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About my kids
1. Name: Maddelyn
1. Date of Birth: Mon-20-Jul-2009 (5 years old)
2. Name: Lucas
2. Date of Birth: Mon-2-Apr-2012 (2 years old)
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Last Update:2 years ago
Signup Date:Sat-29-May-2010
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My Groups: Betty Crocker Baking Mixes, Christmas Baking with Kids, Christmas Kitchen
First Name: Melissa
Gender: Female
Phone number: 03 3295056
Suburb/Location: Springston
Relationship Status: Married
About me: I am a mum to Maddelyn who is nearly 3, and am currently on maternity leave after having Lucas who is 9 weeks, but was 5 weeks and 2 days premature.
Where did you hear about us: Kidspot Daily email
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Recent Activity
7 days ago
missmaddysmum posted a comment on the group LEGO DUPLO:
Mister 2 would love to trial these! He loves trains and animals, and is keen on the trains iPad app. He tries very hard to play with the Lego, but gets frustrated with the small pieces, and I haven't had the chance to try duplo with him yet.
7 days ago
missmaddysmum logged in.
1 months ago
missmaddysmum posted a comment on the group LeapFrog LeapBand:
Miss 5 loves dancing to video clips, and to get active outside miss 5 and her dad kick te ball around and practise soccor skills. This device sounds like so much fun, I'm sure little brother would love to join in and jump, leap and mov...
1 months ago
missmaddysmum logged in.
4 months ago
missmaddysmum posted a comment on the group Sofia The First :
Thank you for selecting us to be a reviewer, we received the royal family set. Miss 4.5 has had a great time playing with them and taking at least one if them just about everywhere we go. I have had the chance to play with them with her, as...
4 months ago
missmaddysmum logged in.
4 months ago
missmaddysmum posted a comment on the group Sofia The First :
We received the royal family pack on friday, and when my daughter got home and opened it friday night she was so excited! Miss 4.5 is a bit of a carter, and there was a bag ready almost instantly for her to carry around, and she even took o...
4 months ago
missmaddysmum joined a group: Sofia The First
4 months ago
missmaddysmum logged in.
5 months ago
missmaddysmum posted a comment on the group Sofia The First :
Build a gym, hire a personal trainer, then do nothing all day except dream up a fantastic playground for my children, open to everyone of course (maybe a playground that's adult sized too :-) ) p.s my daughter loves Sofia the first :-)
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JulieKidspotter - 10:44 PM on Sun-30-May-2010  reply | message
Hi Melissa, welcome to Kidspot Social. If you need any help with the site, just let me know. We're a very friendly bunch here so feel free to chat away.