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Interests / Work / Favourites
How I work: I am currently: Stay at home parent
My interests are: Swimming
Relaxing with family/friends
Sports that I enjoy: Aqua Jogging
Viber Train
Do you own a pet?: Cat(s)
About my kids
1. Name: Emily Jenkins
1. Date of Birth: Sun-17-Oct-2010 (6 years old)
2. Name: Charlotte Jenkins
2. Date of Birth: Sat-19-Nov-2011 (5 years old)
Profile Views:1030 views
Friends:1 friends
Last Update:4 months ago
Signup Date:Thu-10-Nov-2011
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My Groups: 3M - Post it, Anchor CalciYum, Anchor Uno Pouches
First Name: Vanessa
Gender: Female
Phone number: 092381960
Suburb/Location: Pukekohe
Relationship Status: Engaged
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Recent Activity
8 days ago
nessee posted a comment on the group Nexcareâ„¢ Animal Print Waterproof Bandages:
Ooh ooh this is Perrrrfect timing, my two Princess's are quite accident prone at times and plasters are a MUST in our home... but not any old plaster will do... we do go throu lots n Lots of plasters some stick better than others... I...
2 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
We received our EcoStore Kids Pear Pop Double Trouble Bubble Bath and Foam Body Wash yahoo yahoo exciting said my two Princess's!!!! I love the size of the containers 400ml and how easy, kid-friendly easy to use they are, that's a...
2 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Yahoo yahoo whoop whoop sooooo exciting my parcle arrived this mornin!! I received the Pear Pop Bubble Bath & Pear Pop Foam To The Max Body/Hair Wash, yahoo yahoo said my two Princess's, Bath time tonight let's get the soapy f...
2 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Wow wow thanks thanks for choosing me EcoStore Kids can't wait to try it said Miss 5 and Miss 6, you have made two wee girlie's day!!!! Review to follow once it arrives, exciting I mite have to sneak some too, review from a Mummy&...
2 months ago
nessee joined a group: ecostore kids
3 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group ecostore kids:
Ooh ooh wow wow yessssss yessssss pleaseeee, my two Princess's would soooo love this yummmmy Fruity and Pear Pop Bubbles/Hair Wash... knowing it's not full of nasty and chemicals is a huge tick for me.. I know and use Eco Products...
3 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group Radiance Kids Superfood Smoothie:
My two Princess's can be fussy at times specially Miss 5 she is getting her Tonsils out within next three months hopefully, and I have found she is very very picky at what she likes the taste/texture of *which isn't much at the mo...
4 months ago
nessee updated their profile.
4 months ago
nessee joined a group: Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks
4 months ago
nessee posted a comment on the group Mother Earth Vege Fruit Sticks:
Ooh ooh finally a company has stepped out of the square and come up with a clever design of Veg and Fruits together to create a Bar for kids.. no its not a cop out for parents to get slack and not try to feed their kids with vegetables etc,...
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canterburyange - 7:54 AM on Sat-13-Oct-2012  reply | message
Hopefully soon :-) happy to have been picked, it's our first trial!
nessee - 1:39 PM on Fri-12-Oct-2012  reply | message
Yea normally once they let you know you get the voucher within a day or so? Weird huh?
canterburyange - 9:00 AM on Fri-12-Oct-2012  reply | message
hi there, just came on here to see if anyone else has received their vouchers for the bread to be reviewed and see that they must not have so thats ok, thought mine might've gotten lost in the post! :-)