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About my kids
1. Name: Zack
1. Date of Birth: Mon-19-Jul-2004 (12 years old)
2. Name: Eva
2. Date of Birth: Mon-30-Apr-2007 (10 years old)
3. Name: Noah
3. Date of Birth: Mon-15-Feb-2010 (7 years old)
One on the way: I am Pregnant
Due Date: Mon-27-Feb-2017
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Last Update:4 months ago
Signup Date:Wed-11-Jan-2017
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My Groups: Dr. Oetker Baking , ecostore kids, Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup
First Name: Sarah
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Timaru
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Recent Activity
5 days ago
HappyMama4 joined a group: Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup
5 days ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup :
My four kids get their fair share of coughs and colds. I'm wary of all the chemicals that go into the various remedies. This product seems to be more natural and I'd like to give it a go. 😀
12 days ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group Aquamamma:
I'm a breastfeeding mama and I would love to try this, looks yummy! 😀
2 weeks ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group Nexcare™ Animal Print Waterproof Bandages:
Wow these look really cool! With four kids., I would definitely be able to put them to good use. My kids would love these!
2 months ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Awesome to get the chance to try these new products! We received the foam max pear pop 3 in 1 and the bubble trouble bubble bath. My two middle children love to shower themselves but are pretty slack at actually using soap and shampoo! The ...
2 months ago
HappyMama4 joined a group: ecostore kids
3 months ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Exciting new product! My two youngest love to have fun at bath time, in fact it might be the only time of day they actually get along! Unfortunately, washing themselves (especially their hair) is often overlooked in the game! I think these ...
3 months ago
HappyMama4 logged in.
3 months ago
HappyMama4 joined a group: Dr. Oetker Baking
3 months ago
HappyMama4 posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
We were really excited to receive our Dr Oetker pack! I wanted to trial all of the products with my kids. First we made a batch of chocolate cupcakes so we could try the surprise chocolate centres and the designer chocolate icing in one hit...
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