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How I work: I am currently: Own my own business
Do you own a pet?: Mixture of pet types
About my kids
1. Name: Luke
1. Date of Birth: Thu-10-Jul-2008 (6 years old)
2. Name: Olivia
2. Date of Birth: Sat-24-Jun-2006 (8 years old)
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Last Update:5 months ago
Signup Date:Mon-28-Jun-2010
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My Groups: Barker's Patisserie Fillings, Charlie's Juice Drink for kids, Christmas 2011
First Name: Angela
Gender: Female
Phone number: 032468741
Suburb/Location: Tokanui
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I live in Southern Southland in the Catlins on a 1500 acre farm with DH, DD & DS,
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: Playcentre, Preschool
Where did you hear about us: Other Kidspot email
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Recent Activity
7 days ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group 3M - Post it:
Thanks Post-it & Kidspot. We too were selected for a trial and Miss 8 and Master 6 were quite excited. We are sticky note over-users! The kids were right into attempting to make the task chart and it actually worked! They took owne...
7 days ago
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2 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group 3M - Post it:
How cool - sticky note freak here! We love them! So cool to see some different shapes coming out too. With DD ages 8 and DS aged 6 you can well imagine how much we use sticky notes- latest use was for a Brownies science expereiment...
2 months ago
Glenfelik logged in.
5 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Garnier Ambre Solaire:
As my 6 year old son has eczema I have to watch what he wears and what I put on his skin. My 2 kids DD aged 8 and DS aged 6 are avid outdoor kids - being on a farm has so many advantages, as they are often out and about with Dad on t...
5 months ago
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5 months ago
Glenfelik updated their profile.
5 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Emlings:
Well having sat and played alongside my son - this is a net game! DS (aged 6) loves it and can't stop raving about it. He loves the fact that someone else can help him make the music as well. He loves the fact that he ge...
6 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group Emlings:
I have a 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter and they are both LOVE their treat time on the ipad - so would to try out the emlings app. My son is so knowledgeable on the ipad it's scary!
6 months ago
Glenfelik posted a comment on the group LeapFrog LeapBand:
As we live on a farm I find that encouraging active play is simple! With both my kids I find that if I am out there playing with them it happens so much easier. It is good for my health too. The tv doesn't go on after school until a...
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Gillymama - 10:11 PM on Sat-3-Jul-2010  reply | message
Hi Angela,
Welcome to Kidspot Social. I bet its a cold night down south for you tonight!
Good luck with the Toy Tester groups you have registered for - they are such great opportunities.
- Gill