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How I work: I am currently: Work at home parent
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First Name: Tracey
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Ilam
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I am a work from home mum
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2 months ago
Christchurchmum posted a comment on the group Flavour Burst:
I would love to trial this as my 12yo daughter has a very sweet tooth and i would love for her to be able to have a treat but know that it wasnt too sugar laden. Thanks so much :)
2 months ago
Christchurchmum logged in.
5 months ago
Christchurchmum posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
Thanks for selecting us to review Dr Oetker. First up i love the packaging - it gives a great idea of what the products are and uses little packaging which is great. Our first baking effort was the cake in a cup - my daughter is always maki...
5 months ago
Christchurchmum logged in.
7 months ago
Christchurchmum posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
We love baking at our house and we have a family tradition of always making and decorating family birthday cakes. 2 of my children have birthdays (and parties) coming up and would Love to trial these. Also the mug cakes - my youngest is ...
7 months ago
Christchurchmum logged in.
1 years ago
Christchurchmum logged in.
1 years ago
Christchurchmum posted a comment on the group GoodnessMe:
So excited - the apricot nuggets arrived today. The kids are looking forward to packing their lunch boxes tomorrow! Will come pack and let you know what they think!
1 years ago
Christchurchmum logged in.
1 years ago
Christchurchmum posted a comment on the group Peanut Butter Slugs:
Thanks for the opportunity to review the slugs. We are already Pics converts but these added a new dimension for us - they took them to school along with celery sticks and enjoyed a fresh lunchbox treat! Hope they come in crunchy at some stage
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Gillymama - 10:20 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011  reply | message
Oh you are clever growing passionfruit!!! You've given me hope that it can be grown. When is best to plant?
SarahK - 8:45 PM on Wed-23-Feb-2011  reply | message
Hi Tracey,
Just thought I would pop over to let you know that we are thinking of you all in Christchurch!! Hope you are all ok down there!
Take care, and hugs to you all.
Sarah xxx
sara - 8:21 PM on Wed-25-Aug-2010  reply | message
Happy Birthday!!
Gillymama - 1:09 PM on Thu-1-Jul-2010  reply | message
Hi Tracey,
Let me know what you think of the Bohemian Cafe if you go there. The big coffee tables are great for kids to kneel at and play with toys/ colour in as well. I used to take my girl there after swimming when I was pregnant with #2.
Just saw your message on the Reach page about 'Packed to the Rafters' - I watch it when I flick thru channels & quite like it.
:-) Gill
sara - 8:22 AM on Sat-5-Jun-2010  reply | message
Hi,thought I'd pop by and say hi to a fellow undies-thrower-outer!
Sara :-)