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lotsakids is so tired - is it time for bed?
tiaandliled is learning how this all works
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How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
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1. Name: Connor
1. Date of Birth: Thu-18-Jul-2002 (15 years old)
2. Name: Noah
2. Date of Birth: Fri-2-Apr-2004 (13 years old)
3. Name: Jack
3. Date of Birth: Fri-7-Apr-2006 (11 years old)
4. Name: Abby
4. Date of Birth: Mon-21-Jan-2008 (9 years old)
5. Name: Tyler
5. Date of Birth: Tue-7-May-1996 (21 years old)
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My Groups: 28 Day Vaseline Moisturiser Challenge, Anchor CalciYum, Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings
First Name: Kim
Gender: Female
Phone number: 033522882
Suburb/Location: Redwood
Relationship Status: Married
About me: Have been married for 8 wonderful years, we have 4 great busy boys and one wee pampered princess
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: belfast school and bookworms preschool
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4 years ago
lotsakids logged in.
4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the topic: Christmas Fun - Be in to win
4 years ago
lotsakids joined a group: Time to Play - 12 Days of Christmas
4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the group NIVEA SUN Kids Pure and Sensitive Lotion and Caring Roll On:
we spend our lives outside so this would be fab to try
4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the topic: Week 1: Things my kid has trashed! Be in to win
4 years ago
lotsakids joined a group: CHUX MAGIC ERASER
4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the group Tip Top - The Fantastic 3:
Firstly sorry for late post.... they bread was a mega hit in our house.... Grains was the number one favourite... Kids said wholemeal was better as toast than in their lunches... was fun trying them thank you
4 years ago
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4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the topic: Register now to review Cinderella
4 years ago
lotsakids posted a comment on the group Anchor CalciYum:
Milk can be so hard to get into my boys that are always on the go and miss 4 who will only drink pink.. so this would be a wonderful thing for them to try.. i am sure that they would be a major hit in this house.. the pop top looks like it ...
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12 Jun 2011
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swordlet - 3:37 PM on Fri-8-Apr-2011  reply | message
Hi Kim, saw your post for 4yr old boys clothes. If you have any warm jersey, trousers, long sleeve t's and singlets that would be wonderful!! More than happy to pay postage!
lotsakids - 7:12 AM on Tue-5-Apr-2011  reply | message
Rain Rain go away
Gillymama - 10:55 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011  reply | message
Hi Kim - do you have any boys clothes for 5/6yr old? He's quite a tall fella. x Gill
leighbert - 9:14 PM on Mon-4-Apr-2011  reply | message
Hi have you got any jeans or trousers in size 4 that would suit a very lean boy??
JulieKidspot - 11:47 PM on Thu-10-Mar-2011  reply | message
Hi Kim. An email has been sent to you regarding the Mums Say trial for Johnson's Baby Top-To-Toe. Please reply asap so that we can arrange delivery for you. Thanks :)
JulieKidspot - 2:12 PM on Mon-18-Oct-2010  reply | message
Hi. With regards to the LeapFrog toy testers, please note that you need to follow the individual links in the box here
Toy-Testers to register for the toy(s) of your choice, ie

Scribble & Write

My Own Leaptop

Learn and Groove Musical Table

Many thanks :)
Gillymama - 10:19 PM on Thu-16-Sep-2010  reply | message
Hi Kim,
Welcome to Kidspot Social. Im Gill, one of the hostesses & wanted to say Hi!
There are many great groups, forums & blogs to join in.
If you need any help getting your way around here, please send me a message.

:-) Gill

p.s I see you are in Redwood -how did you home fare after the Quake? Are you all ok?