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cherrytf is trying to put order in her life
nummabear is super cold!
SarahK is hot already!
MumBum is so happy that we are now out ofStarship!!!!...YAY!!!
Interests / Work / Favourites
How I work: I am currently: Working
Add more "work" selections: Now working part time as proofreader for a stationery company, whilst doing some social media marketing and sub-editing for an I.T. magazine on the side from home
My interests are: reading, writing, social media, scrapbooking, baking
Sports that I enjoy: gymnastics
Favourite TV shows / films / music artists / authors / books: Il Divo, Maroon 5
Scorpion, The Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, The Good Wife, Parenthood
Mary Higgins Clark, Ayn Rand
Things I'm doing / thinking about: Thinking of taking face painting lessons
Do you own a pet?: No pets
About my kids
1. Name: Raphael Josef
1. Date of Birth: Wed-27-Sep-2000 (14 years old)
2. Name: Estelle Moira
2. Date of Birth: Sun-4-Jan-2004 (11 years old)
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Friends:7 friends
Last Update:5 months ago
Signup Date:Mon-28-Jun-2010
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First Name: Cherry
Gender: Female
Phone number: 099084038
Suburb/Location: New Lynn
Relationship Status: Married
About me: A moonstruck mum passionate about her faith, marriage, parenting, social media, reading, her Mac, scrapbooking, and living happily ever after in NZ
My favourite quote:: "To love is to cherish one thought, to live for the person loved, not to belong to oneself, happily and freely with one's heart and soul to be subjected to another will ... and at the same time to one's own."
-- St. Josemaria Escriva [Furrow, 797]
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3 weeks ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the topic: What is on your must-do list for school holidays?
3 weeks ago
cherrytf logged in.
1 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the group Tip Top Hi-Protein Bread for Hi-Performance Play:
My kids and I are bread eaters, and they most specially devour whatever type of bread we have at home. I wish, however, that the breads they would eat are just full of carbs. These would certainly be good for my kids to try and boost their ...
1 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the topic: How is everyone?
1 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the topic: What is your favourite thing to do, once they are in bed?
1 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the topic: Christmas - how much does Santa spend on your children?
2 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the group Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup and Childrens Echinature:
Ooh... It would be great to try this out. My daughter is susceptible to cough and colds during winter. It's not even technically winter yet, but she already caught a bad case of colds last week. A boost to prevent her from getting sick...
2 months ago
cherrytf posted a comment on the group Kiwiherb Childrens Chest Syrup and Childrens Echinature:
Ooh... my 11-year-old daughter is always susceptible to cough and colds in the winter time, due to her hay fever. The bad thing is that she consequently gets asthma attacks whenever that happens. It would be great to be able to give her a n...
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28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge

4 Ingredients

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nummabear - 7:17 AM on Fri-12-Sep-2014  reply | message
Happy Birthday Cherry!!! Hope you have a fabulous day hun!
RedscoLtd - 10:01 AM on Wed-8-Jan-2014  reply | message
Hi Cherry

Unfortunately you were not picked by Kidspot to participate in the trial, however I did want to let you know that Chill Towel are ideal for relieving the hot flashes from peri menopause and indeed menopause in general.

If you would like to order two towels and mention Kidspot in the company name when you do, I will pop an extra towel in the order for you Free of Charge.


Redsco Ltd
MumBum - 6:06 PM on Fri-21-Dec-2012  reply | message
Hiya Cherry,
Just a quick note to say thanks for your support through this year and your encouragement.

I hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends.

Keep safe and see you in 2013.
SarahK - 11:33 AM on Wed-12-Sep-2012  reply | message
Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day Cherry!!!
thecoffeelady - 9:47 AM on Wed-12-Sep-2012  reply | message
Happy birthday!!!! Hope you have a really good one and are you feeling better? xx
thecoffeelady - 10:41 AM on Sat-8-Sep-2012  reply | message
Wow, you look great! 44 doesn't seem so old though does it! Same same - I can't seem to even function properly without my coffee!
thecoffeelady - 10:25 AM on Sat-8-Sep-2012  reply | message
Love your photo! I imagine you to be much older for some reason, you look lovely and your children do too! Sorry for you looking after the kids by yourself when you're not feeling well, hardest thing about being a mum I think! take care.
cherrytf - 9:15 AM on Sat-8-Sep-2012  reply | message
Under the weather and hubby is away on a retreat. So want to take a break, but parenting is a full time job, not a part time one.
JulieKidspot - 1:47 PM on Mon-3-Oct-2011  reply | message
Hi. Are you interested in joining our Kidspot Mums Club? Just click the link for all the details.
You need to apply to join as this is not an open group for everyone :)
JulieKidspot - 9:29 AM on Tue-10-May-2011  reply | message
Hi Maria, I hope the move went well. To change your address just follow these instructions: hover your mouse over Home at the top of the page, click Profile (edit), click Mums Say tab, scroll to the bottom, ensure your address is complete and click Save Changes.