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How I work: I am currently: Own my own business
Do you own a pet?: Mixture of pet types
About my kids
1. Name: Luke
1. Date of Birth: Thu-10-Jul-2008 (7 years old)
2. Name: Olivia
2. Date of Birth: Sat-24-Jun-2006 (9 years old)
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Last Update:10 months ago
Signup Date:Mon-28-Jun-2010
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My Groups: Barker's Patisserie Fillings, Charlie's Juice Drink for kids, Christmas 2011
First Name: Angela
Gender: Female
Phone number: 032468741
Suburb/Location: Tokanui
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I live in Southern Southland in the Catlins on a 1500 acre farm with DH, DD & DS,
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: Playcentre, Preschool
Where did you hear about us: Other Kidspot email
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Recent Activity
5 days ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group GoodnessMe:
I am forever attempting to get Master 7 to eat fruit, Miss 9 isn't a problem. But hopefully these would be enough of a distraction and get him to 'eat' something that is at least semi-decent for him!
5 days ago
Glenfelik logged in.
2 weeks ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Peanut Butter Slugs:
What a cool idea and I love the name! Both my kids are peanut butter fans and their fav way is my gluten free peanut butter biscuits!
2 weeks ago
Glenfelik logged in.
4 weeks ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Anchor Uno Yoghurt:
I have a son aged 7 and a daughter aged 9 - would like to add something like this to their lunchboxes, I do occasionally pop in a tub of Uno - but often makes that much mess I tell them they won't get it again, these are a great idea! ...
4 weeks ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Tip Top Hi-Protein Bread for Hi-Performance Play:
We have purchased both ours from our local New World and they were prominent on the shelf and super easy to find. I asked Mr 7 and Miss 9 and they both like the Oats one best, but they happily ate both. They were a supersoft in feel...
4 weeks ago
Glenfelik logged in.
2 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Tip Top Hi-Protein Bread for Hi-Performance Play:
Bread is the one thing that Mr Fussy 6 (almost 7) year old will actually eat! It's amazing what you can 'hide' between two pieces of bread!
2 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Kidspot Book Club:
Our entire family are a pack of bookworms! DS is right into Geronimo Stilton at the moment, DD is into Timmy Failure and the likes. Hubby is into war type books and myself I love a good drama, romance or anything really, I do so love tryi...
2 months ago
Glenfelik logged in.
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Gillymama - 10:11 PM on Sat-3-Jul-2010  reply | message
Hi Angela,
Welcome to Kidspot Social. I bet its a cold night down south for you tonight!
Good luck with the Toy Tester groups you have registered for - they are such great opportunities.
- Gill