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kateverry - 9:15 AM on Sat-22-Oct-2016  reply | message
Hi, logged in to write a review of the Anchor Uno products that we recently won to take a part in. Really struggling to find were I can put my comments, the link does not allow me to leave a review. Anyway, besides that we LOVED the Anchor Uno yoghurt. We tried both the pouches and the pots and would have to say that the pouches are alot less messy in the kids lunchboxes!! Also feels like a special treat to them as its something a bit different. Also I dont have to worry about adding a spoon, like I do with the pots. The only thing is that it would be good if the pouches came in a multi pack, like the pots, as on their own they are quite expensive. We have three kids, a 4, 6 and 8 year old, and although both my 4 and 8 year old will happily eat yoghurt all day and night, my 6 year old is a bit more fussy. This product trial was mostly about trying to get some goodness into her and give her something for her lunchbox, as she is also very selective when it comes to fruit, unlike the 4 and 8 year old!! Anyway, we had no issues, she ate her yoghurt every day, and told me she LOVED it....needless to say we will be getting more of them! The fact that the yoghurt is lower in sugar than other brands and loaded with essential vitamins is also a bonus. Although we eat a variety of food, I wont say no to anything that may give my kids a boost in vitamins. Thanks so much for letting us trial the yoghurt and hopefully in the future we can trial something else. Kate
IceKiwi - 10:06 AM on Thu-19-Mar-2015  reply | message
Hi just letting you know I received the email to say i'd been selected to trial the post it notes but nothing has arrived in the mail. so i am unable to write a review
macmum - 5:02 PM on Mon-24-Jun-2013  reply | message
Sorry posted in squoodles about 4 times (same thing). Feel free to delete the extra ones :)
cassara - 12:52 PM on Fri-14-Jun-2013  reply | message
The Bioglan trail does not have a comments section?
PaulaC - 4:18 PM on Wed-25-Nov-2009  reply | message
I would like to nominate my brother - his wife of four years kicked him out and he has had to move in with mum as she has left him with all the debts incurred during the marriage and also has made him pay child support on top leaving him no money for himself - if anyone is more deserving it is his two kids 2 and 6 months who have missed out and would love something special from daddy.
dahna - 11:24 AM on Wed-11-Nov-2009  reply | message
hi there!

my details are:

Dahna-Mae Jeffares-Bozinovitch
1/12 Steen Place
Mangere Bridge
Manukau 2022

Im curious to see how this product goes, since I found the KY Warming liquid too intense
shorteze - 10:35 AM on Mon-9-Nov-2009  reply | message
Sarah Oto 13 Preston Ave Henderson Auckland :)