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How I work: I am currently: Work at home parent
Add more "work" selections: I am a stay at home mum part time.

Part time accounts assistant

Part time cake baker :-)
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Sebastian
1. Date of Birth: Wed-18-Nov-2009 (7 years old)
2. Name: Molly
2. Date of Birth: Mon-24-Jan-2011 (6 years old)
3. Name: Luisa
3. Date of Birth: Mon-21-Jul-2014 (2 years old)
Profile Views:1219 views
Friends:1 friends
Last Update:5 months ago
Signup Date:Wed-12-Jan-2011
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My Groups: 3M - Post it, Betty Crocker Baking Mixes, Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
First Name: Carla
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: ARMY BAY
Relationship Status: Married
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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Recent Activity
7 days ago
Canne posted a comment on the group Nexcare™ Animal Print Waterproof Bandages:
I have 3 kids (2, 6, 7) who are always coming home with scrapes and scratches that need a plaster. We would love to trial this product as they look like they would stay on during all the activities my kids do
7 days ago
Canne logged in.
2 months ago
Canne posted a comment on the group Smugglers:
My 7 year old is fussy and his 2 year old sister is going the same way. At least this way I would get some Veges into her 😅
4 months ago
Canne posted a comment on the group Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks:
My 5 year old loves Veges so we go with carrot sticks, capsicum and salad sandwiches. My 7 year old in the other hand won't have a bar of it but loves muesli bars. These would be perfect
4 months ago
Canne logged in.
4 months ago
Canne posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
I would love to trial these products. I have 3 kids (aged 2-7) and am forever being asked to make birthday cakes and do baking. My 6 year old daughter loves baking with me and we often makes cakes and cupcakes. We would uses these produc...
4 months ago
Canne logged in.
5 months ago
Canne updated their profile.
5 months ago
Canne posted a comment on the group Glad Kitchen Tidy Liners with Ambi Pur:
We have really enjoyed using these bags. Not only were they strong enough to withhold the large amount of rubbish we go through (no ripping when you pull them out the bin) but they smell good to boot. Not that horrible toilet freshner str...
5 months ago
Canne logged in.
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