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How I work: I am currently: On maternity leave
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Leroy Brian
1. Date of Birth: Thu-10-Mar-2011 (6 years old)
2. Name: Luca Dawn
2. Date of Birth: Sat-23-Feb-2013 (4 years old)
3. Name: Monty Bill
3. Date of Birth: Fri-23-Oct-2015 (1 years old)
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Last Update:11 months ago
Signup Date:Mon-21-Feb-2011
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My Groups: 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge, Anchor CalciYum, Anchor Uno Pouches
First Name: Ata
Gender: Female
Phone number: 036885988
Suburb/Location: Timaru
Relationship Status: Married
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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11 months ago
atasfairys posted a comment on the group Anchor Uno Pouches:
When our lunch boxes get home at the end of the day they are a pretty gross mess, yogurt everywhere and what ever wasn't eaten is completely ruined, would love love to not have to clean the mess up or throw out food, supa supa keen to...
11 months ago
atasfairys updated their profile.
11 months ago
atasfairys posted a comment on the group Fisher Price Play Date:
holly wow!!! As if i need a excuse to get with the gals to have a play date!!! But to trial a new toy, little master would be super excited to show the gang! any of these toys would be put threw their paces but most of all thoroughly ...
11 months ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
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leighbert - 6:00 PM on Tue-15-Jan-2013  reply | message
Hi my parents live in timaru actually and my other half goes down there for work at times. The clothes we have got left are probably older now, maybe 000 - 00. Would that still interest you?? Maybe you could meet him the next time he is down there. Let me know all that you have a requirement for and I will see what we can sort out. My email is
JulieKidspot - 10:53 PM on Thu-1-Sep-2011  reply | message
Happy birthday Ata, I hope you had a wonderful day.
Bubbaboo - 10:35 PM on Wed-8-Jun-2011  reply | message
Heya, no worries!. Give me a week or so to go through what I won't be needing anymore and then I'll message you and let you know what I've got. If it's of any use to you then we can go from there ....
Pinot29 - 11:17 AM on Wed-8-Jun-2011  reply | message
thank you that's very sweet :-)