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About my kids
1. Name: Avy
1. Date of Birth: Fri-5-Oct-2012 (4 years old)
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Last Update:2 months ago
Signup Date:Tue-17-Jun-2014
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My Groups: Anchor Uno Yoghurt, Chux Cleaning Pack, Cold Power Sensitive
First Name: Jaqui
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Lower Hutt
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Recent Activity
4 weeks ago
Jaqui posted a comment on the group Smugglers:
Oooh yes please!!! My 4 year old loves her nuggets!...but I only really allow them very occasionally as most have little nutritional value. Smugglers with added cauliflower look great!!! What a fantastic idea! We are in Wellington and would...
4 weeks ago
Jaqui logged in.
1 months ago
Jaqui logged in.
2 months ago
Jaqui posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Ooooh I would absolutely love to trial these ecostore products on my 4 year old daughter! I have always loved ecostore for its no nasties and beautiful smelling products! My daughter suffers from intermittent eczema so I prefer to buy produ...
2 months ago
Jaqui posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
Thankful so muchco co opportunity to review the gorgeous Dr Oetker baking products, my daughter and I had so much fun creating son yummies! I made some plain chocolate muffins and we were ready! I will review each product separately. ...
2 months ago
Jaqui logged in.
2 months ago
Jaqui posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
Yup we are still patiently waiting too!
2 months ago
Jaqui updated their profile.
3 months ago
Jaqui posted a comment on the group Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie:
Ooooh this sounds fantastic!!!! We are a fairly conscious of the way our 4 year old daughter eats but have constant battles over food. My daughter has a very sweet tooth and near constantly is asking for sweet foods or lollies! I love the i...
3 months ago
Jaqui joined a group: Dr. Oetker Baking
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