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How I work: I am currently: Working
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1. Name: Jody Hazlett
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My Groups: Anchor CalciYum, Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes, Blistex
First Name: Jody
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Dunedin
Relationship Status: Married
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: La Leche
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3 months ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
My tweenage son seems to have an aversion to baths lately, so I'd be interested to see if these coax him back in, and my younger daughter is the opposite and drowns in it, so a free trial to test would be awesome!
4 months ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
I've always loved baking, and my daughter has inherited this love as well. She's capable of following recipes, but these items would be so much fun for her to use and take her recipes to the next level!
4 months ago
Foxy logged in.
4 months ago
Foxy logged in.
9 months ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group Poppit Playset:
Oh that looks very cool! I think Miss 9 and I would have lots of fun with this - she's into anything crafty and loves making things she can give to her friends.
9 months ago
Foxy logged in.
1 years ago
Foxy joined a group: Peanut Butter Slugs
1 years ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group Peanut Butter Slugs:
I have to admit these were not a huge success in our house :-( My daughter was excited to receive the package, and that was presented very well. However she didn't like the taste of the peanut butter straight from the 'slug' ...
1 years ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group Peanut Butter Slugs:
Miss8 is always wanting something new to try in her lunchbox, and she loves peanut butter, so these would be great to try! Good way to get some protein into the lunch box to keep her going at school all day
1 years ago
Foxy posted a comment on the group Anchor Uno Yoghurt:
Would love to try this, my kids have yoghurt every day in their lunch box - well the daughter does, my son has "Dairy Food' as he hates any bits in his yoghurts. He currently has Fruit hits which are in a pouch like these and he l...
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