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How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Jacob
1. Date of Birth: Fri-10-Aug-2001 (14 years old)
2. Name: Caleb
2. Date of Birth: Tue-10-Mar-1998 (17 years old)
Profile Views:791 views
Friends:1 friends
Last Update:3 years ago
Signup Date:Mon-24-Jan-2011
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My Groups: 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge, AVEENO Mum and Baby Packs, Betty Crocker Baking Mixes
First Name: Leanne
Gender: Female
Phone number: 073778835
Suburb/Location: Acacia Bay, Taupo
Relationship Status: Engaged
About me: A proud mother of two boys.
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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Recent Activity
8 months ago
harksgal posted a comment on the group Dettol Floor Cleaning System:
We would be the perfect candidates to trial this product because we have lots of tiles in our home. Always on the look out for a easier cleaning system.
8 months ago
harksgal logged in.
8 months ago
harksgal logged in.
11 months ago
harksgal posted a comment on the group Garnier Ambre Solaire:
My boys are real outdoor kids, they lap up the warm weather. I would love to trial these products as i want my kids having the best protection possible so always on the lookout for a newer and better product for sun protection.
11 months ago
harksgal logged in.
1 years ago
harksgal joined a group: Milo
1 years ago
harksgal joined a group: Nescafe Cafe Menu
1 years ago
harksgal posted a comment on the group Nescafe Cafe Menu:
I would love to try latte, I love my coffee and these are like an indulgent treat so i don't get them very often but when i do its bliss. I have tried the cappuccino before and its delicious. I really hope i am given the opportunity to...
1 years ago
harksgal posted a comment on the group Milo:
Thank you very much for the Tin of milo to sample. Our family absolutely love Milo, we think its the best not only because of the taste but it contains all sorts of good vitamins and lots of calcium. Another added bonus it you can have it h...
1 years ago
harksgal posted a comment on the group Milo:
I love my milo hot & cold. My kids love it cold with milk and ice cubes like an iced chocolate and even enjoy it sprinkled on their ice cream.
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28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge

AVEENO Mum and Baby Packs

Betty Crocker Baking Mixes

Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes

Bioglan Kids Smart Complete Multivitamin
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