie, have been to the chemist and used egozite, seems to have made it worse so i will ask next time i'm at the GP :)
16-07-2012,6:59 PM      
Join Date : Sep 2011
Location : Pine Hill
Posts : 2

HI!!! This is a problem i dealt with with baby number one ,my gorgeous girl and found no happy solution... and eventually her hair grew out and covered it, baby number two my some wasn't as bad but similar... along came number three and after 2 months he joined the fray.... but the solution came with a visit to doctor on a diff issue (previous doctors visits stemmed no answers) because back on the market and AWESOME TO USE IS COCO-SCALP..... its AMAZING. 3 washes with it and my now 7month old has had perfect scalp since!!!! My doctor is from the islands and they always use coconut oil on skin... very soothing and nousirshing... and this is made from it. ASK your doctor for a trial if they have some... or pop into a pharmacy! GET SOME NOW... safe and AMAZING!
17-07-2012,2:01 PM » updated 17-07-2012, 2:04 PM      
Join Date : Apr 2010
Location : Wellington
Posts : 41

I think I can help you with this one. My youngest got EPIC cradle cap and I tried everything I could think of, including medicated shampoo from the doctor but nothing I tried worked. Then my ex-mother-in-law (a hairdresser) told me to make a paste of baking soda and water and massage that into my babies scalp and then wash it off and it WORKED! It also made what little hair my daughter had super soft and shiny as well. From then on I used that instead of shampoo on her hair and the cradle cap never returned. It's also a brilliant remedy for dandruff for older kids/adults. Good luck.


19-07-2012,5:26 PM      
Join Date : Dec 2009
Location : Manukau
Posts : 295

Is it bothering him? does it need to be removed? C had cradle cap but i didn't do much for it, rarely brushed, washed with just water and occasionally picked out the obvious bits and i recently ran a comb backwards through her hair and it all fell out. It has never bothered her.
24-08-2012,12:57 PM      
Join Date : Jan 2011
Location : Whangaparaoa
Posts : 51

My youngest had horrid cradle cap and it seems to only get worse using Johnsons Baby Shampoo so I switched to a lovely brand called 'Kids Own' and within a few uses it had started to fade and is now almost gone.  You can buy it on-line and it is lovely - my 4 kids all love it.
24-08-2012,12:58 PM      
Join Date : Jan 2011
Location : Whangaparaoa
Posts : 51
29-08-2012,11:36 AM      
Join Date : Aug 2011
Location : Hamilton
Posts : 30

After 10 weeks of trying remdies from baking soda to egozite and everything in between i have finally found  something that actually works! Made from all natural ingredients and made in NZ the hair and body wash has made little Vincents haed go from what could only be described as hideous crocodile looking scales to a couple of barely noticable  dry patches in two washes! I am so glad i can now get the camera out without hiding him in a hoodie or beanie :)
Thanks to you all for your suggestions (this must have been the most stubborn case i have ever seen) But all resolved now, just to let you all know this is marketed as being great for eczema aswell and from what i've seen i'd believe it. (I brought fragrance free)
15-12-2012,8:48 PM      
Join Date : Dec 2012
Location : halfway bush
Posts : 4

My daughter hascradle cap, i think just using water and not washing their hair works the best!!! tryed oil but she had a allergic reaction....good luck :)
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