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How I work: I am currently: Work at home parent
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
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1. Date of Birth: Wed-5-Jun-2002 (14 years old)
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My Groups: Aunt Betty's Dessert Toppings, Bioglan Kids Smart Omega3 Fish Oil, Bosisto's Eucalyptus Spray
First Name: MARY
Gender: Female
Phone number: 0274868410
Suburb/Location: MASSEY
Relationship Status: Divorced - sole custody
About me: Single mum to a 24 year old son and 11 year old daughter. I am a child educator and also do foster care so my home is pretty much always full of the patter of pre-schoolers
Parenting Group, Playgroup; Kids' School: ST PAULS
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3 weeks ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Veet Spawax:
Oooh yes please. I'ld love to trial this. My 14 year old daughter would love to try it out too. With 4 kids in the house and 2 extras for respite care every 2nd weekend I struggle to find time to shave as often as needed and getting...
3 weeks ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Cold Power Sensitive:
Yes please. I would love to trial this. I'm the one with sensitive skin in my house with a rash on my feet, hands, elbows and through my hair as well. Numerous creams and potions from the doctor control it but never quite cure it. ...
1 months ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Disney's Pete's Dragon Advance Screening:
Loved the movie. Brought back many childhood memories of reading the book. Even Master 3 sat through the whole thing without fidgiting or complaining and that hasn't happened before. A fantastic movie - happy, sad, funny and scary a...
2 months ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Disney's Pete's Dragon Advance Screening:
We would love to see this movie. We recently saw the previews and all 3 kids commented on how much they would like to see Pete's Dragon. I would like 4 tickets please as next weekend I will have my daughter and myself along with 2 ch...
6 months ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Scholl Express Pedi:
I'd love to try the Scholl Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Express Pedi. After my shower is usually the only childfree time I have to pamper myself even just a little and after wearing jandals over summer my feet could really use a bit of tlc.
6 months ago
mary110370 logged in.
11 months ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Neopol:
I love Neopol. I fell in love with the smell as a child and am now a Neopol convert. So many childhood memories brought back using this on various surfaces around the house. The polishing oil is amazing. I used it on an old glory box i ...
1 years ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Neopol:
Received my Neopol. Thanks so much Kidspot. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet but I had a smell and the Original Neopol brought back so many childhood memories of the Neopol smell on cleaning day. The Citrus Fresh smells dev...
1 years ago
mary110370 posted a comment on the group Diamond Pasta Shapes:
Mac n Cheese has always been a firm favourite in my house and its one meal I can guarantee every one will eat. No exception with the footy shapes either and there were no leftovers for anyone to take for lunch the next day either.I like th...
1 years ago
mary110370 logged in.
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cbirch - 6:49 PM on Sun-19-Jun-2011  reply | message
I don't think it would be safe enough to transport the soup once made up, even with the lid on. I think it's only really designed to keep the contents inside before you make it up. The insulation of the cup is really good though. I made it with boiling water and then ate it out of the cup and had no heat issues.
Nessa - 5:56 PM on Sun-19-Jun-2011  reply | message
You could always make it in the cup and then take to school in a wee thermos or something if they were not safe enough for transporting. I would imagine it wouldn't be very safe putting them in lunchboxes with hot water in as it will heat the lid with the steam and may make them easier to pop open but you never know. Will be interested in the suppliers answer :)