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kymmage is hoping for a one day turnaround on the sickness here
nummabear is feeling unwell :(
Pommiegotlost is Relocated
kmounsey is happy
SarahK is really needing sleep now!
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1. Name: LDS
1. Date of Birth: Tue-18-Jun-2002 (12 years old)
2. Name: JPS
2. Date of Birth: Thu-26-Aug-2004 (10 years old)
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My Groups: 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge, 4 Ingredients, Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream
First Name: Julie
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Hutt City
Relationship Status: Married
About me: Editor for Kidspot NZ
My favourite quote:: It ain't nothing but a thing
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3 days ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the group LeapFrog LeapBand:
6 days ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the group OPSM Penny the Pirate:
Congratulations to our Star Reviewers: rekebum, nummabear, NCFrame and donz71.
7 days ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on SarahK's blog entry:
I started my spring cleaning ... a tiny bit anyway. In the evening the boys and I played the card game, Munchkin (think Dungeons & Dragons without the role play). Once again I got schooled by a 10 year old!
12 days ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the topic: Three thing's....
2 weeks ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the topic: Favourite meal's for the family
3 weeks ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the topic: random act of kindness day
4 weeks ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the group NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioners:
Hi Bundlebucket - sorry but trialists for this Mums Say review were chosen a while back. If you want to see which Mums Say reviews are requesting trialists just click on the blue Mums Say tab at the top of the page for the latest news. Thanks :)
1 months ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the topic: Three thing's....
1 months ago
JulieKidspotter posted a comment on the topic: Cough Mixture's
1 months ago
JulieKidspotter wrote a new answer at OMG high school?!.
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Reply posted Fri-8-Aug-2014 in OMG high school?! - Teens (OLDER CHILDREN)
Reply posted Thu-19-Jun-2014 in Ideas for a 5th birthday party - help!! - General Discussion (BABIES & TODDLERS)
Reply posted Thu-12-Jun-2014 in Interview with Tania Witika (Delcelia's mother) - General Discussion (BABIES & TODDLERS)
Reply posted Tue-10-Jun-2014 in Sleeping (wihtout slouching) in car seats - General Discussion (BABIES & TODDLERS)
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SarahK - 7:53 AM on Fri-10-Jan-2014  reply | message
How ya feeling Julie?? saw that you were too well the other day!
Franchelle - 10:32 PM on Wed-27-Nov-2013  reply | message
Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to have a link to put on my fb page? We haven't seen a reply on our email as yet. Sorry to be a pain - just want to make sure all our likers are aware of the market. Thanks
margaretlor - 12:06 AM on Wed-16-Oct-2013  reply | message
I have 7 grand children 3-under 3,5 , 7, 9,11, 12, they keep me young and on the go all the time
Angelic11 - 10:22 PM on Tue-20-Aug-2013  reply | message
Hi Julie
I just joined the kidspot social site and entered a competition and am now getting emails (New Topic Comment) everytime someone else enters. Can you please tell me how to stop this from happening? Thanks!
topcatnzd - 8:26 PM on Mon-8-Jul-2013  reply | message
Hi Julie, just trying to track down the mums say trial for the cough medicine. have looked all through them and cant find it. must be goin blind.
thecoffeelady - 2:08 PM on Fri-31-May-2013  reply | message
Hi Julie

I'm still having issues with replying to things on kidspot. can you help? thanks.
jopukeko - 1:42 PM on Fri-31-May-2013  reply | message
Thanks Julie, My Rexona sample arrived yesterday. I started using it last night and am pretty sure it will be a very positive review.
ekubo - 9:23 PM on Wed-29-May-2013  reply | message
hi Julie. I'm having technical issues lol. I recently bought a new laptop (HP Envy running windows 8) and when I'm using it I can't get a text box to reply to new topics. Sometimes if another person has replied their comment will show a 'reply' which I can use. I can also comment on blogs with no problem. If I use my old desktop I don't have any problems either. Any ideas? I'm afraid I'm a bit of a technophobe. If you can't help I might try my kids!
JaydensMumShonny - 12:58 PM on Thu-25-Apr-2013  reply | message
Hi Julie, I am moving house tomorrow and am wondering how/where I can update my new address on my Kidspot / Mums Say account. Thanks heaps
muppetsmama - 8:59 AM on Wed-10-Apr-2013  reply | message
thanks julie! :)