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Interests / Work / Favourites
How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
My interests are: Crafts, food and family
Sports that I enjoy: Ball sports
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: aly
1. Date of Birth: Fri-20-Jun-2003 (14 years old)
2. Name: dj
2. Date of Birth: Tue-7-Nov-2006 (10 years old)
3. Name: chlo
3. Date of Birth: Sun-30-Nov-2008 (8 years old)
4. Name: nico
4. Date of Birth: Fri-29-Apr-2011 (6 years old)
Profile Views:747 views
Friends:1 friends
Last Update:8 months ago
Signup Date:Mon-5-Dec-2011
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First Name: cherie
Gender: Female
Suburb/Location: Concord
Relationship Status: Married
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Recent Activity
5 months ago
acher posted a comment on the group Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie:
My 4 children aged 5,8,10,13 would LOVE to trial this product. As i struggle to find the boost they need for their daily diet. We have tried vitamin supplements but never fitted well with the busy life we have. This superfood smoothie...
5 months ago
acher logged in.
8 months ago
acher posted a comment on the group Veet Precision Trimmer:
Omg I would be very grateful to trial this product. I have struggled with unwanted hair areas for many years. And I have super sensitive skin so creams don't work very well. FINGERS CROSSED..
8 months ago
acher updated their profile.
8 months ago
acher posted a comment on the group Good Vitamin Co.:
My kids would love to trial the Good multi soft chews (Tess the tui) they would bring such a difference to my 4 kids daily life. I've struggled to find a vitamin all my growing kids enjoy
8 months ago
acher logged in.
9 months ago
acher posted a comment on the group Veet Spawax:
OMG i desperately need to shave my legs lol, i have been wearing pants for 3 weeks. My 4 children are embarrassed by me all the time because i refuse to wear shorts on a sunny day haha.. I would love to try this as it may b my saviour Thanks
9 months ago
acher logged in.
1 years ago
acher posted a comment on the group Chux Cleaning Pack:
I would LOVE to try these chux products. All 4 of my children are sensitive to alot of products which causes allergies. So i am very picky on the products i use for cleaning around my kids and try my best to avoid using chemicals
1 years ago
acher posted a comment on the group DeLonghi Multifry:
Omg i would love to trial this, we currently use our deep fryer 5x a week and im sooo over the unhealthy fatty/greasy taste of our chips & nuggets. As a busy mum of 4 growing kids(+extras) im trying my best to juggle healthy eating this...
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