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Interests / Work / Favourites
How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
My interests are: reading, cooking, crafts - knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, travelling, competitions, gardens, diy
Sports that I enjoy: walking, swimming
Favourite TV shows / films / music artists / authors / books: books - thrillers, romance, period stuff.
tv - reality cooking shows, csi style shows, murder and who dunnits
films - comedy, drama, thriller, some sci fi
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Shanae
1. Date of Birth: Wed-20-Apr-2011 (6 years old)
2. Name: Tamara
2. Date of Birth: Tue-19-Jun-2012 (4 years old)
Profile Views:270 views
Friends:1 friends
Last Update:9 months ago
Signup Date:Tue-5-Jan-2016
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First Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Phone number: 078538776
Suburb/Location: Hamilton
Relationship Status: Married
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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Recent Activity
5 days ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup :
Would really love to try this out on our two girls. One of our girls gets croup bad every winter, and we are forever taking her to the Dr and getting steroids to help with her coughs. Would love to try this, and see if it stops us needing...
2 weeks ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Nexcareâ„¢ Animal Print Waterproof Bandages:
Yes please, this would be awesome to try. I am always looking for plasters that will stay on throughout the kids play. What normally happens is that they get playing and it comes off. Have a 4 and 6 year old, and they love animals, so th...
3 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
This would be awesome. Love using eco friendly stuff with our kids as they have very sensitive skin. Our two girls love having baths, and also showers using body washes. Awesome, would love to try.
3 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie:
This would be great for my two girls. They love smoothies and milkshakes, and this would be a great way of getting extra goodies into them.
3 months ago
Annaz logged in.
4 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks:
Oooh yes please, always looking for new ways to get the kids to eat veges, and these sort of bars are great for the lunches. Would love to try these with my 4 and 5 year old girls. Thanks for the chance.
4 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
This would be absolutely awesome. My husband and I love making cool crazy cakes for our kids, and this would help us to make some awesome cakes this year. Previous years we have made hamburger and cell phone cakes. This can be tricky wit...
5 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Glad Kitchen Tidy Liners with Ambi Pur:
Great large strong bags that hold lots of rubbish. With 2 young kids we sure make a reasonable amount. Keeps the odour away from all food waste, and make the bin smell nice. Makes putting the rubbish out an ok task - instead of stinking....
6 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Veet Precision Trimmer:
with summer coming, would be great to get the old under arms as smooth as, as when I shave they never end up smooth. Also around the togs line is always a place that needs a little tidy up, but so hard to get to.
6 months ago
Annaz posted a comment on the group Good Vitamin Co.:
I have two girls who are always on the go and regularly getting sniffles and coughs that last for ages. I would love to try the multivitamins and hope that they stop us getting so many bugs during the year. thanks for the chance, hope to ...
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