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LIVINGLIFE is counting down the days till her man is home!!!
SarahK is hot already!
MumBum is so happy that we are now out ofStarship!!!!...YAY!!!
kymmage is watching Teen Titans with the sproglets
mumof6 is enjoying the long sunny days :)
raglanmum is loving summer!
Interests / Work / Favourites
How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
Sports that I enjoy: Martial arts, kayaking, running, softball, cricket, duathalons
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Richard
1. Date of Birth: Thu-22-Nov-2001 (15 years old)
2. Name: Kaitlin
2. Date of Birth: Sat-22-Oct-2005 (11 years old)
3. Name: Ethan
3. Date of Birth: Thu-17-Feb-2011 (6 years old)
Profile Views:2064 views
Friends:11 friends
Last Update:4 years ago
Signup Date:Thu-28-Apr-2011
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My Groups: Hamilton and surrounding areas, 13 Things for 2013, Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
First Name: Larrissa
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Cambridge
Relationship Status: In a relationship
About me: I believe that everything happens for a reason and bad experiences make you who you are
My favourite quote:: You'll never appreciate the sunset unless you wait in the darkness
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on the topic: Royal Baby - Boy or Girl?
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on the topic: Royal Baby - Boy or Girl?
4 years ago
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4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE logged in.
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on theboysmummy's blog entry:
What a nice thing to read, I may print this out and use it during hard times
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on SarahK's blog entry:
Enjoy Sarah, it is a well deserved treat for you with your challenges this year xx Oh and are you going to be stopping at the pope terrace grass park again??
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on LIVINGLIFE's blog entry:
Oh yes I will be looking forward to seeing him again, 3 weeks is far too long!
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE is counting down the days till her man is home!!!
4 years ago
LIVINGLIFE posted a comment on the topic: Nearly half of babies born to unmarried parents
4 years ago
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Hamilton and surrounding areas

13 Things for 2013

Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

Blissful Thanks for Your Loved Ones

Christmas 2012
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kymmage - 2:40 PM on Sun-8-Jun-2014  reply | message
Happy Birthday :D
SarahK - 11:23 AM on Sat-8-Jun-2013  reply | message
Happy Birthday Larrissa!!! xx
thecoffeelady - 9:49 AM on Sat-8-Jun-2013  reply | message
Happy birthday! XX
MumBum - 6:20 PM on Fri-21-Dec-2012  reply | message
Hey Larrissa,
Just a quick note to say all the best for your holiday and that I hope all goes well.

Thanks for your encouragement and for your virtual friendship through KS.

See you in 2013!
SarahK - 10:24 PM on Mon-12-Nov-2012  reply | message
lol! yes that was us in the reserve! that too funny! :P
SarahK - 8:45 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012  reply | message
Happy Birthday Larrissa!!!! hope you have a fab day!!
thecoffeelady - 8:08 AM on Fri-8-Jun-2012  reply | message
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear livinglife
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Hope you have a really nice day :)
JulieKidspot - 10:38 AM on Thu-12-May-2011  reply | message
Hi Larrissa, sorry but the MILO Mums Say group is still being worked on so we are not accepting members at the moment. Keep an eye on your Kidspot Daily or Kidspot NZ on Facebook for notification when it goes live. Thanks :)