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How I work: I am currently: On maternity leave
Add more "work" selections: Photographer from home
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Saul Sampson Totorewa
1. Date of Birth: Wed-20-May-2009 (8 years old)
2. Name: Elsah Jane Buchanan
2. Date of Birth: Mon-22-Aug-2011 (5 years old)
3. Name: Cyress Eben Buchanan
3. Date of Birth: Tue-12-Feb-2013 (4 years old)
Profile Views:1556 views
Friends:2 friends
Last Update:12 months ago
Signup Date:Tue-26-Jul-2011
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My Groups: 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge, Absolute Essential Nappy Care Cream, Anchor CalciYum
First Name: Erica Jean
Gender: Female
Phone number: 078561674
Suburb/Location: Hillcrest Hamilton
Relationship Status: Single parent
About me: Busy Mum of a 7 year old boy and have a 5 year old girl and have a 3 year old boy. I juggle me life round kids & running a small business.
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: Kidstime Hillcrest
Where did you hear about us: Facebook
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Recent Activity
6 months ago
ingie83 joined a group: Dr. Oetker Baking
6 months ago
ingie83 posted a comment on the group Dr. Oetker Baking :
Hi, would love to trial the cupcake centres, its my son's 4th Birthday on Feb 12th and these would be a welcome addition. I'm a regular home baker but always looking for something to make my baking a bit special.
6 months ago
ingie83 logged in.
8 months ago
ingie83 logged in.
8 months ago
ingie83 logged in.
8 months ago
ingie83 joined a group: Glad Kitchen Tidy Liners with Ambi Pur
8 months ago
ingie83 joined a group: Veet Precision Trimmer
8 months ago
ingie83 joined a group: Good Vitamin Co.
8 months ago
ingie83 joined a group: Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes
8 months ago
ingie83 posted a comment on the group Natracare Organic Cotton Baby Wipes:
We would love to trial I have one child with excess and have to be careful what he uses on his skin especially in sensitive areas. I love that they are organic and would decrease our carbon foot print which is also becoming important to tea...
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