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PaulaF is Wow not been on here for ages!! Only 2 months to go before baby Girl arrives!!
Gillymama is keeping warm!
GoMummyJo is yay for sunshine!
Hope is finally achieving the perfect work/life balance, and all is GOOD.
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How I work: I am currently: Unemployed or retired
Add more "work" selections: I am a Massage therapist by trade but as I'm pregnant have had to give it up - the belly tends to get in the way! Not to mention the fact that my back just won't let me do it anymore! :-)
Sports that I enjoy: Swimming and Walking/Tramping
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Xavier
1. Date of Birth: Tue-21-Dec-2010 (6 years old)
One on the way: I am Pregnant
Due Date: Wed-14-Mar-2012
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First Name: Paula
Gender: Female
Phone number: (06) 873 5008
Suburb/Location: St Leonards, Hastings
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I thought I'd better update this as I'm not 7 months pregnant anymore! :-) I'm now the mother to a beautiful Bouncing Baby Boy named Xavier Oliver Fox who, at the time of writing this, is 15 weeks old. I fell in love with him before he was born and now that he is here he has become my whole world. Nothing can touch your heart like your baby, when they cry it breaks, when they smile or laugh it lifts and when they are tired and snuggle into your shoulder or neck it just melts. But I try not to be selfish, I love to see him playing with his daddy too. I get just as much joy seeing him happy with other people as I do when I'm the recipient of that beaming little smile. I think you could safely say that I'm am absolutely LOVING being a mum. Already thinking about baby no. 2, might wait a year though and enjoy having Xavie all to myself. :-)
My favourite quote:: Where there's a will there's a way, and I WILL find a way!
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PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
3 years ago
PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
3 years ago
PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
3 years ago
PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
3 years ago
PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
3 years ago
PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
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PaulaF posted a comment on the topic: Studies suggest childless couples are happier
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PaulaF wrote a new answer at Toliet trainning 2year old.
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GoMummyJo - 9:48 PM on Sat-21-May-2011  reply | message
Hi Paula, how's that wee boy's sleep going. I bet you it's changed a lot since you blogged about it!
MrSmoothsMama - 3:26 PM on Tue-15-Feb-2011  reply | message
Hi Paula-thanks for your comment on my post about water. I'm a first time mum too, currently on maternity leave. My son is Gabriel Xavier.... Xavier is a great name isn't it! Is that a pic of you with your son, he looks like a little redhead like my wee one.
Hope - 5:31 PM on Mon-24-Jan-2011  reply | message
Fair enough you're preoccupied. Glad you're enjoying new mummyness. Relish every single day because in the blink of an eye he will be 6 months old. I know it seems silly now, but you wait! lochies 6 months old and next time I look he'll be a year old etc etc...they grow so fast!
Smiling already? Wonderful!
Can't wait to get some regular updates on the site.
How was the first xmas with a baby? Ours was amazing. really lovely.
Anyway his majesty has just woekn up and its BOOBY time...gotta go!
Take care-
Hope - 4:15 PM on Fri-21-Jan-2011  reply | message
Hey paula-Hows motherhood going? Do you still use your hammock?
I still love using mine...Lochie enjoys a snooze out under the apple tree on hot days.
How old is that wee cutie of yours now?
Gillymama - 11:06 PM on Wed-19-Jan-2011  reply | message
Hi Paula, Sorry just saw your friend request :-)

Congratulations on the birth of your baby !!!! - dont know how I missed that!
x Gill
MumBum - 2:39 PM on Thu-13-Jan-2011  reply | message
Hey paula,
Congratulations on the birth of your wee man!!!

Oh and I hope you enjoy Kidspot... the mums on this site are awesome!!!

Take care.
MumBum. :-)
Hope - 10:13 PM on Tue-30-Nov-2010  reply | message
Hey there! Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear you're doing well and your midwife sounds really onto it. Awesome.
I was EXACTLY the same as you are with Lochie. His little foot was up under my ribs and he would kick and it hurt like the stitch! I could even see the little bulges where his foot was sticking out. It was cute! Sore but cute!
You will handle the pain- we're built to birth after all....its not the sort of pain you'll be expecting. It starts off very much like period cramps...and you will probably be able to sleep through the first couple of as much as you can, take a warm shower. I got a bean bag, and lay over it. In fact I had my entire labour and birth lying over it. Its just NOT natural to give birth lying me my nana had 17 babies and every one of them she was either squatting or lying over something.
I had my ipod programmed with soothing music, and I just listened to that and zoned out. As the pain increases, it feels like a vice around your belly. Then it gets "hot" and that is a bugger, but it does ease off.
I found the warm bath helped. Put it this way-it hurts but its nowhere near as painfuol as my dislocated shoulder was....and once you give birth it just goes away instantly. Keep focused on the end result.
Also if you can, buy a homeoptahic birth kit.... there are remedies in them which you can take to help the dilation happen quickly, to relax, for healing, helping with lochia, stopping the boobs hurting, etc I got one off trademe from a lady named Kym kiddie. Her trademe username is "redplumblosom" (one "s") if you go on there and ask her to make a listing for a birth kit, she sells them for around $26 which is half what you'll pay anywhere else. Trust me, using this kit (it comes with all instructions and what each remedy does, how to take it etc) will really help you. After I gave birth I had NO bruising, NO tearing, and I was up and about, relaxed, refreshed and healthy within an hour. I would NEVER give birth without one now.
In fact thats the best bit of advice I can give you is the birth kit.
I'm so excited for you! weird I know as we've never met, but knowing what you're about to go through, I'm kind of jealoous! Newborns are so delicious! I'm planning to have another two babies, so there you go, its not so bad that you won't do it again.
Anyway, I'll stop waffling on now...sorry I do tend to do that! Its just that I remember being so nervous and unsure about what to expect and when it DID finally happen I was all like "Wow, it wasn't THAT bad afterall!"
Anyway keep in touch.
Your pal
H xx
Hope - 6:32 PM on Sun-28-Nov-2010  reply | message
Hey Paula, hope all is going well for you?
Not long now huh? I have to tell you, its scary giving birth when you don't know what to expect, but as a first timer myself I found that it got easier once the dilation was done. To speed things up I did little gentle pushes with each contraction...Nothing too fierce, just gentle little bits of pressure...Also I found the panting doesn't work! Opt for deep, slow yoga type breathing, have a wheat pack for your back, and if you can, use a bath or birthpool as it helps...I can't wait to hear about your newborn.
Lots of luck and know I am thinking of you!
Hope - 1:48 PM on Fri-19-Nov-2010  reply | message
Hey paula
Thanks for your reply to my blog....Yes this is what you have to look forward too and yes I did get my meds back...Lol! Don't worry it gets a lot easier and you soon learn to get around things by being creative and enlisting help from people. You'll be amazed how many good samaritans there are out there who'll help you by opening doors and such.
Have you thought about going to a chiropractor? My baby was breech too, due to an abnormal pelvic position but my chiropractor adjusted my pelvis and it helped him turn by giving him more room. I hope all goes well for you. A tip: Start taking arnica before the helps the healing!
Good luck and please let us know how you go.